Chapter 156


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    I can honestly say that I enjoyed my trip back to Nice more than any trip that I have ever been on. Since the day that I got my driver's licence I have been behind the wheel. A few trips over the past few years have allowed me to lay back with a boy, or four, while one of the family drove one of my Traveler Trio© along the highways and byways, but I had never taken a trip with only one boy that wanted to be with me and I did not have to drive.
    I had opaqued the windows and darkened them, Paddy had closed the sound proof barrier between him and us so that Tazzi and I had absolute privacy. We had wasted a little more than an hour of our time together before I decided that the boy needed his ass straightened out. That's not true because I had no plans to do any more than to drain his delicious gonad juice, but he wanted to try everything. I do hope that the air conditioning systems are separate in the Bentley, the smell of sex was already thick in the back seat area.
    Experience has taught me to let the boy lead and it is best that a young virgin slide himself down me at his own speed. When there is another present I let them open him for my entry, but we had no one with us. That does not mean that I had not done as much opening as I could with my fingers and tongue, but he wanted the whole experience. In light of what both of us had been through I was needy for him.
    I am almost used to what I had experienced, but Tazzi had just lost the second father of his short life. He was at school when his parents were drowned in their swamped fishing boat and didn't watch them die. Asce had been different, the boy had slept beside him through the long months of the man's illness then held him as the man took his final breath.
    Asce had been awake long enough to tell Tazzi goodbye then he went to sleep. Tazzi held on till the very end and watched as the man took his final breath. I have several boys in my family that have severe mental trauma in their lives, but I believe that Tazzi has suffered the very worst. I will hold him and keep him as long as he needs to be able to get over the event.
    Asce had shared with me that Tazzi's mother was Polish and his father was Italian. The father ran one of his father's fishing boats with his wife at his side, his brother ran the other boat. Tazzi was in a boarding school on a small island off of the coast south from Cannes, Franççais. The Íles de Lérins is mainly a tourist spot, but there are several small fishing clusters located along the coast and one of those had been the boy's childhood home.
    I was close enough to the boy to look between his toes, and into the crack of his ass, most of his swarthiness came from the plentiful sunshine that shone down on the villa. His skin was a little dark due to his father's blood, but his mother's northern blood gave him a perfect blend. I like the strong jaw and high cheek bones of his mother, the strong body of his father was just beginning to show as he developed.
    I had his best development giving me full attention for a little more than six hours and of course I had to let him exercise his sphincteral muscles for a well rounded development. I found one feature of the car lacking, the water supply to the small sink was empty so cleanup was hard to do by the end of our journey. I called Cory and told him to meet me at the front door so that he could help Tazzi inside to clean him up.

    Cory met me with Terry Falon and Morris Lacrosse at his side. Cory passed Tazzi over to the two boys then led me to one of the marble garden benches to talk for a minute. BAF was in pandemonium. There were more than two hundred boys with diarrhea and they were sicker than little dogs. Cory explained that the first group of forty boys awakened sick the morning after they returned from an all day trip to a mountain lake. Every bus load of boys that visited that lake was sick within twenty four hours after their return to the school.
    No one made the connection until the fourth day, but the fifth bus had already left early that morning. Dr. Saltzman was prepared when that group returned and their symptoms are milder than the other boys and everyone is on the mend, but toilet paper is in short supply and there are groups of boys hovering near every bathroom in the castle. Cory had me laughing with his telling of the story, but I was also crying for my boys.
    Dr. Saltzman had contacted the health authorities and an inspection of the facilities at the lake found a toilet complex too close to the water's edge. Heavy rains in the area a few weeks before we arrived had caused the ground to saturate so that raw sewerage was leeching into the lake a hundred feet from where all of the boys had gone skinny dipping.
    I asked Cory how it was that all of the boys had gone swimming at that one spot and he told me that the bus driver had taken them to the secluded spot on the lake so that they could have a little fun. When the first bus full of boys returned they told the other boys and the next day the same driver took the second group there and so on. I asked if it was the same driver each time and it was, but he was innocent of any wrong doing. He knew the spot from his youth in the area, but the toilets were much fuller now than then. I still wanted to talk with him.
    Roddy was laying in the hallway and moaning as if he were about to die. I sat down beside him. He had been on the last bus only two days before my return, he was sure he was going to die. Suddenly his eyes widened and he ran for the nearest bathroom.
    It seems unusual to see the boys in underwear, but no one wants a mess on the floor if they can't make the run fast enough. Cory told me that the staff was up to their eyeballs in shitty underwear, everybody had taken to wearing briefs because boxers just couldn't contain accidents. I felt guilty laughing at Cory's telling, but I had to make him admit that if it weren't so sad it would be hilarious.

    Edmund came bearing a cup of coffee and a bowl of apple slices, "I am sure that you have not eaten properly today, sir." I had to give him a warm hug. After two weeks away from them I had truly missed all of my family. They are in a strange land with strange customs. I had been on pins and needles, but I needed to be where I had been. I have a need to be amongst my little ones.
    Cory had one more bit of news before he left to go help with the sick boys. "Oh, dad, I found Nigel Masters." I looked at him as he grinned at me, "You won't believe this, but he and Cecil got it on when Cece was home during his exile last spring." I looked at Cory, he had the widest grin of his life on his face. I have never met the boy, but Jason Russell had asked me to let him attend the school on a temporary basis. All that I really knew about Nigel is that he was homosexually raped and his family blamed him—child services had to intervene and take him from his abusive parents. I had totally forgotten about him until the day the Wild Boys left for home then Jason told me that I should meat his friend, but I had not been able to sit down with anyone at that time.

    It appeared that the school was still in tact and no one was in serious straits so I sat down with the staff for a full report on activities. Two buses full of boys were out on an overnight, they had left early that morning for a tour of ancient churches. That is a tour that I know Cas would like to be on, I will send him and Tyler over in the summer as a graduation present.
    As I thought about it I needed to come up with something for forty high school seniors as well. I looked at Cory and we talked about the Road Trip that he and Chrisy had taken the previous summer. That was supposed to have been their freedom ride after graduation, but it turned out to be a rescue mission for young Darryl and new boys at βφτ house, Carroll and Mitch. I wonder what kind of trip forty boys can have.
    The boys had managed to see many of the places that they wanted to see, but we had already been out more than two weeks of the four that I had estimated the repairs of the house in Tucson to take. I had been busy with flying home then taking care of Asce, so I had not done what I had planned to do, I had my own excursion to take. Cullen and I had long wished to see the little church where my father married his grandmother.

    Paddy drove us to Mainz, Germany via Verdun, Franççais. The Bentley is heavily armored with our Kevlar sandwich in the body and underneath. He has bullet proof glass all of the way around and nobody knew where we were or where we were going. I felt secure having the young King with me, of course Cory and Jimmy were with us also.
    I was never overly fond of Tom Bradley, but one thing that he did was to procure the Bentley Carnage Rl. After his arrest I had ordered an audit of his books and no record can be found for the automobile there. The title and registration for the vehicle is in my name with no record of its purchase. A check of the dealership shows that it was a cash purchase, ordered by someone on the telephone claiming to be me. A certified check on the bank owned by Cecil's father, for the full purchase price, was delivered by bonded messenger. Two months later delivery of the car was made to my agent, Paddy. Since I have no one to return it too I suppose that I should not look a gift horse in the mouth. I am curious about the polymer-Kevlar treatment, someone in the know had to provide that material. Though he denies it I suspect that Andy has his hands a little dusty from the deal.

    The city of Verdun-sur-Meuse, alongside of the river of the same name in northeast France, has long played an important role in the defense of France. It is in a strategic position to repel foreign invaders. We quickly drove through as Cullen pointed out various monuments that Jimmy quickly looked up on his computer. I saw the area where my ancestor, Andre Christophe, had made a name for himself in the skies above, then we continued on to the land of the invaders to the north.

    Cullen and I held each other as we looked out across the wide River Rhine and let our minds picture a young couple in love. I love Cullen and I am so glad to have him in my life, but I am glad that dad came home and married mom so that I could be with my nephew to remember the man. I thought about Eloise and how she would feel looking over the scene with the two of us.
    We had little to go on, but El had a few memories from stories that her mother had told her about the location of the church where the wedding had taken place. Using what she had shared with us Cullen and I began to walk about the area until we found what we felt fit the description.
    The old king, Cullen's great-grandfather, had all records of the wedding destroyed and the marriage annulled so we had nothing with which to search except our feelings. A major part of the old king's refusal to accept the marriage was that my dad was not Catholic and the wedding did not take place in a Holy Church. We found a very large protestant church in the exact spot that El's mother had told her it would be.
    Though quite young, as far as churches in Europe go, and not near as ornate as the massive cathedral on the opposite corner, the church we found was the sort of place that I could see my dad enter into. I can always tell when I walk into a true House of God, I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit move in my temple. All three of the boys know the feeling as all of us spend a great deal of time each day in prayer before our God and we know Him.
    We took to our knees and formed a circle of prayer near the front of the building and offered up praise to Him for leading us to the spot that we were sure was the beginning of a trail that had led us to the point where we were that day.
    As we finished our prayer a soft voice spoke behind me, I had been aware of someone being near, but I had no fear in that place. Cullen spoke to the man in perfect Deutch then the pastor returned in English, "Welcome to our humble church. What brings you to this place?"
    We were looking at man in shirt sleeves that appeared to be in his mid-sixties. Cullen told our story and the man had Cullen and I stand side by side. When God moves I stand back and go, "Whoa Lord, was that You?" We were talking to the pastor that had read the marriage vows before two young lovers.
    The pastor led us next door to his small cottage and called to his wife to bring food and drink. He went to his office, but was talking to his wife, Cullen kept looking back and forth between the two of them and then at me, his smile was perfect. The wife came to the table and looked at me for a long time then she went to the pastor's study. "They have pictures, uncy," Cullen told me. "She says you look a lot like your dad, but both of us look more like mum." That made both of us giggle.
    It was late March, but that is still a cold time in Germany, the Bavarian blend of hot chocolate truly hit the spot. The Fraulein had hot apflestrudel, without the rum, prepared for a bake sale the church was planning that evening, I refused to eat any of it unless she allowed me to buy it, from the church. Five marks, about two dollars, was a bargain for what we ate and drank, but I slipped a hundred dollar bill into the church's poor box on our way back outside.
    The pastor was young and very eager when dad and his little pearl—Gretchen—came to him and asked him to marry them. They had already been to the Rathaus—city hall—for their paper work so the young pastor married them at once.
    Gretchen was in fear of her tyrannical father and was hiding under her mother's name. Her ruse had worked for several months until someone saw her in Mainz and informed the king of her whereabouts. The king sent forth his spies and quickly learned that the errant daughter had married a commoner from America, unhappy with those events he consulted a trusted friend by the name of Count Sighisoara Corvin. Seigy was more than happy to set things right for his future father-in-law so that he could gain favor in the man's eyes.
    Several months later officials showed up at the church and took all records of the event and told the pastor that the wedding never took place. Like I said, the pastor was young and only just starting out in his first church, he had a little book of his friends. He opened a book about the size of a child's diary and pointed to the signatures of my father and Gretchen Ludwig, complete with the address of their small apartment two blocks away. Cullen was in my lap and we were both crying.
    The pastor's wife handed us several photographs that she had taken of the couple. El and I both have pictures of the young couple, but these were taken at the church, their first married kiss, them saying their vows, them kneeling in prayer with the pastor. The old couple wanted us to have the pictures. I asked them if they didn't want to keep them for their memories and they told me that the only reason that they had any pictures to begin with was so that if the couples, or their children, should ever come around they could share them. God had His hand all over that morning.
    The pastor led us down the street to the apartment where dad and his little pearl had lived so briefly, so long ago; the apartment was vacant and for rent. The pastor talked to the landlady who graciously allowed us to look around. After nearly forty years nothing was as it had been, but we did recognize the view through the window that looked down to the river, that view is in a couple of the snapshots that dad had kept, those were in a box in storage at my house.

    I had sent Paddy off to find us a boat that could ferry us, and the car, to a village down river where our branch of Bradford Academy is located. The three boys and I sat in deck chairs against the upper rail toward the bow of the ship and marveled at the beauty of the river. It was not yet spring time, but the weather had been exceptionally warm and we only needed a sweater to stave off the chill on the air, the love of the one in our arms also helped.
    Our ferry rounded a bend in the river and the most beautiful fairy tale castle in the entire world loomed over our heads on the eastern bank. I had been told that it had thirty bedrooms, but that did not do justice to the magnificent edifice that commanded domination over the entire region. Built in the later half of the fourteenth century the castle commanded a strong military presence. Tolls and fees were collected from the boats on the river and from people wishing to cross the river on ferries operated by the keepers of the castle.
    Many wars have been fought over the castle through the years and Napoleon had it blown up in 1806. It remained a ruin until late in the nineteenth century when it was rebuilt in the idealized definition of how a castle should appear. François had acquired the castle in 1957, at his death he gave it to me to build a school.
    As Paddy drove the Bentley up the winding drive that hugged the mountainside the boys and I looked down on the river. We could readily understand the reason for building the castle in this location, it commanded a wide view of the river, several miles in each direction.
    Once up to the main entrance we were pleased to see sixty hard, hard bodied, naked boys standing at attention, fore and aft. I was quickly greeted by Günther Platter, the little one that I thought to be driftwood on the beach. The boy had turned thirteen and had not grown much taller, but he was growing nicely in the middle and he rubbed that part against my leg as he told me so many times how much he loved me.
    I know that boys can confuse gratitude for love. I have not been with the boy other than to carry him up to the home of Athos where he was cared for while an investigation was conducted about why his father had thrown him overboard in the middle of the sea. Günther served as our guide as he told everybody how I had saved his life.
    When the boy opened the first bedroom door I had my breath taken away. Empire Canal has bedrooms that are thirty feet by forty five feet, or thirteen hundred and fifty square feet in size. The bedrooms in this school were even larger, and there are thirty of them. Each room could easily house forty boys, in individual beds. I had thought that the school could handle around sixty boys, it is larger than all of the other schools, combined.
    The buildings where the classrooms were had, at one time, been barracks for the soldiers that lived in the castle. At the present time all four floors consisted of two rooms each that were seventy five feet wide by three hundred feet long. There are no modern restrooms in that part of the castle, only the ancient water closet consisting of a small room with a wooden platform cut out for its intended service.
    I sat with the staff and learned what they wanted to see in the school. I learned that Paddy speaks fluent Deutch and loved the river valley, I asked him if he would like to work with the school and help to build it. I saw the look in his eye and made a snap decision. Paddy will have no authority over any of the students, he will work there as my liaison and a private citizen.
    Most of the staff are boy lovers and have their own lovers with them, but they know my rules where the students and the staff are concerned, they had no problem with Paddy entertaining any boy that wanted to be with him. I did the one thing that I knew would help to keep Paddy in check, but not completely away from the boys, I told the old queen to bring his boyfriend, Aaren Hedgepeth, along with him. Paddy's eyes watered as he asked if he could hug me, he whispered in my ear that he had never known a man such as I and he was proud to work for me.
    That evening we were entertained by the boys. The oldest student at the school is only fifteen, the staff had been unable to convince older boys to attend. Including Günther there are four thirteen year old boys and everyone is an Aryan dream. As a matter of fact more than half of the boys were fair haired and long cocked, all uncut; as is common in Europe.
    Günther had seen me in action and wanted the boys to see my cock up his ass. We could only spare two days for our trip, but I think that I had my cock in every boy's ass before we left, I know that I sucked everyone of them for some very sweet Bavarian cream. All of the boys were glad to lay before the King, but Cullen wants his too, he got all he could handle.
    Cory and Jimmy proved themselves up to the task, I watched my man plow Deutscher junge kolben with steady precision. The four of us have very fond memories of Deutschland and of the Deutsche jungen that live in the school. We hope to return often to partake of their wonderful testikular emissionen.
    Paddy met a boy that he really took too and I believe the boy loved Paddy just as much. I was happy to see the two of them together, Erik had wanted to ride my big cock and he wanted to lay before the queeing. He eagerly took on Cory and made love to Jimmy in such a way that brought tears to the boy's eyes, but then he returned to Paddy and stayed with him for the rest of our time at the school.
    We wanted to see more of the boys before we left and I wanted them to see my family so I arranged for two buses to transport the entire school, staff and students, to Nice for the Easter vacation that would begin the following weekend. None of us were ready to leave the wonders that we had seen at the best school location of any that I had seen—I had more stops to make and then we had boys waiting for us in Nice. Paddy Stotman promised that he and his young friend Aaren, would make a quick return, he still had to chauffeur the four of us about then he had to go home to pack for his prolonged stay.

    Once on the way across Germany Jimmy asked Cullen to sit with Cory and me then he opened a very large envelope that he had been holding as we said goodbye to the students and staff. He removed a sheet of paper from it and looked at it lovingly then turned it around so that we could see that it was a photograph.
    The breath caught in my throat and Cullen moved closer to see the picture of my father standing before the alter with his grandmother. Backlighting them was a very tall stained glass window with an image of the Lord Jesus looking down, He appeared to be smiling his blessings on the newlywed couple. The pastor had the negatives from the wedding pictures and Jimmy found a perfect shot that there was no smaller copy of.
    He had disappeared for several hours after we arrived at the castle and now we learned that he had gone to the office to use their scanner to work his magic. He had cleaned up a very old and brittle negative and restored a beauty that could only be seen by the eye of a cheap little camera.
    Jimmy smiled at me and told me that he had one of the staff members go into the village to have the picture printed on twelve by fourteen, matt finish paper. The shop returned one copy to him as we said our goodbyes that morning, I looked at his precious smile. He took a deep breath then told me that he had sent the second copy to El by special courier. I grabbed the boy and gave him a huge hug then all three of us began to ravage his sweet body.

    I knew where two sweet brothers live and I wanted to make my first visit to the new home of Athos at Calais. As the car approached I watched, the nearly sixteen year old, Peter Henley kicking a soccer ball against a blank wall. The boy seemed to be taking his frustrations out on the ball.
    Paddy pulled up to the front of the stately house as Peter let the ball roll back to him. he placed his foot on the ball and stood still, in that sullen look of a pissed off teenager. I let the boys get out first so that I could watch Peter, he has grown into a nice looking youngman since I had first met him a few months earlier in a room at the Hotel Maurice there in Calais.
    Peter watched Cory alight then yawned as Jimmy stood up beside Cory. When Cullen got out of the car the boy snapped to and did a right smart bow. Next I made my grand exit and when Peter saw me his eyes widened then he ran to me, he stopped short and looked at me, "Can I hug a knight?"
    "All night long, my love." I pulled him to me, he wanted a hug, I wanted a kiss and a feel, I took both.
    Frank called from the door, "Dad, they're here." In moments Athos came rushing out to herd us into his house. Athos had lunch ready for us and we all sat down together and introduced the boys around. Fed, fat, and sassy, Athos and I walked across his lawn to the cliff where he had a carved path hugging the rocks all of the way down to the beach below.
    We walked until it was nearly dark then retired to his study to look over reams of information that he had gathered for me to see. The things that Athos shared with me can not be shared with anyone else, I am grateful to Ted for his service, but the information that Athos had for me has to be secret, even from the secret services.
    Athos offered Peter to me for the evening, I learned that the boy is unhappy. He has not been able to find a boyfriend, in fact he is having problems at his school because of his being gay. I asked Athos about sending him to one of the schools that we had, he smiled at me and told me that Tucson would be a good school for the boy. I would have to sleep on the boy before I made that decision.

    I had one more stop to make on my tour of the continent, but I was scared to make the trip. I guess it was written all over my face as the boys kept staring at me over our breakfast. Finally Cory broke the silence, "What's wrong, dad, you look awful this morning."
    I quietly mumbled one word, "Chunnel."
    Cullen cracked up and Athos sat back in his chair with a roaring belly laugh. "That yank can face the meanest man in all of the world and never break a sweat, but 'e is afraid of the Chunnel."
    "I want you boys to know," I said as I turned to Cory and Jimmy, "that le tunnel sous la Manche is twenty three miles of the most fearsome road in all of the world, it is one hundred and fifty feet underwater all of the way." Jimmy grinned, but Cory moved close and put his arms around me.
    "You have always told me that everybody fears something sometime but, daddy, we will be there with you and you will be okay."
    "Your being there makes me all the more fearful. If something should happen to me I can not help that, but I don't want anything to happen to any of you." Cory led me back to our room and pacified me for a little longer. I don't like being under the ocean like that. I can live with myself in the tunnels and caves around the house and at our bases around America, but under the ocean??? I did something that I hated to do, Athos poured me a very stiff drink and Cory force fed it to me as we moved across town to the entrance of the under-sea-way to England. I was glad that Cory didn't have any of his tea with him.

    I don't think much of the roads the I have seen on my journeys and to my eyes the roads in England are especially hodge podge. They appear to have been drawn by a plate of sauce covered pasta being tossed into the air, where it came down on a sheet of paper the architect said that was where they would build a roadway.
    We meandered for miles in a back and forth fashion as we moved from Dover to Brighton. Eventually we arrived at a high area with a twenty room country estate house that looked out across the western end of the English Channel. I know from the deeds that the property only included twelve acres of land that was neither level nor stable enough to build a school.
    Frank sat with Athos in the front seat next to Paddy. Peter shared a seat next to Cory with me behind Paddy. Most of the time Cullen and Jimmy shared the rear facing fold down seat, but they spent a lot of time on the floor with the seat folded up. Anal sex is not the best thing to share in a closed vehicle unless it is with someone that you love, very much.
    As we drove down to the house I had seen a farm that was for sale so I asked Athos and Paddy to go see about that while the boys and I scouted about to see what I already owned, in a half an hour they returned with good news. The parcel of land that I owned had once been a part of that farm, but it had been sold before WWII to an English Duke seeking a quiet place to get away with his mistress. A little digging and Athos discovered that the mistress was a young mister and the Duke had more than one of those. Now we knew how François had acquired the property.

    While Athos did his investigation the boys explored the grounds, they were fascinated by the tall cliffs that fell away into the sea all of the way along the edge of the property. Paddy and I walked and talked as I let my mind run over everything that was happening to me lately.
    "This trip is 'bout the worst thing that you can a do to yourself, laddie." I looked at the man, he is plain spoken and I suppose that has been the bond between us. "Face up to it Chris, you're a right smart pederast. You can't look a lad in the eye 'cept first you check the shape of the bulge in his trousers.
    "I ain't saying that I'm no better, a stiff young cock inserted up me bum is the best inoculation that I know of, it keeps me right young, it does. But sir you are torn by all of the pretty lads that you got under you and you want to get each one of them under you right often I think.
    "You should 'ave gone to see 'is 'ighness by yourself and then got your arse on a plane for 'ome at once. Being over 'ere with all of your lads and mixing it up with so many sweet buggers…sir, you set yourself up for turmoil is wot you done and you knows it.
    "'ow many lads you buggered this week, and 'ow long you stayin to buggger a few more? Chris I would love to be you and 'ave wot you got but, face it chap, you is actully only a man and you got feelings and 'urts inside you. I know you enough to know that you want all of these lads around you and if you had a bed large enough they would all be in it all of the time as you shag their bitty bums and suckle their mighty cocks." I know that what the man was saying to me was right, but I have this lofty ideal in my head about how I am helping the boys when in truth I am helping myself to the boys.
    When we were ready to leave I walked to the boot of the car and took out a brief case and then Paddy headed us back to Dover. Cullen did not like what he saw, but he understood my reasoning. Jimmy and Cory fitted the queeing with a wig of collar length red hair. A pair of thick rimmed eyeglasses and a set of false teeth changed the boy's looks drastically. Jimmy got cute and glued a mole with a red hair sticking out of it over Cullen's upper lip.

    During our return to Dover I asked for information, but I should have kept my mouth shut, it was even worse than I had expected. The English Channel is historically known for its weather, mostly bad. When the sun shines it is nice, but storms are frequent and severe. The land that I had just obligated myself too sits on a high, wind swept plain that looks south across some of the most treacherous water in the world. And I won't even begin to go on about the pea soup that the locals call a 'bit of fog.'

    Before we got into Dover for our crossing back to Franççais I received the sort of message that no one ever wants to get, least of all when a young boy in my company depended on his father. Rick Carlson was missing and presumed dead. There had been torrential rains in the area where he was working for several days. No details were available, but I was told that Rick had left the damn in a truck on Wednesday morning. The road disappeared below the truck and it fell into the raging river below. A search was still being conducted, but at the time I was called there had been no sign of any of the truck's occupants. As much as it pained me to keep this information to myself it would pain me more the hurt a very special young man, I would tell Terry what I know when I know more to tell him.

    Paddy drove the car into a garage next to the railroad tracks that lead back into Franççais, awaiting us was Lord Philby and Lady Eloise. El was startled when she saw her son, but then burst out in laughter as she checked the boy's disguise for errors. I stepped aside with my brother-in-law and shared my find with him. He would start the wheels in motion the first thing the next morning to acquire the land and establish the school for me.

    I managed to purchase the sixty acre farm that surrounded my piece of England on three side. The road to the cliffs was in the middle of that parcel of land and completely private. The farm was good, solid land where I could build what I needed with the twenty room house providing a startup point. The land is located three miles west of Brighton which was a gold mine of boys needing a home and a school. Now to staff it.

    I have always had a fascination with trains, but there is a distinct shortage of them in the western United States. Since I have connections a private car was added to the London to Paris train. An unscheduled stop was made in Dover to take on VIP passengers amid strict security measures. I was told that the train was on its way, but I had to step over to say good bye to Paddy, he was taking the special placard off of the front of the car that designates me as a "World Citizen" and allows me to cross any border without being stopped or checked. I told him to leave it on and to take Athos and Frank back home.
    I bid farewell to Athos and Frank and told them that I would have Peter call him in two days to let them know what he had decided. The train pulled into a stop so that the boys and I could be hustled aboard as quickly as possible. Our rail car was sealed at the front so that no passengers from the rest of the train could come back to see us. We had a private galley, complete with chef and two wait staff to serve us as soon as we were under the water, again. I needed the diversion so Cory ordered me an extra stiff rum and coke with a twist, which I downed as quickly as it came.
    At our speed the twenty three mile trip underwater took only seconds then we were speeding across the open French farmlands and vineyards on our way to rejoin the family. Our car had a wrap around view facing the rear so that we could see everything, where the train had been. We were served a meal of roast game hen with lightly steamed vegetables on the side and the most decadent of pastries that I have ever eaten.
    Two and a half hours later we were pulling into Paris. Harry was in full uniform as he opened the door for us and Timmy stood by with Chrisy dressed in one of his uniforms. I promised not to tell. We were rushed over to a bus where thirty of the boys cheered us aboard then we slipped away into the night.
    Cullen had to remain in his disguise as Harry, Timmy, and I were at his side every step that he took for the next two days. We saw all of the sights that Paris has to offer normal tourists and some that tourists did not see. We had no desire to see the bawdy spots or night life, we wanted to see the City of Lights. Our visit was not announced so we were on our own and free to go wherever we pleased. The boys enjoyed the history of the old city on the left bank. On our last night in town I chartered a tour boat so that we could see the city from the water as we slowly floated along in peace and tranquility.

    I had an official act for the young King before we could leave Paris. I had him dressed in his best suit and adorned with all of the pageantry and ornaments of his office then led him into the sitting room of the large suite that we shared in the finest hotel in the country. A throne had been placed on a short dias to one end of the room where I directed Cullen to take a seat. The boy looked at me with crossed eyes, but I eyed him to sit up and act like a King.
    Since this was official business I had flown in a staff to attend Cullen for the morning. There were two courtiers, three waiters, and a chef was in the kitchen of the hotel to oversee the preparation of the King's meals. A ten man security detail was in the main lobby or in the hallway outside of our suite. Nothing like announcing ourselves, but we would slip out of town in a few hours and no one would be the wiser.
    I nodded at a courtier, he walked to the double door and held it open to admit Wayne Walsingham and his mother, the LADY Walsingham. Cullen had been informed that the father of our young friend, Wayne, was a Duke, a Lord in attendance to Cullen's great grandfather, the late King Muneday. Accompanying Wayne and Lady Walsingham was a beautiful young lady of sixteen years. She stepped forward and did the most perfect curtsey before her King that I have ever seen. Wayne bowed deep and his mother did a gracious curtsey, but I was watching Cullen's eyes as they watched the young lady.
    Lady Walsingham wanted to thank the King for restoring her to her property and her son. Cullen held up his hand then told her that he had the help of his most trusted advisor as he nodded at me. I squeezed his shoulder, that is not how a King should respond.
    Lady Walsingham asked Cullen if she could address me, he nodded. The lady curtsied before me, "Sire, I am most grateful for you and am deeply in your debt. My son means everything in the world to me and I thought him lost forever. Sire, you have restored him to me and I have no words to express my gratitude." She dabbed at her eyes. I moved to her side as I motioned for a courtier to bring a chair for us. So, I have no couth, I sat down facing the King as he sat on his throne before us.
    I had Wayne come and sit on the floor, he moved close to lay his head on my knees. We talked openly as I listened to a young mother discuss her child. I looked at Wayne over and over as he looked up to meet my eyes, he seemed happy, but he had tears in his eyes. I was happy to learn that Wayne wanted to return to Tucson, I would have been glad to put him in any of my schools, but the boy fits well into the family.
    I apologized to Lady Walsingham for adopting her son without her consent. I told her that we would have that error reversed as quickly as possible. Wayne sprung to his knees and glared at me, "No way, daddy. I am proud to be your son. My father was a great, but harsh man. You have given me more love than I have ever known in all of my life. You loved me no matter what I did or who I was and I am not leaving you." The, nearly fifteen year old boy, sat down on the floor and crossed his arms as he stared a hole in my face.
    "That is what I want for my son, Sire. I want him to be able to return to his family and his school and that is why I came before you and His Majesty today, to plead for your continued care of Wayne. I have money and I will pay whatever his expenses are, his happiness is as important to me as his education and I can readily see that he is learning much in his school work. I am only sorry that he has not kept up his studies in Latin." I looked at Cullen, we can correct that.
    We had to wind up our audience and prepare for our next business. I felt a twinge when Cullen stepped down to take the hand of the young lady and escort her to the door. The young couple talked quietly as Wayne bid his mother adieu, I had asked him to remain with us and return to Nice later in the day.
    A courtier answered the ringing telephone then nodded at me. I motioned for a groom to brush Cullen's suit and smooth his hair. Once satisfied that he was still beautiful I led him back to the throne and seated him. In ancient traditional fashion a courtier stamped a staff on the floor as the double doors opened and His Excellency, La Presidenté Nicolas Sarkozy was announced.
    The French President entered and bowed to Cullen. Cullen rose and held out his hand then stepped down to stand before the elected leader of the free nation. I can not tell you what was discussed by the two world leaders, but on many occasions the President looked at me and remarked how wise Cullen was, wiser far and above what one would expect from one of his youth.
    Cullen excused himself, he needed to say a private word to the President. The two walked away, but they kept looking back at me then Cullen called a courtier to them. The courtier left the room as Cullen returned to his throne. Presidenté Sarkozy stood beside the young King and I was called to stand before them.
    In short order Cullen made the official declarations that bestowed upon me the title and rights as a Knight of his Kingdom and reinforced his original decree making me second in command of his transitional government. The courtier had found a sash and medallion from somewhere and held it forth on a velvet pillow for Cullen to slip over my head and shoulder.
    "Anymore of these things and I am going into the scrap metal business, I'll make a fortune." I got the strangest look from His Excellency, Cullen glared at me. Once again the two leaders of their nations turned to talk quietly. I moved to the back of the room where the boys were gathered around a bowl of punch and Cory poured me a glass full. The boys looked at my newest medal and marveled at it, Wayne had never seen any of them up close, he was very impressed. It doesn't take much to impress a fourteen year old boy, am I being cynical? I don't like being in the spot light, but that is the life I have chosen to live.
    After the discussion between two World leaders Cullen stood to say his farewells to us. Presidenté Sarkozy asked me about the boys' choir that had performed at the coronation—he had been told that the choir had come from Cullen's school. I told him that the choir had one shortage in that Cullen is their key soloist. The French President's eyes widened then he looked at me and told me that the boys must perform for him before we returned to the United States. He smiled at Cullen and told him that he would really like to hear a boy that could be featured as the key soloist of such a distinguished group as he had heard in the church.
    I explained our transportation and housing problems, but the man smiled at me and told me that he was the President of his country and he was sure that he could find all of the help that we needed. The man reeled back with my next statement.
    "Sir, I have a school in your country as well. The school in Nice has one hundred and sixty students currently enrolled and I have been entertained by their choir for the past two weeks. The boys from my school in Arizona has been singing along with them and they have combined their talents to form a one hundred and ten voice orchestra to accompany the vocalists. A command performance before Your Excellency would benefit from the full complement of boys."
    He wanted to know how many boys we had, I told him that with most of my college age boys returning to school I was left with two hundred American boys, one hundred and sixty French boys, and another sixty boys were visiting for the Easter holiday from my school in Germany—I had four hundred and twenty boys gathered at Bradford Academy of France.
    He sat back down and thought for a few minutes then turned to the aides that had accompanied him. Cullen and I stepped away so the men could talk amongst themselves, but Cullen had a mile wide smile, "Imagine, uncy, the boys will give their left nuts to sing before President Sarkozy, he is a hero to a lot of us." I put my arm around him and pulled him close to my side, in a masculine hug before our guests.
    All three men were on their telephones for several minutes then the President turned back to me, His Excellency had learned of my agreement to assist in the establishment of schools in Russia, he congratulated me. He asked me if I would add more schools to Franççais, he felt that Paris could use such a school. I informed him that I could house six hundred boys at BAF, but that I had less than two hundred there currently. I told him that I felt that Nice offered the perfect location for the school, but if he had someplace in mind near Paris then I would be glad to inspect it.
    One of his aides passed him a note then he turned to me, "You may perform in the Grand Opera House. We will get back to you to arrange scheduling, transportation, and housing for you and all of your students." Our meeting ended with warm feelings amongst all of us and standing invitations for long and extended cooperation between the two nations.

    We returned to BAF on the bus with the boys that had been in Paris. It was Easter Sunday when we arrived and filed in for breakfast. I don't know why people play with the calendar, Easter comes with the Passover and is the most sacred of holidays to me. This year Easter was celebrated by the western world a full month ahead of the actual time and I did not feel like it was anything binding to me.
    As it turned out all of the boys were at the school with no one off seeing the sites anywhere. Along with all of the students and staff from BAD we gathered in the grand ballroom for a great meal and a long afternoon of discussion.
    A special treat was to see the smiling faces of my college boys. All three of the new G550s in FI's fleet of aircraft had been used to fly them over. Pete flew FI-2, he smiled at me and told me that he is to be the new captain of that plane and he will fly me wherever I need to go from now on. He said that he was talking to some of the family about learning to fly and be the crew on the plane so that it would be a family affair. I had to hold him close to me.
    I had looked at the ballroom when the students held their grand ball for us after the soccer match, I knew that the present dining facilities would not be adequate as the student population grew and with all of the visitors we needed space where all of us could dine at the same time.
    One end of the large room had already undergone a small transformation, the dumb waiters from the kitchen had been replaced with larger units to move massive amounts of food at one time. Temporary serving tables were in place for the boys to help themselves and the beginnings of a refrigeration unit, to keep foods fresh, was in place.
    A school has no need of a ballroom, each bed had all of the room that those boys needed for the kind of ball that held their attention. The ballroom sits on the second floor, across the north side of the main part of the original building. The ceiling is more than forty feet above the floor, a waste of precious classroom space. At the time the classrooms were directly above the ballroom, on the fifth floor. I would have new floors installed at the third and fourth floor levels for additional classrooms, which would leave the ballroom as a dining and general use room with a sixteen foot high ceiling.

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