Chapter 188


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    When the sounds of gunfire ceased to echo in the concrete tunnel a wounded boy lay twenty feet from Spike and Mikie. The other two boys turned and came back into the tunnel with their hands on their heads as Harry and another agent held their guns in their hands. I slid down the slope to kick the gun away from a frightened boy that will forever morn the loss of the use of his left arm.
    I turned to the boys; Mikie stood, as if in shock. "You said you weren't no cop."
    "I said that I was not that kind of cop. Are you alright, Spike?"
    Andy and Cory were in a dead heat as they ran to me. "Get the boys to safety." Cory grabbed Spike then turned to me, I kissed him and he loosened his hold on the boy. I held Cory in my left arm and enshrouded Spike with my right arm. I have a reach that rivals King Kong so the boy didn't stand a chance of getting away. Andy had Mikie in front of him.
    I walked closer to the boy with Spike still in my grip. Cory took a firm hold so that both of my hands were free. I stepped up to Mikie and placed my left hand behind his head then kissed him, "Don't worry, I promised that I would suck your dick and I will, before we go to sleep tonight I am going to do as I promised." Mikie smiled at me and kissed me back.

    I never know who, or what may be lurking around the corner. I carry a one hundred and fifty grain, hollow point load in my Colt .357 magnum. The round travels at twelve hundred feet per second, the boy with the mouth never had a chance to move. I hate the thought that I had shot a child, no matter the circumstances. Like a fool my gut reaction had been to aim for his weapon in the dim light of our surroundings. My hollow point slug ripped across the top of the gun, tore the boy's thumb off and destroyed his left shoulder.
    The sixteen year old wangster led younger wannabes around as he showed them how to be tough. The weapon that he pointed at me was connected to two drive-by shootings and one execution style murder of a fifteen year old boy with no gang affiliation. A case of mistaken identity? That's the way the police had painted it. In any case a child had been killed with that gun. The bully was up to his nostrils in dodo.
    He will be tried as an adult and upon conviction he will be sent to a juvenile facility within the state's Department of Correction and then transferred to an adult unit on his eighteenth birthday. Because the murders were committed while the boy was a minor he will not face the death penalty. But growing old in prison is not a very nice thing to happen to a skinny, good looking boy that likes to hurt children.

    Fourteen year old Angel will turn eighteen before he sees anything on the other side of a fence around the state's juvenile incarceration system. His sheet was a novel in itself with a string of arrests dating back to when the boy was ten years old and shoplifting cigarettes for his buddies.
    His attitude was one of defiance. He had a smart mouth as his only tool for lashing out and he used it skillfully. He talked a big game as he told all of us how he was going to hurt us and to make us pay for holding him. His diatribe did not end there but continued on inside the courtroom where he cursed the judge until he was ordered gagged by the bench.
    He was brought into his sentencing phase gagged, but one could tell the venom in his mind from a single look into his eyes. I decided early on that I would not try to help Angel. I don't need a boy with his attitude around my boys. But most of all I don't accept boys that do not want to put off their old life and become full dues paying members of society.
    Being a citizen of the United States of America is more than a right of birth. Any naturalized citizen can attest to the privilege that the title holds. A citizen has a duty to the rest of society to hold his own place in the grand scheme of things. A problem that exists throughout the western world today is the large number of freeloaders that go through life taking whatever they can get.
    Many of those freeloaders become gangsters, but not enough of them are ending up in prisons where they can freeload off of society for their years of incarceration. Sadly many freeloaders end up on the welfare rolls where they drain society's good nature without ever turning a hand to help themselves.
    I believe that one of the saddest drains on the system is the baby factories. Young women have learned that the system will support them with food stamps, a monthly income, and free medical for doing nothing more than having babies. I can agree to help the girl who made a mistake and her mate disappeared into the wind. When that mate is located and identified he should be made to pay for his baby, without expecting to have parental rights.
    What I can't agree with is the woman that has more than one baby and expects the state to continue to pay her. Were it up to me a second out-of-wedlock birth would get the woman's tubes tied, or her knees sown together. I am saddened by the number of boys in my care that are children that have been raised by these women. Many of these boys never had a chance of a decent education, or even a life.
    I have to look at Cory as an example of that sort of life. He never knew any other life until providence caused him to cross paths with me. I am proud of what he has done with his life. It has not been easy for him and in view of his childhood it is amazing to see what he has turned into as a man. I wish the same for all welfare raised babies.
    Angel is the third and youngest child of one of those baby factories. His two older sisters don't work and one of them is pregnant at fifteen years of age. His nineteen year old sister is carrying on the family tradition with three babies under five years of age. Angel comes by his defiance naturally. Maybe a few years of being in lockup might help him.

    Franco Naify was clean. The thirteen year old boy was the sex toy for the two older boys, his grandfather, and several men that lived in the same building with him and his grandfather. Franco will be moving to BAW and you will learn more about him later in this story.
    I held Mikie's hand as he swore out a complaint against the three boys for felonious assault. Spike and I both swore as witnesses.

    This may, or may not, have been good information for you, but that is not what you want to know about so I will return to that evening and my getting acquainted period with two boys that I first saw in a dark alleyway.
    Both boys were waiting with Cory behind my Caddy. I opened the tailgate and pulled out a pair of fifteen inch long bolt cutters. Spike let his eyes widen as I moved toward his nose with the tool. I put my hand on the back of his head and kissed him. His reaction was stiffening. I tugged at the spiked collar until the heavy duty padlock was to the side of his neck then applied the bolt cutter jaws to the hasp. The small size of the tool in use caused me to use both hands, but the padlock broke with a loud snap.
    "You are free. He is gone. You tried, we can not always win. I am sure that he loved you and would want you to move on. Let me lead now." He stood statue still, but the tears found their way through. I pushed Mikie across the back seat then slipped in after him as I pulled Spike in after me. I placed an arm around each boy and held them close to me.
    "Babe, I know that you…" I started to say.
    "And I know you. Where?"
    "Tomes." Cory drove as two boys tried their best to make sense of the events of the entire evening. Cory pulled up to the west entrance of the building as Al and Clara locked their restaurant door.
    We nodded at one another, "Three for sausage and biscuits at six?" I held up four fingers. Al smiled and nodded at me.
    Cory smiled, but I saw the tears. I looked at the boys. "Park it, babe. You can…" I was engulfed by six foot of man.
    My right fuck finger now opens everything I own. Everybody uses thumb readers, even in the movies. Try it with my stuff. With so many attempts on my person, and a few of the boys, I decided to do things a bit differently than the rest of the world. The boys all get a kick out of sticking their middle finger to the reader for coding. Boys get a kick out of using their middle finger whenever and wherever they can.
    The readers that secure certain areas of my properties all have the symbols that would indicate the placing of the right thumb against it. Should a bad man attempt to force a boy to open a lock they will be inclined to use the thumb. A family member's thumb held in a sustained position on the pad will sound an alarm. More of my paranoid security.

    Jamie watched me closely as I knelt to remove every stitch of clothing from Mikie. The boy was stiff enough to beat down oaken doors. He had mentioned in the alley that he had money from turning tricks, but his five inch cock had no foreign smells attached to it. It wasn't in the open long enough for confirmation of that synopsis because I was hard at the hard stick as I listened to a healthy boy whimper under my oral power.
    I let my flattened fingers explore a deep rift between two perfect mounds of solid boi butt before the fuck finger found a virgin target. Enough perspiration had collected that my mission was accomplished without the need of extra lubricants. Mikie grew four inches taller as he managed to rear up on the very tips of his toes, but once penetration was achieved he was pushing downwards as he tried to get more of my digit inside of him.
    I avoided the target zone to enjoy the fresh smell of a youngster with all of the qualities that I seek in a boy. A hard dick and a…that's all. I do admire their song as I nurse for gold. Okay, we weren't that far along, but were it to come to that I would take the gold, as long as I get the cream he can let go of anything that he wishes too.
    I pushed his butt button to start the pulsing flow as I heard Cory exit the elevator. I had a boy mounted around my head when the door opened. Without a word Cory came forth and sat down on the sofa of a fully furnished model apartment that I keep ready for young guests.
    I lowered Mikie to the sofa and raised his knees to his shoulder for a quick sweep of his back entry way. A look at it told me that my finger didn't know it all. Jamie was on his knees as he took in every move I made to allow my tongue a treat that it had sought the entire evening. I slowly removed my finger from his tender hole and greedily sucked it into my mouth.
    "Fuck, is he gay or something?" Jamie asked.
    "No, he just likes to suck boi cock and drink cum from the spigot. You'll be next and by breakfast time you won't have enough cum left in you to cover a pin head." Cory giggled as he slipped his hands under Jamie's waist band to fondle my next treat.
    Mikie collapsed in perfect oblivion as I turned to Jamie and bit his belt buckle. He giggled as I drew him closer. He allowed me to violate him in any manner that I saw fit. I was fit to violate the dark haired beauty into a mewling kitty kat.
    Jamie has been without hygiene facilities during his life on the street. His blue jeans bore an odor that assailed my nostrils with enough phemerones to stiffen a eunuch in the next state. Kids of the day like baggy clothing and after watching Jamie at work in the alleyway I knew that they fitted him well. I had watched the kid kick a boy nine inches taller than himself in the side of the head.
    Jamie had thrown his leg in the air and exhibited a perfect spread eagle, sideways somersault. Tight fitting clothing would have bound him and prevented those exhibitions of dexterity. On the other hand, the baggy clothing had prevented me from seeing a young adonis in miniature.
    I pressed my head against a stone wall when I reached down to untie Jamie's shoes. Instantly I pushed the boy's shirt up to see a solid four pack above a sixteen inch waist. His side oblique were tight as reinforced concrete as they shaped his torso into the classic V shape of a serious body. I turned him slightly and watched Cory and Mikie move to the front edge of the sofa to gain a better look at Charles Atlas in miniature. I pushed the baggy shirt upwards to see the best looking chest that I had ever seen outside of a body building magazine.
    Jamie was watching me watch him and he smiled. He flexed his body and went into a pose that made my tongue fall from my head. The five foot three inch tall boy had a twenty eight inch war chest of steel. His biceps were coiled to a taught twelve inches as he flexed his fist toward his face in a classic muscle man pose. He had the body of a perfect little man with skin so smooth that an insect would not be able to get a grip on it. I played the part of a perfect fag as I pulled my face to his body and moaned.
    His pits had a nice tuft of medium brown hair that perfectly matched the hair on his head. I had to run my face over every inch of his upper body as my fingers turned to molten jello, unable to pop the buttons of his well worn 501s.
    "You like me don't you faggot? Fuck me now."
    "I need dinner first. I am going to suck you dry then eat you before I suck you again." I had his jeans open and a very stiff six inch cock dripping on the palm of my hand. I knelt to my task as I pushed his jeans to the floor. I let my fingers run through his sweaty crack and found several days of funk awaiting me.
    I was aware that Cory had left the room then I heard the water running in the bathroom. I was in so much lust that I didn't let Jamie enjoy himself, I just pulled a thick load of cock snot from him then scooped him into my arms and made and end run for the shower and hot tub. I managed to push Mikie along in front of us without letting my lips leave the hottest body that I had had hold of since the afternoon that I informed Eric of his adoption.
     I love boys. I love almost any boy that is not sickeningly fat and greasy. I have only ever had the lust overdrive that I felt for Jamie with Eric and Tony MacMillan. I knew that it was raw lust but the fag in me lost all since of decency as I practically raped the boy with my mind. I didn't care if I ever removed my own clothes. I wanted every part of his beauty in my mouth.
    Jamie headed for the toilet, I knelt before him. I didn't even care what Cory was thinking of me. Mikie could never have seen anything as pitiful as I was. Nothing bothered me, I wanted more.
    "Come on, you promised." I looked at Mikie and I couldn't see him. "You promised me that we would get a room and that I could suck your dick. You sucked mine now let me suck you." Cory was laughing.
    "Just a moment. I have to suck Cory before that. I want everybody to get sucked first." I was not making any sense at all. My mind was singled on a boy taking a crap beside me and I was in a daze. Cory moved toward me so that I could open his pants before the other two boys. They both gasped as Cory's eight and one half inch cock slapped his belly. They only just did see it before it disappeared deep inside my mouth.
    When Jamie flushed the toilet I picked him up and carried him into the shower where we were joined by two more hot boys. The apartments do not have the facilities that my house does, the shower is just slightly larger than the standard three foot square. It was close with the four of us, but it was so uplifting. I picked Jamie up and washed his butt then began to soap the rest of his body.
    I lowered him to stand on the floor again as I picked up Mikie and repeated my efforts on him. All the time Cory and I were stealing kisses from the other and sometimes getting a little tongue from the other two boys. Jamie and Mikie weren't sure what they should do, but they played along in their first queer shower party.

    Sated and calm the four of us lounged in the hot tub. Mikie had done a decent enough job of nursing me, but he had never conceived of a cock being as large as mine. Jamie is a dichotomy though. I don't know if the boy is gay or has just been submissive as a form of survival.
    He wanted to snuggle close and he enjoyed being held. From what I knew of his background I could understand that. I don't believe that the boy has ever known love before. His relationship with Marc Spangler may have been his only emotional attachment. After he told us his story I was even more sure of that.
    On his ninth birthday he had shown his father his brand new brown belt that he had earned in his martial arts lessons. There was a man sitting with his dad when he had entered Myers Diner. The other man made more of Jamie's achievement than his father did as he never ceased to praise Jamie.
    Jamie's father led the man to the apartment that he shared with Jamie and the two men sat down and began to drink. The man took Jamie to his lap and sat him there while feeding him small sips of this tequila. Jamie remembers falling asleep in the man's lap and when he awakened he was naked in a bed with the man, but they were not in a bed in his house.
    Jamie remained naked for several days and the man played with his tiny body. Jamie told us that the man kissed and sucked him all over and that he even kissed his ass hole. He said that he was well fed and that the man gave him a hot bath several times while they stayed wherever they were. He was never frightened, nor did he want to return to his father. Jamie told us that his father was always drunk and that there was never enough food in the house so he was always hungry. The man cooked tons of food and seemed to enjoy watching Jamie eat.
    He has no way of knowing how long they remained wherever they were, but after several days Jamie said that the man carried him out to a car in the middle of the night and then drove away. When Jamie awakened the car was stopped in front of a large house that was all by itself. He said that the sun was just coming up and that he could see nothing in any direction as he was led inside.
    There Jamie was led to a table where eight or nine boys sat eating burritos and drinking coffee. He was hungry and helped himself to the choirzo and eggs, but he drank water because he didn't like coffee or beer. Jamie told us that he lived in that house for many years. He shared a small bedroom with five other boys and that they all slept on straw filled mattresses on the dirt floor.
    During the day they learned how to fight. They were kept naked and worked in any kind of weather. The boys were taught to try to hurt or kill their opponent. If they held back or showed any mercy they were beaten with canes. As they grew up they were beaten more severely and he said that some boys were even killed because they did not kill their opponent when they had the chance. He bowed his head and said that the opponent was often beaten or killed for being weak enough to loose the upper edge.
    Jamie seemed hardened to his position and did not mind talking about it. His only sign of remorse was when he had told about boys being beaten to death. That seemed to steel him on to tell the rest of his story. A story that I could scarce believe my ears. Cory held Mikie close as he cried out during the telling of Jamie's adventure. I wished many times that I had waited until I could be alone with Jamie because of the effect that his telling was having on Mikie.
    Mikie is an innocent boy. He considers himself gay, but he had no idea that the world contained the types of activities that Jamie was telling about, outside of the movies. Only the four of us in that apartment bedroom heard the story that night. I had turned my throat mic and soundbud off. I did not want Andy to hear the details of something that I knew in my heart that I would try to correct.
    As the boys' skills grew and they turned into adolescents they were pitted against boys from other places, often in fights to the death. Sometimes they would fight for sexual domination. It all depended on the place and the type of crowd that had gathered to pay to watch the fight.
    Jamie told us that the victor was allowed to use the vanquished boy in any sexual manner that suited him. In the beginning Jamie was sexually na´ve. He would win a match and only require the loser to suck his cock. That was not enough for the patrons. They demanded more and the first few times that Jamie was lenient the losing boy was made to fuck him, hard.
    Jamie did not like having anyone stick his cock up his ass so he learned to fight better and to become more dominant in his winner's retribution. That did not always work for him however. Sometimes he didn't have to fight at all. He and the other boys were paraded before a small group of me like cattle. Jamie saw a movie on TV after he had escaped; that movie depicted prostitutes in a brothel being shopped by the patrons. Jamie looked sick when he told us that was what had happened to him.
    Many times through his story the little boy in him came through. I was only too glad to be there to hold him in my arms. Sometimes he would pull away and exert his machismo, but that was always short lived as he would begin to shake and seek the comfort of a cuddle. I know that Jamie is going to take a long time to become a whole boy. None of the boys in my charge have ever suffered as much, for so long, as this boy has.
    For a boy to be used as a sex object is always wrong. For a boy to be forced into such activity has no defense for the person(s) responsible. For a boy to suffer for the length of time that Jamie has endured is more than criminal and I will hunt those people down until the day they die.

    "Spike, that is quite some story. You may have heard people tell you that they are sorry that all of that happened to you. Sorry is a much overused word that people say when they don't know what to say. I mean what I say when I tell you that I do care about what has happened to you. I can and I will help you, if you want me too.
    "I am not lying to you and I don't want anything from you. I have enjoyed our night of hot sex. You are a neat kid with a neat dick. You have good taste and you taste good. I know very few boys your size that can suck my dick all the way down like you do. But none of that matters as much to me as the fact that you need someone to help you.
    "You are street smart and don't need anybody to protect you, but you do need somebody to love you and provide for you. I would be honored to provide, whatever you need. You may not want it, but you need to go to school. You have two choices in this world, you will get older or you will die. You may be able to control your death to a point, but the longer you avoid it the older you will get.
    "If you stay away from death then you will need to get an education that will help you to be able to feed yourself. Mom will not always be there to put chili burgers in the dumpster for you. School can help you to learn how to make enough money to buy all of the chili burgers you can eat, you might even want to eat a steak sometimes." He wanted to laugh, but the look on his face told me that I had struck a nerve. I did not give him a chance to argue his point.

    "Now, Mikie. I would really like to hear the whole story of why you were trying to turn tricks on the worst strip of land in town. You said that your dad was drinking and that he beat you and your mother."
    "Well, he ain't my dad and she ain't my mother."
    "So who is they?" Spike is cute, crude, but cute.
    "My dad died when I was five and mom married this one guy that had a son that was fourteen when I was nine and everything, you know. We had a little house with no bedroom for Idjit. I don't know his name, that is what they called him so I did too and all.
    "Idjit slept in my bed and he played with his dick and I liked to watch him then one day I got learned what dicks is for and they is fun and stuff, you know. Idjit came home from school and took his clothes off and went naked all day til his ole man came home then he got dressed and got all quiet and stuff cause he was afreaked of his ole man. But at night he was naked and he played with his dick and I watched him and he told me that he was going to make me feel real good and stuff and he sucked my dick and made me tingle and I liked it. He told me that I could suck his dick and stuff and he would feel good himself and all, you know, so I done it and he made my mouth all taste all funny, but I liked it and we did it every night.
    "One day he came home from school and we was all naked and stuff and my mother was gone so Idjit told me he loved me and he wanted to show me how so he laid me down and all and ate my shitter. That felt so good then he stuck his dick up in there and it felt so weird and I cried and I liked it and he did it a lot and then my mother came home and told him that he had a big dick and he should stick it in her cause she was made for that shit and I was a boy that didn't have the right hole to stick a dick in and all so I got to laid down and watch Idjit fuck my mom and I learned that he liked that better than he liked me but he did me at night cause I liked it and we didn't tell nobody or nothing. We kissed a lot and I sucked his dick cause I liked the taste and he sucked me cause I liked to tingle and we was fine, but he came home and got naked and he and mom fucked on the floor and on the table and on the back porch.
    "Then this one time I came home and dad was all crying and shit and he said that he saw Idjit fucking my mom and they left to fuck and we never saw them no more and we just lived together and he was all lonesum and stuff so I went and got in his bed and he was stiff and I started to suck his dick and he asked me why and I told him that Idjit and me did it and that I liked the taste and all so he let me suck him and I told him that Idjit fucked me at night when he was asleep with my mom and that I liked to have Idjit stick his dick in me and fuck me like he fucked mom and all and he fucked me, but his dick weren't as big as Idjit had a dick but I liked him as my dad and I didn't say nothing to him at ever.
    "One day he told me that mom weren't gonna come home cause somebody saw her fuck Idjit and they put her in jail and Idjit ran away and didn't want to never come back and he thought that we should have a woman to fuck and she could cook gooder food than he can and he brought home the woman that I live with now and we was okay till him and me went to the store to buy food and stuff.
    "We was going in and this robber dude was going out and he ran into dad and his gun went off and killed dad and he told me that he was going to die and for me to take care of my new mom cause she was nice she would take care of me and everything, you know. So me and mom met the new dad that works at the Glens and shit where he cuts the grass and he takes me to work with him and…
    "I know you. I seen you at the Glens in a white car with no top and you kissed a man on the mouth and dad said you was some rich queer and stuff." I had gone to the country club a few weeks earlier to celebrate the birth of two new babies with the father that loves me as I love him. I hadn't paid attention to a boy that was hiding behind a wheelbarrow, but as I thought about it I could see the blond tuft of spiked hair as belonging to my new friend that doesn't know how to end one sentence before he begins another one.
    "So now I am asking why you were turning tricks on south fourth blvd. in the dark of the night?"
     "Well my folks started arguing cause the ole man's drunk and he started hitting me and that woman and all…I just hada get away from it…I'm so sicka da freaking fighting. I didn't know where to go so I just started asking dudes what I met if they wanta suck my cock for five bucks." I shuddered at the thought and looked at the look on Cory's face. Mikie has no idea of the danger that he had placed himself into.
    "Dude, that's so wrong…" Jamie jumped in.
    "The names…"
    "I know, Mikie. Mikie that shit'll get ya kilt on the streets. Is that why them dudes was beaten on ya?"
    "Yeah, they heard me ask some old dude to suck me and they drug me back in the alley and said that they's gonna kilt me some." With that Jamie showed what he is really all about as he grabbed the smaller boy and held him to his chest.
    "Don't never do that no more. I will go with Chris and watch out for you if you promise never to do that shit no more." I watched the two boys hold each other as sleep overcame them. Cory and I crawled into the other bed and we slept soundly throughout the night.

    A mob scene was created as I opened my front door of my mountainside boy mansion. I am never disappointed at the beauty that abounds in my home. Charley used to smile at me when I would tell him of my dream to have wall to wall, hot and cold, naked running boys to furnish the house. I was a smart assed teenager—to this day I marvel at the fact that someone did not knock my lights out—as I told him that I would have no need of any furniture. I would find a hard bodied boy to rest my weary body on.
    I did make him a bit upset when I said that the only thing the house would need would be food preparation areas and storage facilities because I planned to suck the very essence out of every cock in sight so they would have to replenish their energy levels several times a day. I know that Charley shared my dream. I was fifteen years old when I watched him take the batter from twenty pairs of teenage balls for an entire weekend. The other boys and I compared our memories and each of us knew that Charley had nursed us through five loads between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.
    I loved that man, I recall with fondness every moment of his life that he shared with me. He made me rich, but it was his love for me that enriched me the most. I am a competent accountant and I have compiled a complete inventory, with the value of each item, of all of the things that Charley gave me. The houses, the apartments, the vehicles, the cash, and all of the hidden assets total over six million dollars. By the time of Charley's death I had amassed seven hundred and fifty million dollars through my investments in stocks and commodities.
    There were many men that lavished cash gifts on me, the largest single endowment being twenty five thousand dollars. I used those gifts as rungs in my ladder to success, but altogether they did not total over a million dollars. I have a solid reputation in every corner of the world as a shrewd and honest investor. People really do listen when I speak. I believe that Ted White was the only man that never hitched on to a sure thing when I moved money for an investment. Ted handled eighty percent of my transactions and at the time of his suicide by cop he had seen me rise to a personal worth of quarter of a trillion dollars.
    Warren is a sharp boy that has taken the time to analyze my rise to riches. He has stated time and again what a stupid asshole his father was not to follow my leading. Warren has been with the family for a little over nine months and he has already built himself a portfolio of sixteen million dollars. Ted died intestate and a battery of attorneys is working to locate all of the man's assets. Warren was his only heir and the man was virtually without debt, he was just ignorant in the handling of his own money. I know fifty of his regular clients personally, Ted moved funds for them daily and not one of those people is worth less than five million dollars in liquid assets.
    I do go afield sometimes, don't I? While all of this fulmination may make a nice example of economics it has nothing to do with the story and the scene with which I was met when Cory and I entered with Jamie and Mikie in tow.

    "Dadee's home!!!" Boys ran from everywhere as they cried and wanted to hold me and receive a kiss. It was an interesting greeting for the two new boys, but it was not our normal routine. Many hands were quick to remove my clothing as Roddy bound down the stairs and leapt into my arms. His little lips didn't miss a single hair follicle on my face or head.
    "Oh, my sweet daddy. You are alive. Are you shot anywhere? Do you have blood on you?" I rotated his body so that his legs wrapped about my waist and his face was nose to nose with mine.
    "What do you know? How do you know it? What have you heard?"
    Jimmy stepped over to the intercom console by the front door and plugged in his USB MP3 player. "Officer needs assistance. Officer involved shooting. Officer down." Boys were still running into the front room and taking seats on top of one another as their eyes scanned my naked body for wounds.
    "All units, officer down. Officer needs assistance. I-10 and Fourth Blvd."
    "TFD unit seventeen responding, code three."
    "TFD unit four responding, ambulance responding."
    "Unit nine on scene."
    "Unit nine is on scene Captain Howard has command."
    "I'm in the driveway," Andy told me. I stepped aside as Cory opened the door. "Let me hear that Jimmy." We listened as the room remained in absolute silence. "That's city, Chris. It sounds like a scanner. I looked at Jimmy, he was staring at someone across the room. I followed his stare.
    "I didn't know, dad. I was listening to police calls…" I held my hand up and Hal Willard sat down.
    I looked at Jimmy. "Sir Dickson down. Shots fired. Three down, need responders, three down. Foss on scene. Sir Dickson involved." I slid my hand across my throat and Jimmy turned the sound off.
    I lifted Mikie onto a nearby chair. I removed his shirt. I lifted Jamie to stand beside him and removed his shirt. "Bullies beat Mikie up last night." The boys could see the dark bruises on his upper body. "Black belt Jamie beat the bullies up last night." The boys were staring at a body more buff than Eric when he joined us at BAG Boys in 2005.
    "Three bullies came to take out Jamie with a gun. The only person hurt is the sixteen year old southpaw leader. He never learned how to write so he is at no disadvantage on that part. He will have to learn how to jack off with his right hand because his left arm will be pretty much useless for a long time to come yet. From what I understand he won't have anyone around him for quite awhile because of the charges that are being brought together so he is going to have to learn to handle things differently, or abstain. The house erupted in jeers.
    I turned the two boys toward me and helped them open their pants. They acted like teenaged boys as they mooned the family before turning around for a first look at all that they had to offer. As I walked to my office the family was checking a hard body with a solid four pack. Eric was checking biceps as Jamie checked in return. Roddy was posing right along with them.

    Cullen and Jimmy slipped into my office. I was still waiting to learn what my nephew had on his mind and I was about to find out. It was more than I wanted to have the young King worry about or know about. It was good information for me, but sometimes I wish that my life were a bit more private. The boys wanted to wait until Rocky could join us before they shared their information with me.

    Andy invited us to a road rally. I have never taken my vintage vehicles out for anything except a mode of transportation and to show them off. This rally would provide me with the perfect opportunity to show them off to people who would be able to appreciate them.
    I thought that it was a good sign that Andy was willing to pull his baby out of the garage and actually drive it again. In the days before Andy turned eighteen years of age he had located an old car that he could purchase for six hundred and fifty dollars and the old man that owned it was willing to allow the boy to make small payments before he could take it home. My uncle Carl helped Andy to buy himself a classic 442 Oldsmobile convertible with a 455 engine. It sported a four barrel quadrajet carburetor and a 450 hydromatic tranny.
    Carl told Andy, "That's one of my dream cars. She'll develop about 220 horsepower the way she sits. I would like to restore that car. It will make a great street rod." The two of them did restore the car. Andy is very proud of the car, but he has kept it locked in his garage only spending time alone starting the engine to keep the bearings oiled from time to time. I took it as a good sign that he was willing to take the car out and drive it.
    The rally that Andy suggested would be a trip of some three hundred miles around the mountains of southern Arizona. The foliage is just beginning to change colors and the drive promised to be something that the boys would enjoy.
    Several of the boys have purchased roadsters or small convertibles for themselves. I polled them to see if any of them would want to enter the road rally and go for a long drive in the country. Bryan West was the first to raise his hand. His Cadillac XLR only has two seats, but that is enough for him and his steady boyfriend, Ricky Johnson.
    I saw the look on RD's face, his car is a coupe and the rally was for convertibles only. I took him aside and offered him the use of the 'Vette. His eyes lit up then he asked me if he could take Rod with him. I had planned on taking Rod and Cory with me, but for RD and Rod to spend twelve hours together on a road trip was something worth allowing.
    Altogether we had twenty convertibles in the family and only two of those were two seaters. I asked all of the owners of the larger cars to allow another couple to ride along in their backseats. That sounded like a plan to the family and we set to work to have an enjoyable weekend.
    I took the queening and his escort in my car. The boy gets out very little and a drive through the country would do him good. Derrick had purchased himself a convertible as a high school graduation present to himself in 2007. Of course he had Darryl with, but he took Rocky and Nad along in the backseat. I didn't know that there was a conspiracy afoot and that it was all leading to my next big adventure.
    When we stopped for our mid-day break I was led off to a place of privacy by the three conspirators. Rocky had been showing his code breaking skill to Jimmy who had stumbled onto a very strange web-site. The name Samí Oban appeared in English letters amongst the strange characters on the page. Cullen thought that the characters were Farsi, but they made no sense until Rocky worked his magic with code breaking and the boys knew that they were onto something that they had to share with me.
    Cullen was dead sure when he saw the name of Mary Edwards in a long list of names within the coded page. Samí turned out to be a meticulous record keeper and he liked to keep his records on-line. He thought that his was a secure site, but we all know that there is no such thing. The boys found a list that detailed the location of every person that the man had ever moved through the white slave market. It was complete with a list of the person to whom the victim was sold, the sale price, and a rating of the victim's attributes. Mary was rated rather low, except in the blonde, good looking category. I always thought her to be superficial…but a dumb blonde, it fits.
    What made even less sense was the fact that Farsi is the language used in Iran. Samí is reputedly a citizen of the sandy north African countries. I was beginning to pull facts together that had lain in dormancy throughout my mind. Were there Iranian ties to the slave business? Iran borders the south of Raven's country. It would seem logical that Seigy had ties into segments of that society.
    What I did not expect was a connection between Samí and the fight clubs in Mexico. Names of customers appeared on the deciphered lists that corresponded to names that Jamie had shared with me. I sat in stunned silence as I marveled at the three boys before me. They had unraveled the keys to several of current areas of interest.
    I needed to share the knowledge with Athos as soon as possible. The lists indicated connections in Europe and western Asia that a few of the wall hangings currently in his villa by the sea were involved with. I let Athos sleep. It was the middle of the night in the south of France and I had a road rally to complete, but I knew that I would have little sleep of my own when I returned to Tucson later in the day.

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