Chapter 75


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    A buzzer sounded. Someone wanted in through the front gate. I looked at the monitor and saw Evan standing at the button, pushing it over and over. "Shorts," I shouted. The boys ran to a panel by the family room doorway and pulled out shorts and tee shirts. Two stacks of each are kept clean and stacked by size, small or medium. My trousers that I had worn all the way from England still lay over the back of a chair by the front door. I slipped into them and into the same grungy pull over shirt. Then opened the door.
    Evan ran passed me. "Stop!! Turn around." He was looking down. I lifted his chin. He had the perfect imprint of a hand across his right cheek. A trickle of blood ran down the side of his face. He had lipstick smeared on his mouth and eyeshadow running down in long tear streaks. I nodded at Pete who took the boy to my office. I turned to Evan's grandfather who threw a small suitcase down beside me.
    "You keep that little queer away from me and my wife. I will see that little bastard dead if he ever comes near us again. He is no blood of mine. My son did that whore that spawned him a favor and married her. He raised the son of a fag and he is like his old man. I know what Wilbur Franklin did to my Terry when he was little, then Terry goes and raises the man's son…fucking queer as his old man."
    "Old man, you are within inches of having your lights put out forever. That boy is the victim of your son's sexual deviancy. It is your son who has sexually used that boy since he was old enough to hold his tiny pecker to pee. I would suggest that you get off of my property and I mean right now."
    "You can't prove any of that. I talked to Terry at the county jail. I hired the best attorney in the state to defend him. He had nothing to do with any sort of child pornography and I will sue you for all of the money you appear to have as soon as he is set free." Pete showed me the pictures he had just taken. My blood boiled. Evan was sucked up tight against Pete. He held his cell phone up as if he were showing me pictures on his screen. I saw that he had called 911. I told him that that had to be the best picture of all.
    I looked at Evan, "Tell me what happened."
    "I was seeing what I look like as a girl. I was putting eye shadow on when he came in his bedroom and caught me with grandma's makeup. He slapped me and threw me across the room. He picked me up and dragged me out of the house. I yelled that I needed my clothes and my bag. Grandma handed it to him. He opened the car door and threw me inside then threw the suitcase in. That's where he hit me in the head," he pointed at blood running from out of his hair line on the right side of his head. "Then he slammed the car door on my leg," he showed me a very bad bruise on his leg.
    I heard a car door and looked up to see a female sheriff's deputy walking toward us. I was glad it was a woman. Women get really nasty when a child has been battered by a man. Especially an old and very large man like Mr. Anson was. And a small, skinny waif like Evan is. She wanted to know why we called. I pushed Evan toward her and showed her the pictures that Pete had taken. "I am in temporary custody of this boy. He is a prime witness in a felony case coming up for trial in the State's Superior Court. Evan has spent a few days with his grandfather here who has seen fit to abuse the boy and return him to me in this condition."
    She stepped back and spoke into the microphone hanging from the epaulet of her shirt. She read the license plate number from Mr. Anson's car to the dispatcher then she wrote it down. She walked up to Mr. Anson, "Sir, please place your hands behind your back."
    "You can't arrest me for what this man says."
    "Sir, put your hands behind your back. You are under arrest for failure to appear in city court on two speeding tickets and a DUI." Anson turned on the small woman and shouted at her. He instantly found himself on the ground as she placed a foot against his neck and held his hand at an awkward angle. A male deputy ran up to help her get handcuffs on the man.
    The female deputy led Evan to a quiet corner of the living room and sat across from him. They talked quietly. She looked at his face and moved his hair back a bit. She talked on her radio several times. She came back outside, "Mr. Anson, I am placing you under arrest for assault on a minor and felony child abuse."
    She turned to me and told me that she had called for Child Protective Services and for the paramedics. "That boy needs stitches to close the wound in his head." Wonderful, I really don't need CPS involved in my life. I heard the east gate drop and looked up. I breathed a deep sigh of relief as JC drove in.
    He walked up to the two deputies and showed them his badge. "I am Jeremy Combs. I am a supervisor with the CPS and this young man, Evan Anson, is one of my open cases. Can you tell me what has happened." I grinned, the man is good and he has the clout.

    Evan is now the most photographed boy in the house. He is so proud of the staples that were placed in his head to close the wound from his grandfather's attack. By the time we returned from the hospital's emergency room it was very late and I was exhausted. I had been going since my breakfast with Cecil and Cullen. I was ready for bed. Evan joined me. I was too tired for anything, but to let him use my mouth to empty his ECB. He really wanted a ride. I had to work at keeping things rigid as I did all that I could to let the boy feel all of the love I do have for him. He is so sweet and soft. His features are fine. He wears his hair a little too long for my personal tastes, but I have to let the boys be themselves, to a point. I did have a few questions so I had him tell me about the makeup.
    I have a young transvestite in my home. As soon as I get some sleep and can think clearly I will work on that knowledge.

    Christopher poked his head in as Evan filled my morning hunger for boi juice. He and Timmy had a few strained points that needed my particular attention. I was going to make the time to be with the two. Evan was ready for breakfast. He kissed me, long and hard, then scampered away in search of something a little more substantial then liquid protein for his belly. He stopped suddenly and wiped at the inside of his thigh. He pulled his hand to his nose and giggled. He asked if he could use my shower. I let him, but I felt that I should join him to clean up the mess I had left from the night before.
    Christopher ran across the room and dove at my bed. He landed beside me and tossed himself over on top. We entwined our bodies and tied our tongues into a knot that would take a whole troop of boy scouts to untie. I looked over Christopher's shoulder at a grinning Timmy still holding the door so that it wouldn't fall off of it's hinges. I assured him that it was okay to let go and would be even better if he would close the door then get his ass into my bed and his body next to mine.
    He may look like a boy, but he moves like a man, cautious and wearily. He measured every move as he slid up next to Christopher and me. "Does he fuck like this too?" I asked Chrisy? He loves it when I use his favorite nic, but I only do it in private.
    "He's a bottom, daddy. I had a hard time getting his nut juice. He wants it up in him, over and over, all night long. We could lock him in a room with the Tucson six. They have enough meat to keep him open for months." Chrisy grinned at me and glanced at the bathroom. I nodded. He took off to shower with Evan and let Timmy and I start things between us in private.
    "Hey dude, do you feel like we're talking about you as though you weren't here. Either get in here and play or get dressed and we'll go catch a plane. We have nearly four hours before Andy is to pick us up. If you aren't up to it I'll go play with my boys downstairs."
    "I think you would. Do you fuck all of them?"
    "Not at the same time. But they each one like to come to my bed as often as they can. They do share and await their turn."
    "Shit, I couldn't be able to keep up with all of them. You had more than this the last time I saw you."
    "Well fourteen of them are waiting for me at my beach house in Malibu. Two more will fly in tomorrow morning and then we will drive home. One of them is still with his parents for awhile. But I'm sure that we have enough long and thick boi cocks to scratch your most discerning itch."
    "I see all of the cock that I need or want to scratch me for now. I have heard legends about that piece of meat."
    "So what do the legends say?"
    "They say that I really need to take a long ride on your fleshy pony and I know that if I don't do it soon I am going to bust my gut open." I placed my hand on his chest. His heart was beating as fast as a fourteen year old virgin and he had that same anxious, but hungry look in his eye. I pulled him to me and set up a game of tonsil hockey.
    He was rubbing himself back and forth against me as he kept his cock in close contact with mine. The boy is no piker in the meat department himself. He has a good seven plus inch cock with a super fine thickness. He is cut tight with no scar at all. I had to have him in my throat. I had to have his nut batter. I rolled him off of me and moved between his legs.
    I nuzzled two large egg sized balls around. I smelled boy and sex. He and Chrisy had done a cursory hose down to get rid of the big chunks. But without soap to leave the body smelling au natural. Man his body smelled good. He was way past puberty, but he still had a pubescent scent about him that drove my lust factor into high gear. I had his balls dripping with saliva as I gleaned every drop of sweat and boi scent that I could find from his tightly trimmed golden bush. Well not golden in color so much. His pubes tended to go a bit toward a light brown, but they were solid gold to my eager nose. I didn't even mind when one of the short and curlies let go and stuck to my tongue. It was the taste of him. I was getting extra lusty.
    Christopher damn near killed me as I moved on to suckle his plentiful loads of boi jizz from Timmy's well fucked hole. He buried his face between my legs and began to eat at my Y. I nearly climbed face first into Timmy's gaping hole. I was jealous. His hole is wide open from years of pony riding. I really wished it had been me that had done the riding. I had to search, but I eventually found sweet deposits that Christopher had left for me from his night with this hunk. It suddenly crossed my mind that Timmy had told me he wanted someone to love. Christopher is lonesome himself. Bryan has been sleeping with him, but Bryan is still not ready for rampant sex.
    Timmy was enjoying himself as his hands banged on the sheets and his butt wiggled on my nose. I decided that I needed to finish him off then start again a little later. I let my hands go where my tongue had been. I had four fingers far enough inside his seriously opened butt that I knew he would be very easy to fist. I took his slippery pony into my mouth and began to bounce on it. I took his hard nut between my fingers and squeezed and stroked it. Timmy does respond to stimuli. He was moaning and talking dirty. He humped his cock into my throat and wiggled his butt all over the bed.
    Christopher had slid his cock up my ass and was doing a slow fuck on me. I would have to kill him, later. It took all of my strength not to pop a nut as I worked with frenzied abandon to bring Timmy over the top. His balls had been drained so many times during the previous night that it was a struggle to get any more from his sweet organs, but I was going to stay after him until he gave me a full breakfast. What young Evan had shared with me was just the butter on my toast. I wanted the full scrambled eggs and I could feel Timmy preparing to dish them up.
    His breathing changed. His body was in total synch with mine. We were one as I sucked his cock to an explosive orgasm. I gave him just enough time to eject the last drop of his pent up juice before I shoved my cock up in him. I moved so fast that I caught Christopher unaware and hanging. I reached around and grabbed him. I pulled him to me and shoved my tongue down his throat. He pulled back, "I'm about to nut." I told him to feed Timmy.
    He barely got his cock to Timmy's open mouth as he began to eject copious amounts of his own sweet elixir. Timmy was trying to adjust to the sudden invasion of my rear assault when his still gasping body was invaded at the top as well. Chrisy filled the man's mouth with his first load of the morning and I know from long experience how much batter his twin factories can turn out after a four or five hour rest.
    I was relentless as I fucked Timmy's ass. I gave him the full treatment. Even though he thought himself well fucked all night long, and he had just had to work out a hard to reach climax, he was responding with eagerness to my motions. Chrisy fed me the last few drops of his boi batter. I eagerly licked his man pole clean then he hopped across the bed and over to the door. He stuck his fingers to the corner of his mouth and sent an ear piecing whistle throughout the house. I knew what he was up to. He was going to award a GPP and he wanted the necessary witnesses.
    We had a room full of witnesses as I had Timmy bent so far back that his dripping cock was hanging over his mouth. If I could get him to pop one more time he was going to get a mouthful of his own cream. I fucked him so hard the bed was moving and that is not easy with a heavily supported king sized bed. I don't want the bed to fall down under duress so it sits on a massive foundation. I could sense that Timmy was ready for a climax. I began to concentrate my efforts at his prostate.
    His language turned the air blue as he screamed and yelled at me to fuck his mother fucking ass raw. I was, but he told everybody in the neighborhood what he wanted. He was trying to rise to me. I lowered myself and kissed him. The man can kiss. He is so much like a boy physically, but his mind is very mature. I liked the boy and kept up my attack at him. Suddenly that extraordinarily wide sphincter of his cut my dick off at the nub as his rectal muscles began to spasm about my cock.
    I was surprised at the amount of cum that shot straight into Timmy's mouth. I watched as he swallowed it. He took hold of his cock and aimed every shot into his mouth, missing very little of the thick nectar. I asked him to save some for me. His eyes twinkled as I kept fucking. My climax was in full action, but I was going to ride this little jockey for all he could handle.
    He let his legs come down and around me as I kept on moving inside of him. His eyes got wide as I moved deeper into him. I was suddenly in overdrive myself. I don't know what sparked me, but I felt my cock grow and new life come into my groin. I kept an even pace as I shifted to attack Timmy all over again. He begin to whimper. Tears rolled down his face. I asked him if he was okay. He nodded, weakly and smiled at me. I didn't break my stride as I watched him.
    I felt his whole body become one with me. We seemed to melt and mix together as one soul. He threw his hands up and pulled me close. I pulled him up so that we could meet and let our whole bodies merge. His kiss was warm and loving. He wasn't in lust, this was a kiss between lovers. His hands drew tiny circles on my back and shoulders as he stared into my eyes. He was someplace that he had never been before.
    I let our union stretch out for another fifteen minutes then decided to let him come back down. We would do this again. I knew in my heart that we would be together, often. I stroked his nut. It was almost gone. I could barely feel it. I reached for his cock. It was soft and laying against his belly. He looked at me. "Please don't stop for me. I am on a trip beyond the stars in the sky. I never want to come back to earth." I wrapped my arms around him and rolled to my back.
    He lay on top of me, washing my face and neck with kisses. I heard the three words that I have heard so many times before. I almost feel guilty when I make another boy love me. I can't love all of them the way they want, but their love for me will always be deep within them and they will always wait for just one more time in bed with me. My cock stayed hard as we drifted off to sleep. We were awakened by Christopher telling me that Andy would be after us in an hour. I looked at the clock. It was almost six Saturday morning. I have no idea how long we fucked and how long we slept, but I felt really good. Tim was not ready to leave the bed. He would be content to stay there for a few more days

    Andy and Sean were having breakfast with the boys when a beaming young Timmy and I walked in. Andy took one look at his young employee and grinned. "I know that look and I know what you are feeling. There's not a boy in this house that doesn't wish that he could have that feeling every morning."
    He looked at me and said, "You will need to come up and spend the night with us when everything settles down. There are four of us at my house that love you too, old man."
    "I got your old man, grandpa." This is a banter between the two of us constantly. Andy is twenty five years old. I have seven years on him. We both still have the looks of teenage boys.
    I made myself a couple of Morningstar Farms® Breakfast Sandwiches with Cheese. Fat free Scramblers®—egg product—vegetable protein Breakfast Pattie with fat-free cheese on an English muffin. A cup of coffee rounded off my non-animal breakfast. I got my meat from a houseful of young tongues running around inside my mouth wishing me a quick and safe trip as I headed out to gather the rest of the family home.
    Andy had the Lear Jet at the municipal airport which saved us a two hour drive around the mountain. Sean led the way onboard. Christopher followed him then I followed Timmy so that I could check out that fantastic ass of his. I love the man, but his ass is sooo sweet and extra neat. We no sooner took our seats than the engines fired up and we began to move.
    As soon as we were airborne Sean was in my lap. He put his hand inside the elastic band of the casual slacks I wore for this quick trip. He had hold of my cock as his little face rubbed against mine. "Well Tim, did you get your dream? Did you get this up in you last night?" Timmy blushed. I did too. Sean giggled. "That's all he has talked about all week. He and uncle Andy and Pete. They all talk about your dick. It is big, isn't it. Can I suck you? Will you fuck me? I want a pin. Did you get a pin, Timmy?" Tim pulled his fly flap over to show off his shiny new GPP. Sean squeezed my dick and dropped to his knees.
    He pulled my trousers under my balls and let my stiff cock stand out for inspection. He pulled the foreskin back and looked up at me as if needing permission. I smiled at him. He moved forward and licked my cock head for several minutes before he put the whole thing in his tiny mouth. He had no problem taking all of me inside and he proved it, but he was out to tease me. He licked and played around for fifteen minutes. Timmy couldn't hardly sit still. I told him to take it out and let it cool down.
    It stayed hot looking as it stood out in the cool air of the cabin. It began to drip. I was afraid that it was sweating so I told him to come over and let me blow on it. He fucked my mouth like a kid in heat. I made Sean stand up and take a licking. He showed his age as he giggled and wiggled about. I pulled his pants down and played with his sweet melon shaped butt. I put a finger up in him and he put his cock into my stomach and washed it down with a huge load of boi juice. "I didn't let Uncle Andy get me off last night. I told him that I wanted you to have a good taste of my cream." I am so going to have to get hold of Andy. We have not had any time since before Halloween.
    Our plane pulled up to the door of the L.A. branch of FI. Andy had an office right on the edge of the runway at the Santa Monica Municipal Airport. We deplaned and Timmy led us to a company SUV. Timmy took Sean and me to Malibu then he and Christopher headed over to pack his personal belongings. He was moving to Tucson's central offices. Andy had promoted him to Captain. He would be traveling around the world taking care of company business. I am not at all sure about Christopher. Christopher is a Junior and he still has a year of high school to finish and I have hopes of that boy going on to college. I won't run their lives, but I could draw the line at him going out of the state until he is eighteen

    At the beach house I was attacked at the door by a bunch or rowdy boys. They were dressed and had eaten their breakfast. Both Travelers© were packed and the house was secure. They were all anxious to get on the road. Cas and Lew had flown in Saturday afternoon. They were able to catch a shuttle to a hotel only a mile down the road where Jerry picked them up in the Caddy.
    Cas and Tim felt like they were ready to get on the road. I kissed all of the boys as they climbed on board. I stood and waved bye until they were out of sight. Of course they couldn't see me. The back of the RVs are solid with no windows, but I saw everything I hold dear in this world disappearing down the road. Two very big and very expensive RVs. No, I'm only kidding. I can buy five or six vehicles and hour for the rest of my life. It was what was inside those two lumbering beasts of the world that matters most to me

    Sean's big, brown puppy dog eyes and pouty lips melted my heart. The boy is a keeper. His brown hair is a bit on the long side, but not over his collar. He has his hair cut so that a little bit of his natural curl lays in front of his perfectly delicious ears like sideburns. He made me strip naked and sit down on my bed as he began the most exciting strip act I have seen in a long time. I know that Andy had coached him because he knew everyone of my buttons and he pushed them, over and over again. I was in such lust I wanted to tear the remainder of his clothes from him and ravish his tight young bod.
    He has the thin, developing body of a fourteen year old boy, go figure. He stands five foot five and carries a hundred and fifteen pounds on his well developed body. A few ribs showed across his perfect chest with two very cute little areolas just begging for a good sucking. He gyrated around before me and rubbed his chest over my face. I had my hands playing on the soft, smooth skin of his back. His muscles are young, but firm and developing. I was ready to steal this boy away from Andy and the two of us just hide out in my little beach house forever.
    Sean was not through with me. "I would like it very much if you would take my shoes off for me." Yeah, I would like that very much myself, so I did. Sean lay back on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. A very stiff body part stretched at the boy's Levi jeans, trying to free itself. I reached to grope the turgid mound only to have Sean slap my hand away and giggle at me. "Silly faggot, all in good time, all in good time." He batted his eyelashes at me. I am so going to kill Andy. I was about to blow a nut and I hadn't even seen this boy's precious goods.
    I picked up a foot and made a sensual thing out of untying his shoe lace. I carefully slipped my finger under the lace and pulled it loose down the length of three eyelets. I slipped the shoe off and pulled it to my nose. Damn, it smelled like boy foot. My cock poured out a cup or two of precum. I massaged the sock ensconced pedal digit, making sure to throughly work his high instep with as much pressure of my fingers as I felt he could handle. His sighs told me that I had hit on a favorite spot for him.
    I slowly dragged the white crew sock down his slender size eight. The hair on his young, firm calf was like silk. I pushed the pants leg up a bit and worked the taut muscle of the super fine leg with all the passion I had building up inside of me. Sean pushed his pant leg down and waved his finger at me as he gave me his big puppy dog grin. His eyes were sparkling with glee. The boy was in his element and thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to me. I am so going to torture Andy to a long and lingering death.
    I raised the tender young foot to my face and grabbed the end of the sock with my teeth. The taste in that sock took me over the edge and I lost control. Sean was quick to wrap his lips on my cock and catch the remainder of my first load. He had his hands on my butt as he pumped me for every drop he could get then without a word he lay back and put his foot back up to my face, ready for me to resumé where I had left off.
    I managed to get the sock off, although I was shaking and breathing hard from my intense orgasm. I had to have a long thick object in my mouth and Sean's big toe fit the immediate need. I severally laved that wonderful part of him then continued on to clean each toe in turn. I rubbed his foot across my face as I chewed and licked at all of his tender spots. Teeth, properly applied, to a boy's arch can achieve wonderful results. I was on a roll. Sean reached down and ripped his jean's buttons open and let his cock spring upwards. I wasted no time getting it into my mouth and tasting what was this boy's first offering to me.
    He pulled his cock away from me as the last of his sweet juices ebbed from the pulsating phallus. He squeezed it, hard, and one more pearly drop appeared at the tiny slit of his beautiful glans. I wrapped my lips back around him and licked up the sweet offering only to have it quickly pulled away and tucked back into his denim clad home. Sean pushed me away with his other foot. I got the message and began my same assault all over again.
    By the time I got to his Achilles tendon the boy was writhing about the bed. His feet were more sensual than he ever knew. Andy is a good lover, but he had never taken a trip about his boy's feet. I know that Carl used to drive Andy crazy with his foot fetish. It may be that Andy isn't comfortable yet. It hasn't been, but two months, to the day, that Carl and Sean's dad, Tom, were killed.
    As much as I wanted Sean to finish his strip act for me I wanted to get on and get to the prize that awaited. I told Sean that we had to meet an airplane and had to get down to cases or be late. He let me give him my famous, "How to strip a boy of all control," routine. I started where I was and worked my hands up his muscular legs. Massaging his perfect limbs through the thick cloth of, almost new, Levi's.
    Sean had not rebuttoned his jeans. He only tucked junior out of my sight and reach for the time being. I placed my hands at the waist band of the small garment and lifted his body up. I let my hands knead his tight globular shaped bunns as I slowly withdrew his pants to reveal the smooth flesh of his young abdomen, inch by inch. Sean had saved us time, his tiny white briefs were tucked into his pants pocket. He knew what he wanted and had removed the underwear while I was saying so long to my family.
    Suddenly the object of my desire sprung up in the middle of his adolescent bush. He had not trimmed his pubic hair, he just didn't have a lot. I had seen the fine growth of pit hair when he pulled his shirt above his head and had pictured a very hairy crotch. I was pleasantly pleased. Sean sported a very cut six inch cock, well almost six inches, but what's a centimeter or two amongst a boy lover and his prey for the day? He has a nice thickness of about five and a half inches. His twin nuggets hung low in their little silk like purse, having just emptied themselves of their ECB His pulsating glans was ready to fire again.
    I was not ready to let him fire again. I pushed his legs back to his chest. He grabbed them behind his knee caps and worked his arms up and through them. He lay there with his legs under his arms and his ankles locked behind his head. He was open and ready for a fucking and from the looks of his spread ass hole he had been long ago relieved of his virginity. I moved in for an oral assault. The boy moaned and rubbed his hands through my hair. He was so into what was happening.
    I kept my hands working on the taut muscles of his young thighs and let my mouth work the center of his universe. I worked him around the world. I had both balls in my mouth as he was begging me to eat his crotch. I returned to his ass hole which had opened enough for me to be able to see the pink flesh of his rectum behind the guardian muscle of his sphincter. I know Andy well enough to know that he had not done this to this boy. Andy is a lover, but not a sadist. This boy has been ravaged, and for a very long time.
    Sean began to breathe a bit irregularly. I slipped two fingers into his gaping love chute only to be met with a very soft, "Oh, fucking yeah. Oh love my pussy, daddy." That did it. I shut down.
    "Sean, you are a boy. You are all boy, Who ever told you that you have a pussy? That is so fucking degrading. I can't even stand to hear that in jest."
    "Will you love me? Please. I will tell you everything as we drive to the airport. Just you and me, in private. I just need you in me now, please?"
    I lay across his still balled up body and kissed him. His tongue technique knows no rival and he had me worked up again in seconds. I returned to where I was, at the back door of his dining room. I had a good meal of the juices that had begun to flow. I replaced my fingers deep inside of him. This time I was met with soft moans of approval, but no disgusting cross references.
    Sean is ass hungry. He was into my assault instantly and begging for my cock. Of course I had a need for some hot creamy protein to strengthen me for the task that lay ahead. Sean was showing signs of being ready to deliver that favorite drink to me so I moved to the fountainhead. I needed no more than to lip lock the boy and drag my fingers across his taut prostate before getting a double sized portion of what he had given me not ten minutes earlier.
    I made sure that I had every drop of the thick batter that he was ready to share at the time then I moved my body to line up for what he wanted more than anything else. I raised up to get at the center of matters and pushed home. Sean let his legs go from around his neck and let them wrap around me. He locked his heels into my back and pulled me all the way inside of him. "Oh, fucking yes. Oh ride me with that long fucking cock, daddy. Make me your boy forever." I was full of lust, but I had to know what was happening here. This is Andy's boy yet he is coming on to me in a most familiar way.
    I rode the little vixen for twenty five minutes. His face was streaked with tears as he told me over and over again that he had always dreamed of a fuck like this. He loves Andy, but Andy never fucked him stupid. I asked him who was stupid. He told me that he would be if I would just fuck him for the rest of the day. With that said he shot a load of boi jizz that I was sure came out of a bottle somewhere. No one boy can shoot that much after two large loads twenty minutes earlier. I returned with my offering deep into his young gut, but I kept at him for another five or six minutes. He gave a whimper and sent another load out of his young gonads. I gave up my final load as I pounded hard and long strokes deep into his wonderful butt. The boy is a fantastic lover and one that I would like to have around on a regular basis.
    I rolled away to catch my breath. Sean rolled onto me to suck my cock clean. I pulled him around and cleaned the quickly cooling splooge of our love making from his buff bod then sucked his soft willy for good luck. We had to get a move on. I grabbed him up and carried him to the shower. My bar of pine scented soap was on the floor. I knelt in front of Sean and reached around him to get it. He giggled at me. I knew what was coming. "Do you want it?"
    "Go for it." His hot young pee poured across my chest and down over my body. I held his cock and directed his stream under my arms and across my face. I decided to go for it and took his draining cock into my mouth and tasted his sweet offering. He really does have good tasting pee. I pushed a finger up his well fucked hole and pushed at his prostate. His cock spasmed and his piss stream got stronger. Then his little body collapsed across the top of me. I pulled myself to my feet only to have Sean drop to his knees and tell me it was his turn

    Sean and I went through the house. The boys had been thorough. Every window was locked. Every light had been turned off. The circuit breakers had been shut off to everything except the basic lighting. The refrigerator was empty and the doors propped open. The cabinets were empty of everything except canned foods. There was nothing for me to do except set the alarm system and look the doors.
    Sean was practically in my lap as I made the drive down coast highway 1 and down to LAX. He rested his head on my shoulder and cooed like a little dove. "Thank you. Thank you so much. I have wanted to do that ever since I learned about how Eddy and Pete used to fuck around last summer." Suddenly he sat straight up with fear in his eyes. "Please tell me that you did not hear what I just said." The cat was out of the bag and there was no way that we were going to put it back inside again. I wanted the whole story.
    Eddy and Pete share the same birthday. In a moment of afterglow with Andy had told Sean that after we returned from our trip to New York in July Pete went to the campus to enroll for the next semester. He met Eddy and they sat down to talk. There was magic between the two, but they were both boyfriends to older men. Eddy loved Tommy like a father. Pete loved me, but knew that he would never be solely mine. The two started meeting when they knew that Carl and Tom would be gone. Andy told Sean that the two boys were made for each other, but he didn't want to see Tommy or me be hurt. He was pretty sure that I would be okay, but Tommy lived for Eddy and Carl would kill anybody who hurt his son.
    The two boys held hands at the wedding ceremony in November. Eddy told Pete that he wanted him. They would get together after a decent time following Tom and Carl's funeral. Sean and Andy talked about these things all of the time. Sean could see that Andy was not really happy being with him. He wanted something more and Eddy showed him that he had to let his heart lead.
    Sean told Andy that he did love him, but he wanted more and he could tell that Andy's heart was not in their sex acts. Sean wanted to know what it was like to really be loved and not just a pretty face with a tight ass. He had that from his high school connections. He asked Andy if he could come to live at my house. Andy agreed. Now I have to worry about Andy being alone. I didn't know that fate had already moved to take care of things without any help from me.

    By the time I found a place to park and got to the baggage claim I was pushing my limit. Cory and Mike were just coming down the concourse as I entered the claim area. I was pleased to see that they were a bit ahead of schedule. Their plane was supposed to land at 10:00 yet here we all were with fifteen minutes to go. We acted like we had not seen each other in centuries as we embraced warmly. We were approached by a security guard who wanted to know who I was. I pulled out my FI badge and he became tongue tied as he backed away. We gathered the boys' luggage and headed eastwardly on I-105 to the I-605. That took us up to I-10 and familiar territory.
    I drove on over to Redlands where we met up with the boys at a truck stop geared to their liking, an all you can eat buffet. The boys had the staff wishing that they would hurry and get all they could eat before they had to close up for the holiday weekend for lack of food to serve. We hooked the Caddy up behind Traveler© for the long ride home.
    Cory wanted to talk so we took the back bed as Cas learned the fine art of driving a large vehicle with a towed vehicle behind it. Cory asked about Cullen. I told him that his parents wanted to spend a little time with him. He gave me a really evil look of glee.
    "Daddy, this is a stupid question but, how much do you love me?" I was taken aback. I had no way to answer the boy. I have so much love in my heart for him. Sure I love Cullen. He is blood of my blood. Cory, I don't know what to say. I could settle down with him for a long long time.
    "Sarah and I fucked two or three times every day." Like I needed to hear that. "But you know what, every time I did her I was thinking only of you. She gave me a present that made me really miss you, but I lied to her and told her it made me happy to be with her. I brought that present home. I want to use it like it was made to be used. Will you make love to me?" Stupid question. He bent over and sucked my cock like he had been on a fast. I guess he had been, but he made me feel like I was special to him. He was busy doing something to me, but he blocked my view so that I could not see what it was. I felt my cock being enveloped in something. It was like a condom, but it was thick and almost rigid.
    He straddled my body and settled down on me. I could tell that I was in him, but I didn't really feel him. It was just not the warmth and moistness that I know as Cory. He locked his legs around me and rolled so that I was on top. He told me to take long slow strokes. I could feel the bump, bump, bump, as I pulled back. The little shit had some sort of ribbed condom on me. I gave him his joy and slow fucked him for several minutes. I raised up to gain position and looked down.
    This was no ordinary condom. It was more like a wearable dildo. It was a pale pink color with wide ridges a little more than a half inch apart. As I fucked in and out of his ass the ridges were spreading and collapsing his sphincter and rubbing across his prostate. I sped up my assault on him. He went into orbit. The faster I fucked the more he wanted. I was doing things to his seventeen year old teenage body that he had never experienced before and he was loving every minute of it. I fired off a nut like I had not expected. I am not very good inside a sheath, but this thing made me feel good.
    I was drained as I rolled aside. Cory told me to relax. He did not do our normal afterglow routine. He just let me wilt. He took my cock in his hands and began to work. I looked to see what he was doing and I understood what he had. He had a sheath that fit over my cock shaft and encased me leaving my cock head exposed for maximum pleasure to both of us. He had taken the dildo that Sarah had given him and carefully removed the thick outer skin with painstaking care. He had tested it for stretchiness to make sure that it would fit me without cutting my circulation or sensation off. It was a good fit. Not tight, but tight enough that it wasn't going to have to be fished out of his ass by some emergency room intern.
    Sarah's kid brother had ridden me all three times that we have been at the house and he told his sister that I was bigger than tribal standards. He had gone with her to an adult store in a small town a few miles away from their home. They found a twelve inch dildo that was about what the boy could remember me being. The clerk at the store wanted to know how the boy knew so much about another guy. Both kids said that I was another boy in the tribe that had the biggest cock and that he liked it up his butt, but the boy was away at school. He wanted a substitute. The clerk offered his services. Sarah's brother is a sharp kid. He bet him a butt fuck on the floor behind the counter that his dick was at least two inches longer and a half inch thicker. The clerk took him up on it. He got his ass filled with the juice of a sweet sixteen year old Indian boy while Sarah stood watch for them.
    Dildo in hand they made plans for the brother to get a piece of Cory. He had been up in him before and Cory had been in him. The boy was hungry for more. Cory agreed to let the boy use the dildo on his ass while he fucked his young fiancé. Cory had to plow the boy as a reward for his job well done. He and the brother got together to get to know each other as a family several times during Cory's six day visit. Cory brought his kid brother, Mike, into the family scene a few times and the two boys made sweet music together.
    Cory had one request. The whole episode was between the two of us. He does not want his brother's to know of his kinkiness. My fear is that he will get so tainted by the device that he will not enjoy regular penetration. We stepped out of the bedroom area into the heavy stench of boi sex. Eight boys had been listening to the moans and groans from Cory and myself and had to enjoy a little of being with someone for themselves. I offered to drive so that Cas could go get his, but he assured me that he and Tyler had their night well planned. They had been separated for a week themselves and had a quiet evening for two in their private home all arranged. Ain't love grand? And grander still when it is between two young and hungs like Cas and Tyler.
    Sean sat on a folded towel with a very satisfied grin on his face. "Damn, this is great. I had a ride on all of them. I have never been so full." His grin covered his face. He reached out and fondled Cory, "I still need a ride on this bad boy though." Cory looked at me then led the boy to the back. Sean looked over his shoulder, "Well are you coming or are you cumed out, old man?"
    I told Cory to lay on his back and had Sean lower himself down on Cory's monstrous man meat. Sean's eyes rolled back in his head as he savored every inch of the slowly ascending cock up inside of him. I got between the boys' legs and began to treat each of them to the licking they so needed. Sean lay back on Cory and let him run his hands about his youthful body. I sucked and licked at four of the most beautiful balls on the country's highway. I helped Cory to hump into Sean as they lay together and I took the youngster's super hard boi meat deep in my throat.
    "Fuck, coach never did this shit with us. I bet he would go crazy if we did this to him." With Sean's cock still in my mouth I looked up to his wide eyed stare. The boy can't keep his mouth shut. He had just given up another secret. I knew that someone had been up in this boy's ass, often and it hadn't been Andy. Andy wouldn't leave the boy in the shape that he was. I was sure that I was about to learn some more of Sean's previous life. The squawking of the radio made us wait a bit though.
    About an hour and a half east of Riverside my radio started squawking. I had to search for it as Cory had been too hot to wait and tore my clothing off of me. I located it and answered. Tim and Christopher were behind us. They had loaded up Tim's clothing and left anything that he couldn't put into a room at my house. How interesting. He told me that the FI team would clean the place up and ship anything he wanted, but he felt that what he left behind they could have for their own use.
    We were just coming up on Indio. Timmy had been burning the roadway up at nearly a hundred miles an hour as he listened to the police band radios. He knew that with the company truck and his badge that he was safe. For insurance he did have on a work uniform, black pants and company tee shirt. He slipped around to run point for us and moved out about a half a mile ahead. Tim Mark was in the lead vehicle. I told him that he could drive as he felt safe and confident. I got an, "Oh hell yes!!" back from him. I sat where I could watch our speed. We were past ninety, but we never broke one hundred. I was in Traveler© with all of the electronic gear so I tuned into the police channels with my onboard scanners. I would know instantly if there was official radio traffic within two miles of us, five by air.
    I sat in the swamper's seat with Sean in my lap so that I could listen to him and to the radio traffic. Sean had been on a little league baseball team since he was ten. The coach loved little boys and he taught the guys how to play. He worked the boys together at sleep overs and camp outs. They had less inhibitions as a group and didn't want to be the one that didn't want to go along with whatever was to come.
    The coach had the whole team sucking each other's dick the first weekend then he moved them on to rimming each other. They were sucking and rimming him as just another member of the team. He worked with age groups. One weekend he would take the ten year old boys then the next would be the eleven's. By the time the ten year old boys aged a year they could ride his cock. He only fucked the boys in a separate room by themselves. They told each other what he had done to them, but none of the boys ever saw him do another. That is until Sean showed up when he was too old to play and was included with the twelve year olds. The coach fucked him in front of the other boys as he sucked them, one by one.
    Sean was seeing the coach everyday. The coach lived a block from his house and he could go over there after his mother left for her night time job and sleep with the man all night. The coach sometimes had high school boys come by and Sean liked having them do him. He had become a butt hungry fag boy, a fact that he had kept hidden. Sean had told Andy about the coach and Andy wanted to put the man in jail. He told Sean to ask me what I would do. I looked Sean in the eye and told him how I felt.
    Sean seemed to accept what I had to say much better than I thought he would. I know for a fact how a boy can come to fall in love with the man molesting him and not want to see any harm come to the Chester. Somehow I got the impression that Sean wanted to see his Chester being molested in the state's prison system.
    "Sean a boy is only a child once in his life. Childhood is very precious and can never be regained once it is lost. To have someone, an adult, do what was done to you and your team mates is very wrong. Sex is just one more step in a boy's development and one that should occur naturally and over time. A boy's body will begin to change and he will have a natural curiosity about the changes and the things that make him feel good. He most often finds a friend of equal curiosity to explore these feelings with. Most of the time this exploratory period is short lived. Most boys will jack off in front of each other. Some will jack each other off. Fewer still will try sucking each other and very few will take it up the ass. Most often only one boy of the couple will progress while the other will simply use the more inquisitive as a means to an end, getting himself off. And in nearly all cases this childhood curiosity ends at about sixteen or seventeen. Very few boys will continue on. If this were not so there would be much more than one homosexual for every ten people in this world.
    "But Sean, for a grown man to take it upon himself to introduce pre adolescents to the more grown up world of sex is just plain fucking wrong. You know that I have a house full of thirty six boys and that each and everyone of us has sex with each other and I have sex with them. Not one of those boys have I ever asked to have sex with me. Each one of them were sexually aware before I met them and each one of them came to me to ask for sex, yourself included.
    "Were I to walk up to a single boy and ask him to let me suck his dick I would be no better than your coach. Maybe I am rationalizing my own life a bit, but I do not feel that I have ever molested a single boy in my life. I have only given in to their desire for sex. By law that is still wrong and I can spend the rest of my life in prison for what I have done to one single boy. Take what you and I have done today alone. Each act and each time we have done it is a separate charge. In this state each charge carries a mandatory twelve years in prison because you are under fifteen. Over fifteen the mandatory sentence is two years. Under twelve that sentence is twenty eight years for the same offense.
    "I don't like what your coach is doing. I have no problem with your going to see him now, of your own free accord. I have a serious problem with him even talking about sex with ten year old boys; to introduce them to sex acts, even with each other…Sean, I want to kill him."
    "I do too." He sniffled. I looked down at him. He was crying. "I talked to Andy and Eddy and even Pete. They all say just what you have said. Chris, when it first started it felt good. I felt so grown up. I was doing something forbidden. But I saw coach with five boys at the movies a few weeks ago and I knew what he was doing to them and what would happen after the movie. He pretended that he didn't know me when I said hi to him. He almost looked scared. Andy and Pete were in uniform and I was between them. Andy made me tell him all about my life with coach and asked me how I feel about it. I told him that I feel sorry for those little boys who will never know the joy of discovery on their own." I had to hug him because he understood very well what all of us were trying to show him.
    "So what do you want to do about it?"
    "I want him stopped."
    "They only way he will stop. He has to go to jail. If he stays out he will do it over and over again. I like to let him fuck me, but the last time I went to see him he told me that I was too old and he didn't like the way I smelled. He made me feel like I was trash. Like I was the one that was wrong. Can you and Andy stop him?" Oh, yeah. We can and will stop him.
    "Have you had a physical examination?"
    "Yeah, I had to to play football at school. Andy took me to a friend of his who is a doctor. He did not even look at my ass. All of the other boys on the team said that their doctors stuck his finger up their ass and pushed on something inside that made them almost pee. I told them that they went to queer doctors that mine didn't do that shit to me."
    "I'm going to take you to a doctor that will. You will have to tell him how come your ass hole is so big."
    "I'm not going to tell him about you or Andy."
    "That is your choice and Andy and I hope that you don't tell, but you have to take the steps that are right for you." I was putting my neck in a noose and standing on a one legged stool, but I had to show Sean that I trusted him and loved him

    We made it home with time to spare. It was eleven fifty six on New Years Eve, December 31, 2005 in New York City. We were in time to watch the ball drop at Times Square. We had two hours before mid-night in our little corner of the world.
    I counted heads as every bright eyed boy in the house looked at me with anticipation. Thirty seven beautiful boy faces were waiting for me to say something. I quietly said happy new year to my dear sweet little Cullen. I would miss that boy. I said a happy New Year to Harry and Toby who would still be in England. They were expecting to leave for Bahrain on Monday for five days then be back in Tucson on the seventh or eighth so that they could both start the new semester at the university the following Monday morning.
    Restroom breaks, clothes shed, a quick snack on the tons of junk food the boys had laid out for our new year's party and we gathered in front of the Philo T. Farnsworth to love each other back together again. I looked at the clock, "Well there is only one thing to say now boys, HAPPY NEW YEAR." A shout rang out as everybody jumped up and down. As the opening strains of the chorus to Robert Burn's Scottish tune, Auld Lang Syne, filled the air a pair of hands grabbed me and spun be around. Cullen planted a huge, slobbery kiss on me.
    "Happy New Years, unc." The sounds of singing got louder as the boys took turns welcoming their brother home. All eyes were on the television screen. It was a New Year in the Mountain Standard time zone, but there were still fifty five minutes to go on the west coast. A newsman was filling the late night viewers in on the latest news from around the world. "And today's top story is the bombing death of Lord and Lady xxxxxxx. They were killed, along with their son, the Crown Prince Cullen of xxxxxxx, when a bomb destroyed their car killing the three occupants inside."
    "Oh no!!! Mum and dad are dead. Oh whatever will I do? I'm much to young to die again this soon." I looked at Cullen. He was giggling. "Mum and dad are safe. Andy has them inside the mountain until he can get word on what happened."
    "Was that your car? Who was in it?" Cullen let a tear appear. "Oh, Cullen. Not Agnes and Cecil." He rushed into my arms and we both cried. No one knew for sure. It was being broadcast wide and loud that Dukey and his Family had been killed. Cullen wanted to be with us as he knew that we did not need any more death reports. I love the boy so much, but his thoughtfulness really made all of us love him even more. The last thing that I knew was Dukey telling Agnes that she could use the car and stay in the London town house. Cecil would have been with her as well as the old family chauffeur

    No one got much sleep Sunday. It was a holiday. School would not start up until Tuesday the third so it was party time. Now how do non-drinking, non-drug using fag boys party you might ask? Silly question. They showed their love for their brothers of course. Even the old married couples got down and dirty with their brothers and shared themselves and took all that they could get, or handle, as the case my be.
    By mid-afternoon Sunday we were one bunch of fucked out fags. But happy to have each other. Adam and Derrick had no idea that the fag life in a house full of fag boys could be so much fun. Derrick crawled over to me and snuggled up close. "I have never been so fucked up, in, over, and into in my life. I didn't know that it could ever happen. I have never been so happy in all of my life. Please don't ever run me off. Let me live with you until I am old and gray." I held him as he began to softly snore on my shoulder.
    Cory crawled up to the other side."Happy New Year, daddy. I love you so much that it hurts inside. I want to just slip up inside you and be a part of you forever."
    Cullen crawled up on top of me with a very limp and very wet dick and a, "Me too." Then he fell asleep.
    I heard the front door shut. I worked my way out of a pile of boys who had joined us. I had drool running down some strange parts of my body as I tried to get to my feet. Ģerâld grinned at me, "It's New Years day. The ball games are on. I have recorded three of them, but the Rose bowl is about to start. I only got four five foot sub sandwiches and twelve bottles of Coke. We have Coke in the 'frig in the garage and there is a case of assorted chips. Are you going to lay there and starve or get a piece of sandwich before it disappears into the bottomless pits?"
    I gave the boy a deep kiss. He had serious cum breath, as I am sure did I. We went back to tongue wrestle a bit longer as we giggled in each other's mouths. We were humping our soft cocks at each other. Neither of us had it in us to get erect at that time. "You need to cum and spend the night with us one evening soon. Luke and I both miss you. It is not a violation of our vows to have an instructor over for a refresher course is it?" We giggled some more.
    Once more the front door opened as Andy came in with six extra large pizzas in his hand. Right behind him was my old high school buddy just home from Iraq. Randy Koch was carrying bags full of sodas. The boys took his burden as I took his tongue and a very warm embrace. My first ever butt buddy, the dude who showed me that I was queer for life when he introduced me to Charley.
    I offered up a New Year toast to Charley and all that he had provided for me and mine. Every boy in the house knew that he owed that old fag a debt of gratitude. He was the one that set my feet on the path to the wealth that I have, both money and lovely boys. And it was all because of Randy inviting me to a fag party all those years ago.

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