Chapter 66


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    We made it into Tucson before dawn on Friday morning. A quick breakfast and hot showers for us, then our day began. My first order of business concerned six helpless little boys, victims of their own families. I had a funeral to attend, but Jesus told us to, "let the dead bury the dead, you follow me." I followed Him as I took care of the health issues that I was aware of.
    My dear high school buddy, Will Hamm came into the crowded examining room. He nodded at me and began to examine the boys. I was not up for that, I grabbed him and hugged him tight. He felt my body shudder and looked into my eyes. I can't help it, this sort of shit scares me to death. I hate the C word. He held me close and told me that we should take a look first. He moved back and asked, in his normal voice if we wouldn't be more comfortable being examined one at a time. I looked at the boys. They had no idea why they were here, but to a person they wanted to be together. They looked at me and I saw their young fear. This seemed to steel them together as they told Dr. Will that they would remain together, no matter what was wrong.
    Will did move us to a much larger room. It wasn't really set up for examinations, but we had more space. All six of the victims of Terry Anson disrobed and stood naked before the doctor. "Did you view the DVDs I sent to you?"
    "Chris, those are the sickest things I have ever seen. I want to find those people and kill each one of them, slowly."
    "Will, take a deep breath. Look at the boys in front of you." Will studied each boy. Suddenly he began to shake. I pushed a chair to him. "Yes, these are those little boys, grown up."
    "Do you know who the men in the movies were?"
    "Them and the women who ran the cameras. Will, I won't tell you who now because we don't have our first court date for nearly three months, but you went to high school with everyone of them and you know them as the scum of the earth from fifteen years ago. I will tell you this because as the doctor for these boys you will need to know. The people who did those things are the parents of these boys. That is why I told you that you can not get any medical history on these boys and you can not have their last names. I will provide any documents or blood work, whatever, for you, but you can not see the records themselves. You will testify in court what you are going to find here and I will not let your testimony be tainted. That is why Bull and J.C. are here with tape recorders." I opened the door for the two men to step in. I led Kyle to the table to be examined first. I handed Will a folder with the lab work results from the hospital in New York.
    "Chris, I…ah…I can't get involved in ah…I don't have time for a court case. Their own parents?" I nodded at Will. "And I know them. Fuck it Chris, you sure do get into some heavy shit. JC how does he always get into this? That little boy last year, what's his name? Oh yeah, Christopher Dickerson. How's he doing? I need to see him."
    "Will, you did yourself proud with that boy. He is growing like a weed and healthy as an ox. Yes, all parts are growing at the same rate." I smiled at him. He tries to hide his boy loving side and I can't say that I blame him. He has one of the best practices in the state for nuclear internal medicine. I wanted to ask him about Eva, but that would be unethical on his part to tell me, especially in front of a lawyer with a tape recorder. Bull and Will have been up in each other's ass many times, but business is business.
    Will fondled Kyle, who being a teenager sprung. Will was startled by the boy's size. Will placed a flex tube in Kyle's rectum and turned on his equipment. The boys had many comments to make about seeing Kyle from a whole new viewpoint until I told them that they were next. I told them that they were seeing a flexible endoscopy. The tube in Kyle's ass had a light and a TV camera on it. I told them that the doctor was looking for any abnormalities in the rectum and lower intestine. With the amount of sex that the boys had been subjected two at such a young age they could have problems that could be fixed now to prevent big problems when they grew up. They listened to every word I said and watched the monitor closely. Will had his young male nurse draw two tubes of blood from Kyle while he washed up. I had Chad take the hot seat.
    Each boy was examined, thoroughly. Will sat down with all of us as I told him how much the boys loved and inter-related to one another. They have no secrets so they should all be told the whole truth together and then they can lean on each other for support. The male nurse came in with his results of Kyle's and Chad's blood work up. He handed them to Will who actually smiled. He sat backwards on a chair, with his legs wrapped around the back. He faced us as I held Kyle in my lap. Not an easy thing to do with a six foot tall kid.
    "Gentlemen, Chris has shared with me his fears based on some blood work that was done on all of you in New York last month. The tests that came back from them indicate a very high PSA count in Chad and especially in Kyle. All of you have a higher than normal PSA count. Now PSA is a chemical that appears in the bloodstream of a man, or boy. It is usually a zero or sometimes a very small number, but if there is a testicular or prostate infection, most often associated with cancer, then it can be higher.
    "I want to qualify my friend Chris for a minute. I have been friends with Chris since I was fourteen years old and in high school with him." He looked at me and I nodded. He knew if he didn't say it I would. He did. "He was the first boy I ever fucked and he fucked me. We were at a party and we became good friends. We get together often with other friends to party."
    "We know about the Blues." Chad told him. "My dad used to say that you guys…" I asked him not to say anymore because the doctor didn't need to know any more at this point. He sat back in a teenage sullen mood.
    "There were a lot of boys that used to come to our parties. Some of them were friends, some came just to get off. Chris and I are life long friends. What this means is that I trust him when he tells me something. I can look at these blood tests and see that he is correct in that all six of you are drug addicts. You have traces of low levels of heroin in your blood. You have been taking amphetamines. Chad has a large residual amount in his blood stream. As I understand it Chad was still under the influence of the person that was providing the drugs so that would explain that part. Kyle has the least amount and I understand that he was taken away from this influence two years ago. His system has recovered and he is going to be fine.
    "I will caution each and every one of you. Should you ever decide to play around with drugs it most likely will be fatal to you, it most assuredly will make you an addict, much worse than ever before. Chris tells me that your withdrawals over the last three months that you have been with him have been horrible. He tells me that none of you are aware of what was happening to you because he kept you together and with his family for extra strong support. The shakes and the sweats that you went through were not fears of what had happened to you at the hands of these monsters. They were the result of your body screaming out for drugs. Chris told me that he just let a boy fill you with cum. It is an interesting treatment and one that might require some study.
    "Boys these are what we call prosthetic testicles. These pieces of glass are inserted into the scrotum of a man when we have to surgically remove his own testicles due to disease. I'm going to pass them around and I want you to feel of them. You will feel how smooth and uniform the surface feels. I want you to take hold of your own testicles and feel of them. Yes you can feel each other, but I want you to know what your balls feel like and what they should feel like." We watched Kyle's face contort. Chad scooted to the edge of his seat to let his balls hang over the edge as he got a better grip on them.
    "Yes, there is an abnormality there Kyle. You too Chad. I will have you back in here early next week and we will look inside and see what is going on. With your blood results today I feel good that there is nothing more than an infection, but we have to look at the growth hormones you two boys were given. Kyle, you get the lucky number today, I am going to give you a shot. The rest of you can get dressed. I will answer all of your questions. I am here for you, all day." Kyle had turned to me and had lain his head against mine to cry. That was wrong because I love him and had been crying for several weeks over this. I joined in with him.

    Our next stop was no less intense as I pulled up in front of the funeral home. Cas came running up to me and parked the Caddy as the boys joined the family. Pete led me to Andy who latched onto me and held on for dear life. I should have been here for him. I am spread to thin.
    I saw JC walk past me with a boy of about fourteen. He had gotten here fast and who was that he had with him? I asked Andy if he wanted to say one final farewell or did he want to be seated in the chapel. He wanted to say goodbye. I made a mistake in that I didn't ask for help. I opened the door to the private room where two caskets sat at an angle, their heads nearly touching. The boy I had seen with JC was on his knees by Tom's casket in tears. This was to be family only, but somehow I felt so sorry for the boy.
    JC pressed his hand to my back and pushed Andy and me inside. The boy looked up at us and tried to hold his tears. He had a most hauntingly familiar appearance. JC lined up chairs so that Andy and the boy sat facing each other. He held my hand as he told us that this was Tom's son, Sean. We knew Sean existed, none of us had ever seen him. Sean's mother worked as a clerk at a twenty four hour convenience store. She had been shot and killed on Halloween night by a twelve year old kid trying to buy cigarettes. State law provides jail time for anyone who sells cigarettes to minors. She held her ground, the boy reached to the waistband of his baggy jeans and pulled out a 9mm Glock. He put four shots into her chest. There was clear video from four angles. Young Sean lost both parents the same night in separate tragedies. He was going to need a lot of support.
    Sometime back Tom had put it in his will that in the event of his death that Andy was to take full and total custody of Sean. Now it was up to Andy to decide. Andy reached out and pulled the boy to him and they cried together. Andy told him that no decisions would be made now. They had to decide on the words they had to say to their loved ones that they had come to bury. JC and I slipped out to leave the two alone.
    I stepped back into the vestibule as Eddy and Troy came in with two tiny little girls, one about two years of age and one an infant, maybe a year old. Eddy went into the viewing room to be with Andy. Troy told us that his wife had been in trouble so labor was induced. Both girls had been born exactly one year apart and all three of them, father and daughters, shared the same birthday, January 18th. I asked about Stephanie as I had met her once. Troy told me that the BMW had a new boyfriend. I let it go at that. Today was not the time. I had the boys occupy the girls as Troy stepped in to say goodbye to his dad and boyfriend. (Stephanie was a huge woman. Her butt looked like two Volkswagens inside a pair of Capri pants. Carl did not like her and let everyone know it. He called her BMW for Big Mexican Woman.)

    My boys are much to wonderful to ever describe in words. Cory is ever inquisitive and he and Jim had been after the men at the funeral home until they discovered the plans for the day then they plotted their own set of plans. Andy and Troy came out with Sean between them and I told them what the boys proposed. Andy smiled like the moon on still water. I went to the director and told him of the changes. He thought it a wonderful idea.
    There were about seventy five people waiting outside and maybe two hundred more at the grave site. Carl was well known and well loved in this town. The crowd had planned to walk behind the two hearses to the side by side graves at the south east corner of the large cemetery. They were told that no hearses would be used that we would walk behind the coffins.
    Two sets of eight boys each took a coffin of their friends onto their shoulders a made the walk while those not being used as pall bearers walked single file along each side of the caskets and led the rest of us in Hymns of Praise to God. I was asked to escort Carl's two daughters. They asked that the place of honor, behind the casket be granted to Carl's partner, Andy and Troy at his side. They let Eddy walk behind their brother's casket with Sean. The two ladies and I were behind them.
    After the ceremony Andy walked over to three Jewish men in long coats. They had full beards and their hair was in long curls down each side of their faces. They removed their hats and nodded to Andy and formed a small circle to talk for a few minutes. Andy came back to me and told me that these men were Hasidic Jews. The old man, in his eighties, was the patriarch. The other two were his eldest sons. The man had nine sons and forty seven grandchildren. Carl had worked for the family for over twenty seven years. Andy told me that Carl had sold them many millions of dollars worth of precious stones that his dad had left in the house where he and Carl lived.
    As people were leaving I saw a man of about thirty kneeling over Carl's grave and crying. Several people looked at him and turned away. I looked at Andy, he shrugged his shoulders. Troy saw where we were looking and he stopped what he was doing to approach the man. He got down on his knees and put his arms around him as they cried together. This was the man who at seventeen had seduced Carl and caused Carl to have to spend a year in prison and be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Ben was gay and had been having sex with large older men for three years. He had been trying to get to Carl, but he made a mistake. He told a friend that he thought would be in favor of getting together for a sex party.
    The friend and his family had a personal problem with Carl and had been very vindictive toward him for years. They blamed his eating and smoking habits for causing the death of his wife from cancer. It also turned out that the friend was totally homophobic. His mother had been molested as a child. She had stressed the evils of anyone touching a child improperly all of the friend's life. She insisted that her son take Ben to the police and report what Carl had done to this minor boy. Ben was just weeks shy of eighteen. Carl was convicted because as the adult he was supposed to say no to the advances of his seventeen year old seducer.
    Ben has lived with what he had done to this man for thirteen years and it was tearing him apart. I invited him to come to a gathering that we were having to honor Carl and his son. He agreed. He took Troy's phone number and agreed to meet Troy afterwards and spend the night at his house. He and Troy had been classmates throughout high school. Andy told me that Carl had sent Troy, Tom, and all of his kids, to a private school run by Carl's church.

    I had reserved a ballroom at a national hotel chain's branch just a mile away. We asked everyone to come and remember these two men with all of us. Food, music, no bar, and laughter were the order of the day with some guests not going home until after eight PM. I had sent most of the boys up to the house as they were still much in need of sleep after our world tour.
    Mark and Jeff went on up to Andy's house for the night. Andy wanted to introduce Sean around, and I wanted to meat him. Troy took his babies home right after the grave side farewells. He was hurting. He really loved Carl. They had been together since he was twelve years old, over eighteen years. Andy was telling me about the first time that he met Troy. He was laughing when he told me that he and Carl were in a hot sixty nine with him on top fucking Carl's face when Troy walked in on them. He told me that the first thing that Troy ever said to him was, "Silly faggot! Dicks are for chicks."
    I was glad to see Andy remember the good times and as the evening progressed he seemed so much more at ease and back to his normal self. I had to stop and pray for the healing to begin and last.

    Sabbath morning I had a very special date with a very special lady, or two. Jim and Christopher were dressed to the Tens in their very finest, as they escorted their grandmother's into church. The rest of the boys had crowded into whatever vehicle they could fit into as the family met us at the door. I pulled to the front so that Cory and Cullen could assist the ladies for the long step down from the Cadillac Escalade SUV then their grandsons took over as escort.
    After church Hometown Buffet thought they had been invaded when thirty five boys rushed in the doors. Right behind us were about thirty other church members who wanted to hear about our trip overseas. I wasn't sure how much we should try to tell them over lunch. They might not be able to keep the food down.

    We really pushed the envelope when we decided to go see how the tamer monkeys lived. You know, the ones in the zoo. I have the wild ones in my house. We did split into smaller groups and let everyone enjoy themselves. Christopher and Jim throughly enjoyed the time with their grandmothers as they each went off alone to share so much that they just needed to share. I wished that the other boys had family that they too could be with. As an orphan I had an idea what they were feeling. I did have El, although I had not known her, but a few months. These boys really had no one with the exception of Trevor and Alec who had Ken join them for the day.
    I would have wined and dined those two ladies well into the night, but one look at Eva told us what she was up against. I had to see to it that she and Jim spent a lot of time over the next few weeks. I only hope that she can make it through Christmas. It would crush all of the boys if she were to pass before then. We took the girls home from the zoo. The boys wanted to stay awhile, but Eva was exhausted. Betty and I finally got them into the Caddy and we left.
    Christopher was holding onto Jim and I knew that he needed some special time. We had been on the road and had missed a lot of movies. I asked Jim if he wanted to sit through a movie. That was just what he needed. See how simple life is when you are fifteen? It just so happened that we could catch a sneak preview of the latest in the Harry Potter series due to be released at Thanksgiving so it was off to the Goblet of Fire for us. I had a boy on each arm as they cuddled up and watched the movie and ate the popcorn from the huge, refillable bucket in my lap.
    That night I let both of them sleep with me. Christopher tried to slip away, bless his heart, but Jim wasn't hearing of it. Jim wanted to go to the next level. He wanted to ride double dicks. He would have his drawers full of shit for a week before that tiny little pucker of his would shut down from both of us at once, but he just giggled and climbed on top of me and took half of me in before inviting Christopher to fill him up.
    I got a lot of cream from the two of them before morning. They were pent up from the travels and had not had a proper release in a long time. I tried to be as proper as possible as I sucked their sweet cocks, one right after the other. I love to have at least two boys for the night. If they are horny enough I can keep one going while one recovers and get fed the whole night long. These two gave me six loads each and a load up each other's ass plus the load that we double shot into Jim, which of course I got. And I have to let my boys know that I really love them so I had to take two loads by shotgun as they each gleaned the other's offering from my satisfied ass.
    Morning's first light found Jim buried balls deep in my throat with his morning woody. I had never been down this road with him so I held him until he could stand it no more and drained his youthful bladder directly into my throat. A youthful bladder is used to holding it all day and is therefore a little larger. A teenage bladder is more than a tummy full, but of course letch that I am I had two to drain. Jim made his first ever woodie tamer on me. He was surprised at how bad it didn't taste. He wouldn't say that it tasted good. Christopher told us that we left him out so we offered to go wake up the other boys for him. He settled for double cream for breakfast.

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