Chapter 203


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was almost midnight when I stepped out of the shower. I opened my bedroom door to listen to what was happening in the house. What I heard did not please me, I heard an argument from downstairs. I turned to Astin and Seth and told them that they should spend a little time getting to really know one another. I told them that I had to check something out and that I would return later.
    Astin looked at me with longing in his eyes. I pulled both boys to me for a group grope and hug and looked Seth dead in the eye. "I believe that there is something that Astin needs from you. Prove yourself to your man while I go corral a few hooligans and get them off to bed."
    Trent had Alec on the ground and his fist was raised. I grabbed his wrist and bent it into a very uncomfortable angle as I demanded to know what was going on. Evan sat in a corner with his knees pulled up to his chest, he was upset and I wanted answers.
    Trent and Evan were school mates way back when. The two boys drifted apart at around the age of twelve, but then they started to talk to one another after Evan moved into my house. They never developed the friendship of their youth and lost track of one another when Evan started school at BAW. They ran across each other during frosh week as they hurried across the U of A Mall trying to locate their next class. Alec was not with Evan at the time and things got a little confused.
    Trent is pushy, he is needy. I did not know that he was a victim of the Jones Gang. When he turned eleven he figured that what Evan's dad was doing to them was not nice and he began to break away. He asked his parents to let him go to another school when he started into the seventh grade. Two years later he was attending Wilson High, but kept his distance from Evan for several months until he learned that his dad was dead, he had committed suicide in the county jail.
    The following year Evan did not return to Wilson and the two boys lost contact once again. Now they are together quite often. Trent has invited himself to become a member of our evenings and I had let it go for the sake of an old friendship. I missed it again, it was not friendship that Trent wanted, he wanted Evan as his boyfriend. Alec didn't take to that as readily as Trent wanted him too. In fact Alec was willing to fight for his man and it had all come to a head that evening.
    I was ready to send Trent packing but Alec asked me to sit with them and talk it out. Alec is an honest man, he was willing to allow Evan to make the choice and he was ready to step aside, if that be the case. I had two hot boys keeping each other primed in my bedroom, but I also had a crisis on my hand that I had to deal with at once.
    Chad was the only other person that ever knew that Terry Anson was fucking Trent. It began when the boys were six and continued on for more than five years. Chad had his own demons to fight during that time and I don't fault him for forgetting about Trent when we sat down and tried to recall all of the boys that the unholy Jones Gang had abused. Trent had been gone for more than four years by that time and it is only natural that he would be forgotten.
    In the meantime Trent had tried to get on with his life. He hated what had been done to him, but he had a teenage curiosity about boi sex. He avoided doing anything in fear of his past being discovered. He lived with fear in his young heart when he had to take his freshman physical, but time had healed his wounds to the point that nothing out of the ordinary was noticed by the doctor.
    During the school year of 2006-2007 Trent and Evan had sophomore English together and they were both in the same P.E. class. Trent was fascinated by Evan's huge cock so he began to talk to his old friend. At the time Evan was going through his gender identity crisis as a way of combating the hatred that had built up in his heart for what had been done to him. He was submissive when Trent asked to have sex with him.
    Trent has always been the top to Evan's bottom and that is what brought about the events of the night. Alec had sat back and watched as the two old friends sucked each other and sometimes he got in a little play of his own. Trent is dominating and demanding, he wanted Alec out of the picture and Evan told him to take a hike. Trent decided that he would fight Alec and win Evan over after a duel of mortal combat. I interrupted his plans.

    Astin returned to the family after doing time in a state prison. His return in November was in time for him to be reassigned as Cullen's new body guard. Timmy has other duties that prevent him from always being able to cover the boy king. Harry is still assigned to the queeing and now Astin is his number two man.
    Astin had not shared his personal experiences during his assignment, but that night he wanted to have all of the facts of his life open to a man that he had fallen deeply in love with and one that had shown his deep love in return. He wanted to tell his story in my presence; he felt that I had a right to know. I hurt with him and I laughed with him. Seth couldn't hardly believe his ears, it was the first time that he had actually talked to person who had been in prison and had experienced the deviant life lived there.
    Of course Astin was not a real inmate so he did not have to go through the long, drawn out process of holding cells and the close quarters with criminals from all levels of the system. He was taken immediately to his cell block where he would meet his assigned companion.
    We all knew that he would have to earn the right to get near the youngster that he was assigned to evaluate, but Astin was not prepared for the actual event. He could not be placed in the same cell with his charge, he had to earn that right from the other inmates. His first night was his own private hell night as he proved himself capable of standing up to the system and the men inside that enforce their own set of rules.
    Astin is soft and pillowy, a fact that is actually deceiving. His new celly thought that he had a cuddly little teddy bear to ease his lonely nights. The celly was educated, quickly. Andy had worked his ass off to place two special agents on that cell block to handle whatever events might occur. It was good that he did, the regular COs—correction officers—would have Astin in a private cell awaiting new charges.
    The celly made his overtures and Astin played his part well. He acted the frightened youngster afraid of the big bad convict. Astin said that he almost laughed out loud when the man pulled his pants down and showed a five inch hard cock to him and told him that he was going to love riding his monster. Astin wanted to play hard to get, as his role demanded. He backed away from the man and made him work for whatever he had in mind.
    Frustrated the celly called on his buddies for help with the little pussy boy that wouldn't give it up. Astin was beaten by several of the other inmates and dragged off to the showers where he was going to be taught who ran the run—cellblock. All of this time Astin had retained his pants and underwear, but once in the shower room he lost his last vestige of dignity as four men stared at more meat than they had seen in sometime.
    The actual fight lasted only a brief moment. Astin's cellmate took a swing and Astin had his arm behind his back and his cock up the man's ass crack before anyone knew what happened. Astin told him that if he wanted a piece of ass then he was going to provide it for all of his friends. The other three men moved to help the celly and Astin showed his speed and agility to them. He had all four men flat on the floor with bloody faces as he stood over them without ever taking a solid blow himself.
    Suddenly Astin found himself on the floor as two other men held him down and forced themselves into his anal opening. He looked at me and told me that I had told him that it could happen, but he was not as prepared as he thought himself to be. He said that he felt sick to his stomach as he was forcibly violated by all six men.
    Let me clear something up here. Astin was not in some cell block like we see in the movies and on TV. He was on, what is called a run, more like a dormitory. There were forty men on the run, each had a small cubicle that contained his bed and personal items. The cubicles were set up so that two men shared a common entrance way in the four foot high wall that ran the length of the room. Other runs in the system are open with no privacy walls to hide behind. Astin was in an old building that had seen many prisoners over its forty years as a cellblock.
    Astin cleaned himself as best as he could, but he said that he felt dirty. He had never been used like that before and it made him sick to his stomach. He knew that he had to gain control or he would be everybody's pussy boy and worthless to his assignment. He decided to go for broke. He did not know that the two guards on duty were agents of FI and were there to pull him out if things got too rough. They did not have to lift a finger. Their reports said that they had a harder time pretending not to watch what happened next.
    There is a hierarchy in prison. Gangs control every aspect of an inmate's life, even so far as to assign work schedules and duties to an inmate. Each run has its landlord—an inmate that has proved himself to his gang. The run that Astin was assigned too was controlled by a White Aryan group and the landlord was a tough as nails man with a long history of prison life. We knew the man before we sent Astin into his domain, but we felt that Astin could best him and win his rights by trial of combat.
    Astin walked stark naked from the shower, a serious violation in itself. He walked straight up to the six foot three landlord and cold cocked him. As the man reeled from the blow Astin took his arm and held him bent before him. Astin shoved his cock up the dry ass hole of the man and fucked him in front of everybody on the run.
    Next he turned to the other man that had caught him from behind and treated him the same as he had the landlord. With the top two bosses well fucked Astin sought out the other four men. Each of them were cowards when it came to a personal confrontation. They tried to mass the others to hold Astin off, but the boy is too quick. He had the entire run on the run from him as bloody noses and broken teeth became common amongst the more brave souls that tried to go up against him.
    The other four rapists showed their true selves as they bent before Astin and took their fucking then Astin made them lick him clean so that he wouldn't share ass germs with the others. Astin told us that he feared AIDS more than anything in the world, but he had a job to do and if he became infected it could never be said that he didn't do his job.
    The following day four men tried to jump Astin as he walked outside—on the yard. It seems that there was only one guard near the incident and he didn't see a thing. Actually he was on the take from the white supremists that controlled that yard and he had his orders let the fight go down. It just didn't go down the way that it had been planed. Astin quickly cleaned the clocks of the four men and left them bleeding on the grass. He even took two shivs—homemade knives—away from the men as they tried to shank him.
    Astin turned his feet toward the leaders of the yard. There were three major controlling forces on that yard, the Whites, the Blacks, and the Browns. The browns—Hispanics—were the most feared group on that yard so it was to their leader that Astin went first.
    The man was surrounded by his toadies but they were no match for Astin. He had a grip on their leader that spelled the end of the man's ability to handle himself as he led him over to the black group. Still holding on to his charge he made short work of that group as well. Out agents, who didn't see a thing, reported that the fight was over before anyone was aware that it happened.
    Astin held the brown leader's wrist as he spun about and kicked the heads of six of the toughest of the black leader's protective force. Astin looked the black leader in the eye and spoke a single word, "March." The man moved ahead of Astin as he followed, still holding the brown leader by his right wrist. The white leader pulled his men back and waited to see what Astin had in mind.
    "I am here to do my time. None of you want to be here and all of you hope to go home one day in one piece. Leave me alone and I won't have to remove pieces from your body and feed them to you." With that he shoved the brown leader into the white leader and moved toward the black leader. He quickly put up his hands in surrender. The white leader and the brown leader were fighting with each other, they were mortal enemies. Astin stepped in and decked both of them. His name was made and his place on the yard was secured. He turned and walked back to his run to take a shower. Another serious violation, showers are only granted by permission except during the evening lock down hours.
    Astin's target was presented to him later that day. He told us that he almost cried when he saw the small boy that had endured so much torment for violating the rules of the hierarchy that rules the prison. He had killed Hiederick Heintz without the nod of the tough white leader that Astin had just laid out on the grass earlier that day. We won't name the boy here, he deserves a chance to get his life together and put his short stay in prison for drug possession behind him.
    Astin said that what he saw was a beaten young man. The life and sparkle was gone from his eyes. His gaze was always down and his answers were always short and correct. Astin realized why we had placed him there. He had to help the boy come back to life and look forward to his future. At it was the boy was doomed to a fitful life of self pity and self abasement.
    Astin had a reputation to protect so he treated the boy in much the same way that the others had treated him for nearly four years. Astin made use of the boy's sexual talents. He said that the boy gave great head, but he waited awhile before anything anal was done. The boy moved into his cell, the tough man moved on to become the wife of another man on a different run. The hierarchy does not take to one of their own being beaten down so publicly. Also the man had taken it on himself to call his buddies for a gang rape. He was supposed to ask the landlord for permission first.
    The landlord lost his position and now kneels before a new master. The other men that took part in the assault were made to pay tribute to Astin in the form of food and ice from the prison store. Astin said that he never wants to see another can of Vienna Sausages or another bag of potato chips again. He said that peanut butter and Vienna Sausages were a major treat in the evening. He always found two or three slices of pilfered bread on his bunk that someone had stolen from the chow hall.
    Ice was a rare commodity in prison, it was only available every other day and most inmates were limited to two bags a week. Astin never purchased anything while he was incarcerated, it was all provided for him by his friends. He had a large ice chest, that wasn't on his inventory sheet. It was filled with different kinds of soda and covered by plenty of ice. He shared his bounty with others on his run, which ingratiated him to them.
    A television set appeared in his cell one day, it was complete with two sets of headphones so that he could share with his new wife. To keep up appearances Astin made sure that sex with the boy was done when they would be observed. He told me that after about four days the boy softened toward him as he realized that he had some control over what his fate was.
    Astin began to talk to the boy and slowly made a solid friendship and trust bond with him. After two weeks the boy began to look more alive as he looked forward to his parole hearing that was to take place a month later. One of the things that we had needed Astin to confirm for us was the boy's vocational desires. He learned that the boy enjoyed working with fine woods. He had learned how to stain wood and finish it to a luxurious finish. He wanted to work in a furniture factory as a finisher. We had the perfect place for him
    A large furniture manufacturing company was located six miles from where the boy had lived his childhood. With a few guarantees from Andy the owners of the mill agreed to take an ex-con in and give him a chance. Nearly three months have passed since he took the job and we are told that his work ethic is superior and that the quality of his work is without fault. He still has much to learn about the different processes that the mill uses, but we are told that the boy is a willing learner and never loses his temper.
    Seth had been holding Astin through much of the time that the story was told. The two boys took a kiss break when certain parts seemed to affect Astin emotionally. I feel good about their relationship and I was about to bow out and leave them to get better acquainted when I was reminded of my promise to fuck both of them all night long. It's tough life that I live, but I have created it for myself and I have to be true to my calling.
    I was more interested in the two boys becoming more familiar with what the other's needs were. Of course that opened the way for me to assume my favorite position down under as the two took turns filling the other's gut with their hot cocks. I received ample reward for my work as their trainer as both boys fed me the elixir that keeps my gimmecum virus at bay.

    I untangled myself from a warm mound of snoring boy flesh. I really mean snoring. Seth sounded like a roaring freight train while Astin could shake mountains. I had one destroying my hearing in each ear. I headed to the bathroom and took a long hot shower.
    It was not quite five o'clock, but I could not get back to sleep. My mind was filled with Astin's story. I knew the inherent danger that I had placed him in, but to hear his account of it made me thankful that he had been all that I thought he was and was able to survive the ordeal. A lesser man might have been killed.
    I headed downstairs, I wanted a cup of coffee. As I crossed over to my office I heard someone in the kitchen so I went to see who was up at that hour. I should have known that it would be Mitchell or Edmund. They rise early to prepare breakfast for the one hundred and sixty boys that still live in my house or granite house. Mitchell looked up at me and smiled. I approached him for a hug and a kiss.
    "Uhm, er, dad, er Chris…oh fuck it. Dad I got something that I gotta say. I know that you hear it everyday and I hear it from the boys more than a few hundred times a day, but I mean it. I love you. You…" I pulled him close for a better kiss as I let my hands knead his buns of love. His cock grew hard against me as it tented the apron he was wearing to keep whatever he was cooking from getting onto his body.
    He pulled away, "I gotta get these eggs back over to Edmund. We got hot coffee ready and there are hot sticky bunns already cooked up and ready to eat."
    "We might make some time for me to eat your buns on the way?" He giggled at me and picked up two flats of thirty eggs each. I took one from him and walked over to granite house, using the driveway, through the cold. Yeah, it was cold. It was early January and the sun was not even awake yet. I froze my ass in the temperature that had to have been in the lower fifties. I just don't do cold well.
    When we entered granite house the first thing that I saw was my Cory man sitting at the table with a hot cup of coffee in his hands. Suddenly I knew why I was awake, I missed my man. I like to fuck around, but I need my man near me as often as we can arrange the time. That has become more difficult lately. We both seem to have so many other obligations. By the time that we get alone in our bed we are so tired that we just hold each other and sleep.
    "Why so early, babe?" I asked after a hot as hell kiss that put both of us on the rise.
    "I have an early class and I wanted to go over a paper that is due today."
    "A paper? What kind of paper does an engineer need? I thought that a slide rule and a ruler was all that you need to build a bridge to the moon." I chided.
    "I do have other classes. This paper is for my English composition class. You gave me the subject to write about." I looked at him as I waited for his cute wisdom. "Remember when you told uncle Carl that joke about engineers not knowing which end of a screwdriver to hold? Well I wrote a paper extolling the ramifications of actually holding a screwdriver by the handle and letting the blade work as a tool for you."
    "Ramifications? Extolling?"
    "You have a wide vocabulary and you write so good so I thought that I would like to learn how to express myself."
    "Well, I write well."
    "Yes, you do. And I want to write as well as you do someday."
    "I make a lot of mistakes. My grammar needs a lot of work and my punctuation is a mess."
    "So I am studying what the books say about proper writing. I am learning about grammar and punctuation and sentence structure and all kinds of stuff so that when you get too old to write I can help you. Jimmy may not always be around to edit for you and to be your scribe. He is young and he will go where Cullen goes. But I will always be with you, forever and ever." That earned him a hot, lingering kiss and a heart felt hug.
    Edmund sat a plate of hot sticky bunns before us and poured me a cup of coffee as he warmed Cory's coffee. "Has there ever been a more pleasant lover? So caring and open to my needs."
    "Just like young Mitchell, sir." I looked at Edmund, of course we each think that our lover is the best person in the world. I am just blessed because mine is.
    "Daddy, you have got to get with Denny tonight. He is a dream come true. He has a sad story to tell, but he has risen above that and I believe that he is doing very well. He is a great lover, responsive and open. I just know that you are going to get your mind blown away by him."
    "I want just the two of us to be together tonight, love. Can't I get with Denny later?"
    "You remember what uncle Carl said that you need to do. He said that you need to get to know the boys around you a little better so that you can really guide them on their path to manhood. Daddy, if you don't learn all about each boy then you are just clumping them all together in a big mixing bowl and hoping that each will come out as a different cookie.
    "You took the time to know me. You know Jimmy, and Cullen. You know all about Jan and Art. Daddy, you had a simple life full of boys that you love and that love you. Now you have four hundred boys that all love you, but you don't know more than a hundred of them. Beside that this is a half day for the school so Denny will be over after lunch." I love my man. He cares about the boys as much as I do. He was right, I do need to get to know the other three hundred boys in my care. Can I hold up to it? Yeah!

    Denny Glack sat in one of the more private conversation areas around the house. He sat in a chair facing me as we talked quietly about who he was and what he expected from his time as a student at BAW.
    "I was visiting with my grandmother and grandfather at their home for three weeks. They had a seaside cottage that they visit a few times a year and I had looked forward to going out to play in the sun and surf. I had arrived at their place by airplane on Monday and we spent some time around their house as we prepared for two weeks at the beach.
    "At last it was time to head to California and I was ready. It took forever to drive over there and I kept asking when we would get there. Grandma kept telling me that it was just up the road. Grandpa always said that we would get there as soon as we got there and not a moment before.
    "The sun was already shining when we arrived. I carried my suitcase inside. I was so excited that I didn't stop to help with anything. I ran to my room and pulled on the skimpiest of Speedos that I owned and charged down the wooden steps to the beach below. 'Fuck dude, you are so white that you will blind the sailors fifty miles out to sea. They could put you on that cliff up there and you would shine like a light house.'
    "I spun on the voice that was coming from the hottest kid that I had ever seen. His Speedo wasn't even as big as mine and I could see his light colored pubies shining over the waist band. The bulge in the pouch was more than I had ever seen up close and my gaze was frozen to it.
    "'Here, take a good look.' He pulled the tiny garment down and hooked it under his balls to show me a quickly thickening cock of a young boy my age. Only his cock looked different than any I had ever seen before. I had only recently learned that I was not normal. Junior high school has a way of teaching kids their differences and P.E. class is a good starting point.
    "I knew that I had skin over the head of my dick. My dad had explained the need to pull that skin back and to wash under it very thoroughly every day. I learned in the shower room that I was the only normal one in the class. All of the other boys had had some doctor take a knife to his penis and cut that skin away. I was the one that was teased for being different. Now I was facing a kid that had the same difference, and to top it off, he was getting a hard on.
    "It was a day of firsts. I had never seen another uncut cock on a kid and I had never seen a hard dick on anyone with the exception of me in front of my mirror. 'So look as long as you want, but you should show me yours. That's only fair, isn't it?'
    "It did sound fair so I slipped my Speedo beneath my balls and let my hard cock stand out in the breeze. 'Feels better don't it? These little swim suits ain't made for no hard dick.' He reached over and wrapped his hand around my pulsating shaft. My knees buckled and I feinted forward. He put his other arm around me and caught me, but continued to hold me close. 'Easy there, dude. I ain't gonna hurt you none. I just like the look of your piece, it's as big as mine is. I don't get to see many good sized stiffies on kids my age. They all has little dicks.'
    "I never learned his name, they called him Fearless. He showed me why as he led me up and down the beach and into so much fun that I thought that I must surely burst from information overload. For our final adventure he led me to a large outcropping of rock at the far end of the beach. He climbed up on the rocks and made his way around to the seaward side. He told me to go slow and to watch my footing because the rocks were slick and sharp.
    "The waves were crashing against the rocks five or six feet below where we were climbing, but the spray was keeping us and everything else wet. We got around to where the rocks faced the ocean and we could not see back to the beach in any direction. He put his hand around my wrist and pulled me around the end of the rock on which we were climbing and I saw a small pool of still water. He told me that it was a tide pool that filled up at high tide and then just lay there all day.
    "There was a narrow beach of white sand that extended from the back wall of the towering rocks about four feet. The beach was semi-circular around the pool of blue water, but the rocks is what had my attention. I stood on the sand and looked up at the rocks that extended from twenty five to forty feet above us, on all four sides. The only opening was a four foot slit that we had climbed through.
    "'This is my private place. I don't know nobody what ever has come in here before. I just come here to be alone and…' he winked at me as I wondered what and was. He pulled his Speedo off and made a perfect dive into the pool of the grotto. He surfaced ten feet from where he had dived in and hollered at me to join him. The prospect of swimming naked has always held a fascination in me so I dropped the duds and climbed up on the same rock and dove in.
    "The water was about nine feet deep and crystal clear. I didn't see any fish or sea weeds nearby and the bottom was smooth and flat. Fearless swam up to me and put his arms around me for a tight hug. His cock threatened to bore a hole in my thigh as his hands played over my lower back and butt. 'I am so horny that I am about to choke. I gotta go stroke down.'
    "He left me feeling alone as he swam toward the beach and I knew that I had more to learn. I swam after him with my cock dragging in the sandy bottom nine feet below my body. Fearless was staring at me as I came up out of the water, 'Damn that looks tasty.' He grinned at me then he did a back bend that sent his cock jutting up into the air. He looked tasty. I had a sudden desire to suck his cock. My mind raced as new thoughts and sensations swirled through my head and I knew that there had never been a day, nor would there ever be a day, like the one we were sharing right there.
    "I knelt before his perfect form and took his cock into my mouth. I looked up to his face, I wanted to see what his reaction to my action would be. I had to focus then I jerked back, a man was standing on top of the rocks looming over my head and he was looking at me through a pair of binoculars.

    "Two men stood at the narrow inlet that Fearless and I had climbed through. They helped us into a rubber boat that had the beach patrol emblem on it and we sped up along the beach to where there were some jeeps and other beach cops waiting for us.
    "Two of the cops took me up to my grandparents place and told them that I was having sex with a well known homosexual youth that frequented the area. My grandfather turned his back and walked away. My grandmother told me to get my clothes on then she walked away.
    "A little later my grandmother came into my bedroom and put all of my clothes into my bag and told me that we were going. I wanted to know where, but nobody would talk to me. They drove me to the bus station and waited until I boarded a bus to return to Tucson. My grandfather wouldn't even look at me, he just stood and stared off in another direction. My grandmother told me that nobody liked homosexuals and that my parents could deal with me.
    "I looked out of the window when I got to my seat on the bus, but they were gone. As the bus pulled away I saw them a block away as they got into their car. That was the last time that I ever saw any of my family again.
    "I loved my grandparents and I always thought that they loved me, but now I didn't know. My dad is just like them and if they treated me like that then my dad would too. Only he can be much worse. The bus drove on all night long and finally pulled into Tucson just after noon the next day, I think that it was a Saturday. Nobody was there for me. I called my house and my dad answered. I said, "Hi dad, I'm at…" He hung up the phone.
    "I waited until dark and nobody came for me. The bus station was being torn down and everybody had mostly moved away from the building. The small snack bar didn't have anything that I wanted so I started walking. I left my bags at the bus station and carried my backpack with me as I went to find food and something to drink.
    "I found a Walgreen's open and got myself a soda and some donuts and stuff. I watched two boys putting food inside their pants and watched them walk out of the store without paying for it. I paid for my stuff then left, but I looked for those two boys. I found them in an alley a block away as they pigged out on the food they had stolen. They told me to go away, but I told them that I had no place to go. We talked awhile and I learned what being homeless was all about."
    "Did you ever contact your parents?" I asked Denny.
    "I tried to call them, but it was always the same. One time I called and my kid brother answered, he told me that mom and dad told him that I was some sort of freak and they never wanted to hear my name again. He told me that he missed me then my mother took the phone and asked who was calling.
    "I said, 'Hi mom.' She hung up the phone, just like my dad did."

    Denny had come a long way over the past four months. He had mellowed out and no longer seemed to want to hurt everyone around him. He seems to be in control of his depression and I wanted to take him off of the medication. I sat down with him to do my own evaluation before I had our head shrink pick him apart. I had a need to know why he had been such a bully in the beginning.
    He didn't want to be a bully, he wanted to be friends. He was so lonesome that any friend would be better than nothing at all. Boys on the street are cautious and afraid of new boys, especially one as mature looking as sixteen year old Denny looked. They thought that he could be a cop plant. The police have been known to place younger looking officers into areas where youthful crime abounds so the boys had good reason for their suspicions.
    Denny had to fend off many attacks so he became the aggressor and attacked first. He stole what he needed from other street boys and stayed to himself. He had heard about Tomes of Times and the password BAW. He was tired, alone, and hungry so he went there to discover what it was all about. When I responded to the call from Alice I was up to my ears with getting Jamie settled in and learning all that I could about the fight club in Mexico. I gave Denny very little of my time.
    I have let my focus drift from the boys. I have so many young minds and bodies to care for that I find myself not caring about the ones that really need help. I have delegated my responsibilities to others, but they don't seem to have the insight to a boy that I have. I have often thought that my only thoughts were of the boy's body, but I am slowly coming to realize that I actually care about every boy in my schools. I always think of my core family, but now I know that I do love each and every boy exactly the same way, sex or no sex.
    I leaned forward in my chair and let my knees touch against Denny's knees. I took both of his hands in mine and looked into his eyes. "Denny, what can I do for you? What do you want more than anything else?"
    He paused as his eyes clouded. I could feel a shudder that moved throughout his body and down into his hands. I knew that he was going to tell me that he wanted his family, but his request was different. "I want to be loved," he told me. "My dad used to hold me and at night he would come into my bedroom and lay beside me with his strong arms around me and I could feel how much he loved me. I want…more than anything in the whole wide world, I want to lay in your arms and…Everybody says that you are all about love and that you love all of us kids. I want that.
    "I don't need sex, I have Scotty for all of the sex that I want. He wants sex all of the time. I want to feel like somebody really loves me as I am." His tears were running down his cheeks. His rebellious spirit had come to an end and I had me a perfect boy to nurture and watch grow.

    It was almost time for the evening meal so I kept Denny close to me the rest of the afternoon. Many of the family patted him on the back and checked his bod over with a smile of their own. I know my family and I know that they could convey love and acceptance to the boy in ways that I could never go.
    Denny sat close to me at dinner. He and Cory talked amongst themselves as I kept up with the chatter of the boys live under the roof of my house and granite house. Denny sat next to me during our evening of family time and listened to the boys tell of their day and what their interests were. At eight o'clock I led Denny into the most private of all of my places.
    "Dadee, we haf a story that you could tell of us tonight." Kardal jumped into my lap as I sat on the edge of the large bed that he shared with Khalid and Hamal. He held up a thick book and smiled at me. The book was entitled Cracker-the best dog in Vietnam. I looked at it and thumbed through it, it would be good book for the boys. A war story about an Army dog, but I had other plans for that particular evening.
    "I will be happy to read this book to you. Tonight I would like for you to meet my friend Denny. He is a new student at the school and I wanted him to meet the most special boys in my whole family." All three of the boys mobbed Denny and smothered him with boy kisses.
    The five of us roughhoused about the bed with Denny getting his share of the love from three very special little guys that were as hungry for love and acceptance as he was. All of us were in the house uniform and the boys checked Denny out to see that he was in top shape. I watched closely as Denny tickled and moved his hands across the boys' bodies. Nothing sexual was done by any of us, but every part of every body was carefully inspected, touched, and tickled.
    Forty five minutes later the boys were beginning to tire, it was their bedtime. I tucked each one of them in and gave them as kiss as Tahir and Baris dragged themselves in and climbed up on their bed. I led Denny over to say goodnight to two more boys and he got all of the hugs and kisses that I did before we stepped from the darkened room full of sleeping boys.
    "That was awesome. I love to play with my little brother, but we never played like that." He had a deep expression on his face as we climbed the stairs to my room and settled down for the night.
    I left the lights on dim as we lay in the bed as close together as Denny could make himself. He had his head resting on my left arm with his head cradled against my chest. His face was turned upwards as we lay there looking at each other's face. I don't know what he saw, but I saw a youngster on the cusp of manhood that I had gained total respect for during the previous four hours.
    I believe that I had actually listened to Denny and that I heard the deep hurt in his soul as he told me of his life with his family and on the street. Denny has paid attention to his school work. That is apparent by his grammar and sentence structure. He is very well spoken. Any parent should be proud of a son like him and I would try once more to mend the fences with the Glack family.
    I personally contact the families of the boys that come to me and ask to attend my school. I feel that it is my obligation to help families to understand each other and try to keep the family unit in one piece. It may sound narcissistic for me to always refer to BAW as my school, but that is the way I see it. I may have used some monies from the accounts of the boys, but that was only to provide them with an attachment to the school. I put up the real money and it is my money that has been used to improve the facilities.
    The faculty is paid from the tuition earned for each student, but it is me that pays that tuition. Even the parents that pay a partial tuition get subsidized by me. I feel that every penny spent in the education of a boy is worth thousands of dollars to him over his lifetime. I will never ask for repayment, I do this out of a deep commitment to finding and helping those in need.
    I suppose there will be those that think that I should help more girls. BAG now has twenty eight girls in its classrooms. Girls are more difficult for me to contact and even more difficult for me to know how to handle. The state provides many excellent programs for girls and it even provides aide for their children.
    I know very little about the nutritional needs of a baby. The state provides the young mothers with formula, diapers, and medical care that I don't have access to. Sure, I could buy what is needed, but the state has a system in place and has all of the research and knowledge needed to do a fine job.
    A teenage boy doesn't need the many support agencies that a young mother needs. All he needs if lots of food and a structured environment that can keep him safe and warm. If he can find an emotional attachment in the process that is a plus that can only help him to develop a full knowledge of who he is. The type of boy that BAW seeks to educate is already involved in homosexual activities that make him a target of other institutions.
    I attempt to explain that to the parents of the boys that seek me out. Most of them reject their sons out of ancient moral codes that only serve to build walls between them and their offspring. I believe that the most serious offense that a parent can commit against their homosexual child is de-programming.
    Self styled psychoanalysts have tried for fifty years to prove that the sexual orientation of a person can be changed. Many mainline churches have climbed on their bandwagon in support of archaic and dangerous practices that only serve to harm the youngster, ofttimes physically.
    Evidence is now appearing almost daily in the news about the dangers of these programs and law suits are beginning to clog the court calenders as many of those children have grown up and have a voice to fight for the rights of those that follow them.
    A large denomination run center in Tennessee is receiving the brunt of the attention as of this writing. There are branches of the care center that were operating in Alabama and Florida and all of them are being assailed my massive law suits. Many of those suits brought about by the states themselves. The doctors involved were never certified to administer the type of treatment that was being used. The facility was never licensed to offer those type of treatments. And most of those treatments have been proven to be dangerous and those institutions were made aware of that, yet they continued on, even against court orders to cease and desist.
    Denny's parents were leaning toward sending him to such a place. When I met with them they had the pastor of their church with them and the three of them pounded their Bibles in my face to prove their point. I know the Bible and I countered them measure for measure.
    I agree that God created mankind to procreate after his kind. I agree that homosexual activity is wrong, where it hinders that God given command to: "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth." The Bible does say that it is detestable for a man to lie with a man as a woman. I also agree that Christ Jesus forgives all sins that we confess to Him and repent from.
    To try and force the will of one person or group onto another is a bigger sin in my book. God gives each and everyone of us free choice. We choose to obey or to live in rebellion to His laws. God's law is unlike man's law in that if one does not know the law he is forgiven his transgression of that law. When a law is presented to person it is his duty to choose to obey. To not obey is transgression of that law and therefore sin.
    It is for our sins that The Christ died to forgive us.
    Children are not accountable for their many sins. There is an age that a child must learn the law and learn what he must do. It is not for the parent to attempt to beat that law into the head of the child as that will only bring about resentment and rebellion. Force does not change anything with a child.
    There are many, many, many, passages in the Bible that tell of homosexual relations. Mostly amongst the very young and sometimes amongst the old with the young. One of the most poignant of those stories has the sinner crying out to God to remove his sin from him. It is not always within the power of an individual to escape from his sin, he requires Devine intervention to help him to overcome. Sometimes the answer to prayer is no. God may let a person carry his sin throughout his life in order to strengthen him and make him a stronger soldier in the Army of God.
    Of course my arguments fell on deaf ears and hearts of stone. The Glacks were satisfied to sign away their parental rights and grant full custody of their minor son to me, with the understanding that Denny can never return to their home.

    I let my fingers roam through his curly blond locks as I stared into sea blue eyes. His smile never left his lips as he lay with his hand on my chest and allowed me anything that I desired. My only desire was to give him the full knowledge that he is loved and accepted in my house and by all of the members of my family.

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