Chapter 142


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    We played sneaky Pete. Andy had the door from the garage open as all nine of us dashed inside out of the cold. Andy sent us off in different directions so that we could slip in on the family quite innocently. It worked so much better than I had dared to dream. Cory came out of the kitchen and passed through a large group of boys watching the evening news as he carried a cup of coffee into the front room where I sat in my chair before the fireplace.
    Roddy had slipped in to lay on his belly next to Dane as they watched the television together. Chrisy was in his room with Timmy having their own private welcome home party and Harry was holding Toby in a hallway near the kitchen. RD slipped in unnoticed and let Jim and Cullen know when it was clear for them to slide into a corner at the back of the room.
    When the news story of Cullen addressing the General Counsel of the United Nations came on the screen he looked at Jimmy and said, "Look at that dandy up there, acting like he were the King hisself, all big shot and all."
    The boys turned to see him sitting there then looked back at the television again. When Roddy called out, "Daddy, come look, you're on TV too."
    I stepped from the living room with my ever present coffee cup and looked at the screen. "Not a bad likeness if I do say so, too bad you can't see my face though." The family was vexed. They looked at us then back at the TV, they knew that we had not been there for breakfast, but then there we were. They asked over and over again if the UN was in New York then how were we with them. We played around for awhile, but finally let the boys know what was going on.
    Cullen's message was played over many times as the boys wanted to know everything that he had said. There was coverage of my interview, but I kept my face turned from the cameras and the few shots that may have revealed me to the world were pixeled out to distort my image. I can no longer keep Cullen from the news, but I will keep him hidden and safe as long as possible. He has a date with his destiny in a sparse two more month's time.

    There were new pairings around the room and a new face. I was introduced to Mike's new boyfriend, Isi–Choctaw for deer–Onacona's seventeen year old son. on—Onacona—means white owl, he had been married to a Choctaw girl that had died two years earlier. Ona is raising his son by himself; Isi and Mike had been close friends before I sent Mike off to BAG Boys.
    I had taken the four Indian caterers aside and talked to them about joining my family in Tucson and be our full time cooks, under the leadership of Edmund. They quickly agreed, all of them wanted something more out of life and they had quickly grown fond of my family. The only setback was Isi, that was no set back at all. When I learned that Mike and Isi had a history it was a given that the father-son team would join us. Mike was happier than he has been since the day that I made him drag his foot locker down to the Garcia's cabin next door to BAG Boys.
    Mike and Lester have been bed buddies for several months so I looked to see how he was handling his sudden singleness, in my family nobody is ever single long. Les had been chained to the same bed post with three little French boys. When the family found Les and Lance on the beach in St. Tropez I had sent Athos off to find any of other boys that may have been the captive of Dimitri and his band of fools.
    Athos had taken three young Frenchmen—Niel, Claude, and Roger—to his villa, along with three boys from Cullen's homeland—Dennis, Ezio, and Wayne. I was happy as a lemon in a pitcher of sweet lemonade when I saw sixteen year old Roger in a lip lock with Les. I looked and found Lance with young Claude, I don't know what has taken these boys this long to get together, but I felt good about seeing the dam being broken and the youngsters from Europe being assimilated into the family unit. I will have to re-think my ideas to break up the mob that has taken up residence in my house.
    I wondered if there had been any other changes during the two days that I was in New York so I pulled up a chair and scanned over my family as they shared their afternoon together on the last day of a very trying old year. I spotted a couple that made my heart leap, the first couple that included one of the al-Hadi brothers. Mark and Alim were tongue in tongue. Little Curtis had his legs locked around the waist of Elliot, a fourteen year old lad from Gloucester, England. I had learned that Elliot was a victim that had been snatched off of the street where he was begging for bread, by none other than Tom Bradley.
    I worked my eyes in a systematic pattern as I looked over each couple, I almost shouted out when my young guide Bahir, moved aside so I could see who he was sitting astride. Jay Jay had his extra long meat stick inside one of the best little riders that I had on my weird afternoon in a castle a long way away. The two boys were slobbering kisses across each other's face as Bahir bounced up and down on a growth hormone enhanced cock that now extends a full ten inches from a firm little sixteen year old belly.
    Jay Jay had most recently been sleeping with young Kenny Minor and I knew that Kenny was the top. He is growing, but at fifteen he is still a bit small, especially for the meat that Jay Jay had to offer. I finally located him as he took a ride on a piece of French sausage as served up by Jourdain, the sweet voiced vocalist that Colin had spent his first night in captivity with.
    Still looking about I spotted Cullen and Jimmy still together, but they were anchored balls deep in each other's mouths. I looked about quickly for Lew and found that he was teaching our quarterback how to catch the ball as he had his sweet T set firmly in Sean's wide receiving hole. That made me seek out his long time partner, Damien who I was pleased to see was making Jan a happy topper. I wonder if these pairings were an afternoon union of if something more was going on. The part that made me feel confident was the fact that even after two orgasms the couple stayed in each other's arms.
    Craig was enjoying himself with the cream of a young Turkish delight from fifteen year old Umit while Rusty was deep into a spring breeze, fifteen year old Rabi. Edgar had watched my every move, when I had gotten everybody else settled down I wiggled my finger at him. I led him to a soft chair near the fireplace. I don't care what others may say, I hate the fucking cold, period. I feel really sorry for the people that have to live in cold climates, but if everybody lived in the desert then it would get crowded. Besides that, somebody has to stay where the food grows because I have developed a habit of requiring food consumption each day.
    I used a poker to stir the fire before putting another log in the large fireplace then turned quickly. Edgar was still watching me, I grabbed him and planted a long, hot kiss on the boy causing a nice reaction of his main parts. "Welcome home, son, I missed you and I know that your brothers did too."
    Ed was crying so hard that he was shaking. I sat down in a plush red velvet chair and pulled the lanky lad down with me. Ed stands a skinny six foot two, and is more arms and legs than body. I let my hand slip around him and cupped his six and a half inch uncut cock. I love his cock, it is fat in the middle, really fat, like six inches around fat. The head of his cock is of a more normal five and a quarter inch thickness, I have it on good authority that he does not need to spend much time opening his partners up for business as he spreads them with his wedge.
    "Chris…" I put my finger to his lips.
    "I said welcome home, son, you were acquitted, that means that you are a member of this family in good and clear standing."
    His tears began again as he hugged my neck, then he spoke into my ear, "I have found someone that wants to be with me and I really do like him, dad."
    I looked at Shane standing in the doorway, he nodded enthusiastically, "I can think of no better for you my sweet child. I know that Shane will love you in the way that you should be loved. If he doesn't then I will drag him before the family council."
    Ed looked me in the eye and began to smile, "You love me that much?"
    "And more." I kissed him then rose to kiss Shane. I placed the boys' hands together and told them to love one another. Shane had shared a room with Borne at βφτ house, I told the boys that they could have their choice of three rooms, Shane's, David's, or another couple that was leaving. Both boys jumped at the chance of moving into the room at the end that overlooked the swimming pool and had two windows in it, one to the north and one to the east. I laughed at them and told them that they would have to clean it themselves, that was okay with them.
    I sat back and watched the door, I did not have to wait for long before Borne came to me, "I guess you already know?" I did, but I made him tell be about his phone call from JB.
    "I guess that you bought the school four school buses and Mr. Bradford ain't got no mechanic no more so he wants me to come to work for him."
    "I can't allow that, Borne." His face fell to the floor. "Borne that is a high school and you are a graduate of that high school, how do you think that the students there will take to someone that speaks as you do? Borne, your grammar is atrocious, we talked about that before and you seemed to improve, but what I just now…"
    "I'm sorry, dad, I just got excited…I wasn't thinking. I'll do better."
    "Well I'm counting on that. I am going to tell Mr. Bradford that if he hears any bad grammar uttered from your lips he is to put you back into a remedial English class and make you pay full tuition for the class time."
    "You mean I can go?"
    "Borne, you are of the age of majority, I am not lord over you. Of course you can go wherever you choose, as long as you remember this—you will always be welcome in my home. Borne you are loved here and I want to see you succeed, but you are also family and loved by the family." I got my neck crushed by the boy's huge muscular arms, his cock isn't the only big muscle the boy has.

    I asked Borne to send Fedor to me, this one was going to hurt, but I have to do what my boys want to do, within reason. "Have you thought this through, have you checked all of your options?" I asked the cute little Russian boy.
    "I have, daddy, I really have. I love you and I love it here, er ah, Tucson, but my dad…"
    "I know and I am very happy for both of you, and I mean that. I always like to see families stay together, or at least in touch, You and Adrian are very lucky to have a father that loves you and wants to repair the damage that others have caused to your family. Do you know where you are going to live yet?"
    "No, he only said that he got this great job and that all of us would live together there." I smiled at him, actually all of this was due to my little buddy Mic-Michael Salzburg. He had worked very hard to clear Pytor Jeftichew, and his son Adrian of the charges of illicit sexual activities with Fedor and now was the time to reunite the family. A few properly yanked chains and Mic found himself moved to head up the office for the Doggs of Warr in Albany, New York.
    I had to beg and plead with Mic and Pytor to move into Empire Canal and have Pytor take over the duties of caretaker there. I kicked a few cogs loose in the slow moving gears and was able to get both Adrian and Jessie enrolled in the spring classes at SUNY at Albany. I could not have been more proud of those two boys if I had been their real papa when they came to me and asked about getting into the university in Tucson.
    They had each been required to take basic education classes at the junior college and they had discovered a thirst for more education. I wonder who the fool was that put them into a junior college instead of a trade school, their ploy worked, I stand humbly before you. Jessie was pretty sure that he wanted to do something with Chemistry while Adrian was still undecided, but we all know that time will help him to discover what he wants. Both boys have been accepted by SUNY as second semester freshmen and I wish them the very best.
    Fedor would attend BAG Boys and would have to live on the campus, but he would be able to take a bus down to stay with his father on weekends. I have to go blow Edmund when he gets back and see if I can't get him to allow the family the use of one of Missy's cars that are still stored in the garage there.
    It is only a little bit over eighty miles to the school from Empire Canal, but a bus would take the boy more than three hours of travel time. Add to that the fact that he would have to find a way down to Warrensburg to catch the bus in the first place and it would make for an uncomfortable time for the family all the way around.

    I looked at Vadik and Hector as I hoped that a solution to my final dilemma over the boys' pairings was about to present itself to me. Vadik is one super hot boy that I love to death and he has been good for Cullen, but with the events during our New York visit that morning I had been in a quandary. I think that Jimmy and Cullen may be a great match, but I don't want any of the boys to have their hearts broken. I have seen the relationship between my nephew and this little Russian boy and I have never had any doubts about their commitment to one another.
    "Dad, I…well, I want to move down to βφτ house and live with Hector. He is more my age and we have some classes together that we could study…"
    "Vadik, I have no problem with your wanting to be with Hector. I feel that the two of you can be very good for each other, but I want the truth from you."
    "I know that Cullen is your nephew…"
    "No favorites in my house, if you have something to say then spit it out. I know that you have the balls for it, I had your hot cock on the stove top, now show me that my trust and faith in you is not misplaced."
    "Cullen is a butt hole." His head dropped and his shoulders slumped. I lifted his chin and agreed with him, Cullen is spoiled rotten. That just goes along with who he is and I wanted Vaddy to know that he didn't offend me with the truth as we both knew it. "He's a great kid, but he kind of likes to lord it over me in our bed," Vaddy is a natural blonde with pale skin so when he blushes he lights up like a bright red light.

    I sent the couple away with my blessing as Andy walked in and sat down near the fire. "Spill it, Andy."
    "I don't know what you mean," he grinned. I stared him down. "Well, I think that a little birdie told the boys that you were thinking about splitting the family up. Somewhere the boys have the idea that they are not blending as a family, but staying separate. When they came in from the trip last Friday that was all that they could talk about.
    "Chris, you would have been proud of them. They all cried together and talked about how much they love each other and how none of them could stand to see any of the others leave. It was someone that you would least expect that opened the gates and the rest just followed through."
    "Who, come on, don't leave me hanging here."
    "Your little buddy, Bryan. Bryan stood up and walked over to Hani and told everybody that that was the boy that saved his life the first night that he got to France. He said that he had not eaten in forever and Hani gave up his piece of bread and most of his fish. Bryan told us that Hani had to hold him and feed the food to him because he was so weak then Hani got some of the other boys to give him a swallow of their precious water. He held Hani and told him that there are three people in this family that love him, you, Cory, and Hani.
    "The other boys told him that they loved him and Bryan looked at them and told the them to prove it. He wanted everybody to find somebody to love, not just sleep with. Chris man, I cried for both of us and believe me I cried a lot. Those boys moved about as they told how much someone meant to them, some of the boys apologized to their bed mates, but nobody felt bad. Everybody quickly found someone that meant something special to him.
    "That luscious looking Lester just floored me when he told everybody how he cried when Roger was thrown down on his bed and the chain was locked to his ankle. He said that Roger's face was swollen where that guy Fesell had hit him."
    "I have been blind, Andy, I have seen those two sitting together as they just hold onto each other. Why did it take them so long to pair off?"
    "I think that they felt that was the way that you wanted things." I am too far removed from my precious boys. They have no idea how I think or what I feel or even want for them. I must find a way to reopen our communication so that everybody knows, trusts, and confides in everybody else. I sat and stared into the fireplace then I looked at Andy again.
    "How do the boys feel about Borne and the Jeftichew boys leaving them?"
    "Chris, every boy in there is happy for them. You would have been proud to see the fuck off that they gave those four kids. I am surprised that any of them can walk and I know that their throats have to be sore, I could never take that much cock in a year's time, but they took every boy that wanted them all day Saturday and Sunday. I swear that Borne boy has the sweetest cock and I asked Kyle to let me ride it, twice. Kyle even rode it while he and I…I probably shouldn't tell you all of this."
    "You don't think that the boys will be talking about it. I am glad that they shared their love with those four boys. We are going to miss them, a lot but, Andy they are going to be very happy where they are going?"
    "I know that. That little blonde haired boy, what's his name, oh Fedor, he is so happy. When he told the boys that he was going to go home and live with his dad the whole bunch of them waited in line to hug him. I know that those kids love you Chris, but I think that each one of them would like to go home to the life they once knew."
    "And that is wrong how?" Andy smiled a knowing smile at me, he would like to go home to Carl again.

    Midnight was rushing to us as the boys fought with everything inside of themselves to stay awake. My traveling companions and myself were the worst of the bunch having arisen at five thirty, New York time, it had been a very long day for us. Harry and Toby had their heads together and they kept winking at me, then the floor show began. I came to life quickly.

    Toby's mother was of Egyptian origin, King Khaldunand his brothers, Ibrahim and Hassan, also had an Egyptian mother, with that blood in his system it was only natural that Toby strut his stuff. He climbed up on a short table and showed us a classic male belly dance that was hotter than hot. He had every boy in the house hanging onto his own stiff stuff as their eyes locked on the most sensuous set of moves ever seen by the family as a whole. Like all of those of the al-Hadi family, Toby is lanky. Not as tall and thin as, say Jace, but at six feet and with only one hundred and, a scant, forty pounds on his frame the boy gave us a hard pounding show that he ended with a deep self fellatio. Toby can swallow more of his own cock than just about any boy in the family. The boys showed their appreciation for his talents by setting him awash in a sea of their hot and creamy cum.
    That show awakened all of us and many of the boys showed us their talents in many different ways. The house grew silent as the old grandmother's clock began to stroke the magic hour. There were no lips untouched as everyone joined with his boyfriend, or current friend, and wished him a very happy time to come. Slowly the boys drifted off two by two for the beds that awaited them and the good times to cum.
    I was anxious to wish Cory my rendition of a new year greeting as we wrapped our arms about each other and followed Cullen and Jimmy up the stairs. Cory told me that he was as happy as I am about seeing those two together and we hope that this union will make Jimmy know what love is all about. That boy needs to know that he is loved.

    It was late Wednesday when we returned to our Tucson home again. I never cease to be overcome with emotion when I see my home after I return from a long trip. I love to travel, I enjoy the places I visit and the people with whom I visit, but it is as has long been said, 'there is no place like home'.
    Everyone of us was ready to go home Tuesday morning, but I had arranged for the four drivers to pick up the buses late on the first and drive them back to Tucson. I was pleased when the call came in from our small terminal office at Tulsa's international airport. The drivers were all in and were anxious to get on the road, I asked if one more driver could be located to take Traveler Too© back as well. A half an hour later we watched all five vehicles pull away from Andy's house and head west.
    We waited until after breakfast Wednesday to pack ourselves out, I made the boys spit and polish Andy's house before we left. I can not stand sloppy house guests and I will not be one. It took us six hours for the journey, first the drive to the Tulsa airport, then the flight to the Marana Airpark, followed by a shorter bus ride home than it would have been from Base A. We would have departed from the company terminal at Marana on our flight to Tulsa, but the plane was undergoing a maintenance check off by the Boeing Company mechanics so to save time we took the long drive around the mountain.

    By delaying our departure time the five drivers had managed to get back to Marana before we landed so we drove our own vehicles home. My nerves were at the very edge of their limit and I wanted two things, a long run to work out the kinks and a longer soak in the hot tub on my patio with a soft body or two to warm my insides. It was too cold out for the outdoor soak so I settled for a soak in the jacuzzi in my bathroom.
    The boys were putting their things away and preparing for their final days off from school as I donned a track suit and my old trusty running shoes then took off to the south and down the hill to pick up the green belt path. I had been sitting on my ass for eleven days and I planned to make the entire circuit around my neighborhood. The light of day was beginning to wane, but I wanted to check out the construction of the new dormitories at the school so I cut my run short and made my way over to see the progress there.
    The afternoon guard was still on duty until ten o'clock, but he knew that the boys were out of town and that classes would not take up again until Monday the seventh. When I used my password to open the gate he came at a double gait to see who was on the property. Of course he knew me and left his small vehicle at the gate to walk with me as I did my inspection. He had his eyes opened as he learned the secrets that we had hidden behind a twelve foot wooden wall around the entire north end of the grounds.
    Andy has had his people diverting the satellites from fly overs that could reveal our operations to people that we would just as soon keep our work secret from. It sounds suspicious, but in all truthfulness we did not want anyone to know about the tunnel connecting the school and my house.
    Close examination of both the imaging and satellite pictures of the lot west of my house brought up an interesting question. How could we move tons of granite from the area of our new family theater without making an opening to the outside. If we tried to get permits to build the room then we would have to comply with safety codes and provide fire exits, that would defeat the use of the room as a panic room for the main house.
    I do want to protect my family from any possibility of danger so the best idea that we had come up with was a larger entrance from the old theater area into the recreation room. This would provide access to the catwalk and the staircase in the tower at the east edge of the house. As well as access to the main staircase to the front door and the main entrance of the house. The old theater area was converted into a large seating and sleeping area for overnight guests.
    The new theater would get dangerously crowded with a full capacity of two hundred boys in attendance. In the event of danger they could well panic and someone could get hurt or killed, I cannot live with that. A wide tunnel between the house and the school would provide an escape route as well as giving the boys sheltered access to and from school in all types of weather. Alonso and his laser team sat down with me and worked out a solution.
    As with whatever I ask to do of late, the county quickly put their stamp of approval on my request for a building permit for a three hundred foot long, sixty foot wide, dormitory, four stories tall. The seventy two thousand square feet of space, above ground, would house a large cafeteria that would seat three hundred students at one time. The kitchen at the west end of the building could accommodate a staff of fifty. A recessed loading dock for large trucks would be located outside of the kitchen doors with a large freight elevator to move cargo from the trucks to the storage units and long term freezers in the first basement.
    Extending east from the cafeteria will be a large day room with glass enclosed areas for the boys to study in small groups of up to six with some privacy. A new library will be located in that area, along the south walls, with clear open views from the cafeteria all the way to the east doors of the building. I had Matty's pee hot when I told him that we would convert the old cafeteria into a music center for band, orchestra, and choir.
    The new building will have four basement levels. I am not prepared to tell you what our plans are for the sub basements. According to the building permits the second basement will house the mechanicals for the building, but with the ideas that are being incorporated into the building those would be very small. The plans showed one hundred foot "wells" for the incorporation of geothermal energy for heating and cooling. The entire building will have an under floor heating system to keep the building at a constant temperature level year round, thus cutting down on the need of a large air conditioning/heating system.
    The step style roof will be home to several rows of solar panels, some for water circulation and others would be solar voltaic panels that would be able to generate a half of a mega watts of free electricity to power the school and, if my plans work, the two houses as well.
    The company that sold us the voltaic panels gave me fifty solar powered back packs that the college boys carry. These packs contain a charging unit that keeps their spare laptop batteries fully charged as well as their cell phones, cameras, and other battery powered equipment. At $249 per unit it was a nice gift for the multi-million dollars I was spending with them. Weather permitting, and it usually does in Tucson, the college boys like to walk to and from the university campus, that provides ample time for their equipment to charge for their usage through the day.

    At the site of construction solid bedrock is twenty five feet below the surface so we had to secure permits to blast. I had been sure that the height of the building would bring about the ire of the neighborhood, but blasting would surely create some backlash. There was not one word from anybody. Sure, I did my job and held numerous meetings with my neighbors, those to the south of me were the ones that I was most concerned about because their view of our magnificent mountains would be blocked.
    The school's location is close enough to the borders of the National Forest land that there are only a dozen houses that would have their view of the city lights blocked and all of those houses are on the ridges uphill of the campus. I made a special effort with those folks and sat down in their homes, one on one, to explain what we were building and why. I only had one dissident vote when I mentioned that we had a school for gay boys and that we were building a dormitory for three hundred students. The couple had a gay son that had nothing but trouble when he attended high school and they wanted to know why it had taken us so long to build what had been so sorely needed twenty years earlier. I did not have an answer for them, my age helped though, I was too young to have built the necessary school twenty years earlier.

    As soon as the dirt was excavated we had a twelve foot tall, solid fence of plywood built around the entire site to replace the chain link fence that had gone up during the digging. I explained that we had found some unauthorized people in the pit once and we did not want any injuries, also with blasting soon to commence we needed the extra height to prevent flying rocks injuring a student or surrounding structures. I have such a glib tongue, I can talk the devil into buying fire insurance. The top of the fence was covered with three layers of camouflage netting to block anyone in an airplane, or with a satellite, from looking down on us. Satellites can see through the netting, but I already explained how we were handling that one.
    As soon as the fence was complete heavy trucks were rolled inside and secured. The ramp was dug for the future loading dock and it would appear as if that would be the egress for large trucks to haul away the blasted rock. At least that is how we wish it to appear. Most of the trucks belonged to Alonso's company laser equipment. By his efforts we can move about, under ground, between the houses and soon we will be able to do the same to navigate between the school and the house.
    A battery of thirty six inch speakers were set up with a high volume fan, several times a day an explosion rocks the neighborhood as fine dust is blown into the air. Actually from across the street it was a pretty convincing ploy.

    The laser boring crew was hard at work when my guard/escort and I arrived inside the fence. I had warned him that what he was about to see came under his oath of security and that if any word of this got out that we had a special place, deep underground, where he would work for the rest of his life. He has been down in the caverns inside Base A and knew that I was telling the truth.
    A technician handed us goggles and hard hats then took us down on the temporary elevator to the drilling level. I was impressed, in only seven weeks since excavation had started the entire footprint of the dormitory was cleared. The lasers work in conjunction with mirrors. First a line is cut to the depth of the bottom floor, some forty five feet down from the bedrock level shown on our permits. Then special mirrors are placed on a rolling track so that the laser can cut horizontally. Our design called for the dorm to be built of hewn granite stones, six feet long and two feet tall, by twelve inches thick.
    To the east end of the excavated area was a mountain of cut stone hidden under camouflage colored tarps. I have hired Petro to come and help in the building, I liked his work on the castle that he built for Seigy. The cutting was going parallel to the surface as a fifty foot wide tunnel slowly snaked off toward my house. The technician told me that they expected to reach the first cavern along the line in about four or five more minutes.
    The three of us climbed into a golf cart and were whisked down the tunnel that was just at thirty feet in. We were stopped by a man operating the cutting tool and told to standby. A pair of pincers at the top of the cutting rig dragged a large piece of granite back toward us and placed it on a flat bed truck below it. A man peered into the hole that was created and told everyone that they had broken through. I had to wait around to see what was on the other side of that wall.
    As I waited I noticed that there were no support columns or ceiling braces in place. I will need to talk with the engineers on that one. I know that we are boring through one massive slab of granite, but I am sure that there must be fault lines and cracks along there somewhere, I don't want the roof caving in on me or my family.
    I had been gone from the house about fifteen minutes so I would not be missed. Cell phones or satellite phones don't work through forty feet of solid rock so the boys could not call me in case I was needed. I tossed caution to the wind and let curiosity take over, I was like a kid at Christmas time as I waited to see what was on the other side. Of course I was making a mental note to have microwave repeaters installed as quickly as was feasible.
    Twenty minutes later a three foot wide pathway, fifteen feet tall, had been cut through. Flood lights were placed on the boom that held the laser cutting tool and rolled inside to shine on whatever was there. The radar images showed a ninety six thousand square foot void that was only about thirty five feet below the surface of the football field. The entrance to the tunnel through which I had just passed was forty five feet below the ground level of the school.
    Once we were given the all clear my two escorts and I walked to the end of the cut, a rope barricade had been put in place, but I could see a marvelous site. Before me was a room as large as a ball stadium. The floor was rough and jagged, but only about three feet below our level. The ceiling only appeared to be a little over twenty feet up from where I stood. The room was dry and, unlike limestone caves, had no stalagmites or stalactites. All I saw is what appeared to be a large air bubble in the cooling lava from centuries earlier.
    I have been asked how I can talk about centuries and millions of years and other such numbers and still believe in God and creation. I simply tell those questioners to read the first paragraph of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and all that in them is." When was the beginning? That was when He created everything in the universe and the Bible talks about eons of time passing in Heaven before he created man. The Bible goes on in the first chapter to say: "the earth was dark and void and without form." So how long did it lay in that state before He said, "Let there be light." I have no problem believing that it could well have been the umpteen billion years that science says is the age of the universe. That is a question that I will remember to ask Jesus when I get to Heaven. Come soon Lord Jesus, come soon.
    I needed to get home, my curiosity was satisfied and now my brain went into gear as I pondered ways to use the found space. Radar had showed us that it was there and there is another smaller void only a few yards from the edge of my property, it runs north to south along the street west of my house and north along the path we choose for the tunnel. One thing for sure, we had plenty of room to store the cut slabs of granite from my new theater without having to get pebbles and dust all over my house.

    I had not bothered to check my messages when we got home, I was in need of stress relief and had gone for a run and an exploratory trip. When I returned home Cory handed me a cup of cold water and some notes with an evil grin. I looked at the notes then headed to the phone to hear the voice of a banshee. Ms. Snell had called a meeting for nine o'clock Monday morning to show why my school should not be shut down and all of the minor boys in my house be placed in state hospitals set aside for sexual perverts.
    She had learned that her daughter's husband and his queer lover had visited my house and that Todd was now in the employee of my company. I had to wonder where she had gotten her information, could little Todd have said something?
    I quietly recalled something that Rita Skeeter had told me when Jimmy and I had met her at our hotel in Tulsa, It's not so much what you know or who you know, it's what you know about whom you know. I grinned at Cory then walked into my office and locked the door behind me.

    At breakfast Friday morning Edmund and I were discussing his vacation. Andy had called him at Empire Canal to tell him that the Lear Jet was on its way to Base B with the Jeftichew family on board and that he was welcome to return home aboard a private plane, unless he just had a thing for flying on a commercial airlines. Edmund told me that the idea of what airline companies refer to as food was more than enough to take Andy up on his offer, but Andy had another idea for my friends.
    Edmund told me that he was very glad to take the old limousine out of the garage and blow the cob webs out of the engine. He told me that he had considered taking the large station wagon, but thought that the family might enjoy the ride in the limo instead. I grinned at the big hearted old sod. He told me that he drove up Wednesday afternoon and took the entire family across to the academy so that Pytor could see how to get onto the campus.
    The family hugged him and shared their love with him and Mitchell and told them that they would call us often and that they hope to see all of us soon. With everything that I have coming up over the next two or three months I won't make anyone any promises. I have to get Cullen crowned before I bean him.

    Edmund refreshed my coffee as Cory passed me the newspaper that I had subscribed to when Billy Jr. showed up on my doorstep a few months earlier. Cory was grinning from ear to ear as I read the banner line story:


    Sybil Farnsworth, member of the board of education for the Unified School District, was arrested when an anonymous tip alerted police to the presence of an underage runaway girl living in her home. The girl told police that she was in love with Sybil and that they were having sex before she ran away to live with the fifty six year old woman.
    An investigation turned up the tipster, a sixteen year old girl who had been jilted for the younger girl. Jealous, the sixteen year old girl called the police never realizing that Sybil would go to jail, she only wished for the younger girl to return to the home of fifty one year old Adelaide Snell, another member of the same school board.
    The informer had hoped that Sybil would take her back into her home. Adelaide has been accused of having sexual relations with both girls for several years, but would not allow either girl to, so much as, spend the night for fear of discovery.
    Police detectives have located fourteen girls ranging in age from twelve to twenty five years of age that claim that they have been the sexual partners of one or the other of the women for more than ten years.

    I sat back and wiggled my eyebrows at Cory as I enjoyed my morning coffee. "Talk about well preserved, I didn't figure Adelaide Snell to be more than forty, and from her youthful looks that was a stretch, she's fucking ancient. Now I do wonder where she parks her broomstick." Cory almost choked to death on his glass of fruit juice.

    Monday started off with fireworks as the boys had to have their heads banged together to get them moving and off to school. Any idea of a long day of peace and quiet quickly ended when my office phone began its caterwauling. I locked onto the code and answered at once, I was entering his GPS code into my system and saw that David was in Dallas, Texas.
    "I really fucked up and have no right to call you, but I have no one else to turn too."
    "David, I have told you many times that I love you and that you are always welcome to call me. Now, you have turned to me so tell me how I can help you."
    I had Donny and RD get dressed and told them to pack a toothbrush before we drove Traveler Too© down to the elementary school to pick up Rodney. That boy is even more spoiled rotten than Cullen is and I knew full well that were I to leave him behind that he would drive the household over the edge of the cliff.
    It may not be kosher, but I let Cory wear the soundbud behind his ear so that he can hear me when I need to get in touch with him. He has the tiny FI microphone pin on his shirt and as quickly as possible he answers me. I had reached him before he had made it inside for his first class and I told him my story. He had a full week ahead of him since it was the first days of a new semester, he did not want to miss any class time. I am proud of the boy, but I growled at him when he told me that we would make up for lost time when I returned.
    I planned to drive straight through so that I could be back Tuesday night or Wednesday. Cory made me promise not to do that, I was the only one that would be able to drive and I had a nineteen hundred mile round trip to make. I agreed to pull up in Dallas and sleep before the return drive home.
    Roddy was waiting in front of the school with a teacher and jumped on board as soon as RD opened the door for him. I was in a hurry to make the trip and get home again, but the boy was standing right beside me playing twenty questions, only he had several pages full of questions. I desperation I told RD to tie the boy in the back closet and to put a good gag around his mouth. Roddy glared at me and I glared back, he huffed over to a sofa and began to play a video game with Donny.

    The boys were watching the monitor and following David's little red dot from his GPS locator in his groin, they guided me in so that I was able to pull into the truck stop and drive directly up to him. He smiled at us as Donny rushed out of Traveler Too© to embrace his brother. Well, it had been fifteen days since they had seen each other. RD was out helping the brothers to unload all of David's worldly goods into Traveler Too's© underbelly. David turned and passed his keys over to a young man standing nearby then leaned in and kissed him.
    The boys climbed aboard and we sat down together to talk, "Donny, I sold dad's car."
    "Yeah, I saw that."
    "No, Donny, I sold dad's car. Do you have any idea what that means?" I did, I wondered if Donny would catch it, he is only sixteen, but he is a sharp little guy.
    "You said goodbye," Donny teared up a bit then embraced David.
    "I had to let go, Donny. It has been killing me and I didn't know it." David turned and looked at me, "It's his fault. I drove down to Miami, somehow I thought that Miami sounded like a cool place to be. I have read a lot about the gay life down there. Donny, I need somebody to love, I have found a lot of sex in dad's house, but there is nobody to really love and look forward to living with forever, I really want a man."
    I have felt for sometime that David was looking for his dad, a father figure if you will. David had tried to make it with an older man the year before and it turned into a disaster for the boy, I have looked at his life with us and that was when he started his downward spiral. David had returned to the family the past summer and we welcomed him, but I could see signs that troubled me. I stayed back and watched him, but when his self destruction threatened my family I had to step in.
    "I pulled up to a bank on the beach in Miami and I was going to take out a few hundred dollars to party on. I looked over to my right as I opened my car door and saw three dudes that were eyeballing me, big time. Suddenly dad's words broke through this thick skull of mine and my thoughts became clear again. You and this guy right here sat in my room and he held my hand as he told me how much he loved and respected me. Dad, I am sorry, I blew it off then, but your words were rattling around up here in my head and they found their way to my ear as I looked at those dudes. I was sure that they would rob me as soon as I put my card into the ATM machine.
    "You looked me in the eye and told me that you could not help me until I helped myself. I heard you tell Donny that nobody could help me until I admitted that I had a problem and asked for help. Daddy, help me." I rushed him and held him close as he broke down. I heard Donny crying, but then RD moved to him. I heard Roddy say something to him then the three of them giggled.
    David had tossed his nearly full bottle of whiskey to the three guys and drove away. He has been clean and sober for ten days. He told us that he checked into a nice hotel and left a do not disturb message with the front desk then went to his room and slept for thirty seven hours. He went out and bought himself a large steak dinner and began to feel alive again. He was tempted to take a drink, but he looked me in the eye and told me that he had disappointed me twice and he was not about to do that again.
    He looked at Donny and told him that he had been a very bad role model and that if Donny ever picked up any of his bad habits then he would beat the boy bloody. Donny loves his brother and made an open show of that love right there.

    I was tired, I had just made a nine hundred and seventy mile trip in nine hours. I had an FI helicopter overhead all of the way to El Paso where I picked up another one that stayed with me to Midland, Texas, another stayed with me until I picked up two FI escort vehicles outside of Fort Worth for the last leg of the ride.
    It was almost six o'clock and I realized that my three boys had not eaten since breakfast. I didn't want to use the radio so I sent RD out to ask my two escort drivers to come to me. They informed me that I was in Texas and Texas had the cow ready and waiting to burn just my way. I asked them to drive so that I could leave the big boy at the truck stop then I treated them to the thickest, juiciest steak that they could find in a hurry. We were taken to a steak house that only Texas could ever offer.
    I have been in all you can eat buffet restaurants all over the country, but there is just no way that anybody could ever leave that place hungry. When we walked in the door we were asked for our steak order then led to a table. We passed through a room with a solid three hundred feet of salad bar that was loaded with every kind of vegetable imaginable for the choosing. Alongside of that double sided line was another length of table with soups, potatoes of every kind, appetizers ranging from potato skins to fried zucchini, friend onions in several forms, sirloin strips on a stick, frog legs, buffalo wings, and shrimp prepared in dozens of different ways.
    As I waited for a hot deep fried onion blossom I put together a small baked potato and a bowl full of greens with a dash of vinegar. I returned to our table in time to hear Roddy tell the two agents that his buffalo wings tasted like chicken. That boy keeps all of us in stitches. I looked at the boys and asked them about how long they thought it would take for the family to strip the salad bars clean, we all agreed that thirty minutes should be enough time.
    When I eat dead cow I prefer a lean cut. I am told that the T bone or even the Porter House is a sweeter cut, but I always stick with a sirloin. The slab of cow that our waiter set before me had to come from Babe, Paul Bunyan's blue ox, I have never seen a cut of meat that hung over the plate, on all sides, like that piece did. It was a full inch and a half thick and I would venture to guess that it weighed more then the seventy two ounce steak that I had eaten in Amarillo a little less than a year earlier.
    The total tab for the seven of us came to less than two hundred dollars, including drinks and a piece of chocolate pie for everyone. I had our drivers return us back to Traveler Too© to spend the night and asked them to go home and sleep well, but to be back by six in the morning to escort me back out of town.

    I wanted sleep not sex, we were not really the group that should be having sex with one another. I don't believe that David and Donny have ever done it and I didn't want it at the time. I had opened the slider to give me more room to move around my king sized bed at the back of Traveler Too©, that slide out also enlarges the shower area so that three can really clean each other as needed. Roddy is going to have to be put on a leash, he invited himself into the shower with the Thatcher brothers and had his mouth full very quickly.
    So, like who can sleep when someone is going at it less than ten feet away, and of course I always need a creamy shot. RD looked at me and told me that when he drank deeply of the life giving elixir from the spout that made him he grew stronger. I looked at him for a moment then returned with, "And when I drink from the spout that I made then I stay young." We each drank greedily of our health aide.
    The Thatchers were relaxed and ready for sleep when Roddy came to lay down between RD and me. I had opened one slider up to give more room to the large full sized bed with the twin sized bunk fold down over it. Donny wanted to sleep alongside of his brother so the bunk was left down. The five us settled down and slept very well until my phone's alarm awakened us at five o'clock. I hustled the kids through the showers and into the truck stop for a big breakfast before we hit the road again.
    Our return trip was about the same, the two FI vehicles escorted us all of the way to Abilene where the biggest momma humper helicopter that FI owns flew over me to let me know of his presence. We had a fully armed and loaded gun ship that flew fifty feet above us and about a five hundred feet in front of us with his siren blasting so loudly that we could hear it inside our sound proofed cocoon. Traffic moved over for that mother, of course I had my red and blues flashing and my siren blaring, but it was the chopper that made the way.
    I have never reached the two hundred miles per hour that my speedometer displays, and I don't know that I care to try. We were chasing a helicopter at a steady one hundred and forty five miles and hour and I know that the pilot was unnerved having to fly so slowly.
    Three FI escort vehicles met us just outside of El Paso and cleared the way through that town's freeways. Our chopper from Abilene broke away and another smaller chopper took up the point. He was able to get us to Lordsburg before his fuel made him leave us. Once over the Arizona state line I picked up another chopper that saw me back to Corona de Tucson and the escort vehicle which would see us through the last thirty miles of our trip. I did have to break speed.
    Tucson won't build new freeways, but they will add a lane every few years, this is the year for the fourth lane. There is no other freeway running from anywhere to there on this end of the state. I-40 is way up north, but most of the truck traffic uses I-10, and of course there are the hundreds of trucks that come up from Mexico each day. I left the freeway before the construction zone and took to surface streets, thus allowing my escort vehicle to break away. One of them stayed with me all of the way up to the house. When we stopped Andy stepped out with a big grin on is face.
    The faggot was checking me out, I did not break speed until I got the power plant in view. Then I had to slow down to make my exit through the east side of town. Andy told me that when he first picked me up on his radar unit that I was traveling at over one hundred and forty miles an hour. "See that name right there, mister, that says Traveler© that's what he does," I told him. It was three o'clock Tuesday afternoon and the boys were coming home from school. I put David into one of my guest bedrooms and told him to stay away from the family until we had a chance to get together.

    My next problem was finding David a place to live away from my boys. I had an epiphany, as of the fifth of January Sven Engblom was officially retired from the Marine Corp. He and Randy Koch have moved to Tucson to enjoy our weather and be around their families. I know that I was as happy as all of the Blues boys and I believe that I was almost as happy as daddy Koch was to have Randy home to stay. The men wanted to be near family, but alone at the same time and the logical place for them was the small guest house behind Randy's old family home where his father still lived.
    I asked the men if they would be willing to baby sit a drunk and help him to dry out. Sven is a life long Marine with a over twenty five years of handling drunk GIs, I was sure that one little fag boy that wanted to kick his monkey out of his life would be no problem for the First Sgt. Randy showed me why I loved him when he looked David over and told him that he would be glad to love him until he stepped out of line then he would personally beat the living shit out of him. David has never had anybody talk tough to him and I think that he liked it.
    I had only been able to enjoy a brief afternoon with Randy when he was in town on Veteran's Day for the award ceremony at the VA Hospital. I could not take the chance with the collection of media representatives that were present so I did not attend. Harry and Tim O'Connor know full well why I could not be there and I hope that Randy was not offended by my absence from such a momentous day in his life. I have nothing, but the utmost respect for what those three men endured in combat and I am very pleased that they were singled out for their honors.
    "Randy, let's have a party this weekend. I will invite all of the old crowd and we'll get naked in my basement for some super hot sex. Sven has never been to a party at my house so you may have to get him some smelling salts and maybe a bottle of oxygen." Damn Sven can run fast for an old man.

    Practically every morning since I was fifteen years old I have run around the neighborhood on the wide green belt between the various property lines. For those of you that don't know, a green belt is a park like area that serpentines its way around a neighborhood dividing properties, usually along the back property lines. Most sub-divisions today do not have alley ways or even utility easements along the back of the properties; a green belt is a nice quiet place. In our neighborhood this belt ranges from seventy to one hundred feet wide. There are small parks spaced along at every other block with swings and merry go rounds for the children and a ramada—covered picnic area—to provide shade for small gatherings.
    In my running I had developed a pattern that took me across my pool area and out my west gate, across the lawn and on across the street for an eight mile run. I ended my run at the base of the cliff, next to the large garage I had built for my Travelers© a few years back. That route created the need to climb back up a steep hill to my west gate which my boys objected too. Actually I guess it was Tim O'Connor that had the problem with the climb after a long run. The boy can hold his own against anyone in our family, but with two prosthetic legs it would be a strain to walk up the steep hill.
    The upstart of all of this is that now I start my morning run downhill and use the flat sidewalk to the west of my house as my cool down. I do run at a good clip, I don't like a pokey jog, choosing rather to run full out for at least five miles of the eight mile area. This activity helps to keep me young enough to keep up with my boys. Keeping up with the boys is becoming a problem because I live in the desert and choose to run at first light each morning. I don't care how much I threaten or cajole, one hundred and thirty boys are noisy when they run. Week ends some of the college boys join us, they also come up on days when they have no classes, but sleep time is still valuable to them at that age.
    I do my best to stagger the boys out in small groups, but before the first mile or two is reached they begin to bunch up and shout back and forth at each other. I hate to be awakened and I know that my neighbors don't care for it either so I have considered having the boys wear gags when running. Fortunately it does not begin to get light out until almost seven in the winter time which shortens the boys' preparation time by at least an hour.
    The weather had turned cold so I was dressed in a set of sweats as I made my way along on my first full run of the year Monday morning. It was the boys' first day back to school after their Christmas holiday break so I was jogging alone. As I approached my last quarter mile I saw a man and a boy sitting at the last table before I came to the street, I slowed to a walk and approached them.

    "Hi, Chris," the man said.
    "See, I told you that those kids said his name was Chris." The boy was gorgeous, tall, lean, blond to light brown hair, blue eyes, flawless skin, and a winning smile.
    "Well hello, Rick. I haven't seen you in forever." Rick Carlson introduced me to fourteen year old Terrence "Terry" Thompson Jr. The boy was dressed too lightly for the morning chill, but I could tell that there was something on Rick's mind so I invited them to walk on over to the house with me for something hot to drink. Edmund always has hot fruit juice of one kind or another when we return from our run and today it would be hot spiced apple juice, a favorite with all of us.
    The three of us sat down at the counter with a hot cup of the cider as Ronnie chased his little brother, Rusty, across the room with a rolled up towel, both boys in uniform. "HEY!! Quit the horseplay before I end it. Get over to granite house for breakfast, and Rusty you get ready to go to school, now."
    Rick looked at me then asked, "Don't both boys go to school?"
    "Oh, yeah. Rusty is the younger brother there. He is in the seventh grade this year. Ronnie is in the ninth grade so he is our virtual high school group that studies here at home."
    Ģerâld called out over the intercom, "Dad, can you come up here, please, and bring a big club." Ģer never asks for help, but I could hear Toby shouting in Aramaic or Farsi in the back ground. I actually can not tell the difference in the two languages, but if it was Farsi then Hmcal and Bahir, our twin brothers, were fighting again. I thought that natural brothers fought a lot, but twins are near impossible. Those two boys have a Turkish mother and I thought that they would speak mostly her language, but I have learned from Cullen that most of the boys speak the Iranian language, which is Farsi as well as Modern Standard Arabic—MSA.
    I told my guests that they could come along, but that all of the boys would probably be naked. I deliberately watched Terry's eyes as I said that and I instantly knew that he was gay or at least curious.
    I walked into the granite house and found the boys with their faces buried in their bowls of oatmeal. A glass of milk was on its side near two empty seats and the twins were standing on their tip toes with their noses touching a spot high on the wall in opposite corners of the room.
    "Their bickering is getting almost too much for all of us dad," Ģer told me.
    "Toby, why do they have to sit next to each other? It is just nature for them to sort out the alpha male, you know." Toby and Ģer both looked at me as if the lights had just come on. I took the towel that Ģer had in his hand and cleaned up the spilled milk. I moved one bowl of cereal to the far end of the table then walked over and stuck my fingers up Hmcal's ass crack and pushed him to the new spot. Ģer placed a plate of toast with a grapefruit half and a glass of milk before the boy as I kissed him and sniffed my fingers. He giggled at me and grabbed my neck for a proper kiss.
    Siraj walked in rubbing his shoulder, "You're going to have to fuck that boy a bit more, he is too fucking full of testosterone," I told him. "What's wrong with your shoulder, did he hit you?"
    "No, da-da, I fell in shower." My ass he fell, but I let it go, for now. I had hoped that with both twins having boyfriends that their fighting would end. I turned and looked for Jay Jay, but Bahir told me that he was sleeping in so that he could recover from the holiday. I was about to recover him.
    I walked over to Bahir and shoved my hand up his ass crack for the same treatment that I had given his brother, I got a very hot kiss from him, from which I pulled away. "Boys listen to me, you are not in competition here. I love both of you the same as I love all of you boys. But I will tell you this, if you don't stop this bickering I am going to make you each wear a ball bat up your ass all night long. Toby, translate that for them. Also make sure that each of them understands that one more argument between them and I will put miles in between the two of them. I have a school in France now and I will send one of them there, for good."
    "We understand you, dad. Mine English is very better now and I know your words." Hmcal was always the first to speak then Bahir confirmed what his brother said.
    "Dad, not to make mine bed away from mine brother. We love each other and need stay side together." I hugged him and he turned to kiss my sweat suit covered cock. I tosseled his hair and moved away. Jay Jay has a room upstairs that would put distance between those two, but they are twins, they have been together all of their lives.
    Edmund came in with a tray with fresh coffee and clean cups. I sat down with the boys for a few minutes to let Rick and Terry get their fill of eye candy as the boys carried their plates to the dish room and scampered off to dress for school. My high school boys lingered a bit at their breakfast as the younger boys lined up.
    Our street does not have a lot of traffic on it, but we take no chances, the boys walk together each way to and from the school grounds. I am counting the days until the tunnel is finished to the school grounds. After the latest bomb scare I am really paranoid. I have four men accompany my boys to school each day and I have an armed guard nearby all day long. I don't allow weapons on the campus, but I know that they can be there if needed.

    I decided on a real treat for my guests, we followed the high school boys back to the main house as they walked with their tablet PCs in hand. I like these units a lot better than I did the laptops in that the boys can write their lessons out which may help their lousy penmanship. Forty naked tushies led the way as I surveyed tent poles to each side of me.
    Rick Carlson is seven years younger than I am. He is Tiny's cousin and used to follow us everywhere he could, but he was not allowed to wonder very far and his little legs would not let him keep up when he tried. He latched on to Robby Koch a few years later and by the time he was in junior high he was blackmailing the older boy. Somewhere along the way he had seen Robby and Stevie kissing each other so the two boys took little Ricky to the basement and made him an honorary member of the Blues Club.
    Rick became a regular attendee of Charley's parties in his teenage years and he was most welcome as his endowments rivaled my own. At fifteen he had a nice tight eight inch cock and he quickly learned how to use it. Rick had an appetite for younger boys, but he behaved himself.
    He gained his degree in computer science and grew quite wealthy as a top notch programmer. He is highly sought after by major corporations around the world and I had pretty much lost contact with him. I knew that he had purchased a house a block west of me, but I am so busy playing with my boys that I had not kept up with him.
    "Rick, pardon me if I am off base here, but you appeared to be waiting for me this morning."
    "Was I that obvious? Look, I won't beat around the bush. We have a long history and I know that you have boys living with you, I never realized that you had this many however. Anyway I need to ask you to help me or advise me is the better word."
    "Whatever I can do for you, just let me know."
    "Well, let me tell you about Terry. I just brought Terry home yesterday and…well we have a long story, do you have time?"
    "I have plenty of time. Let's find some comfortable seats. Are you sure you won't have something to eat? Terry looks very hungry."
    "I think Terry is hungry for something else." He grinned at the boy and got a slug for his remark. "Let me start back about a month ago."

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