Chapter twelve


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    "Wow, you must have liked my story. You are boned. That is what a big dick should be." He grabbed it and pulled the foreskin back and stared at the head. "I guess you can suck me if you really want to, but I get to suck you too. How big is that?" I told him that it was only nine and a half inches and growing. He giggled and squeezed it.
    I pulled his shirt off of him. He stood up and I pulled down his pants and undies. He stood before me with a sweet five and a half inch hard cock dripping tiny drops of precum. I took him in my mouth.
    "No fair. I can't get my pants off over my shoes and I want to get to your cock too." I pulled off his shoes and his pants fell from his feet. I tugged at the socks on his still tiny feet and had him naked. I turned him around and pointed at the bed. I swatted his perfectly sweet little ass as he ran for the bed. My tee shirt was left on kitchen floor as I hurried after him. I took the subservient position as I lay on my back. Jim crawled on top of me as I turned him for a sixty nine. One good thing about a big dick, I can reach all of most any boy and he can still get more of my dick in his mouth than he has ever had before.
    Jim wanted more. He really wanted all of my cock in his tiny throat, I let him work at it. He was moving my meaty dish away from me, but I let the boy go. It took some real work on his part, but he had all of me in him in a little less time than I thought he would. I bent in half and suckled his balls. He doubled his efforts on my cock as his mouth was stretched to new limits. I was horned from the busboy and his boyfriend and Jim's hot story. I fired a load all too quickly. I made Jim let go of me and I pulled him in and between his thrusts and my sucking we had his first blow job between us. I told him to slip into some boxers that we were going to have company in a few minutes. He jumped up and dressed as I found a pair of shorts. I found our discarded clothing and put them away.
    He watched some TV as I slipped my laptop to my lap. I sent off an e-mail from one of my many blind accounts to the Alabama State police. I gave as complete of a description as Jim had given me of his dad's RV, including the tag number. I told them that the abandoned boy was now safe and he could be contacted next week at his grandmother's house and gave them her address. Jim was all kid, he wanted to watch the first Harry Potter movie. He was really into it when a knock at the door startled both of us.
    I let the two cute lads in and sat them next to us on the long sofa, a king sized bed, if needed. "So you are here for How to Fuck Your Boy Friend, 101. Class will begin momentarily." All three boys giggled. "I will be assisted tonight by young virgin Jim. He is my apprentice and will be assisting as needed. His small hands will be useful in the portion I have entitled, 'Lubrication With Feeling' I am sure both of you will enjoy your evening, I do hope you have allowed enough time for a good class."
    "I called my mom and told her I was staying the night with Tim. His folks are out of town for the weekend."
    "Cool. Unless you are cool I would like to ask that you each rise and do a strip tease before us to warm us up in here. As an incentive I reveal young Jim for your perusal." I picked Jim up and pulled off his shorts. His hard cock saluted the boys. They smiled their approval.
    The busboy stood first, his name was Jerry. He did a really dirty bump and grind as the audience provided sound effects along the lines of something from Gypsy Rose Lee's legend. The boy had one cut chest, I wanted to bury my face in those pecs and never come up for air. His abs were so hard that I was sure I could bounce an anvil off of him. He turned his back on us to show a tight bubble butt, just made for fucking. His legs were thin and muscled. I asked and was told that he was indeed a gymnast. His favorite was the rings, but he had a great floor routine.
    Tim told me that his floor routine made several of the guys at school cream their pants, he amongst them. That broke the spell as Jerry fell to the floor laughing. My sides were hurting I laughed so hard.
    I told Tim that the floor was his. He pointed out that Jerry still had his boxers on. Jerry fixed that in an instant as he unveiled a very sweet seven inches of thick boy cock surrounded by a very light colored golden crown of pubic hair. His balls were low hangers and hung huge in their silky purse like scrotum. I so wanted to jump his bones.
    "Okay, where's my incentive?" Tim asked as he took center stage. I grabbed Jerry's cock and squeezed it. Tim shook his head and pointed at my tented shorts. I raised my ass as Jim pulled my shorts down, dragging my cock downward with it, slowly exposing inch after inch after agonizing inch. Six wide open eyeballs were fixed in an open mouth stare waiting for the finale. Suddenly the ridge of my glans could be seen inside its sheath of skin then my cock sprung free to its upright nine and a half inches, causing all three boys to jerk back. Flattering comments were made as young hands groped and encompassed the mighty stick in loving worship. Jim withdrew my foreskin revealing the mighty red head. Jerry's tongue darted out and encircled me like an ice cream cone then the whole head and several inches disappeared down his throat
    Jerry sat up with a red face as he wiped his mouth with the back of his forearm. "Sorry," he said. Jim scooted between my legs and took me to the pubes in one plunge. The other boys were bent over to see this as the comments of amazement flooded the area. Tim was closest to me, I grabbed him and pulled him down for a tonsil cleaning kiss. His legs gave way as he melted to his knees and continued the kiss. Jim continued his lunch break as Jerry moved in to join our face fuck.
    I pushed Jim away and told him to wait till later. Tim went down on me, he choked and gagged and tried his best. Jim got down beside him and was whispering in his ear. I felt Tim relax and could feel his mouth working on my cock as it slowly sank the remaining few inches into his throat. He moaned long and deep as he worked my mammoth glans back and forth in his throat. He pulled away and looked at Jerry. "That is wicked. You have got to try it. I am going to stretch your dick until it is that big."
    I told him that Jerry had a pretty good start already. I reminded him that they were here for a lesson in How to Fuck Your Boy Friend, 101 I told him to be glad that Jerry didn't have my big cock for his first ride. I told him that it was going to hurt bad enough. He told Jim that he could be his first. I grabbed Jim and told them he was all mine. More laughter.
    We started a rhythmic clap. Tim caught on and begin his bump and grind. He was not as eloquent as Jerry and was not getting the response so when he got to his briefs he did a lap dance on his young lover. That got the hoots and hollers he needed. Ego is a fragile thing, especially in teenagers and it needs to be stroked, often. Actually more often than a teenage cock, if truth be known. A boy that gets a lot of compliments, especially from peers is a much better person. Parental stroking is extremely important, but most parents are too quick to point out their disappointment rather than to compliment. Oh, they pay the occasional praise, but for the well adjusted kid it needs to be done several times daily. "God, you're a great kid. I am so glad that God gave you to me to raise. I am so proud of you." What wonders those words can do. And the real kicker, dad's hold your son. I don't care if he is a six foot, two hundred and fifty pound brick, let him sit close to you and put your arm around him. Ask him how his day went. Listen to him. Draw him out. The best is to hold him in your lap for ten or fifteen minutes or longer. He may think he is to big for that, but after a few times he will seek it. He will do it modestly, but believe it when I say he will love it. He'll never tell you that until he is maybe thirty five, but he loves it, and he'll love you more for taking the time to share of yourself with him.
    Tim turned around to finish his number with a squeeze of his stuff, showing a nice thick shaft stretching across his lower abs clear over to his left side. He looked like another hanger. He lifted his balls under the double ply of thin cotton showing some decent sized baby makers. He turned around and slowly let the white cotton material slide away to reveal a pasty white ass devoid of sunshine, in like, forever.
    His briefs made their exodus down his firm thighs and to his ankles. He spread his legs and looked backwards at us thru them. His thick uncut cock hung like the clapper in a large brass bell and his tiny virgin pucker begged to be eaten. I moved forward and buried my face in his virgin cleft and let my tongue do the walking all over the kid. His knees gave out and I followed him all the way to the ground as I continued to open his heretofore virgin back door with my tongue.
    Jim and Jerry were stretched out on the couch in a hot sixty nine. Their slurping sounds and moans were a soothing sound to my ears as I continued to lave the fine hairless butt hole of a beautiful sixteen year old boy. I had to stop because I was about to go where I wanted Jerry to go and I did not want to deprive either of them of their first time. There would be time for me to get in there later, but for now this was off limits to me.

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