Chapter 135


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was late and time for the boys to be preparing for bed by the time we finally got back to the mountainside house. I have traveled with many boys before, but somehow this trip had taken its toll on me. Cory met us at Base A with Traveler Too© and it took all of us to settle the wide eyed boys down and get them seated. Harry went to the back and stretched out on the bed while Timmy took the right front seat and Cory drove. I sat with the boys and tried to answer all of their questions about my house on wheels. Even the four Frenchies had never seen anything as grand as my old boy.
    I asked Cory to park by the front door so that I could get our new family members downstairs and into the old dormitory for their first night, we will have to shift room assignments once again. We were greeted at the door by most of the family who led us off to the dining room to say hello. Rodney charged down the stairs with RD calling for him to get back into bed. I picked Roddy up and pulled RD close to me for a kiss hello. I carried Roddy as we followed the parade over to granite house for my newcomer's evening meal. From RD and Cory's remarks behind me I knew that my little wood sprite had his tongue out again, he's going to bite that off one of these days.
    All of the boys that I had brought home in August knew their ten cousins and were very glad to see them again. I introduced Qays, Rais, Saud, and Siraj, to the family. As with Raven's sons, the others had never heard of Qasim. It mattered little to them as they welcomed the boys with open hearts, I let their cousins take them down to the dorm room to find beds for them and told them to hurry back for something to eat.
    Edmund has been listening to our boys and he knew what to feed the newcomers. He had a wide variety of fruits, including dates, nuts, and figs set about the dining room table along with a variety of cheeses, some of which I could not begin to identify. The boys dug in like teenagers. Edmund had baked bread, in a flat, round loaf, and after an eastern recipe. I tried minuscule pieces of the various cheeses, but settled on my old standby, extra sharp cheddar, but it was good with the warm bread. I like a slice of cheddar along with a slice of green Granny Smith apple and I sat with my knife in hand slicing one then the other as I realized that many eyes were on me.
    A tiny wisp of a boy with shockingly blonde hair had been delegated to speak for all of them. "Sir, it said by our fater that you to be our fater in America that we would do what is that you say for us do. Our fater said to us that we should not do as you then he would make us to go home and clean camel dung for all our lives and all our son's lifes too." I had to smile at him, I had no idea that Raven had a blonde wife, but then I know nothing about Raven at home. I will have to go see him in his home.
    "Tell me my young friend, what do you think that I would want you to do for me?"
    "I could be to get up in your bed for you???" His wide eyed look did not speak the same as his voice had, I will never take a boy to my bed that feels he owes me something. I need to have a long talk with Raven, but first I need to have a talk with these boys. Raven had set down with each of his sons and talked with them about sex. He wanted them to have an American education, but he had no idea how to achieve that for them. He explained to these boys about the boys that live in my house and where they came from, he told them that all of us are gay and they accepted that.
    "How about for tonight you sleep in a bed downstairs so that you can be rested up for tomorrow. All of us have been traveling and have had some sleep, but little rest. I want to talk to all of you, but nothing, but talk for tonight, okay?" That seemed to please all of them as they polished every plate in site then looked about for more.
    Edmund must have had a loogey the size of Cincinnati in his throat, he kept coughing. Finally I looked at him with my most innocent smile as I batted my eye lids at him. He stared daggers at me then opened the oven to show me a large chocolate cake with thick icing on it. I looked at the boys and smiled, I nodded at Edmund who set two large cakes on the table. The boys' eyes nearly popped from their heads, I told Edmund to get us some French Vanilla ice cream to go with it.
    After dinner I sent the boys to the dorm and told them to get their shower and prepare themselves for sleep. I helped Edmund and Mitch clean the table, mostly I cleaned their palates and groped them as I thanked the pair of them over and over for their diligence in the feeding of my family. Roddy was wrapped around my leg so that I had to swing it forward as I walked with him sitting on my foot. I asked sweet Cory to call my family to the family room for a quick conference, then I said hello to my wonderful love child and felt his affection for me as it pressed against my other leg. I have decided that RD is a keeper, he is no threat to any of the other boys and he fits right on me. Did I say that? Oh well, you know what I mean.
    All of the boys were in their sleeping gear, I had to admire their sweet birthday suits. I told them that I had mixed feelings about the four boys from France, but I felt that they may be helpful in teaching their cousins English and then, of course, there was the family connection. I asked my core family to never leave Cullen alone, but that at least two of them should be with him every minute of the day. Vad would be over him at night. That got the wolf whistles and several volunteers to take over the job of being over him.
    "How about when he goes to the bathroom, dad?" I expected that, but not from Craig.
    "You can wipe his ass for him and whoever is with you gets to stand there and smell it." That got the appropriate amount of ewwws so I felt good.
    "I don't know that I want to smell 'is Royal shite from 'is Royal 'inney, maite."
    "He's your nephew and you better take care of him or you will lick the Royal shit from his Royal Hinney," I told Del. Cullen was up waving his ass in his young uncle's face. I feel good about Del and Cecil being together. Cecil is a changed fag boy, the two share a like history, of sorts, as well as a common nationality.
    The boys were happy that Colin had returned, I sent for him and Tad to come down for introductions as I told the family that I wanted them to consider moving back into their old rooms and letting the other boys have the granite house. I was surprised that I did not hear a word of complaint, I had a suspicion that they were not happy living in the cramped quarters over there. It sounded good at first, but the new had worn off and they did not know how to go about moving back without losing face, so to speak. I think that they really want their privacy back, it is not always fun to fuck your boyfriend when the guys in the next bed are going at it like two dogs in a park.
    Colin and Tad were warmly received, Tad was kissed and groped with the same love and acceptance as Colin was. I heard a lot of talk about telling lies and Colin was begging everyone to forgive him. "A little matter has come to my attention. Cecil, why haven't you told us about your trip to South America with the Wild Boys last summer?" I said at last.
    "Dad, the best trip I have ever taken is the one that I took with my family to come back home again. Let me tell all of you that were here last Christmas how sorry I am for what I did. I fucked up so bad, and I have no right to be here amongst all of you, it is only by your grace that I am here and I will never hurt you or the family again, in any way." He looked Colin square in the eye as he said his piece. My family moved to reaffirm their love for the boy.
    "All of us waver and fall from time to time, it is how we pick ourselves up and carry on that makes the man in us," I told him. I looked at Mike, I had made a similar speech to him once a long time ago and he has never let the family down again.
    Cullen had a few of the boys around him holding their sides as he related some story, I asked him to repeat it to the room. "Okay, hunky uncy, I was telling them about Jason and his costume that he wore to bed the other night."
    "Then you better tell them why he wore the costume first, don't you think? If you want to tell a story then you need to tell all of it or it makes no sense."
    "Oy, hunky uncy, I bow before you." That got my little perverts going as they wanted to know which way he faced when he bowed, Cory assured them that he bowed before me, not to me. The house erupted in boy mirth.
    "We went to Las Vegas to celebrate the birthday of me friend, Jason. He didn't know it was me birthday too butt we had a lot of fun. So whilst we were about our visit to the Grand Canyon Jason wanted a ride on Cory's pony. Cory comes up to me mate wearing his self a pair of cowboy boots and nothing else. Uncy Chris goes and puts on this one CD of his, it was Led Zeppelin III's Whole Lotta Love, uncy's favorite fuck tune. Cory fucked Jason raw with that song playing.
    "So there we was at me mum's house last week and Jason comes over to see me. When it were bedtime Jay opened up his bag and pulled out a costume that he had gathered up just for that evening. He told me that he wanted to wear it for Cory, but he knew that uncy would get hot over it, and I know that he did."
    The boys were about to beat the little limey down for his silly accent and his delay in getting to the punch line, they wanted to know what Jay Russell wore. "It were almost nothing togs," the little scamp continued, "he wore his self a wide mesh half shirt wot only covered over his shoulders and a wide mesh set of trunks that hid nothing, his cock 'air was poking out through the holes. He was so hard that he could 'ardly move about as he stepped out so that hunky uncy could see him. He got one fine ride that made all of us wish we were under him."
    "All of you? I thought that it was just you and dad there with Jason."
    "No, Gary was there, he and Jay don't do nobody else wot the other bloke is with him. They loves each other they does." With that last bit of information Cullen jumped up and ran off to his room. He loves to go into his English school boy language from time to time and he is always at his worst after just getting back to our house from a visit to El and…okay…Philby's house. I don't like to use his name, I don't want anyone trying to hurt him. I am afraid that if they know his name then more people will try to attack him and my sister. At least I won't tell you his last name.

    "Hey guys, it is getting late and tomorrow is a school day, get your things laid out and get to bed. I am going downstairs to talk to our new family members. On your way to bed somebody ask Hmcal if he would come downstairs to see me." Each boy ran by me to kiss me, somewhere on my body, then dashed off for bed.
    "Daddy, are you going to check my ears for watermelons tonight?" poor little Roddy has the typical ten year olds aversion to washing inside of his ears so I told him to be careful that nobody spit a watermelon seed in his ear or it would sprout up inside his head and push his brains out through his nose. I could kick myself for saying that to him, now he is scared to death. I grabbed him and made a big show of checking his ears, they were clean again. I stuck my tongue in his ear and listened to him squeal like a little piglet then I kissed him, long and hard, of course he got long and hard before he dashed up the stairs to his bedroom.

    I was headed for the dorm when Hmcal came to me, "Hey there, would you and your brothers like to sleep downstairs with your family tonight?"
    "Daddy, we want to get together, but tomorrow is a school day and most of us are already asleep." I gave my favorite wilderness guide a long kiss and felt him get long against me and I heard his quiet whimper as he lost his load on my thigh.
    I walked down to the dorm and had twenty eyes checking my leg, I just smiled at them as my little delegate had to have a taste. I ran my hands through his soft hair as I led him over to a bed where I lay back and the boys gathered around me. "I don't know if you guys are as tired as I am. I have been on the go for over seven days and I am beat, but lets talk a while."
    My four little French brothers joined me on the bed, their mother was French and they lived in France so they are French boys, okay? good, and don't forget it. All eyes were on me, "From now on please speak English, as time goes on I would be honored to learn your language, but for now I don't know a single word so try not to leave me out or I will pick up my balls and go home." I had to explain that to them, but they were all polite enough to laugh at me.
    "I do not feel that all of you are gay. I know that your father has talked to you, but I will not ever allow anything to be forced on you." Bahir and Hmcal ran in to have me settle their most recent argument, "I thought that you were going to bed. Since you are here explain our number one No rule, do it in your native tongue so that everyone understands completely." Bahir started rattling off at ninety miles an hour then Hmcal slugged him in the mouth and took over. I arose from the bed, I spotted a belt on another bed a grabbed it, I swung and connected, hard, across Hmcal's ass.
    Hmcal dropped to his knees and covered his head. "Look at me, boy." Quaking like a leaf in a windstorm he looked up at me. "You know the rules for hitting anyone in this house, even your brother, especially your brother." I veritably shouted at the boy.
    "Boys, Bahir translate when needed, it is never alright to hit another member of this family, period. It does happen, but when I become aware of it we have a family council, if you are going to be a part of this family then you will be a part of that council.
    "This rule infraction has occurred in front of you and it can not go unpunished. Hmcal what is the punishment for hitting someone?"
    "I…I…I don't remember."
    "You do and you will tell us or it is going to go worse for you, my sweet, sweet boy. You know that I love you. I love you too much to allow this to go without punishment."
    "The entire family hits me with a belt and then you hit me the same number of times, times the number of boys that are here." His tears were forming a pool on the floor beneath his bowed head. I don't like to see a boy cowed like that, all of the boys from the castle had been sorely mistreated and I don't know, yet, about my new boys.
    "That is correct," I leaned down and drew him up to stand beside me. I kissed his cheek as I wiped away his tears. "There are fifteen boys here, counting Bahir, whom you hit. The first thing that needs to be decided is whether you are guilty or not then the punishment is to be decided. Are you ready?" He nodded, but kept his gaze down, I pulled him close to me and wiped away more tears.
    I had Bahir explain the best way that he could as I walked over to the intercom and asked Cullen to come down. When he arrived I told him what was going on and that I wanted him to explain exactly what our rules of the house are. I was sure that no one had any questions when he finished talking to all of them. I then asked him if he would help me get a decision. First of all I asked the boys to vote by upraised hand as to whether Hmcal was guilty or not, fifteen hands went up. Then I asked Bahir to pass sentence of punishment as I flexed the leather belt in my hand. Bahir began to cry big tears then.
    "I don't want my brother whipped, we always fight."
    "You do and that is going to stop right now." I picked up a pillow and looked at Bahir, "What kind of punishment do you pronounce on Hmcal?" Cullen translated a bit more than I said, but he knew my meaning and he was laughing as he talked.
    Bahir was grinning now, "I think that my brother should be beaten with three hits from everybody here with a pillow."
    "All of you are now in a democracy and each of you has a vote in everything that we do, now is the time for you to vote to either carry out Bahir's sentence on his brother, or to come up with something else." I slowly turned Hmcal so that everyone could see the large welt, in the shape of the belt, that was shining deep red on his ass.
    The vote was unanimous for a pillow beating. I turned to Cullen and told him that he was not to be a part of the punishment so he could go on to bed. He kissed me and begged me to let him stay. I made him sit on the steps so that he would not get involved.
    I told Bahir to go first, he stepped up to Hmcal and let him have a very hard blow to his head with a pillow, three times. Hmcal was half laughing and half crying by the time all fifteen boys had laid into him, one at a time. Then they all turned to me. I was seated next to Cullen as we laughed our heads off then I kissed him goodnight and swatted his ass to make him run up the stairs. At the top of the steps he called down to me, "Hey hunky uncy." I looked up as he stuck his tongue out at me then turned around and waved his fanny at me. I will get that fanny, so hard.
    "Well, you have gotten off much easier than you let your brother off. He has a bloody lip, Hmcal. Are you proud of that?" He shook his head and pulled Bahir to him, he kissed at the bloody lip and was apologizing, half in English and half in Turkish. I learned that they were fighting over a pair of shoes. I was too tired at that point, but I will rectify the shoe situation later.
    "Look, I am tired so accept the fact that I owe you forty five blows with a pillow and go to bed, now." The two boys scampered off with their arms about each other. That is the way that I like to see brothers behave, even if they are seventeen or ninety. I now have sixty one brothers and first cousins in my house, David is at βφτ house, but he's still family, that is a lot of blood relation.
    "Now I want to know who here has ever sucked a guy's cock before." I waved at my four Frenchies to sit down. Eight boys raised their hands. "Who has ever stuck his dick into another boy's ass?" Only four boys this time. "And who has let another boy stick his dick up your ass?" two boys raised their hands.
    I looked at the two sixteen year old boys that had not raised their hands. "Why do you think that you can live in a house full of queers then?"
A name="#Arif-1">     HRH Arif—knowledgeable—is the sixteen year old second son of King Khaldun al-Hadi, and second in line for succession to the throne. I could see many parallels between him and Cullen, both boys have been raised to assume power. Arif was regal in his bearing, I watched with interest how the other boys seemed to defer to him and treated him as his station demanded. I hope to tone that down a bit while the boys are with me. I will not allow one boy to lord it over another, for any reason and I will talk to Raven about it, tomorrow, I was dead on my feet at that time.
    "I have seen what happens with homosexuals are to be found out. I was in the tents of our uncle Murat when he came to his son who had been with a man." I knew what was about to come and I wanted to stop him, but then he needed to tell his story so that I could help him to understand that things were not always as they seem. "I was in my eleventh year when there was a large birthday party for my father.
    "Our whole country celebrated for two weeks. All of my uncles came and pitched their tents about the palace and I visited with my cousins that I did not see so often. I was in the tents of uncle Murat when he chased one of his boys from the room. He was dragging a naked man by his hair and cursing in a strange tongue that I later learned was the tongue of the country of his mother, Romania.
    "The next morning, outside the tents, I saw that man impaled on a tall pike and he had no penis. I learned that Murat had forced the boy that was bending before that man to eat the penis and he had to whip himself daily. I am afraid for my brothers who do those things because I do not want them to have their penis cut off."
    "Do you know the name of the boy who was with the man? Was it Alim?"
    The boy perked up, "Yes, it was. Do you know of him, he is alive, where he is now?"
    "He is upstairs asleep and he has his penis. You will see him at breakfast tomorrow morning."
    "So, sir, if we are homosexual with each other you will not cut off our penis?"
    "Arif, there is only one thing that can get your penis cut off in this house and that is calling me sir. There is a time for that, but for the most part I am simply Chris, most of the boys call me dad, but that is their choice. Upstairs, in their beds , are one hundred and twenty young homosexuals and all of them have their penis, I have mine and I am homosexual."
    "My father said that you are homosexual and that you are the finest man that he ever met. Before we left him he took us to a quiet place and told us that we should do whatever it is that you ask of us. He said that we would be even more safer in your house than in our own, but that we should not be afraid if we were to have sex with you or anybody in your house. He told us that he has had sex with boys in your house and that he was with you in the forest and had sex with boys there. We do not believe him, he is not one to have sex with boys, he has nine pretty wives."
    "You should believe your father, he is not a man to tell lies, even to comfort scared boys. I will not talk about what I know, but there are boys in my house that might tell you stories that you may want to hear. For now it is very late and all of us need to sleep so I am going to leave you. I will see you in the morning."
    I arose to leave, "I could be to get up in your bed for you, please?"
    "What is your name, young one?"
    "I am Anwar—radiant—but my father calls me jämbär, which means sun." The flaxen haired boy was radiant and very bright, like a sunbeam. I took the fourteen year old boy up the stairs with me to sleep in my bed, I was just too tired to think of anything else.

    Breakfast was the greatest family reunion ever. I had seventeen boys from the castle, ten boys from Athos, and ten boys from Raven that all knew each other and loved each other. Raven's boys were very happy to find their cousins alive. They all knew of Raven's rage with Ibrahim and the fate of all of his sons, wives, and daughters. The only ones that no one knew were the sons of Qasim or even that they had an uncle named Qasim. None of them knew of Hassan either. It was time for more introductions.
    I watched these new boys go through the same ritual that the boys from the castle had gone through as they examined unfamiliar foods. These boys had the advantage of the experience of their cousins that had already been with me for almost two months. I watched as someone would hold something up and one of the others would give them the name of it only to be repeated by all fourteen of the new guys. That did my heart good because it showed me that they wanted to learn so that they would fit in quicker. I have a problem with people who sit up a household in a land where they have not taken the opportunity to learn the language. I am embarrassed when I travel abroad because I can not speak to the people in the shops or on the street.
    Toby has been invaluable to me as an interpreter, but so far no one had asked his pedigree. The boys that had been in the castle had heard Kenny shout at his sperm donor and all of the boys had been awed by Jace when he faced Seigy for the first time. Now it was time for all of the boys to know who each one of the others were.
    Toby kept looking at me to in fill the facts as he told the family how Hassan had raped his mother when she was only twelve years old. He told how he had grown up thinking the man with his mother was his father and the hurt that he had when he learned the truth. Toby told how his sperm donor had tried to use him to gather information so that he could kill me. He told the family that Hassan took him to a place where he knew that I would be (Base B) and set him to spy on me.
    He looked at me and told everyone that Hassan had never counted on his falling in love with me. Toby told them that he had never thought that he was gay, but somehow he knew that he wanted to be with me and I showed him the first true love that he had ever known. He told them how when he told me about his little brother, Kenny—who stood and took a bow—I put him in my van and went to the train station. He told them that I gave him fifty dollars and two return train tickets and sent him off to rescue Kenny. He told them how he had cried all of the way home because nobody had ever trusted him like that. He had fifty dollars in his pocket and two tickets that he could sell for cash and never see me again, but he was never tempted, he knew in his heart that I could help him and his little brother.
    "Me, me next, please?" Frank is fun and I let him have his say. "I'm not one of your brothers, but I am a victim of your father, or uncle, or whoever Seigy is to you." I had to tell the new boys that Seigy was the name by which my family knew their uncle Murat. "That old dude there is so fucking cool. I was in jail for hurting my little brother, Branden over there, I didn't know that he was my brother at the time, but anyway, I was in jail and he like comes and talks to the people there and he got me off with no charges at all. He took me over to Brad's cabin and told me that I could live there and go to school.
    "Then a day later he comes in with Toby and Kenny and I found two great new friends. Jace is my boyfriend and he is your brother so I will let him talk now." Not much said, but a lot of it was said quickly. I love kids.
    "Like Franky said, I am your cousin or brother. I am the first born of Murat. He is no more to me than a sperm donor and I hate him with everything in me. Daddy has tried to help me because I want to cut myself open and get that person out of me, but daddy has shown me that I am who I am because of what I choose to be. Blood does not make us anything, but alive, I have chosen to be a better person than the other two men that claimed to be my father.
    "Yeah, there were two of the slime balls. I was only two years old when my mother ran away from Murat. She ran to his brother, Ibrahim, whom she thought would help her. He helped her, right out of me and out of her life. He kidnaped me and Franky and Branden, and Branden was brand new, only a few minutes old. Ibrahim helped a man named Pagonis to take all three of us to Greece and then come to America.
    "Pagonis changed his name to Weller and he raised me as his son, he and Ibrahim were the only ones who knew that I was Murat's son and they planned to use me to hurt him. Franky was raised by Pagonis's lawyer and Branden was raised by another lawyer who really was their father.
    "Daddy shot and killed Weller and put Franky's dad in prison where he was killed. He also put Branden's dad in prison and he got killed later too. Daddy loved us and he took us home with him and he adopted us so now all three of us have his name and we are all his sons. Daddy also adopted Kenny and Toby so we are all little Dicksons."
    "Now let us come full circle so that all of you know who everyone is. Kenny is also your cousin and brother. Ibrahim raped Toby's step sister. Toby is one who is full of love, he raised tiny Kenny from a baby to the strong boy that you see before you today." Kenny was wrapped around Toby with his head on his big brother's shoulder, a scene very familiar to me. "Had it not been for Toby taking the fifty dollars and two train tickets to go get Kenny that boy would be dead. His family's Imam was about to kill Kenny because he is gay.
    "Kenny is the only known survivor of Ibrahim's household. Toby is the is the only son of Hassan that we have found. Hassan raped young girls all over the world, but so far we have never found a single surviving child from those rapes."

    From around the table each of the boys stood up and flopped his goods at the newcomers then introduced himself. I live in a house full of oversexed teenage boys so what should I expect, certainly not decorum or civility. As it were things flowed smoothly until eleven year old José Sanchez stood up and waved his tiny cocklet at the boys.
    "I'm the most famous dude in this country. These gringos got this here song what they sing to me all of the time."
    "What is the name of the song, José?" I asked him.
    "I don't know as I really knows the name, but it goes like, 'José can you see…' and I can, but I like them to ask me."
    "That has got to be about the oldest joke I ever heard. I am pretty sure that I almost bit my mother's tit off the first time I heard it as a half hour old new born baby." The new boys looked at me with a blank stare so I told them the joke, but first I asked if someone would get me a barf bag, and maybe pass some around to the rest of the room full of boys.
    "The joke goes like this—A Mexican boy snuck across the border to see an American football game. He had heard so much about the game and wanted to see how it was played. He could not find a seat where he could see so he climbed the flag pole and sat on top of it.
    "That evening he returned to his home and family in Mexico and told of his experiences of the day. 'The best part,' he told them, 'was that hundreds of people turned and looked at me up there on that flag pole and began to sing, José can you see? Well of course I could see.'
    "See, it is a very sick joke and older than all of us here, combined. While you are standing there Jose please tell us about you. We have never had the opportunity to hear how you came to be in our family."
    "It's because of my fag hating mommasita. She was this illegal that snuck up here to work. She met this dude that fucked her and I popped out. I learned that she was only fourteen when I was born and my papa was thirteen with a teeny weenie. Mom told me that she felt sorry for him, but didn't think that he would make her pregnant since he was so young.
    "Momma got caught doing drugs with some other illegal and got deported. I stayed with my dad who taught me how to suck his cock and take it up my butt. He got sent to prison and I got sent to hell for three years. I was in one shelter after another, but I got kicked out and moved around because they always found out that I was sucking some dude's cock. I can't help it, I love to suck, especially big ones. I can suck Jeff now and I can get all of it in my mouth. He loves me and we sleep together every night. I am ready to let him stick it all the way in me, so far he has only put the head an inch or two in me, but I know I can take all of it." I had him come to me so that I could check his tiny butt out, he was stretched and was able to take three fingers slathered in butter with no problem. I asked him to continue.
    "Well, ain't much more, this doctor fellow talked to me, a lot. He made me tell him how I felt when someone molested me. I know enough to know that I wasn't being molested, I want cock in me. There is no better feeling than having a big cock moving in and out of my mouth or butt. I love the taste of cum and I like the feeling I get when some dude holds me close and works his long, fat rod around inside of me. I really like to lay on top of him with his cock still in me and we sleep awhile. I like it when a dude rubs my back and kisses on me then his cock begins to get hard again. That has got to be the best feeling ever when a tiny dick gets all hard while it is up inside of me.
    "So that is how I got sent here. Oh, and I did suck that doctor's cock. I know why he talks about sex with boys, his cock is so tiny, I mean like four skinny inches tiny, but his cum tastes good. I get to go see him next week and I am going to suck him then let him fuck me for our whole session." We will see about that. I want to make sure that this doctor is not molesting his patients, he can have sex with any of them that want him too. As far as I am concerned that is no problem, I only want to know that the boys really want it. I will crucify him if he is leading them to sex with him.

    With the boys all living in the granite house the rooms in the main house have been empty, with a few exceptions. However Roddy—Tilki—and Dane wanted to get it on the action when they saw what Gus and Dezi were doing to their room.
    I have discovered that I have a houseful of budding artists. I don't mean refrigerator art of childish drawings, real works of art. All of the work that I have seen is so life like that it makes me feel as if I am actually there.
    I guess that it all started one night as we gathered to be with the family for a quiet evening. Craig asked Cory what his favorite place on the earth was. Cory logged into his picture files and displayed a photo taken from the cliff face on Chief Steve's mountain overlooking the Arkansas river valley.
    I had a small house built on that site and interred one of the two small urns that contain the remains of the old man there, the larger urn with the great chief's remains still rests at its place of honor near the front door of my house. A smaller urn contains a few pinches of Chief Steve's ashes and it travels with us each time that either of the Travelers© go on the road. The picture that we were looking at looked out over the small lake that sits in the high meadow on that mountainside. The trees west of the lake have naturally grown to form and perfect frame around a majestic view that stretches out for over twenty miles. On a really clear night one can see the glow of the lights from Tulsa, over fifty miles away. Cory had taken his picture just before sunset and captured a beautiful orange sky with a clear reflection of the colors showing on the lake.
    He pointed to his award winning picture that hangs on the wall of our family room above the old guest house. We had spent several days in Oklahoma after we had left Georgia to just unwind and remember the great chief and all that he meant to us. The boys had gone deer hunting with cheap throw away cameras. The cameras had no bells or whistles so the boys were required to use stealth to get as close as possible to their prey and take its picture.
    Before Cory had taken the picture perfect shot of the valley he had used the same camera to capture a fantastic shot of a young buck grazing on tender leaves in the forest leading up to Chief Steve's favorite spot. There are twenty different three foot by two foot photographs of deer taken by the different boys from that afternoon's trip adorning the walls of the large room, each of them of blue ribbon quality by anyone's standards.
    Craig had an idea and he wanted to talk to Cory about it. The offshoot was the redecorating of the twelve bedrooms along the east side of the house, including the three bedrooms below the family room.
    Cory's room is on the westside of the house, at the end of the hall from my office, his was the first to get the treatment as six young artists each worked over the walls. I suppose that some would call it cheating, I call it innovative, the boys set up projectors to shoot segments of the picture that they wanted onto the wall then painstakingly outlined every portion and finally filled it in with paints carefully mixed to match the original picture.
    The result of their painstaking efforts is so life like that one feels that he is standing on that mountainside looking out across the magnificent vista in person. On the wall to the left, as one enters the room, is Cory's picture of his deer. The boys worked on the proportions so that the deer actually seems to be standing at the edge of the woods near the lake.
    On the right hand wall Jimmy shared a picture that none of us even knew existed. The picture had to be reversed and moved around to get the effects that were needed, but the result shows the Tallulah River as it flows through the one thousand foot tall chasm and over the six waterfalls. The pictures were pieced together so that one can even see the kayakers braving Sweet Sixteen Falls at the bottom of the gorge before the river turns away. I can only stare in awe as the boys worked so hard to make it seem that that river flowed into Chief Steve's small lake.

    That set the pace as room by room became an art museum extraordinaire. Cameron showed us his love of skiing. He had a camera attached to his head band when he had made his first jump off of a ski slope. Cameron had looked down while he was in mid-air so that the view of the ground was framed by his skis. Although his jump was from only about twenty feet above the ground the boy's reworked the picture so that the jump appears to be several hundred feet high. One can almost feel the exhilaration of flight as the gaze is focused on the scene. The side walls are done to reflect the mountain and sky to either side of the jump and not distract from the main theme.
    I let RD do the wall beside the door into my bedroom. He and Cam are quite the couple, but RD has a picture that he did not want to share with anyone but me. His picture shows him and his mother sitting on the end of a fifty foot long wooden pier that stretches out into a lake. There is an old sailboat tied to the pier that had seen better days, but the story of that picture ripped my heart out. I wanted it where I could look upon it as I lay in my bed.
    RD told me that Syl's girlfriend had taken the picture while he and his mother sat with their feet in the water. She has her arm around his shoulders and he has his head resting on her's. He told me that the picture was taken as she sat there to tell him that she was dying of Cancer. Only their backs can be seen, but we know who is in the picture and it is special to us.
    None of the pictures are in anyway inappropriate. All of the scenes reflect something meaningful in the lives of my boys. Once the bedrooms were finished the boys moved back into their rooms. With the extra bed space we were able to spread the other boys out and give them more space and privacy.
    We sat down as a family and let the boys decide how they would decorate their new space. The end result was everything from a scene of the Caspian Sea near Raven's seaside palace to the French Alps. I laughed when young Casey asked for a picture of Loch Ness, that was the only thing English that he could think of. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the lake is actually in Scotland.
    The most ambitious work is still being planned, the boys want a Hogwarts Castle ceiling in the wine cellar. Jimmy felt almost as special as he really is when I led him into my closet and pulled down the folding steps that lead up to my private observatory. Only Cory has been allowed to my inner sanctorum. Jimmy was awed when he looked on my telescope that he had never seen. I helped him to connect his camera to the lens of the scope and let him select the shots that he wanted of the stars above Tucson. The telescope is set so that most of the light from the city below is filtered out, but we still can not get as fine of a view as could be seen fifty or sixty miles away from town.
    When Jim set ten projectors to shine on the ceiling of the wine cellar the scene before our eyes was astounding. The ceiling is twenty five feet high at the center of the room and fifteen feet high around the walls. Scaffolding would be needed, but even then I had a lot of fear for the safety of my youngsters. I suppose that I should practice what I preach when it comes to transferring my fears onto the boys. I have no fear as I have proven many times over, but I can't stand the idea of one of mine being hurt.

    I made a few decisions during the trip to Romania. It stands to reason that if Athos can find the large number of boys that have been cast out to live in any manner that they can to survive then I need to wake up to the fact that there are boys in my own country that need help. I know that there must be hundreds of children on the streets of my country and many of those are in my own town. I can not possibly hope to help all of them, or even most of them, let alone a large enough number to count for anything with the way things are at present. My house is full, too full, and not getting any better, I decided that I am going to build dormitories on the school grounds. I could already perceive the fight that I would have with my neighbors, most of them did not want the school in the first place, but it was already there. They, for sure, did not want a gay school.

    I have decried a great weakness in our society for several years. Every school in the state is surrounded by tall fences topped with barriers to prevent someone climbing over them. So far the schools have not lent themselves to barbed wire or razor wire, but that may only be a matter of time. Our children's security is tantamount and they must be protected, it seems that nearly once a month a news story tells of one school or another being locked down all day because of some crime nearby. The children are kept inside their classrooms and parents are not allowed to go in to get them until the police give the all clear. We are becoming a police state little by little.
    When the state learned that I had purchased the school across from my house they demanded that I put up a secure fence. With serious attempts on two of my boys so far, Gus and Cullen, I decided to install a fence's fence. The church buildings are set in a U shape with the class rooms all facing the north or the south on either side of the main building and sanctuary. There are no windows on the west end of those buildings so workers started at the streeet side corners and built my fence.
    I had a three foot deep trench dug around the entire perimeter of the school grounds. Every eight feet I had a fifteen foot length of four inch pipe driven into the ground then had it filled with concrete. I had a twelve inch wide concrete wall poured to an even level around the entire campus. In some spots the wall is just at three feet tall and where the ground dips the wall can get up to almost five feet tall, above the ground. I had nine foot lengths of one inch solid iron rod bent over at the top, with the end cut to a point, then welded those to heavy steel supports between the upright pipes. Thus creating a smooth line of fence, ten feet tall, with the top curled to the outside and encircling the grounds. The entire length of metal work is coated in a rust/brown powder coat finish that is guaranteed for fifty years. We'll see.
    I had the outside of the fence landscaped to direct water away from the fence and to the old wash east of the school. I live in a very water conscious society so I had a fifteen foot basin cleared back from the school so that the rain water could slowly leach into the aquifer that runs under the campus.
    To the west of the church is a five hundred car parking lot and on the east is a three hundred car lot, inside of the fence between the church and the football field. The buildings that comprise the school classrooms are east of that, along the east property line. The gymnasium/auditorium/cafeteria is tucked into the corner north of the classrooms and football field with a patio area behind the classrooms for outside dining in our warm climate.
    I had a drop down gate installed along the street side of the campus for access to the school and the school's parking lot. At eight thirty each morning that gate is raised and locked. Students and teachers better already be inside the grounds or they will have to gain access through the church itself, without their car.
    Open access to the church offices and sanctuary is allowed, but a heavy gate prevents passage through the building to the school grounds. That gate is manned by a church employee behind a glass window from the library. They can push a button to alert an armed guard patrolling outside on the grounds, only they can open the gate by a remote control that they carry.
    Because I have a school for queers I did not allow for any access by neighborhood kids to use the grounds after hours. My design does allow for two more foot gates to be added later, if necessary. At present there is one wide foot gate at the southeast corner of the campus where my boys can access the grounds. An armed guard is present there and he knows the face of each of my boys. The boys say he is cute and they want him to cum over sometime. I have talked to him about that, but he has told me that he has a man that he has been with since he was twelve years old. Of course I have checked the forty five year old lover out and learned that he has been to a few parties at the house and our guard came along with him a few times. It took me almost three hours before I remembered the guard in his youth, the boys are correct, he is cute.
    I do not like all of the security measures, but I have a lot of neighbors who have been vocal about the nature or the school and I know kids very well, if they hear their parents ragging on about the school they will be over there tagging the place or trying to burn it down. I want to prevent vandalism if I can. It is also mind easing to me when Cullen drags his faggy ass over there, his classes are in my front room in front of his computer, but the boy loves to play American football as well as soccer.

    I needed to provide twenty four hour security around the campus. I have long been fascinated with the Segway® scooter. Not so much the scooter itself, but the ability to stand up and move around seems perfect for a security guard, at least to my mind. The nights can get pretty cold in the winter time at our elevation and sometimes we do get cold enough for snow, like we did the past February. I needed more range than the Segway® offers, twenty four miles on one charge, and I need lights, lots of nice bright lights.
    My little engineers came up with a design that I love. I love it so much that I had ten of them built on the first order and I gave Andy one to play with. He has equipped his offices around the world with these little toys. Remember Jimmy the thinker and his little box to fry our chips in case of unauthorized activity? He has a good head on his shoulders, and between his legs. He is versatile with his computer knowledge, his camera work, and his reasoning mind. My boys and I brainstorm almost daily, we like to throw whatever is on our minds out to the family and see what they come up with. Jimmy came up with something almost instantly.
    He jumped up and ran over to Lew and Craig then he asked Turner to help him. The four boys were off like a shot and we did not see them for almost two hours. When they came back I almost burst with pride. They did a very professional presentation for us. An easel was set up for Jimmy to set one card at a time out for the family to look at. His first card was a twenty four inch tall picture of an enclosed vehicle that looked akin to an old out house. That got me a raspberry as Craig stuck his tongue out at me. I have to milk every situation for the full effect so I asked them where the moon shaped hole was, they didn't know, but I had over a hundred moons showing around the room.
    A figure of a man in a FIS uniform was shown standing up in a vehicle mounted on twenty four inch wheels. He was enclosed in a solid surrounding with glass from below his waist upward on the sides and back. The front had a windshield of glass that came down to mid torso. On the front of the vehicle was one single head light and along the top of the seven foot tall craft were two quartz halogen lamps that were labeled at two million candle power, each.
    The next card showed a cutaway of the open craft. Unlike the Segway® their unit had a six inch third wheel, for steering, under the front edge that was turned by gyroscopes. The gyroscopes are located against the front wall to control steering as well as the stabilization of the craft. A shaft set at waist height has a bowtie style steering wheel to control the signal input to the gyro steering package. The bowtie handlebar had control switches for the lights and the small heater so that the guard would not have to take his hands away from his driving.
    Entry to the craft was from a full length door on the left. A fold down seat, height adjustable, was mounted on the back wall of the frame, but was set so that even with the guard sitting down he would be upright, as if on a tall stool. Speed was controlled by the steering shaft, pull back to go, pull further back to go faster, push forward to break. The bowtie was equipped with a deadman grip so that one hand had to be on it at all times or the electric motor would shut off and the breaks would be applied for a quick stop.
    Jimmy did the engineering and Craig was the artist. Lew and Turner are draftsmen and they had laid out the next series of cards showing the wiring details, the structural details, and the engineering specifications. I could take their drawings directly to a manufacturer without any changes. The only thing Jimmy needed to make the drawings final were the exact specs on the electric motor he had chosen.
    For simplicity he had gone with a direct drive shaft to a geared ring in the right wheel. He chose a variable speed, reversible motor as opposed to a gear box. A transfer case runs from the same geared ring in the right wheel to control the speed of the opposite wheel for a quick turnaround as well as enhance steering for sharper turns. The motor would be mounted against the right hand wall, half way below the floor. The motor's covering case could be used as a foot rest for the guard when he was sitting down. On the left hand door was a fold up foot rest set at the same height as the motor.
    I am very proud of the work my boys did, they are a pure joy to me and a pleasure to be around. I ordered ten units so that I could have a working model to apply for a patent in the four boys' names. Those units also gave me a figure to work from to set a retail price and Jimmy has added the scooter to his web page. The profit from each sale is divided up between the four boys and put into their bank accounts. They thought that I should have some of the money because it was my idea, I told them that I had the idea, but they made it work so the money is theirs. Besides that I have plenty of money, too much money. The only thing good about all of this Knighthood business and recognition is that I am now and forever tax exempt for the services that I did for my country.

    Night security around a closed business or similar site can be very boring so I had another idea. I talked to Andy and he went along with me. The position does not call for an armed guard at night, the only duty is to keep vandals and stray dogs away, joke there so laugh. I asked Andy to interview pensioners and people with light disabilities. Social Security will allow most of its recipients to work a limited number of hours without loss of benefits. The food stamp program is not so forgiving so anyone who works will loose benefits with that program. I see no problem with that as long as it stays within reason. Food stamps don't provide more than a marginal amount of aid for the most part, if we pay a good wage then our people will be way ahead of the game and we can be flexible to work within their limitations.
    The first limitation I wanted to work with was the long hours of tedium. Most anything that we do at the school or the church will be finished by ten o'clock. Andy arranged a split schedule of only four hours per person. The first unarmed night guard would start their shift at 2200 hrs and the second shift would start at 0200 hrs. At 0600 boys would be on the field for ball practice and armed guards would be needed at that time. Here we did a bit of an overlap with the armed guard reporting at 0515 to drop the gates and open the gymnasium, classrooms would remain locked until 0700. Each teacher has keys if they should need early access, once the gates are opened.
    The two night guards cannot open the gate to the parking lot so should a teacher need night access they would have to go through the church. The changing of the guard has to be done with a supervisor on site to drop the gate. I think that I have covered all bases to the best of my tiny brain's ability. I don't want an attack on Cullen anywhere, least of all at the school. That is one of the reasons that I wanted the virtual high school, but Cullen is all boy and he likes his sports. He has become addicted to American football, but he has a lot of fun with soccer also. On top of that I now have another Crown Prince in my keep. All of Raven's boys require solid protection.

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