Chapter twenty six


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    The e-mail was long and full of fear. The entire story unfolded as the three of us sat there in stunned silence and read.
    Tim and Jerry had moved in with Jerry's mother. The aunt had not been able to save the boy's souls so she cast them out that they may live a season under the devil's power. Hopefully they would see the error of their ways. The boys had no recourse, but to return to the Thompson house and Jerry's mother. She had not been supportive of them, but she did provide for them. She held her feelings to herself about their lifestyle as she was sure that her husband and the church could cure the boys of their disease.
    Jerry's father had been sentenced to twenty six months in prison for child abuse. Tim's father had received nine months for the identical charges. He had made it clear that he was going to kill Tim when he got out. The police could do nothing except advise Tim to move away and not let anyone know where he was. They would try to protect him, but they couldn't do anything until his dad actually made a move on him.
    Jerry had been helping an old lady that lived next door to him for eight or nine years. He carried out her trash and when he was old enough he cut her grass. He raked her lawn and had been an all around good helper to the lady. She loved him like her own. The state had taken away her driver's licence in 2001. She had a brand new Oldsmobile mini van sitting in the driveway that had not been driven in three years.
    Jerry washed the van and vacuumed it for her every week. He would start the motor and let it run for a half an hour to keep it oiled and free. He backed it down her long driveway and pulled it back forward several times to keep the tires soft and pliable. She called him over when she heard the news about Tim's dad.
    The woman knew that the boy's were gay, she had discussed it with Jerry's mother. She knew that the boys were not going thru a phase, they were too old for that. Her brother was gay and she knew what the boys faced. She told Jerry that she had the title to the van and the insurance. She told him that she had a service in town come and get the papers from her and take them over to the motor vehicle department for her. She handed the papers to Jerry, his name was on the title as owner. The insurance was paid for two years and it was in his and Tim's name. She told the boys to get out of town and not to look back. She told Jerry that the church was going to take him to a retreat that they owned and reprogram him as soon as his father was released. She told them that they could call her and she would pass on any information she had, but she didn't feel it would be safe for Tim to ever come back. Tim's dad was well known to be mean and vindictive and he was even worse when he was drinking.
    Jerry wanted to know where he could meet me. They were going to be leaving Monday and really wanted me to get back to them. Cory, Cas and I had a very serious conference. The boys were absolutely in favor of having them come here. I was becoming paranoid. Was I being set up? I went on-line again and looked up the age of consent by state. Well, something good, Alabama's age of consent was sixteen, but homosexual sex was illegal at any age. Florida was eighteen, could they be setting me up down there? I showed Cory where we were in trouble in Tennessee. The age there is eighteen.
    Cory picked up my phone and dialed the neighbor lady's phone number. He asked if she knew how to get in touch with Jerry Thompson or Tim Mark. She told him to hold on that both boys were there. Jerry came on the phone. Cory told him that he was a friend of Chris. Jerry yelled so loud I could hear him. Cory told him that I was worried about them and wanted them to come to see me, but I had to know that they were not going to tell anyone where they were going because I didn't want trouble with Mr. Mark.
    Jerry assured him that they were not telling anyone, that they were running for their lives. Cory told him to hold on that he saw me coming in. He handed the phone to me with a big shit eating grin on his face. Jerry was crying when I got on the phone. "Is that really you?" he asked. I told him yes. I asked how he was. "Scared, Mr. Mark has hired some ex-con buddy of his to kill us. They broke into my house last night. Tim and I have been hiding here for three days hoping to hear from you. If we can't come to you we don't know what we'll do."
    "Well, I am always on the go, but I tell you what. Are both of you going to drive?" He told me yes.
    "If you leave now you can be in Texas by night fall. Stay on I-10 west and keep going. Do you have money for gas and a motel?" They had a hundred dollars that should buy gasoline, but they planned to sleep in the van. They had made a bed in the back. "Listen to me. Be very careful where you stop to sleep. Don't stop at a rest area to sleep at all. It is not safe for two sweet kids like you. Stop in a larger town and sleep in the parking lot of a Wal Mart where there is lots of light. I know you won't get a whole lot of rest, but I would rather you be safe. Buy a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. Make up the whole loaf into sandwiches and put them back in the bread wrapper. Buy bottles of water or tea, no soda. You're only going to be overnight so you might get some milk along the way. Eat as you drive and only stop when you have to. Use cash so that there is no trail for Tim's people to follow. Please be careful.
    "I am going to meet you in San Antonio. I want you to write this phone number down and keep it to yourself. Do not give it to anybody, do you understand me?"
    "Yes, Chris. I do. I love you."
    "Enough of that. You are not meeting me for sex or anything, but protection from Tim's dad. I will not be set up for arrest by you or anyone."
    "Oh, gripes man…I would never…we would never. Oh, Chris, no. We need your help."
    "You have it buddy. You call this number when you get to San Antonio. Better yet, go to the Hilton Hotel on the River Walk. You can ask directions from anyone. I will be in the parking lot waiting for you.
    "You watch the speed limit and the other cars on the road. People drive crazy. Don't pick anyone up for any reason. Jerry, I'm serious. I don't care if they're on fire, you keep going. Your life is in jeopardy and I want you with me safe and sound. You know that word you used. that I said enough of that? Don't say it just believe it. Because it's true from here too. Get going boys and be careful. Tell your neighbor lady how much we all love her for what she is doing for you."
    They hung up. I said, "Road trip. Cas can you find your way out to pick up Llewellyn tomorrow at four?"
    "Yeah, I can do that."
    "Any class conflict or practice?"
    "I'll tell coach that I am picking up my brother at the air port and go. That's just the way it is."
    I kissed him. I looked at Cory, "don't even think it. I am going," he stated. I smiled at him and ran to the front of the house. Traveler© was still sitting there waiting to live up to his name. I fired the glow coils and hit the starter. He fired to life and we waved back to Cas as we hit the road. I made one stop on the way out of town. I needed a laptop. I knew that there was a Circuit City on the way to the freeway. I parked out by the street and ran inside. I grabbed up another Toshiba. This will make my fourth one. I like them, but they should be coffee and tea proof.
    It was ten fifteen when I pulled out onto the road again. I had Cory sitting up front with stacks of software as I walked him through loading my personal programs from my DVD back up. After each install I had him run the program to see if my preferences were there. Everything seemed to be working and I was pleased. I had him go online to one of my accounts and look at the travel time to San Antonio, I had hit it on the nail head. The boys had the same distance to travel as I did, six hundred and thirty miles and change. They would need thirteen hours travel time plus sleep and down time. I figured that they would be in San Antonio around ten to twelve a.m. Monday morning.
    I turned on my laser sensors and long range radar detector. I set my shortwave radio receiver to the police band. I had learned a trick a few years back, by setting my police scanner to key on I would pick up any police, highway patrol, border patrol or other law enforcement the minute they keyed their mike. This system had a range of over two miles, or with line of sight up to five miles. I had all of the new bands, even microwave, being scanned. If a plane flew within five miles of me and keyed his mike I would slow down before he could clock me. I put the pedal down and set the cruise control.
    I covered the two hundred and sixty miles to El Paso in two hours and thirteen minutes from the time I left Circuit City. An average speed of one hundred and ten miles an hour. That's moving for a forty five foot diesel pusher carrying nineteen thousand pounds. I fueled Traveler© in El Paso, I had all of the fluids checked and topped my tanks. At the speed we were flying I was only getting nineteen miles to the gallon. Who cared? I had friends in danger. I visually inspected all six tires. I had a premonition, I pushed straight on through to San Antonio. The stupid web map service had given me milage as the crow flies, not road miles. It was over five hundred miles on into San Antonio. I made it in seven hours anyway.
    It was just after seven thirty when we hit the city limits, I had done some low flying. Cory was so excited that he could not sit still. He had never in his life traveled that fast. His adrenalin level was so high I worried about him going into cardiac arrest. I got him out of Traveler© and walked him around for ten minutes while I rubbed his back and talked small talk. Pillow talk while walking around a parking lot.
    My throw away phone rang. I had given Jerry and Tim the number of a pre-paid phone. I always keep a couple for anonymous calls. I answered it. It was Tim. They had had a blow out as they passed through Houston. All they had for a spare was a donut and the man at the station said it was only good for fifty miles and no faster than fifty miles an hour. I found out exactly where they were and told him to get in the van and get some sleep. I was just a couple of hours away. I got their tag number and color of the van so I could spot them when I pulled in.
    In Houston I pulled off at exit 775 to the east loop and dropped down to street level at a quarter of ten. I spotted the boys' van. I pulled up perpendicular to them and hit my concert program. I had twenty seconds of Beethoven's fifth playing out of eight one hundred decibel air horns with a full four octave range. Two heads were up wide eyed and staring at me through their sleep induced haze.
    They flew from their bed to Traveler's© door as I charged out to greet them. They jumped up and down with excitement until Jerry had to excuse himself to go pee. They happened to have stopped at a station that had truck rentals. I had the man hook up a trailer behind Traveler© and loaded the boy's van on it. I was going to tow the van so they could ride with us. I got directions to the best place for food at this time of night and put Traveler© back in gear.

    The boys were burned out on sandwiches, they wanted a meal. We all went for the fried chicken that the place we were in called their specialty. It was decent, but nothing special. The company made the meal. We learned that the boys had been sleeping in the attic of his neighbor lady's house. Tim's dad had people spying on the neighborhood watching for the boys. I asked them how they got out of there. The van was parked in the garage. Jerry was the smallest and skinniest so he dressed up like a woman, wig and all. He tried to make himself look like the old woman that they were staying with. The two boys got into the van with Tim laying in the back under blankets.
    Jerry drove out of the driveway like an old woman might drive. He has on a pair of glasses and with the wig even his mother hadn't recognized him as they passed her on the way down the street. Jerry said he watched the mirrors and nobody moved anywhere down the block. They got all the way out of town and onto the freeway before they stopped and Tim got up front. Jerry said he was just too nervous to drive anymore.
    They told us that someone had painted Death To Fags on the front of his house. There was a cross and KKK hood in the front yard with a big sign that said Jesus Hates Homos. The boys had been traumatized and I was amazed that they had been able to drive this far. They were running on adrenaline and fear. Fed and satisfied I took us back out on the road.
    Overall our trip had only encompassed thirteen and a half hours including eating time. I couldn't do that speed back while towing the van and I really didn't want to drive all night. As much as I hate Texas I decided that we needed to sleep. I got away from the city lights and noise and pulled into a rest area.
    I was questioned, I explained that Traveler© had every kind of security device known on him. They were two young, inexperienced boys alone. They would be easy victims. Traveler© was a nice target and was not free from the wiles of someone who might want to do mischief, but they would have to contend with more than a small unprotected van with me. I opened a panel by the door and showed the boys a pump shot gun and my old Smith & Wesson .357. It was small, but mighty and I was expert with it. I didn't tell them that there were three more guns onboard.
    I got them all naked and we got in bed to meat each other. Cory, sweet Cory, ever the eager bottom, had to have a ride on Tim. Tim was glad to meat his new brother. Jerry and I got reacquainted with each other. I threw caution to the wind when I saw these boys. If I was being set up then I deserved what I got. Paranoia is my only friend.

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