Chapter thirty six


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I put Traveler© on a course north east. We had a continent to cross and just under a week to do it in. There would be no time for any delays. I had a long talk with my little ghost boys. We called their parents and made plans to meet them on neutral grounds.
    We headed north east up I-15 to pick up I-70 in Utah. I kept the pedal down until we got across to Ohio then north east again on I-71 to I-80. We met in a small town in mid-Pennsylvania. I rented a car and took the two boys to the motel where they were to meet their folks. I believe that I was more frightened then the boys were.
    Mr. and Mrs. Casper were dressed conservatively. I don't know what I had expected, harsh black suit and hat for him and a long black dress for her? I don't know. I sat at a table and watched the boys rise to meet them when they entered. There were the customary hugs and tears as the four sat down and ordered a meal. Cas had told me he was going to pay with his debit card. I told him that it was his money to feel free to do whatever he wanted. Ten minutes into their meal both boys gave me the all clear. I smiled at them and left to rejoin my other urchins. I was still not comfortable, but you know by now how paranoid I am.
    I pointed Traveler© on into New York and I-87 then north to our destination. I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Pete had taken me aside several times and tried to calm me down. I stopped at a large motel and rented two rooms. We ran boys through in shifts as everyone got a long hot shower. There were twelve of us and four beds. Some of the guys wanted to buddy up. Jerry and Tim wanted the time alone in Traveler© as they remembered the previous summer just a few weeks shy of one year earlier. Jim asked if he could stay with me. I toyed with the idea, but Pete told him that because of Cas and Lew that he wanted me to rest and try to forget.
    Cory had his medicine bag with him. I didn't know that he had any of those things any more, but in a way I was glad when I tasted the tea that put me at total ease. I slept the sleep that I needed and awakened renewed and sure of myself and my boys. I drove on the last few miles to the school arriving at just past eight on the forth of July, 2005.

    The stillness of the open woods was shattered at nine o'clock Monday morning. The most awful noise ever heard in these woods drove wildlife into a stampede from the area as Bethoven's Fifth Symphony echoed from the deep throated sounds of eight huge air horns for more than seven minutes. More that a hundred naked boys stood around the front of Traveler© holding their hands to their ears listening to the noise as they jumped up and down.
    In the distance I could see two boys on ATVs speeding toward us. They arrived just as the final strains of the full first movement of the symphony reverberated its last notes through the trees to be echoed back from the distant mountains. Jerrod Bradford led me up to them. "Chris, I want you to meet the boys most responsible for all you see before you. These boys are the movers and shakers of this Academy and singularly the reason that it got built in the first place. This is Brad Garcia and his boyfriend Jay Adams." Both boys flinched at his introduction.
    I held out my hand. "Glad to meet you two, finally. I have heard amazing stories about you and what you accomplished here last summer.
    "Oh, by the way, I'm Chris Dickson and this is my boyfriend Pete. Actually all of these boys are my boyfriends, but we have kind of paired off so that we don't turn our balls inside out every night from too much fucking." The boys were impressed though startled at my candor. My boys came up to gather around us. I promised Jay and Brad a proper introduction later as I ran through the names.
    Cory introduced King Cullen as they took Brad and Jay on a tour of the RV. I stepped inside and shut the door. I stared at Cory, "What did you say?" Cory looked at me then his eyes went wide and his face turned red. "I'm sorry, dad. I…"
    "Don't tell me you are sorry. Tell Cullen. It's his life you put in jeopardy." Cory was crying quite openly now. Cullen wrapped his arms around his brother and tried to soothe him.
    "You're Jay and you're Brad, right. Here sit down. What I am going to say is our family secret. Cullen is my nephew. He is a Duke. Yes, a real live Duke of England. He is also the Crown Prince of a country that I won't name. His great grandfather is quite ill and not expected to live long. Cullen is the first in line to succeed him.
    "My father was his grandfather. His mother is my half sister. My father is American, not royal. Cullen's great grandfather had the marriage annulled and sent his daughter into exile. He does not acknowledge Cullen as his great grandson and heir. Cullen's grandmother was the King's only child so Cullen is naturally the next in succession since his grandmother is dead. Cullen's mother abdicated her right to the throne before she married the Duke, Cullen's father, but that right still passes on to Cullen unless he relinquishes it himself. The King is trying to find Cullen to have him killed.
    "I am begging you to forget what you heard Cory say. He is proud of his cousin, but he lets his alligator mouth overload his humming bird ass. That gets him into a lot of trouble. Cory is my natural cousin, but I adopted him for two reasons. One of course is that I love him dearly. He is now my son as well as the best lover any man could ever have. The second reason I adopted him is so that I could provide for him.
    "His natural father's family wanted to take him away from me because I am homosexual. His grandfather was a very powerful and rich Cherokee Indian. The family wanted the old man's money and land. It is legal to have sex with a sixteen year old boys in Oklahoma, but they don't want them living in a house with queers. So by my adopting him they can't do anything to him and they can't get the inheritance."
    Both boys seemed to be staring at the gaily decorated Indian vase sitting on top of the engine cover between the front seats. "This is Cory's grandfather, actually his ashes. We are going to toss his ashes on our ancestral homeland before we return to Arizona." Brad and Jay made a face as they considered the contents of the vase.
    "Anyway, I understand that you two have graciously offered your home to us while we are here so you will learn all of our stories as we want to hear all about you over the length of our visit.
    "I'm sorry for the lecture. Cory, babe I'm sorry I yelled at you. Babe, you know I love you." Cory came to me and sat in my lap as we locked lips and hugged each other. Cory turned to Cullen and apologized then the two of them kissed. Brad and Jay just kissed each other for the heck of it.
    I was in front of Traveler© talking with JB when I looked up though the windshield to see Cory at the computer that was still running the air horn program. I gave him the look, He threw his hands up and backed away as he, Brad, and Jay laughed. I wish I was a fly on the wall to hear that conversation. I climbed back on board as ten boys climbed in after me. "Show us where you want us to park. JB wants this spot for the investors." Brad and Jay jumped out and mounted their ATVs and led the us down to their little cabin in the woods.
    Every one should have such a little cabin. It was beautiful. I opened up the back end of Traveler© and let the boys drag out our ATVs and the two trail bikes. My ATVs made the ones Brad and Jay were riding look like toys. Brad got the keys from the house and he and Jay brought out two more ATVs from the garage. Altogether we had eight vehicles and fifteen people. No one would have to walk.
    Brad showed the crowd up to the bedrooms on the upper floor. One bedroom was left for Cas and Lew, when they arrived. Pete and I were taken downstairs to Brad's Uncle Carlos's room Brad called his dad from his cell phone and told him about the house guests. Ric Garcia apologized to his son, in his concern about the sale at his import business he had forgotten to tell the boys that he had told Mr. Bradford that he could put his guests up at the cabin. Brad corrected his dad as he told him it was JB. Ric gave permission to open his and Carlos's bedroom up to the travelers. Brad told him that they were the travelers in Traveler©. Ric didn't have time to hear that one out and hung up.
    "How's the sale going, babe?" Jay asked.
    "He said they are swamped. He said they have made as much money this morning as they did last month." The two boys high fived each other as their house guests looked on with smiles on their faces.

    "You guys are cute together. How long have you been boyfriends?" Pete asked
    "A year and a half. We got together on Christmas day of 2003."
    Bedroom assignments made with two to a bedroom. Clothes lost we all gathered in the kitchen for sodas as Jay told their story. All of the boys hated Ryan then they felt sorry for him.
    Brad held his boyfriend as I told my story. I told of my love for Charley, a man much older than anyone any of the other boys could imagine. I told of the parties with older men and the favors that were bestowed on me by my willingness to make the men feel good.
    "Yeah, feel good with your nine inch cock up their ass," Cory chided. He stroked my cock to erection so Brad and Jay could see it. He measured it for them then swallowed the entire pole.
    I continued my story and told the two boys how I came to have all of these boys living with me. I told them that there were two more boys, brothers that had been left in Pennsylvania for a brief reunion with their mother and father. It was apparent that all of them were concerned about the brothers so Tyler and Turner told them the story as everyone dressed in shorts, tees, and sandals to go to the barbeque.
    Tyler and his little hero brother were bunking up while their boyfriends, the other brother team, visited their parents. I was going to meet the two at the airport in Albany the following morning. I had a rental car reserved in the little town nearby. Brad offered to drive me in to get the car. I accepted the offer.

    A much larger crowd than JB had anticipated showed up for the first annual meeting of the Bradford Academy For Gay Boys. JB kept his comments light and stressed the work being done and the importance of it. He was proud of the fact that the state had now allowed him one hundred and fifty boys and they were arriving as quickly as dorm rooms could be finished to house them.
    There was some opposition to the school by several fundamentalist Christian groups who felt that homosexuality was a sin and an abomination to God. They wanted the school shut down and all of the students placed in facilities where they could be cured of their affliction.
    It was no secret that homosexuality was not in God's plan of "Go forth and populate the earth." There were going to be no babies from this school to leech off of the welfare system. There were no baby factories that could pop a kid out every ten to twelve months and live entirely off of welfare money.
    The purpose of BAG Boys, Jay's nickname was beginning to stick, was to raise boys up to be contributors to society, not drains on it. Each boy was given the finest education as his best strengths were identified and built upon. A poet was led to the beauty within him and not forced to learn how to flip burgers. A pianist was not given a hammer to pound his gifted fingers into pulp. The jock trained his body and his mind, but didn't have to learn to appreciate ballet or weave baskets.
    I was asked to speak to the financial situation of the school. "Let me begin by thanking each and everyone of you for believing in an idea and putting your money down to prove those beliefs. There is a lot going on and your money has made it happen. We have shown a small profit this year and dividend checks will be made available to those who seek them. We have been told that some of you do not want a check this year, but that you would like to let your money ride, so to speak. This is your choice.
    "There are some here who have a need, for personal reasons, to cash out. Their full investment plus the dividends will be paid out to them as quickly as possible. While your money has been and is important to this project your support is worth so very much more. We thank each of you for your solidarity to this cause and wish you a very prosperous future."
    My speech, while not long was, I hoped, informative and well received. Five people had come on hard times and cashed out getting their initial twenty five thousand dollar investment with a sweet six point seven percent dividend payment. A much better return than anything else in the low interest markets of the past year. Many of the investors asked for their $1675.00 checks, but left the initial investment as it was. They would do something special with the interest payment.
    One lad of sixteen ran up to Jay and kissed him, hard. "I always thought I hated fags, but you guys bought me a car. I get my licence this week and my old man just got a check for thirty three hundred dollars. He told me that I could buy me some sweet wheels for school. I love you guys." Jay and the others had a good laugh at the boy's exuberance.
    The federal government had constantly lowered interest rates to try and curb a runaway recession that seemed to loom over the nation's economy. This project grew and made the people money. There were some at the meeting that wanted to invest more money, but JB and I had already made plans in that respect and politely informed these folks that new investments were closed while a reorganization of the project was being studied. Shareholders was the one thing that the two of us had agreed that we did not need.
    I had my people drawing up articles of incorporation for the state's corporation commission. A closed corporation was the only way that the school could survive. It was agreed that the current stockholders were sympathetic to the needs and goals of the school, but would their heirs be in the event that the stock should be passed on? This was something that the two of us could not take a chance on. By law we needed four officers to form a closed corporation. We really hoped that the ones we chose as Vice President and Secretary would accept, although it was more of an office of title than duty.
    Were the stock to go public the voting power would shift to an unknown quantity. By keeping the controlling stock in close proximity then the school was safe from outside influence. The meeting adjourned and the barbeque began. At dusk the crowd gathered for another, of what some hoped would become, annual fireworks display over the peaceful waters of the private lake deep in the foot hills of the Adirondack Mountain area north of Albany. Because of sever drought conditions and much of America's west and south east being on fire at the time, a fire boat had been brought to the still lake. All day long the boat had sprayed thousands of gallons of water over the forest for about a quarter of a mile in on every side. The fireworks were all aimed to go right down the middle of the lake, but one errant misfire could devastate the entire area.
    The boys and I joined JB to sit outside on the patio of the Garcia cabin and enjoy the quiet evening. Christopher was disappointed to learn that Luke Bingham was no longer with the school. Jay and Brad wanted to know how Christopher knew Luke. Christopher told of a trip that he and I had made to New York City in February and how he and I had fucked JB and Luke to jelly.
    Both boys laughed as the tiny fifteen year old told his tall tale. Christopher, being a lad with no modesty at all stood up and dropped his shorts reveling his two man sized cock to the awe struck teenagers. The boys also focused in on the part about JB's involvement as neither of them had ever seen him in a relationship.
    With the cat out of the bag JB told the boys of his love of teenagers, such as themselves. I revealed that I had been one of JB's lovers when I was, but a teenager. I had hoped that my old friend could stay with Luke, even though the boy had told them that he had a boyfriend named Jerry that he loved very much. When I learned that Luke and Jerry had returned to Albany to run Luke's family store and the story behind that decision I understood, but I was still sad for my old friend. I had to find the man a lover. As dean and head of a school for boys he had to be careful. He could not be allowed to have sex with any of the students at anytime for any reason. Even sex with a staff member was a dangerous thing. No JB needed a young man to love.
    The evening wound down and each boy went to bed with his own partner. JB was not in a peaceful state of mind as he longed for the companionship that he saw amongst my boys and me. JB was an educator and he did what he did best, he built a school for the molding of young minds. Very honorable, very lonely for a boy lover.
    I was up early the next morning. Brad, not normally a morning person, was at the coffee pot. I wondered over to a stool at the breakfast bar in the large kitchen. Brad set a cup of the hot liquid before me. Our eyes locked on each other. Brad seened to wobble, he reached out to steady himself, but put his arms around me, I drew him into a tight embrace. We lingered in the warmth of the other.
    Pulling away Brad took the stool next to me and sucked at his own cup of hot coffee. "What time is the plane you have to meet?"
    "They're due in about ten. What is it, about one hundred miles? To the airport from here?"
    "Yeah, but if you catch the turn to Glens Falls you can get the freeway all of the way and make some good time. I have made it in a little less than an hour and a half." He sat grinning at himself.
    "Well, I guess I could take Traveler©. He could make it in under and hour, easy." At the wide eyed look of the boy I told of my rescue mission of Jerry and Tim. Cory joined us, he sipped his coffee as he verified the story and told of his white knuckles. He offered to show his permanent finger imprints in the arms of the passenger seat of the big RV.

    Pete rode along with Brad and Jay as they took me to get the rental car. Brad said that he could easily have picked the boys up in his truck and saved the car rental fees. I told him that I was going to need the car because I had some ideas and I may need to stay in the area for a little longer.
    I rented a full sized van with extra seats so I could get fifteen people inside, if needed. It was a miserable ride and one that I would never consider owning, but it would fill the needs of this trip. I thought that maybe a trip into New York City would be fun for the boys. It was about two hundred and seventy miles. Would the boys take such a trip in the cramped van? I would have to think on it.

    That evening the boys set about preparing the extra thick steaks that I had brought back with me. Cas and Lew were trying to put on a brave face, but something was amiss, I let it go as I watched the young men. I knew that they would open up to me in their time so I was content to wait and see.
    During dinner finances were brought up. Everybody was amazed at the apparently never ending source of money that I spent. There was some genuine concerns raised. Then Cas let out his problem. He told the group that they were freeloading off of me and doing nothing to support themselves. He had just spent two days with his mother who had berated her sons with their, "Being kept" by a pervert who was on his way to hell and taking her sons along with him.
    Then the real story came out. His parents were broke. They had been ostracized for having raised two sexually deviant sons. They apparently had not taught the boys correctly and had only catered to the boys baser desires. Their father had lost his position with the church which had paid their bills all of these years. They were being made to move from the only home they had known since marriage. The only way that they could see for themselves was to leave the community in disgrace.
    "I am only going to discuss this once. I don't want questions or comments about this ever again. I am not comfortable telling any of you this, but here goes anyway," I began.
    "I love each of you with all of my heart. From the moment you climbed into my bed inside Traveler© until now my love for you has grown. I know every single inch of everyone of you. And I believe that I know your hearts.
    "Boys, I have money. Yes, I spend freely. But that's because I love to give. You think that you aren't paying your way? You're wrong. You pay me every time you smile at me. Every time we speak together I get so much more than money could ever bring me. Christopher, tell them what you heard in the taxi last February."
    "What, when you told grandmother and me that you were worth two billion dollars?" That got the boys to talking. The room was abuzz.
    "That's the one. Problem is I am no longer worth two billion dollars. That was last February. A lot has happened since them. Have any of you ever heard of commodity investment?" A look around the room drew blank expressions. "Gentlemen, every one of you here, except our hosts Brad and Jay, have millions of dollars invested in commodities.
    "The day we returned home from Sacramento I began to invest in your names. I have an obligation to you for your future. What is that obligation? Boys, excuse my crassness. You are so much more than a fuck to me. I am in love with each and everyone of you. I owe you. I love commodity investing and I am good at it. At the current time the big thing is gasoline, to be exact, regular unleaded gasoline—RUG.
    "I bought my first two thousand dollar option of gasoline in December of 2001. I took control of hundreds of gallons of gas. By January first of 2002 my two thousand dollars investment doubled. I kept the money in there as I decided to play a little poker. All of the market indicators said regular unleaded gasoline was going to go up. With every nickle of increase at the pump I gripe. Seeing more money going into that little hole in the fender of my car bothered me.
    "When I first bought in, gas was selling at the pump for ninety nine cents. By June it was selling for a dollar forty five cents. A forty five percent increase. I had already rolled my two thousand dollars three times and now had six thousand dollars invested with a forty five percent profit.
    "To get on with the story, as you saw on this trip, gasoline is already at two dollars a gallon and more. In February I was worth two billion dollars. Today I am worth five billion dollars and boys, that is cash. That is go to the bank and pick up green dollar bills cash. No houses or buildings. No long term investments in intangibles. Cash.
    "Now, for you. As soon as we returned from Sacramento I put money into commodities for Cory and Cas. I had already invested Tyler and Turner's money. Jerry and Tim joined us so I opened accounts for them. And so on and so on. Each one of you is now worth about a million dollars. Tyler and Turner a little more. Jim and Christopher both had money for me to manage. They are worth quite a bit more.
    "I invest other people's money for them and I am good at it. I retired from that line of work and only invest for you and myself now. Cas, you and Lew want money to help your folks, you have it. It is yours. You each have VISA Debit cards, don't you ever look at your balance? Where do you think that money comes from? You receive interest payments to your accounts every month. All of you boys do. We will sit down and go over your investment packages and you can decide if you want to cash out of a slow moving investment or move money from another. You have more money then you need to help your family as you see fit.
    "As for the rest of you. I will sit down with you, one on one, and go over your accounts. I won't discuss your personal assets with anyone else. I have already violated that confidentiality with what I have said here now. I just want you to know that I love you and you owe me nothing.
    "One more thing. I was a fifteen year old cocksucker that loved an old man. He took me into his house and he invested in me. He set me up to be what I am today. He educated me in areas that I would need to continue on. He made me get a master's degree in business where I learned the basics of investing. These basics are just that. School can teach you enough to make you hungry. If you are hungry enough you will search for the gourmet methods and learn to make money smarter and easier than school will ever teach you. If schools taught what I have amassed in my search for knowledge the world would be full of billionaires and there would be no hunger or poverty in the world."
    Brad and Jay looked on with envy.

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