Chapter nineteen


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    Well, some of the relations came. There were at least seventy or eighty people around and some mighty fine looking boy flesh crowned the group. Two huge fires had been started in six foot pits, whole trees were thrown in. Okay, I am always told that I exaggerate too much. The logs were six to eight feet long and had not been split. They ranged up to about fifteen inches in diameter. True to his word Steve produced two calf halves, they were spitted and hung above the fires. Several women tended the meat basting and turning it as it cooked. Beer and soda flowed as wide and deep as the river. Alright. There was a lot. If you don't want a description then use your imagination.
    There was a lot of corn mash fire water, some bonded some not I have a taste for the aged so I stuck to the bonded. I was feeling no pain as the sun began to set. A table, as you can not imagine, was piled with foods such as I had never seen. The beef was so tender and juicy that one only had to place it on their tongue and it would melt away. Some exaggerations make for a better description.
    Steve came over with four fine looking boys wearing nothing but very short and tight cut offs. The covering left nothing to the imagination as to what the boys had between their legs. Clearly two of the boys had erections and the other two were mid-way up, or on their way back down, I didn't know which. "These boys like to party and they would like to know Cory and their cousin from the city. If you want you can use that house over there tonight. He nodded to a small house across the river."
    We found our way across the river to the house. It was two big rooms, one had six full sized beds in it. The other was a kitchen living room combination with eight sofas and a huge wooden table large enough for twenty people. The boys told us that this was the bunk house where the extra crew slept during harvest.
    The boys dropped their cut offs and helped Cory out of his shoes and shorts. Somebody pulled my jeans off and a cute kid of about seventeen had my cock down his throat. He came up for air, "Yep, he's family." All eyes were on me with sounds of admiration. I checked out the boys close by and there wasn't anything under seven inches in the room. I think some of them were up there with me.
    I grabbed a kid by the balls and pulled him to me, I took his cock in my mouth as he lay down. He grabbed a boy and sucked him and in a few minutes we had a circle of six cocksuckers doing a daisy chain. We sucked each other for several hours, swapping partners as we went. Around mid-night someone grabbed me and pulled me into the other room and put me on a bed. He mounted my upright dick as I lay on my back. The alcohol had done a number on me and I had no idea where I was or what I was doing, but I was happy.
    I awakened the following morning with Cory on top of me and my cock up his ass. He was still asleep. I had to piss. I looked around. The boys were paired up fucking each other and still asleep. I tried to move. Cory opened his eyes, "Gotta pee?" I nodded. "Do it. Please." I wasn't sure. His eyes pleaded with me, I pushed a little. Once started the flow was not going to stop, I peed like there was no tomorrow. Cory was kissing me and licking my face. "That feels so weird. I have always wanted to do that."
    My stream finally subsided and he just lay there. My dick went soft and slowly eased out of his ass as I felt him clenching up. He locked his ass ring and kissed me again, then he carefully rolled to the edge of the bed and walked with his knees together to the bathroom. I followed him as he sat on the toilet. He let go and it sounded like a flood hitting the water in the bowl. His grin was ear to ear.
    Another boy walked in knock kneed and took the toilet next to Cory. He let go of his own flood. "That is so cool. I can never get enough of that. Did you like it." Cory nodded and smiled. "I told you you would. I started doing that a few months ago and it so awesome." Another boy rushed by to take a seat and he passed his load of hot pee and farted.We all laughed. The boys admitted to doing this all of the time. It seemed like a good way to wake up and clean all of the night's activities out of the body.
    All six of us got into the big shower room and helped each other clean up. Some of us were on our knees cleaning appendages then found ourselves standing as we were cleaned. We all found our shorts and got back across the river to a big breakfast prepared by the women. By noon all of the relations were gone and it was just Steve, Cory, and me.
    The stable hand brought up three saddled horses outfitted with bedrolls and rifles. Across the saddles lay heavy leather chaps. "I suggest you put these on. Where we're going you will get your legs cut to ribbons without them."
    They were sexy. I put mine on and it did not cover my crotch or butt at all. There was a thick pillow type affair in the saddle seat. Cory caught on at once. How I don't know, but he dropped his thin shorts and pulled on the chaps. He took the boots out of the stirrups and pulled out a pair of thick cotton socks. He sat on the porch and put the socks and boots on. When he stood up he looked like my kind of cowboy; masculine boy chest with his very smooth skin showing the beginnings of muscled abs, his low rising leather chaps revealed his nice uncut cock hanging soft and about three and a half inches long. He bent over to tie the chaps in several places down his thighs and around the calves of his legs showing his cute little ass to the world.
    I knew what Steve wanted and I pulled my shorts off without taking off the chaps. I put on my boots and tied everything down. I put my shorts and Nikes in my saddle bag and mounted the horse. The pillow was an excellent addition as it cushioned my tender ass from the harsh leather.
    Steve turned his horse and moved toward the river. We rode across at the narrows where it was shallow and climbed the opposite bank. Steve kept us in an upward climb for about three hours. The brush was heavy and was beating around our legs, but above the horses' backs there was virtually no loose vegetation to hit our upper bodies.
    About three thirty we were up to about the five thousand foot mark. We were on top of the mountain. There was a faint trail, probably made by the natural wild life, that hugged the shear gray granite face of a bluff that stretched out for some distance before us. We kept riding until we climbed onto a little rise and broke into a mountain top glade with a lake in front of a sheer cliff of solid granite. A meadow of short green grass surrounded the little lake.
    Steve dismounted. He removed the saddle and gear from his horse and walked to a very full bush at the base of the cliff. He pushed the bush aside to reveal a wide, but low cave opening. He placed his tackle in the cave and stood watching us. We dismounted and did as he had done. He took our horses and led them to a spot at the edge of the lake where the grass was abundant. He was petting the horses and talking to them in Ewf—Tsalagi—Cherokee. He rubbed his face against theirs and seemed to be bonding with the animals. I was in awe of this man. I wanted to learn from him. He opened the pack from Cory's horse and passed cold beer around. He opened my pack and handed each of us two sandwiches. He sat down at a circle of large stones and ate his meal. We sat beside him and looked westward.
    "This is the tallest mountain on this side of the state. There's one down at Lawton that is seven feet taller, but they built a road to the top of that so you can drive up. I like this one better. It belongs to me and I won't let them build a road."
    There was a natural clearing of the trees here which seemed to frame a commanding view of the area before us. We could see for miles. The land is fairly flat west of the river. "When night comes we will see the lights of Tulsa. Tulsa is about eighty miles that way as the crow flies. I like to come here and sit at night and look at the heavens and talk with the Great Spirit. I am Christian so I know He is God, but He is a Spirit, my Bible tells me so."
    Not another word was spoken as we ate the peaches and apples he had brought. We drank bottles of tea and let the beer go for now. After about an hour he looked at us. "I am sure that you are my grand nephew. I know in my heart that Cory is my son's son. I love you both very much. I have one request to make.
    "Cory, you will make this old man happy if you will give me a son of your own. I know of your love for Chris and I have no problem with that. There are many good looking girls in this area that would like to bear your children. We are a simple people and they would not require your love. They will welcome you and Chris and love you as a couple. But they want to see my name carried on through my son Cory and his son, you."
    "Grandad, I am only sixteen, but I will give you grandsons and lots of them, but can I wait for a few years until I finish school so I can get a job and support them? I don't want the kid to grow up without a father or the money to buy food."
    "When the DNA tests come back next week you will have more money than you can spend. I am pleased with your words though. I knew you were the kind of boy who would want to take care of his own.
    "Chris, you might want to have a few sons to carry on your name too." I smiled at him. "For now, I would like to ask something that embarrasses me." He got real quite and in almost a whisper he asked us, "Could I watch the two of you make love?"
    His request was from the heart and it made me feel good all over. Cory moved to him and kissed him. I stood and began to untie my chaps, "Boots on or off?"
    Cory grinned, "On."

    The next few days dragged by. I don't know why, I have never been in a more peaceful place. I guess that is why the days seemed so long, I had nothing to do, but fish and fuck. The boys from the feast came around, one or two at a time, to bring us food, and they wanted a little sex so Cory and I did our best to give them everything they needed. One boy in particular grabbed my fancy, he was fourteen, but man was that dude hung. He had a nine inch cock on his five foot six inch frame. He was a skinny lad so the huge meat was disproportionately large. I had seen Steve checking the boy out so I talked to him as I fucked his young ass raw. The boy was an insatiable bottom, but he loved his granddad. He had just never thought of doing that with him.
    He called his mother and told her he was going to stay at Steve's house overnight. He walked up to Steve and took him by the hand then led him into the house. We didn't see either one of them until breakfast the next morning. Steve was as happy as I have ever seen him. The boy looked a little tired, as if he had gotten very little sleep the night before.
    The boy told us that he had to get home, he had chores to do, but he wanted one more romp with us before he left. He and Cory got into a very hot sixty nine as I mounted his young ass and rode him for over a half an hour. Cory told me that he had gotten off at least four times. He was amazed that the kid could cum so much. Cory admitted to getting off twice, but more from the view he had than the action he was receiving.
    Finally the day we waited for arrived. The postman brought a special delivery package to the house that Steve had to sign for. We sat together as Steve opened the package and handed the contents to me. He asked me to read them aloud.
    I looked them over while trying to maintain a poker face. The first page confirmed that the remains in wrecked car were those of one Cory Conway. The body would be available for claim by next of kin for disposition. Steve told us that he was going to bring his son home and put him out with his momma. I had seen the small cemetery and had seen the grave of one that I assumed was Steve's late wife. There was a double headstone on the grave with her name and dates. The other side of the stone had no name on it. He would put his baby boy in bed next to his mother.
    Steve grabbed Cory and held him in his lap. I read page number two, it concerned me. I was a blood relative of Steve. My DNA more closely matched the grandfather of the boy that Cory and I had fucked that morning. Steve revealed that the names in my family Bible had ended a long time mystery about his nephew's grand daughter.
    All of the names in the old Bible were known to be family members. Steve's dad had a half brother who was my great grandfather. Three brothers married into the tribe, Cleave, Theron and Lester. Theron's daughter took off with a soldier over in Tulsa and had ended up out west somewhere. Her's was the last name in the Bible above mine, Theron's name was above hers. Theron was the name of my grandfather that died when I was fourteen. My little sex puppy from that morning turned out to be my first cousin. He was my grandfather Theron's grandson by his second son, my uncle. Steve was my grandmother's second cousin, my fourth cousin.
    Well, I belonged, but the suspense was tense, I turned to the third page. The DNA sample supplied labeled as suspect one was a ninety nine point nine percent sure off spring of the corpse found in a car wreck in Tennessee and a ninety nine point nine percent sure direct descendant of DNA sample labeled Steve Conway.
    I looked at the two. They were in a tight embrace with silent tears running down both of their faces. My face was suddenly very wet itself.
    Steve made a few phone calls and the relations showed up within the hour. A party was held that lasted the rest of the week and long into the weekend. Sunday night found some bodies still trying to gain an upright position so that they could stagger home.
    I told Steve that I had always believed that my grandfather was Choctaw. He told me he was. Cleave, Theron, and Lester were Choctaw and had come to live in this area back around nineteen fifteen, a time when the white man was stealing Indian lands for the oil underneath it. They had each married Cherokee women, by tribal tradition the child is of the tribe of the mother so I was officially Cherokee with a quarter Choctaw blood contributed by Theron. My dad had been half French and half Scottish. I told Steve and Cory that the blood in me made me a half warrior, but I was a lover, and tight with my money. They assured me that the Scottish part hadn't taken, I was too free with my money. I told them I just spent it having fun.
    Monday afternoon Steve took Cory and me into town. We were at the bus station when a Trailways bus pulled in. Steve walked over near the door, Cory and I joined him to watch as the passengers disembarked. In a few minutes a thin and frail woman stepped off the bus. Cory burst past me and ran to her. He grabbed her and held her as they both cried. Steve had his people find Cory's mother, Sandra, and send her out to live there.
    Cory was the happiest boy on all of the earth. He showed his mom all over Steve's little ranch. He kept bringing her to me and introduced me at least five times, each time taking a moment to kiss me and grope me. He told his mother that I had the biggest dick in the world and he loved having it up his ass and down his throat. I know I was red.
    Steve gave Cory and Sandra their own rooms at the far end of his house. Cory informed everybody that he would be sleeping with me. That went well until a week before school was due to start up for the second quarter of the fall semester.
    I insisted that Cory get himself into a stable setting so that he could concentrate on the most important thing, his education. I would not settle for less than a B+. I knew he was capable and I wanted him to achieve his potential. We argued a bit and he got huffy. He is, after all, a teenager. I began to think that just maybe I was holding him back. He wasn't old enough for a lover and school. He needed no distractions in his young life.
    Okay, I have a wonder lust, so sue me, I bought Traveler to see the country, I needed to go. Cory was set and didn't need me, I know, he wanted me and I want him, but we each have our own agendas. His is school and growing up. Mine is traveling and bedding boys.
    Autumn was in full bloom and winter loomed close ahead. I don't do cold well and wanted to get back to the warmth of southern Arizona. With promises to keep in touch I pointed Traveler down the highway. I will admit that I had more than a small knot in my chest and the road was blurry because of the sweat in my eyes. No, never tears, it had to be sweat. I had to put miles between us.

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