Chapter forty two


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Morning found Pete, Jim, Christopher, and me climbing into a rental car with a driver. We drove into town and dropped the driver at the rental office and set course for Albany and a week of business.
    With only a little over sixty miles to go I pulled off at the Warrensburg exit to a little café for a cup of coffee. I had heard Christopher whisper to Jim that he wished he had taken a leak before we left, but he could make it, he thought. I hate like hell to have to hold it. It always seems that the tiniest bump in the road aggravates the system making it all the more urgent to hang it out and let it rip. You've been there, and will be again so you know the feeling.
    Pete asked me why we had stopped. I looked at him and smiled, "Do you know what it feels like when you really, really have to pee?" He shook his head and told me he did. I held my hand out to him, "Here, feel of me and see if I have to go." His eyes enlarged, filling his whole face with their deep blue, as the two in the back seat burst forth in laughter. I looked over at Christopher, "Why don't you go see if they have a nice clean restroom."
    We took a seat in the restaurant. The waitress brought water and menus as Christopher came in. He slid in next to me and talked quietly in my ear. A young boy was in the restroom "hustling," was the way Christopher put it. He said the kid looked lost and scared. I excused myself as I told the boys to order me two eggs scrambled, ala carte, two slices of whole wheat toast, dry, and black coffee.
    I saw a young shadow slip out of the back door as I turned to the restrooms, I followed in the same direction. I was outside of the kitchen door, amidst the garbage cans and there was no one in sight. The flies were as thick as the stench. A compressor shut off making the silence deafening. To my right I heard a subdued whimper. I slowly moved toward the noise and spotted my prey.
    A youngster of about twelve or thirteen sat between two of the smelliest garbage cans on the face of the earth, as he tried to make himself invisible. Slowly I approached and squatted down in front of him with my face level to his. "It will all be okay, son. Nobody is going to hurt you." He looked up at me, he had been hurt. He had a scabbed over cut on his mouth and a beauty of a shiner under neath his wire framed eye glasses. His tears were real and large. I held out my hand to him. "Would you honor me by having breakfast with me?" His look softened as my words played around in his head. Slowly he inched his way from between his covering towers of stench. I held out my hand to him which he took and pulled himself to a standing position.
    He was very under fed and sorely under dressed. His shoes were covered in mud and his bare feet in them showed his great need for a bath. His tight jeans looked to be painted on and the tee shirt he wore was in tatters. There was a tragic story here and one I would have the answer to, soon. I led the boy back inside and stopped at the restroom. I sat him on top of the lavatory and removed his shoes. His feet smelled worse than the garbage can outside. I ran the water to get it warm and washed his tiny feet with soap. I washed his face and arms and let him wash his hands. I pulled out my pocket comb and ran it through his matted hair then I washed his glasses, drying them with my shirt tail. I put the glasses on his face and pulled in really close to him, "Now I can see a beautiful young man that needs a bunch of food in his belly." I kissed the end of his nose as his little tummy growled at me. He giggled. I picked him up and carried him to our booth and sat him down next to Christopher.
    He took one look at Christopher and started to move away. I pushed him back, "We're all your friends. You are safe with us." I found out what he wanted to eat and he looked at my eggs as the waitress sat them in front of me. I ordered him a big plate of bacon and eggs with potatoes and toast and another plate with two scrambled eggs, ala carte, as I pushed the plate before me over to him. He stared at me, but hunger overcame him and he dug into the yellow pile of hot food.
    In mere moments the waitress was back with his breakfast and mine. She brought a big glass of chocolate milk for all four of my boys. Christopher had his arm around the boy and let him lean back and relax as his food strengthened his body. His stepfather had caught him sucking his younger stepbrother's dick. The man beat him with his fists and kicked him. He grabbed his clothes and ran. He didn't notice until he was out of the house that he had his ten year old brother's jeans, but there was no way he was going back to his house.
    I wormed the boy's name and phone number out of him and picked up my cell phone. With all four boys watching my all too familiar routine I spoke into the phone, "Is this Mr. Hiederick Heintz? Mr. Heintz I have young Eric Stubbens in front of me. I need to know what is going on between you two."
    "There is nothing going on between me and that little queer. He molested my ten year old son and when I find him I will take his stinking, rotting corpse to the police to have him locked up for the rest of his life."
    "I understand. We are treating the bruises from your most recent encounter with the boy. As soon as he is healed we will let him identify you as his attacker and abuser. From the initial examination of this youngster's injuries I would think that you can safely plan to be away from your family for at least five or six years. If I can I will try to get more time for you. In the meantime I want you to relax and know that I am coming for you."
    "What? He is the fag. Why are you coming for me?"
    "He is also a minor What he did was no more than childish curiosity and the courts will not hold that against him. You, however…Mr. Heintz, you have a good day."
    "Wait. Please wait. Is there anything I can do?"
    "Are you afraid of doing a little prison time for beating up an eighty pound, twelve year old boy. I am sure that this would make you very popular amongst your fellow inmates. You would hardly ever have a day when someone wouldn't come to you and share with you the pain that you have inflicted on young Eric. He is in pretty bad shape. I only hope that he doesn't loose the sight of this one eye. The teeth will probably get stronger as the tissue around them regenerates itself. I don't see any root damage in the x-rays so I can only speculate at this point.
    "I am aware of a private school where Eric could go where he would be looked after and allowed to grow up to his full potential. If you would be interested we might be able to enroll him there. It is a boarding school, but the tuition is not so great that a family seeking to help their youngsters with certain tendencies couldn't pay it."
    "How much?"
    "Well, I will have to have the school get in touch with you for that, but I believe that it would be less than five hundred dollars a month. It might be better for him in the long run. I would hate to have to see him relive his night of horror over and over during a long investigation and trial."
    "It sounds like blackmail or extortion to me."
    "Well, I can understand where you could feel that way. I see my captain coming in. I need to make my report on this. It has been…well we talked, didn't we?"
    "Wait. Please wait. About this school. How do I get him into it?"
    :"I'll contact them today and have them set up an interview with Eric. If they feel that the boy will fit in with their curriculum then I am sure that they will contact you. Is this what you want for the boy? How about his mother? Will she want to send her youngster away to a boarding school or would she rather keep him at home and try to raise him and your other little guy by herself?"
    "We'll work it out. Okay? Just have them contact me. What's the name of the school?" I knew this was coming, but I had to go on. I was too far into it to back out now.
    "It is the Bradford Academy."
    "I'll wait to hear from this Bradford bunch then." He hung up. I sat and looked at my latest acquisition. That is so wrong. He was a child in danger. He is not a trophy on my wall, he was cute. Very cute. I asked him if he would like to go with us to Albany for a few days. He was ready to go anywhere, except back home.
    Eric sat between Jim and Christopher as they told him that all of us were gay cock suckers. He giggled as he heard this. He was thirteen, by about two and a half months. He had learned about masturbation from his older playmates and discovered the joy that it brings just over a year earlier. He and his stepbrother were learning to play together and Eric decided to take the plunge. He had a curiosity about sucking a cock and his little brother had let him go down on his little boy cocklet.
    Eric really liked doing the boy. They had been at it for over thirty minutes and his brother had already had three dry orgasms. The kid loved the feeling and didn't want Eric to stop. Eric had no intention of stopping. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there stood his step father, all hell broke loose on the tiny lad.

    The first order of business, as far as I was concerned, was to get Eric cleaned up. We arrived at Jerry and Luke's house, Jerry ran over and unlocked the door and told us that they were swamped. He said that they wouldn't be home until after closing, probably around six to six thirty. I showed Jim and Christopher to the room that Brad and Jay had shared the previous week while Pete stowed our gear in the room we would share again.
    I then led Eric to the bathroom and drew a tub of water. He knew what was coming and he was as ready as our noses were for him to get clean. He stood naked before me with a cute four inch nail ready to poke a hole in a two by four. Before the tub was full I added bubble bath and one dirty boy. He sighed as he sat back in the hot water. I let it fill until it was up to the overflow. He lay back and let it come up to his neck and closed his little eyes. The boy was tired, he had been running on adrenalin.
    I left him while I got out of my clothes and got a long tonsil massage from the other three boys. They were all anxious to know who would get to do Eric first. I told them that that was strictly up to Eric. It was his body to share, or not, as he saw fit and with whom he saw fit to offer himself too.
    I called the school and was happy when JB answered. I explained the situation to him. I gave him all of the information I had and left it in his capable hands. I returned to the bathroom and checked the water temperature. As I figured the water was getting cool, rapidly. I took the shampoo and scrubbed a very thick head of shoulder length hair. Eric was giggling. He told me that his mother used to wash his hair, but his stepfather wouldn't allow it. He said he didn't want any soft pussy boys around. It was time for Eric to grow up and tend to his own hygiene.
    I told Eric that he was in trouble because I was ready to wash his entire body. He smiled and lay back. I took a wash cloth and began to soap and scrub him from head to toe. His feet were filthy, he had fallen in a mud puddle and had not been able to clean them. The cursory cleaning I had done at breakfast helped, but he needed, and wanted, a lot of attention. I paid particular attention to all of his body parts as he began to ask questions.
    His questions were insightful and came from someone who had obviously had some experience. He was most interested in anal sex. The how to's and the why's and most of all, would it hurt. I answered all of his questions and offered to give him a foretaste of what he could expect, if he so desired. He desired. I had him stand and face me as I drained the tub of its cold, dirty water. I was going to let the lad finish off with a hot shower. But first I intended to give him the most pleasure that his little body could imagine.
    He had sucked his brother on two different occasions and had done it three times on the day he was caught. The little brother had attempted to return the favor once, but had quit when he tasted the seminal fluid as Eric began to flow. I noticed that he did have a healthy flow of the precum as he stood before me and his dick pumped up and down with the beating of his young heart.
    I lathered my hand with lots of soap and washed the boys genitals. I gave a good account of action to his tight scrotum, which held his, only recently distended, testicles close to his body. The heat of my hands and the warmth of the room helped his scrot to relax a bit and the wrinkled sack fell away from his groin. I had a good lather built up on his cock, but I had been careful not to stimulate him. I wanted him erect and ready, but not randy.
    I moved my hand to his crevice and soaped the deep channel between the two tiny melon halves that created this tiny valley. I could hardly wait to get my face in there, but I wanted to go slow and let Eric lead, for his comfort. I checked with him along the way, confirming that he was doing okay and wanted to continue. When I began to circle his anus his knees became useless. I let him lean on me as I probed and circled the wagons in preparation of the assault to come.
    Eric was as ready as he would ever be as he moaned his pleasure to my actions. I let the end of my right pinky make the initial entry. Eric stood up straight and looked at me as I kept perfectly still. His body ran a gauntlet of emotions as he dissected the intense pain in his rectum. I felt his body relax and slowly withdrew my finger. The look on his face was priceless. He was in pain, but he didn't want the pain to go away. He was afraid to ask me to return.
    I ran my hands back through his tight valley and got a fresh coating of soap on my finger and put it back in, this time allowing it to go all the way inside. Eric straightened up and stood on his tip toes trying to run ahead of the invader. I am a tall, slender man with long digits. My little finger is the width and length of most forefingers. At just a shade over three and a half inches long and as thick as Eric's skinny cock, I am sure that to him it felt like he was getting fucked by a real dick.
    I rested again and stared into his eyes. Tears gathered then retreated. His body relaxed minutely. I wiggled my finger inside his rectal channel and let my knuckle stretch at his anus, making his sphincter spasm slightly. A smile crept across his face as the new feelings flooded him to sensory overload. I was no where near overloading his circuits yet, but he had no way of knowing that. I began to pump in and out of him. He wrapped his tiny arms around my neck and held on for dear life.
    When I was sure that he was in full pleasure I withdrew my pinky and replaced it with my middle finger. He winced at the entry, but quickly was back into his pleasure zone. I sped up my assault making sure to avoid his prostate. I turned the water on to get warm and rinsed the soap from his body. Keeping my finger in its new sheath I turned the boy under the water and used my right hand to totally remove all traces of soap. I then turned him into the spray and aimed it directly onto his dick. I pulled his body back so that only that narrow little appendage had water playing over the angry red glans.
    I took the bar of soap in my right hand and withdrew my finger, again. I quickly soaped up my entire left hand and returned to his anus with two fingers. The lad nearly climbed over the top of me as I pushed all of the way inside. I let the water play over my right hand and rinsed the soap away and slowly began to pump in and out of his opening back passage.
    I had him ready to pop so I pulled him from the spray of the water and took his boi meat into my mouth. I raked my fingers across his virgin butt nut and had him try to crawl down my throat, cock first. I began a full on assault on his tiny gland while I let his cock fuck in and out of my mouth. His moans turned to screams of pleasure and I knew that my tribe would be in hysterics at the sound of another virgin going down.
    The virgin went down. The lad shot such a load into my mouth that his body gave up and he collapsed onto my fucking fingers. I held him up as I milked every tiny drop out of him and let him experience his very first mind numbing orgasm. When he was drained I moved him under the spray and soaped his whole body. I rinsed the shampoo from his hair and washed all of the soap away.
    Jim stood beside me with a towel held wide. I lifted Eric from the tub and passed him to Jim. Christopher stepped in and the two boys dried Eric's body. Pete held a towel out to me and I let him dry my spattered body. Eric reached over and took hold of my cock. He looked up at me, "Can I suck this?" I patted him on the head and told him he needed to take a nap and there were two horny boys that he could play with for now. I assured him that I was there for him, but he needed to recover from what he had just experienced for a bit first.
    Pete and I headed for our bed and lay down. I needed his cock, bad, I was worked up. No sooner had we lain down and got some things straight between us before we were joined by three tiny urchins that were following their erect meat to where the action was. I welcomed them, I had a deep, deep itch right then and Christopher would serve me well. Pete and I swallowed each other's meat as I knelt over him giving the little randy top full access to me. Eric was right in there where he could watch the entire scene until Jim pulled him into his first sixty nine and filled the tot with his first taste of cum, which he loved. We each took it to task to pleasure our lovers then took a short nap. I needed to shake off the morning and get myself collected.
    I felt warmth around my cock and a satisfied moan directly in my ear from Christopher who had his mouth right up to my ear. A different voice said, "Mmmmm, who's ass is that?"
    Christopher said, "Dad's."
    "Mmm mm mmmmmm, tastes so goood."
    I looked down and saw Jerry's deep blue eyes looking back at me. He had all of my cock in his mouth and was kneading me like bread dough only using his tongue and his teeth, very lightly. I kind of get off on someone chewing on my cock as long as they are easy. I have had teeth marks left on me though. Luke was sucking Christopher clean of our recent activities.
    Jerry's actions were creating the reaction that we both needed. My cock began to fill up and fill out. Jerry was right on top of things as he let me slowly slip straight into his tight throat. I am only about two inches longer than Luke and he is almost as thick as me. I was no real stretch for Jerry. The harder I got the more he moaned his satisfaction. He stuck his finger up my ass, but withdrew it at once as he realized that I still had Christopher's cum up in me.
    His eyes gave me that, "devil may care" look and he put three fingers up me and began to finger me making sure to rake across my prostate with each stroke. I wanted his cock and I tugged at his shoulders. He was reluctant to stop what he was doing, but he slowly turned around and got up on top of me to begin a fantastic mouth fuck. His balls were large and hanging long as they bounced and flopped across my nose and into my eyes, I loved it. He filled me with cock snot just seconds before I returned my load to him.
    We lay there nursing each other as I turned my head, slightly, to see Pete fucking the shit out of Jim. Luke had moved into Christopher and was fucking him royally as Eric had every inch of Christopher's huge cock down his tiny throat. The boy's face was red as he was having trouble breathing, but there was nothing short of unconsciousness that was going to stop the boy from trying.
    "Welcome home guys. We just moved in and made ourselves at home. Hope you don't mind." I quipped as Jerry moved around to take me up his ass. The boy really has gotten into me. I guess he wants to make up for the time I was with Luke.
    "Hey you know that you are welcome, anytime. Anything we have is yours. Even my boyfriend's ass," Luke quipped.
    Jerry looked at Luke and grinned, "But it feels so good, baby. Why don't you double dick me?" The boys had been talking about double dicking and Jerry really wanted it, bad. I wasn't so sure if Luke and I were a good pairing or even Christopher with either one of us. I thought that for his first time maybe Eric and Jim. Jerry looked hurt at my suggestion. He was going to go for broke. If tiny little thirteen year old, virgin Eric could swallow all of Christopher's mighty toy then by gosh he could take the one he loved more than his own life, and the one that he looked up to as his new mentor, up his ass and he wanted to do it now.
    I convinced him that we were a little fagged out right now, but maybe after we had some dinner and rested a bit.
    He conceded to that and made Lukey seal it with a kiss. Young love is so cute, those two were still living out their childhood in many ways. They had been thrust into the adult world much too soon, especially after finding their sexuality at such a late age. They needed the time to play like little boys. Once the aprons came off and the store was locked up, that's exactly what they did.

    Luke had to show me his latest acquisition. He took me over to the attic door and stopped before opening it. He looked at me and giggled like a ten year old kid with a secret. He opened the door and we climbed the stairs to a large attic play room. The boys had every kind of toy that boys could want up there. Their pride and joy was a huge model train lay out. They had run track all the way around the room and had three large fields about the room with miniature cities laid out. The areas in between were rife with mountains and lakes. There was even an airport with planes on invisable wires as well as planes suspended from the ceiling as they waited to land. A lot of work had gone into this project.
    Luke held up a small train locomotive. He explained to me that it was a very rare model and that he had bid for it on-line at the more famous of the auction sites. He bought it for only seven hundred dollars and was excited as hell to have it. I saw an old B&O locomotive in HO gauge. It was okay but…I'm sorry, the only thing I ever collected was boys. I don't remember ever having toys to speak of. I rode my bike over to some buddy's house to play ball or something with them. I sort of remember having some Army men at one time, but no one else would play them with me so I played what they had. I wanted to play with boys for as long as I can remember and my favorite play activity was bath time. Of course I made a big deal out of Luke's toys. He was encouraged and started showing me boy dolls in boxes, he called them action figures. When he started telling me their value I perked up. The boy had his own investment plan working for him for years. He figured that all of these toys were worth in the neighborhood of a quarter to maybe almost a half million dollars. I was stunned.

    We sat, naked of course, in the living room after a nice dinner of a vegetarian casserole with lentils that Jerry had made. He had gotten the recipe from Em Adams, Jay's mother. He had a broccoli sprout and spinach salad with virgin olive oil that was out of this world. For desert he had a fruit cup of exotic fruits, kiwi, pineapple, mango, and papaya served in a coconut shell for a bowl. I hoped that he was still planning to move in with us. He could teach us all a few things.
    I sat back in one of the boys' big recliner chairs with my laptop open. I did a google for Luke's toys. He was right, the boy was sitting on a fortune. I looked at him as he cuddled with Jerry. Jim and Eric were thick as thieves together and Pete was pawing Christopher into a frenzy. I am so glad that everyone gets along so well together. Out of nowhere I asked if the boys had any more ideas about the store and maybe retiring. That got a laugh out of them as they had not looked on it as retirement, not at their age. I assured them that this was precisely what it was.
    Luke told me that his helper in the butcher shop had expressed a sincere desire to manage the store, but he was worried about money. I asked him what kind of money they were talking about and how much did he really feel he needed. He had no clue, he just felt as if there should be a monetary agreement and the butcher felt that he should make a sizable investment into the business. True, an investment would encourage the butcher to put more of his heart in the position. He would be working to recover his money. But there are other ways to do things if you really want to do them.
    I asked Luke how soon he wanted to make this move. He wrapped his arms around Jerry and squeezed the boy extra tight. "My baby can't take another winter here. The fall is too wet for him. We need to get out of here before summer is over."
    "So what about this house and your furniture and toys?" Jerry looked at me with a puzzled expression.
    "Luke, I think that you have let this whole idea get away from you. We talked about your hiring someone to take over, not sell out. Have your plans changed?"
    In just one week Luke had let the whole idea get so twisted in his head that he had totally lost sight of what he really wanted to do. I told them that it was late and I wanted to get in bed with some hot bodies to keep me interested, but that the first thing the next morning we were going to get serious or drop the whole idea.
    Luke crawled on his knees over to Pete. He kissed my boy's cock and licked his balls and the back of his hand. He sat on his haunches and begged like a puppy, with big eyes and all. "May Jerry and I sleep with Chris tonight? We'll treat him well and we'll let you have him back in great shape in the morning."
    Pete looked at him and at me. He sighed, "Daddy, how can I let you go?"
    "Just tonight, Petey." Luke was cute.
    Pete looked at Jim, "Will you keep me from being lonesome? Maybe you and your boyfriend would like to bring a buddy along and fuck the living shit out of me. I'll let you double dick me." That did it. He had three boys in his lap, kissing all over him and begging him to let me go have my wonton relationship with a bunch of out of towners.
    I was the meat in a boy sandwich as the two youngsters threw me to their king sized bed and moved in from each side to ravage my helpless body.
    By morning all three of us were walking a little funny as each of us had to take the other two all the way up inside and get the living shit fucked out of us. Eric crawled in bed with us during our time in Jerry. He looked up inside after we pulled out. I looked at his tiny arm and asked him if he wanted to reach up in there. He looked at me then back at Jerry's gapping ass. He giggled and stuck his fist and arm up inside Jerry to his elbow. Luke and I had to try that for ourselves. It was a totally weird feeling. I think that Eric is going to be a very happy little faggot.

    We got down to business as we ate large bowls of oatmeal with nuts and raisins in it and drank papaya juice. I was dying for a cup of coffee, but the boys didn't even have a coffee maker. I had to get dressed and run down to the all night drug chain on the corner and buy a ten dollar pot and a pound of coffee for eight bucks. Go figure. When I got back the butcher was in a head to head with Luke. I made the coffee and he smiled at me. A man after my heart.
    The butcher was all for taking over as a working manager with a nice salary. He would have most of the responsibilities of the place except keeping the books. I had located a service in town that the boys could work with. I also had a strong commitment from the Ricardo brothers to take an interest in the store. I waited until the butcher left before I let Luke and Jerry in on that piece of information. They were excited about them being watchdogs. It would also give the boys a reason to call Brad and Jay every day or so.
    We worked out all of the details and hired additional help to staff the place on an even schedule. The current staff was okay with the butcher as manager. They understood Jerry's health needs and wished him well. They had been afraid that the store might close down like it had after the murders and they would be out of a job that some of them had had all of their working lives.
    I suggested to Luke that we list his toys on the same auction site that he had bought some of them from. He was excited about that. He had thought about doing that, but really had no experience. I knew someone that did. We took pictures of everything, from several angles. We made sure to get all of the information from the boxes and off of the toys themselves and I entered everything to a file which I e-mailed up to Tony MacMillan. Tony had convinced me that he was a whiz with computers so I set him a task.

    We did have a mission to accomplish yet and I wanted to go see Tim and the Johnson's. I wanted in that little Ricky's ass. He liked older men with big cocks and I really perved on his cut little bod. I had already found the shop that we needed so I took the three youngsters down to a big park where a sporting goods store was holding a three day training class for beginning scuba trainees. Eric was a little mixed as he had to decide about going with us to fuck all day or learning to dive. I held him close and told him that he was thirteen. He had years of fucking left in his sweet dick and I would take all of it he wanted to give me. Then I told him that the chance to learn to scuba dive didn't come around very often. He opted to go swim.
    The rest of us headed for the Johnson house. Tim and Ray both went off when they found out that Luke and Jerry were a couple. All four boys had been good friends for years but never thought of the other as being gay. They really wanted to get to know one another. Tim was at the VA hospital for therapy for the day. That left us with an even number for our playtime. Pete and Seth were okay together so I took Ricky to his bedroom and loved the boy with every inch in me. The boy loves cock, anally or orally, and he doesn't like to stop for rest in between. We had two solid hours of non-stop fucking when I had to call it quits and go get my sweet little ones out of the water.
    I arrived at the pool to find all three of them sitting on a bench waiting for me. Nothing was said but I knew that I was in serious trouble. I know how much I used to hate waiting for my mother to pick me up. This was no different. I took them to a Dairy Queen and bribed my way back into their graces before we picked up the others at the Johnson house. The three horn dogs were still fucking away as we walked in. They never even noticed that we had left. We got naked and joined them.
   I let Seth play with my three little ones with the understanding that Eric was virgin and would remain that way for awhile yet. He agreed, but the other two boys saw a ride coming. Seth saw a ride of his own as he played his eyes over Christopher. He had never had a boy so small with a cock so big. He was in lust overdrive.

    Luke and Jerry were ready for a vacation so I tied them up and dragged them back upstate with us on Friday afternoon. Once at the Academy I threw them to the hungry wolves and left them with nothing, but their wits to get them through. I looked back and noticed that their clothes did not survive the first few moments of the attack. My four companions didn't fare any better. I let Eric play awhile. I would take him up to the school at dinner time. For now I needed a little time alone.
    What I needed and what I got were not the same, but I enjoyed myself anyway. Cory slipped off and took hold of my hand as I headed for a bed and some rest. Cullen had gotten ahead of us. He had the bed turned back and a cup of coffee with fresh boi cream floating in it awaiting me. I kissed my nephew, drank my coffee and lay down. I was treated to the most sensual massage a man could wish for. The sex was done for me. I was fed spouting cocks and I was licked and laved from head to toe while my cock was more or less left on its own. When it was apparent that I needed relief it happened, but slowly and methodically.

    I awakened Saturday morning to the feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes to see Pete staring at me. "Have I told you lately how much I love you, old man. You are so beautiful and wonderful…"
    "And you need glasses and a shrink."
    I was attacked. I heard a voice from the door. Suddenly I was covered in boy flesh as my entire gang came in to welcome me home and tell me of their undying love and devotion. I am the luckiest man around.
    Brad slipped in. He was wearing a shirt with the sleeves cut out of it. It was buttoned to the collar and he had on a tie. He had a pair of shorts and dress shoes with black socks on. "Church service in forty five minutes. We dress up to come before the Lord." I liked the sentiment, but snickered at the result. My boys all disappeared and thirty minutes later they were gathering in the kitchen in variations of their own best dress. I put on a pair of slacks with a short sleeve shirt and a tie. I sat my coffee cup down and had my Bible handed to me then we walked together to the school's chapel.
    The place was packed with eager young faces. I did a quick mental head count and came up with a ball park figure of about ninety boys. Jay whispered to me that their would be Mass for the Catholics at sunset and again at nine the next morning. A Baptist pastor would be in at eleven Sunday for worship. I asked about a Rabbi. He was in one of the classrooms with two boys. They didn't have any Muslims, but there was a small group of Muslims nearby that had indicated that they would welcome any boys that wanted to worship with them. There was one Hindu who had already made a move toward the Christian faith and he was currently attending Sabbath services as he tried to figure who actually had the most truth in their message. Jay told me that he had heard that the boy had tried other services, but would be back here on Sabbath a week or two later. He said that the boy had been here four weeks straight now and had not gone to any other service. There were a lot of prayers going up for this boy as well as for every boy in the school. All of the boys had been awakened to their deep spiritual need during their times on the streets.
    At lunch time I sat with JB. We had our heads close together as I told him my desires. After lunch I walked out with him to his car and the two of us drove away. I felt bad about not saying good bye to the boys, but this was just how it had to be. I would miss every one of them.

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