Chapter 146


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cory and I loaded up a van with our three little street urchins, Warren, Kev, and Stewie. I drove over to Rick's house to pick him and Terry up then headed for Dr. Will's clinic to pick up Owen. The boys were very happy to see him, but he wanted to know where Dewy was. I let the boys explain our mission and Owen was excited about that, I guess that the street boys have formed tight bonds between themselves, which is all good; it has probably kept them alive.
    I had called ahead to a famous hamburger chain, I led the boys inside to pick up thirty seven, double cheeseburgers, each six inches across, and complete with the works. Another thing that restaurant is famous for is their one half pound order of french fries. Cory and Terry were loading a paper sack with napkins, salt and pepper, and enough catsup to fill the Grand Canyon to the rim. The coup de grâce were fifteen, thirty two ounce double chocolate malts, I love malts, the flavor is better than a simple milk shake, I thought that the boys would like the change.
    Terry's eyes widened when he saw how much change the simple fare had cost me. I figure that four hundred dollars for a hot meal was an excellent value. Especially when one considers the amount of time that had elapsed since these boys had eaten anything like it.
    I was impressed to see all fifteen boys in the warehouse, each one clean and sparkling. I explained about the death of a student from our school and how I had stopped to tend to my family instead of coming down for them during the day. I was swept away when a healthy looking boy came to me and put his arms around my neck and touched his nose to mine.
    "Warren told me that you own that school where there ain't nobody, but cute boys that like to suck cock go. I like to suck cock and I want to go to school so that would be a good place for me to go so can I go there?" I pulled the boy to me and told him that he would be one of the first of my new enrollees. He didn't understand that, but he caught on that he could go to school again.
    The boys were enjoying the best cheeseburger in town and I told them that I bought each of them two, that had some bright faces smiling at me that I had to dim with my next piece of news. I pointed to Cory and told the boys that sometimes I get so busy that I can't do all that I want, or need to do, Cory smiled at me. I told them that I needed to get each of them checked out to make sure that they weren't sick. I told them that Cory went to college until around nine on Tuesday, but that I would have him and one other boy from the family there to pick them up around ten in the morning and take them over to my doctor's office for a complete physical check up.
    Stewie told Bolek that they looked up inside his ass hole and he wanted to fart in the old lady's face. He looked at me and threw his hands over his mouth as I laughed at him. He told his friend that I don't like disprefecful talk.
    I made the time to sit with the boys and listen to them as they told us what they wanted out of life and how they knew that the way they were going that they weren't going to get anything done. These boys are sharp enough to realize that they were going to need an education above the seventh grade level that most of them had behind them. I am willing to work with them and do whatever it takes to see to it that they receive the finest education that is available.
    I told them that I had no magic wand and that I would only make them one promise, "As long as you go to school, everyday, keep yourselves clean and work at improving yourselves you can live at and attend my school. You will not use any drugs or alcohol and practice only safe sex."
    "No more ass fucking for you queers," one of the older boys called out.
    "Yeah, who is it what takes on four or five of us before he can go to sleep, there ain't no dick big enough for your ass."
    "You guys ain't seen the dudes what live at his house, there are guys up there what have ten inch dicks that're six inches round and I rode on one of them already," Warren told them.
    "Yeah, me too, I had a ten inch cock fuck my hole full of spunky white stuff, man what a ride." I saw Terry feeling of his pin and hoped that the boy knew enough to keep his mouth shut until we knew more about these boys. One thing that I do not need is a plant in my house, some of these boys looked as if they could be old enough to be undercover cops. I have to get them processed and checked out. I had an eyeball on the kid with a whispy beard.

    Andy spoke in my head and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I forgot that I had my lapel mic set on his frequency and the little faggot had been listening in. The sound transmitted by soundbud vibrates through the bone of the skull to seem even more clear than a tiny earbud shoved inside the ear canal. "Do you want a print team to come down?" I looked around the room and then at Rick before I told Andy to send them on.
    "Boys look, I have to take certain precautions. I know that all of you are telling me who you are, but I have no way of knowing that. I have only learned today that one of you has the police in three states looking for him." Kevin scooted back a little, everyone turned to look at him.
    "Boys, I am going to help Kevin, I don't know what he wants to do, but I will do whatever I can to help him to do it. I am not bragging when I tell you that the law has to listen to me when it comes to the welfare of you boys, if I can help you they will do whatever it is that I ask of them."
    "Yeah, you should see his medals." Cory grabbed Stewie up and shut him up with a tight hug and a whisper in his ear.
    "I have some men coming down here right now to see all of you. These men are all wearing uniforms and badges, but they are not regular cops, they are my men and they are coming to help me help you. We are going to take your pictures and your fingerprints and, prepare yourselves, we are going to take a little bit of your blood.
    "All of you had a life before you came to this place, for reasons of your own you do not want to return to that life. I can and will help those of you who want my help and will do what I ask of you." A knock at the door startled most of the boys. I asked Rick to let Cory answer because the men coming in know him on sight.

    I waited until we were back at the house before I led Kev to a quiet corner, "The boy I am talking about was abandoned by his parents two weeks ago." Kev ducked his head and nodded at me, "Kevin your parents were killed in a car accident New Years day, just two hundred miles from here." His head jerked up and he was listening to every word that I had to say.
    "Nobody would have known that they had dumped their son here except for the fact that at the time of the car wreck your mother was on the phone talking to a friend of hers in Colorado. She was telling him how she dumped 'the little faggot' and that he could never touch her son again." Kevin began to cry, I waited until he looked at me then he rushed over to me and broke his big tough guy image.
    The person to whom Kevin's mother was talking to on her cell phone told the police that he could hear Kevin's dad yelling at her to shut up, then she screamed out as the sound of horns honking and metal crunching ended the call. The recipient of the call told the police that it sounded to him as if the couple were fighting over Kevin being left behind.
    "Another family was killed also, your dad was driving on the wrong side of the freeway and they met another car head on."
    "I didn't know," he bawled. "She beat me with her fists then she made my dad get up and leave in the car."
    "Did you mess around with your brother?"
    "No, he is only nine. I woke up with a big hard on and he jumped up on my bed when I was…you know playing with it. Just as he jumped up I shot off and it went into his eye. He ran out to the door between our motel rooms and cried as he told mom and dad that I pee peed in his face.
    "Dad turned on the lights and mom saw my stuff on him and came in my room and started beating on me and calling me a faggot. Dad was cleaning Capin up and got him dressed, mom made me sit naked in a corner. They got all the suitcases and stuff and walked out leaving me there."
    "What did you do?"
    "Nothin I could do, I didn't have no money and they didn't give me no clean underwear or socks. I found my old underwear under the sheet where I had slid 'em off me and my tee shirt was behind the bathroom door. I like to never found my shoes cause they was kicked under the bed and my jeans hid 'em from me.
    "I was bending over with my ass up in the air when this man rubbed on it. He told me that he heard my mom call me a faggot and he said that I was okay, that faggots was nice people. I was scaret and trying to get away by scooting to the wall on my butt. He smiled at me and asked me if had eaten breakfast, he said that I looked like I was hungry and he would buy me breakfast if I would let him suck my dick.
    "I was hungry and so I let him do it. I ain't never done none of that shit before and it felt good so I let him do it to me. We went across to that waffle place and I got this waffle with strawberries and whipped cream on it and he got me hot chocolate too.
    "We went back to the motel and he took me in his room and asked me if he could suck me again. Shit, I was down for that, I liked it. That time he wanted both of us to get naked and lay down in his bed. He was fat, I ain't never seen no fat dude naked or nothin and I couldn't see his dick till he laid down. He wanted me to lay on top of him and I did and he sucked my dick then he licked around my balls and shit then he stuck his tongue up in my ass, like I saw some of you guys do, that shit felt good. I was laying on his big hairy stomach and his dick was sorta sticking up a little so I kinda like felt of it and he goes like, "Yeah, that's a boy, put your hand around it and move it up and down just like you do when you jack off."
    "I kinda did what he told me and he got real nice to me."
    "Kev, where is that man now? How did you end up downtown with Stew and the other boys?"
    "I kinda stayed with Paul all day and the we sorta did some more stuff that night then he told me that he had to go down to this one place and get his medicine and stuff so he took me downtown. We walked a long way from his car then he told me to wait and he went into this all night drug store place, but he never came back out. I sorta knew where his car was so I like, went back there, but it were gone and I didn't never see him no more.
    "It was cold and I was hungry and didn't know where to go when Stew, and Bolek, and Macy sorta came up and go like, 'hey dude, wazzup?' I told them that my ride was gone so they took me to their place down in that sewer and Terry, he like comes up and tells me I'm all like welcome and stuff then he gives me a bottle of water. I told him I was hungry and he took me back out to this one place and goes to digging in the trash. I was so hungry that I ate the old bagels and bread that he found. I went back to that place with him and I just kinda hung around cuz I didn't know where I could go."
    "Where do you want to go now?"
    "Nowhere, I mean, is mom really dead? Did, Capin die too? I don't got no family 'cept my grand pa and he's old and mean to me."
    "How about your uncle, John?" I turned a piece of paper over that was laying on the low table in front of us.
    "Yeah, he lives here at college, we came here to leave him when we left grandpa's house in Pueblo. Dad said we had to get out of the mountains afore the snow and stuff made him late to work so we came here." He was looking at the poster then he reached over and grabbed it up to see his picture on it.
    The picture was one that his uncle had taken when the family had gathered for Christmas and it was still in his camera. He had hundreds of posters printed out and he hung them all over town. Howard and Marvin know John, Hector was helping them hang posters then at the party last Saturday night they spotted Kevin and came to me. I took time to verify Kevin's identity before I said anything to him.
    "Would you like to see Johnny?"
    "He won't want me, he don't like no queers."
    "Are you queer, Kev?"
    "I let that Paul dude suck my cock and…"
    "Kev, I know what he did, I can see it, but you don't have to talk about it. Look at me, please. Kevin Armstrong Carmichael, that man raped you, yeah, you let him do it, but you didn't want to. You were alone and frightened, you were just the kind of kid that that sort of man prey's on. Had he cared for you he would have tried to help you, instead he helped himself to one cute little body that would be a lot of fun to have a helping of."
    He giggled at me, "So when you gonna fuck me?"
    "Am I supposed to?"
    "I guess."
    "Well, you brought me here, you been nice to me, you bought me clothes and food and stuff so I guess that I…that we…"
    "Kevin, don't think so much, it's going to give you wrinkles." I ran my finger over his furrowed brow.

    "Dad, we're here," Howard stuck his head into my office, I waved him on in. Howard and Marvin came in with a grown up Kevin. Johnny wasn't a true copy, but the family similarity was clear enough, the boys shared common blood.
    Kevin was off of the sofa and wrapped around his uncle in seconds flat. I am not going to tell Kevin that his grandfather does not want him. I have paperwork in the mill to provide a home for the boy, but for now I am going to put him and his young uncle up where they can work a few things out in the boy's mind. He is a cute kid and I will see to it that he finds a safe environment which will nurture him as he grows.

    I asked Kevin if he knew the name of the motel where his parents had left him, be ran to his room and brought me a matchbook that he had in his jeans' pocket. Our investigators learned that the man, known to Kevin as Paul, was a suspected pedophile that was wanted in Oregon for sexual molestation of two thirteen year old boys. The motel records contained the man's picture ID and a description of the vehicle that he was driving.
    That vehicle was found at a motel in Dallas, Texas. A man by the name of Paul was using the same credit card that had been used at the motel here in Tucson, when the Dallas police knocked on the motel room door Paul was found to be entertaining a twelve year old runaway boy. Poor Paul.

    "Hi, Chris, Ted White here. I haven't heard from you this morning and oil is going through the roof again, do you have a sell order for today?" It was early Monday morning and I was in no mood to talk to him. The man was fishing for a commission, which is not wrong, but with his son in my house and what I had heard over the previous thirty six hours I was not ready to do any business with Ted. In fact I had allowed Jimmy to broker our business through our New York agent who was pleased as punch to do business with me. I have a problem there as well, but that is another story. Okay, briefly, he groped Chrisy, in public, so there.
    "Ted, I don't believe that you and I can do business together any longer. I have a problem with closed minded bigots, but what I have learned about how you treat your own son…"
    "EAT SHIT AND DIE YOU FUCKING BASTARD, I HATE YOU." I had no idea that Warren was anywhere near, but he had heard his father on the telephone and vented. There was nothing, but deathly silence on the other end of the phone, I almost thought that Ted had hung up.
    "Is Warren staying at your house now?"
    "For the meantime. He is in pretty sad shape after living in the city's sewers for the last three years. I can not abide by a man that would take a ball bat to his own son. You did not even care to hear the truth or his side of the story first." I wanted to bite my tongue, I should not have said anything, but the whole scenario was a bit intense for me.

    I held the sobbing, shaking boy in my lap and recalled his night in my mind. Warren was virgin, back there, he was also a terrible cock sucker. I could not contain a belly laugh when the mauler pushed his childhood friend away, "Fuck dude, you can't suck cock for shit. Girls can do better than that." I asked Malcolm when he had ever let a girl suck his dick and he grinned at me and told me that no girl ever got to see his mighty pole, he "didn't want to give them false hopes."
    Malcolm was sixteen years old the afternoon that Ronnie dragged him through the house. I well remember how eager and willing he was when I laid him out on my desk and fucked his virgin ass while Ronnie hovered over the boy's face feeding him his first cock snot.
    I was so horny that I was about to pop all over both boys, but my needs were nothing compared to the eager little virgin boy that had come in out of the cold only the night before. I had to wonder what had gone through the mind of the young man and his three companions when they saw an entire houseful of naked boys that were performing every sort of sex act imaginable in plain sight of all of the others in the house. I do know that the four of them huddled together with Owen sucked up tight against his big hero. Warren has a good heart and I really wanted to know how good his hard was.
    "Mauler, if someone doesn't know how to do something that you are good at then it should be your duty to teach that person. There is no better way to teach than to do, so why don't you do Warren and show him how you think that a blow job should be done." Warren was all for that idea, I had learned that he slept alongside of other boys at night and very occasionally they would take each other to task, but sex was not their main reason for being in the situation that they were in, it was simply a means of survival on the street.
    I played the part of the good school marm and instructed Malcolm in his sloppy efforts to demonstrate the technique that he was so critical of. I slapped his hand away when he gripped Warren's cock and tried to suck only the head of the cute looking six inch tool that had me salivating, I told him to suck cock, not to just give head. "Girls give head, are you a girl?" I saw that I need to spend a night with young Ronnie, if what his mauler was showing me was any indication of the relationship between those two boys their union was in deep trouble.
    I physically picked Malcolm up and placed him between Warren's wide spread legs, then I took hold of the boy's ears and shoved him all of the way down on his meat treat. I lifted him by his ears then pushed him down over and over again until he had the idea of what he should do and began to perform a decent deep throating blow job without my aid. I don't like to treat my boys that way, but one thing that I can not stand is for one boy to feel himself superior over another.
    Malcolm choked and gagged and I knew that he was not taking care of Ronnie as he should, I know that the boy can suck a mean deep throat opening cock, he had every centimeter of me deep inside of himself on the first day that I met him. I was happy to see how eager he was to accept every drop of what Warren fed him, Malcolm licked every drop that he could find from the tender cock then went to the pubic hairs to suckle there like a cum vacuum, and he never offered me a drop.
    I then told Warren that he could show his friend what he had just learned. Warren wasted no time in getting on his knees and swallowing all of Malcolm's eight inch rod. I was impressed with him as he took every bit of it directly to his tonsils without a single gag or cough. I was in need so I turned Malcolm's face to mine and kissed him. Malcolm is a great kisser, which I was quickly being reminded of, the boy was getting his stimulation at both ends, I was only wishing that I was stimulating his insides, but first things first, we had all night.
    Warren showed us a side of himself that he was not aware of, he did not want to let go of Malcolm's cock. He held it lovingly as he kissed up and down its thick length, he was careful not to create any discomfort to the object of his affection that had just ejaculated a thick offering for him. I watched his face as tears collected in his eyes and I ran my hand over the back of his head.
    "I loved that, I never liked to suck no dick before, but I loved doing that. Now I think that I am a queer because I want this thing up my ass. Is that wrong, should I want to get fucked like some of those old men that pay me to fuck them?" My heart skipped a beat as his words brought to mind the stark reality of where he had been and what his life had been like for the past few years.
    Warren was a tight ass and he was going to hurt from the activity that he desired so strongly. I know enough not to refuse a boy at this crucial time, he could take that as rejection and most teenagers are far too fragile to deal with that.
    I played my game with two sweet boys that were eager for anything of a sexual nature. I had Warren stretch his hot body out over mine so that I could spread his legs wide and give his back door a good wash down with hot saliva. He was hard to control as sensations as he had never experienced, or expected, wafted through his very soul. I had the boy at the edge of the world and I kept him there as long as I could, but all too soon he gave up signs that his orgasm was on the march.
    I had a good feel for his tight prostate with three fingers of my left hand as his glans swelled deep in my throat. As his juice rushed into me I pulled Malcolm by his balls and aimed his mauling sized rapier at the expanded hole over my nose. Malcolm slid in quietly and slowly which caused Warren to push his mighty boi stick deep into my gullet, I nearly drowned on the second and third rounds that his enraged prostate fired at me.
    Malcolm wrapped his arms around Warren and lay still on top of him. Warren had the head of my cock working somewhere around the inside of his navel as he whimpered softly. I slipped his tender cock from my mouth and told Malcolm to pull the boy's head up so that he could breathe. Warren had forgotten that little chore as he processed the stimulus overload that had just flooded his perception sensors.
    "Fuck me now. Fuck that feels good in there. Fuck me, please, now!!" I have seen it so many times, but I still love it when a tight assed virgin finds that there is something so wonderful that he had always avoided because he didn't want to be one of them.
    Malcolm fucked his long time neighbor buddy into two quick, hard orgasms. Warren was a sex pistol and I was lucky enough to be down range as the target of his sperm bullets. When the boys separated Warren moved up beside me, he was ready for me to do him, but I knew that he could not take it quite yet. I told him to rest while I took care of Malcolm, nobody had told Warren about preparing himself so Malcolm and I were in great needs of a shower. Warren blushed as he joined us and saw the mess on my face, I had him get down on his knees and use the soap to carefully clean Malcolm of his residue.
    Warren was introduced to the hose, he laughed, but held his nose when he began to discharge the contents of his bowels into the strange looking urinal on the wall of the shower. He told us that he had seen those in all of the house bathrooms that he had been in, but didn't know why the weird shape. Basically they look like and ordinary wall style urinal, but the lower portion is wider, just the size of a boy's butt, and there is a wide opening for the drain. It is set at a height that a teenaged boy of normal stature can back up to it and discharge everything that the hose loosens inside of him.
    Clean inside and out the three of us returned to bed for a long night of play together.

    I was still sitting at my desk hour later when Ted called again, Warren was sitting with Jimmy as he showed us more of what he had learned at his father's knee. Roddy was sitting in my lap and he reached over to push the answer button that placed Ted on the speaker before I even had a chance to check the caller ID to see who was on the line. Before I could react Ted started in.
    "You tell that little faggot that he should be fucking girls, not boys. The police are in front of my house and I am not going to jail for a queer that has no right to live in this world." Warren put his hand on the receiver, preventing me from picking it up.
    "It's bigots like you that got no right to live, no tolerance went out fifty years ago," he told his father.
    We could hear Ted moving around then he shouted out, "I am not going to jail so just shoot me now."
    "Put the gun down, sir, and let's talk about this."
    "Fuck you and fuck that queer son of mine, he is not worth going to prison for…"
    "I said PUT THE GUN DOWN…Sir, lower your weapon or we will fire…" Suddenly we heard, pop, pop, pop, then what sounded like the phone hitting the ground. "Clear, I have his gun."
    I heard someone handling the telephone, "This is the Tucson police department, who is this, please?" I hung up. I logged into the FI communication system and disconnected that phone number, it never existed. I can almost hear the police investigators trying to explain how Ted had dialed a telephone number, 107-9656, there is no area code in the world that has a 10 prefix in it. That number, along with a few thousand more, are special numbers only available through the FI communication's system network, every call into one of those numbers is checked by the computer for its source before it is ever connected. If an unknown or unusual source is shown the telephone company's own intercept goes out to inform the caller that the number dialed is a non-working number. A check with the operator will inform them that there is no such prefix in their area code. Duplicitous? No, secure.
    The FI computers are tied into every system of communication all over the globe. The software programmed into that massive array, hidden deep underground in Arkansas, can grab a number before it would be routed to another link. 1-0 may used as an access code for certain overseas calls, but without first dialing the proper numeric sequence our computers have the nano seconds required to switch the call within our system.
    I only have one legal telephone number into my house and that is unlisted with the billing name under the initials of my deceased grandfather. All other phones that I have are through the FI computer, with the exception of a half a dozen pre-paid cellular phones that I sometimes pass out to boys at risk. The computers are programmed to put those calls through to me, wherever I am at the time.
    Warren stood in absolute shock. I don't know that I was the one that he needed at that time, but I was the one there. I told Jimmy to find the mauler as I picked the boy up and carried him to a quiet corner of the living room and sat him down on a sofa. "Is he dead, did the cops kill my old man? I don't want him dead, I just hate him." Donny stood and watched his father die, I sent for him in hopes that he might be able to help Warren through whatever was on his mind.

    "There is something in that house that I want," Warren told me as we returned from the funeral home.
    Warren did not want Ted buried next to his mother, he heard about Andy's story and had talked to him, without my knowledge, and decided that his father should start his burning early. I won't try to work through that with him at the present time. Warren stood with his nose up to the view window of the crematory oven until the heat got to be too much for him, once satisfied that his father was gone we were driven back home by the funeral director.
    "Warren, it is your house now, everything in it belongs to you, you can even live there alone when you turn eighteen. Until that birthday arrives the law says that you have to have a guardian, I think that you have proven that you can take care of yourself, but some will argue that you weren't responsible enough to stay in school.
    "Do you want a ride to your house?" He wanted to ride in a convertible, he had never been in a car without a top on it, and of course being a teenager he loved my fire engine red Corvette. I am going to have to dig a tunnel to the garage under the cliff, for the time being I either have to go out the front door, through the gate, down the street to the corner then down the hill to the garage, or take the stairs from the pool area to the tennis court on top of the garage. From there I have to unlock the door from the restrooms for the court and take another stairway down into the garage, it was worth the walk down the hill with a sweet kid. Once inside the garage I stepped back and watched Warren's jaw drop as he looked on all three of the Traveler Trio© for the first time. I asked him to take a cloth and wipe my little boy magnet down, he made it appear as an act of love.
    Warren slipped into the passenger seat and gave me the dreamy eyed stare that so many boys that have sat on that seat have given me. I backed the car out onto the street and pushed my remote to close the garage door then turned on the stereo. Warren rose up and begin to turn the dial of the old analog AM unit and found some current tunes. I had to tell him that I had kept the car as original as I could, but if he wanted his FM he would have to be content with my remote tuner.
    I passed him a small unit that had a digital display on it and showed him where the buttons were to locate his channel. He saw that the remote had CD controls on it and asked me if I had a CD player in the car. I told him that there was a complete sound system behind his seat in the storage area of the car. He couldn't turn around to see it, but he pushed the CD play button and was rocked by Queen. I love the music that those boys make and I have four of their albums in my one hundred disk juke box attached to the car's sound system.
    I Want To Break Free— Written by John Deacon— came on, Warren turned up the volume where the first base note kicks in after the initial piano riff. He sat back in the seat and was enjoying the song as he sang along, a boy after my hard for sure. I watched him as he played one mean air guitar and had to smile at him, he is opening up and becoming a real joy to be around.
    When we arrived at his house I learned how much he was after my hard. He looked around the home that he had known for the first thirteen years of his life and I could see the wheels working in his little mind. He missed that house and what he had once known there. As he walked through he stopped many times to just stare at one item or another. "How much time do we have?"
    "As much time as you need. We should be home before bedtime though."
    "Really?" His eyes were as wide as his smile. "Can we get naked and run all around the house, I never got to go naked in this house, I even had to take my clothes with me into the bathroom and change in there before I came out again." I reminded him that it was his house and he could do anything that he wanted, he wanted me to get naked also.
    He led me around his house and showed me everything in it while he told me stories about his life in various places during our tour. At last he grinned at me and opened the last door at the end of the upstairs hallway. We were in his room. Warren was overcome with his young emotions when he saw that the room was completely unchanged from when he had last seen it.
    It was plain to see that Ted had made the room into a shrine to his son. I had known the man for over sixteen years and I remember how happy he was the day I entered his office to find him passing out cigars, his first son had been born. The bed was made, Warren walked to the corner and removed his old ball glove from the top of a ball bat standing in the corner where he had always left it.
    "My dad gave this too me the day that I hit my first home run, I was eleven. This is the bat that he broke my leg with." Naturally I looked down at the leg and saw how it twisted in an odd manner half way down his thin thigh. He has not mentioned his upcoming surgery scheduled for Tuesday the fifteenth, only five days away.
    "Fuck me on my bed. I never had sex in here before and I want to have sex with you, I want everything, just like you did when we was up there with Malcolm and Jimmy and Cullen and you gave me that pin. I don't need no rewards now, I just want to have you love me and make me feel like I am…" His face clouded and his voice choked. I sat down and pulled him to me as I kissed his face and embraced him.
    "You don't need me to show you that you are loved. I will be honored to share your bed with you, but we will love each other and nobody is going fuck anybody. When you came through your front door this became a house of love and that is all that it will ever need to be again. If you want to feel my love for you then you will have to show me your love for me. I will never use you or abuse you and I want you to know that."
    "I do know it, dad. Can I call you dad? I feel like that is what I want to do." It is early yet, his own father has only been dead for two days, but to Warren the man has been out of his life for three years. I must treat this boy gently as he learns just what he is seeking in life.
    I let Warren lead as he turned to release his passion. I was more than pleased to be the object of his immediate affection. I let him push me back on his bed, but I did have to hold onto him as I moved so that we were fully on the small twin sized mattress. My feet were hanging off of the end of the bed, but I had warm and sweet covers on top of me. As Warren continued with his kisses to my face and neck I held a firm little glute in each hand. I love the soft skin and the firm muscles of a teenage boy, Warren had all of that. He also had a firm rod poking at my belly that I hungered for.
    I asked him if he was ready to cum, he quickly turned around so that we could get to one another and I sent out for lunch. Warren is still struggling with his thoughts, but he attacked my cock like he truly wanted it. I did want his cock and all that could cum from it, I received my first offering a little too quickly, but was pleased when he didn't pull back.
    Warren has only sucked cock under duress most of the time, he had maintained his anal virginity throughout his time on the street. He was working hard as he tried to emulate what he had seen other boys in the house do as they took every inch of my monster pole into the pie hole.
    I tried to get Warren to relax and I told him that he didn't need to do what he was determined to do. Warren surprised me when he jumped up and turned around. He knelt on all fours over me as he looked me dead in the, "I don't need to do anything, dad, I want to, so get used to it." While he was saying this he was pushing back against my erection. He balanced himself so that he could move his right arm back to grip my cock and aim it at his dry hole.
    "Baby, that will hurt so fucking bad if you don't open yourself up first and use some lube."
    "I stuck that hose up my butt hole before we left the house so I am clean inside. Now shut up and help me get it in." He pushed back and my glans popped through his sphincter. His eyes widened and pain washed across his face as he froze in place. After a very brief time he tried to take more of my invader, but he realized that it was too much for him without a little preparation.
    "So, like spit in my butt and open me up, I wanta ride that pony till supper time." I spun him around and spread his legs over my face and began to eat his ass in royal fashion. He was taking to my tongue lashing with relish then he grabbed my main member and slid almost all of it down his throat in one go.
    I spread his anus with two thumbs as I kneaded his glutes again. I kept my tongue on the forward assault and managed to open his sphincter to a wide enough opening that I could almost touch his firm nut with my tongue. By that time Warren had managed to bob up and down on my cock until he had all of it in his mouth and throat. He was moaning as he stayed still and worked his esophageal muscles around my glans. I was about to pop and I did not want to do it as we were, I had to lift the boy from my body and turn him around again.
    Warren didn't wait, as I turned him he grabbed my cock and, once again, impaled himself on me. This time he took a good six inches into himself before he stopped and stared at me. He felt the pain and he wanted it. Slowly he raised himself up then came down again. He continued that way as he slowly built up a little speed and with each downward thrust he gained more of me inside of him.
    When at last he had taken all that I had to give him he lay down on top of me. He put a hand on each side of my face and raised his head so that he could look me in the eye. "You asked me if I am gay. I have thought about it for four days now. I have lain in bed and watched the other dudes in my room make love to each other and thought about it. There are some straight sex books around and I looked at the pictures of pussy and it didn't even look good to me. I found that I was looking at the guy's cocks that were in the picture and was wanting to suck the cum that they were shooting onto the whore in the picture. I wanted those cocks up my ass."
    "Warren, I am not scolding you, but please, never refer to the girls in those magazines as whores again. They think of you as a queer, do you like being called names?"
    "No, but I am a queer and I know it. Okay, I know what you mean and I won't never do that no more. I know that I am queer because I love feeling your cock inside of me and I actually swallowed all of it." I hugged him as he leaned in to kiss me. He is the perfect height for my height and when impaled on me, as we were, I can do a tongue wrestle as I stroke his gut as he has never been stroked.
    I asked him to pull his knees up toward my butt so that his ass would be up in the air slightly. Without question he did as I asked and with the new room for movement I began to thrust up into him. He threw his head back and his eyes rolled back so that only the white side could be seen then he let out one of the most contented moans that I have ever heard come from a boy's throat.
    Warren moved his body around and I felt it as clearly as if someone had flipped on a switch somewhere, he was ready for sex. A man can tell when his partner is ready to go for the full experience and is not just there for quick fuck, Warren's body molded itself around me as I felt myself fall into a comfortable channel ready to fuck the night away.
    The boy is still early in his sexual perversion and not used to the kind of assault that he was about to receive. I planned to take it easy and lead up to a harder fuck as he showed himself to be ready. I had totally mis-read this boy, he wanted all of it, right now. He began to fuck back at me as fast as I could fuck into him. He was trying to kiss me, but his passion only made his mouth go slack and he was drooling onto my chin and neck as the sweat started to pour from every pore of his tight little body.
    His cut chest was glued against mine, but our combined perspiration made for a slick layer between us and he sort of glided on that as he slid up and down my body, taking every inch of cock that I had fully inside himself.
    My body has a mind of its own when I get into sexual passion and as much as I was enjoying the boy riding me at his own pace my ass just had to move in rhythm with our joining. I could hear my body slapping against his as our lust overwhelmed the two of us and neither of us was about pull back at all.
    I felt his rectum tighten and I knew that he was at the edge, I had been hovering near the precipice when his action stirred in me a reaction. As quickly as I felt his spasms I sent forth a volley deep inside of him. I could feel his young cock pulsing out his own sweetness over my belly and wished that I could have him both in my mouth and on my cock. I love to suck young teenage cock and I love the creamy offering that they give up. I especially love a boy that won't quit just because a few million of his abundant sperm decided to slip outside to see how the weather was.
    Warren proved himself to be such a boy, he was not about to pull himself away from me. He slipped his arms around my neck and raised my head to his as his tongue reached deep inside of my mouth, as if trying to reach the inside of my cock. We licked and cleaned each other's teeth and pallet then did it again. The boy has one of the sweetest tasting mouths that I would rate right up there with Cory or RD. Roddy has a sweet tasting mouth, but that is youth, the queeing has the taste that makes one want to stay until the all you can eat sign is turned off.
    Warren was breathing hard and somehow I found that most erotic as he filled my lungs then sucked the air back out of them. I never let my hands quit their play as I fondled every inch of his back and butt that I could reach. I know that he needed to have me grip his cock, but he had it pressed against me tight as he continued to pump himself against my belly.
    "That has got to be so…wow, I love that, I love you, do it again. Let me roll over and then fuck me until your cock cums up in my throat." I would fuck him, but on the way I had my own need, I licked his body clean of all of the boy sweat and boi cream that I could find on his torso. I laved his, nearly, hairless pits and sucked his taut little areolas, the boy was in such ecstacy that he was having trouble catching his breath.
    I had to let him slow down, I don't know if a sixteen year old boy can have a stroke or not, but I was not about to find out. I sat back on my haunches as I knelt between his legs. I lifted his left leg as I began my long trip down the top and inside to end at a perfect little foot of about a size nine. His toes were long and anxious as I laved each one and tasted boi foot. His feet had a mild odor that I often associate with boys, but it was not overwhelming, in fact it was intoxicating.
    I know that done properly a boy can really enjoy himself as I rake the soles of his feet with my teeth, I have to take care not to tickle him and each boy is different in that aspect. I use the utmost caution at first and test his foot to see a plan of attack, I have never failed to achieve my toothy efforts on a boy, but I have had to redouble my efforts to get past his tickle threshold.
    I watched his perky little cock as I nibbled away at his Achilles tendon and rubbed his toes at the same time, it was throbbing along with the blood coursing through it as it replenished itself for what I had in my letcherous mind.
    I pushed his leg back so that I could work his firm calf over and scraped my teeth through the young hair of his sexy leg. I stopped to give the back of his knee joint a good chewing out before I worked my way back along the backside of his thigh. His cock was giving off signals as his testes drew close to his body, I bent over and engulfed his rod and let two fingers press against his prostate. I got the cream that this cat was seeking.
    Out of breath once again I let him lay still as I repeated my action on his right leg. Warren was loudly proclaiming his undying love for me and telling the walls of his house that he was mine for the taking and that he wanted me to take all of him.
    His cock was only half way awake by the time that I returned to his Y for dinner, a fact that I was glad of, I had another assault ready for him. Our first time had been a four way with Malcolm making the grand entry for the first time. Jimmy and Cullen were only in the bed with us as the official witnesses for Warren to receive the coveted pin.

    It was well past dark when Warren and I walked up the hill from the garage where I had let him park the 'vette. He doesn't have a driver's licence, but I still allowed him to move the car from the driveway into the garage for a night's rest.
    Warren was almost walking on air when we entered the house. Cory was sitting on a sofa in the front room as he tried to comfort fifteen year old Morris, one of my boys from France that had provided me with sweet relief the afternoon before I parachuted into Romania. Morris had a nightmare about some of the things that had occurred in his young life.
    Warren moved to the other side of the boy and pulled him close and began to sing a song in French. I later learned that the song was one that Warren's mother sang to him when he was small, it was what Morris needed and from my vantage point it was what Warren needed. When Warren led Morris to his bed I led Cory to mine, he wanted to know what I had been up to, but a quick whiff of my main man and I wanted to know who he had been up to.

    What had been a difficult week only got worse, or better depending on one's point of view. Alice called me from Tomes of Time to tell me that there were two boys in the shop that had given her our code word, BAW. It was just past nine on Thursday morning and Cory was not due home until noon, he had a special lab that he was going to take care of. Before the engine of my Caddy was fully warmed up Alice called again, there were three more boys in the shop.
    I was dressed and preparing to go to the hospital to see how Warren was doing after his leg was put back into proper alignment. Will had not undertaken the operation himself, but had sent us to an orthopedist. Warren is in a developmental phase of his growth and special care has to be taken if that leg is going to grow along with the rest of him. The bone doctor was as amazed as Will had been that the boy had been able to walk away from the beating that his father had given him. There was a lot of damage to the bone, but a graft of tissue was taken from his pelvis to lengthen the bone a full two inches, then steel pins were inserted to support the leg for the next few months. I would have to go by the hospital later.

    I parked in the loading zone at the front door of Tomes and set my flashers, I decided against using the red and blues so that I would not frighten any boys off that may be making their way to the store. Andy had given me a report as I drove down the mountain, the city police department was making one of their famous truancy sweeps to round up kids that were of school age, but hanging around in the more common teenage hangout areas about town.
    Sitting in the back corner of the bookstore were twelve boys, each sipping at a cup of hot chocolate as Raul stood by smiling at them. Hank came through the door with two more boys and walked up to me. I stood up and he threw his arms about me for a warm hug. "This here dude'll give ya a bed, food, and school if you want to get off the street. He's a good guy and ya can tells him anythin." I smiled at the lanky sixteen year old and tousled his hair.
    I looked the boys over as I listened to them, they were dirty and cold. I know that you will have a hard time believing this, but they were also hungry. With a police net in place I could not send the boys over to the warehouse so I asked a favor of Andy, next I had to ask the boys to trust me. They're street kids and they trust nobody, not even each other, but necessity dictated the rules for the day.
    A large delivery van pulled up behind my car, emblazoned on the doors was the FIS logo, the emergency red and blues were flashing and the back door was rolled up. I sent the boys out by two and slowly so that they would not be standing around to attract attention as they awaited their turn to mount the truck. Once all of the boys were inside the van followed me around the corner to the warehouse.
    I pulled my Caddy inside the garage area then stepped out to watch the boys go inside the large area where fifteen boys had been living for five days, and it smelled like it. It made my pecker pucker and my nose curl, I told the boys to open the windows and to pick up their nasty clothes from the floor.
    I ordered the new boys to strip and get into the showers, I looked at the boys that had been there for a few days and told them that they didn't smell like roses so maybe they should get their naked asses in the shower as well. I took up a seat on the long row of lavatories so that I could watch the boys—okay, perv on them—and talk to them for a few minutes.
    Only two of the new boys admitted to having allowed men to suck on their cocks, but they were quick to state that they were hungry and needed the money. From the length of certain special parts that generally appeal to me I believe that there is more for me to learn about the boys. I watched one couple quite closely, the boys were both black and very well endowed. The older boy towered a full eight inches above the younger, but the younger was sporting a solid eight inches from a body that could not have been over fourteen years old. The older of the pair had a lengthy erection saddled into the youngster's ass crack as he did a reach around to lather up something that he seemed to like very much.
    The interaction between those two was not lost on the other's in the shower and it seemed that there was a serious need for all of the boys to soap up one major body part. I envied the shower drains as I watched a full half gallon of sweet cream swirl in the soapy water on the way to the sewage processing plant.
    Rick and I have restocked his supply closet, I opened the door and laid out twenty nine sets of clothes, shoes, and jackets. Cory announced his arrival on my soundbud, I walked over to open the door and to greet him in a way that made all eyes turn toward us. Cas and Tyler were with him and I introduced the married couple to the boys as they dressed. There were questions about boys being allowed to marry, but I was on a time schedule.
    "I'm going to lay it all out for you, we are all four gay. I own a school in the foothills for gay youth. I am offering you a home and a chance to go to school, but I am not asking for any of you to have sex with me or anyone else. Sex is something between the parties involved and not something to be taken lightly. You may be straight, gay, or asexual, it makes no difference to me. You may stay here and I will get you enrolled in school or you may leave now, the new clothes and the heavy jackets are yours to keep."
    Bolek walked over to me, "Mr. Chris, you came down here last week and told us the same thing, none of these guys here like for anybody to know that they like to do things like…you know. I bet these guys do a lot of stuff too, I know that some of them do 'cause we done it together. What I'm saying is that we talked and we all think that you're okay and we want to go to your school. You're okay with all of us." He leaned toward me and kissed me on the cheek.
    I quickly made a phone call while the boys got dressed. It would be a half an hour before the all-you-can-eat cafeteria would open to the public, but the manager was waiting at the door to let us inside. I sent my lieutenants to stand along the line and guide the boys through. The restaurant serves cafeteria style, they fill your plate for you, but you can return as often as you please for more food.
    I never cease to be amazed at the amount of food that a boy thinks that he can cram into his tiny body, I told them to ease back a bit and come back if they still wanted more, I hate waste. I told them that they were going to have to eat every bite of food on their tray.
    "Take all you want, but eat all you take," the older black boy named Gabe told us. "My old man is Army," he grinned at me. Good words that I will have to remember.

    After lunch Dr. Will had the chance to give the boys a good going over, these boys were content to go in one at a time, but for times sake I asked them to go in in small groups of four. Blood drawn and butt holes checked I led the mob up to the school for their first look at the campus. None of this group had been up to see it and all were impressed.
    It was the end of the third week of January, the steel framework of the new dormitory had been covered with huge pieces of hewn granite. Six inch thick, reinforced concrete floors were in place and interior finishing was moving along with the help of over one hundred skilled tradesmen. I asked the construction boss about letting us tour the building, he told us that we could use the east stairwell to the second floor; the east end sleeping areas were nearly ready for final paint and trim.
    It was lunch time at the school and some of the family wanted to tag along so I allowed them to join us. I am still not sure who will live in the building besides the twenty nine boys that had come up for a look around. I let the new boys stick around the campus and play some ball on the basketball courts while I ran off to see Warren.

    The boy was in good spirits and like all young patients, he was ready to go home. He was trussed up with his cast leg hanging from a sling over his bed. He told me that he wanted to turn over so bad, but he couldn't do it. I sat with him for about an hour as I told him all of the names of the boys that had come in that morning. He knew almost all of them and figured that he probably knew the rest too, but didn't know their names.
    A little before three I told him that I had to go back to the school and he understood, but a tear still came to his eyes. He needs a boyfriend. I thought about it and told him that I would let Malcolm stop by to see him later, I was going to ask Morris if he would go along. Owen thinks that Warren is the bestest guy in the whole world so he was allowed to go, of course he had to take Dewy with him.
    "Dad, did you know that Malcolm's truck got ballz?" Dewy asked me. I did, I try to ignore some of the things that the boys get into and Malcolm had the lighted decoration hanging from his rear bumper before he became a member of my house. He tried to tell everyone that they were life size models of his boy package, but we have all seen him, they are a close copy though.

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