Chapter 87


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Back in the room our guests had no problem with shucking their clothes and letting their main asset wiggle around as they were hugged and kissed by each boy in the family. Even Isaac was nude, kissed and hugged. His smile told me that he was leaving his past behind, very quickly.
    Cory banged on the door. I felt like a fool. I had not noticed that he was not in the house. He had a Nintendo and a PSII with a large sack full of games from Traveler Too©. Each boy thanked him in the way that Cory likes being thanked. He was naked and up for bear in mere seconds.
    "Daddy, did you know that there are three FI vehicles out there guarding us?" Shit, I didn't know. I ran over to my radio and called them to come to the room. I got in their faces as I told them to get their frozen asses home and into someone warm. They looked about the room and giggled at the naked boys.
    "Guys, there's three feet of snow out there. I don't think that anyone knows we're here. Do you really think that they would brave this snow if they did know?" I nearly always keep my jacket hanging on a chair by the door of a hotel room. My boys know that I have one or the other of my trusty .357s inside it. I showed our guards and told them that no one answered the door, but what I had my hand on that gun. The boys know how to open the door from behind and how to step inside with the door so no one can grab them without exposing themselves to me. I stand well back of the door for a good clean shooting field. They smiled at me, but did not move until I got the station head on the phone and ripped his ass. I asked him if it was warm where he was. He told the six men to go home. I sent each of them a nice cash bonus.

    I asked Cory if I could borrow his lap top as I set Rocky up with Randy at base B. I asked Nad to show me some of the code that he wrote for Al to break. I sat next to him and marveled as his fingers flew across the keyboard filling the screen with symbols and letters that meant nothing to me. By the time the screen was almost full I began to see a pattern emerging. I am not much at codes like these. I write computer code, but there is a place for this stuff and I saw that I had two youngsters sitting at my sides that were masters at it.
    By the time I figured the idea of Greg's code Randy was answering him in kind. I had Randy on my headset. He was laughing as he told me that I had a raunchy little sex demon on my hands. He told me the rest of what I couldn't make out from his code. Greg had asked Randy for his name and age and sexual preference. He wanted to know if I was lying to him when I told him that Randy had a nine inch dick and that he loved tween aged boys. Greg told him that he only had one good sized ball, but it made enough spunk that he could make the old man happy. All he wanted in return was to learn how to write and read code as fast as Randy was doing with his buddy, Al.
    I talked to Al and Greg about cryptography. They were excited about it. They both enjoyed their little code game and thought that they might like to pursue the more in depth side of coding. I asked them to come to New York during spring break. I would like for them to work face to face with Randy and his team. Both of them were excited about the prospect so we finalized it. We had a wedding to attend in Oklahoma for Cory and we would swing by in Traveler Too© and pick this pair up. I have a feeling that these two boys could be a major asset to Foss International in our coding section.
    I also learned that I need to listen closer. Rocky is not Albert, but Allen. Allen Bertwald Bowers, well I guess I could have misunderstood. It happens to people sometimes, but not me…

    After a great lunch I felt a need for a little lay activity. The cold, grey sky and mounds of snow made me sure that I had nowhere to go. I wiggled my eyebrows at Al. Al blushed, but moved toward me. I slapped Greg's cute butt and guided the duo to the freshly made bed. It was fun watching the boys scamper around as housekeeping cleaned up after us. At least they all had on a pair of shorts, but nothing else. I think one of the older ladies enjoyed her job.
    I wasted no time as I threw Al to the bed and pounced on top of him. I buried my tongue in his throat only to have his return to me with the same passion. Al is one sweet looking dude that I would go for at anytime. The calendar says he is older, but his body says, "BOY." Allen Bowers, aka Rocky, was eighteen years, six months, and three weeks old. I didn't count days as he giggled like a younger teenager. He is fair skinned, but very buff. His body is cut, but more that of a swimmer or even a runner. His arm musculature us very defined as is his chest and belly. He has a very nice eight pack of firm flesh that I will love washing my face up and down on. I learned that he loves to run. He drags Greg off for a five mile run every morning before sun up. He says the brisk morning air clears his head.
    Al has dark blond hair with dark brown pubes. His eyebrows are a dark brown, but his pit hair is almost non-existent. Donny and Jan have more upper lip hair than Al has pit hair. You needed to know that of course. Al is cut. His glans is an alarming angry red when excited. His circumcision scar is dark in contrast to his light colored skin, but it is a good three inches down his cock shaft, more than half of his hard length. His cock is millimeters longer than Greg's uncut cock at five and three quarter inches. He is a decent mouthful with a good five and a quarter inch girth to him. He had spent to much time getting off over the previous evening so his nut offering was thin and small. I didn't care. I love what I can get. There is no boy that can't cum enough.
    I needed Greg to hold Al down when I began to eat at his barely used back door. He had four boys up in him the evening before and Greg had eaten there the way Cory had shown him. Al loved oral manipulation. Greg tongue wrestled with his new found love as I made the boy over to my needs. I have to turn them to quivering jelly so that I can get up in them the first time. If they are not completely relaxed I can hurt them and that is the last thing on earth that I will ever do.
    I decided that it was time for these two boys to couple together. I told Al that I wanted his extra large balls drained. I guided Greg to a sweet sixty nine and helped Al to line his cock at Greg's pucker. Al knew that Greg needed to be lubed a bit so he bent over and took his first oral tour of a male's ass hole. He told me that he tried eating pussy once. He said he could tolerate her ass hole better than the drippy, stinky fish tank of her cunt. I almost choked on Greg's five and a half inch cock. Don't make me laugh when I am eating, got it?
    Al did a number on Greg. Greg made up for his short comings as he pushed more and more of his sweet meat down my throat. Satisfied that Greg was wet enough Al moved his cock head up and pushed straight in. These two may be a natural for each other. Al's cock seemed to be right at home inside of Greg and Greg obviously enjoyed him being there. Greg had managed to get all of my cock down his throat and he was no longer gagging or choking. He was sliding up and down on me, taking a good seven inches in and out. I felt the head of my cock each time it slid into his tight esophagus. Greg is a natural cock sucker. He had learned well from his little friend six years earlier.
    I asked and found out that the whole cock sucking thing came about over a bet as to who had the larger cock. While Greg had been in puberty longer he had not grown very much. His friend had a six inch, very thick cock. Greg said that he really enjoyed sucking on it and eating the boy's cum. Somebody told him that queers do that shit so he quit before anyone else ever found out that he liked it.
    Al was pounding Greg's ass in his orgasmic bliss. Greg fired a decent load of cum into me then he fell aside. I was okay with that. I wanted to save my load for the tight ass that had just excited my eyes as he slammed himself over and over into his new love. I let the boys kiss and hold each other. They expressed their long ignored love for the other and lamented not having the courage to come out to each other before.
    As soon as I saw Greg twitch I told him it was time for him to show Al his love. Al scurried on top of me and took to manhandling my cock. Greg took the time to lay beside Al and talk him down my cock. Slowly Al was taking more of me as I felt his body relax on top of me.
    Greg's face appeared over mine. He kissed my forehead and told me that he would always love me. I have heard that so often, but I still enjoy it. Greg began to lave Al's tight pink hole. He came out and suckled the sweet nads one at a time then he kissed me again. He repeated this process for several repetitions before he used his fingers to stretch Al open. Al's ass looked so tight it was hard to believe that anyone was actually in there the night before.
    When Greg slid up inside Al we heard the most satisfied moan that any boy has ever sighed in my presence. If these two boys were not destined for each other I know nothing about boy love. Greg's small talk told more of the story as he held onto Al's back and slid his cock in and out of the tight boy chute he had around his manhood. Greg talked love. His words were soft and sweet and brought goose flesh to me as well as Al. I could feel Al's flesh bump up as his emotions were caressed along with his body and soul. I didn't hurry these two. Greg made his love last for over a half an hour and both of them loved every second of it.
    Al filled my mouth with his sparse offering, twice, and he had a dry cum that was intense as Greg finally filled his sweet ass with his baby batter. My emotions were running away with me as I watched the two entwine together as lovers in a brief rest. I quietly slipped away to see what was happening with the rest of the family.

    Don't ever throw a challenge down in front of Cory unless you are willing to loose your bet. The boy picked up on Greg's remark about their homophobic co-worker. He had a skinny boy impaled on his cock and the kid was screaming for more. Cory motioned me to come over. The kid saw my cock and went down on me. Cory turned so that he could stay up the boy's ass then we decided for the old sixty nine and one behind. The kid slid a pleasant six and a half inch, thick in the middle, smaller at the covered head cock down my throat as he swallowed all of me. Cory flattened the eager cheeks and rammed himself back inside. Cory pounded the boy like a pile driver, much to the kid's delight. This boy loved getting his ass reamed and the bigger the better. He was begging me to take him next.
    "Edgar?!!!" I had known it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt I had known it. Cory took the challenge and had gone in search of the homophobe. Rocky stood there with his mouth hanging open. Nad stuck his head around the edge of the door to see their homophobic co-worker on top of me sucking my cock while Cory drilled his ass with his massive man log. Cory was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. He had set the bigot up.
    Edgar wasn't homophobic, he was closeted. His father had caught him with a banana up his ass at age fourteen and was giving the boy what he wanted most for the past four years. Edgar was willing to do whatever it would take if Nad and Rocky would keep their mouths shut. The two boys grinned as they said that they would have to think about that for awhile. Edgar stayed overnight. He called his father to tell him that the snow was so deep that he didn't want to drive home. He had some of my boys drive a few things home, to his satisfaction.

    With the boys coupled together in various pairings I moved in front of the large fireplace. The percs one finds in the more expensive suites of even a more bottom of the line hotel chains are amazing. I placed another log on the fire then as an afterthought added a piece of the aromatic cedar also. The room took on a warm glow that settled me. I had something that I wanted to do. I felt almost evil, but good at the same time.
    I had heard the boys talking about cars as only teenage boys can talk about cars. A boy's lusts are centered in his dick and his wheels. His stomach comes in there, but if asked the car always comes first. I had an idea of what two youngsters might want, but I also knew what they needed. Yes, I make a lot of money when the public buys gasoline, but the public has to pay for it. At the present time the public was paying through the nose at over three dollars a gallon in some parts of the country. I wondered how they would feel if they had to pay what people overseas were paying.
    With economy in mind I also had to think about safety. I am sure that Nad and Rocky would love to have fast cars that would impress their friends, but if they were to get hurt in them I could not handle that. I decided that what they needed was plain old basic transportation. It was free to them and it would be in their names so they could trade it off after I left town. I searched the web for a mini-van that would fit two college boys. I wanted them to have room to move their belongings at the end of the semester. They needed style and class, but it had to be economical. They needed a vehicle that had proven itself roadworthy and trustworthy. Service is a major gig with me. I want to be able to have my vehicle serviced almost anywhere without having to go to the dealer for routine work. I don't want to wait for several weeks for parts to be shipped from some out of the hide away inn at the furthest corner of the earth. I bought them a Dodge mini-van. Not the most classy but…
    Next I set about e-mailing Randy and Andy with my idea to get Al and Greg to Base B in April then I checked my mail. I sat back to draw a deep breath. Cory was headed for the kitchen. He looked at me. I eyed the computer screen. He slipped up against me to read it for himself and wrapped his arms around me. Andy sent me an e-mail with a URL. Cory typed the address to the browser and we stared as the page opened. I was shocked to see that Timmy had posted his pictures to a public web-site, (Buckshot DVD; search for BuckleRoos Part II, Beyond Perfect or The Polynesian & The Sailor. Timmie stars as Timmy Thomas in these films.). The little ass monkey made a movie of himself taking it up the ass from one huge cocked butt buddy. Andy doesn't like for any of us to draw any public notice. He wants a low profile at all times.

    My boys have wanted to place their pictures on the web and I have put my foot down. I had to put it on Jim's neck. That little faggot is a whiz with the computer. He has a web site design that would make the devil himself blush. I wonder what color the devil would turn. Rhetorical question that, don't answer it. We know that the devil is a fallen Angle of light. He can take any shape or color he so desires. He is the one who has propagated the myth of a little red man with a tail in charge of hell for all eternity. Personally I can't believe in a God who would give up those of His own creation, whom He loves enough to die in place of, to the one who created havoc in Heaven by introducing the original sin to the universe. To give him the souls that he has wrested from the Truth would belie everything the Bible teaches. 'Scuse me, I got into my pulpit mode on you. If you want more write me. You know that I want to talk about my Lord.
    A few weeks earlier I was going to spend the night with Jim. He doesn't get the opportunity as often as he wants to just spend one entire evening with me. I enjoy being with the boy. He has grown so much, but I still have very fond memories of the afternoon I found him sitting amongst his cast off possessions between two storage sheds in a truck stop in Alabama. We added Tim and Jerry to our mix that evening and fucked ourselves silly for the rest of the week. I have to tell you that a week with three horny virgin fag boys is something that has no comparison. I almost wish I had the strength to do it more often. Rocky, Nad, and Edgar would be a good fix, but I will let them get to know one another, I have to move on.
    Each boys' space in my house is absolutely his own. I have no rules, outside of livestock and dangerous chemicals or fluids, in a boy's room. The variety of decorations is something to behold. The boys have tried their best to recreate their homes from their happier days as children.
    I shudder when I find a very sparse room. Some of the boys grew up in squalor and still feel that they must sleep on old blankets in the corner. Kenny was like that until I let him move into the dorm.
    Jim's room contains a lot of furniture from his mom and dad's house. I can understand that. Eva brought a few little nick knacks that she had left after the hurricane and fire, but most of the furnishings in the house now are those that Betty brought from her home in Sacramento. Jim was welcome to any and everything he wanted. I made sure that he had a room big enough for all of it to fit into.
    Well, it is almost big enough. I may have to build him an annex. He is wall to wall with much more furniture than the room can comfortably hold, but it is his childhood that he has recreated. He is happy and content in his room. I have talked with Lew who shares the room as Jim's current love interest. That's not fair, they are both in love with each other. Lew and Cas never had many things. They lived a Spartan life with just the barest necessities. Lew really likes what Jim has. He feels closer to Jim as they share his life.
    I admire my boys. They aren't just sex driven perverts. They love the sex, but they really do love the one they're with. Every once in awhile we have a new romance take root and a lifetime obligation is committed too by one pair or another. This may come as a shock to some of you, but Turner and Adam have taken a vow to always be together. Bryan and Donny have taken the same vow. The boys have a ceremony where they actually stand before Cas and pledge themselves, their lives, and all their worldly possessions to each other. It is cute, but it also touches the heart strings. These boys have suffered so much and for them to find someone in whom they can trust and feel comfortable with, forever…I will back them with everything I have.

    Jim had made a Bavarian Chocolate Pie with Strudel crisp topping. I love it. Rich? There is enough sugar in one slice to put me in orbit for a week or more, but good? Fuck rich, it is too good to pass up, once in awhile. He had a pot of coffee going and the two of us sat at his desk. He was in my lap and had slid down on me so as not to slip away. He sat facing me so that we could feed each other. I have shared our sex life with you, but so far I have not gotten into our intimacy. Some things are just plain private. Most of you have had a love life yourself and you know of what I speak. My mail has turned to mostly older men over fifty. I guess I lost all the youngsters along the way. Pity, I miss their cute comments and pictures.
    Jimmy let me feed him a bite of the pie and then he leaned forward. He pushed the pie out through his lips for me to share with him. I know that you know the love in that gesture and believe me my heart was full as we licked the chocolate from each other's face. I had so much love in my heart that evening that I was sure it was going to burst and fill the whole world with pure love, thus ending all strife and hatred everywhere. Little Jimmy's heart was beating so hard and fast that I could see his little chest move.
    My sweet Jimmy is not a little boy any longer. He is still cute as all hell and he has a following of young ladies that embarrass him to no end. At sixteen he is a solid five foot eight inches tall with a very nice and very thick seven inch uncut boi cock. He is a lover. He knows the moves and he knows what he likes. I have never been left hanging by this youngster. Of course it kind of slants things a bit when one considers that I am so in fucking love with the kid that my heart aches.
    My elbow bumped the mouse and his computer came alive. He had the power saver set to twenty minutes and had forgotten that his web page was on. I looked at a screen with two hundred by two hundred and fifty pixel wide pictures of each one of the boys in my family in full blown, stark naked, color. Most of the boys were at full erection and each of them was poised to accent his personal assets. I have to admit that the whole page was hot as hell.
    Beside each picture was a name and a short blurb about the boy in the picture. The short paragraph told their individual cock size and a clip about how they came to the family. I only have one problem with the page. Most of my boys are under the legal age for such pictures to even be taken. If Jimmy were found with these pics on his computer the whole lot of us would never see life the same again.
    "Jimmy, babe, look. This frightens me no end. It is beautiful. I think that you have done a very nice job and you have told each boy's story very well. But do you have any idea how much trouble this would cause? Okay, I am worried about myself. I would go to prison for life, but the bad part of that is that I would never be allowed to see you or any of the other boys, ever again. You are considered victims under the law so you must be protected at all costs.
    "Cas, Pete, Harry, Timmy, Andy, Tim, Mark, Brad, Tyler, Dickie, Biff, Tom, Ray, Luke, Gerald, David, in a few months Christopher, everyone who is over eighteen would go to jail for ongoing sexual abuse. Christopher calls me Fagin cause I keep a house full of boys for my own pleasure. He does it as a joke. The law is no joke." I was shaking like a leaf and the sweat was pouring off of my body. Jimmy wrapped his arms around me. My cock was still wedged deep in his young rectum, albeit soft as a limp noodle.
    Jimmy reached over and pulled out his little SD camera card from his computer. He placed it in the bullet box he had designed to destroy it and all of its contents if the need arose. "I keep the back up safe in here, always, he smiled at me." He has learned from the best and he keeps no data of any kind on his computer. He helped me set up my computer. I have a two hundred and fifty GB SATA Serial drive with less than twenty giga bytes used on it. I have some of the finest software made loaded on my machine, but not so much as an idiot note to myself is stored there.
    All internet connections are made through our super encrypted satellites linkup, but even at that the browser loads from the memory cards. There is great software available at no cost that allows for all password protected sites to reside on a memory card so that there is never a record of a password, or the site, on our computers. With 2 gig cards selling for under thirty dollars I have bought several. They are not much larger than a postage stamp and only as thick as three or four stamps. They can be hidden anywhere. Except for a few that have information on them that I could never stand to loose, I keep mine in a box such as the one Jim had in his hand.
    "Daddy, no one other than Lew and Christopher have ever seen this. I made this just for us. It is private."
    "Jimmy, it was an accident that I saw it. Accidents happen. Okay, you have it on a memory card. I know enough about computers that once that card is removed from the machine there is no trace of that file left on the computer. Your history will tell the address, but without the card being in the machine the address is not there. But love butt, this is worse than a loaded gun laying around in reach of a baby. When this goes off fifty four lives are impacted, instantly. Is the file encrypted?"
    "Two hundred and fifty six bit encryption with a one hundred and twenty eight digit password, non-English symbols. It is a bitch to load. I don't even leave this card in the slot when I go on-line so that it doesn't accidently get uploaded. I have never backed this up to my encrypted file on the web. This is one of only two copies that exist of this whole card."
    "What else is on the card? You didn't put a twenty KB file on a two GB card by itself."
    "How do you know how big the file is?"
    "Jimmy I grew up with computers. When I was a baby the computer came into the home. My dad was enthralled with the technology. I learned to speak computer before I could ask for more ice cream. I studied computer science out of my innate thirst for knowledge. I could very well as carried computer science as a second major in college. I can program is nine languages. I have taught you C++ visual. You know HTML, JAVA, and my favorite, assembly language. Like me, you can code at the very bottom of the stack and write bullet proof commands that hackers will spend the rest of their life trying to break.
    "Jim, Andy and I watch you. He is very interested in you. He feels that you could be a very strong asset to his company and I concur. You have another year of high school to finish and I am sure that you are going to show us some very great things this year."

    That was two weeks ago. Now Timmy has himself plastered on the web. What bothered me most about this was that Timmy is the cautious one. He is always watching his back and those around him. He has worked so hard to get where he is, but I was watching him take a cock that was as big as my own in his cute little butt and loving it. I had a long drive ahead of me and this wasn't putting me in the right frame of mind. Cory switched back to my mail page and passed me a cup of hot green tea with cinnamon in it.

    I needed some space. I told Cory that I would be in the coffee shop. I told him to order whatever the boys wanted for dinner and have room service bring it up. He giggled as he told me that we had all of the room service waiters in our beds, naked. I needed that laugh right then.
    I found a quiet booth in the deserted coffee shop. There were only two people in there. The manager of the food service and one older man that washed dishes. I was surprised. I had thought that the storm would have packed the hotel and that the restaurant would be overflowing with hungry travelers in a feeding frenzy. The manager said that he thought that also, but so far only five families had come down for breakfast.
    I flipped through the menu, but what caught my eye was the soup du jour. Navy bean with bacon. I looked at the empty salad bar and asked the manager if he had any sourdough bread and extra sharp cheddar cheese. He did. He went to prepare my order and stopped to answer his phone. He looked at me and walked over and passed the phone to me. "I think that someone thinks just like you do."
    Cory was told that bean soup was on the menu and he inquired about sourdough and cheese. I asked him if that was what everyone wanted and he told me yes. I told him to send the waiters down to carry up the food and I would order a great lunch for all of them. A few minutes later Edgar wobbled in. He looked at me and giggled. He stands six feet tall and I would hasten to guess that he weighs under one thirty. His arms and legs are thin, but he seems healthy, even though he looks like a walking breathing stick figure. He left with a room service cart which was laden with a large pot of hot soup, a quarter of a twelve inch wheel of cheese, along with four long loaves of sourdough bread. A plate of assorted cold cuts, finger veggies and fresh fruit was on the second level. Bowls and flatware were on the bottom along with three pitchers of iced tea. I had the same items laid out before me as I relaxed and ate quietly.

    I visited with the manager while I ate. I learned that his regular man that collected his used cooking grease had not shown up and his containers were getting full. I asked if I could relieve him. He looked at me and I told him that I use it for fuel. Fortunately the used grease was inside so it was fairly easy to filter and fill my bio-fuel tanks. I would have enough fuel on board to complete my trip and return most of the way home again with that acquisition. I can't imagine why more people have not added filters and heaters to their diesel powered vehicles so that they can burn used grease. The only noticeable sign of its use is that the exhaust smells like french fries.
    I asked the manager about helping me to get Al and Greg over to the dealership the following morning without them knowing what was going on. He loved the idea. He really likes the two boys and wishes he could help them himself. He didn't know that I had already moved a few thousand dollars into their checking accounts. They really should watch where they drop their pants when they get horny.

    Thursday morning I had no more time to delay. We had to make it on to Albany by the next morning. I had two errands to run as I hustled the boys aboard and moved up the freshly plowed street. I pulled into the Dodge dealership behind the restaurant manager. Al and Greg got out of his car with a quizzical look on their faces. The sales manager came out and I looked at the two boys. He walked straight to them and led them over to a fully loaded gray mini-van. They stood looking at him as if he were insane as I put my arms around them. "I don't want you driving around with no windshield wipers or heater. You can have this and if you don't like it wait until I get out of sight before you ask for the money back." I was instantly attacked by both of them and I received extra warm hugs.
    I led them inside where the paper work was filled out and an agent for my insurance company waited for us. Signed off, licensed, and insured I told the pair that I would see them in about five weeks, but now I had to fly. An FI agent came rushing up, out of breath. "Sorry sir. I couldn't get them to program them any faster. They were swamped and I had to wait in line." I would have someone's head. Neither I nor my people wait in line. Not with the amount of money I spend. I gave each of the boys his own camera cell phone. I had already programmed their number to my phone and mine should be programmed to theirs. I would check that out as I moved on down the road.

    The roadway was clear of snow and ice so I let Cory take the old boy out to the freeway. He was so happy he almost cried until I reminded him that tears blur the vision. I tried the boys' phone numbers. They were both so excited that they were crying. They wanted to load up their van and follow us. I told them that I really needed for them to finish the semester then I had some ideas. They agreed. They would see us again in just a few weeks.
    Cory kept his foot steady and held the speed limit of seventy miles an hour plus nine over. We slipped across Pennsylvania in a few hours and finally reached New York. I was relieved to finally get there. This had been the most eventful trip I had ever taken. Of course I had not really driven anywhere to get there, if you know what I mean. I get behind the wheel and go where the road goes. I take it easy and take whatever cums along. This trip I had an agenda.

    Cory drove for about six hours. He had done well as we had covered almost four hundred miles of our final five hundred mile leg. I let him pull into a rest area where we just swapped seats and I kept the old boy on the go. From where I took over to Luke's house was just over one hundred and twenty six miles, but we made in it in an hour and ten minutes. I mean after all, I had to slow down to drive surface streets in Albany with a fifty one foot long vehicle.
    The butcher/manager of Luke's family grocery store had been waiting for us to arrive. He came out to welcome us and I apologized for our delay. He understood, but was glad that we had arrived. He had the heat on in the house and had turned on a few lights so that we could find our way around. I thanked him and grabbed my shaving kit. I had no idea of what to do for dinner. The manager turned around, "I almost forgot. The Garcia family brought over a few Mexican casseroles and left them in the oven on warm. There is fresh milk and a couple of cases of sodas and some chips for you to get through tonight. Mr. Jerry told me to be sure to have a large can of Folgers for you. It is sitting by the coffee pot. Good night." I wanted to run after him and kiss him. He is almost sixty and greasy fat, but he is very nice. He had provided me with coffee.

    The boys had found the food and were setting the table. Cory had a pot of coffee in progress. Steven helped me remove my jacket and Bryan held a pillow for my head as I sat back in Luke's large reclining chair. I told them that Cory was the one that needed to relax. That was the longest drive he had ever tackled. He was still in the clouds so I let him float for awhile.
    I did take a moment to call the Doggs of Warr office to let them know that we were in town. Tony Dogg answered. I don't talk to him that often so this was a treat for me. I was extraordinarily pleased with what he had to tell me. He had wangled a seat at the prosecutor's table. I let out a long sigh. That was about the best news I had received in several days.

    I love Luke to pieces. I was overwhelmed when he offered me his house. But quite frankly it would not do for the long term. We were supposed to stay at the Johnson's house, but the three bedroom house was too small. I had left home with seven boys and had arrived with eleven. As we laid over in Akron, waiting for the snow to melt, I had mentioned my new accruals, an hour later Luke called me. His house had been vacated suddenly and it was waiting for us. The house had beds for twelve with a couple of the rooms being converted closets. I was going to be in and out for three months, minimum.
    I am not the only one that has life changing events occur suddenly. The family that had rented out the old family home that belonged to Luke had been transferred at the spur of the moment. They had moved to the west coast as I laid about in a hospital bed and played cowboys with a bunch of wild Indians. With my apologies to the Johnson boys we would be staying in the Hodges-Bingham house. Their house is much larger than the Johnson's and somehow I knew that I would need the added space. The way I am attracted to cute cock holders there is no telling how many swinging dicks will grace the house by the end of the week.
    I asked Tony to put me in touch with a realtor. I wanted to take a short term lease on a very large house or medium sized hotel. He laughed at me, but told me that he knew just the realtor for me. He would send a car for me at ten the following morning and until then I was to carefully examine the inside of my eyelids or he would sue me.
    I joined the boys for a hot Mexican meal then called Ric to thank Anita and Rosa for the dinner. I told them that they were my special angels. I was just too tired to go find food for all of us. They told me they knew that we would be tired and they were glad to be able to do this for us. I visited with Ric for a few minutes and found out a bit about what was going on in town. Of course I had to tell him how wonderful his son and Jay were and how much we love them and are glad to have them in our home.
    With the small talk finished I started looking for a soft warm bed. Cory guided Frank to me. I was honored. I had never spent the night with this young man, but have been impressed with the short times we have shared. I looked to see who Steven would be with. He was going to spend the night with Les. Lance and Isaac were still very close. I will watch that union very closely. Les looked at me then nodded at them and smiled a radiant smile at me as he nodded his head. He thinks that they are good together and he knows Lance better than anyone else. Bryan was going to sleep with Jace. He is widening his world also. Tran and Damien were locked together at both the hip and the lip so I guess they are doing fine themselves. Branden slipped up next to Cory and received a kiss on his cheek. All bases were covered so I followed a yawn down the hall to the guest bedroom where I usually stay.

    I am so going to kill Tony Dogg. He sent a realtor alright, but he wanted to be sure that we did business and not monkey business. He sent me exactly the kind of woman that I despise with all of my being. She was mid-forty-ish with a very bad bleach job on her head full of black rooted hair. I so wanted to tell her how she had ruined such a nice color of blond hair by dying the roots black. I am sure that my pun would have been lost on her.
    I am sure that someone is making a fortune from commissions on makeup sales to this woman. She had enough pancake make up and lipstick on to fill two dump trucks, full. She thought she was so stylish with her long cigarette holder held between two fingers. Her plump size twelve body had been forced into a dress that was a petite size four and the overcoat that she had draped across her shoulders would never button around her.
    Her ten year old Lincoln Towne Car was as pretentious as she was, but Tony told me that she had the exclusive listing to exactly what I needed. The boys' giggles were barely contained as I hustled the woman out of Luke's house. I wasn't half way down the side walk when I heard the boys burst into laughter. I looked back at the house to see that every curtain and shade was pulled aside so that a pair of boy's eyes could watch us leaving.
    Carol had a strange way of selling. She drove me all over town to show me some forty plus homes of eight bedrooms or larger. They were all frame homes that had been used as multi-family dwellings. I was not looking for a wannabe apartment complex. The amount of work needed on any single unit that she showed me would take more time than I had.
    Her exclusive listing was the worst of the worst. She took me downtown to a seedy section that may have been upper class in a previous century. Now it was no class. I was surprised at the filth and general disrepair of the area. I was shown an old five story hotel that most recently had been used as a flop house for all kinds of unsavory dizens. I dutifully walked through the filth and the clutter as Carol pointed out the little things that could be done with only a few million dollars worth of work. I tried to explain that I was looking for a home which I could move into at once. I did not have time for a fixer-upper.
    I finally had all I could handle and asked her to take me over to the rental agency where I usually get my cars when I am in town. She had more houses to show me, but I told her that I would have to wait. I had too much to do before my work started the following week. I would not tell her what my work was. She was too damn nosy as it was.
    I did feel that I should do something for her. There was a little mom and pop at the front of the old hotel. I guess in that part of the country they call it a bordega or something. I looked around and found the perfect gift that said how I felt. It was the gaily decorated box that had caught my eye. I found a whole gallon of wine, in a box. It was a real bargain at only two dollars and fifty cents. The vintner told me that it was made in a bathtub upstairs, in that very building. He said that the grapes were grown on the rooftops of several buildings nearby. Carol was real happy to get it.
    The sidewalk in front of the store was a hangout for some rough looking young men. They had eyeballed me from the moment we had stepped out of the car. I was almost surprised to see the wheels still intact on Carol's car. One especially dirty boy of about twenty or so gave me a sickening stare. I suggested that he may want to stare in another direction before he went blind from my brilliance.
    He made a threatening move toward me. "I am required to tell you that I am a Federal Agent. I will hurt you if you keep coming." He kept coming. I grabbed his right hand and turned his fingers back over his forearm so that they were pointing at his elbow. He was screaming like a little girl. I asked him if he wanted to dance a little longer or if he was ready to walk away. He didn't walk, he and his buddies ran, like the cowards they were.

    I reveled in the peace and silence of a nice rental Caddy coupe. I enjoy the ride and the comfort of Cadillac, but have never owned one, except for the Escalade. That bad boy is a fine ride, but a car is closer to the ground and feels like luxury.
    I pulled into the driveway at Luke's house and saw a chauffeur waiting by a Caddy limo in front of the store. The young bag boy came running over to me. He asked me to come to the store to meet Gerald's grandmother. I have heard wonderful things about this grand lady and was more than happy to go meet her. It turned out to be the most fortuitous thing I had done all day.
    The woman was a Lady with a capitol L. I was met with a warm smile and an outstretched hand which I was all too glad to bow and kiss. That is the treatment to which she is accustomed so the two of us became instant friends. She asked me what I had been doing all day. I told her that I was looking for a large house for my family to stay in from now until a wedding of some dear friends of mine the upcoming summer.
    She asked me if that would be Jayson Adams' wedding. I told her yes. She smiled and asked me if I was alone on this trip. I told her that I was here with eleven young men from my family. She turned to the butcher and asked for the fourteen pound prime rib roast that he had just shown her as well as the smaller roast she had already asked for. She asked the bag boy to help her and get ten pounds of large potatoes, three dozen ears of corn, and to find all of the makings of a large green salad. She looked me dead in the eye and told me that dinner would be served at seven o'clock and if we dressed up we could eat outside. Then she swept me away with a very tight hug.

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I had the boys dressed in casual clothes. She sent her driver to transport six of the boys in her limo and I took the other five in my car to follow him. I had no idea where she lived, but I knew it was nearby. I was shocked when the limo pulled between two large stone gate posts with an old guard shack built into one of them. We were on the grounds of a very large estate and even in the dark I could tell that there were more than twenty acres around a huge house sitting on a small hilltop in front of us.

    If we granted titles in this country I am sure that Hillary Carpenter would have to be a grand duchess or better. This sweet woman is all class from the very best stock that built this country. She is Gerald Hodges maternal grandmother. Çhé Ģerâld has told me a lot about her and he had told me nothing. The woman cannot be described in words, even as much as Ģerâld obviously loves her. I wasn't the only one carried away by her. She had the complete attention of each of my boys, even young Steven. Isaac hung on her every word.
    "Let me clear the air right up front, boys. I know about Jerry and Luke. They came to me just before Thanksgiving and told me that they are married. I am happy for both of them. Luke is a fine young man and I am so happy that Jerry found him or visa versa. They are good for each other. Chris, I know about you and what you have done for those two boys. Now I want to do something for you.
    "Hear me out before you speak. I am planning to leave this house and move into an assisted living community. The day to day operation of this place is putting a strain on me. I have been staying at the Royal Oaks Center for a few weeks to see if I could make the adjustment. I have lived in this house my entire life. It was built by my grandfather four times removed. This home was built before the Civil War and has a grand old history behind it. I am only the second daughter to move her husband into the house. My brother had other interests that our father didn't abide by. He had a boyfriend. My father would never have accepted Jerry.
    "I have a bit of a problem. I have no one that I wish to endow with my worldly goods other than Jerry. However I have a family that believes that I owe them because I have and they do not. Neither of my children are worth a spit, excuse me, but that is how I feel. Jerry's mother has mis-treated that boy from the day he was born and his father was no better. I tried to stop those two from getting married, but I was "the meddlesome old fool." I think I have been proven correct in my assessment of both of them.
    "I don't want any of my long lost cousins or their illegitimate children to get this land. I can't give it to Jerry or they will contest my decision and take it from him. I have some very smart lawyers and they have searched out my best course. I have tried to give it over as a museum, but no one will take it without at least fifteen million dollars to maintain it. I can't even get the city to take it over as a city park without giving them cash in the deal. I even tried to sell it to Jerry, but I have been told that if anybody in the family gets this property that they will have to sell it and divide the money between them. I can't find a buyer for the property or I would have sold it."
    My mind was on track with her. "Is this on the historical registry?"
    "No. I have tried to avoid that so that I could maintain control of it."
    "How big is the overall estate?" There are thirty eight rooms in the main house, twenty five of them are bedrooms. There are six small suites on the fourth floor for single, live-in servants. The house was updated in the seventies with modern bathrooms installed for each bedroom. There are four servants houses as well as an old stable with an apartment for the chauffeur and his family. There is a large pool and ten cabanas with kitchenettes at the bottom of the hill in back.
    Her husband's automobile collection had been sold, but there were five cars in the twelve bay garage. The house sits in the middle of twenty six acres, all totally gated and guarded. She looked me square in the eye and with a little wink she told me that the last appraisal that she had done on the house came in at a little over five million dollars. I saw her wink.
    "That was the appraisal for the permits to add the bathrooms?" She smiled at me. We were still on the same page. She didn't want any money for the property. She wanted to get it away from her family and give the money to Ģerâld.
    "Well, I was looking for a place to rent until the end of June, but an old fixer upper like this might be fun and it would give the boys something to do while we just sit around all day counting our money. I guess I could buy it and then maybe turn it in two or three years. Would you be willing to take say, ten million dollars cash for the house and its contents?" I was not really serious with that amount. The house is worth many times more than that.
    "Not the contents. There are several pieces of furniture that I have a special home in mind for. That old rocking chair is Jerry's favorite chair. I have spent many an hour in that chair with my boy in my lap as we sit in front of that fireplace and he cries about the way his mother and father have treated him. I want him to have that chair. There are a few other pieces that I want to give to special people in my life. But I will take your cash offer for the house and property. When can we close?"
    I knew that if she was talking to the city or to groups about making the home into a museum that I didn't have to worry about hidden liens. There was no real need for title insurance, but I told her that I would pull an abstract and have it read, but with enough money I was sure that I could find a speed reader. She called for a girl to bring me an abstract that was certified only three weeks earlier. One phone call would have that current. I told her that we would arrange to close Monday afternoon.
    I asked her if she wouldn't take more money for the property. She took me aside and stared directly into my eye. "I love Jerry with all of my heart and I will do almost anything for him. I don't want to spoil him by giving him too much money now do I? I want to place every penny of the proceeds of this sale into an account for him, please."
    "Mrs. Carpenter, there is one thing that I would like for you to know."
    "Call me Mrs. Carpenter again and you will know what the front door looks like, from outside," she smiled at me. "The name is Hillary.
    I bowed to her, "Hillary it is then. Hillary We have two Jerrys in our house. I hope that you don't take offense to us calling your grandson, Ģerâld. Ģer has told us that you are the only one in the family that ever called him Jerry and that it made him feel special, we can respect that. Neccesity created a need for us to use his full name. But… we have gone a step farther. I don't know if you are aware that your grandson is a master chef, in our home he wears the title of Çhé Ģerâld. It is a fitting title for the boy that we all love."
    "I know that he is very much at home in the kitchen, but I didn't know that he rates the rank of Chef. I assured her that he does and that I would see to it that he prepares her a meal as only he can.

    Well I had no intention of buying a house in New York, but it made sense. I know that I will be putting that money into Gerald's accounts in several special installments. Hillary was elated with our bargain. I am pretty sure that the boys followed everything pretty closely and they know what happened there. They all seemed to be very happy. Hillary offered to let us all sleep at her home that evening, but I told her that all of our clothes and sleeping gear was at Luke's. I was just not comfortable with having the twelve of us running naked in that house, with who knows how many servants about? Her driver took six boys back over to Luke's house and I took the other five. We had a long day again, but it had ended well. I did feel a little sorry for Carol. Very little actually, but she had tried. I wonder what Tony will say there. He seemed to really want me to be with the woman for some reason.
    I called Tony as the boys broke into their groupings for the evening. He half laughed as he apologized over and over to me. Carol is the siste-in-law of Tony's private secretary. The secretary heard that I was in the market for a house and she asked Tony to let her sister-in-law help me. He was in a bind either way, but he knew that I could handle her. I told him that I could handle him also. Two hands around the throat was the first thought that I suggested. He laughed at me.
    I told him that I had bought the Tinker-Carpenter estate. He let out a long, low whistle. "How in all that is good and kind did you manage that one? That is the most prime property in the entire town. Everybody wants it, but she wants to turn it into a museum or something. I understand that she is asking over a hundred million for it, right?" I asked him if he remembered the name Gerald Franklin Hodges.
    "Isn't Mr. Hodges on the board of directors at Bradford Academy?" He got it, but he did not know that Mr. Hodges was an eighteen year old member of my household. I told him that Hillary was actually giving Gerald the house, but in a round about way. She was also giving him the money that I paid for the house. He told me that I was an old dog. I was going to have to change my name, or perhaps he should change his. He asked me how I liked Hyena, they are kind of dog like and are always finding easy prey. That hurt then he told me that he could never even try to compete with me. I assured him that I was not in competition with anyone. I just found a boy in need and stroked his needs.
    I asked him if he could help me find someone to read an abstract on a Saturday morning. He had a freshman associate that was eager to please and well hung to boot. He was sure that the youngster would be at the ready for me as soon as I called for him the following morning. I asked Tony if his young protágáe was a happy boy. Tony assured me that he would be very happy if I would help him along. Tony has always gotten a kick out of watching me deflower young and hungs. He told me that young Michael was no novice, but his experience leaned to smaller, more youthful types.
    I met the boy lover with a full house. Tony gave him directions to Luke's house and the eager soul arrived twenty minutes early Saturday morning. We were ready. Steven answered the door in all of his glory with his glory pole leading the way. Michael stumbled over his tongue as he followed the naked boy to the breakfast table surrounded by our naked family.
    I started the ball rolling by holding up my coffee cup. "I believe you were interrupted." Steven giggled. He knew what to do. He ran over to me and began to stroke his precious meat and fill my cup with hot boi cream to flavor my first morning cup. I told Michael that he was overdressed to be in the dining room with us and suggested that he might be more comfortable waiting in the front room
    "He could just take that monkey suit off and join us," Cory came in on cue. Michael had many hands to aid him in shedding his clothing. His cock was a nice six and a half inches or better. Cut and thick with a steadily growing bead of pearly lube on the tip. Isaac lapped at that which caused Michael to grab for a hand hold on the edge of the table. A chair was provided for him as Branden knelt between his outstretched legs and gave him quick release. He was asked what he wanted for breakfast, but was assured that boy meat was available before during and after the food.
    Branden named him sweet Mic the dick. Mic had a plate full of eggs and sausage with two helpings of boi sauce on top. He had to try coffee with cream and laughed through his breakfast like a school boy.
    Mic proved himself worthy of Tony's praise. He took the abstract to a chair near the window and began to read, line by line. I sat with Steven in my lap as Mic commented on first one item then another. Hillary had some very extensive modifications done to the property over the last twenty years. Mic had his cell phone to his ear within a half an hour. By the tone of his side of the conversation it sounded as if he were talking to someone in county records. He smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up sign as he thanked his telephone contact for the assistance.
    "Everything is in perfect order. This is the most complete and up to date piece of work I have had to read in some time. You would be surprised what people try to hide from the county so that they don't have to pay a higher tax bill. Mrs. Carpenter has upgraded that old house far in excess of the current county codes. You will have no problems with a Monday closing. I understand that you want to close Monday."
    I nodded at him. "Will you be at the closing to represent me?" Tony had only touched on that idea with him. He would like to be there, if he could.

    Monday afternoon Mic met us at the door of the title company as Hilary's car pulled up to the curb. I turned back to escort her inside to settle our business. I presented a certified check for ten million dollars, made payable to Hilary and the title was stamped and handed to me. I now own a house in Albany.
    I told Hillary that she could take her time as she arranged to move from the home she had known since childhood. She assured me that she would be out by the end of the week. She had everything that she wanted to share with friends and family moved to the fifth floor, as we had agreed. Her personal belongings were ready to move to her bungalow at the Royal Oaks Center. Her bungalow was a three bedroom monster of a house with twenty seven hundred square feet of floor space in it. The woman lived large and was happy doing so.
    I escorted her to her car as her chauffeur held the door open. She looked at me and smiled. "I see why Jerry loves you. He and Luke both say that you are a great man and the best lover a boy could ever have. I wish I was fifty years younger. I would try to turn you, but I would never take you away from the work that you are doing for these boys. Yes, I know about the trial and I will follow it very closely. I hope to see everyone of those people burn in hell for what they have done to those boys of yours and many others." I kissed her hand and she was gone.

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