Chapter 124


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I suppose that by now I should not let anything come as a shock to me, if not to me then certainly not you. You have already endured more than you ever expected from a story like this one.
    An automated call from the front gate control box alerted us to a friendly visitor, it was Dr. Will's call code so no one was worried, except for a few little ones who only associate doctors with shots. Dr. Will had a shot, for sure, but it was a shot to my heart, not the boys. Not true, this shot hit them too. With the doctor was a tall boy of about fourteen or fifteen; those family members nearby seemed to be staring at the boy. Dr. Will Hamm is a twin and he asked me to accompany him to the hospital to see his sister who lay dying.
    "Cory, you might want to come with us, I think that you will be needed," Dr. Will told him before he led us to his car. Cory and the boy, that Dr. Will called Arty, slipped into the back seat. On the way down the mountain Dr. Will told us that Syl, Sylvia Hamm, was at the end of her battle with liver cancer. I looked at the sad face of young Arty and could see his mother's eyes.
    When we walked into the hospice room Syl was glad to see me and she wanted to hold my hand, "Hi, Faggot."
    "Hi, dyke," yeah Sylvia was as widely known as a lesbian as her twin brother was known to be gay. She cried a lot and kept telling me how sorry she was and how selfish she was. After five or six minutes of this she told me that I should take my son and have a blood test done. I was caught completely off guard. Dr. Will handed me a birth certificate for young Arty; I was listed as the father, along with the address of my present home.
    Randall Dallas Dickson was born on August 22, 1991, it dawned on me that I was not listening, but hearing what I wanted to hear. The boy's name is R. D., not Arty, I looked at my old childhood friend and buddy.
    "I am a total heal. I have lied to you for the last fourteen years. Worse than that I drugged you." He handed me a folder that contained complete DNA reports to show that young Arty was ninety nine point nine percent positive to be my natural son.
    I barely knew Syl, only as the sister of that crazy young Will. I knew that she always spoke to me in the hallways and giggled just like a girl when she passed by. She had a regular girlfriend that was always with her from the first time that I became aware of her.

    Randy Koch, Jimmy Walker, Aaron Walker, Tom Byrd, Ryan Miller, Bobby Feldman, and Will Hamm began their senior year of high school. I was the big college man and wanted to get together for one big fling to commemorate our three years as Blues boys. I threw us a party at Charley's country club as my treat to my closest friends. As parties go, our small group gravitated away to a suite of rooms that I had rented for us to spend the night together. Of course several girls came along with us. Among them was Judy Myers soon to be Byrd, Jenni Holmes soon to be James, and Sylvia Hamm, Will's sister.
    I only barely remember going to the room, but I awakened several hours later with my buddies naked and all of us in one bed together. Dr. Will, my buddy, chose this hospital setting to fill in the blanks from that night. He had always been sharp in chemistry and already had his heart set on med school. All of the boys in the Blues Club had already had sex with a girl except for me and Jimmy Walker. I had been told of the plans that the crew had laid up for Jimmy, but I had no clue that they were plotting against me as well. I didn't have a clue then and now, after seventeen years, I was learning what they had done to me that night.
    We were all under age so we couldn't drink ;-), but someone spiked my iced tea. When I awakened I was being slobbered on by Randy as I nursed him and I never knew that anything else had gone on. I watched as the group had ganged up on Jimmy and lifted his ass up and down, forcing him to fuck Jenni Holmes. I told them that it had been wrong and bordered on rape, but Jimmy seemed to be okay with it. He was proud when he learned that he was going to be a father yet he hid from his young son, James, until a fire forced his hand in December of 2005.
    There were three boys born in rapid succession nine months after that party, Gary Byrd was first then RD Dickson followed by James Walker. I didn't know whether to kill Will or what. I looked at Syl and knew that she was the one who had suffered. She told me that that was not so, she wanted a baby of her own. I never knew what happened to her, she just disappeared over the holiday break that year and I had not seen her since. I was no longer in high school so it never bothered me that I didn't see her. In the hospital I learned that her parents sent her to live with her grandmother so that she would not embarrass the family with a baby out of wedlock.
    She was honored to raise my son, but she had always thought that I should know about the boy. Will told her that it would not be a good idea, he knew how I felt about what they had done to Jimmy Walker and he did not want to loose my friendship. All of these years I have trusted him and now I trust the lives of my family to his care, I don't know what I feel.
    I looked at Will and Sylvia's parents as they walked into Syl's room, I had a feeling of loathing rush through my body. Young Will Jr. Hamm Bone sat down in the chair with his grandmother. I had attended the wedding of his father and his mother a month before Will graduated from high school. It was fine for their son to have a baby on the way, but it was an embarrassment for their daughter to be pregnant. Hamm Bone was born on June the fourteenth, two full months before RD.
    I remember Will telling us how he named his son. He was passing out cigars as the Blues Club gathered in the basement of Randy's house, "He was born with a huge boner, they told me that the doctor said it was the biggest penis he had ever seen on a new born. My son is going to take Chris's title away."
    RD knew about me all of his life, but he was only told who I was when he turned fourteen. He wanted to meet me, but Syl had been afraid to confront me. She was sure that I would kill her, but now that she was only days away from death she felt safe in letting me know. She grinned at me and told me that I couldn't do any worse to her then the cancer was doing, then she began to cough.
    Talk about mixed emotions, I looked at RD and I felt such a loss while at the same time I thought about Rodney and Cory Stevens. I have sixty five adopted sons that mean so much to me and now I have a blood relation that I owe everything I have to, he is my legal heir, my first born.
    Her confession took what little strength Syl had left in her. I sent Cory back home to hold down the fort as I sat with RD while he held his mother's hand. She passed about nine thirty, Will was there and so were his and Syl's parents. No one spoke we just mourned the passing of a precious soul.

    I was unsure what to do, I knew that RD had just lost his mother and he needed to be with someone, but he didn't know me, he needed his…anyone, just not me. All of us had been sitting in the hospice for over six hours and we needed food and something to drink. There was an all night restaurant chain located a mile from the Hospice so I suggested that we go there. Mr. and Mrs. Hamm were tired and wanted to hurry home, Will, Will Jr., and RD were ready to eat.
    I was surprised, but happy when RD slipped into the booth beside me, he offered to sit on the inside, but I scooted over so that he could sit on the isle. Our meal came quicker than I would have thought that the midnight crew would prepare it and the four of us had a good time as we ate. There was no discussion of Syl or her life, everything seemed centered on the upcoming college football season. All of us have our favorite schools and our hopes for their success. Everything seemed to me to be make talk.
    Finally I told my friends that I needed to get home and make sure that I still had a house. I invited Hamm Bone to come up and see the family and to bring RD with him, anytime. RD turned to me and a tear clouded his eye, "Aren't I going home with you?"
    "Well RD, you can, of course, I just thought…"
    "RD, your father thinks too much, he always has, maybe you can slow him down so that he can live to see your grandsons." The doctor in Will was speaking again.
    "You know that I won't ever have grandsons until boys can have babies and I like to receive, not pitch. I don't want to have a baby, that would hurt." He looked at me and giggled. "Dad, didn't you know that I am gay?"
    "That didn't come up tonight, but it doesn't matter to me. I would love to take you home, I just thought that you would like to be around your family."
    "You are my family, I have known about you my whole life, I just didn't know who you were until tonight. Now I want to go home and get to know my dad. Gee that sounds good, my dad, I always wanted a dad. I got teased a lot because I had no dad." I put my arm around him and he moved into me. I felt as if he had been at my side all of his life.
    I learned that he was raised as a Dickson, but his mother had never married so she carried the name of Hamm. Children, being the brats that they are, began to tease RD when we was about nine or ten. He just told them that his mother took her maiden name, true, just incomplete.

    Cory was in my bed with Roddy, it was rather plain that Roddy had been crying. I looked at Cory as he arose and slipped out the door to talk to me, "He thinks that now that you have a real son that you won't want him anymore. He called Daylight and cried his eyes out until I picked him up and brought him to your bed."
    My bedroom door opened and a sad faced ten year old walked out, "I'll go to my room now."
    "You'll get that tiny butt of yours back in my bed, I want you to meet your big brother." His eyes lit up and he looked up at Cory then over at RD. He looked again at Cory who nodded at him then pointed to RD. His frown moved back to a smile and he dashed into the room and jumped up and down on my bed. I walked over to him and grabbed him up. I turned him upside down and gave him a raspberry on his naked butt then threw him on the bed and examined his ribs.
    His arms went around my neck and he pulled his face to me, "Are you gonna keep me?"
    "Always and forever, you are my number one son and you always will be." I felt him look over my shoulder, RD and Cory began to laugh. I don't even want to know what he did, but being a ten year old I can imagine.
    I was undressing as I noticed that RD had not moved, he was staring at Cory's long soft cock. "Cory is your blood cousin, there are two more blood relatives that will be home tomorrow, you can meet them then. All of them have the family trait called the Choctaw Curse, my grandmother was Cherokee, but my grandfather was Choctaw Indian, all of my blood line hang long." I was looking at his tented crotch, it was impressive, even encased in new denim jeans.
    "Uncle Will said that everybody in your house goes naked all of the time and Boner said that your cock is bigger than his, am I going to get to see it?" I remember that we used to call Will Jr. boner until one day he came over and told me that a kid in his gym class told him that his cock was as big a the bone in a ham, Hamm bone became his moniker in our family.
    "RD, all of us do go naked, even me. Every man and boy in this house is gay and all of us love each other and make love to each other. Your body is your own and nobody can see it or touch it without your approval. You said earlier that you are gay and that you like to receive, am I to assume that that means you are a bottom? Excuse me, that is none of my business, I am sorry I violated you with that question."
    "It's no violation, dad, gawd I love to say dad. I want you to talk to me about everything. I know that you are my dad and it is probably sick, but I sorta want to have sex with you so I can see if what I have always heard is true."
    "What have you always heard?"
    "You know, from Uncle Will and Boner. Boner says that you are the best lover that he has ever had and he loves for you to do him, Uncle Will told me the same thing one time, I think that he loves you, a lot." Can my life get any weirder? I think that I am about to have sex with my very own flesh and blood, somehow that seems so different than anything that I have ever done.
    I pulled RD to me and kissed his cheek. He looked up at me and moved his face, I stared into his eyes and kissed his lips. He pulled me tighter and we kept a lock on each other, slowly I licked at his lips and they instantly parted. We got down to a full on kiss with him grinding his thin hips against me. I sat down on the edge of the bed and put my hands on the waist band of his jeans. I looked up to his eyes, "May I?" He thrust his hips at me and I fondled his tight package, I could barely control myself, I wanted to unwrap him as quickly as I could.
    Oh!! What a boy, RD is so much more than I was at sixteen. I was sitting on the edge of my bed looking at a perfectly flat groin devoid of even hair stubble. His cock was so turgid that the thick veins appeared to be on their way to bursting. His foreskin was slightly open at the very end of his monster pole exposing a nice purple circle of glans around a very open pee slit. A tiny drop of pearly boy lube had gathered, even though this was my son I stuck out my tongue and lapped it up to the sound of a hearty, deep throated giggle.
    My mind was a jumble. With his mother dying only a few short hours earlier and the fact that he is my blood I could not see taking his body. He is a healthy teenage boy and was in dire need so I gave him his release with the best blow job that I could conjure without getting overly erotic. He gave up his nectar and held on to my head as if it may be about to leave him before he was finished using it as his cum dump. When he relaxed I pointed him to the bed beside Roddy, both of us lay down for a good nights rest at a little past two in the morning. He snuggled up to me and lay in my arms all night as I pondered in my head what I was going to have to do with him. I awakened when Roddy's drool rolled across my chest and into my arm pit.

    Friday morning I stepped in to awaken Roddy and Gus. They looked precious with their bodies entwined, one about the other. My eye was drawn to a dirty sock far enough under the bed that it would not be seen except from the doorway where I stood. I walked over to the bed and sat down. I gently lifted Roddy and took him to my lap. His bright black eyes were doing their best to focus on me as his lilting giggle sent those warm fuzzies running throughout my body.
    "Morning, daddy."
    "Good morning to you my little black fox." I began to dig around his rib cage and listened to his tiny squeals.
    "You're gonna make me pee, daddy."
    "I'm trying to find that silver lining in there." I picked him up and carried him to the bathroom as Gus dashed in front of us. I grabbed Gus under one arm and sat both boys down in the shower. They looked up at me then began to pee all over each other. I didn't have to piss, but I stepped in the shower for a little fun with the two very special people in my life.
    Once their bladders were drained I turned on the shower. A feature of my house is the circulating pump on the hot water system. The hot water is looped with a low voltage pump in series to keep water hot, on demand, to every outlet. At every shower head is a thermostatically controlled valve that delivers water at the precise setting for a good hot shower without scalding or freezing when the water is first turned on.
    I grabbed the shampoo and gave each little head, and lower head, a squirt then I worked a thick lather in the hairy head of each boy. I kept digging through Roddy's hair and looking closely.
    "No silver lining there yet dad, I don't think he's worth nothing," Gus announced.
    "By the looks of his rectum this morning I think you found some value in him last night."
    "Daddy, tell me again about my silver lining, I forgot."
    The little faker didn't forget, he just likes to have me hold him and tell him my love story for him. "The black fox has the most value of all foxes. The black fox is also known as the silver fox because under the black exterior, down near the flesh, the hair is a brilliant silver color."
    "So why am I valuable?" Leave it to my sweet son to fish for affection. I had one for him though.
    "Women love the fur of the black or silver fox for coats. They have men kill the animal and cut its hide off and sew it together so they can keep warm and look pretty."
    "Ewww, they ain't gonna cut my fur off. Look, I think I got a pubie." We looked, he didn't.
    "I guess that you are just not eating enough mice and rabbits like other black foxes do." That got me a sick look. "Now get your ass up and clean this room up. There are dirty socks under the bed, your bed needs to be made, and it smells like horny boys in here. Open the window and let some fresh air in for a little while."
    "Why do you make us make up our bed?" Ten year olds, they have more questions than
    "Because you never know when the president might stop by to see you…"
    "Or your king. I have arrived, bow and scrape, peons," Cullen announced from the boys' bedroom door. I had not heard the older boys come home, but I was going to lay it down on Cullen. I grabbed him and threw him onto the boys' bed and ravished his ass, literally. The queeing quickly threw his legs back and smiled with hunger in his eyes.
    "What's the matter, didn't Vadik give you any this week?" We were coupled, he locked his legs around my waist and pulled close for his welcome home kiss. I kissed him at both ends, simultaneously.
    "Vaddy loves me, but you make love to me and you know that I need my uncy fix," he crooned to me. I do love him so much.
    "I need it too." I looked at Gus's quivering bottom lip. He is in need, the older boys have been gone for two weeks and his choices have been limited to Casey and Josh. I did lay with him at the ranch the previous week, but a boy's bottom needs constant reassurance.
    "Your hinney, I believe that you should put your royal scepter to work in the interest of family relations, your young cousin would be glad to genuflect under you for the few seconds that you will take to get off." He squeezed his rectum hard which my made my scepter happy. I had a boy on the line and I carried him over to the winners circle as he screamed his rapturous joy for all to hear.
    Roddy was waiting with his hot wash cloth, the boy is a true marvel and I will cherish his love for the rest of my life. Gus and Cullen were locked in a sweet embrace as I pushed Roddy ahead of me and left them to their thing. We went over to the granite house to be accosted by sixty boys with five hundred tales to tell, each.

    Cory and RD were getting along great. Cory does not have classes every Friday, he came in for a cup of coffee and sat down beside RD. The two of them were head to head before RD asked if he could go down to Dr. Will's house to get all of his clothing. I started when he said that, of course he needed to go, but it had never occurred to me. I quickly learned that my sweet friends, Jenni Walker and Judy Byrd, had driven over to San Diego to load everything that Syl and RD owned into the back of a rental truck and that the truck was sitting in Will's driveway until space could be secured to store the possessions.
    I asked RD what was in the truck and he told me that there were two full bedrooms of furniture, a living room suite and a complete dining room set, with hutch and sideboard. I don't want the girls to pay for extra days on the truck so I offered RD the option of storing his belongings in the vacant apartment over the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß building. He kissed me then took off with Cory, Luke and Ģerâld went with them to do the heavy work.

    I moved out to a chair on the patio of granite house to enjoy the warm afternoon sun while drinking a tall glass of iced tea, yeah, sometimes I drink things other than coffee. The family was busy as the boys were running about putting their things away from their trip. I have been thinking about moving the six washing machines and six dryers from the garage. As I watched boys scurry back and forth to my house, each with an arm load of dirty clothing, I thought maybe I need to add a dozen more machines, now to find a place to put them.
    Ģerâld crawled on his knees to me and wrapped his long arms around my legs. He lay his head in my lap and looked up into my eyes, "I love him, can I adopt him, pretty please? He has some beautiful antiques, Daddy, he has an original Duncan Phyfe dining room table with two high back arm chairs and six high back side chairs in perfect condition. I just looked it up and that table alone is worth ninety five thousand dollars, with the entire set of chairs it is worth more than double that. I have to have it. He has an original side board and someone has made a glass topped hutch that exactly matches the set, right down to the solid mahogany and matching stain. That dining room suite is one of Phyfe's finest later pieces with the claw foot legs, capped with brass…"
    "I take it that the old kitchen table is good looking, but can you sit at it and eat?" I love to play my boys and Ģer is one that I can really get next too when it comes to antiques. It will be interesting to see how Jimmy reacts to the news of these antiques, he has two rooms in the house, full to the ceiling of things from his mother and father's house.
    "DADDY!!! No, I could never allow anyone to just eat at that table, that table is for fine dining." I had him on my hook.
    "So what else did you store in the apartment?"
    "I didn't have time to look, but the living room suite looks very promising. When I saw that sideboard I knew that the truck full of furniture was most valuable so we had RD open a box with his sheets in it so that we could cover everything up. As we left RD was arranging a sheet over what appeared to be a Duncan Phyfe drop leaf sofa table. Daddy I have to have him."
    "You letch, you don't want him, you haven't even seen his cock yet, you want what he has."

    Cory and RD walked up from the house, they were talking back and forth with one another. They stopped near the door to the granite house dining room before parting for RD to come sit by me and Cory to go get them a cold drink.
    "Dad, I…" I heard Jimmy call from inside the house then he stepped around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks.
    "You're not dad," he looked around then spotted me. "Who are you?" he asked RD. Cory introduced the two as Jim stood with his mouth gapping open. "He sounds just like dad," he said as he ran over to me.
    He was looking over his shoulder as RD walked up to me, "He sounds just like you and he looks a lot like you, who is he?" His cock was semi soft/hard so I gave him a squeeze and listened to him giggle. He was sweaty from a day of travel, his smell was intoxicating.
    "Cory just introduced you," I said.
    "He told me his name is RD Dickson, but that doesn't tell me who he is. He's not even in uniform." He looked down at Ģer, "And neither is he and Cory is dressed, what's going on?"
    "Would you like to see me naked, Jim was it?" With that RD removed his shirt to show an extremely hot, smooth skinned, very cut chest. He did a slow tease as he unbuckled his belt and unfastened one button at a time on his tight blue jeans. RD must work out with Volkswagens for weights if his thick biceps are any indication. I was getting hot looking at my son's ripped muscles as he gave us a show.
    Jimmy's eyes were locked on the action as drool seeped from his wide, gapping mouth, the boy was in lust and his cock was super hard. I let go of Jim's cock and watched RD also, both boys are hot to look at. Ģer was still on his knees before me, he leaned back on his haunches and watched with rapt interest.
    Cory stepped out with a pitcher of cold fruit punch in one hand, a stack of glasses in the other, and a cloth tape measure hanging from his erect cock. Behind him the entire family gathered, in moments the patio was filled with wide eyed naked boys. The older boys hustled the little ones to the front and made them sit on the pavement with two rows of kneeling boys behind them and the rest standing four rows deep.
    My family has been traveling and have been separated from each other as they worked on different farms, they needed a show. I slipped from my seat to my knees and took one of RD's feet and untied his shoe before lifting his leg and removing both shoe and sock. I moved to the other foot and quickly had both shoes off then I straightened up and drew RD's underwear from his ass. So far only the bottom three inches of RD's cock was revealed to anybody, but his back was still turned to the main family body. Cory slid my chair aside as Cas and Luke moved a long wooden table close behind me.
    Cory announced to one and all that RD was blood, but not a part of the family. He turned the boy around and pulled the flap of his blue jeans aside, "See, no pin. Daddy, you have to do your duty, your son wants to be a part of the entire family, not just yours." I wrapped my arms around RD's waist and buried my face in his smoothly shaved groin and began to shake and cry. I don't want to violate my own blood, my son, in such a fashion. He is just different than all of the other boys; then a thought filled my mind, if I did not accept RD as part of my entire family he would always be left out, both in his own mind and in the mind of all of the rest of the boys. I can not show any preferential treatment to anyone in the house, ever.
    I was still on my knees as I walked around, turning my back to the family and turning RD to face the assemblage. I pressed my face against his groin and slowly lowered his pants and underwear. I let the underwear hang at the edge of his rigid glans and pushed his tight jeans over hard muscular thighs to rest just below his knees. There was a clear view for the boys to be able to see me as I chewed and licked on what had the promise of being the largest cock the family could imagine, only Kyle hangs more than what this boy has.
    I pulled RD's underwear down to his knees with his jeans then pushed the remaining garments to his ankles and let him rest his hand on my head for balance as he stepped clear to stand naked before the entire group of boys. A long "Oooohhhhh," went up from the collective group of horny onlookers. I wrapped my hand around a pair of the lowest hanging balls in the house and pulled myself up to let the boy's monster pole disappear inside my mouth.
    I had every millimeter of a sweet teenage cock deep down my throat and pushing against the tops of my thighs, from inside. I was pushing against his abs trying to find another foot or two to join that already on my palate. I did not pull back a single centimeter as he shot deep down into my throat. I let him pound against my face as hard as he wanted until I felt that he was cumng to an end. I pulled back so that only his thick plumb sized glans filled my mouth so I could savor his taste, he was not anywhere near his end, the boy has more spunk in his balls than a full gallon sized bottle of milk. I was not about to miss a drop as I swallowed as quickly as possible.
    RD's knees wobbled so I guided him back to the table that Cas and Luke had just placed there for the next part of our pin ceremony. Once his ass was against the table I pushed the six foot tall boy back and lifted his legs to my shoulders. RD scooted back on the table so that he was fully on it then placed his hands behind his knee sockets to spread his legs wide. I had my first look at his rosy bud, he did not appear to be virgin, but he had not been used very often. I just had to have a taste.
    Cory grabbed RD's cock and held the tape measure against it, "Ten inches, exactly. Five and seven eighths around. He's a Dickson, he's a keeper." The boys clapped and cheered, RD blushed, all the way down to his balls which were still in my face.
    RD was a live wire as my tongue did the walking through his hairless crack. His nuts are extra large for a boy his age and I had a mouthful on only one. RD loved what I was doing and let all those near know it. His cock was still stiff as a steel post so I wrapped my hand around it, as large as my hands are I had only covered less than half of his length, I know that I could grab him with two hands and still not be able to cover the head of his cock at the same time.
    Cock in hand, nut in mouth, I attacked his anus with one solitary digit. His sphincter grasped my finger and sucked it inside as he let out a satisfied moan that could be heard two states away. This was our first time together, but it was a pin ceremony, most of the boys had just returned home from ten days in the hay fields and had not showered or had any food or drink; still, I have to make it special for the most special person that I had ever met before. I let two fingers wonder through his rectal nervous system as I moved up to suckle his cock for added stimulation.
    A full twenty minutes passed before I added a third finger to his anus. Edmund was passing through the boys with a tray of sandwiches while Mitchell passed out cold drinks. I expected to hear someone barking, "Peanuts, popcorn, red hots…" That was the kind of atmosphere I perceived, RD seemed to be enjoying himself and that was my only concern.
    At last his balls drew close to his body, he was ready for round three. I squeezed each side of his prostate while I raked my middle finger along the length of it and quickly brought him to another overwhelming orgasm. I let him go until I was sure that he was drained then rose into position for the main bout.
    Whomever RD had been with in the past was not a big man. I hurt RD on entry, but he gritted his teeth and took it, all. I am used to very used boys, most of them from the streets, I should have considered that RD has not been used very much and taken time to use a lubricant to ease my entry. RD sensed my fears as he smiled at me and reached for me to kiss him. I had no problem with snogging while shagging—terms that I have learned from the Wild Boys. RD and I gave our audience all of their money's worth as we moved into each other for one of the all time great fucks of my life.
    Fifty seven minutes was the official time given by our record keeper. Jimmy was close at hand with a shiny new pin which was tattooed into RD's groin. After the initial grimace of pain a smile filled the boy's bright face and lit up my life with the strange feeling of a new type of love. I am going to have to get used to RD, as I am sure that he is going to have to get used to me and my lifestyle, I only hope that he can live with it.

    The boys gathered around RD and ran their hands over the perfect specimen of young manhood. We have many perfect bodies in our family, but RD was miles ahead of anything any of my little faggots had ever been near. Alright, truth, he was miles ahead of anything that I have ever been with. I went to the family room with Ģerâld and Jimmy, I had an idea, but I needed their take on it.
    RD has a small fortune in antique furniture, I am not sure if he knows what he has or not, but it is his and I will not let him get rid of it without serious consideration. What I do need is a place to store it where it will be safe. I will get an appraisal and have it insured. If it is all that Ģer says it is, and that boy knows his antiques, then I don't want to take any kind of chances with a single stick of it. Ģerâld has wall to wall furniture that he brought from his grandmother's house and Jimmy has many pieces that had belonged to his grandmother on his mother's side. I want to find someplace where all of the furniture can be seen and used as the boys desire.
    After Ģer and Jim left me I sat back and pondered the direction that my life was taking. I have twenty boys from foster homes moving in with my family in only two more days. I have taken in the nephew of one of the boys who has now left my house and I have a son. What next?

    I walked around checking all of the doors to be sure that they were locked, even with the security system that I have I don't like to take chances. I caught a glimpse of a car in my driveway and opened my front door to check it out, I had never seen the car before, it bore California license plates. I pushed the button on the intercom and asked if anyone knew whose car was parked in front of the front door.
    In moments Cory and RD came running to me, "I am sorry dad, I forgot to move it," RD said.
    "It is my fault dad, I told him to park it there until we could find him a spot," Cory told me. I made the boys hold up for a moment as I learned that the car had belonged to Syl and to RD. The title was already in his name since Syl knew that she was terminal. I told RD to park his car in the garage behind the vette. I had moved the Jeep down to the garage under the cliff where the Traveler Trio© is parked. There is space down there for seven cars along with the three big RVs, the problem with that is whomever gets in first gets out last.

    Cory slid up against me, "I have an idea, daddy." Damn I love that boy, if he suggested that we run away I would almost agree with him. "I think that tonight we should gather just our blood together and get to know each other. I love all of my brothers, and you know it, but shouldn't RD get to know a bit about who he is?" He had a point. I let him gather the others to meet me in my bedroom at bedtime.
    I had to stop and stand in my doorway as I looked at the perfect covers on my bed. RD lay in the middle with Cory on his left arm and Mike on his right. Steven was sitting cross legged at Mike's right knee with Roddy curled up on top of Cory with RD's meat stick clasped in his tiny hand, his fingers couldn't even touch around the girth of the monster. I thought that it would take more than two of my hands to cover all of that man pole, but it would take at least five of Roddy's little fists. A horrible thought crossed my mind and I blurted out, "Roddy's butt is off limits, end of discussion."
    Cory and Steven looked square at RD. "I wasn't…I didn't…" RD was on the edge of tears. I rushed over and held him.
    "I know baby, I just feel so protective of his tiny butt. I must confess that I have let him sit himself down on me, but I feel so bad afterwards. He wants it and will beg for it, but he just has to wait for a few more months." I looked Rod in the eye when I said months, I had chosen the word to soften the blow to his tiny ego. He is special to me.
    I grabbed him up from Cory's lap and asked him if he still loved me. His kisses and little hands playing with my face told me that he was okay. I made Steven crawl up into the middle of us so all of us could talk and touch at the same time. I encouraged each of the boys to tell their stories to RD so that he would have a better understanding of the faggot that he knew as his sperm donor.
    RD has a very tender heart, he cried with Cory and he hurt with Mike. He held Steven close as he told all three boys how lucky they had been to find someone who loved them and would provide for them. He told Roddy that he was the luckiest one of all because he was the son of my wife and the big brother of my infant son. RD told me that he couldn't wait to meet his stepmother and little brother. I told him that he would see them the next morning at church. I expected a reaction.
    RD looked at me then at the others as they each watched him. "What? I know about the Sabbath. Mom and I searched around for a church when I was about ten and we liked the church by my school. I knew another kid that went there and mom talked to his mom and we started going there. Uncle Will told us that you go to church on Saturday so mom said that I would feel more at home." I know that the boy has been ripped apart from everything that he ever knew and I want him to feel at home.
    I think about those in my house, Lance and Lester were literally ripped from everything that they knew, they had no choice in anything about their lives. For the most part the rest of the boys had escaped from a far worse life than what they had now. The boys that I had brought into the family after the wedding came by choice, but they were each looking at a rough life as they entered into young adulthood. Al and Greg were content where they were, but they saw a better life and I welcome them.
    About the only ones who really didn't leave something horrible behind are Mitch and Carroll, they are not really a part of my family, per se, they are only staying with us during their time in school. That was the same with Chuck, but the family grew to love that boy and he is sorely missed. I am mixed about David and Edgar, neither of them are happy in their lives here. I don't know how to make them happy. Edgar and Isaac seemed to be good for each other. Isaac's tragic death was a blow to all of us, but especially Edgar. Something is not right with that boy and I can not get a grip on it. Maybe I need to spend some quality time with him.
    For the time being quality time was what I was supposed to be spending with the four youngsters in my bed. Each of us has common ancestral blood in us, RD, oh sweet RD. That boy is more than I ever bargained for. I was having serious doubts about my entire life. I lay back and let the boys ask their questions as all of learned who the boy is.
    "Well, I guess that my first thoughts about anything gay was when I was about five or six. Mom had this one man friend that was around a lot in those days. He liked to take me places and I loved to go with him. I believe that I sort thought of him as my dad. When we would go to the grocery store or someplace where we had to stand in line he would pull me close to himself and hold me so that we would not get separated. I would lean back against him and feel his big dick against the back of my head and I always wanted to see it.
    "He took me swimming quite a bit and I liked to watch him and all of the men and older boys dressing, or really undressing, in the locker room." He giggled with a sound that totally melted my heart. I don't think that there is anything about him that can turn me off.
    "I was ten the first time I had a sleep over and for the first time I knew what life was all about." I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at that statement, I just held my son close and smiled at him. "Chet had a big brother that shared the same bedroom. Chet told me that sometimes Fabin would play with his ding a ling, I couldn't imagine why, but Chet knew that I liked to look at other boys, he and I looked at each other whenever we could. Chet and I got under his covers and pretended to be asleep, but we were peeking out under the edge of the blankets.
    "When I was twelve Fabin and I were alone, Chet had to stay after school, Fabin let me play with his cock and he played with mine. Chet and I never did anything with each other, but he knew that I liked to look at his cock and at Fabin's. So there we were in their room and Fabin took my cock in his mouth. He asked me if I liked it and I told him that I did, he told me that if I would do it to him he would do it to me for a long time. I asked him if he was going to make his sperms while I sucked on him. He asked me if he could, I decided that he could and that began it all.
    "Fabin got me up on top of him and he sucked my cock while I sucked his. He told me to go up and down on him and he would show me something wild. I began to move my head on him and he started sticking his tongue up my butt, I loved that, a lot. I tasted of his cum and he told me to keep sucking him because he had something else to show me. He raised me up and started sucking me again then he lifted me up and down so that I was sliding my dick in and out of his mouth. I had my first dry cum while he did that and he had another cum in my mouth. I was ready for a life of sucking cock.
    "That night Fabin told Chet to get on his face. Chet whined and acted like a baby, Fabin told him to do it or else. I don't know what the or else was, but Fabin moved to Chet's bed and told me to suck his dick until it was wet then he bent over and spit in Chet's shit hole. He pushed his dick inside of Chet who just lay there and cried. Fabin told me to get under Chet like we had been earlier so that we could suck each other's dicks. Chet quit crying and sucked me until I had another dry cum.
    "Fabin fucked Chet everyday for another year then when I was thirteen and he was fourteen he fucked me while Chet sucked my first wet cum out of me. Chet and I became the best of fuck and suck buddies after that. Fabin had a girl friend and only fucked Chet on weekends, but then he met a sixteen year old boy that fucked him. He never fucked either of us again after that. I don't know if he stayed with the other boy or not, he never talked about it, but we never even saw him jack off any more. He got his parents to let him make himself a room in the garage and moved out of Chet's room."
    "Are you and Chet still friends?" I asked him.
    "He's an ass hole. I don't like to be around him. The only time we see each other is for sex, he likes it up the butt, but he won't do me unless I tell him that if he won't do it then I won't do it."
    "I take it that you like it?"
    "I didn't know how much until I met you. I want to do it with all of these guys."
    "All of these guys here or all of the guys in the house."
    RD sat up in the bed with his legs crossed. He stared at each one of us. "We, the six of us, are like all family, I mean for real family?"
    "All six of us are related by blood, there is one more in the house that is blood. Cullen is my sister's boy, your first cousin. I have adopted all four of these guys, but all of us are cousins by blood and all of us are blood Cherokee Indian, Steven, Mike, and I have some Choctaw Indian blood in us also. Roddy is full blood Cherokee, mother and father. The rest of us have one white parent, it is from my white dad that I have a sister in England. Yeah, RD, we are family."
    "Then I want to have sex with you guys first. I don't know when I might want somebody else, but could you guys love me for awhile?"
    "RD, may I ask about Boner, have you ever done it with him? He is your first cousin also."
    "I have seen his dick and we like to measure each other to see who is bigger, so far I win, but we never did anything else."
    "Just never did, I don't know, I thought about him before, but I didn't think that I could ever get a cock as big as big as that up my butt. I did want to suck him though. We almost did a few weeks ago when he came over, but mom got real sick and we went to the hospital with her. That is when uncle Will told us that we were going to come home and meet you.
    "From then on all Boner and I ever talked about is how big your dick is and how you fuck everyone and they love it. He told me that he would not fuck me until I had slept with you. He told me that he wanted you to teach me what real sex was all about."
    "So do you know now, I mean about real sex?"
    "What I felt from you over there this afternoon is better than anything I ever felt in my life."
    "RD, I hurt you and I know it."
    "You hurt me because I didn't do it right. I have talked to Cory and he told me what I should have done. I knew what to do, boner told me. Boner told me that he fucks lots of boys and that he has to tell them what to do so that he won't hurt them, but make them feel good so that they will want to do it again. I forgot when I felt your cock enter me. I want to do it again, nice and slow."
    "When do you think that you might want to do it again?"
    "I thought that tonight you wanted to meat the family."
    "I do, all of you."
    "Rodney too?" I asked him. RD tickled his little brother's cock then pulled him in to suck on him. I had him lay down and let Roddy show him how a fuck should be. RD enjoyed himself and I know that Roddy did.
    Nobody was in any hurry. Steven made a good showing for the family name as he put everything that he has learned into as fine a fuck as I have ever seen. Steven is fifteen and growing up nicely. He has the curse of an eight inch cock, and growing. RD was well moved and told Steven that had he met him outside of the family that he would follow him anywhere. Steven was happy enough that he mounted himself on his big brother and settled down the full length then let out a deep sigh before letting out a large load. Roddy and Cory beat everybody to his splooge, but I got a kiss from Cory full of warm, recycled Steven cum.
    Mike allowed RD to rest a bit while he nursed on his new brother. The rest of us decided that was a good idea so we moved around for a five way circle suck, Steven sucked Roddy while Cory sucked him, I sucked Cory, Roddy sucked Mike, and RD sucked me.
    Roddy grinned like a kitten with Mike's cream on his chin, I don't allow the boy to be with the older boys for reasons that seem quite obvious. Our close family time was making him feel as if he was grown up and that he belonged.
    After a quick rest Mike moved between RD's knees to take a shot at his butt. RD wanted it from both ends, we asked him if he wanted to take it doggy style while he sixty nined. He wanted to suck Steven. Mike came to the family at fourteen and he was sporting an eight and a half inch cock, he has grown an inch during the past three years, but his cock has only gained about an eighth of an inch in length and no girth. Still, he gave RD a ride that moved the boy. RD had Steven's cock full into his throat as both he and Mike filled my son at the same time.
    RD has a thick arm muscle of sixteen inches with a wrist of only six inches. He stands six feet tall, barefooted and weighs in at a solid one hundred and fifty two pounds. He can wear my jeans on his twenty eight inch waist, but has to tuck a cuff under, my inseam is a thirty six his is only thirty three and a half, but he is still growing. He has his mother's brown eyes and hair, but his body came from the same mold as mine. Cory is a close copy of my bod, but his waist is now a fat thirty inches, oh how I love to tease him, as long as he doesn't go on a diet, he is perfect, just the way he is.

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