Chapter thirty nine


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    Morning was only moments away when I crawled in between my three boys. My body was instantly covered with warm flesh that was harder in some areas then others. I was so drained that I fell into a deep sleep at once. I very vaguely recall Cullen being awakened and told to dress. I awoke with a start around ten thirty and found Pete to be the only one in my bed. I went into panic mode and tore the door open. Pete was trying to say something to me as I ran from room to room looking for Cullen.
    JB and another old man sat at the kitchen bar talking as Cory served up scrambled eggs. I lit into Cory with fists flying as I demanded to know where Cullen was. I heard a familiar giggle and looked at the old bearded man with JB. I swear, the boy's mother would not know the lad. The people who had done this boy over were experts. His beard grew out of his face as if it had been there for twenty years The long eyebrows took the eye's attention from the rest of Cullen's face. His limp and stoop were not faked as he had to work with his cane to walk around to show off the new him.
    Cory helped Cullen take the knee long wool coat off. I could see the edges of the frame work under his shirt. The wool trousers came off and the long shirt was unbuttoned. A series of leather straps encompassed the boy's body literally pulling him over into a stooped position. It looked so very uncomfortable. Pete, Cory, and I rushed to rub the boy's body and help him to get some circulation back in his limbs. He could wear the harness for up to six hours at a time with at least a ten hour break afterwards. He would need serious massage therapy which I knew would be no trouble to find someone willing to render.
    Cullen had so looked forward to seeing the sights of New York. When he was here with his mother there was no way that she would take the chance and expose him to serious danger. Mixed in with our tour group Cullen would be as safe as we could make him, as long as we stayed in town. We should have gotten out of Dodge, but I would have been scalped before sundown. I got an idea and grabbed the phone. Sweet Jeff, that boy deserves a real treat, I knew that I would have to do something special for him before I left town.
    The boys named several hundred places that they wanted to see. The most popular request was fucking rent boys in Central Park in the moon light. I looked at Christopher who was finding interesting things on the ceiling to look at while he whistled an off key tune. I took the boys out on the balcony and pointed out certain points that they had mentioned. Carl gave me four men to act as escorts so the boys broke up into four groups. Cullen and I stayed behind as the rest of the crew went out to terrorize the Big Apple. I told the boys that they had their ATM cards and could buy whatever they needed. However I did stress the fact that we had to watch the space restraints during our travels so if they got too far afield they would need to arrange to have their purchases shipped home.
    The major destination for every boy had been Ground Zero. Cullen and I both wanted to go there so I had Jeff get me a private limo. JB, Cullen and I made that excursion. I didn't make Cullen get into his brace as he promised me that he could hunch over for the short trip. I did him one better, I got him a wheel chair from the apartment to the limo. He liked the attention and played his part well. The big thing that I worried about was him keeping his mouth shut. We couldn't disguise the cracking voice of a pubescent teenager.
    We got as close to Ground Zero as we could and our driver did his best to delay the time as we passed. The three of us were on our knees in the back of the limo as we prayed for the families and loved ones of those that lost their lives through the bigotry and hatred of people who have no regard for the sanctity of human life. Tolerance is not a global trait as too many cultures teach that any thinking, save their own is wrong. Thank God for America and our Freedom Of Religion. In this country everyone is allowed to worship, or not, as they are led by their own conscience.
     I had the driver take us over the bridge to New Jersey. I had a friend that told me of a southern style rib house over there. He was right, the ribs were tender, served up with corn on the cob and cole slaw. We had so much sauce on us that we looked like pigs, but we ate until we were stuffed. I am so glad that I don't have facial hair. JB was used to it and didn't look too bad, but Cullen would require major repair to get the mess out of his face. At the hotel I placed a towel over his shoulders and had him slump forward as if asleep. No one paid him any attention as we passed through the lobby.
    The boys drifted back in around five o'clock with the last bunch in at ten after. They were full of stories about all that they had seen. I had a pizza and salad bar laid out on the balcony for them and they sat around telling of the wonders of New York. Cullen brought instant silence to the herd when he told of our excursion. I never knew that these boys could be so quiet. Then he told about the rib dinner and they were back to normal again.
    I wanted the boys to get a good rest after the previous long night. We watched a few movies and cuddled with the one we loved. There was a shoot em up scene in one war movie that we watched. Someone in the movie said, "Fire at will." Suddenly the room was alive with the battle cry, "Fire at Will!" Pillows flew from every direction and pummeled the tiny little guy as we tried to protect himself. "Why does everyone hate me? In all of the movies they want to fire at Will and I never did nothing to them. That's why I want to be called Christopher." We all got a huge laugh out of the antics, but we had to back up the movie so we could remember what was going on.
    Jeff and Mark both joined us and spent the night. There was very little sex, but a lot of love in that house that night. We all had a lot to be thankful for and we took the time to let it be known.
    Eight o'clock Thursday morning, July 7, 2005 found thirteen freshly scrubbed and well turned out young faces, and two old men with an in between, boarding a tour bus in front of the hotel. Already on the bus were fourteen older gay couples ready to see the sites of the big city, itself. I took my seat across the isle from one of the older queens on the bus and asked him if he had to go so outlandish. Carl looked ridiculous in drag, Andy was kind of cute though. Carl's security men were scattered about the bus so that my boys had to break up in pairs and not sit together as a group. They didn't catch on to who was on the bus until well into the afternoon. They got a kick out of it and everyone of them realized why it had to be done. I love them all so much. They were not upset that they had to give up their experiences to protect another member of the house.

    We kept the tour bus until eight that evening as we invaded one of the east coast's last remaining drive in restaurants. I so much wanted to take the boys to Coney Island, but the danger was xery real. Carl came to me with an idea.
    As we headed up to the apartment, I asked Jeff and Mark to join us again for the evening. They agreed, I had soup prepared for the boys to settle them down a little. JB was standing by the door awaiting my signal, I nodded at him and he quietly opened the door from the hallway. Andy and Carl pushed in a cart with a triple layer sheet cake on it. The cake was decorated with a big Happy Birthday Jimmy in three inch letters and around the edge were fifteen burning candles. Jimmy received the family birthday tradition, that had only just began, of blowing everybody's candle and being showered in gallons of boi spunk.
    I sat and caught up on all of the years with Jeff and his boyfriend. I stared at Jeff and Mark. The two boys had finished college. "I understand from Carl Dickson that you two were supposed to be moving to Tucson last year. What is happening?"
    "Well, I have been doing some research. I wanted to use the school's facilities and be able to stay with Mark. Mark is wrapping up his M.S. and will graduate July 29. Then we are headed out to Tucson to work with Andy Foss and his company. Carl wants us to live with the two of them for a few months as we test the waters out there, but we are both excited about it."
    I was a bit excited about it too. I like spending an hour or two with either of these hunky lads and I would be able to do that anytime if they were in Tucson. However, I would loose the services of the greatest concierge that I have ever worked with.
    Cullen was quietly smugled away with Carl and Andy while I led Cory and Christopher to my bedroom. I pulled Pete with me and whispered to him to help me keep the boys busy for the rest of the night.

    Friday morning found Andy sitting at the bar drinking coffee with JB. Naked boy flesh was strewn about the apartment like dirty laundry and the smell in the air was reminiscent of the same. A stack of clean clothing lay at the end of the breakfast bar. I wandered in looking about at the bodies that seemed to be everywhere, I knew right away that we needed some serious airing out. Even being in the midst of and part of it I could smell a stench that can only come from sweaty boy bodies. It made my pecker pucker; I needed a hard cock, quickly. My cock was a bit red and wet looking. Andy looked at me and shook his head, "Pete said good morning." I poured my first cup of caffeine for the day.
    "I have special clothing for the smaller boys," Andy said. I looked through the stack and smiled. My cock did grow hard, Andy and JB watched intently. "May I say good morning?" Andy looked down at my hard cock. Twenty six year old Andy slipped to his knees to service me. Andy wanted to do a history on Carl and me. He was sure there was a blood relation between the two of us. Neither of us wanted to know if there was or not. We enjoy referring to each other as "cuz."
    Pete and I had just had a nice good morning go at each other, but Andy had me in some serious lust in moments. The fag boy is damn good. We have had occasion to do each other many times in the past and I never tire of his techniques. I really think the boy is better since he returned from his two years of study in Europe. I steadied myself by grabbing Andy's head as I filled the dude with the second load of the morning. The timer bell of the oven rang causing Andy to spring from his worshipful position and sprint to the oven. He removed a large sheet of homemade biscuits. He had made up the pan of dough the previous evening and brought it in with him this morning. He placed the biscuits back into the oven with the door slightly ajar and the heat turned off. He then took out a large container with four dozen well beaten eggs and began pouring the yellow liquid into skillets already on the stove top.
    Hungry boys began to follow their noses into the kitchen. It seemed that all thirteen youngsters were following another body part that seemed to be stretched out before them. Andy took large covered plates of bacon and sausage from the two microwave ovens where he had placed the freshly cooked pig meat to keep it out of the way. He continued to stir the eggs in their pans as the mixture cooked up. In moments he dumped the scrambled eggs onto three large platters as the boys began to fill their plates. Two pounds of butter, two sixteen ounce jars of grape jelly, forty five biscuits, four dozen eggs, four pounds of bacon, two pounds of sausage patties, two gallons of milk, three pots of coffee, and four pitchers of freshly squeezed orange juice—from frozen concentrate in a can, disappeared in less than fifteen minutes.
    I kept looking at the door and the clock. Andy watched with bemusement. Finally Andy patted the stack of clothing. I caught his sign. I called Christopher, Jim, Turner, Lew, and Cory to the side. Andy looked the boys over and nodded. I held my nose as I herded the five boys off to my room, Andy followed with the clothes. I pointed to the bathroom and waved my hand before my nose as I turned to make sure that the doors were locked, nothing, but boyish giggles could be heard for the next twenty minutes.
    The doors opened again and five little boys skipped into the front room. Each had a small child's toy or a lollipop or other youthful symbol with him. The boys were dressed in horizontally stripped tee shirts, short shorts, that showed no package what-so-ever, sneakers, with color striped white socks pulled half way up the calves of their legs, and ball caps resting on their heads at various angles. Each boy looked to be a gangly ten or eleven year old child.
    The apartment door opened and a man with a large kit came in with Carl, they were accompanied by even younger boy. All eyes were on the little boys, but even the little boys kept looking at the latest addition.
    "If you'll buy me some candy, mister, I'll let you see me bum." The room broke into uproarious laughter as they finally saw Cullen under the shorn black locks and freckled face. He looked like a lad of eight or nine. His skinny legs were ended in steam boat sized sneakers. The tight short shorts with the horizontal striped tee shirt and wire rimmed glasses totally hid the real person under the sideways ball cap cocked lazily on his tiny head. I was sure that not even my sister Eloise, the boy's mother, would recognize the Crown Prince.
    "Dom? Dominique, what have I told you about wondering off?" A lanky blonde stormed through the door and grabbed hold of Cullen's ear and dragged him across the room. Everyone stood in silence, unsure what was going on. No one had seen Andy slip out and were surprised when he came in, they were thinking that there were two of him.
    "Andy, is that you?" The woman stopped and smiled at me. "Damn, man, you make one hell of a fine looking lady," I said. Andy was dressed in casual beach attire with low top, slip on sneakers. He was wearing a wig of black hair and his make up was expertly applied. He looked like a mid-twenties house wife with her son in tow. I want to know how Andy keeps sneaking out and coming back in without anyone seeing him go. Is he twins?
    The other five 'youngsters' were herded to the man with the large kit which lay open to reveal make up. He took each boy in turn and made him five years younger by thinning eyebrows, adding long eyelashes, and removing their most prized possession, the small caterpillar of hair on their upper lips. An electric razor with a shield on it shortened their leg hairs, more like that of a younger boy. Christopher, Jim, and Turner had no problem with shaving what little leg hair they had, Lew and Cory would keep their's. The other boys had been hustled off to get dressed and in short order the boys stood ready for inspection.
    Carl's men came in, two by two. One dressed as a young mother and one as the father. Two boys were assigned a parental couple and led from the room. A half an hour later JB and I joined the tour bus that would take the group to Coney Island, Pete and Brad were the only ones with us. As I mounted the steps into the bus I was greeted with a family tour of fifteen couples with their sons. The banner on the side of the bus read, "HEBOS annual outing and picnic." I laughed as I wondered who had thought of using the Hebophelia title and how many people would recognize its meaning—Hebos, the Greek god of youth, was well known for his love of older, pubescent, young people from older teens to young adults. A perfect fag in fact.
    The bus had arrived with families on board. Some of my boys had been taken to other locations to board the bus. Only two families, my companions, and I boarded the bus at the hotel. We drew no more than the cursory glance as we headed onto Park Avenue and across town for an outing.
    The boys played their parts to the hilt and had a ball doing it. They played and intermingled as children everywhere without the need to grope their lovers, publicly. The boys did manage to pair off with those they loved on certain rides so that they could share the experience. Overall the day was uneventful and joyful.
    I was approached by one young man at the park seeking money for food. I caught Jay nodding and indicating that I should help the boy. I did as Jay wished and walked away. Jay was animated as he talked to Carl and a uniformed guard. I looked back to watch what was happening and saw the panhandler taken away by two uniformed guards. Jay gave me a big smile and a double thumbs up.
    It was after dark when the troop returned to the apartment. They came in a few at a time, I arrived with Cullen and found the boy from the park sitting on the sofa watching a movie on the large screen, plasma TV. I walked over to the boy and held out my hand. "My name is Chris, what is yours?" The boy went on the defensive and demanded to know why he was being held against his will. I asked again for the boy's name. After a stare down of wills I learned that I was talking to Tony MacMillan. I assured him that I had no idea what was going on, but that we would both get our answer very quickly.
    The apartment door opened and Jay came in. He saw Tony and his face lit up like a spot light. All of the boys had quickly shed their costumes and resumed the uniform of the house, Jay did the same. As Jay removed his make up Tony began to smile. When he saw Brad come through the door, he relaxed, quite visibly. Jay rushed over to him and threw his arms around the young man. Brad came over and Jay introduced them. The three of them huddled in a far corner to talk. Tony began to cry as the other two hugged him close.
    When Tony calmed down the trio came to me at the breakfast bar. I sat my cup of coffee down and turned to the boys and heard a typically tragic story. Tony was a former high school student at their school. He had graduated the past spring and had planned to move in with his father. After turning eighteen his shrew of a mother had thrown him out of her house. She had always told the boy that he was just like his father, a cock sucking faggot. Tony didn't know much about his father except that he had loved him very much when he was growing up and that his father always loved him. The two had been very, very close and the divorce had torn the youngster up. He really was looking forward to living with his father.
    One thing stood in his way, as he saw it. He had never had a gay thought in his life. He had remained a virgin throughout his life. He dated quite heavily and enjoyed being with girls, but if his father was the boy loving queer that his mother made him out to be he needed to learn how gays did things, like sex. The young man, known only to Jay as Mr. Universe, had gone to Jay at the end of the year party the past Memorial Day weekend. He wanted to learn how to be gay so that his father would love him more. Tony and Jay had spent several hours in instructive sexual situations then the boy had left. Today was the first time they had seen each other since.
    Tony's father picked him up and gathered all of the boy's possessions to move to a new home and a new start for the eighteen year old, recent high school grad. Tony's mother couldn't have been more wrong about Tony's dad. She had berated the boy for several years about his homosexual father. She had told him what a pervert his father was and that he only wanted to be in the company of young boys for unnatural sex acts. Tony's father was in fact an extremely homophobic person and when his own son made improper advances on him he beat the young man without mercy and threw him into the street.
    The man destroyed everything that Tony owned, including his clothes. He left Tony with nothing and nowhere to go. Tony wondered the streets and learned to survive. He had been on the streets for almost six weeks and had learned that he could use his good looks to get money and food at Coney Island. He knew the sargent of the guards at the park and had learned that if he gave the man a blow job everyday he would not be made to leave the park. If there was a complaint then he was moved to another area, but allowed to keep on panhandling. He was making seventy dollars a day or more and able to sleep in a beds only transit hotel for five dollars a night. For another dollar and a half he could get a set of clean sheets, a towel, and a shower each day. He was eating well and had managed to save a little money, but his hopes of going on to school were dashed into a million pieces.
    Jay was talking into Tony's ear. Tony nodded his head and smiled. Jay led him to the coffee table in front of the sofa. Tony's shoes and socks were removed and he stepped up on the table. His shirt was next to come off. Whistles and sounds of admiration greeted the sight of the eighteen year old boy's perfect chest and abs. He posed for the bunch by flexing his muscles and turning, slowly so that every angle could be seen. Jay turned Tony so that his back was to the room as he slowly lowered the boy's jeans revealing a serious bubble butt atop two mighty thighs and well defined legs. Tony stepped out of his jeans as Jay stood up in front of him and pressed his body against that of his friend.
    Every eye was on the two and Brad had himself a ringside view as he watched his boyfriend and lover closely hold the most perfect body he had ever seen. Jay began to slowly lower himself in front of Tony letting all of the cut body come into view. A cut body does not do what Jay revealed to his audience justice. Tony was totally ripped. His narrow waist was maybe twenty six inches. He had the most pronounced eight pack I have ever seen in person. The boy's chest would put Mr. Universe to shame, even though it was much smaller. I am not really into body building, but Tony could change my mind.
    When Jay got to the pubic region his hands went up to cover what lay in the middle of the thick, black pubic bush. Jay managed to get all of the way to his knees, but kept his face flush against Tony. Slowly he lowered his hands revealing the thick shaft of a very nice looking boi cock. Inch by inch more cock was revealed and it became apparent that there was a monster about to be revealed to the room. Jay enclosed the cock with both of his hands and lowered his body so that he no longer blocked anyone's view.
    Jay let his hands slide down the ever lengthening member until a good ten inches or more could be seen. There was not a sound in the room as everyone stood breathless, and with mouths agape, waiting to see the whole member. Jay's hands got to the ridge of the glans. He sat down and lay back slightly so that he would not be in the way. He looked around the room. JB was right at his head with a very hard cock and drool on his chin. Suddenly Jay had an epiphany. He looked at JB and smiled as he released the giant cock to spring upwards and stand twelve proud inches only a foot away from JB's drooling mouth. JB looked into Tony's eyes. Tony looked down at the old man and nodded. JB took the mighty member to the pubic hairs in one go as Tony arched his back and let his load go, deep into JB's hungry mouth. Jay said a silent prayer that JB would no longer be alone.
    Tony was the center of attraction as every male child in the house had a feel of his body, from head to toe. Many mouths made their gallant efforts to take the stick of bologna to the tonsil level. Everyone was successful, in time. Cas wanted a ride as did a few others and they were all promised that in time they would get the chance. It was late and I had an early day planned for a few of them, so now was the time for bed. Tony slipped over to JB and asked if he could spend some time with the man. JB led him across the hall to his suite with no words to anyone in the house.

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