Chapter thirty


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     Wednesday morning the twenty second I found myself snug as a bedbug between two loving guys that I loved as much as they loved me. But my peace was not to last. Jerry came running in and jumped in the bed with us. He was ice cold. Tim came waltzing in with a shit eating grin on his face as Will and Jim followed behind.
    "It's colder than a witch's tit out there." He threw the ice cold newspaper on my cock. I got the message as the cold caused me to sit upright. "I thought it never got cold in Arizona. Shit there's ice on the driveway."
    "It'll be gone in half and hour or so. It can get really cold at night. Sometimes even down in to the upper twenties, but we only get a light freeze five or six times a season." It struck me that Jerry and Tim wouldn't have coats. Cas and Lew took off so fast that they wouldn't have one either. "Our temperature is moderate. That means that we average out about seventy five degrees throughout the winter. We have had a bit of a cold spell the last few nights and it is supposed to be below freezing for another week. The days will be mild, maybe in the sixties or low seventies. That's damn near blizzard conditions for this area though."
    Jim had run out and he slipped back in with a hot cup of coffee in his hand. All the boys grabbed their cocks. I looked around as if I had no idea what was going on. I chugged the hot liquid down. I don't really like anything in my coffee, but I humor them by letting one or two of them cream my cup for me. I needed the coffee that morning, not six loads of boy milk. I would rather drink that hot and fresh from the individual fountain. That's what I did as each of them circled about me and began to stroke. I grabbed each spouting cock as they announced their climax. Quite fun actually, it's something I will do again.
    My head was full of ideas as I let the hot shower wash away my night. I lingered as the boys came and left. I was working a plan. As I stepped out of the shower I looked at the ornate mural on the wall over my toilet. It read "el rey de la casa" The King of the House. A fitting label to put over the porcelain throne. I wrapped a towel around my dripping body as I stood looking out of my bedroom window on to the frozen world outside. It was seven thirty and the sun was making short work of the light coating of ice on the trees. I am a good thousand feet or so above the city that sprawled before me so it does get a bit colder up here. I have awakened to snow on the ground while the city had none. However, like I say, the sun melts it off quickly. It is an unusual storm that leaves its mark past nine in the morning, though I did see such in my youth.
    I had the phone to my ear as Turner answered, still half asleep. It took me a moment to get him awake enough to hear what I was saying. I finally got through to him and he told me they would be here before nine. I yelled at the munchkins to get dressed. I asked Jerry to pull his van around to the front, we were all going out to breakfast. I heard a bunch of "oh shits" as the cabinet doors were opened and closed with cereal bowls being put back. The refrigerator opened as the milk was put away. I heard only one, "Well you already put milk on, eat it." I giggled.
    The crew was restless as we waited for the flat landers to climb the mountain. At about eight twenty Tyler pulled into the driveway. I wondered what they would smell like. I was sure that they didn't take time to shower. I kissed each of them as they came in and got a good whiff. They each smelled like Piney Woods and Pine Balsam shampoo, my own private stock made for me under my private label. They must have all showered together.
    "Alright, I'm hungry. We can go to the breakfast buffet for all you can eat or Denny's. I have a need to go in that direction so those are the only choices." To my surprise they wanted Denny's. They each had their favorite Slam so off to Denny's it was. I like the Country Slam so I wasn't upset.
    Denny's had maybe twenty people in it as we arrived. We put tables together in the back room that had been closed and the manager had to take our order because he was a girl short at the time. Her car battery was dead, again. The manager and the busboy were setting our drinks around when a harried young lady rushed in. She ran to the back and put away her purse and coat and was back in a moment. "I'm so sorry. That old battery is gone. I can't afford a new one."
    "That's twice, no three times. I need to know that I have a full staff." The manager berated her as he walked away.
    I got up and walked after him. I followed him all the way to the kitchen before he saw me. "Which car is our waitress driving?" He pointed out the back door to an eighties model Toyota Cellica. "I would like for you to give me all of the guest checks for everyone that's in here eating right now and anyone else that comes in before I leave. If anyone asks for their check just tell them Santa took it. DO NOT tell anyone that I am paying the tab." He smiled at me. I went back to eat my breakfast.
    I made a quick phone call to a friend of mine at a local car parts store. Twenty minutes later he was standing at the cash register. I pointed at our waitress. He walked up to her, "Are you Sandra? Santa called me and told me to bring you a battery for your car, would you unlock it for me and I will install it." She stood in total shock as one of the other waitresses hugged her. The manager handed her her purse and she took out the keys and gave them to Keith. He left and fifteen minutes later he returned with her keys. He glanced my way so that no one could see him. I winked and he left.
    Sandra was beside herself with glee. She was asking everybody, "who did this for me?" Everyone said, "Santa."
    I excused myself for a restroom break, but slipped over to the manager. He had all of the guest tickets stapled together with a tape showing the balance. I added mine to it and gave him a credit card. He ran it through and I added a twenty dollar tip for each employee on duty. He had to open the safe as he needed more cash. He took the cash to all of his staff after we had left the restaurant.
    I knew an outlet store that specializes in coats. I directed Tyler to follow as I drove Jerry's van. The boys raided the place. At first the staff was alarmed as ten kids charged through the store touching and feeling all of the coats in the place. As I expected they all gravitated to the leathers. Not black motor cycle jackets, but fine leather coats. As I have said, one doesn't need much in Arizona, but a jacket is necessary once in awhile. A fine medium weight leather coat is nice and stylish.
    I had each boy pick out his choice of leather jackets then I had them choose a cloth jacket for play and school. I found a very nice leather jacket that I just had to have at only four hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents, marked down from five hundred dollars I was sure. We had a total of a little over four thousand dollars with tax. I looked at the boys, I looked outside, I looked around the store. Every eye in the place was on me.
    "Bag up the boy's coats and tape the bags shut. Give me all of the coats on this rack, this rack, and this rack. I don't see any women's heavy coats. The manager pointed me to another room. "Will, Jim, find a really nice coat for your grandmother's." Then to the manager I told him that I wanted all of the cloth coats on two racks from that room.
    With coats for Betty and Eva gift wrapped and sixty men's cloth coats, twenty women's cloth coats and sixty children's sizes from six to fourteen all loaded into the two vans I paid the tab of just over nine thousand dollars. I also included twenty dollars for each employee as I was hugged and kissed. I was told that I had to give the hugs and kisses to Santa as they may not see him again.
    We were in an awkward area of town. I could not make a straight run to where I needed to go. I choose to run by the house first. That way I could avoid most of the shoppers that had the streets jammed and unload the boys' coats so that they would not disappear.
    Our next stop was the bank. I had to go inside because the ATM would only give me a thousand dollars at a time. I needed two bundles of twenties for my next event. I don't often get into a Christmas spirit, but that morning I felt like Scrooge on Christmas morning. Four thousand dollars cash in hand I gathered the boys about me and gave each of them two hundred dollars and their instructions. We loaded back into the vans and headed off to the homeless shelters.
    The first one we came to had twenty men eating breakfast. I asked for the director and I introduced myself. I asked which of the men did not have a coat. He had seven of the men stand up. Tyler, Cas, and Pete, being the larger boys ran out to retrieve seven coats. The other boys circulated the room and gave each man a twenty dollar bill and a kiss on the stinky old bearded cheek and left them with a hardy, "Merry Christmas."
    I gave the director a check for a thousand dollars for his general fund as the boys ran out to the vans singing, "We wish you a Merry Christmas". We made two more shelters that I was aware of before we hit the Salvation Army. Here we found families. Small children with nothing, but the rags on their backs. I kissed every child in the place under sixteen. Some of the boys were worth kissing again, but I was being watched. I made sure every mother and every child in the place had a new coat and a little cash in mom's pocket to get her kids something special. Some got twenty some got more, only she and I knew what I folded and put in her pocket.
    Our last stop of the day was the hardest and I knew it would take its toll on the boys. We went to a shelter for battered and abused women and children. Mothers holding their little ones in shock over the violence that had suddenly erupted, ruining the holiday spirit. Bruised and battered with no idea of where to go, the children were mostly small although I did see one boy of about twelve staring into space.
    I walked up to him and he pulled away in terror. I sat down anyway. He pulled his legs to his chest in a defensive posture. He buried his face between his knees and peeked at me as if he believed that I could not see him. "Jesus loves you, son. He wants you to have a Merry Christmas. What would you like for Christmas?" He mumbled into his knees that he wanted his mother and him to find a home. I heard a soft gasp and several people cried.
    The boy had been sexually assaulted by his father who was still out there. He had not talked for three days. His mother had found him in his bed as her husband drunkenly beat her unconscious. When she awakened he was gone. She dressed her son and took him to the hospital. He was treated and released. The police brought her here.
    "Don't you want something for just you. You really need something of your own."
    "I want a CD player."
    "What kind of music do you like?"
    He looked up at me. He stared long and hard. His was cute. His face was bruised. "I love Jesus too." I reached for him. He rushed forward and melted into my arms. All of the people in the shelter were showing their relief that the boy was out of his shell. I had to make that permanent. "I really like Curtis Chapman and Sandy Patti. The Newsboys have a new album that I heard a track of."
    "Why don't you and mom and I go get you some CDs." Pete came though the door with a bag from Radio Shack in his hand. I took it and handed it to the boy, "This is yours if you will give me one thing. What is your name?"
    "Merry Christmas, Curtis." I handed him the player. Pete had grabbed a cheap CD of Christmas Carols. The boy was animated as he rushed to his mother to show her his gift. We made sure everyone in the shelter had a twenty dollar bill. I gave the staff the remainder of the women's coats and a check. I asked Curtis and his mother if they wanted to go shopping with Santa and his elves. Curtis hugged me as his mother smiled on. We told the shelter that we would be back in an hour or so.
    I have a favorite Christian Book store that has several isles of Christian music. Curtis found twelve albums at once and was trying his best to decide which one he wanted. I suggested that he go ahead and take them all. He could listen to them for a few weeks then he could decide which one he liked the best. He lit up brighter than the twelve foot Christmas tree behind him. He didn't have a Bible of his own. I suggested a hard cover copy of the NIV Teen Bible. We looked through it and he read the study guides at the bottom of the pages. Mom needed a Bible and a devotional book then we were ready to go. Or so I thought.
    Trouble ahead. The boy's were in a huddle and very animated. I walked up to them. Cas spoke out, "This Teen Bible, is it as good as you say? I mean this is the Bible that my Church uses, but it is hard to understand. This Teen Bible is in English."
    I laughed. He was right. "I like the King James, but it is in a dead language. No one talks like that anymore. To top it off it is not a very accurate translation. It was translated from the Latin, not the Greek and Hebrew that the Bible was written in. There are many things that just aren't clear plus the fact that the old language barrier keeps many teens from reading because they don't understand.
    "In answer to your question, I like the Teen Bible. I like the study guides. This book helped me to read and connect the stories of the Bible so that I understand the interconnection between the different books."
    "I had a friend that had one of these and he loved it. He showed me so many things that I couldn't understand. My dad says that King James is THE BIBLE. Anything else of of the devil." Jerry was looking through the hard bound book, "I really want one of these."
    "We were wondering if we could maybe buy two of these so that we could study at home," Cas said.
    "Who all wants to study?" I saw ten hands rise instantly. With a new Bible of their own and their name embossed in gold lettering on their own leather cover version I was able to herd my sheep to the vans. We took Curtis and his mother back to the shelter with a promise to Curtis that we would have him over for Bible study after the first of the year.
    We raided a Burger Barn on the way home. Double cheese burgers with a giant order of fries, a large chocolate milk shake in front of each hungry boy I pushed my stop watch. Six minutes and forty two seconds later the last french fry disappeared and each boy still had all ten fingers. I was impressed. I had given up my fries and was still nibbling on my burger as I basked in the glow of the day. I have never done anything that was so much fun and I felt very good inside.
    Back home all ten boys wanted to stay together. After a light soup and salad dinner the boys circled in front of the fireplace as Cas led them in the reading of a Bible story about God's forgiveness of David.
    I saw some drooping heads and knew that the sand man had swept over us, but the floor was no place to sleep. I got up and walked over to a blank wall by the front door. I made sure that nobody was watching me and quickly hit a hidden switch. The entire wall panel rose upwards revealing the solid steel door of a large safe. I entered a twenty eight digit code and the entire steel door slid backwards.
    The noise of the motors moving the door had stirred the boys curiosity and they were drifting over wide eyed to look at the broad stairway leading down. Cas ran around the corner and returned telling us that the bathroom door wouldn't open. I told him that the safe had moved into the bath room. Somebody pointed out that all the presidents on the money in the safe must have had to go pee. Kids, what would life be without their simple humor? Cas was carrying on about how he always wondered why the bathtub was set out in a bay away from the rest of the room and there was so much wasted space in there. I told him it wasn't wasted, just reserved.
    I led the munchkins down the stairs into a huge basement playroom, Charley's party room. The room had every kind of kinky toy a pervert could imagine. I told the boys that we would talk about that side of the queer world at some other time, but we were there tonight to sleep. All of the sofas were really beds on rollers. They were wheeled together and I showed the boys where a clip would hold the beds together. More beds rolled in and before long we had one big bed eighteen feet by eighteen feet. I opened a cabinet to reveal pillows with sheets and blankets.
    Another fire was started in the lower fire place and I hit a button behind the bar. A twelve foot panel raised opening onto a window in the side of the swimming pool. I turned on the pool lights. I told the boys that when it was warm out at night that we could come and watch the nude swimmers. They all thought that was cool.
    I led the boys around a corner, which was actually the end of the pool, and into a heavily carpeted room that was sound proof. Around the room were several double wide overstuffed chairs and recliners. I opened the drapes to a twenty foot long eight foot high picture window in the bluff face under the house. Nothing was between the bluff and the ground fiifty feet below. From the outside the window was color coated to blend with the bluff and it had an anti reflective layer over it that blocked over ninety percent of the reflections from it, the same way as the window in the adjoining home theater. The windows were almost invisible from the out side. I pressed at a panel that sprung toward me and the boys looked into the theater. The light began to dawn on them as they now had a good idea of the lay out of the subterranean playground.
    We were separated from the upstairs floors by five feet of reinforced, sound proofed concrete. I can't think of anything short of an explosion that could be heard between the two floors. The home theater walls were eighteen inches thick with two steps up from the game room to another door that opened into the theater.
    The boys lined up along the window to look out at the beautiful view below. I told the boys that this room was absolutely fire proof and would survive a direct hit from a hand held rocket.
    Next I showed them a panic button. In the absolute case that an emergency exit is needed from the room, or the theater, I showed them what a press of that button would do. A panel of the glass rolled back toward the theater and the boys stepped out onto a three foot wide steel catwalk that was camouflage painted like the window to make it hide against the rock face. Many of them were not comfortable with the severe height in the dark. I told them that there was a doorway at the end of the catwalk that would lead to a stairway down to the ground. I pointed out a small arroyo on the ground some fifty feet from the solid rock wall. I told them that that was almost at the edge of my property. I told them that I was building a garage and a large store room down there in a few weeks. I needed to move some of the vehicles around so that we wouldn't look like a parking lot and attract attention.
    Back in the games room blankets and pillows were gathered and the games room floor became our dorm room where everybody slept on top of everybody else. Sleep took a long time cumng, but every one was rested as all of his tensions were released with love to those that we loved.

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