Chapter 202


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Jimmy, Cory, and I made a visit to someone very near and dear to us. Carl Dickson had suffered a heart attack. He was in the VA hospital from Thanksgiving day until New Year's eve. He was home and recovering so the boys and I put some foods together that we know the old man likes and we flew back to see him at his home.
    I don't know what I expected. I guess that I thought that I would see some frail little wisp of a man where a robust senior citizen had been before. Carl didn't look a bit different than he had the last time that I had seen him at the beach in California.
    The eye is deceiving and the brain only registers data from the eye that it wants to process. It was only minutes after our arrival that it became apparent that our friend was seriously ill. His breath was short and he talked in gasps of air. He moved about ever so slowly, but the boys made him sit still as they tried to do everything for the man that he needed done. There was one thing that the boys couldn't do for him though.
    Carl suffers from congestive heart failure and has an arrhythmia--an irregular heart beat--his body is filled with fluids that his heart cannot pump out. The fluids were collecting in his legs and causing severe swelling. He had been told by one young intern that he had cellulitis. He has since learned that the swelling in his leg was caused by the fluid buildup and that there was none of the infection generally associated with cellultis. Cellultis is not a disease that can normally be cured. It is painful and will plague those unfortunate ones that contact the disease for the rest of their life.
    I actually looked at his legs and they seemed skinny without all of that fluid in them. He told us that the hospital put him on massive doses of medicines to remove the fluid from his body and that they also gave him super doses of antibiotics to kill a serious infection that was causing a lot of his trouble.
    Carl sits in a weird position with his legs tucked back under his chair as he works his magic on the keyboard. He drinks four or five pots of coffee during his sixteen hour workday and supplements that with a half dozen cans of Coke. He only eats donut sticks, carrot sticks, celery, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, and cheddar cheese sticks, not a healthy diet. His posture and liquid intake set him up for a disease that almost took his life, congestive heart failure. Sitting with his feet under him prevented his heart from removing the fluids from his body and an excess built up that choked his heart.
    Jimmy loves Carl very much. He sat curled up against the old man as we listened to the direction that he had in mind for our lives to proceed. I sat back with wonderment in my heart as I listened to his story and wondered if I would actually be able to live up to his expectations of me. One of the things that I noticed about Carl now, more than ever before, he is very emotional. He wants to have me work with the boys in my care and learn their individual stories as I try to help them to become the man that the world can point to as a leader.

    I had to check out his computer system. Carl sits before three large monitors that are mounted to two poles so that they can swing about for his weakened eyes to see better. His eyes are not weak, they are fatigued from sitting less than a foot away from his monitors as he writes in ten or twelve bit type fonts. I suggested that he may want to increase the size of his fonts. He told me that he would do the writing his way so I shut up and continued to look over his work area.
    I was pleased to see that he had his wheelchair in front of the desk and it had adjustable leg rests attached that would allow him to sit with his feet up and his legs stretched out in front of him. On the floor next to his chair was a box with pipes and various hardware that he had sorted through. I asked about it and he told me that his wheelchair wouldn't allow him to get his legs under his desk. The box contained a system similar to what his monitors were connected to. He was trying to assemble it so that he could mount his keyboards to swing arms that would allow him to sit next to his desk and work.
    Okay, so like I am not the most mechanical minded guy in the world. You can blame Carl for that he is in charge of my character, good and bad. I was turning the directions over and over as I tried to figure out what sort of contraption Carl had bought this time--the man loves his toys. Cory came over and took the directions from me and grinned, "Get out of the way old man, let an expert show you how its done." I was ready to pop him for his old man remark until I realized that he is studying mechanical engineering so he just might know more than I do.
    I had to laugh when I thought of an old joke about engineers. It is simply stated that engineers can draw pretty pictures, but they don't know which end of the screwdriver to hold. Cory quickly showed me that he was a different sort of engineer when he grabbed a hex key and started to put screws into holes and join parts together.
    Jimmy came over and moved Carl's wheelchair around so that it was out of Cory's way, but he turned it so that Carl could sit in it and watch what was going on. Next Jimmy walked back and had Carl lean on him as he helped the man over and into his wheelchair. Carl sat down with a huff and began to breathe hard. I worried about him as I watched his face go pale while he gasped for air. Jimmy had attached an oxygen tube around the man's head and inserted the two little prongs in the middle of the tube into Carl's nose. Carl shut his mouth and breathed deeply through his nose then slowly panted the air out through his mouth.
    That alarmed me until his color came back and he smiled at me. He told me that a therapist had taught him to breathe that way and that it seemed to help, a little. I took a deep breath and started to sit down, but both boys told me that I was in their way. I took the coward's way out and moved, I moved his desk chair over and sat next to Carl.
    The boys worked together well; they had the basic parts assembled and ready for the next part. Carl had to show them what he had in mind and Cory picked up on him very quickly. The long sections of the gadget were assembled into two parts then Cory attached the collar that he had assembled to the bottom half of the long pipe. I guess I looked lost as he grinned at me and told me that that part would serve as the yoke for the arms to mount too.
    Jimmy maneuvered Carl around in his wheelchair so that the man was sitting in, what he thought would be, the best location for him. Cory placed the pole upright and Jimmy pulled a small stool into place so that he could reach the top of the pole. Cory passed him a wrench that he used to turn a long screw at the top until it was tight against the ceiling.
    The boys shook and jerked at the pole to make certain that it was solid then Jimmy climbed back onto the stool to slide a decorative collar against the ceiling and secure it in place with a set screw. Next the boys attached the arms to the yoke and began to assemble the platforms to the arms for the keyboards to sit upon. I watched in awe as the boys demonstrated a side of themselves that I had never seen. I felt proud as I watched them work with preciseness as well as speed.
    Watching them work evoked a whole new definition in my mind for them. Both of them have long demonstrated superior analytical skills and engineering skills in the past, but I had never watched them work with their hands before. I had never equated their brain power to an action, this experience gave me a whole new set of values to consider. It also showed me how much I don't know about the boys in my care, even those with whom I have slept with for more than four years.
    Once everything was installed it looked like some sort of Sci-Fi scene from a movie. The boys had added extensions to the arms that held the monitors and fixed the arms on the pole to hold the keyboards. Carl sat in his own little world surrounded by two twenty two inch monitors to each side of him. There was a nineteen inch monitor turned sideways in the center. That is the monitor for his sixty four bit system that he does all of his writing and editing on.
    He explained his sixty four bit system to me one time and I had to get a couple for my office. Sixty four bit machines are better at multi-tasking. Several programs can be open at one time and switched back and forth to cut and paste or make other changes. Carl showed me that one of his twenty two inch monitors had his HTML coded page displayed, but he was making changes to it from the sixty four bit system. The other monitor is constantly on-line for Carl to research his facts. With three keyboards hovering about waiting to be pulled into action he had it all together and was ready for action. I had to admit that it was a very fine set up, for Carl. I like my large array of monitors on the wall of my small office, but the keyboard pole does have some possibilities.
    "Well, it looks as if you are all set for anything that comes along." I told him.
    "Not quite, I still have to go down the hall to the toilet, often. Some of the medication I am on makes water go through me like a sieve. If I didn't get so thirsty I think that it would be easier to just go pour all of the liquid that I drink directly into that damn porcelain contraption."
    "You might consider moving all of this equipment into the bathroom so that you can sit on the toilet all day."
    "Don't laugh. I saw a cartoon one time that speaks volumes of wisdom. It showed a padded toilet with a reclining back and a foot stool in front of it. There was a small refrigerator next to the toilet, a large screen TV on the wall in front of it, with a shelf full of snacks on the other side. The cartoon was captioned, heaven. It sounds silly, but if you had to deal with what I am going through it would sound like a reasonable concept."

    Jimmy was very excited when we left the home of the master author. He kept telling me that he wanted to get home to his computer. Once we arrived back at the house he disappeared and no one saw him until late that evening. I asked Cullen what was going on and he gushed at me that Jimmy was reading the hottest story that he had ever heard. He had his arms full of food that he had asked Edmund for and was in a hurry to return to his room to hear the rest of the story.
    I looked at Cory and we had to go see for ourselves. Carl had given Jimmy a memory card and the boy had tucked it into his pocket then kissed the old man as they both had tears in their eyes. Cory knocked on the door and Cullen opened it with a bowl of hot soup in his hand. He motioned for us to remain quiet as he sat the bowl of soup next to Jimmy and began to spoon feed his lover. All the time Jimmy's fingers were playing across his keyboard as he read the contents of his computer screen.
    He reached a stopping point and turned to look at us with tears running down his face. "That old man has lived a life like that of a dream. I mean that he knew true love when he was no older than me when I first met you and now I know how he can write like he does. He has lived love all of his life."
    He sat back and shared the opening pages of a story entitled My Life with us. I could hardly believe my eyes as I read about someone that could only be Carl Dickson, only he called himself Chris Dickson in the story. I was flattered. Jimmy had been asked to edit and post the life story of Carl Dickson. By Friday night he had posted the first chapter of the story, only the web-master at our web-site did not agree with the title. He said it was too generic and that it would not attract many readers. Jimmy changed the title to From 6 One. The web-master again changed the title to From Six To One.
    Jimmy had the story edited and he lay back Friday night to let Cullen take care of his bodily needs while he read the story to all of the boys from the family, and from the school, at our family story time. Jimmy had a treat in store for us that is not available to readers on-line; Carl had given him an old three inch reel to reel tape. Jimmy is more magical with tools and machines than anybody suspects. The old tape was scratchy and worn, but Jimmy had a good enough recording for us to hear Carl playing his trumpet for his piano teacher when he was only fourteen years old. He played a piece by J. S. Bach entitled: Adagio.
    Carl is happy being home, but we miss him in Tucson. He told us that the cold weather really gets under his skin, but he has an obligation to III. I have seen pictures of the boy and he is a fantasy worthy of any lech such as I. I think that Carl wants to keep me away from the boy though. I get the feeling that Carl is very secretive and that he does not want anyone to know that he authors such works as this.
    I guess that when an old man writes stroke stories for other old men to get their jollies in the middle of the night while the rest of the family sleeps in ignorance that it would be best to keep it a secret. I have been told that this story receives over ten thousand hits a week on the Nifty web site. I put Rodney to the test and asked him how much cum that would be if every hit equaled one male to jack off. He came back in a few minutes and showed me that there would be about seventy eight gallons of cum on keyboards or soaked up in tissues. I reminded him that his figures did not include groups such as our family reading together and stroking. He got excited as he wanted to try to figure out the average amount of cum shooting around the globe to each chapter of this super long story.

    In the previous chapter I started to tell you the story of the night that I spent with Astin and Seth Meeker. I have observed Seth and Astin in close proximity to one another many times. I have seen some moderate PDA between the two, but, to my knowledge, no one had ever seen them do it. That is really none of my business.
    Most of what we know about Seth has been told by his little brother Adam. I wanted to learn where Seth had been during his eighteen months on his own and how he had survived. I also wanted to know about the young man that seemed so defiant, yet deep inside seemed to pleading for help.
    I was correct in that one, he wanted help. He had tried to do things on his own and he had not gotten anywhere but into more trouble. He had avoided any conflict with the law, but he told Astin and me that he had stolen to be able to buy food. He saw a rich dude leave his car door open and the motor running as he worked his card through an ATM machine. He said that there was an expensive looking case sitting on the front seat and he could grab it without being seen. He crept from his hiding spot and crouched low until he was able to reach across the driver's seat and grab the case then he slipped away unseen.
    The case contained a very expensive laptop computer and several large denomination bills with funny writing on them. He took one of the bills to a friend and found out that the money was Japanese Yen, he had one million ¥. He carefully hid his stash and took ¥1,000 to a bank to see how much it was worth. The bank gave him nine dollars and thirty one cents.
    He took the larger denomination bills to the next bank and for ten thousand Yen he received ninety three dollars. He was careful not to attract any attention by exchanging too much of the money at any one time so he stuck with the ten thousand Yen amount for several weeks until he had gathered over nine thousand dollars to his pocket.
    On the day that he was spotted on the beach he had exchanged all of the money and he was feeling good and as if his life was about to turn around. He told me that after he talked to Adam and Turner he knew that he had been doing wrong and he wanted to give up that life. I had talked to him and he decided that he was going to return to Tucson and try to pick up his life on the right track.
    The reason for his delay in joining us then was that he wanted to try to return those things that he had stolen. He had several items that were of value, most of all the laptop and an expensive watch that had been in the case with it. He searched the case that the laptop was in and discovered a hidden pocket with four passports with the same man's picture on them, only each passport seemed to have a different name. He found credit cards with each of the names on them and one set with a different name. He had watched enough movies to begin to get scared, had he stolen from some big spy or something?
    He sat back and took on a look of melancholy as he stared out of the patio doors from my bedroom looking out over the nighttime city lights of Tucson. At last he turned to look at me with tears in his eyes, "I still have that case with that computer in it. I don't know what to do with it."
    Seth turned over his ill gotten gains to me and I gave them to Andy. Andy quickly traced the man to whom the computer belonged and reported back to me. In the meantime I had a new boy in my house that had become a new person. He enrolled at the university where he plans to study criminology and become a cop. Andy and I will watch and help him on his course as much as we can.
    Oh, you want to know about that night don't you? Well don't go getting your panties all ruffled, just sit back and I will tell you the intimate facts, or as much as I think that you need to know. Astin and Seth are about the same age. Each of them was living in the house as all of us sought their place in the overall family circle. I had spent my time with Astin and knew that he was going to be a great help to us.
    The two boys are of similar age and neither of them had any peers living in the house that were not attached. It was natural that they should sit together and visit. Before long the couple seemed to draw together; it was noticed that they were becoming touchy feely with one another and it was even noted that they kissed each other on occasion.
    Right after Astin's return from prison he became acquainted with Seth. The matchmakers in the family watched the couple and hoped the best for each of them. It was after we returned from our trip to England that the two of them came to me with a request to spend a night in my bed. You may recall from the previous chapter that I had spent the night with Astin as I learned more about him. Now Seth was eager to learn and show me his finer attributes.

    I guess that you want to know the down low of his down low so I will try my best to describe my evening meal to you. Seth and Adam look as much alike as brothers, duh. Seth is lean and gaunt, but I think that we will fill his body out with good food and plenty of exercise. Of course if he should have a taste for the batter-de-ballocks we will have him fat and sassy in no time.
    He stands about five foot nine and weighs one hundred and twenty six pounds. Although he is skinny his abdominal muscles are very pronounced in a firm eight pack. One could not call him developed by any definition of the word. His arms are skinny with a hint of the muscle mass lying in wait to be developed. His chest is flat and soft, I suppose that his abs have firmed up from life on his own. He told me that he walks wherever he needs to go and that he often runs. Maybe I have a new running partner.
    Seth has a haunting look that stares right through to the soul. His deep green eyes have a bit of blue to them that intrigues me. His face is drawn and lean, with hollow cheeks and a strong jawline. His hair is black and he has a very heavy pubic bush. His pits are sparse and hollow, like a skinny boy. But you want to know about his main member. It hangs a sweet four soft inches over large balls that beg to be fondled. Seth is a grower as he fills out to a nice mouth filling seven cut inches of eager and ready to go sex meat.
    I was entranced by the boy's deep stare, he seldom diverted his eyes from mine. I felt that the signal he was sending to me was one of desire. I went with that and found an eager partner that wanted everything on the menu. We were sitting in the chairs that form a half circle in front of the fireplace in my bedroom. I was sitting in an end chair so that I could look the two boys in the face as we talked together. I rose from my chair and held out my hand to Seth. He took it and stood up then surprised me by doing what I had longed to do for the entire evening, he kissed me.
    Seth planted a cock stiffening kiss on me as he ground his body against mine and searched for any toe jam that he could find, from the inside. Seth has a silver stud pierced through his bottom lip and somehow I found that exciting. I am not into body piercing and only yielded to ear piercing when the boys discussed the fact that jewelry for boys was limited. Most of the family had their ears pierced during the Christmas season of 2007 so that we could wear a single earring of the pair that we shared with our lovers.
    I felt slobbers on my chin and thought that it was a bit more than an exuberant boy's kiss. Seth blushed as he wiped my chin and told me that the damn hole in his lip leaked often. I lost it as I had to sit down and laugh. I almost lost the moment for Seth. I quickly grabbed him and pulled him into my lap and fondled his upstanding personality and began to kiss his face. In moments he was cooing like a dove and I knew that he was ready to go.
    Seth stood and offered me his hand then he led the way to my bed. I turned and pulled Astin by the hand and told him that he was part of the evening and was not going to sit by and not participate. He quickly moved to the far side of the bed and waited for what might come. Astin had never been a part of a ménage à trois and he told us that he was so excited that he was about to blow.
    Well now I couldn't have him mess up the bed that I was about to love his lover in so I had to think quickly, the only thing that I had handy to catch his emission was my mouth, that is what I used to contain every drop. Astin placed his hands on the back of my head and fucked himself dry before settling back once more and letting me get it on with Seth.
    Seth was eager to try second hand cream and he resumed kissing me, that boy does have a talent there that I will always take advantage of. He was getting his own horn on and I knew that if I were to get his cream then I needed to move right along. I began a downward nibble that began with his left ear and returned across his face to his nose then to his right ear. I made sure that his neck was well laved before I tackled his soft chest.
    His nips stood up and took notice as I suckled each one and tantalized it with my teeth. I spent some time at his naval cavity then followed my tongue down a very faint treasure trail that ended in a thick forest of dark and curlies. Moving those out of the way progress was made toward a fully stuffed scrotum with two hefty meat balls making their home in the skin sack.
    Seth reacted to my every move and at all the right times. His moans of pleasure filled my ears with their perfect tenor as Astin added to my excitement by moaning along in unison. Sometimes I have to play the partner as I go in order to keep him with me. Astin had not tried to interfere with my work and I know that he was needful himself so I manhandled him from time to time, paying close attention to his own batter makers, but avoiding his upstanding spout.
    The spout and its powerful cream shots was what I was eager for with Seth. Alright, call me a cum junky, but I prefer to think that I have a common virus that was best described by my quarter step-cousin, Del. Gimmecum has become a common name used by the entire family as all of us seek to be inoculated as often as possible each day.
    I had let my motions carry me down his tight torso and was laving his firm balls as I played his prostate with my fingers when I caught the first signs of an impeding eruption. I quickly moved to contain whatever he might give me, but was moved to move him deeper into my throat as he gushed gallons of sweet creamy batter that just didn't seem to want to stop. No doctor had ever ordered that large of an inoculation for me, but I was glad that I was in the right place at the right time to receive it.
    Seth was not finished. He grabbed my head and pulled my ears to guide me to his face for some more kissy face. He ground his, still stiff, member against me as his arms entwined about my body. I didn't know what I had in my bed. The boy was sex starved. I finally learned why the two boys were in my bedroom together.
    Seth was virgin. He had sucked around with Tyler and another boy at his junior highschool, but he kept his ass in tact. He never sucked cock while on his own. He was often so hungry that he the thought entered his mind that he may have to do it to eat again, but then some old man would offer him ten dollars to allow him to suck him off. Seth told me that he was sickened by the act, but it was money and his belly was empty. I know that one will do most anything to stave off hunger so I do not fault him.
    Seth said that as he began to show signs of growing up that the men became more leery of him. He said that he was often asked if he was a cop waiting to entrap perverts. He grinned as he said that his tummy would growl, almost as if on cue, and the man would take pity on him and give him twenty dollars and take his cum in return.
    I looked him dead on and asked about ass play. He told me that some of the older men liked to reach between his legs and finger his ass and that it felt good to let them do that while they sucked him. But he said that he was never penetrated by anyone at any time. And that was the reason for being with Astin for our rendevous. Astin had told Seth about how good it felt to be loved by me and he wanted to make me his first, ever.
    I asked about the sort of relationship that the two boys had and I was told that they were only kissing cousins at that point. The two boys have done some mutual hand jobs and Astin has convinced Seth to finger his ass as he gets himself jacked by the virgin boy. Astin confessed to sucking Seth in his sleep once or twice, but he was afraid of that ruining their relationship. I assured him that it could. Any uninvited sex can lead to serious consequences, even legal action.
    Seth had been scared. Adam had told him how marvelous I am and how far I am willing to go to help a boy in need. He told his brother that I was the most amazing lover of all time. Seth balked at that statement. He felt that I was too old to be fucking his little brother, but Adam got in his face and told him that he didn't know shit and that until he did that he should keep his fucking mouth shut. I had to laugh at the way that Seth was telling his story because I could picture Adam saying just that. The little man has grown some big balls since he joined our family at Christmas time in 2005.
    Seth drifted about the house and school after he joined the household in September. He enrolled at the university in classes that will prepare him for a career in the forensic sciences of law enforcement investigation. He has a sharp and inquisitive mind that absorbs everything around him. I think that he will be an investigator that criminals should hope to avoid.
    During his investigations he heard stories from nearly every boy about the type of household I ran and what I expected from each and every one of them. He told me that he went to Adam and apologized to him. He had thought that I was only after the boys for the sex, but he was beginning to learn that things are not always as they seem at first glance. I asked him how they seemed after four months of study.
    He looked at me with tears running down his face then pulled me into another of his super hot kisses. "I have fallen in love with you, dad. You are everything that a boy wants his father to be and more. My dad was a great guy, but he was weak. When my mother opened her mouth my dad bowed and scraped before her. I always wanted him to show his balls to her, but he let her destroy him. He left us when Adam was just starting grade school and I have been looking for a father ever since.
    "I want you to take me and make love to me like I know that you can do."
    "Seth, fathers do not do that to their sons. If you want to look at me as a father figure then why ruin it with nasty, dirty old sex?"
    "Okay, so alright already. Just be my daddy and make hot sex on me all night long. I have to have it and I have to have it right now. Long, hard, deep, and nasty if you want, I can take it. I have to take it. I have to do it for Astin. He wants me so bad and I want him, but I promised myself when Adam introduced me to you on that Malibu beach that if any man was going to do me that it would be you.
    "I know, I jumped Adam, but when I talked to you...You have something about you that made me feel safe. I felt as if I could run around that beach as naked as all of the rest of those boys and that you would not let anyone hurt me and I liked that feeling of security.
    "I have heard about that terrible monster that is poking at my navel and I have heard that the initial pain of entry is quickly overcome by the most pleasure that can be imagined. I don't want to imagine it, I want to experience it for myself."
    Seth was shaking like a dead leaf in a hurricane. I had to calm him down. I rolled to my side and pulled him with me as we kissed some more. I let my hands get a solid grip on his tight ass and kneaded two small buns that were ready to be split and buttered. I had the knife and the batter to do the job, but I would do it when I felt that he was ready.
    I had Astin get on top of us as the three of us kissed face. I asked Seth if he was ready to suck his first cock since he had sucked Turner three years earlier. He bristled at my comment then ducked his head. "Is there anything about me that you don't know?"
    "Yeah, how passionate you can be as a lover." I grinned at him. "Seth, I have four hundred boys in this school that I am responsible for. You just made a trip to England with the family and met more than twelve hundred boys that depend on me for their bed, bread, and butter. I have to know everything that I can learn about anyone that wants to be around those vulnerable young lives.
    "Of course I know about you letting Turner suck your cock when he was only thirteen. You played the big macho big brother to Adam and allowed him and his friend to learn about sex with you. You even went so far as to suck on his cock, but you were a prick in that you quit as soon as you filled the boy's mouth with your seed. I can forgive that because of your youth and your fear of being branded as gay.
    "Seth, I have it in my power to investigate your great great great grandfather. If there is anything wrong with his history then you would not be here." I grinned at him and it took him a few seconds to figure out that I was teasing him. "Seriously though, I have investigated every aspect of your life as a means to getting to know you. I have interviewed your suck buddy that created the events that moved you and your family to Fullerton.
    "Strom is married now and he has a baby boy. He admitted to me that he was curious and when the two of you talked about sucking cock that he agreed to do you. You were supposed to do him, but your mother interrupted before that happened. Strom swears that he is straight and that he has no desire to meet you again. He would just as soon forget that part of his life.
    "Your mother created hell for that boy as well. She called his mother and told her what a pervert her son was. That resulted in Strom being dragged before his priest and made to confess his sins in the presence of his mother."
    "So then you found out that I am no good to fuck?"
    "No, you are definitely not good to fuck. You are much better than that. Seth, you are good enough to love and if you want love from me or this family you have it. If you want me to make love to you I would be honored to do that, but I will not fuck you." Astin had to explain that to Seth.
    I suggested that we take a break while we got our heads around the information that had been dispelled. For the first time since they had been at the house both boys walked naked to the kitchen to see what Edmund had left for late evening snacks. We found carob pudding and cookies. We ate our treat as we moved around through a dozen or so boys that were still up watching a movie on TV. Each of the boys have TVs hookups in their room that get every channel that is available to us, but there is something about lounging about on the floor of the family room with their friends around them.
    I secretively watched Seth the entire time that we spent on our break, he never took his eyes off of me. He and Astin whispered back and forth, but both boys seemed to be focused on my manhood. Both of them had very stiff man tools that seemed eager for action. As I watched the two an idea formulated in my head and I became anxious to put it into action. I was going to see how deep the friendship was between the two.
    Cory slipped up next to me for some kissy face and a grope or two. I told him to move so that I could observe my prey that I planned to eat for the evening. He buried his tongue in my throat and told me that he was breaking in a young near virgin that I would want to get a hand or two on the next night. I looked to where Cory had been laying on the floor to watch the movie and saw Denny laying by himself. I have lusted after that boy for some time.

    I followed my pair up the stairs as they followed behind their flashlights sticking out in front of them. Neither one emitted any light, but they sure brightened my path. When we returned to my room I turned to Astin. "He has never sucked your cock? When he strokes you does he let you shoot while he holds it or does he let go and grab something to clean up with?"
    "He holds it and he rubs my cum into my belly and all over my cock until I get so sensitive that I have to ask him to stop. Sometimes I have to push him away." He was grinning at Seth, he was acting all coy like.
    "Well, I am thinking that Seth is not gay. I believe that he only wants an experience with me to satisfy some morbid curiosity. If he has never tried..."
    "I will do it. I want to do it so bad. I have thought about doing it forever, but I never had anyone that I could trust. I want to do Astin, but I promised myself that I would make you my first and I am going to keep that promise. If I can't be true to myself then I am as worthless as garbage."
    I walked up to him and held him tight against me. "I can appreciate that. I am glad that you cleared the air. I can't be the first one that you have ever sucked because you did it when you were sixteen. How about we include Astin in a little foreplay? He can suck me while I suck you and you suck him. I feel that he deserves that from you, Seth."
    He looked at Astin with a gleam in his eye as his cock twitched. "Then you will fuck me?"
    "I told you that I will not fuck you. I will make passionate love to you for the rest of the night. If you feel fucked in the morning then I have lost my touch. Seth, you are a part of my family whether you know it or not. I want you to feel loved and never used or abused. You have the right to say no at any time and you have the right to decide what will be done to you and your body. I do love you, dude." I received another hug and a kiss, which I cut short and guided the boys to the bed for a triangle suck fest.
    The only one that I wanted to cum out of our efforts was Astin. He needed to feel that Seth did love him. I don't know if I was forcing the issue or not, but I had to take that chance to keep a budding relationship alive. I had the two get on the bed so that we could do a circle suck. I sucked Seth while he sucked Astin and Astin sucked me. I had to place my hands on Astin's head to slow him down, I didn't want to cum and ruin the rest of the evening that I had planned for the duo.
    I was doing more to Seth than just a blow job as I fingered his tight butt nut and kept his batter makers churning in my hand. I had all of the boy as deep in my mouth as he could go and was fully enjoying myself. It doesn't take a big dick to satisfy a cock sucker, certainly I don't worry about size...too much. Seth has a nice seven cut inches that is just slightly over average in its thickness, just the perfect size to tickle my uvula and the tip top of my tonsils. He also had another large load that unleashed unexpectedly. I was glad to be in the position that I was in to be able to gather every drop into my cum hungry system.
    Astin bit down on me as Seth bit him, "Watch the teeth, See..."
    "Sorry As, he just made me shoot such a fucking load that I wanted to swallow all of you."
    "Well get back to it because I am almost there, See. You do know how to suck my big cock...sooo welllll." Astin grabbed me and swallowed all of me into his gullet as I felt him convulse. I knew that he was having a very good orgasm of his own right then. I was on the edge, but I was not disappointed when both boys came up for air. I had other plans for where my seed would wind up. I had Seth primed, open, and ready.
    Astin was still spouting off while I moved into position. Both of them knew what was about to happen and moved their bodies into position. Astin moved so that he was on his side, but a little above Seth. Seth turned his head and took every inch of Astin's meaty cock into his mouth as I pushed his legs back and bent forward to lave his anus in final preparation for the grand devirginizing.
    Although he had just had an intense orgasm Seth was ready to go. I had spent most of the evening opening him up to the grand entry. My tongue lashing had the final effect of making his sphincter relax and seem to widen in anticipation of what was about to happen to it. I had to wonder if Seth was really ready for the pain of being entered for the first time. I really questioned his preparedness for such a large intruder.
    I have devirginized boys much younger than Seth, but their youth makes them more flexible. At twenty one years of age a pure virgin boy might have more discomfort and take longer to adjust to his backdoor being pried open by a monster tool such as I have. Seth had already told us that he had never been penetrated and that meant that he had never inserted anything into himself either. One thing that I knew from the information that my tongue had relayed to me, he was going to be a tight ass.
    As quickly and as smoothly as I could manage it I took up my favorite assault position and moved my main troop forward to do battle with a virgin colon begging to be stretched and massaged. Seth was ready. I was happy to see that he had enough control that Astin did not receive teeth marks on his pride stick. Seth grunted, but quickly relaxed a little. I heard moans of pain, not moans of pleasure and I was prepared to withdraw when he said, "That has got to be the worst most pleasurable thing that I have ever done. Please do all of it and let me feel love. All I feel now is stuffed, like I am constipated and need to take the biggest dump of my life."
    I know that feeling, I have had Evan and Kyle up in me recently. Those two boys have such thick meat that I was sure that my sphincter would never close again. I sometimes worry about Zane. He loves to take his pictures, but some of them make him appear more the voyeur than just a photographer. He photographs couples in their love making. He always zooms in for a nice close up of the open hole with cum draining back out. Granted the pictures are hot and some of the boys' holes are so enlarged that the viewer can see all the way inside of his colon. I might let him take a picture of my butt hole after a hot bout with a big boy.
    Seth was totally relaxed and suckling on Astin's meaty udder like a starving calf; it was time for me to move. I pulled back an inch of so before I let him have another four inches of mancock in his ass. I worked that six inches back and forth slowly as he adjusted to the invader and began to stiffen up his own meaty pole. Within moments I was working him in a steady rhythm and slowly went deeper inside with every other stroke.
    At last I was hair to his rear and I could feel his body reacting. It took less time that it will for you to read this when his body gave the all clear signal and I began to push my cannoneer into full frontal assault as I loaded up massive rounds of semen ready to shoot into the foray.
    Seth turned to lay flat on his back and lifted his legs into the air as he accepted the true pleasure of man to man sex. He was begging Astin to move over him so that he could continue to suck his cock. His actions spoke louder than his words and they were telling me that Seth had finally discovered who he was. He was not having a sexual experiment, he was having pure sexual pleasure. By the way he wrapped his arms about Astin's ass and played the boy's crack, while at the same time deep throating the eight inch log that he swings, I knew that Seth was more than gay curious.
    I had wondered earlier about the man that I had in my bed, I quickly learned. He is a sex animal. Once the ice was broken he became a regular torrent of passion, eager to give as well as to receive. He was a perfect receiver. His tight end made for sincere pleasure that moved me to my deepest passion levels. I was in fag heaven as I moved in and out and all around inside his bony body. Seth returned every move that I made with one of his own, I had to look to be sure that I wasn't dreaming and actually making love to my Cory man. Seth was making all of the same moves that Cory and Timmy are known for. He had to have been coached, his actions were not the normal moves of a virgin boy.
    Astin and I moved together over the top of Seth's bent body and locked our tongues together as we let our arms entwine about the other's body. Seth was playing his hands over the ass and up the ass hole of his face fucker and letting his feet and legs caress my body as his lust levels grew in intensity. I felt him fire off a deep body draining orgasm, but his heels dug into my back to hold me in place. I wasn't about to pull out of him, he had at least another orgasm to go before I would quit on him.
    Astin gripped me tight and breathed heavily into my mouth as his orgasm moved a gallon or two of his ball batter into the hot sucking mouth attached to his main driver. The combined orgasms of two hot boys interlocked with me sent my first wave of semen troops into the fiery battle zone.
    I have a strong ability to continue on through after ejaculation when I am deep in a butt of a boy that desires my moves. I kept pumping and humping with little unpleasant sensitivity in my glans. In fact I have learned to enjoy the intense feeling of working through that sensitivity by continuing on with my movements. It may sound a bit sadistic, but that pain turns me on. I have a serious allergy, I am allergic to pain. Most pain that is, sexual tenderness is a pain that I have learned to seek because I enjoy it so much.
    Apparently my two partners enjoyed their pain because they kept up the pace as our bodies rejuvenated themselves and prepared for another round. In mere seconds the three of us were humping at each other as if we had just started the evening. All of us had already had multiple releases over the course of the previous two hours, yet we were going at it with strong, sure strokes.
    Seth was getting his body worked over as he took a larger than life cock into each end and loved it. He had every inch of Astin's huge baby maker deep in his throat as he pulled on the man's ass trying to get more of his fuck stick into him. I am sure that Astin wanted to give more of himself, but he only had what he had. Eight and a half inches is not a bad length to have and I know for a fact how satisfying those inches can be. I have spent an evening with Astin as I made use of those inches as my own throat swab.
    Seth was also pulling me into him as he humped back at me humping his ass into submission. Within moments of hid previous release his ass spasmed and another thick offering emitted from his turgid cock against my abs. I knew it was time to go so I intensified my moves and began to circle my cock against every quadrant of his stretched colon.
    Astin pulled away to allow Seth and I to go for the all time climax of the evening. Seth pulled his body up so that we could enmesh ourselves into one flesh. His kisses were as sweet and fulfilling as at the beginning of the night and his passion was in full bloom. I rode him hard. I used powerful long strokes backed by all of the speed that I could garner.
    Seth gripped my body and tensed his own, it was time for him to finish. He fell back to the bed and let his eyes roll to where only the white could be seen. His face took on a look of pure pleasure as his hands gripped at the bed sheets. His legs stretched straight up into the air as a white missile barrage fired over his head. Three large shots cleared his body with the next four shots marking their journey from his chin to his navel. It was one of the most intense ejaculations that I have ever witnessed; as well as being one of the most abundant for a fifth shot of the evening.
    Sated at last the two of us separated. Astin was quick to do clean up duty. He garnered all of the spent cream that was available from Seth's body then turned to me to locate every drop that had been deposited there. He suckled my wilted cock clean the turned to Seth and asked him to raise his legs. It was a first for either boy as Astin placed his tongue against the fresh fucked hole and began to lap up all of the cream that he could find.
    Seth showed how far he had come over the evening by pulling Astin into a hot kiss for his own version of an ATM. The two boys pulled up together with arms about the other's bodies as the three of us drifted off to sleep. We awakened almost two hours later as the three of us made a mad dash to the toilet. I turned them at the last moment and guided them into the shower where Seth experienced his first golden shower. Astin clouded over as he told us that he had been washed down in prison.
    That part of our evening will have to wait until the next chapter. This chapter is getting too long so you will just have to wait for it.

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