Chapter 76


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    We had a quiet week planed. Curtis Powers would be moving in Monday. School would start on Tuesday. Life would pretty much return to its chaotic norm for me. Cullen was back home with us, but his parents were being hidden somewhere around the world by Andy as we waited for news as to what actually happened in London. One thing was certain, Agnes and Cecil were dead along with the long time family chauffeur. At least we think we were certain.
    I looked at Pete. Wow, what a man child. Okay, so Pete is pushing twenty one, but his boyish charm exudes itself from every pour of his tight body. Pete is in great shape and he keeps me in good shape as we try to run everyday. I have been so caught up in other matters that we had not been together. I told the boys that I was going for a run. Boys scattered in every direction, Pete too.
    In mere seconds I had my runners clad in shorts and tees. It was January in Tucson so the early morning temperature was hovering around the lower seventies. We could run fast enough to keep warm without the hindrance of extra clothing. Pete helped me into my running shoes and shorts. Twelve scantily clad natives took off for the head of our jogging track.
    As I said, I had not run for a few weeks so I started slow. We jogged about a quarter mile then I grinned at Pete and took off in a sprint. Pete and I truly like to run. We don't bounce along like little old ladies, we fucking, flat out run. I hope that emphasis helps you understand that we were moving out. The winding route we have selected is just at eight miles long. We do have to cut across a couple of back yards to get over to the next green belt, but I have met the owners of those homes and received permission. I don't want them to think that we are about to invade them or something.
    Pete was right with me as we ran full out. I tried to talk, but found myself short of breath. I have to run daily, I can't let my health go. As we came to the end of our run we walked the last few hundred feet to cool down. Pete did his usual twenty push ups. I was in a frisky mood and did ten one handed pushups with my left arm held behind my back.
    "Now if your ass was under me I could do these pushups with no hands."
    He offered me his hand. As I stood up he pulled me tight and shoved his very hard and just slightly shorter than seven inch cock against my rising flag pole. He whispered in my ear, "Show me." I would and I did. I owed him and Eddy some bed time. I did have something for Pete so I asked him to bring Eddy to my bed. I had a special lunch planned for Tuesday.
    I went to each boy's room to inspect their school gear. I know that they are a trustworthy lot, but an occasional inspection allows a few minutes of personal time with each boy by himself. What an end to the holiday season. By four thirty my lips were chapped and swollen and my gut ached, with good pain. I had forty seven full sized loads of boi cum in my belly and several tons of love in my heart. Harry, Toby and Timmy were away on company business for Andy or I would have fifty loads of boi cum. Let's see, at an average ejaculate emission of just under a quarter of an ounce at each discharge I now had right around twelve ounces of cum in my belly. A soda or beer can full. Lot's of protein. I burped cum breath all night long.
    The boys knew that I have been tired out by the time I have completed earlier inspections. This time they had a different plan worked out. Each of them demonstrated their personal favorites of self gratification. I have a nice file of the boys at work. I have ten super close up shots of interesting auto fellatio techniques. I have thirty five, ten to fifteen stimulating jack off movies. These movies would sell well on the internet, if we had a porn site of our own, except for one thing; I got my head in front of the camera as I took every drop the sweet dudes' offering. I tried to spend a few minutes in a soft cuddle during their after glow. I had lain beside the boys and most of them suckled on my cock as I watched them, very close up. I suckled their offering and held them close as they reclaimed their bodily control.
    At dinner Monday night I was in a frump. I looked around the table as I loved each and every boy in my mind. I so enjoy being with them, but we had missed something with our Christmas time travel. I wanted to have a holiday meal with all of my family and friends. I really missed being with my family even though most of them had the best Christmas in ages. I sat down at the phone and called every body I could think of.

    Ray and Ricky Johnson, and Tim O'Conner had flown in that morning from Albany. Tim was going to undergo treatment at our local VA hospital as he was fitted with a new type of prosthetic leg. Seth Adams was getting bored of sitting in one spot and the Johnson boys had gotten fed up with little Ricky being harassed at school for his homosexuality. They called Brad and asked if he had a place where they could stay.
    With Tim coming out for a year or more Ray wanted to come too. He didn't want to leave little Ricky behind. I had no problem with Ray and Tim at all and I would make room for them. Even little Ricky is welcome, but I had my doubts and fears about Seth. I don't know if I feared the competition or if it is the fact that the man loves little boys too much. I don't want a bonafide perv loose in my house with my boys. Some of them are just to fragile.
    Seth never made it to Tucson. He got word that the police were looking for him and he took off. No one knows where he is. Jayson is a little upset. He loves his grandfather, but he is not really comfortable with the man being around the little guys either. He and Brad had told the man that they had no place for him when he had called. Jay suggested that Seth should talk to me. I was just as glad that the man didn't make it out here. I will deal with him whenever he surfaces again.

    Randy Koch was home from Iraq and staying at Andy's house. We had to have him up to celebrate Christmas with us. I called Bobby Feldman and Ryan Miller. Jimmy Walker and his boyfriend Tom Byrd, and the boys' other school teacher, Aaron James. Dr. Will Hamm and Hamm Bone would come up. All of these guys had been members of the original Blues Club.
    Of course I had to call Ken Thomas and Jer Combs. Bull and Billy were must invites. Mark and Jeff along with our new members, Eddy and Timmy Tuttle were expected. We were going to have a total queer day so I did not invite the two grandmothers, which I quickly regretted.

    There was one other that I wanted to invite, but I wanted the boys to decide for themselves. I gathered them around and told them a story as I knew it.

    It was almost like the clash of the titans. Two lumbering behemoths ranged the school grounds seeking the young and the weak. Ronnie was huge for a fourth grader. He had been moved around the country from one place to another and never once went to less than three schools in a single year. Now at almost eleven years old the boy towered over the frightened nine and ten year old boys that made up the bulk of the class.
    On the other side of the coin was Clarence. Clarence was just naturally mean. Clarence knew nothing, but harsh discipline. His father was a mean drunk who had never worked a day in recent memory. He had a fuse almost as long as a gnat's eyelash. His orders were to be obeyed instantly and without question. They usually consisted of telling young Clarence or his mother to get him another beer.
    Clarence's mother was no better. She hated life and all that it had dealt her. She took it out on Clarence. She blamed him for ever being born. Like he was the one who crawled up in his father's fucking dick and selected the sperm that would mate with his mother's egg to build his tiny body. Well, Clarence was never tiny. He came into this world with a birth weight of nine pounds eleven ounces, through the natural birthing channel, no caesarian. Needless to say, Clarence is the only child that his mother will ever have. Clarence dragged all that made his mother a baby factory out with him.
    He was weaned on beer and hatred. He was an alcoholic at birth as well as a heroin addict. The major miracle in this was that no societal agency took the boy away, but allowed him to be raised in a household destined for gloom and doom.
    On his fifth birthday young Clarence awakened his battered and bleeding body from the middle of the living room floor where he had been knocked unconscious the night before by his drunken father. His little eyes opened to see his father sitting at a dining room table with a large kitchen knife sticking out of the top of his head. His mother lay in a bloody heap on the floor beside his body.
    He was being tended to by a nice man in a blue uniform. Somehow he knew that this man was a fireman. He loved firemen and had many fire trucks that he loved to play with. Someday he was going to be a fireman.
    He was proud of the new cast on his arm. Somehow it just made him seem tougher. And so it began. From that day forth he was the bully for all of the other kids to fear and give up their lunch money too. But who was this upstart horning in on his territory? This would not do.
    Amazingly ten year old Clarence was the same size as eleven year old Ronnie. The two squared off with neither considering concession. A staring match began that lasted the remainder of the morning recess. The teachers caught sight of the two boys and were on their way to defuse the situation when the school bell did their work for them.
    Both boys disappeared at lunch time. The faculty looked high and low for the two boys. They were found by the principal just before the end of the lunch period. The two boys were sitting side by side sharing items from their lunch sacks with each other. With a sigh of relief the principal stepped back and watched the boys who seemed to be the best of friends eat their meal occasionally broken by their childish laughter.
    Two teachers stood alongside the principal as the boys came into the building. They were suddenly horrified as they saw torn clothing, bloody noses and nice swollen eyes that would surely be black by morning. The boys were hustled off to the office where the school nurse wiped their faces, much to the glee of the pair. They proclaimed their undying friendship and their joy at meeting someone with whom they could actually get along.
    From that day forth the two boys became as one. Where one went the other was at his side. There was no leader and no follower. What one could think of the other had just thought of it also and they did it without discussion. But the physical bullying stopped. The two ruled the school grounds by intimidation. There was no one brave enough or with a strong enough death wish to challenge the pair.
    No one knows for sure where the boys' new names came from, but they liked them and adopted them at once. It did take a few days for the pair to decide who would be whom, but once decided it became final. Ronnie was hereto and forever more to be known simply as Bubba. Clarence gladly adopted the name of Biff. These new monikers followed the two boys throughout the remainder of their days together.

    Life was not easy for young Clarence. His mother was found innocent of the death or her husband. Her wounds were of such intensity, and the injuries to her five year old son were so unspeakable, that state declined any action against the woman.
    However, that did not stop her from drinking. She had a serious dependance on cheap vodka. She was known to have a glassful of the liquid in her hand at all times. Most people assumed that she was drinking ice water and let it go. Only a few that had dared to get close enough to smell her knew the truth. Sadly the truth did not surface until Clarence, Biff, was fourteen.
    Bubba and Biff had found something that they could do that no one else needed to be involved in. Puberty hit Biff like a sledge hammer. It was summer, August actually, Biff was almost eleven years old. He was fascinated by new feelings and changes in his body.
    Bubba turned twelve just before Christmas. Biff gave the boy the best Christmas gift ever when he stroked the quickly developing boy to his first boi orgasm. Wanting to return the favor Bubba wrapped his hand around eleven years and three and a half months old Biff's four inch boi nail and got his first of very many creamy results.
    It didn't take more than three or four months before Bubba was shooting his own boi juice to the daily ministrations of his best friend. The next summer the boys slept together in a makeshift tent of old blankets in the backyard of Ronnie Wieldman's backyard. Young Clarence, Biff, Hooker had just sent Bubba Wieldman over the top with the best orgasm of the boy's life. Determined to make Biff feel even better than he had been made to feel, Bubba took Biff's solid boi stick into his mouth and sucked his first ever dick to be rewarded by the roughest mouth fuck between an eleven and a twelve year old boy ever recorded.
    Biff was overcome by the feelings that surged through his body. He grabbed the older boy's head and fucked his cock the entire four inches in and out at record speed. He filled his best friend's mouth with his nut batter and kept going for seconds. When he finished he realized what he had done. Without a word being said he pushed Bubba to the ground and took the boy's now three and a half inch cock to task for his first ever blow job.
    Another milestone had been reached in the relationship of this unusual duo. Sex became the bond between the two. They reached junior high school and learned more than they knew existed from their sex education classes. They were in their fifth week of the interesting classes when the coach told the class about anal intercourse and the dangers and pitfalls thereof. What a concept. The boys couldn't hardly wait for school to let out so that they could get home and try this new way of having sex with each other.
    The boys did care for one another. There was a deep love that formed the two in a bond that went deeper then sex, although they couldn't think of what could be better. Biff was still continuing to grow faster than a boy his age should. At this time he was a fourteen year old eighth grader. He stood five foot eleven and his weight had already surpassed one hundred and fifty pounds. His main member had grown right along with him and stood at a proud five and a half inches.
    Bubba had grown quite a bit himself. At fifteen he was no piker. His height of five foot ten let him loom over the other boys of his grade and year. Their other classmen's major fear was that the one hundred and sixty five pound boy would sit on them.
    Biff looked Bubba in the eyes as they lay together. The two boys moved together and shared their first kiss. The love they felt for each other multiplied exponentially. Biff offered his best friend the chance to go first. The two boys were not ashamed to share tears between themselves. Bubba was so touched by his lover's offer that he broke down and cried harder than he could ever remember.
    After some serious kissing and holding of one another, Bubba applied the lotion that they had stolen from the corner drug store to Biff's ass. He rubbed his slick hands over his cock and marveled at the new feelings in his body. He would have to use some lotion in his solo times.
    Biff was anxious to get going. He wanted a turn and the time was slipping by them. Bubba's parents usually got home around seven. They barely had three hours left. Bubba knew that if he were to get off, on what he hoped was about to happen, then he would need time to recover for his own turn. Then they still had to get cleaned up and do their homework or Bubba's father would run him off and not let him come back for several days.
    Neither boy was disappointed. Sure, Biff hurt. He had never in his life had anything go that direction up his ass. He wanted to scream in pain as he felt himself being ripped apart, but he wanted a turn. He bit his tongue and forced a smile as Bubba watched his face. Millimeter by agonizing millimeter he fed his throbbing cock into a little piece of heaven spread out just for him. Biff's eyes rolled back in his head as Bubba continued to slide in.
    Never in his wildest imaginations or fantasies had Bubba ever conceived of anything feeling so good. He found himself against Biff's upturned legs. He looked down between the two of them and saw that his pubic crown was mashed flat against the spread globes of Biff's ass. He smiled as he looked at Biff's face. What did he see there? He looked into those eyes like he had never seen them before. "Are you okay? Does it hurt? Should I pull it out?"
    "Wait. Please, just wait. It is starting to feel a little better. Coach said that queers like to do this because it make them feel good so let me see if it gets gooder."
    "Is that what we are, Biff? Are we queers?" His eyes got cloudy as the tears started to well up. His throat got tight and he felt a strange sensation in his gut.
    "Babe, we only make each other feel good because we love each other. We are all that either of us have. I have nobody, but you, Bubba. You are the best thing in the world and I will suffer any pain for you. Bubba, I have no pain now. I like the feel of you inside of me. Go real slow for a minute and kind of like, you know, fuck it in and out of me. Okay?"
    Bubba didn't need to be asked twice, but he was frightened. He watched Biff's face turn to joy as he began to slowly fuck back and forth. The faster he fucked the more Biff smiled. In just minutes he was fucking like he had seen dogs in the park go at it. Biff was yelling and telling him how good it felt. He was telling him to go faster. Do it harder. "Fuck me baby. Love my fucking ass."
    Suddenly Biff got what he had hoped for. His cock had been soft for most of the time, but suddenly something inside wanted that cock up in him to become as one with him. His cock stiffened faster than he had ever known it to do before. Bubba was giving him feelings like he never imagined. He couldn't even think about this nasty thing that they were doing, he just wanted it to continue forever. Then without warning his cum shot out of his cock and straight onto his face. He was breathing through his mouth and a large amount landed on his own tongue.
    The boys had been having oral sex with one another for almost four years and this was the first time that Biff had ever tasted his own cum He loved the taste of Bubba's ball juice and he realized that his tasted almost the same. He wanted more. He used his finger to scoop some up as his cock kept shooting wad after wad across his body. He put his finger to Bubba's lips. The boy licked his fingers clean. Biff went back for more and licked it up himself this time. Bubba's eyes widened. He scooped some up and fed it to Biff as Biff fed his cum covered fingers to Bubba.
    Finally Bubba could go no longer. He fell away in heavy breathing. The two boys lay on their sides and stared into each other's faces as they regained their breath. "That was the most awesome thing I have ever felt."
    "You?" shouted Bubba. "I can't begin to tell you how hot and tight you are up inside. I mean your ass around my cock is the most awesome thing ever. I love you, you know? I really do." Biff dragged the boy closer to him and they kissed, deeply.
    They awakened about a half and hour later as their cocks fought one another like a scene from a movie. "Me now?" Bubba seemed anxious. Biff wanted this as he had never wanted anything in his life. He looked at the thickness of his cock, but his little head said, "Fuck it, you better not back down now or I will never play with you again." That settled it. Biff shoved his boyfriend to his back.
    That sounded crude, but somehow it turned him on. He had a boyfriend. He was queer. He had just taken the cock of his best friend up his ass. He loved sucking that cock and now he loved having it up his ass. He was queer and he didn't care. He had his cock slick and over a half of the bottle of lotion was up inside Bubba's ass. He was going through with this come hell or high water.
    He felt his cock break through into Bubba's ass. Bubba's mouth flew open. His eyes were as wide as his mouth. Then a scream that was sure to be heard downtown came out of Bubba's mouth. Biff stopped and held still. Bubba had big tears running down his face. "Fuck man, you just ripped me a new one. Am I bleeding?" Biff giggled at him. He wiped his hand up Bubba's ass crack and showed it to the boy. "Clean and dry." He told Bubba that he had felt the same thing when he was penetrated, but he wanted to get fucked so he took it like a man. Bubba had the good sense to blush.
    Biff pushed onward at a dead slow pace until he felt himself fully impaled deep inside of his best friend, his boyfriend, his lover. He wiggled around so that he could bend over. He pulled Bubba up to meet him and the two boys kissed. Bubba's body relaxed in the arms of his lover and he yielded up all that he had to the boy that had himself so deeply intrenched in his very being.
    Both boys had had a very satisfying climax some forty to forty five minutes earlier so there was no urgency to just get off. They both wanted a fuck. Biff found all of the joy and pleasure that Bubba had told about as he slid his cock back and forth in the tight love channel surrounding his enraged meat. As much as he was into what he was doing he wanted Bubba to feel good about being used as a sex object. He so hoped that Bubba loved him as he was in love. He had never in his life felt love. There was no one in his entire life that was worthy of love and he, for sure, had never been loved.
    Tears began to rain down on Bubba. He looked into the face of his best friend and the one person in the world that could say that they owned him. He would gladly be this boy's slave and do whatever he was told to do. He put out his arms. He wanted to feel the closeness of Biff as he felt the thickness of him fulfilling a strange and growing craving deep inside of him. He was feeling things throughout his body. His ass and the wonderful feeling that were there seemed secondary to what was sweeping through every part of him. He wanted to be one. For real. He wanted the two of them to be joined as one like this for the rest of all eternity.
    Both boys enjoyed multiple orgasms. The cum just seemed to flow from Bubba's cock as Biff kept moving in long hard strokes in and out of his body. He had no awareness of the world around him. Biff was the only thing that mattered to him and of course that wonderful extension of him that he wanted to keep forever.
    Biff could not believe what was happening to his body. He knew that he had just experienced the best orgasm in the history of mankind, but he still felt charged. He continued on with his motions without a bit of pain or discomfort. His cock was strong and hard. His balls seemed so full of juice. He just wanted to be an eternal fucking machine. He kept on through another climax. He became aware of large amounts of semen on Bubba's belly and he felt himself strangely excited as he slid his belly back and forth through the mess to continue on to a third and overwhelming orgasm that drained the very life from him.
    By the time of his finalé Biff was fucking Bubba so hard that the bed was banging against the wall. Had either boy been able to hear anything they would have been alarmed. The noise was sure to attract attention. They didn't hear. They kept at their love making until both boys simply collapsed from pure exhaustion. Both boys were in serious trouble as they gasped for air. Neither of them could draw a deep breath. They stabbed at shallow breaths trying to get their teenage lungs to work once more.
    Tears filled their eyes as they struggled to get control of themselves. Some five or six minutes later the two began to breathe in a rhythm once again. They turned their heads so that they could look at one another. Mistake. One look was all it took and they were lip locked on one another. They were glued together in the slime that their love making had created when Biff broke away. "I have got to go piss." He dove for the door and down the hall to the bathroom. He was letting his flow fill the bowl when Bubba came in knock kneed.
    "Oh shit, man, hurry it up. I have got cum coming out of my ass." Biff laughed so hard that his piss stream shot up the wall and all over the floor. He pinched his cock and jumped into the shower to finish what he had started. Bubba didn't even put the seat down as he sat on the edge of the toilet and let a fart that was louder than a train whistle. The sounds of his discharge was very clear causing the two boys to break up in laughter again.
    Biff started up the shower. Bubba finished with the paper work that is needed for any job's proper ending and joined Biff under the hot water. The boys locked their lips together and used the soap to wash each other's back and ass crack and beyond. They pulled apart and washed the front of each other.
    Biff grinned at Bubba then dropped to his knees. He sucked the wilted willy of his heart's desire into his mouth Bubba doubled over. He was way to sensitive for this kind of action. Biff reached between his legs and washed the well fucked ass hole as more of his juice and whatever else ran down Bubba's legs.
    Bubba returned kind with kind. But Biff actually began to stiffen up again as Bubba worked on him. The two boys knew that they had a ton of homework so they called an end to their make out session. Bubba grabbed Biff's towel from him when he started to throw it to the floor. He used both of their towels to wipe down the wall and the floor around the toilet. He knew if his mother saw that mess then she would tell his old man. He really didn't want a belt across his sore ass now. His dad always makes him pull his pants down and spanks his naked butt. He would be sure to see the results of his afternoon in bed.
    As the boys entered the bedroom they froze in their tracks. The room smelled like a whore house. Or at least like a hell of a lot of sex. They could smell sweat, cum, and shit and it was strong. Bubba grabbed up the sheets. Biff opened all of the windows. Bubba ran to the bathroom to grab all of the towels in the clothes hamper. He tossed Biff the can of air freshener. Biff used a half of the can as he sprayed every corner of the room, under the beds, under the chairs. He even opened the closet door and sprayed inside there.
    The boys put their heads together and tackled their homework. They may look like muscle heads and bully every kid shorter than themselves, but they were good students with excellent grades. Bubba made a break for the washer and put the sheets and towels into the dryer. He grabbed a package of cookies and a couple of cokes then back to the books.
    The boys had just folded the towels and put them away then put the last pillow case on the bed as they heard the car pull in the drive. The room looked perfect. The bed was made. Their homework was done and they were in love. What more could they ever want?
    Life for the two boys couldn't have been any better. It couldn't be any worse for those who crossed their path. Bubba's old man was a homophobe from hell. The man never missed a chance at putting down anyone who seemed weak in his eyes. From the President of the country to his own boss, everyone was a fucking cock sucking faggot that deserved to be put out of society once and for all.
    The boys kept up appearances as they bullied every sissy boy in school. Mr. Wieldman took the boys out for a special dinner when he got a call from the school about them picking on the other kids. The school adopted a zero tolerance program by the time the two got to the twelfth grade. They could no longer hit little kids Actually they hadn't hit anyone since the sixth grade, but they didn't mind the rep.
    They had gone all punk. It was kind of a rebellion against Bubba's old man. He really couldn't say much. Bubba was eighteen and Biff was big enough to give him and real go for his money if he dared to tangle with the boy. As long as they kept their grades up and stayed away from drugs and booze he wasn't going to say much.
    The boys had gotten large. They both sported a big belly, but they weren't really fat. They were strong and they entertained themselves by lifting cars off of the ground. They had a pretty good rep for that little stunt as they would see which of them could get the front end higher into the air. Biff held the record at three inches for a seventies model muscle car that one of the little faggots drove.
    They both had a little thrill from pain. Not big pain. No cutting on themselves or some of the things that they knew some of the punks in the school were into. They got into body piercing. They had been dared to try a Prince Albert, but both boys drew the line at that. They told their crowd that they had an older woman that took care of their personal needs and they weren't about to mess themselves up down there. That seemed to be satisfactory. The two stuck to pushing nails through various parts of their body where they could draw up some loose skin.
    Biff had a sixteen penny nail hanging from his right ear lobe with other nails through his eyebrows. His lips were pierced as was his nose. Bubba had his tongue pierced as well as nails in his eyebrows. He had a four penny nail through his nose. The two had pierced nipples, but decided that this was not conducive to their major make out sessions. What metal they had came out at night so that they could enjoy what they liked most, each other.
    By the time the boys began their final year in school Biff was a permanent part of the Wieldman family. The old man was totally against drug users and alcoholics. He sympathized with Biff and allowed him to call his house home. All was well until the beginning of the second and final semester for the pair. Mr. Wieldman came home three hours early. He heard the banging of the head board against the wall even before he got to the house. He walked alongside of the house and peered into Bubba's bedroom window. His own son was a take it up the ass queer.
    He headed straight to the garage and his sports equipment. He grabbed himself a ball bat then went straight on through to Bubba's room. One swift kick and the door splintered apart. He had the bat at the ready and he swung. He caught Biff right across the shoulder blades. He hoped that he had broken the faggot's back. He took the bat and shoved it with all of his might up into his son's exposed ass and pushed until he got blood. He turned and stormed from the room.
    Biff struggled to his feet. He saw Bubba lying there. Very carefully he removed the bat. It was covered in blood. He helped Bubba get his clothes on then got him out of the house before the old man came back. They drove around for a bit with no idea of where to go. They were hungry, but they had no money. Bubba remembered that there had been posters around school about some sort of fag club or something meeting in the auditorium. The boys thought that they could go there and maybe find help.
    They found help from a source that they had never thought of. The father of several of the for sure fags in the school was there and he was nice to them. He called for an ambulance to take Bubba to the hospital then he paid the bill. Another man rose and told the boys that he had an empty guest house that they could live in.
    Mr. Wieldman was arrested. His trial came up in June and he was sent to prison for twenty years for two counts of attempted first degree murder, sexual assault on a minor, and criminal assault on a minor. Bubba and Biff lived at the house provided for them by Ryan Miller and Bobby Feldman, two alumni of their high school and both gay and living together raising Bobby's young son.
    Things were looking good for the two boys. Bubba had healed well and was back on his back every night. Both boys enjoyed their back time, but Bubba had an itch that just needed regular scratching and by that time Biff had a tool to scratch with. Bubba had an impressive amount of tool himself and both boys had to learn new breathing techniques when getting down and oral with one another.
    The boys had gotten jobs at a local plant that made computer parts. They were making good money and lots of friends. One Sunday afternoon they had a long leisurely love session. They were resting in their afterglow when someone knocked on their door. Both boys headed for the door. Bubba opened it and a gun went off blowing his head apart. Then the gun went off again and Biff went down. The next thing he knew old man Wieldman was hitting him over and over with a ball bat. Then all went blank.

    Biff spent nearly two months in a drug induced coma. When the doctor's let him wake up the boy had to learn everything he knew about his body all over again. The bat had hit him several times in the area of his brain that controlled his motor functions. What he didn't have was the ability to walk or even feed himself without getting food all down the front of him. The place where he stayed made him wear a bib, like a baby. He had a nasty old nurse who cursed at him as she fed him when he couldn't do it fast enough to suit her. He couldn't even go to the bathroom and was wearing a diaper. He still had his memory and he had his intelligence. He spent four months of intense physical therapy to learn to be a real human being again. He was progressing nicely.
    He learned that Bubba is dead. He was killed by his own father. Biff knows in his heart that this is so. He remembers seeing Bubba's head seem to come apart as the sound of the gun deafened him. He felt the bullet tear into his chest then the pain as he was hit again and again. Biff has a steel plate along the top of his skull. The doctor's spent hours removing every tiny fragment of his shattered skull bone so that there would be no more damage.
    Biff found himself rolled off into some lonesome corner where he sat and cried most of the time. He wanted to get out of his wheelchair and run away. He looked forward to the few minutes of therapy each day. He wanted to work longer, but the staff seemed to be too busy to be bothered with a brain dead faggot. He had heard that description used for him so many times, but he could not make his mouth work to form words. His sharp mind was trapped in a body that no longer worked. Was this his punishment for loving another boy? Bubba was dead because of their love and he knew that he might as well be dead, but he was to suffer forever in his current condition. He would learn to use his hands again so that he could kill himself.

    One afternoon Biff sat to the side of the large room where the patients ate their meals. He was anxious about something, but didn't know what. He felt that something was about to change. He looked up and saw that man that had called for help when Bubba was hurt. The man said his name was Chris and he wanted to talk to him.
    Biff felt so good as the man held his hand and stroked the back of his arms while they talked. Chris told him that he was going to have him moved to another place where he could get better care. He told Biff that he wanted to help him to walk again. Biff began to cry. Chris wrapped his arms around the frail body in the wheelchair and held him. He never tried to make Biff stop crying. He just held him. Chris came to visit quite often.

    "Boys, most of you know Biff. I am asking all of you now if you will let me have this old enemy and nemesis, who used to bully you every day of your school life, come into our house in love and forgiveness." I knew my boys, but I was still overcome by their enthusiastic response.
    Finally Pete, Eddy, and I made it to bed. This time I got to know Mr. Eddy Farmer Dickson. Eddy had been Tom's next door neighbor's boy. They had lived next door to each other for more than eight years. Eddy liked Tom and used to hang around when he worked in the yard. He was almost six years older than Sean and was very helpful to Tom. After Tom got a divorce and moved out Eddy went looking for him. He and Tom became lovers, then Tom married Eddy's mother just before she died of stomach cancer. Tom adopted Eddy and they moved into Andy's house with him and Carl.
    Now I am in bed with a very very nice looking twenty one year old boy and his/my twenty one year old boyfriend. I have given the two of them my blessing and I am glad that they love each other so much. They are both talking of going to Chicopee, Massachusetts to get married. I know that the whole family will be going to Brad and Jay's weddings to their pregnant girlfriends in June. When I suggested that the family would love to watch them get married, they snuggled up close and kissed each other.
    I wanted to get Eddy's body and the only reason that we are all together in my bed was because Pete wanted me too. Just as I thought that I should roll over and go to sleep I felt a hand on my cock. I looked at Eddy's toothy grin, "So are you going to fuck the living shit out of me tonight so that I can have one of those little gold pins to put on my pant's fly or not?"
    "Is that the only reason you want the boss, Mr. Mighty Chris, up your ass?"
    "No, not really. I have always admired you and I have wanted to have long slow sex with you for several years. I used to fantasize about you when I…you know." He blushed. I asked him if he wanted to pair off or have a three way. "I have never had a three way. Pete has told me how much fun they are with you and I really want to go at it with both of you. I have not let myself get off all day so that I could do it with you tonight."
    I started by giving his ass a good licking. He is super ticklish, a fact that Pete had held back. He loves to make Eddy squirm. Eddy had all of my dick down his throat and he was taking me like a master cock sucker. The young man is damn good and I knew that I had better get to work or he would have me drained before I had him worked up.
    I could just make out the head of Pete's cock as he knelt between Eddy's legs. I slobbered all over the sweet tasting ass hole and pulled Pete up to us by his balls. I raised Eddy so that I could take his nice six and an half inch cock into my mouth at the same time Pete pushed himself all the way home. Pete is the top here. Go figure. Pete is always one hungry bottom, but he was doing Eddy a number as the man sucked me and fucked into my mouth. Pete's balls were hanging low and they swung back and forth with every thrust. It was kind of funny in a very sexy way.
    Neither man waited for recovery. They swapped places as Eddy fucked Pete so hard that Pete's hard cock was trying to poke a hole in my throat. With both boys drained Eddy rolled to his back. He raised his legs and told me to fuck him. I had not allowed myself any release through our fifteen minute double fuck. Both men are great cocksuckers, but I had my mind somewhere else and didn't get off. Eddy's ass got me off. The young man can fuck. Pete told him where my buttons were and Eddy lay their with a grin on his face as he screamed at me to fuck him and pushed each button in turn.

    The next morning I got the boys off for their first day back at school then Pete and I headed over to the nursing home. We had breakfast with Biff and told him that we were going to have a party for all of my friends. "An after Christmas party," I said. I asked Biff if he would like to go. Biff spoke with his thick tongue and tried to form the words of gratitude as he said he would love to go to a party.
    I felt good as we left Biff. He has been through an awful lot. He has spent eight months trapped inside a body that didn't function because somebody tried to murder him. There are so many people in the world that are similarly trapped inside non-functioning bodies and I so wish that I could help each one of them. I can, and I will help Biff. He will walk again. His prognoses is very good and he is a fighter. His determination alone must be rewarded.

    I pulled the classic 442 Oldsmobile to the entrance of one of Tucson's most exclusive and swankiest restaurants. A valet opened our doors for us to step out. One of the young men led us inside. I perved on his extra tight black cotton pants. I only had a passing glance at his basket, but it was impressive. It had to have been for me to remember it. I only saw it for an instant, but it stuck in my mind. His voice was very soft and rattled my extremities.
    The young man seated us at our table and told us the he would let my guests know that we had arrived. He told me that they were at the bar enjoying a cocktail. He asked if we would like anything while we waited. I made solid eye contact with him. I saw hunger and eagerness. I don't know shit about gaydar, but if this boy isn't, at the very least, gay curious then I am a straight man. "I would really like you, naked across the table as I nibble your cocktail." The boy giggled. I had just made a very provocative sexual statement that could very well put me before a judge, but the boy giggled. I gave him my card with a throw away phone number on it. He promised to call when he got off of work.
    Moments after he left returned as escort to a very erect and proper Marine, in full dress blues, back to our table. The young waiter held out a chair for the Sargent Major. As he sat down Pete saw his face. His face blanched pure white. "I have missed you so much son. I wish you would write to me. I do love you, no matter what. Pete, I know all about you and Jacob. That boy loves you so much and I can see why. You are very, very good looking. You look like I did at your age." The two men talked and hugged each other.
    I quietly slipped away. Pete has his cell phone and I know that he will call me if anything goes astray. For now he and his father had a lot of catching up do. I had given Pete the one Christmas gift that he wanted so bad, but thought it was unobtainable. Sgt. Major Sven Engblahm called me New Years day. He had been cleaning his house as he prepared to move to his new assignment. Amongst the things that Pete had left there on his last visit was my business card with a phone number on it. He called as he prayed that I may have some word of his son.
    We talked for a half an hour as he told me how much he loved Pete. He understood Pete's sexual problems. He had gone through a period like that himself, but he was a hard and tough Marine. He had to overcome his tendencies. He tried to hide them from himself with many different women. He almost always had a young Marine to satisfy his secret needs. I decided to take a chance and invited him to come out to Tucson and I would arrange a public meeting with him and his son. We both had high expectations that their love for each other was still in tact. From talking to each of them I knew in my heart that it would work.

    At six o'clock Pete opened the front door and showed his father inside. He introduced the man, who was now dressed in casual street clothes, but the Marine was still in them. Sven Engblahm was eyeballing the naked boys. I saw the boys look at his huge, cut physique. Sven had a rise between the thighs that was not lost on the boys.
    Pete looked at the door then stepped outside. He walked back in the door leading a bright eyed boy of about fifteen. The boy's mouth dragged the floor as he looked at all of the naked boi flesh lounging in our family room. Then it hit me. Richard, the young host that had seated us at lunch, said that our guestS were in the bar. He said that THEY were enjoying a cocktail, but I left after only meeting Sven. Duhhh, where is my mind lately?
    Sven introduced us to Craig Allen De Long, the younger brother of Harry's first gay experience, Thomas Wayne De Long. Craig lived in the same neighborhood as Sven and had always enjoyed visiting with the big gyrine. One afternoon he came to visit and was sporting a still bleeding split lip and a black eye.
    Fourteen year old Craig told his parents that he was gay. They breathed deeply as they listened to their last hope of having a boy go to the point tell them that he was gay. He would never even get into the service. He had letters from his brother telling about Harry. His parents broke down and told him that they knew about Tommy. Tommy had written his father to tell why he had enlisted during the Christmas break at school. He knew that his father had so many dreams and ambitions that he planned to live out in his son. When the elder De Longs read Tommy's letter they understood what they already knew in their hearts. At that time they didn't know about Craig. He was too young and still in a totally experimental stage. They hoped the he would outgrow his curiosity.
    Craig went to his gyrine friend for help in looking Harry up. He figured that by being in the service the man could help him. Sven begin to look for Sargent First Class Harry Orr. He found out that the man had been stationed in Fallujah, Iraq. He was a highly decorated soldier, but he had been wounded and medically discharged from the service. His trail seemed to end there until he discovered that the man's father had just been promoted to Lieutenant General and was a base commandant in north west England. He wrote the General a letter to explain that he was helping the family of a young man that had been in Harry's platoon in Iraq. Their son had written many glowing letters home about Harry and they had learned that Harry had been with their son when he had been killed. They wanted to meet him or write to him.
    General Orr answered Sven's letters at once. He told them that his son was working for a large international security company based out of Tucson, Az. At the present time Harry was on a fact finding mission to Bahrain, but was expected to be back in Tucson after the first week of the new year. General Orr told him that he had the phone number of Harry's closest friend in Tucson, me. So now Sven was doubly impressed to call me.
    Craig came home from school. He had been severally beaten by two fag bashers at the high school Both of the boys were seniors, one was eighteen. Sven found it difficult to believe because the eighteen year old boy was a take it up the ass fag that wanted big Marine dicks. The boy hung around the base gymnasium everyday and always got himself a ride before going home. The boy's dad was a Major that enjoyed young cut Marines himself. Sven had slept with the father several times.
    Sven took Craig to the Major's house and confronted the son about the beating. The Major was livid that his son would do such a thing and he called the police himself. The police took pictures and interviewed Craig. They arrested both boys and charged them with battery and a hate crime. The De Longs wanted their son away from the beatings so they agreed to let Craig make the trip with Sven to meet both his son and Harry Orr.

    Sven and Craig were asked to acquire the house uniform Sven was naked in record time. Craig needed help as he blushed profusely. Naked Craig was a fag boy lover's wet dream. He was five foot five and only one hundred and twelve pounds. But his little body was chiseled of stone. His boy stick was a nice five incher. The boy was smooth and hairless, just like Harry had described his lover, Craig's older brother. I knew Harry would love this boy instantly.
    I asked the pair to stay with us. They told us they had to be back home Monday morning for Craig to return to school, but they would love to stay. They both liked the walking, talking accessories that I had around my house. I told them that I had lived in this house since I was sixteen years old and I had always wanted to fill it with running hot and cold naked boys. I had some sweet hot boys rub up against my body over that one.

    I had nothing, but time on my hands for the next few days. The high school boys were at school. The college boys and I took time to meat Sven and Craig. Sven was overcome by emotion when he learned that six of the boys were legally married. That was news that the forty year old Sargent had always longed to hear. He had nearly seven years to go before full retirement. He thought that he could go ahead and take his twenty year retirement now. He would only get half of the retirement benefits that he would get if he were to wait until his full thirty was up. Pete treated the Marine like his daddy as he sat in his lap and told him that he needed to stay in the Corps. Pete told him that he knew that the Corps was his life and he would regret taking an early retirement
    Sven quietly looked at Pete as he held Craig at his side and cupped the youngsters small bubble butt in his hand. He told Pete that he had fallen in love with a child and he didn't want to give him up. He saw all of the boys in my house and the interactions that we all shared. He wanted those interactions with Craig. I would take Craig to my room for an hour or two and find out how he felt.

    Cory and I picked Biff up and brought him up to the house on Friday afternoon. As the party began to build steam Christopher and Andy came up to me. "Do you remember a party in this room about seven years ago. It was the night that I met Tom and Eddy."
    I had to think for a minute then it hit me. "Was that the night that you took your first dose of Viagra™ in the liquid form of sildenafil mixed in your soda? I had to come up to your house a few hours later and give you a shot to make your dick go soft again." I was laughing so hard, no wait a minute I was ROTFLTFAO.
    His face was beet red as he nodded then asked if I had any of that. He told me he wanted to fuck himself stupid all weekend long. Sounded good to me. I let the family and all of my guests know of the request. Eddy told them that it really fucking worked great, but his dick hurt like a mother fucker when it didn't go soft about six hours later. He told them that I had to come up and stick a huge square needle into his cock, on each side. He said that fucking hurt. The expression on his face and Andy's reactions were priceless.
    At the time fourteen year old Eddy was Tom Dickson's boyfriend. They had just met Andy that night and Carl discovered that his only son was a boy loving fag himself. Andy had only heard about Sean who would have been about nine or ten at the time.
    Will Hamm was at the the party and I asked him to help me with the correct dosage of the stiffening drug as all of the men and twelve of the boys stepped up for a doctored glass of Red Bull™. These guys would be up and ready for anything all weekend long.

    Biff was stripped naked and wheeled around in a house full of naked boys. He never knew there were so many fags in the whole world. He had little boys come and sit in his lap and tell him that he was their hero. He didn't know why.
    The man that gave him and Bubba the house to live in came to sit with him. Biff looked at him then remembered who he was. He didn't know that Bobby Feldman had pulled Mr. Wieldman off of him and that they had fought. Bobby had been wounded by the gun as they struggled then the gun went off again and Mr. Wieldman fell to the ground, dead. Bobby was in the hospital for three weeks. He had been gut shot and was in danger of dying of peritonitis.
    A voice from over Biff's shoulder said that he knew for a fact that he could be taught to walk. A tall kid about Biff's age stepped out where Biff could see him. He had no legs. One was cut off right at the knee the other a little bit above. The kid wore artificial legs that he said were computer controlled and cost over a half a million dollars each. His name was Tim O'Conner. He had lost his legs in Iraq. His boyfriend came up and put his arm around Tim and was introduced as Raymond Johnson from Albany, New York. He was moving out to Tucson to be with Tim and help him with therapy.
    "I have a Christmas gift for you that I haven't shared yet. Biff, I am moving you again. I kept you in the nursing home where you are until you gained some strength. Your doctors have told me that you are ready to begin work on the hardest thing you have ever done. You are going into extra intensive training to learn to walk and use your arms and hands again. Tim here has been through it. He and Ray have both been certified as therapists and they will be working along with your doctors to get you off of your ass and onto your feet. You won't go back to the nursing home after the weekend. You have a room here in our house, if you want it. We would like to ask you to join our family." Biff began to cry as he tried to make his mouth work to simply say thank you.

FYI: Biff is a real person. He is now nearing fifty. He can now use his hands for some chores. His speech is slow and deliberate as he struggles to talk. He is smart and has learned to use a specially equipped computer quite well. At the time of his ordeal he was forty two and Bubba was nineteen. The ball bat was invented for the story. Bubba's father was known to threaten to use a ball bat on fags. It was the butt of the gun that brain damaged Biff. The enraged father set out to kill his issue and his lover. No charges were brought against Biff as the sex part of his life was not revealed at the time of the incident, which occurred in a public place. The father was killed when the gun he was using to bash the skull of his son's molester discharged and the bullet struck him in the face. I guess real life is more interesting then some old fag's fantasies isn't it?

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