Chapter 104


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I suppose that time zones are necessary to keep the world running smoothly, but there should be a law against a person making a telephone call from an eastern time zone to one further west. Damn, it was just past four o'clock in the morning when my phone startled me from a sound sleep.
    It takes a few seconds to get oriented when awakened suddenly, but orientation was the least of my problems as very sharp teeth nearly took half of my cock off. Sometime through the night Gus had moved into my bed. Quiet as a feather on a breeze he had slipped up against me so I was unaware of his presence when Bell's infernal invention began its caterwauling cry for attention. I rolled over on top of the tiny creature who was sound asleep and nursing on me like a puppy at his mother's teat. My weight on top of him caused him to clamp down on my favorite possession in the whole world and I was sure that a goodly portion of it was now gone.
    I was in abject pain and trying to soothe a crying boy as I grabbed the phone up and yelled into the receiver. Poor Al was very apologetic, but he had news to share that had him extremely excited. He gave me his news and I wanted to share his excitement as I carried Gus in my arms and held the phone to my ear while making my way down the stairs to my office. I typed the URL for the Albany Times Union and plugged in my coffee maker. I sat in my chair facing the twenty monitor display with letters from six to twelve inches tall filling the synced monitors.
    The headline was as Al had stated, I could understand his excitement. It is a grand thing to see one's name in the paper for good reasons, but to have oneself splashed across the front page as the headline story and a picture to boot, I could sense the boy's excitement and I would like to have been there to jump and up down with him. I copied the page and e-mailed it to every boy in the family. When they log in later in the morning they will see the headline and the story about their famous brother for themselves. I had to read it for Gus and then explain what it meant.

splashed the banner line with a three column four inch picture of Al's smiling face. The story began with, "Albert Bowers, a student at SUNY A—State University of New York at Albany—met every challenge from code makers around the world. Mr. Bowers, eighteen year old prodigy transfer student from the University of Akron, Ohio, was able to break every code given him in a challenge set up by the college where he is studying cryptography—a fancy name for coding— Mr. Bowers has developed a reputation for being able to break any coded message in mere moments. The university sent out a world wide challenge for anyone to submit a coded page of information. In less time than it takes this reporter to figure which side is the top of the page the young man was reading the contents to the panel and assembled on lookers…"

    The story went on from there, but I was not impressed with the reporters writing style and I already knew the gist of the story.
    Andy had already notified lessees of his encryption system that they were not allowed to submit anything encrypted with his system on the promise that he would disable their machine and dump all of their data into a public data base. Strong words, but a twenty six year old youngster worth over seventy billion dollars, that has the security communications of nearly every country in the free world in his control, could get away with the threat.
    I was proud of Al, I had known that he was different the first day I had learned of his gift, but to be able to crack the codes of major players like this was a monumental achievement. I called him back and told him that I would love to be there taking his monument to task. He giggled and I heard a strange sound over the phone, "You hear that, dad? Nad is taking care of my monument right now. I gotta go…oh fuck!! Oh, I am so close…bye." The line went dead as laughter filled the room.
    Eric was looking for his baby brother and had gone in search of him. He heard Rocky on the speaker phone and stepped in just in time to hear the last part. Gus was fighting sleep so I sent him off with Eric who led the boy back to bed. I turned back to the display on the wall sized display and scrolled over to another story that had caught my eye.
    A two column story with a thirty six point banner line was to the right of Rocky's story. "LOCAL TEACHER ACCUSED OF MOLESTING STUDENTS". Thirty two year old Chr___ C____, first grade teacher at Oak Elementary School has been arrested and charged with molesting students from his class for the past three years. Several victims, who are all six years old, have been identified.
    That was all I cared to read. I have no compassion for anyone who messes with kids. They should have the right to decide for themselves about who they want to touch their bodies and at six years old they can't make that decision. I sat there and seethed.

    In April Messrs. Ģerâld and Luke purchased the large compound like house to the east of my place. The home had been built in the fifties for a popular Bishop who wanted to retire at the mountainside location which commands a fantastic view of the city in the valley beneath it. That property and mine sit on top of the cliff which forms the first rise up the steep mountainside. I never noticed, but that house is built out of quarried granite. We have all seen the cut marks along the cliff under our house and to the east. The old Bishop that built the place had the Indians cut stone blocks from the cliff to build him a mission house.
    The house had later sold to a rancher who owned most of the land south of the cliff along the back of my house, all the way down to the river. He had sold the land off over the years as development moved toward the mountain. The boys had purchased the old compound from the estate of the rancher, who had been gone for almost twenty years. They want to use their house as an addition to ours. I worked with them to transform the place into their idea of a home for more boys. There are ten extra large bedrooms that can easily take four queen sized beds each. The house centers around a very large family room and a small kitchen. Neither boy plans to move out, but will continue to live in the bungalow where they are now. At the time we had no idea how we would use the house, but it belonged to the boys.

    JC rocked my world when he called me about the middle of October with mixed news. We had planed to christen the house with a Halloween party reminiscent of our previous year's trip to England. There ended up being an entirely different type of christening, all in all, I think it might be for the better.
    In their magnificent wisdom the state of Arizona had begun to question the number of boys that JC had placed in my home. There had been no official moves made, but someone had made a statement to someone that had an ear open for the possibility of abuse or misuse. JC could not disclose more to me, but pillow talk with Ken and then a father and son talk between him and Alec revealed the whole story to me. I was prepared when I was called before a pair of bespeckled matronly ladies with their noses so far up in the air that they could sniff the ass holes of the birds soaring high overhead.

    Bull and I sat at one side of the long table. The local juvenile courts' administrator sat opposite with a hard nosed snob to either side of him. A stenographer sat at the end of the table with three tape recorders near her right hand. Three microphones sat before me as the administrator spoke. "For the record this information gathering meeting is being recorded. My name is Phillip Smith, I have with me today Ms. Sybil Farnsworth and Ms. Adelaide Snell." Smell something? I sure did, and it smelled rotten. "We are here with one Mr. Christopher Dickson, who is represented by council. Would you introduce yourself for the record gentlemen?"
    "My name is Bull Pitt of the firm of The Doggs of Warr. Our firm represents Mr. Dickson in all of his legal matters."
    "This is not a legal matter, Mr. Pitt. We are here to gather facts on a report that we have concerning a matter involving Mr. Dickson and several minor boys. Mr. Dickson, would you introduce yourself for the record please?"
    "My name is Christopher Stevens Dickson of Tucson, Arizona." I laid my badge case on the table so that it faced the arbiter, "I am a Federal Officer with Congressional privilege in matters concerning certain minor male members of my household." That raised eyebrows around the room.
    With an odd look to the woman on his left, the one directly across from me, he continued. "Ms. Snell will begin with the facts as she has them."
    "It has come to the attention of the Arizona State Department of Economic Security, Child Welfare Division, Child Protective Services that you have twenty two minor male members of your household attending Woodrow Wilson High School. It has been reported to our office that these boys may all be homosexual or the victims of homosexual activities within your household." If I hadn't already guessed, her sneer gave her away. By her age I would guess her to be either Ms. Maxine Snell's daughter or maybe niece, since I knew that Maxine had never married. She might be a younger sister, but this woman was in her late fifties where Maxine was pushing seventy. Maxine had been one of my teachers sixteen, or seventeen years earlier and she was an old hag then. I had to go with niece and I played that card.
    "Ms. Snell, I find it best to believe that the source or your information would be your aunt Maxine. As usual she has her facts and figures wrong, which is something any of us who have ever suffered through her classes in dead languages can attest to as being her normal modus operandi.
    "In actual fact I have thirty seven boys in attendance at Woodrow Wilson High School and eight more boys in attendance at Nylan Junior High. There are an additional eighteen boys presently attending two of the colleges here in town. I have three members of my household attending high school in another state as well as another twelve boys attending colleges out of state.
    "All together, Ms. Snell, I have a total of eighty boys in my direct care and yes, some of these boys have been the victims of homosexual abuse. As you well know, six of the boys in my home are the children of the people that worked through your own dear aunt to sell the pornographic videos that they took of various men having sex with these children, their own sons. Three of the boys in my house have been made my adopted sons by an act of The Congress of the United States of America. Three of the boys in my home were rescued from slavers that used underage boys stolen off of the streets of America for the purpose of providing sexual acts to homosexual men in western Europe.
    "All of this that I have stated is a matter of public record so I ask you, what is the purpose of your question?" Ms. Snell closed her books and sat back in her chair with her arms crossed. Mr. Smith called for a fifteen minute break.
    When the tribunal continued the tone in the room was more relaxed. "Mr. Dickson, we may have caused some misunderstanding with our opening questions. Our concern is simply for the safety and well being of the boys in your care. Do you have sufficient room for these boys to have their own space and the privacy that teenagers often need?" Mr. Smith began.
    "Sir, I have fifteen bedrooms in the main house, each with its own private bathroom. The guest house has three bedrooms, with private bathrooms, and a common kitchen, dining area, and a private living area away from the rest of the family. There is a twelve hundred square foot dormitory that is currently divided into ten foot by ten foot cubicles of one hundred square feet each. There is a common bathroom area for the dormitory that has ten toilets, ten urinals, and twenty lavatories as well as showers for the boys who choose to live down there.
    "To the immediate east of the main house are three one bedroom apartments with private kitchens, dining areas and living areas. Currently the older college students are using those rooms. I also have a house only a few blocks from Wilson High School, and also the University campus. That house has five bedrooms with bathrooms for each. Currently there are two boys with physical handicaps living in that house as well as some of the college students. I have two adults living there as house parents to make sure that the boys don't forget their privilege to live there.
    "Construction has just been finished on our latest acquisition. The property to the east of mine was purchased and has been remodeled to include ten large bedrooms capable of sleeping eight to each room and each room has its own private bath with facilities to serve four boys at any one time. There are two bathrooms in the common area should it occur that more than four boys would be in need of the toilet at one time. We have never experienced it, but illness could occur requiring extra toilets.
    "You asked if I have space. I have bed space for one hundred and forty two boys at my house and if we choose to put bunks or twin beds in the dormitory we could house twenty more there. At present the ten beds at the town house are full, but here, in town, I have space for one hundred and seventy two boys. I also have two other houses out of state, one has thirty one bedrooms plus a very large dormitory on the fifth floor. There are six apartments on the grounds for staff. At present I only have fourteen boys living there," okay, so I counted Edmund and Mitch as boys, but they really are, in so many ways.
    "I have a home on the west coast, on the coast, that can house twenty boys quite easily. I have been offered a forty five room home, with eight separate apartments located on the property as well. Plans are currently being made to occupy that home. Along with that house comes a country place on a very large lake. That property can easily handle one hundred boys, if necessary. There are also matters in the works that may provide a very large amount of housing in eastern Europe to handle more of the boys that have been victims of the afore mentioned slave traders. To date we have located some two hundred of these boys."
    "The state is unaware of your having this much space or that you have facilities out of state. May I be so bold as to ask why? Your expenses must be astronomical, how do you fund these homes?" Poor Bull was chomping at the bit. He had kicked my left ankle black and blue, but I just kept talking.
    "Sir, when I was a teenager I met a man who had a passion to see that teenage boys were provided for. Several of my friends, and I, were given funds for our education. We garnered an education which we could never have been able to get by any other means available to us.
    "On his death I set out to travel around the country, just to see this great land in which I live. On my journey I found boys that had literally been thrown away by those that should have provided for them. In a few cases I had to legally adopt the boys, in other cases providing them a home was all that was necessary. When I found the six boys that had been used to make sick movies for the perverted pleasure of adults I knew what I had to do. I took all of the boys in my house and asked them what they wanted. To a head, they each thought that we should try to help any boy who asked for our help. As each new boy has been found and brought to the house he has become a part of the family. We do not have any boys of greater stature than the next. They are each one brothers and members of our, ever growing, family.
    "Our major source of funding comes from the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß, a non-profit support group for troubled youth of any persuasion. About the homosexual issue that Ms. Snell mentioned," he immediately held up his hand to stop me from going off one more time.
    "The general consensus is that you and your boys are gay tolerant. Is that the politically correct word of the day? We have a number of homosexual youth that we have had a great deal of trouble being able to place in foster homes. Some of these boys are eligible for adoption, but there are no acceptable takers for them. Would you entertain the idea of taking in some of these boys as foster children?"

    "Well, I guess I should thank you for covering my pay check for the day, but I damn sure didn't earn it. You do a damn good case of presenting your own facts, but you did tread on some serious issues in there that I hope don't come back and bite you.
    "Are you going to take in these kids they are offering?"
    "Bull, you know that I won't do anything that would hurt my boys. I don't know these kids or their background. I don't know if we could feel safe or secure around them. I will let the family decide at the party this weekend."
    "Sorry, this is a closed party for young Cullen. Halloween is Monday, but the boys want to party Saturday night and all day Sunday. Silly family stuff." Bull understood, but I know that he would like to be there. I can't invite him and not the rest of the Blues Clubbers."

    "Hi cocksuker."
    "Hi, yourself, queer bait."
    "Well, I baited you, didn't I?"
    "Yeah, and I left you happy didn't I? God you have a big fucking cock and you almost drowned me with your load, twice. You didn't even go soft between cums, dude. You're great. Wanta do it again?"
    "That's why I'm calling. I mean like no dude never did me… well not like you, man. I got two hos, that go down on anybody, but they don't take all of me and they don't swallow. They get all prissy and do funny faces when I tell em to take it. But you, fuck you are hot."
    "So what you want?"
    "I want to see you, now. Where are you?"
    "I'm passing the gym, heading to the west lot to catch my ride home."
    "I'm coming up to the gym now, can I take you home? I want you to do me again."
    "I'm no quick fuck, Malcolm, there will be some rules if we ever get together again."
    "I know, man. That's what I been thinking about. I mean…well, I kinda…shit, dude, I ain't never thought of no guy like this, but I want to do you, can I?"
    "We get naked and we get in bed, do me right and I may let you fuck me too."
    "Shit, you mean it? I never actually fucked before. You let me fuck you I'll suck you and swallow. Where we gonna go?"
    "My house, my room, my bed."
    "Won't Trevor be there? I heard you like live with, I mean he's cute. Fuck that, he's fucking hot as hell. I…"
    "Should I be jealous? I see your truck, see me waving at you?"

    The phone call ended. Andy and I sat back and roared. I don't really listen in on my boys calls, but everything they do is monitored. All of us have too much at stake to take chances. Andy was proud of his new toy, a piece of software that he got from the CIA. It could identify voices and scan the airways, waiting for that voice to make a phone call. Even a lot of land line phones are sent across town via the airways now to prevent the jamming of trunk lines. Fiber optics have ended most of that crunch, but sometimes a router will use a highspeed pulse to sent a packet of calls from one PBX to another. The software would be a real boost to FI's security operations.
    Andy and I were still laughing as the boys came into the house. Close behind them was Ronnie and a new kid that made my tongue fall out of my mouth. He was knock down fucking gorgeous. My lust factor soared off of the scale.
    "Hey, Ronnie, step in here a minute and bring Army with you." Malcolm stood about five foot seven and weighed a nice one hundred and forty to forty five pounds. His smooth skin made mine flush with lust as I perved on his smooth, blemish free, face. His eyes were of a golden color that seemed to speak of a wealth of trouble in a young looking body. His brown hair was cropped short and had the appearance of being self cut, uneven in the back.
    I called to Jim as he passed by and he stepped in with his arm around Lew's naked waist. Both boys were up for fun and I laughed at them, Malcolm's jaw dropped and I saw a rise between his narrow thighs. "I have twenty pizzas on the way so get your panties on and meet the delivery boy at the door."
    "I'll bring you a few slices, you want cream with that?" he giggled at me as he waved Lew's cock at me.
    "I'll take double cream on mine," Andy licked his lips.
    "Malcolm will have to be in uniform if he wants to eat with the boys," I told Ronnie. Ronnie dropped to his knees and unbuttoned the boy's camy fatigue pants. He slid the little bar on the military brass belt buckle aside then popped the last button. Malcolm was wearing pale yellow boxers with blue rain drops on them. I wanted to rain all over him, but I was anxious to see the pole that had the shiny fabric in such a tent. I was not disappointed.
    Malcolm stood there with his camy fatigue shirt shoved up under his arm pits and his camy pants, along with his shiny silk boxers, pooled about his mid-calves. In the middle of a thick brown bush of boi hair stood a totem that would forever serve as a monument to his beauty in my mind. A perfect man pole of a healthy eight plus inches stuck straight out with no curve to it at all. The sheer weight of the massive organ held it from curving upward as it stretched at the foreskin covering it. The head was wet from his leaking juices and Ronnie showed what a gentleman he was as he licked the boy clean. Malcolm giggled like a boy should, as he watched my face for a reaction.
    "Daddy, this dude can cum by the quart, twice without stopping, but I am going to make him go three times today."
    "I have something to talk to you about first though. Malcolm, I want you to feel comfortable and not threatened or intimidated here. If Ronnie or any of us do something which bothers you please tell us. Ronnie has brought you into our house because he feels that you can be trusted to keep quiet about what goes on here. We respect your privacy, we ask that you respect ours, okay?
    "Now, boys I need to talk to you for a moment about your phone conversations. You need to be careful about how explicit you get. You never know who may be listening." I played back a recording of their recent phone call. Ronnie broke out in tears. I reached across and drew him to me. He was still completely clothed so I unwrapped him. Ronnie is no piker when it comes to boi cock. He has a very sweet six and a half inch cock of better than average thickness that stands at a nice forty five degree angle from his belly when erect.
    He is a natural red head with very fair skin. We have learned, tragically, that he has to be careful in the sunlight, he tends to burn quickly, and severely. There is not a member of the family that does not enjoy applying sun screen to the body of another hot boy so Ronnie is well looked after.
    I was looking after another matter that the boy had standing up before me as I swallowed his sweet cock until his red bush filled my nostrils with the heady aroma of a boy's hard day at school. Ronnie reached out to touch someone, in this case he touched Malcolm. He wrapped his hand around the massive meat and skinned it back to expose the boys swollen, red, shiny glans. In mere seconds Ronnie gave me a sweat treat then he pulled his new friend up to me. I gazed up into our guests golden eyes and saw nothing, but desire and lust. I buried my nose in his brown bush.
    "Gawd, he has all of me in him, just like that. Dude this is fucking fine." Ronnie was giggling as he unlaced the boy's combat boots and helped him to step out of his fatigue pants. Once naked from the waist down I guided his butt to lean against my desk while Ronnie removed the boy's shirt and tee shirt. Once naked Ronnie and I both lay the boy back on my desk and I raised his legs to rest on my shoulders. I spread his cheeks and got a good whiff of boy funk from his hot sweaty crack. I let my tongue begin.
    Andy helped Ronnie to gain his balance as the two of them moved Malcolm closer to the center of the desk top and Ronnie took a position over the virgin mouth beneath him. With no fanfare or warning Ronnie pushed his hard man stick into the hungry mouth of a brand new cock sucker. Malcolm took to sucking the cock like a hungry calf at an udder. Ronnie's big ball sack was full of boi milk as it banged back and forth against Malcolm's nose and I gave him chills from his first ever rim job.
    Cory and Kyle walked in. Seeing Andy's plight Cory stepped up and knelt to the needs of our close friend. Andy needed more, he moved back to his chair while dragging Kyle by his love handle. Cory held Andy as he reached behind him and pushed the chair further back allowing room for serious cock loving sex to take place. Andy sat at the edge of the chair with his legs splayed before him and Cory up between them giving the man head ala Cory magnifique. Kyle had moved to straddle the chair and sit on Andy's chest while Andy did his own slurping and noise making on the extra long straw being offered him.
    Andy had spent his young adulthood with a sixty year old man that had more meat than two normal males. His ass is hungry, but he has contained his desire. I was happy when I looked over Malcolm's sweet tasting balls to see the trio changing position. Cory had taken the bottom as Andy bent over him to suck his sweet cock and Kyle was lining up to penetrate the sweet bottomed man. Andy and I do get together as often as we can, but he tells me that he knows a courtesy fuck when he gets it. He really wants someone young and hung in his bed every night. I know my boys and Tran is no more what Kyle needs than Kyle is for Tran.
    Kyle turned fifteen in September. He stands a skinny six foot four, but the steroids that he was force fed from age five have aged his features. His face is youthful, but the boy has to shave twice a day to maintain that look. Andy was enjoying his ride more than anything he had done lately. Kyle's cock has grown in spite of Dr. Will's best efforts, however the growth has not been tremendous. The man child now sports a hefty twelve and three quarter incher that can really reach out and touch someone, from the other room. The monster is taking on more the appearance of a fence post than anything else. Now at a full six and three quarters of an inch around he gets very little action to exercise his thrust muscles.
    His muscles were getting a work out on Andy. I raised my head to see that he and Cory were balls deep in each other's mouth as Kyle was slamming his full length all the way out and back into Andy's eager hole. Andy was moaning louder than most of my boys in their heated ecstasies. I had an idea, but I also had a young and hung hanging on the edge waiting for me to take care of his urgent needs. I looked up into the eyes of Ronnie, he was ready to blast the boy with his pent up load. I was almost sure that this would be a new experience for Malcolm so I rushed back to my duties.
    I had his virgin hole stretched from my tongue action and one finger. His cock was throbbing with anticipation. This was his first and I decided on mercy, I pushed two fingers up his ass as I took his cock all the way down my throat. I stroked and prodded at his beefy little inner knob as I made sure that his big knob was well cared for. I could feel his prostate tighten at the same time that Ronnie let out a moan. The climax was here. Ronnie filled the boy with the first taste of cum that he had ever gathered from the spout of another and almost instantaneously he spouted off his own load.
    He started to protest Ronnie's deposit when his own orgasm took over his body. His hips rose from the desk top as he tried to push more of himself into me. I kept up the butt assault as his balls drained themselves to mix with the sweet juice that little gland was pumping out for my pleasure. I was watching his body reaction, with Ronnie bent over his face fucking his cock in and out of the boy's mouth. I could not see his eyes, but I know when a boy is enjoying the fucking he is getting, and Malcolm was enjoying himself more than at any other time in his life.
    He wrapped his arms around Ronnie's butt and pulled him in closer. By the movement in the strong muscles of the boys arms I was sure that he was kneading Ronnie's glutes, as I was his. I had slowly withdrawn my fingers and had begun to squeeze his cheeks as he pumped more juice from his cock than in any other single orgasm, ever. When I felt his cock loose a touch of its rigidity I rose up and made the boy a family member. His only reaction to my entry was a single stifled grunt then he grabbed at Ronnie and held on to him as if his life depended on it.
    Ronnie was tender and it was all he could do to let Malcolm continue to suckle his wilted cock. When Malcolm opened his mouth to let out a long withheld breath Ronnie pulled out. His cock was completely soft and his foreskin had already slipped down to protect his tender glans. As Ronnie moved from over the boy's face Malcolm looked up at me. "I ain't never had nothin' feel so fucking good and hurt so fuckin' much. Your cock feels like a log up my ass, but I like it, a lot." Ronnie grinned at his friend as he bent over and locked his lips to the newest brother. Yeah, I was sure there was a story there. Ronnie had shared something with me the day before.
    Malcolm is living with his grandfather who is now sixty eight years old and ravaged beyond his years. The man is diabetic and nearly blind. He was leaning on young Malcolm for more and more assistance with everyday life and it was getting to be too much for the youngster. I was trying to show Malcolm that he could take a lot more than he ever expected as I rode him long and slow.
    I made sure that the boy was feeling the love I was giving him. He was trying to raise up so Ronnie slipped his hands under the boy's shoulders and pushed so that he was able to sit almost upright. Well, I suppose sitting with a ten inch cock up your ass is kind of mis-leading, but you get the idea. I put my arms around the sweaty boy and pulled him close as he wrapped his arms around me. I pulled my feet under me and stood with the boy impaled on my cock as I slipped my hands under him to grasp a sweet and firm cheek in each palm. Malcolm had his arms around my neck and his face resting on my shoulder as I power fucked him with all that I had in me.
    I turned and pressed his back against the wall and took a better stance. In this position I was able to long stroke him again and I applied speed as I slammed into his body time and time again. He fired a load up between us that made our bodies squish as his rectal muscles contracted about my cock sending me off deep inside of him. I pushed past the end of my cock so that my balls went up inside to reside somewhere in the area of his navel. I expected to see the head of my cock come out of his open mouth as he let loose a cry of pleasure that spurred me on.
    He locked his lips to mine with the famous, "I love you, don't ever stop, fuck me, hard, all night long." I am not one to disappoint a boy. I gathered my strength and began to pump him again. I didn't have enough strength generated in my spent body to hold him up and I began to sway. Many hands helped me to turn the boy back to my desk and lay him down once again. Cory kissed me then bent over to lick the cum from my lower chest as Ronnie moved in to clean Malcolm of the just expended load.
    Cory turned to me and kissed me, he had rubbed his precious face around my belly and was slick with Malcolm's ball batter. I cleaned his tongue then went for his face, Cory loves to have me lick his face, he says that is a true turn on to him. It doesn't turn me off, that's for sure. In the meantime Ronnie and Malcolm were doing their thing as Malcolm began to fuck back at me. The boy was in butt lust. He was a natural, one that I was going to enjoy riding as often as he would roll to his back for me. I prefer fucking a boy on his back, it seems so much more personal. I will ride a boy while he is eating another, but I like to see his face and the hunger in his eyes as I give him everything I have to give.
    Malcolm screamed at Ronnie to suck him. I could feel my own end cumng fast. Ronnie dove for Malcolm's cock as the first shot hit him between the eyes. Malcolm's entire rectal canal came to life as a throbbing, sensual stimulant that squeezed the life out of my cock. I have fucked young virgins for many years, but this boy was so much more than I had ever experienced. My knees began to shake as I felt all of my energy fleeing my body to fill his. Cory had moved behind me and had his sweet meat up in me. My movements into Malcolm had brought an already charged Cory to his own orgasm. The feeling of his hot cum and pulsing cock filling my ass added to the pleasure that I was feeling at the business end of my personage. My orgasm was so powerful that I felt my cum splash back onto my balls and pubic hair. Kyle was there to clean both of us up.
    He was still horny for honey and he took all that Cory had left in me and all that I had on me. He would have cleaned Malcolm out, but Ronnie had his cock up in that hole. After all Malcolm was his guest and I had taken over, in my usual way. Ronnie asked for a kiss as he told me that he loved me. He was glad that I had devirginized his buddy. He had hoped to get the boy in my bed somehow and I had made his idea much easier. Malcolm told Ronnie that he was so glad that he had come home with him. He never thought of getting fucked, but he was loving it. He asked Ronnie to fuck harder and faster. Ronnie gave him all he had.
    I sat back in my chair and rolled it behind Ronnie so that I could watch his little tight end, that was dusted with fine red hair, make its moves. It is a real kick to sit at eye level and watch a boy plow another, in any position. My living conditions allow for me to experience the things that most men's dreams are made of. The most beautiful of these is being able to watch the boys make love to each other. I don't need to get involved with them, however none of them has ever left me out, I get so gishy inside as I watch them learn to love their lover, or the one they're with.
    I couldn't fuck Ronnie, or even get a good tongue hold so I did the next best thing, I fingered him and found out that he was very finger licking good, as I moved back and forth from back door to my mouth. I almost wished I had a spoon. I heard a sniffle, I looked down to see that Kyle was softly crying. Now what? He looked up at me and our eyes locked, now I knew. A warm fuzzy swept through me as things gelled in my feeble brain, I knew what I was going to do.
    The room had taken on an odor that had all of us turned on no end. I can not explain that sensation, such an odor would normally be a sickening turn off, but we were in it, we were the cause of it and we loved it. Jim was standing at the door with his wide faced smile. I swear that boy's mouth is almost a wrap around. I know that there is not a cock in the house that he can not get those lips around and his ass seems to have no problems accepting whatever is put to it. He sniffed the air and giggled as he told us that the pizza was here and that he could cum across some if we wanted to be served where we were. I caught him and gave him a swat on his pert little sitter. He jumped up to wrap his arms and legs around me before burying his tongue down my throat. He had already been into the pizza.
    Ronnie was making weird noises as he slurped and gulped up gallons of cum, some of it his, from Malcolm's stretched ass. I moved Ronnie back so that I could inspect the freshly fucked hole, there seemed to be no damage, although it was stretched wide. I led the entire pack down the stairs to the dorm room's shower. That was the only one large enough to accommodate all of us at one time. Each of us took time to wash every part of the one standing close to us as we moved about under the water. Each of us washed each of the others and got a handful of everything he had, even Andy had boy parts in his hands. Then we dried each other and headed for dinner. I had a few things to sort out, Malcolm being first, then I would disclose my idea at the big Halloween party set for the following evening.

    "Hey whose truck got balls?" Luke and Ģerâld were laughing as they came into the house. Malcolm has the latest craze to hit the streets. TruckNutz is a plastic, testicle shaped, adornment that hangs from the rear of the vehicle. Malcolm has the model that lights up when he steps on the brake. Tasteless? Yes, but funny at the same time. So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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