Chapter 133


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was Friday morning and I needed to return to Peter's base and finish what Andy and I had started the day before, and of course I wanted to see Andy off for America. I would spend Friday and Saturday night with my sister's family and a very eager looking Steve Thelwell, what the hell, the boy has convinced me. I only wondered about Cullen, I can't leave him alone, but I don't believe that Steve is ready for even Cullen to know of his secret desire. I needed to be in Paris on Monday then I needed go to Romania and return to Tucson as quickly as I could thereafter.
    I called Tom Bradley, our head of station, England. I needed a car to take me to Hereford then return in the afternoon. Tom wasn't in, but the London station had a car at the front door of Dukey and El's house a half an hour later. I sat back in the soft leather seat and wished that I had Paddy and the Bentley, but he was on assignment at the time. I used the phone in the car to call Tom Bradley and lay into him for the attack on Cullen at the London flat.
    There had been a major breakdown and no one knew that the family was not at the country estate. I planned to tell Tom that I did not buy that. I had flown all of the way from Arizona knowing that they would be in London, not Liverpool. He had a car waiting for me at Heathrow to take me to the London house. I told the agent that took my call that I wanted an in depth report faxed over to me before noon. I was mad enough that if I had talked to him I would probably fire the man on the spot.
    I had not needed to return to Hereford, Andy had everything tidied up and was ready to return to his Kyley boy. I am so happy for both of them, they deserve each other and it is plainly clear that they are deeply in love. My driver drove Andy and I out to the company plane where I bid him farewell then went back to see Peter. I had a need to learn about Colin and what the real story is there.
    Peter had anticipated me and had an appointment set up with Colin and his mother for me. I needed an escort on the base so my driver followed a military police vehicle to the base housing area where the Americans live. Colin and a young friend were tossing a baseball back and forth in the front yard as we pulled up. Colin ran to me and wrapped his lithe body about me. "I can go back home with you, if you'll have me." His little eyes were as big as platters, but my breath was caught in my throat.
    The two boys led me inside where I was introduced to Mrs. Tompkins. I had seen the woman the day before, but sitting in the chair in front of me was a living corpse. She was almost white in her paleness. She had a heavy blanket over her, but the weather was not very cold. The house was like an oven and I watched as both boys fanned themselves with their hands.
    The boy with Colin was his boyfriend, Thaddeus Stevens. Young Tad is now legally Colin's brother. The Stevens and the Tompkins had signed papers when the boys were infants awarding full custody to the other couple, or survivors, in the event of their own death. With Major Stevens being killed in action then Tad became the ward of Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Tompkins.

    Colin's disappearance had nearly killed Mrs. Tompkins. She had combed every inch of the base searching for the boy. She walked for miles each day looking for anyone who may have seen the boy. Her health began to deteriorate and after the third month she had become bed ridden. Colin has been gone from the family home since that one afternoon last July 31st.
    When the Colonel was killed on October 9th the woman almost lost all hope. Again I have something that I have to settle with Tom Bradley because he was told on Monday the 8th of August that Colin was alive and was being returned home that week. Peter Caulfield knew that Colin was flying in with me, but he may not have felt that it was his place to say anything to the family. This woman has been made to suffer by a little boy that needs his naked ass reddened, severally.
    Mrs. Tompkins was a very good looking lady and I could tell that. Were she not sick, she would turn many a man's head. She whispered something and motioned for me to sit down beside her. Colin hung up the phone and said, "They are on the way over." Whoever they are.
    "Colin tells 2me that you are a very wealthy and a very loving man. I have got to trust him on this, he says that you took him home afer he was made a sex slave and that you have many boys that you have rescued from slavery. I don't know what to do, I have killed myself with worry and I am no good to the boys. I want you to take both of them home to live with you until they are grown."
    "Ms. Tompkins, I don't know that this is in the best interest of the boys. I love Colin and I would like for him to remain in my home, but you don't know me and I feel that in your condition you are just reaching out to anything that you can get a hold on.
    "Ms. Tompkins, Colin is correct, I have several billion dollars and I have two private boys' schools that would be just right for Colin and I think that Tad may do well there if what Colin tells me is correct. I do know that the two boys love each other and I think that it would be wrong to tear them apart. But I have to ask, is there any family that could take the boys? I have to do what is right for them, not us."
    "Colin told me that you were a smart one and I can see that he is correct," she went into a coughing spasm that really shook me up. I don't know what is wrong with her, but I hope that I don't catch anything and give it to my boys. I just won't go home if she is contagious.
    "I'm sorry about that. I am a very heavy smoker and I love these British cigarettes, they are much stronger than American cigarettes. I also drink too much, my liver is gone and my lungs are trashed. I have done it to myself and with Colin gone I drank all the more and smoked all of the time. I don't know how long I can go on. The base doctor told me to go home to a dry climate, but my home is San Francisco, it is really wet there."
    "I have money and I can take you to Arizona. I live in Arizona and I will put you in a house there where you and the boys can live together. Colin and Tad will attend my school in Tucson and will be able to see my family every day. Maybe the desert air will be good for you."

    They arrived, they were the base Commander and the chief attorney from the Provost Marshall's office. They had a stack of paperwork for me to look over and sign. Everything was in order for me to legally adopt both boys on the spot. The new birth certificates with my name on them were in order, their records, and complete history was there. The only thing about which I was not sure was Mrs. Tompkins' state of health.
    I was told that her liver was completely gone and that she only had days to live. I looked at Colin, but he showed no emotion. I don't know about the boy, I don't know if I want a selfish little brat in my home. My satellite phone rang with Andy's emergency tone. I excused myself and walked outside.
    I received an urgent message relayed to me by Andy. My old friend François was extremely ill and needed to see me as soon as possible. I have known this old fag for many years; he is the one from whom I rented the villa in St. Tropez in the fall of 2005.
    I needed to arrange transportation to Nice at the center of the French Riviera as quickly as possible. I hate to use my friends, but I knew a way of getting to Nice quickly. I called Jay Russell and his dad, Phil. I told them of my predicament and asked if I could charter the Wild Boys' helicopter for the flight down early Sunday morning. Jay virtually screamed from the background that everything he had was mine. I love that boy.
    I stepped back inside and saw Colin with his arms around his mother, she was dead. Tad was on his knees beside Colin and both boys were quietly crying, "She's dead, daddy. I knew all day that she would die, but I don't want her to go. I killed her didn't I?"
    I walked over to him and he jumped to me. I sat down in a nearby chair and let him crawl up in my lap. He lay his head on my shoulder and cried as I just held him.

    "Sir, I am sorry to do this, but we need to get this settled. We know nothing about you, who you are or anything, but Mrs. Tompkins was sure that you should adopt both of her sons." I asked them if they would like a local reference. They felt like that would be a great idea. I told them to call Peter Caulfield, their faces lit up with that and the General called him at once. I told him that he should also call my good friend General Orr, the base commander on the other side of the island. They laughed at my little joke, but were impressed with my name dropping.
    The General was talking to Harry's father and kept looking at me. He no sooner hung up the phone than Peter walked through the door. "Under the security laws I cannot say anything until he reveals himself." I looked at Peter's wide grin. I had to move Colin around so I could get to my badge case and pass it to the General.
    "Did he tell you that Lord Philby is his brother-in-law and that Dame Eloise Muneday is his sister. He has their son living in his house in Arizona, he is the King…"
    "Peter, under the security laws, shut up. You can brag about yourself, but not me, my nephew's security is my most pressing obligation and the fewer people who know about him, and especially where he lives, the better for me.
    "I am about to fire the ass hole who let that boy fall into danger yesterday and I have the power to fire your ass too. I am not above putting big mouth blowhards in solitaire for the life of my nephew if it will keep him alive." I smiled at him and he began to laugh.
    "He is also a Knight of the Realm and Monday he will be a Knight in France then in Romania. What else do you want to know about this tough boss of mine?"
    "Boss? I thought you worked for the CIA."
    "No, I am higher up than that, and he is higher yet. He is bad news guys, don't cross him, he…"
    "Peter, is your mouth always this loose?"
    "Sir, Pete and I are brother's-in-law. He is married to my baby sister, we go way back. The Colonel here is Pete's kid brother, he can keep his mouth shut too." I still don't like banter like that, someone could overhear and if they talked like this all of the time they just might forget themselves and talk in the wrong place.
    "Sir Chris, you said that you have to fire someone for what happened at his Lordship's house. Uh, I don't want to spread tales, but you know your head of station was drunk and in bed with a twelve year old boy yesterday," Peter told me.
    Fuck, I have talked to Tom about underage boys once before. He almost got my boy killed and I will have his balls on a watch fob before the day is done. I signed the papers making Colin and Tad my legal sons. I was handed their passports and school records along with their new birth certificates. We may be in England, but American law still prevails, the military just moves some things along a little quicker. Where these two youngsters were concerned I was glad, and sad.
    Mrs. Tompkins had made all of the arrangements for her funeral in advance. The Army would fly Colonel Tompkins remains to San Francisco and Mrs. Tompkins remains would join his. It would take about two weeks for the Army to get that part done. There was nobody in San Francisco to receive them, but I promised the boys that we would fly up and take care of them.
    Major Stevens would be flown to Denver for burial next to his wife in Loveland. We will be there also.

    With the boys' meager belongings loaded into my car we set out for Liverpool and my family there. As we approached the main gate of the base my driver pointed out Paddy Stotman sitting on the bonnet of the Bentley. My driver pulled to the side of the road and I stepped out of the car to talk with Paddy. I was shocked when I saw his face, someone had beat him severally.
    "Pardon me sir, ah Sir Chris, but I came as quickly as I could. I should be driving you about."
    "Paddy, you should be at home resting, you look terrible, can you see out of your left eye?" His eye was almost swollen shut. He had a large gash over his right eye that had been stitched together. His lip was split and had three stitches in it that I could see. His entire face was black and blue. "God, man, who beat you up?"
    "I look the better of us, Sir. I never thought the old fag had that much in 'im, it was a real fight. 'e won't be buggering any more little boys, 'e is in jail and I hope 'e rots there."
    "Who is he, Paddy?" I had my hopes up. Paddy made me feel good with his next statement.
    "Tom Bradley, Sir. I went up to 'is flat after I learned that your young King 'ad been attacked. I couldn't figure as to why our people were not at the townhouse to prevent that atrocity. I 'eard the screaming and crying of a young child so I used me key to enter in and 'e was deep inside a tiny little street boy that was no more than a babe.
    "'e yelled at me to get out and I smelled his breath, 'e was so drunk 'e couldn't even walk. I looked at 'is cock, it was covered in blood and…other things. I went to the boy and saw that 'e was 'urt; there was blood all about the bed and the lad was quite pale.
    "Tom attacked me then and we begin to 'ave a go at each other. I tell you, Sir, it was a tough one, that old fag 'as more to 'im than I would 'ave thought. When I broke 'is jaw he passed out so I called the coppers up to take the bloke away. They took the boy and me off to the 'ospital and made me stay all night. I tried to leave, but they told me that me 'ead is cracked." I had to laugh at the way he said that, but it is a serious injury.
    I didn't want Paddy to be driving so I did a little fancy foot work and danced around him. He agreed to let me have a go at driving a true motor car. I loaded the boys and placed their baggage into the boot of the Bentley then bid my other driver farewell. I had to strap Paddy in then I adjusted his seat so that he was able to lay almost flat. He was asleep before we made it over to the M-5 north to Birmingham.
    I had a worse time trying to remember to keep left then I had sitting in the back watching somebody else drive me on the wrong side of the road. I managed to maneuver my way about on the mass of roadways around Birmingham. I had the GPS screen on and one look at the map reminded me that I had not eaten; I have seen plates pilled high with spaghetti that had more order to it than that mass of roadway.
    I did have one advantage, or two, my new sons knew their way about the roads and were watching the GPS and the road as they told me which direction to take. Somehow I felt a real feeling of accomplishment when I breezed through Stafford on the A-1, I knew where I was which made me relax a bit.
    I pulled into El's place about five in the evening. Cullen and Steve were out running about the yard like boys. I was told that they were coming up from the stables where they had just curried their horses after a long ride along the beach. That sounded like so much fun to me and I asked them if the five of us could make the same ride the next day.
    Cullen looked into the car and saw Colin. He squealed as he rushed to open the door and embrace the boy. Cullen has a soft heart and I know that he genuinely loves the boys in my house, and not just for the sex. I told the boys to get inside so that I could drive on up to the house. El stepped out to greet us and saw Paddy asleep on the seat next to me.
    El has to have given her heart to Cullen because she has the same compassion as the boy does. She wanted to nurse Paddy, but I felt that he would be better off at his own home. I called for one of the security guards at the gate to drive Paddy back to London and put him in bed. Young Boswell came up to the car and a quick look at Paddy sent the young man into tears. I learned that he and Paddy have gotten together from time to time and that he has an affection for the older man.
    He told me that his shift was over and he was awaiting a taxi to take him to the train so he could get back to London for the weekend. I told him that now he had a ride. He looked at me and grinned then said, "And a bed with a real bloke wot loves me." I never know what is going to happen next, but somehow everything just works out so smoothly. One would think that my life is just a story being written by some old fat fag with no life of his own, he just keeps writing everything to make my life easier.

    Agnes had a huge dinner awaiting us. Excuse me, tea, I mean like what the hell is this, we didn't even drink any tea. It was a meal for goodness sakes, a full five course sit down dinner with fresh hot bread, a large beef roast, a truck full of mashed potatoes, a salad that would make Chá Ģerâld cry, and a currant, raisin, and apple pie with enough cinnamon to satisfy even me. As Agnes poured my final cup of coffee at the end of the great meal I looked up at her and said, "So when is this tea coming?"
    "You yanks, you're all besotted."

    My satellite phone began its vibrating dance. I excused myself to walk out on the patio and look out across the ocean at the last remains of a sunset over water. Paddy had awakened and was aghast that he had not had the opportunity to talk to me on the way up from Hereford. I had to find a place to sit down and cry. His news was about the worst thing that had happened to me in a long time. It wasn't bad to me, it was bad about young Colin and I was ready to go kill someone else; this one a long time acquaintance.

    The boys were in a hurry to get up to Cullen's room, Steve led the way. I took my time and walked along slowly. I still have questions about Colin and I need answers, I am sick and tired of his lies and I have to put an end to them, now and forever.
    Four naked teenaged horn dogs sat on Cullen's larger than life bed. I don't know if king sized beds are larger in Britain or if this bed is something special, but it was definitely one on which we could party with nobody's legs hanging over the side.
    The boys pushed me to the middle and surrounded me, a hell of a place for an old queen to be. "I don't want anymore of your molly coddling mister, I will have that pin now."
    "Steve, I…"
    "I know what I want. Cullen and me, we talked while you were away and I sorta…"
    "He sucked me cock that bloke did and right well at that." I slapped Cullen on his naked butt. "Ow, what was that for?"
    "Your cheek," I told him.
    "Damn straight that was my cheek and it damn well hurt." I slapped his other cheek. He decided to keep his mouth shut. I looked at Steve, he was grinning at me.
    "So I think that maybe Martin is right, being with a guy is not all that bad. I mean I will always like girls, but I can have me a bit of fun while I am young and no one will ever think ill of me." I didn't catch the last name reference to young Chris at first, but kids often call each other by their last time, just as their teachers do at school.
    "Steve, you sucked my cock and you sucked Cullen's cock. I sucked your cock and, if I know my young queeing he sucked all of the juice out of you that he could get. But that does not make you anything, but a happy boy. I don't believe that you have any idea how much it is going to hurt to get a pin for yourself."
    "Sure I do, Cullen told me all about it, but he said that after a bit it really feels good if the right bloke is doing you up. I want it, Chris. Please do me."
    I knew when we pulled up the long drive and I had watched his cock stiffen when he saw the car that he was going to get his pin, but I thought that I would draw it out and make him so horny that he would be ready to run down to the stable and fuck a horse.
    I turned to Tad, "Colin tells me that you fuck him 'the best he ever had'. Do you fuck a lot of boys?"
    "No sir, I never had any kind of sex with anyone, but Colin, ever."
    "Do you let Colin fuck you?"
    He hesitated a minute and looked at Colin, "I think about it. I mean like, Colin really likes it and he can't wait to do me. I like to just lay there and suck, each of us doing the other as we turn around in the bed. But Colin gets all hyper and everything and wants me to fuck his silly little ass."
    "You think my ass is silly?"
    "Babes, I think that you are silly, just like me. I love you so much, I almost killed myself when you ran away 'cause I thought that you were gone forever. My dad held me in his lap and we talked and I told him all about us and how much I loved you then he let me sleep in his bed 'cause I cried a lot when you was gone." The two boys locked their arms about each other and kissed a long kiss that moved all of us.
    "Tad, you are on your way to my home in Tucson, Arizona. There are over one hundred boys your age or younger in that home. There are also a lot of boys there that are older, but there everybody fucks everybody all of the time. Most of the boys have a steady boyfriend that they sleep with at night, but they still like to suck someone else's cock and every boy in the house loves to get his ass fucked, sometimes by several guys without stopping."
    "He's right man, we had this party like and a whole bunch of boys and old men, how old is Pete? Anyway he is this guy they all call mommie 'cause he worries about the boys and keeps all of us in line. But we had this party and I got nine guys to fuck me before morning and I found out that I really like sucking cock while I am getting fucked. With all of us here I want to suck and let all of you fuck me."
    "Thank you Colin, but I was trying to find out something from Tad.
    "Tad, your ass is virgin, Steve here has a virgin ass, but Steve has never fucked anybody either. I want him to have the full experience tonight. He thinks that it might be fun to be gay for a little bit so I want him to go all out or not go at all. Do you think that you could let him fuck you?"
    "He has a pretty big dick and he is cute, do I get to fuck him too?"
    "That is up to the two of you, but I hope that before breakfast all of you will have fucked, and been fucked by, everyone else." Colin's eyes were lit up, I know that he liked that idea. Cullen was happy, that little cock jockey has my sex crazed gene pool. Steve wasn't real sure about everybody fucking him, but he didn't mind the idea of fucking everybody else.
    I had a devious plan in my evil head. I wanted a taste of Tad so I had him on top of me so that I could lubricate and open his virgin hole. Steve had his face up close as he watched me give the boy a licking. "That's what you did to me last night? That feels so good and it made me so horny."
    "It is making Tad horny so scoot up here and put your dick in his ass. Go easy, he is virgin too." Cullen took great pains in helping his long time friend do it right. From the reaction that I got from Tad, Steve was doing it exactly right. Steve had no sooner began to move his cock in and out of Tad before I had a load of hot cream. Tad's cock went soft instantly as Steve continued to work in the first hole that he had ever been in.
    I lay there and enjoyed the most perfect show on earth. Laying under a sweet boy with his balls on my nose where I can see him get his ass fucked by a randy teenage boy is a feature length saga all its own. I wonder how much people would pay for a seat like the one I had.
    Steve began to really work at Tad, butt juice and slime was flying everywhere, somehow even that gross sounding event is a turn on when I am down under. Tad begin to stiffen up so I began to work his cock. Tad is three months younger than Colin, his cock is a respectable five inches long and cut so tight that when erect his glans pulls over a little bit.
    That made no difference to either of us. I love sucking teenage cock and fourteen is my favorite vintage. Tad could care less, he was getting the best treatment of his life. Both boys finished in quick succession, I spread Tad's cheeks and begin to have my desert, but was quickly pushed away as Cullen wanted hot cream before his turn came up.
    "That has got to be the biggest peter in all of the world, my jaw hurts." I was impressed though, he got all of it down his throat and only gagged once. Of course Cullen was whispering instructions to him.

    I looked at Steve and told him to get on top of me. "But I thought."
    "Don't think so much my young friend. I am going to grant your desire, but I am going to do it so that you don't get hurt. Babe, I love you too much to ever hurt you and I value your friendship. If I do this wrong you may never speak to me again and that would hurt worse than if I just plowed your virgin ass with my cock, dry."
    Steve crawled up and deep kissed me. He turned around and got down to the business end of our union. Again I was impressed with Cullen's bed, I am six foot two inches tall and I was spread out with my feet about six inches from the headboard. Steve was on his knees over me as Cullen moved to take care of the boy's virgin ass affliction. Cullen's feet were still quite a way from the end of the bed. I would have to measure the bed and order one for myself.
    "I want to get all of this in my mouth like Tad did." Cullen began to talk Steve through that feat and in no time at all I could feel his chin pressing against my pubic hair. Cullen had pulled back so that his cock would just be working at Steve's prostate. He was pumping the boy with short fast strokes as he raked his cock back and forth over Steve's worldly center and Steve was moaning his approval around my cock. From my vantage point I could see very little, all I really needed to see at the time was millimeters from my eyes. However I was impressed with Cullen's power fuck. I twisted my eyes in the their socket so I could see Cullen's feet. Only moments before I had heard Cullen tell Steve to move his knees forward so that his ass would be flat. Steve was a bit higher over me when Cullen moved closer. I realized that he was crouching down with his feet flat on the bed as he power fucked the shit out young Steve's non-virgin ass. I had wanted to hold off for the next round, but Steve got me off moments before he filled my mouth with his sweet BBB—British Boi Batter.
    Exhausted Steve rolled aside, but he wanted it and I was going to give it to him. I slipped between his legs and began to eat him alive. He was as randy as he had ever been as I chewed my way down to his toes then up and back down for the other five. By the time I grabbed his ankles and lifted his legs high so that I could get to his dripping hole we was pure putty, ready to be molded.
    I molded his tight ass around my huge cock. His eyes widened at the very instant that his smile did. I slowly pushed all of the way inside of him and let him adapt as he enjoyed. He did enjoy, the boy was more than eager to be a cock jockey and he rode me like an old pro. He was screaming as he told the fish in the sea, over a quarter of a mile away, how happy he was. I worry about what El and Agnes must think about the noise that we make when I am with the boys in Cullen's room.
    Steve fired a load that landed on his forehead and down his nose. He licked his lips as he told us that he had never tasted his own cum before, he said that it was as good as mine is. I doubt that, boi cum is much tastier than old man cum any day.
    Tad and Colin were quietly sucking each other in that position. I told Cullen to feed Steve, the two of us began to power fuck the non-virgin as we leaned across his body to kiss one another. Tad pulled away from Colin and sat with his mouth agape, "That is so fucking hot. I can't believe that they are doing that and I am watching." I told him that he would see more than this when we got his sweet ass home. He moved over and kissed me, Colin had gotten off, I thought that they had just quit. Colin doesn't taste bad, but I was not about to find out how he tasted first hand, not yet.
    Steve lay there grinning as I pulled back. Cullen smeared the remains of his orgasm, as well as Steve's saliva, around the boy's face then moved to me to suck my cock. "Hey, Steve, your ass tastes good." Tad couldn't believe what he was seeing, but Colin goaded him on to try a taste for himself. Tad has true potential, he was cleaning parts of my cock that made me feel especially nice.
    He sat back on his haunches and wiped his mouth, "That has got to be the biggest peter in the world." He had said that before. "My dad says that a big peter in your ass feels good, but a guy with a short peter that knows how to do that one thing up in you can be a whole lot better. He told me that that was why he and the Col. were together for so long."
    Colin reacted in just the way that I thought that he should. "My dad??? My dad and your dad? They did…?"
    The men had met at the Air Force academy in Colorado when they were eighteen year old pleebs and roommates. Tad didn't know the particulars, but he knew that the two began to have sex with each other very early on. By their third year there was a rumor about them being queer so both boys began to date girls from the nearby town of Colorado Springs. On graduation from the academy they married the girls in a joint ceremony and spent their entire military carrier together.
    I find that a bit strange, the military quickly ferrets out strong friendships and separates their men. It can be devastating to one or the other should one go down in combat in sight of the other. It is bad enough if one is KIA while in another unit, but not as debilitating as when they are together.
    Tad told us that his and Colin's mother knew that their husbands were in love, but they also knew that their husbands loved them. They each had a son and that was all that was important to them so they let the men to do whatever men do. Colin was in total disbelief.

    The five of us retired to Cullen's shower then to his in-suite spa. We sat soaking in the hot water as I looked at Steve. "Was it worth it?"
    "Fucking bloody wicked, maite. I liked that a lot. You and Cullen can do me anytime. I may have a go at these two blokes afore the night is done."
    "Night? dude, this is only Friday. We are going to fuck you all day tomorrow and tomorrow night too."
    "Wicked!! Don't tell Russell or Martin."
    "Steve, Chris knows. He can see your heart. I listened to him last night and he was telling us both how much you want this. He knows that it is not only the pin, but that you want to find out about yourself. He told me last summer that he was sure that you are in love with what you think that I am. He told me that you were just like him and would follow me anywhere. That scares me a little. I want you boys to grow to be solid young men, you need to build relationships in your own age range. An occasional mercy fuck for an old man like me is great and I really am thankful, but love Chris as much as he loves you, okay?"
    "You think that he really loves me, you know, like that?"
    "I'm not sure about that part, but I would not be a bit surprised. You two have been friends for long long time. Friendship often develops into a type of love, whether that love becomes sexual or not only the two involved know. I do know that if you two do get together in bed that you will both love the other deeply and never hurt the other." Steve sat back in the hot water, I could see the gears of his young mind working behind his clear blue eyes. I could quickly fall in love with that boy also.

    "When do I get a pin, daddy?" I looked at Colin and sighed.
    "When do I get the truth out of you, boy? I told you before that I do not reward falsehood. Colin you have not told me the truth one time since you came into my house and I don't know what to do with you. Had it not been for Tad I would not have signed those papers to adopt you. There are other shelters around the world where you can go and lie to your heart's content, but it is not going to happen in my house. Do I make myself clear?"
    "I've told you everything, honest I…" I held my hand up.
    "Don't compound your lies to me young man. I want the entire story right now. How did you get to Brighton?" His face gave it all away, he never thought that anyone would ask him that question. He began to cry and Tad started to reach for him. I took hold of Tad's arm and pulled him away. Colin has to come clean on his own and he cannot lean on anybody as he does it. What Paddy told me is just to damn serious.

    "I was naked and I was running. I just knew that Mr. Stevens was chasing me and that he would kill me for being a faggot. I never heard him or my dad talk about gay guys, but I have heard a lot of the other men on base and I know that they don't like them.
    "I found this place that I knew I could hide in and put my clothes on so I ducked inside. I had heard a car, but I was too scared to pay attention so when I went in this building there was this man that came in from the front door. He looked at me and smiled. He turned me around and looked at my butt then he ran his hand down my crack. I was shocked when I saw him lick his hand off. I had Tad's cum running down my leg and that old man licked it off of his hand, butt slime and all. I have seen Tad's peter when he pulls it out of me and it does not look clean enough to eat. Your's looked clean after you did Steve though," he giggled. I wasn't buying, I was waiting.
    "Anyhow that man told me to get dressed and he would help me to get away from whoever was chasing me. He was nice so I got in his car and I told him about Tad and getting caught and everything. He agreed that Mr. Stevens would probably kill me if I went home. He said that my mother would never want a queer for a son so he told me that he would take me someplace safe. That is when we drove to Brighton.
    "We went to this one place where he got us this room. He fucked me almost all night long and he sucked my dick the rest of the time. The next morning he was gone, but the landlord told me that I needed to get up and get to work so I could pay my rent. I didn't know what he meant then that one guy that I saw with you on TV with stepped in and grabbed me."
    I sat straight up. "What guy on TV?"
    "That guy that tried to blow you up the other day."
    "Colin, baby, this is very important. Tell me about the guy, there were several guys there and only one had a bomb." Steve was looking at me with his mouth wide open. Cullen pulled him close and told him that some people came to the U.S. to kill him, but tried to kill me instead. Steve was shaking, but I had to deal with Colin so I let Cullen soothe his friend.
    "That old man that was with that kid with the dynamite on him. They are the ones that took me out of the room and then I was in that place with Brice and Casey and the rest."
    "Colin work with me here. I know more of your story than you think, but I need to hear every detail. The man that found you on the base and drove you to Brighton, tell me about him. What did he look like, what kind of car did he have? Please use details and tell me everything."
    I knew from my call from Paddy what to expect, but it still cut through me like a knife. Tom Bradley had been on base for a routine inspection of our agents there. He took Colin to Paddy's dad's place, the gay bar on the beach at Brighton. Pavel Storovich had taken the boy from the hotel and into France. I was hearing from Colin that Brice, Casey, Alexandre and Jourdain had been taken from the streets of Vienna by Pavel and his little boy partner. Elliot, Eugene, and Joshua, had each been taken, one at time, from the beaches around Brighton. I wondered if maybe it was Pavel that had taken them also.
    Paddy had seen the fliers that Tad had circulated concerning Colin. He was in his dad's place one evening and his dad told him that Tom had been there with the boy, but nothing else was said at the time. Paddy did not like his boss, but he loves his job and just kept an eye on the man. The last straw was the twelve year old boy that Tom brutalized Thursday.
    Paddy saw Colin when he moved from one car to the other at the main gate of the air base, but he was so sick at the time that he passed out. He wanted to tell me what he saw, and what he thought. When he awakened on the trip back to London he called me at once.
    I asked Colin if any of the other boys recognized Pavel, he told me that only those with him in that place where Athos found them had said anything about him, but not all of the boys were watching TV. Poor little Colin was shaking so hard that he was like a vibrator against me. Yes, I had taken the boy into my arms to console him as he laid out his horrid story. His story is on par with Bryan, Ronnie, and Rusty. All of them suffered at the hands of that miserable Dimitri. I was ready to go to a pig farm and find the bastard's pieces so that I could glue them together and kill him again.

    I climbed out of the hot tub and put on a long robe that El keeps in Cullen's room for me. I picked up my phone and stepped out on Cullen's balcony. It was the second night of the new moon so it was completely black outside. I sat down on one of the chairs and stared at the stars as I cried and prayed for my little victims. I had to ask the Lord to forgive me my hatred, but asked for the strength to do to Tom what he had done to Colin, and who knows how many other boys.
    My first call was to Athos. I explained every detail that I was sure of, and every hunch that I had, to the old cop. He will ferret out the truth. He told me that he had two interesting friends hanging around, someone had sent them to him from Tucson. I asked him to use all of his powers to get another wall hanging out of jail in London and down to his little den, I was sure the decoration would look good for a few months until I could go and see them.
    Athos told me that he would be in Nice, Franççais on Sunday, but I told him that I would not have the time during this visit to go with him over to St. Tropez, I told him that I would make it a point to stop in to see him there in March. He asked me if I expected him to feed the lot for that long. I told him that I knew of a pig farmer that could send him some slop to feed the three for at least that long.
    Next I called Andy. I laid out the story to him and he was aghast. I asked him to pull several shots of Tom and some of other men that looked similar to him then go to my house and talk to all of the boys that Athos had sent to me. We both cried for a bit then I had to get back to the boys that were with me. Andy was glad that Colin was coming home, but he was sorry to hear about the boy's parents. Andy is good people and if anything happens to me I know that he will take care of my boys.

    The boys were sitting in a circle on the floor, Colin was crying softly as Tad held him. "Daddy, I am sorry that I lied to you. Are you going to punish me?"
    "Yes, Colin, I think that I should. Get up here and let's see how you are at taking your pin." The boy was off of the floor in a flash and in my arms. "Don't ever lie to me, never again little one. What happened to you is not your fault. I don't know why you felt that you had to lie about it and I hope that someday we can talk about it.
    "The men that took you are very bad men and I have already had to deal with some of them. I will deal with these men as well." Of course he knew what I was talking about because Athos had brought him to Murat's castle for the finalé.
    "Colin, I want to go talk to Cullen's father for a little bit. Will you wait for me, I promise you that you will get a pin tonight and I don't lie. I will never lie to you." He put his arms around me and told me that he knew that. I think that Colin is going to be okay. I am glad that I have the truth from him and will be able to stop a few more boys from being tortured the way so many of mine have been.

    I pulled on a pair of pants and put a shirt on before slipping from the room full of randy teenaged boys doing their thing on Cullen's bed. I found Dukey sitting in a corner with a book to his nose. El was in the other corner with her book and a large fire blazed in the fireplace between them. I took a chair in front of the fire and waited until each of them found a place to stop and closed their books.
    I laid out Colin's story to the pair. We have never really discussed details of the events that surround my boys, but I had to seek a favor concerning this particular case. My company has just undergone a major upheaval in our corporate structure because of my little gift of FI identification cards to Jayson and Gary Russell. My intention at the time was to provide the boys with a bit of a keep sake. I should have known that even British teenage boys are capable of subverting a good thing.
    The business now afoot with Tom Bradley may well spell disaster for Foss International throughout the Common Wealth. If our enemies can show that we are a slip shod organization with underage children passing themselves off as agents and division heads raping young children then we could loose a lot of credibility. I need to get this Bradley business hushed up and under my control at once.
    I told dukey that I wanted to spirit Bradley out of the country and send him down to a nice vacation where he could hang around the French Riviera for awhile. Dukey had been able to help me get Raphael out of Lindholme prison and off to hang around Athos's mountain forest villa. I need for him to help me again, quietly this time.
    El voiced what I was thinking, "Wasn't it your man Bradley that identified Raphael to you in the first place?" Yes it was and now I had more questions to ask of both men. I wonder if Raphael is still hanging around or if he has gone deep sea fishing. Raphael had been in close contact with Dimitri and Bradley was sending boys over to the farms that Dimitri had established for the training of young boys. There has to be a connection.
    Phil was more than willing to assist me and he told me that he would not have to go through channels to do so. I felt at ease and took a deep breath. Agnes stepped in with fresh made coffee for me and I smiled at her. I asked her if she might be able to find another piece of her delicious apple pie that she had served for our dinner. El led me out to the kitchen where dukey joined us for our evening snack.
    As I had figured four teenagers soon appeared to ask Agnes what she had for them to eat. She served each of them a slice of a third pie that she had baked that afternoon and to this she added a large scoop of ice cream, of course I had to have a scoop of that myself.

    Colin presented himself to me with his ass dry and unused. He had wanted to wait for me to give him his most sought after treat and the other boys had allowed that. It didn't mean that he hadn't given all he had to the others, Tad was happier than he had ever been because he had finally had the love from his best friend that he had always wanted. I would see that he has a pin of his own before our weekend was done.
    Colin recovered and sat up. He grinned as he looked me square in the eye, "It is true that size matters little. I have had big ones, fat ones, skinny ones, and short ones, but nothing matters except the man behind the plow. I never thought that I would know what real love is. Daddy, you just loved me and I want it again. Love Tad and show him how I feel and we will do anything you ask. I will never lie to you again, and I mean that." I know that he means it, but then he is a boy and things happen. I do know that he will never tell as big of a lie in the future as his lies to me, and those around me, in the recent months.
    I took Tad into my arms and asked him if he was up to more action or if he would want to wait until the next day. Stupid question, of course he was ready to go, at once. I was tired, but not too tired to love a boy. I will have Tad and Colin with me for a long time, but this little gold pin is such a symbol in my family that I had to do my duty. I was stretching the family's rules a bit by not having two witnesses to my dirty deeds, but I had no witnesses for young Chris Martin. Cullen was all of the witness that I needed at the time.
    Tad took it hard. The boy' ass was virgin before our evening began. So was Steve, but Steve is almost three years older than tiny Tad. The lad Tad is a sparse eighty pounds of nothing walking about on legs no larger than candy canes, and believe me, what he had between those legs was sweeter than any candy anywhere. I knew that it would be hard for him to take me, all four of the boys had done their duty to him and he was opened and wet, but still, my cock is bigger than his little arms. I know that he will be a favorite at home, some of the boys are true faggots that enjoy having a small boy fist them. I spent a solid half an hour orally working the boy, much to his delight. Most boys have never considered having someone putting their mouth to their poop chute, let alone actually having a person place their tongue up inside of them, but once it happens to them they are in ecstasy.

    With four very placated boys I slipped out of the room to see about another boy. It was just past eleven so I knew that my main boy would be sitting at home and I missed him. I placed my laptop on the table next to the doors out to the balcony. I opened the heavy drapes so that I could look out across the ocean as if I could see all of the way home. Cory answered on the very first ring, I told him that I couldn't see him, in seconds his picture was on my screen, he was in my office where he could see me on the wall to wall display.
    I told Cory everything that had occurred over the past three days and he sat with his mouth hanging open. "Dad, only you. No one else could ever have so much shit in their lives and still come up smelling so good. What do you think happened to that air Marshall?"
    "He will probably get a reprimand, he should have checked his passenger list," I told him. Cory always takes everything in the order that it is presented so I waited for the next part.
    "You think that Todd will come see you?" Yep, in order. I went through my history with the man and answered all of his questions about our installation of the FOSSEC. I can't get into much detail with Cory and especially over the phone, our lines are secure, but there are many little eyes and ears in my house that could pop in on Cory unexpectedly.
    "Well, come on now, how do you feel about Colin and Tad," I asked him.
    "I am glad that you got that settled. Colin is cute kid but, dad, we have a house full of cute kids, we don't need trouble and a liar is trouble. You always told me that a liar is worse than a thief and I believe it. Colin stole our trust and made us all vulnerable to big trouble. It worked out, but it might not always be that way.
    "What are you going to do to Bradley?"
    "Well, Athos and I are thinking about letting him be an art piece in that one place that you saw two years ago." Cory laughed until tears came to his eyes, "I would like to see you with that cattle prod, I bet he won't want anymore little kids."
    "I'm glad you said little kids. I have been thinking about something and I need the help of all of the older boys in the house. We have nine little guys under twelve in the house, five of them are ten or younger. To that age Christmas is a big thing. Only Dane and Roddy have ever known a Christmas, but I want all of the boys to have a very special day. Space is tight, but I think that I would like to have really neat toys for the very little ones.
    "I would like to have bicycles and electric trains and all of the boy toys that we can find for all of the kids, but for the very young I was thinking about little red wagons and Leggos, you know, toys. Ask the others to help learn what truly excites all of the kids, but really dig into the minds of the little ones. Let's make this Christmas one that they can always remember.
    "Cory, the boys from the state homes, I want them to have a very warm day. They are going to remember their mothers and her soft voice, memories of early childhood for this magical season. Let's stir those memories and build on them. We will have to do this in a way that they have pleasant memories, but want to have those memories part of their new life, I don't want any of them going off somewhere and wishing for things that can never be again. They are our children now so let's make them know that. Will you help me?"
    "God, you're a softy. I see a tear in your eye."
    "So is that a raindrop on your cheek?" We laughed. We talked for a long time, Cory misses me as much as I miss him and he had to show me his love, well his love juice.
    I was sharing my heart with my man when my door opened. Steve looked in at me, "I want to sleep with you tonight. There is nobody else around and it will be just the two of us." Cory heard him and giggled, but I did not let Steve know to whom I was talking. I blew a kiss over the airwaves and logged off before walking over to carry Steve to my bed.

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