Chapter 122


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    I was physically sick. I actually crawled off of the plane with the aide of Timmy and Harry. General Orr took one look at me and ordered me to the dispensary. I asked him to call my sister instead. I wanted to get off of the base and into absolute quiet. Harry and his dad were huddled together with a telephone between them. A blue Air Force pickup truck drove up as I was escorted to the General's staff car. He and his son got into the pickup as I was driven away.
    I have never felt so bad in my life. I am beginning to dislike the base in England; two times I have gotten very ill on that base, but honestly it was not the base, just what I was into at the time. I sort of drifted off and lost all track of time. When I felt the car stop I opened my eyes, Eloise was holding my door open for me; she and Agnes were helping me from the car. I vaguely recall them putting me to bed and someone curling up beside me. I felt soft kisses and tears on my face and words that sounded apologetic; I was so out of it that I passed out.
    I was awakened…—Let me pause here. I have a lot of fun with several of my British readers, I love to banter about with the play on the differences in the spelling of words. I still receive e-mail from HM subjects telling me that Traveler is spelled with two Ls, well excuuuusssssee me, tain't so in the land of round door knobs and people who know to keep right on the highways. Point made I won't say that I was woken up, I was awakened—by the sensation of a warm cloth wiping my body down.
    I opened my eyes, not quite sure where I was. I was surprised, but not displeased to see Cecil smiling at me. He raised my arm and washed a pit for me then bent over to the intercom and spoke into it, "'e's awake and I am sure 'e needs a coffee," he turned back to me, "And I hope a kiss," he whispered as he looked me in the eye. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him down. He had his lips locked to mine and his right hand firmly gripping my center piece. I parted my lips and let my tongue show him how I felt. I love Cecil, and I always have, I was put out by what he had done before Christmas and in order to maintain control in my family I had had to put him out. I pulled him down to lay beside me as I pondered whether I should take him back home. This is actually a decision of the family and I would have to poll them.
    A knock at the door had Cecil quickly pulling the sheet over my nakedness before he called for whomever to enter. El breezed in with a tray, which she sat down on the table by the heavily curtained windows. She threw the curtains open and opened six of the French doors to allow a sweet smelling sea breeze to fill the room. The light was glaring, but my eyes quickly adjusted to it as she came over and sat down on the opposite side of the bed from Cecil.
    "So how is my favorite brother today? You have been asleep for two days." she asked me.
    "Favorite brother? I thought I was your only brother."
    "Well, not actually. I have not been all revealing to you and…well we felt that with all and all that maybe Cullen shouldn't mention his other uncle to you either."
    "Why, does he have two heads or is he a mental case or something?" I chided at her, but I hurt her and I could see it.
    "My stepfather had an affair with a woman from his school days. She died during the delivery of their son, he put the baby boy up for adoption. I only learned about Delbert when Francis died and I was going through his personal papers. From what I have learned Del was born about a year before Cullen was born which would put the baby around seventeen now. Chris, I have found him and he is a dream."
    "But wasn't your mother already gone by then?"
    "Yes, but I guess dad…well who knows why, but he did not let on to anybody that he was seeing her. Del has been living with his foster family and doing well until recently, he is one of your kind," she jabbed me in the ribs, but didn't know that she had stabbed me in the heart. "He was caught in a public place with an older man. He was under age, but he was charged with lewd and lascivious acts in public. He has served two years in a boys' home for under age sexual deviants. He is out now and coming to live with me.
    "I wonder if you could talk to him and just maybe…"
    "You want me to give him a home?" She nodded. Why me? Oh well, what the hell? What is one more boy, I can keep him in Europe now so maybe it wouldn't all be for nothing. I just could not understand why her father didn't let her know of the birth of her brother and let her help to raise him. I suppose that he may have thought that since there was no blood relationship between them… There are a lot of things that I don't know so I will stick to those things over which I can show some modicum of knowledge so that I don't appear stupid.
    I was expecting the boys to fly over on the week end so we could all go to Gary Russell's big eighteenth birthday bash. I had some boys who really wanted to show him how much we loved him after the way we had shown our love to Jason in March. I would let the family decide about Cullen's uncle.
    I looked at Cecil and I thought about what I had heard him whisper in my ear during my delirium, maybe the boys will accept him back into the family also. Cory stepped into the room with Salman at his side, "We've been feeding the horses and heard that you were awake," Cory beamed at me. He swatted Sal on the butt and the boy ran across the room to hop up on my bed as El excused herself and left the room.
    I was all tears as I watched Sal, he is still skinny and frail looking, but he is the epitome of health in comparison to the boy near death that I found in a dungeon a few days earlier. I pulled him in for kiss as Cory stripped and got into bed beside me. I opened Sal's pants and groped his sweet meat and asked him if it was okay. "You do, okay, you do."
    Cory and I had a lot of kissing to do, but he pulled away and turned to Cecil, "I have missed you, faggot. Wanta fuck?"
    "Oi, mate, I need a shaggin'. Do yer mind da? Can me and Cor fuck a bit?"
    "Only if I get to watch." I told him as I stole another kiss and a grope of his cock. I looked at Sal and asked if he wanted to go take a shower with me. He wanted to watch, if he could. I wanted to watch too, from underneath, but one whiff of me and I knew that I needed a shower, bad. I led a jubilant fifteen year old boy to the shower and took my first liberties with his body. Salman stands a whopping five foot and a half inches tall. His starvation diet has left him with barely sixty pounds of flesh on his bones, but he looked a heck of a lot better than he had down in that dungeon. He had an impressive five inch cock standing up for inspection and I was ready to inspect him.
    We didn't linger in the shower because he told me that he wanted to see how Americans fucked. I wrapped him in a towel and carried him back to the bed. I asked Cecil and Cory if we could join them. Cecil nearly crushed me as he took up position for a good sixty nine and a plowing. One thing that I can say for Cecil is that he is an amazing cock sucker and I have a long history with cock suckers to compare him too; Cecil loves to suck my cock and I don't mind laying back and enjoying his talent. Sal's face kept coming into view as he moved about to watch everything. His small hands held my balls nearly the entire time that the two boys fucked and I hoped that he was okay with all that was going on.
    "Can I suck papa's cock? I love to suck big ones like that." Cory told Cecil to let Sal have a go. I know that Cecil needed my cock, but he let Sal have me and I was pleasantly surprised as the boy took all of me straight down. Cecil filled my mouth with his juice and moments later Cory filled his ass. "Now you can fuck me while papa sucks me," Sal told the boys.
    I felt Cory's hands work my balls and finger my prostate. I know my boy's touch and he touched me nicely as Cecil opened Sal's ass slowly. Sal told him to fuck him and quit playing around so I watched as he got his wish. I have only seen Cecil fuck a few times, he is a bottom, but he showed me that he can cum out on top occasionally. Sal was a live wire as he fucked my mouth while fucking back at Cecil. He never missed a stroke on my cock as I got through to Cory to enter me. The four of us were each cock deep into a hot hole and loving it as one orgasm after another moved between us. I was drained and filled at both ends almost simultaneously. Sal's cum was thicker and more abundant than I thought that he would be able to deliver, but teenage boys can find more cum than most people give them credit for.

    After a long, hot shower with three sweet young and hungs I dressed and went down to say hello to my family. Sitting in the front room with El was a dream on two legs. I was introduced to Delbert Thompkins, El's step-brother. I had the boy turn about so that I could get a good picture of his tight body. El told us that she would leave if I wanted to see him naked, like a good little brother I stuck my tongue out at her, she chuckled quietly.
    Del stands a solid six foot one inches tall and carries a slim one hundred and fifty two pounds on long, thin legs. He is crowned with a curly mop of dirty blonde hair which accented his almost white eyebrows framing his searching blue eyes. From his coloring I knew, from experience, that he would be blond where it mattered to me. I was surprised at his voice; he spoke with a higher pitch than I thought he would have. I looked at his thorax and it was firm, but without the tell tale Adam's apple. Now I was anxious to see him naked, I suspected a growth delay in the boy and I felt that his development had been limited to his growing tall too quickly.

    Dukey sat at the head of the table with El at the other end. I am always offered an end seat, but I feel as though I am part of the family and like to sit at the side where I can look at everyone as they speak. Cory sat to my right and Sal to my left with Del and Cecil sitting across from me. Agnes had shown her skills in the kitchen with a perfectly prepared Beef Wellington, crust intact. She grinned at me as she placed it before my brother-in-law, "Don't you go worrying now young sir, I used turkey ham instead of pork." I had to smile at her for always knowing that I have an aversion to eating pork due to my religious convictions. I love hot sausage and sometimes I can find beef sausage, other times I have to go with what is available, but I do limit my pork intake. I don't have high blood pressure, but why tempt fate?
    Agnes rushed back a moment later with a small bowl of hot button mushrooms sauteed in butter with celery, garlic and onions. I looked at Cory who was admiring the ceiling, but he got a kiss anyway. I poured part of the mushrooms onto my baked potato and ate the rest as a side dish with gobs of horseradish smeared across my roast beef. I really would like to have some specially prepared horseradish sauce, but in present company I ate what was before me.

    I was granted the evening to get with Del. I learned that he did have a hormonal problem that I would have to get corrected soon. He was nicely developed, for a twelve or thirteen year old boy. His body was firm and perfectly proportioned, but his cock and balls were underdeveloped at only four and a half inches in length and barely the size of large pecans. As with most Europeans he was uncut; his foreskin covered a clean and sweet red head. His boi juice was thin and translucent, either from immaturity of constant draining.
    Del told me that from his earliest recollections he liked to look at cocks. He placed himself where he could see older boys and men as they pissed or were naked. He was seven the first time that he saw a boy make sperms, he was at a family gathering during the winter time when an older boy, that he had shared a bed with during the visit, pushed the covers back and began to beat off. Del was mesmerized by what he saw and the next night there was no pretense; the older boy got naked and lay down, leaving the lights on. Del sat beside the boy and watched him wank himself, then the boy asked Del to suck it. Del told me that he has sought ways of sucking any cock that he could gain access to ever since. I asked him if he liked the taste of the older boys cum that first night and he told me that the boy let him have two more loads before morning then he got to do all of the boys the next day. He was sick at his stomach that evening so his foster parents took him home in case he was coming down with a virus.
    I asked him if he had a virus. He giggled and told me that he had the gimmecum virus and still has a constant need of the vaccine. I had already checked his anus, but I asked him about anal sex. He told me that he had tried anal sex with a school chum, but it was painful and he didn't like it. He told me that Cullen and Cory both talked about it and then he and Cecil had a long talk. I could imagine what Cecil had told him; the boy has an insatiable itch and likes to be filled several times a day.
    Del told me that he was curious about anal sex and his talk with the boys here and in the lockup had him wanting to try it for himself. He was scared as he remembered his only experience, but my boys had told him about their experience with me, he wanted to try. I asked him if he knew about the pin. He had been told, but he thought that he would like to be alone. I could sense his fear so I drew him out and I was correct in my assessment; he didn't want to wimp out and start crying in front of the other boys. I was going to work with him to put him at ease.
    I gave Del most of the major workout and, of course, he begged me to enter him. I made it as gentle as I could as I slowly widened his world of knowledge. I wanted him to have all of the joy that he could experience without the pain or the recrimination that could be associated with the act. I turned so that he could lay on top of me and just feel me inside of him. In no time at all he was espousing his undying love and begging me to make him mine. He asked me to give him a pin. I told him to plug his ears and I called out for the boys.
    I knew that they were listening at the door; the little dears can't be quiet no matter how they try. The door opened instantly to show three naked boys ready for action. I wiggled my finger at them then pointed at the bed, they instantly took up positions around Del and I as they eagerly awaited a devirginizing.
    I slipped out of Del as he turned over to lay on his back again, but the entry was what my three voyeurs were anxious to see anyway. I gave Del a long kiss and asked him if he was ready, with a dreamy lilt to his voice he told me to love him so I did. Del is a very good cocksucker and he had taken two massive loads from me during our hour together; that only took the edge off of me and made me able to give him the experience that he needed to know for sure if he was anal or not. An hour and ten minutes later Del knew that he was anal as he asked Cory to show him what he had learned.
    I lay back to watch as Sal slipped his cock into my mouth. I needed a quick protein fix and the boy had just what I was in need of. I awakened with him slobbering on my balls in his sleep and the others had left us alone in our slumber. I heard them in the bathroom as I led Sal to their noise. The three of them were kicked back in the hot tub, I took Sal to the shower with me and washed him in golden waters straight from my bladder then we soaped each other down before entering the jacuzzi with the others.
    I had no idea that I had been asleep for so long until Del told me that Cecil had let him try his hand at being a top. He told me that while he enjoyed fucking Cecil he sorta liked it better when Cory and I fucked him. I looked at Sal and asked him if he had any regrets about everything that he had done and had had done to him over the last few days. He assured me that he had loved every second of it and wanted more. I asked him if he had fucked anyone yet, he told me no, he had not. I asked Del if he would like to try another boy with a different technique. He was as eager as Sal to get together, both boys were quite happy afterwards, but before morning I had them change over and do it the other way. Sal is going to be versatile while Del is going to be a bottom. Del can throw a fuck and I made him do me as a final test, but he has discovered that he can take it with a relish, no mustard or ketchup.
    Cory opened the bedroom door and slipped out of his shorts before getting back in bed and kissing me good morning. I was so fucked out I had not even noticed his leaving. He smiled at me as he showed me the little golden pin that he had to go get from Chrisy's suitcase. He grinned at me as he looked Del in the eye and placed the sharp point against the boys abdominal mound the hit it with the flat of his hand. Del let out a squeal that shattered glass as the pin was tattooed into his pubic hairs.

    I had two days to recuperate before the big black fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane would set down at the Air Force base. I arranged for two buses to pick the boys up and bring them to El's house where she and Dukey had prepared sleeping quarters for my extra large family. I could not thank them enough. I assured them that we would do very well in a hotel somewhere, but El told me that there was not a hotel large enough for all of us within fifty K of their place. As always I had to stop and do the math, "Let's see six times fifty is thirty, so you are saying that we would have to drive thirty miles, or thereabouts to a hotel."
    "Yes, and that would be time that I couldn't see you and time that Cullen wouldn't see his new family that he loves so much. I would insist that Cullen stay here to be with his dad and me so all of you are going to stay in the temporary dorm rooms that we have for you. You might even have some quests if things go the way they look at this time."
    Well one thing I have learned during my lifetime is that when a woman makes up her mind then you better shut up because she won't. She did tell me that I could sleep in the house. I did not say a word.

    I met the plane so that I could see my boys as quickly as possible, but I was not prepared for what they had to tell me. I had a dead boy from my family. Several of the boys had gone on a hike up Sabino Canyon, a recreation area on the north east side of town. The canyon comes down from Mt. Lemon in the Catalina range along the northern edge of Tucson. The canyon is a natural drainage area for snow melt and rain run off from the surrounding mountains. Tucson had some of the best rains that it has had in several years with as much as an inch and a half falling in over a half hour period twice this year. The rains don't last very long, the winds drive the storms across the desert floors quite quickly, otherwise the desert floor would turn into a lake in a few hours. As it is, flooding can be quite severe, and over the past twenty five years there have been some serious property losses due to high water. In 2006 flooding caused massive land slides that virtually buried the canyon.
    The creek at the upper end of Sabino Canyon has seven waterfalls, some of them being over twenty feet high. The rocks around these falls get quite slick from the constant spray of water and the moss that grows on them. Isaac was leading the way when he decided to jump across the uppermost falls to climb higher up the mountain. Borne jumped next, but did not have a good footing and began to slip; Isaac reached out to catch him, but he was not on dry ground and fell to his death on the rocks below. Several of the boys climbed down the rocks to rescue those two when suddenly a wall of water came over the top of the falls and engulfed them.
    Edgar was at the bottom of the falls with Isaac's body when he was last seen. The other boys managed to grab onto rocks as they were washed down the mountainside and many of those not swept away managed to climb to safety. Borne was washed in between large boulders where he found a place to hang on for dear life. Edgar was found clinging to the body of Isaac the following morning, after the waters subsided, he was battered and his left leg was broken, but he is alive.
    Cory and Chrisy did not join me in Romania until the day after the accident. They had spent the day at the falls as search and rescue teams located the body and brought the boys out. I asked Cory why I was not called and he wanted to know what I could have done. I was upset by the fact that he had not told me about the tragedy at the castle. He looked me dead on and very quietly told me, "You were on the very edge of a total breakdown. You have let that person bleed you for so long and you finally put an end to him and all he stood for. Harry and Timmy told me about your fits of crying and hysteria, even Athos is worried about your sanity right now. Daddy, my love, I could not bring myself to tell you about any more trouble until you had a chance to rest and put all of that behind you. I still think that it might be too soon for all of this, but you know now and I can't protect you any longer. You have tried to protect me for so long now let me do the same for you.
    "Bull told me that the body is safe and will be there when you are ready. Bull says that the will states what should be done, but you are the only one who can execute the last wishes so relax for now and we will deal with that when we return home." It may sound morbid, but I had taken the time to have each boy sit down with Bull and prepare their own Last Will and Testament; with the amount of money that each boy has I wanted his desires written down in straight legalese so that there would be no doubt in anyone's mind. Also included with their wills we had their choice of the type of funeral that they wanted and where they wished their remains to be placed.
    That sounds awful when one considers that for the most part we are dealing with fourteen and fifteen year old kids, but that was the way that they had asked for it at a family council meeting after George Polerd's death at sixteen years of age. The boys knew that an accident can happen to anyone and they each had their own thoughts about their birth families. I have no idea what is in the wills of any of the boys, but my attorney does and I will leave it up to him to see to the boys' wishes.
    Cory read a letter to the lot of us that Bull had given him. Bull said, in his letter, that Isaac did not want to go to the home of his family. He wanted to be interred in Tucson and Bull told us that burial could wait until we all returned home. I was a bit upset and wanted to return at once, but the family gathered about me and told me that they had come this far to celebrate a birthday. They quoted Jesus to me where he said, "Let the dead bury the dead, You follow me." Well we were going to a party, but I did decide that the funeral could wait until after the boys let off a little of their tension.
    All of the boys filed onto the buses and we set out westbound along the M58 for Dukey and El's country estate home. When the bus did not take the turn toward the coast I went on alert. Cullen and Cory began to kiss me and tell me how much I was loved. Our bus was traveling on westward along Church Road in Liverpool, but one boy or another kept his lips glued to mine so that I could not ask questions. I am no dummy and decided to get all of the loving they wanted to give me as they plotted to kidnap me for their own desires.
    We turned onto Liverpool-Dublin Road and headed straight down to the sea. Tied to a dock at the very end of the street was the Voyageur Marin with a line of boys disembarking to climb aboard another bus as Harry and Toby guided them along. Dukey stood beside his Rolls wearing a broad smile as he locked his eyes on mine. Dukey has the power and he has used it. Our bus door opened and Athos climbed on board and ran to sit at the very back of the bus where Timmy threw a blanket over his head. He is still wanted in England. Dr. Saltzman is wanted in France, but he was safe in the car with Dukey.
    Fully laden with boys the three buses moved north through Southport and onto the area west southwest of the River Ribble and home, for now. I went to the back of the bus where Athos was looking out from under his blanket. I told him that he was as safe as though he was in his mother's womb, but he didn't buy that in full. He told me that he and Dukey had planned to bring all of the boys to England where we could all gather together and make plans for their future. All of this was done with full authority of the British Government and the blessing of Parliament from a closed door session. I love having powerful friends.

    El was waiting for us with Cecil and Del. Cullen and Del seemed to hit it off quite well so I left them to get to know more about each other. Later I took Cullen to bed so that I could learn what was going on with Del and how he felt about it. Cullen sat cross legged on the bed and held my hands. He looked me in the eye as he told me that he had met his uncle Del a few weeks before he came to live with me. He was embarrassed that he had an uncle in prison and did not want me to find out.
    I pointed out to Cullen that I did find out and that Del is seventeen. Del committed no more of a serious crime then he himself had committed from time to time, the difference being that Del got caught. He ducked his head and agreed with me. I asked him how he felt about Del now that he had gotten to be with him all day. He told me that he really liked him and that the rest of the family liked him. He asked me if I was going to let Del go home with us. When he assured me that this is what he truly wanted I decided that it was time to tell him the rest of why I had wanted to be with him alone for the evening.
    "Cullen, I have some bad news. There has been a death in your family. Your favorite aunt and her son have been found dead."
    Cullen stiffened up and stared at me. "So like does that mean…?"
    "So like, yeah. You are getting a little bit to Americanized so I like think that you need to go sit on a throne to find yourself." He jumped off of the bed and ran into the bathroom. I left him alone to deal with his grief as he saw fit.
    "Unca Chris, I found myself." I didn't have to get up and go see, I knew what he was doing. Sure enough he was on the toilet with his cock in hand, "I don't really need to sit on the throne to find this bad boy."
    "I was not talking about the porcelain throne or your cock, smarty pants."
    "I don't have any pants on," he turned and mooned me. This was not going to be an easy evening. I headed back to his bed and he crawled up to cuddle close to me. "I know what you are saying, but I am scared." I held him close, I know how he gets when he is unsure of anything, he makes light of the situation and jokes around.

    The next morning Cullen and I went down to breakfast together. Cory and Del were sitting before large plates of cakes and sausages and Cecil ran to the kitchen then returned with a cup of coffee which he set before me before Cory and I had our first kiss of the day. I talked across him to Del and learned that he was feeling swell. He told me that he wanted to get himself another pin. I laughed and told him that he had time, I had forty seven boys in the barracks awaiting one. His eyes widened and he looked around the table. Cory and Cullen both nodded to him and smiled. "Gor, guvner, ya gonna do all em?" I nodded at him.
    I asked about Sal so Cory led me to the kitchen. The waif was sitting on the cabinet as El and Agnes spoon fed him. I told them that he was shamming, that he was strong enough to feed himself. Their mother instinct couldn't ignore the sorely underfed boy. I told them that there were several underfed boys in the barracks and El told me that she had already fed each one of them and they had gone to work preparing for the party the following day.

    Fed, fat, and sassy, I carried a large cup of coffee out to the building where the boys were. They were watching a back hoe at work with great interest. One of the hired men was digging a square pit which I was quickly told was a mud wrestling pit for the party. I leered at the naked bodies and thought it a wonderful idea. Jim ran to me to tell me where he was going to place his cameras then he stopped and looked me in the eye, "For family use only, but think of it, all nude male mud wrestling…" I did think about it and I was hard over it.
    I spotted new Yankee blood and walked over to welcome my newest family members. Darryl and Derrick seemed to be glued together, I am happy for that young couple and they have a lot in common with both of their fathers being murdered. Three new boys that I didn't recognize at first were standing a bit back from the others. I walked over to them. When I drew closer I recognized two of the boys from a few years earlier. I had gone to high school with Carroll Templeton's dad and also Cameron Langley's dad. Cory and Chris had told me about Cameron's father being killed in prison for raping Darryl and of the death threats against Cameron because he was a material witness against the others that had raped the boy. Each of them are welcome in my home for as long as they wish to stay.
    I had only met Carroll once when I had gone to pick up Chrisy at his house. I had an opportunity to renew an old friendship with Mel Templeton. Mitch I did not know and was pleased to meet him. Mitch and Carroll will be attending school at the U of A and I have offered them a place to live in lieu of the dormitories. I asked about Mitch's family and learned that his father was The Mr. Evans that had smacked his son around the locker room and then beat him severally once they got home. He is serving five to ten for child abuse and I am glad to see it. Father's fists and sons should never meet. Mr. Evans is learning about beating kids from grown kids in prison that still held grudges against their own fathers.

    The Wild Boys arrived on the fifteenth of August, Gary Russell's eighteenth birthday. They were on their way to Manchester for a concert that Jason had planned for his boyfriend, Jason planned to close off the street and have a gay old time. They stopped by to see us for a bit and to let the family show Gary that he means as much to them as Jason does.
    Kyle told the family that Liam had celebrated his birthday in New York after the big concert that he had gotten to go to with Andy in June. Kyle was so excited as he told us about going to the concert and getting to crawl around through the catwalks and all over the entire arena as they checked out the security.
    He pointed at a red faced Jason and told us that the little sot didn't even remember him when they met in the elevator at the hotel. I had let Andy use one of my smaller suites in the hotel with Jason and his boys sharing the larger three bedroom unit, I offered all of the suites to him, but they only used the one. Kyle told us that Jason had called Andy with some sort of a problem and Andy was sitting where he could see the boy, but kept his mouth shut. The next day they met in the elevator and Jason was totally surprised to find out that Andy was in New York at the time.
    The boys wanted to know if Kyle had gone back stage to get autographs. He wanted to know why? He said that he got the autographs and a laugh as he told Andy about all that he had done the first time that they met at Cullen's family home. He told Andy about Jason being painted blue and getting his golden pole pin on the grass in the moonlight.
    I scolded Kyle and told him that he should not be talking about personal matters like that and he turned red, but he asked Jason for forgiveness. Jason is maturing well beyond his years, he not only forgave Kyle, he kissed him as a means of showing his sincerity. He told Kyle that he just didn't recognize him with his clothes on. That had everybody laughing as Kyle said that the next time he would ride the elevator naked.
    The boys asked the birthday boy to present himself at the mud pit and get a proper birthday bath. Somebody pointed out that Jason had a cum bath so Gary showed his better side as he and Jason lay face to face for all one hundred and fifty some odd American and new found boys from around the world to shoot their load across their naked bodies. Once well coated the pair were pushed into the mud and had to fight each other before the boys would let them out again. The fight had to be sincere, no giving the other guy a break. After a good half hour of hilarity no one could hold their sides together any long and the fighters were allowed to hose down while we tried to quit laughing.
    Chris and I got to a quiet place together and he pulled his jeans down to show me his pin on the inside of his underwear waist band. I asked him how he felt about having the pin and he looked at me and told me that it was his most prized possession ever. We both wanted to spend some time together, but we did not have the opportunity.
    The Wild Boys spent the night in the barracks with the family, but I had other pressing matters in Cullen's bedroom. Sal and Cory both needed me and Cullen wanted to be in on it, he likes little Sal and Del and Cory and Vadik and…he likes boys.
    We could not stick around for the Manchester concert because I needed to take my boys home and get them settled in before school started the following week. I had agreed to the high schoolers attending virtual high school, but the younger boys were going to be a problem. We could work around anything, of that I am sure; I have to be sure because now I have forty seven more school age youngsters that I have to worry about. I learned that I was not alone with my problem, I have help from quarters that I would have never expected. That help showed up in person or in several persons Thursday morning.
    My sister is none other than GBE Eloise Muneday, a Knight of the Realm and champion of those less fortunate in English society around the world. That and the fact that she is married to a Lord in Parliament turned wheels around the world, at high speed. The front gate's guard called to give us a thirty second warning. Boys scattered in every direction to find clothing, our new boys had very little, but my family found them shorts and tee shirts so no naked boi butts would shine.
    Twelve long limousines drove directly back to the barracks and Dukey stepped out of the lead vehicle. Cory said something to me and I turned to look at him just as twenty seven boys dropped to their knees and bowed their heads to the ground. I quickly turned back to see Raven step out of the limo. I looked down the line at heads of state from several nations from the Prime Minister of England to the Secretary of State of the USofA. There were men dressed in everything from military uniforms to robes with towels on their heads. Many of my banker friends were together in the last three cars, lawyers and a few senators that I knew were also there. In fact I knew almost everybody present on a first name basis with the exception of the Vice President of France and the Prime Minister of England. More than just a few of these men have been at various parties that I have attended over the years.
    Andy drove up with a convoy of vehicles behind him and more lawyers got out. FI agents were placing boxes of paper work in a line where tables were being set up. and Boys were being called to go to the table of their country of origin. Most of the boys from Europe moved to the table with the men in robes. A few boys moved to the table with the French dignitaries where I was standing. The clerk at the table asked for a name and he produced paper work, complete with pictures and a history of each boy.
    Boys were being moved from the table with the robed officials to other tables where they met with men there to fill out their papers. Up to that point I had not let it enter my mind that there were no birth certificates or other papers for the new boys. Raven and his people were on top of that and they were going through reams of papers as they talked to each boy.
    The Prime Minister called Athos and Dr. Saltzman to himself. I was asked by the Secretary of State to join them as a man in the uniform of the Romanian government came over. First the PM read from a document to Athos Henley, in all of the years I have known the old reprobate I never knew he even had a last name. By order of the Queen herself Athos was once and for all pardoned of any and all crimes committed in any part of the British Commonwealth. The same accord was given to Dr. Saltzman then the French liaison spoke, Dukey translated for me, Athos and Dr. Saltzman were forever forgiven any crimes that either had committed, past and future.
    A man in a long coat, with a wide gold chain hanging down to the middle of his chest, had been moving through the crowd of boys and I had been watching Cullen avoid him as boys moved to surround him when he moved away from the man. Suddenly the man cried out, "Your Royal Highness," and bowed deeply. Every suit at every table rose and bowed in the direction of Cullen who stood in a royal blush. The boy's bare toes were blushing red.
    An aide ran to Cullen and put an Ermine collared robe of royal blue around his shoulders then bowed low as he backed away from his monarch. Cullen ran to Dukey and me, but grabbed my arm and hid himself behind me. I turned to him and bowed. "Face it my little one, you are going to get crowned." He had a tear in his eye and fear on his face. He put his other arm through his dad's crooked arm and stayed between us.
    Harry and Timmy joined Athos and Dr. Saltzman beside me as the man in the military uniform stood before us. He spoke in a broken English, but I did understand him, well. We were each granted a full pardon for any involvement in the disappearance and probable death of Count Corvin and others that were purported to have been in his house. I was named a Knight of the kingdom and invited to a ceremony in Bucharest, Romania on Monday the first of October.
    I turned to look at the Secretary of State and one of my favorite Senators standing beside him, they were all smiles. I know my constitution fairly well and I know that it is illegal for a US citizen to accept any title of nobility from any nation without congressional approval
The Articles of Confederation, Article VI states: "nor shall the united States in Congress assembled, or any of them, grant any Title of nobility."
The Constitution for the united States, in Article, I Section 9, clause 8 states:
"No Title of nobility shall be granted by the united States; and no Person holding any Office or Profit or Trust under them,
shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever,
from any King, Prince, or foreign State."

    The Prime Minister invited me to a ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Saturday the eighteenth of September. Cullen giggled and whispered in my ear that he was going to spend a night with a knight, he got himself a sharp jab from my elbow with that jibe.
    The family was gathered behind me with their ears on extenders and their eyes glued to the Secretary of State as he read from a official document granting me full and unconditional pardon for any and all crimes, real or unreal, past, present and future. The Bradford Academy of Gay Boys, its board of directors and it shareholders were pardoned of any purported wrong doing and officially recognized as a school for misused and cast off boys, inclusive. No girls allowed.
    The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and all of its holdings and members are recognized by the Joint Congress of the United States to be a nonprofit organization for the aiding, feeding, and educating of discarded youth. Special land grants and usage have been provided for the building of shelters and schools for needy youth, without regards to race, gender, religion, or orientation.

    I had a serious problem. I have a need to blend into the woodwork and not be seen by any outside of my family and close circle of friends. I did not and do not want these honors, however my brother-in-law set me in my place as he and my senator friend laid it out to me. In the eyes of my family I suppose I am a hero of sorts. I got a smack from Cory and another from El, so I am a hero to each of the boys that have found shelter in my home. I love each and everyone of them with all of my heart and my heart is broken because one of my boys lays in wait for me to come home and bury him. Isaac was only with us a little over a year, but I will always remember him and his condition when Cas and Lew's parents brought him to me in that roadside café. The young man was of age, but he was still being mistreated for who and what he is. The only love and acceptance he found was in the company of my family and I know that he had found peace for the first time in his troubled life.
    Cory cried on my shoulder as I talked about Isaac then he looked me in the eye, "And you can say the same thing about every one of us, daddy. I was doomed to a life of misery and probably prison. Would Bryan have lived another week? What about Lance, or Lester. You made a place for Cas so that he could bring Lew to us then he brought Jan and on and on and on. You are our hero.
    "I know that you don't want medals or awards, to you a simple nod and a smile would be more than enough, but now that the world knows what you stand for it wants to thank you and the only way the world knows to show their appreciation is to pass out awards and medals. I don't mind being loved by a Knight, as long as it is for several nights."
    "I'm gonna knight him as soon as I get my crown," Cullen stated. I looked at him and he smiled at me, "They want to crown me on my seventeenth birthday next March the fifth." I felt good, he sounded as if he was ready. I looked at my Cory man, he would be twenty on the eleventh; I would throw a birthday bash for the two boys that would rock Cullen's new kingdom from border to border.

    Finally I sat on the ground with my family around me as we put all of the information together. Each nation that had a boy in my care had come. They each provided birth certificates and passports to the boys and gave me full legal guardianship with the right to adoption at my discretion. I had a long talk with Raven and all of his nephews, each boy wanted no part of their father's name. Raven and I suggested that they may want to retain the name for some future benefit, but no one could think of what that benefit might ever be. I had already pulled Toby and Kenny aside and agreed to adopt them and they are both of the same family blood line and name so I was under pressure.
    My immediate goal was to get the boys checked out physically, get clothes for them then get them in school. The powers that be had already anticipated my every desire and we would leave merry old England Saturday afternoon, after my visit to the Queen.

    I am a condemned man and must learn to keep quiet and accept my punishment as deemed fit by those in authority over me. I had taken three young men into my home and sheltered them, Cullen, Cecil, and Del; nobody mentioned that Del had not seen the inside of my home yet. I had aided in the return of twenty young citizens of the commonwealth who were being held as sexual slaves in various countries around the world and assisted in the freeing of nine young women who were being held as captive wives in eastern harems.
    For this service to the Commonwealth, as well as similar services to other nations, I had a sword laid on my left shoulder and was told that I was a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. I received a nicely done citation with a picture of one they call St. Michael defeating Satan.—I wish people would read their Bible and know the difference between a Saint, an Angel, an Arch Angel, and the Lord, Christ Jesus—I have a fancy chain to wear around my neck that has a fancy do daddy hanging on it. There is also a ribbon pin to wear as a medal on my suit, but I agreed that I might wear the lapel pin when I wear a suit. That is seldom and far far away.
    I met with the delegate from France and conveyed my greetings to their President. I explained my immediate need for the boys in my family. I assured him that I would be back in Europe for the coronation of Cullen and that had to suffice. I am not used to having someone chase me to reward me, but I was going to have to change my lifestyle.

    All of the boys were going to Tucson aboard the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß 737. We had naked boys hanging from the over head luggage racks, wing to wing, and nose to tail. Cecil was unanimously accepted back into the fold. Cullen had agreed that Del should go to Tucson, even though we were both sure it would be for a very short stay. I had entered Britain on a commercial flight so it was no problem for me to escort my grand nephew home with me. He provided the type of company I need and he got his mile high pin, three times, before we landed in New York.

    Del and I were given a royal treatment when we passed through customs. I had a new stamp on my passport that made me a world citizen, what that means I am not yet sure, but I only got a cursory nod from the inspectors then a golf cart took our luggage, along with the two of us, out to a limo that I had waiting for me. Del and I drove on up to Base B to join the family for the final leg of the flight home, but then I had to turn around and fly back to New York to fight for Zane and his desire to have me become his father.
    I had to make final arrangement with Zane's mother. Sometimes I wish I did not have to deal with people, I despise her kind of people. Then I thought of Mrs. Cravens, two peas in a pod. Five minutes of talking on the phone with Zane, then two days of legal wrangling found him, his mother, and me before a judge. Zane Dickson is a cute kid and I am going to enjoy him for as long as I can. Tony set about getting a passport for him and each member of the family that hailed from New York before I returned again to Tucson.

    Believe me when I say that I never want to take a trip like that ever again. The emotional strain has taken its toll on me and I am seeking therapy from one hundred and thirty five private therapists, each one anxious to insert their meaty thermometers into me to see how hot I am. What a life.

    I had intended to house the boys from the castle in the new addition that Luke and Ģerâld had prepared for extra bed space. The family could hardly contain themselves and were badgering Luke to show me. With my bunch one never knows precisely what to expect, but I sucked up my nuts and let them drag me through the house.
    I had mentioned no more than several dozen times how much I feared having a swimming pool at the addition because of safety concerns. As we entered the courtyard the first thing I noticed was that their pool was empty. The boys ran around to grab their skateboards and charged into the pool. Luke had a contractor out to add bumps and dips to the small back yard style pool and turned it in to one of the best skate areas I had ever seen. The entire courtyard around the pool had been transformed so that several boys could use the area at one time. I grabbed Luke and kissed him and kissed Ģer as I thanked them so much for thinking of the family in their fashion.
    "Well, I kinda remember what it was like when I was young and had a board of my own. I never had a place where I could go so I just did the sidewalks, but today they are doing so much more than I ever thought of. We watched a show on TV with kids in competition and Ģer and I slept on it and this is what we came up with."
    "I know what you two slept on and I am sure something very liquid came up, often," I chided them to the delight of all around us. "Don't let Brad in until it is checked for rocks." More laughter, Brad gets a lot of razing because of his accident, but the cast is due to come off in about another week.

    I walked through the house and studied it carefully. Luke had designed the renovation with the idea of having more housing, but I began to see something else. I asked for someone to retrieve my one hundred foot tape measure from the tool box in the garage at the main house.
    As I suspected, each bedroom was a twenty five foot square for a total of six hundred and twenty five square feet. Each room had a bathroom with four urinals and four commodes, ten lavatories, and a six head shower area dividing it from the next room. A twelve foot by twelve foot closet completed that wall division so that each room was virtually sound proofed from the room next to it.
    The ten bedrooms were laid out so that each of them opened to a large common room one hundred and fifty feet long and seventy five feet wide. A twenty foot square extra room was nestled into one corner next to the large front entry hall that had been left intact with its tall granite fountain and eight foot wide solid oak front doors. A twenty foot square kitchen nestled in next to that room left a wide opening out to the courtyard with its skate park.
    I put my arm around Luke and looked him in the eye, "My man, do you know that you have built a school? You loved the time that you worked staff at BAG Boys, well now you are going to staff BAG boys west." A shout of joy went up that rattled windows then after translations the shout began again. I had to make some phone calls.
    My first call went to Jerrod Bradford. JB was overwhelmed, but more than happy to allow for another school to be opened with his name over the door. Next I had to call Phillip Smith and get the state behind me. I called JC to get his ass in gear and find out how many gay boys the state had that needed homes. Then I had to get all of my family bedded down. Teachers and curriculum could wait for a day or two.

    It hurt to say goodbye, but we knew when the cowboy moved in that he would not be a permanent part of the family. Chuck Boswell's father had passed away in June, he took Biff with him to spend the summer and settle his father's estate. He knew that everything his father had ever worked for and built would now be his, but he had hoped that he could run the ranch from afar. We all knew better, but we love Chuck and did not want to see him leave us.
    Classes at Amarillo College would take up on August 27 so the boys were packing their belongings and preparing to leave. Biff pushed his wheelchair into the family room and asked me if we could find a home for it, he would not ever again allow himself to fall into the despair that had put him in that chair. Well it was being pistol whipped and shot, as well as his high school boyfriend being murdered, that had put him in that chair, but he could have gotten up out of it much earlier if not for the depression that he suffered for so long.
    I hurt for Chuck. His life ambition has been to be a veterinarian; there are no schools of veterinary medicine in the Amarillo area. Biff would take the state's required courses at the school, but the best he could achieve would be an Associate's Degree in fields that were of no interest to him. I suggested to the boys that they spend a semester getting the ranch in order then hire a manager, which I was willing to assist with, then return to school in the spring. Chuck has a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-med, but Tucson, Oklahoma University, or Dallas, were his best bets for the degree that he wants so badly.
    Chuck told me that if he could get everything running smoothly that he would like to return to the house to finish his education. I will look forward to his return with Biff at his side forever.

    I don't know why I was so nervous, I have flown commercial airlines, Sarah and Daylight were flying to Tucson with their babies, my baby, and Cory's baby, I was a nervous wreck. As a Federal agent I had been allowed to pass through security and was waiting by the jetway leading in from the plane.
    I was hit with fifty pounds of flying flesh as Roddy flew up the jetway without an airplane and landed on me with his tiny legs wrapped around my waist. I had not seen my young son in nearly four weeks, but it seemed that he had grown another inch or two. As he smothered me in boy hugs and kisses his giggles attracted a lot of attention from those near us.
    "I love you, daddy. I missed you a lot. We flew over the clouds and I could look down on the mountains. You should see the houses from up there, the cars are so tiny as they go down the highway…" I looked him square in the eye and he started to giggle. "I gotta big mouth don't I?" I nodded my head at him and stood him on the floor so that I could turn and kiss Daylight. She handed me Cory Stevens then she kissed me.
    My baby!!! WOW, he was so perfect. He had everything, ten tiny little fingers and ten tiny little toes. I was handed a diaper and learned that he had a tiny little cock that is so fucking cute, it was hard. I didn't know about boys and diapers, but I got my baptism at the airport, much to the delight of an elderly lady and her husband that were passing by. Sarah put another diaper over the fountain of youth as Roddy and Cory rolled on the floor holding their sides. Daylight passed me a wet towelette to wipe my face with, but it did not wipe away my embarrassment.
    RHIP—rank has its privileges—I had placed my Federal ID placard on the dashboard of my big Cadillac SUV and left my lights flashing. A city police Sargent looked me over as I came out with two Sky Caps and enough luggage for an entourage of hundreds. The babies were secured in car seats in the middle seat then Roddy was strapped in. I almost put the seatbelt around his mouth, but I guess he was just a normal nine year old boy. Cory and Sarah slipped into the back seat as I made certain that Daylight was buckled in securely. I walked to the back of the big Caddy SUV to tip the sky caps when the cop asked for ID. I showed him my badge and ID, he snapped too with a crisp salute and an apology. I told him not to apologize for doing his job well. A smile lit up his face as he opened my door for me then saluted me again as we drove away.
    I took the girls to Betty's house where they would spend the few days that we needed to discuss our plans for the way that our family would be broken up. All of us were glad to be together, but there was a permeating sadness over the group as we knew that nothing would ever again be the same for any of us.
    The first and a most important decision had already been reached and I was told in no uncertain terms how it was going to be. I was very mixed about the decision; of course I was happy, but I still have my hangups. The difference this time is the fact that there are boys even younger than Roddy that are now a part of my family. At least the boy will not be the youngest of the tribe and he might be useful in helping the other boys adapt to their new life.
    I first met young Rodney the day after his ninth birthday and nobody had told me about it. This year the family threw him a birthday befitting any ten year old boy. Cory held me as he told me that I was throwing the party for Rodney that I had wanted to attend for Manny. After he said it I looked around at the pool and the gala decorations and knew that he was right. The pool area was decorated exactly as Manny's and my mother had decorated it those many years ago. For the first time in my life I realized that for all of these years I have been searching for Manny and finding him in many different shapes, one hundred and twenty seven of them and twenty more coming from the state's foster home system.
    Now I have been told by my wife that Rodney is mine to raise forever. She only took him home for a few weeks so that the tribe could see him as he enters his young manhood stage. I don't understand all of the tribe's traditions, but I have not ever seen a ritual for ten year olds.
    She will raise Cory Stevens until he is ten years old then he will come to live with me, wherever I am. I learned that Sarah told Cory the same thing. He told me that life was very rough for teenagers on the reservation and the women only want the very best for their sons. Sarah confided in Cory that they can't handle boys and their developing sexuality, that confirmed my thinking

    Our newest family members found themselves at home very quickly. Some were a bit reluctant when we gathered to eat, but they proved that they were boys by tasting everything then turning up their noses. They looked around to see what everyone else was doing then tried another bite before deciding that it was okay. After second and third helpings they seemed to be okay with whatever Çhé Ģerâld and Edmund set on the table. I know that the boys would prefer foods with which they were familiar so I talked to the six little cooks that had been chained to their tasks at the castle. They were most enthusiastic about working with Edmund and agreed to teach him many of their recipes.

    I found a lot of help from the State Department when I took the boys for their physicals. The clinic was virtually empty except for the staff and each boy was treated with extreme caution. They were frightened little boys, but I had a family member of similar age accompany each boy. I wish that I could have the young doctor from Romania with me, but I know that when I take these boys back there that he will be a permanent part of the staff, alongside of Dr. Saltzman.
    None of the boys had any serious physical problems with the exception of dietary needs and that we could fix very well. None of them liked all of the inoculations that they had to endure, but the family carefully explained about diseases that they had never encountered and how devastating it would be for all of us to think that we had made them sick after just meeting them. I thought that the boys put it very well as sleeves were rolled up and tushies bared to accept the seemingly endless array of needles that came their way. The only problem I could foresee was a permanent home for them. I have several options available to me and I will have to study each one carefully. I would like to stay in Tucson, but education might be a problem, I know that transportation will be.
    Andy has offered me his large house in Tulsa, but there again transportation would be a problem. Another option is Andy's large lakeside ranch. There is plenty of room to build and grow and we could establish a school there to provide for other boys. Of course I could build a new dorm at the Bradford Academy, hiring teachers there would be easy enough.
    A major point in favor of returning the boys to Europe would be so that I could be closer to my sweet little Cullen. I am so not ready to let that boy go and I know that he has his little heart wrapped up in my heart strings as well. Now is the time to sit down and let the family decide, but the new boys get first say and their decision is the final word.

    Now was the time to plan permanent sleeping quarters. No one had moved into Tim and Jerry's bungalow after the school season had started in 2006-2007. The pair had moved down to the old house so that they could ride their bikes to the campus with the other college boys. Carroll and Mitch took Biff and Chuck's room at the house so that they would be closer to the campus. That filled the old house once again with vigorous youth. Edmund and Mitchell now have that bungalow.
    Chrisy and Timmy were moving into their new condo over the used book store downtown where they would be totally alone to do their own thing. We have thirty five boys attending the university this year. Cory and Derrick were already enrolled for the fall semester as freshmen. Hector, Vincent, Marvin, Howard, Al, Greg, Edgar, Joey, Vadik, Ģerâld, Specs, Izzy, Josh, and Shane would be transfer students from Albany, but they would have residence status as members of my family. We had to hustle to get Cameron and Darryl accepted as freshmen for the new year and David would be returning to finish his interrupted education as a second semester junior.
    Cory, Cas, and Luke have vans to carry all of the boys to school; the only thing that is of concern is scheduling so that our transportation works for everyone. Borne may have been an English tutor at BAG Boys, but his grammar is atrocious, he agreed that he needed a little remedial tutoring of his own and went to the junior college for his first semester. He told us in Albany that he wanted to learn to be an auto mechanic and Adrian and Jessie would both be attending the junior college for courses in auto mechanics… Teddy's grades were too low to get him into the university so he had to go to j. c. or not go to school.
    We have forty boys that will be going to high school via their computers which narrowed my school load down to one grade school boy and one middle school boy. I made a deal with the boys, keep the grades where they are or better and they will be able to govern themselves. I plan to work closely with the virtual high school so that I will have a daily report to view. I am not trying to lord it over the boys, but they are, after all, teenagers and they will flake off whenever they can. If they miss one assignment they study where I can watch them, two assignments and they return to the classroom. Any grade lower than a B will have to be explained and the grade curve of that whole class will be examined.
    Jay Adams is going to school to learn business administration so he can help Brad at their business; Brad is going to classes three days a week and running the shop too. I will wait to see what the state has to offer before I decide whether to send the two little guys off to school alone. Gus will be lost without Rusty to hold his hand; Roddy can cut it on his own, but I would like to home school both of them. Del is another matter, I am going to let him work with the boys in virtual high school and see how he does and then decide where he needs to be. He has finished school by Britain's standards, but he needs the American curriculum to round out his education like the other European boys.

    I didn't want to compromise on the boys' space in the dorm so that would be left to twenty four boys with room for their computer desks and study areas. We could fill the old guest house with six of the boys from Albany if I let Joey, Specs, Izzy, and Josh double up in a room nearby so that the ten of them could study together. I would keep Roddy and Gus in the room next to mine which would leave me with two empty overflow rooms, on the first floor under my room, for guests.
    There was only one other choice for bed space, the recreation room. There was no time left to do things right so we had to do what we had to do. The first thing to be done would be to have the large safe removed from the front entry hall and moved into my office, that would cost me about twenty five per cent of my floor space.
    Next we could only partition the recreation room off into thirty private areas and have the large bathroom redone into a full dorm style shower and toilet area, complete with twenty wash stands and twenty, each, toilets and urinals. It was a lot to do on a small space and a short time schedule, but we could be ready before school started.
    Next I would have to take out the tennis courts that we had built on the roof of the garage under the cliff. The garage was built far above the code requirements so pulling a permit to add two stories was not as difficult as getting my zoning variance. I did have the full support of the State and Federal Governments behind me and in three months we would have housing for one hundred more boys.
    In the meantime I had to make room for twenty state assigned undesirable homosexual boys from around the area. Along with them came a full cadre of teachers to fill the ten classrooms. We had teachers for four different languages that could teach the boys English from their native tongues. I did locate teachers to conduct classes for each boy in his mother tongue and of his mother heritage. I believe that to not let the boys know of their roots and the belief system that is taught there would be wrong. Each of the boys can make their own choices as to which belief system they wish to follow as they come of age. None of this was to be however.

    The following morning Brad called for a quorum meeting of the directors of BAG Boys. As the secretary of the board he was entitled. Jay is vice president and Luke and Ģerâld are both full board members. Also called to the meeting were the board members of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß; Bobby, Ryan, Andy, Tom Byrd, Dr. Hamm, and all four of the members of the BAG Boys board. Student officers of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß were also invited to sit at the table, Turner is president, Tim is vice president, and Alec is Sargent at arms. The only person absent was the president, JB, Luke held up a fax from JB giving him the proxy vote on a matter that stunned me to silence. I am the treasurer of both corporations and CEO of BAG Boys; I suppose that I could also be called the CEO of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß, if a non-profit organization were to have one. They do, but I don't like to wear titles, such as GBE.
    Two blocks west of my house is a large piece of property that has sat vacant for two years. A non-denominational church had built a twelve building school on the property along with a twenty five hundred square foot sanctuary along with Sunday school classrooms and offices. On the table before the combined board members was a proposal to purchase the church property for less than half of its value.
    I knew the story, but had never considered making use of the group's misfortune. The pastor was convicted of bigamy; not only was he married to three women, he was living with an underage girl and her brother, each of them were his sex partners.
    The school had never reached an enrollment level that would allow it to maintain itself and had been closed four years earlier. The congregation was disillusioned and had disbanded allowing their board to disburse the property at their will. The church had a low debt incumbrance, which spoke highly of their devotion to their leaders, but I wanted to see the group come out with a little cash left over. First things first and a vote from the boards to purchase the land and the buildings on it, as a school. Our next step would be to get city zoning, but Bull had already played our trump card with the city and had visited the city council meeting the evening before.
    Cas had met many pastors in the area and there were two congregations seeking a meeting place for their services. I sat back and let the young pastor speak out; he did not disappoint me. A growing Sabbath Keeping church was looking for a larger place to worship. They offered an amount equal to about sixty percent of the asking price for the entire property, but the owners would not split the parcel up, we would. A Sunday Keeping church was looking for a place to rent and their needs could be met by renting the combination gymnasium/cafeteria to them. They would also want to have the opportunity to have other functions on Saturdays five or six times a year,
    It was a no brainer, but then Luke, who had called the meeting and therefore presided over it hit the home run. All of the boys, old and new, had been polled and none of them wanted to give up the recreation room. One hundred boys could easily be housed in the Granite House, as it was being called now. We made a generous cash offer for the entire property with the stipulation that we gain immediate access to the school buildings and grounds.

    I had some housekeeping matters to attend too. Bull out shone himself as he proved himself to be worth the $25,000 a month retainer that I pay him. I walked from the courtroom the proud pappa of fifty new bouncing baby boys. Well not babies, but definitely bouncing. I needed to set things right with my new sons from Europe and I did have the paper work that I needed for an uncontested adoption of Kenny and of course Toby is of age to decide for himself. The judge smiled at him as he made his wishes known to the court, but the smile turned to a frown when Harry petitioned to have his name legally changed to Dickson-Orr and Toby's to be the same. Our judge did not like the fact that the boys were legally married, a fact not recognized in our backwards state.
    It had been George Polerd's last wish that I adopt his youngest son and keep him from the clutches of his marauding mother; he knew that she had killed him, but he wasn't sure if she could get her hands on Cody. She won't be a threat to anyone for twenty years to life, after her trial is over. I left the courthouse with fifty happy Dicksons, two of those being -Orrs.

    By acquiring the church property our housing shortage was abated. I had some static and tense moments when I moved the twenty four faggots out of the basement dormitory. I explained to them that we were going to have twenty boys about whom we knew little or nothing coming to live in the house. I was accosted by the fact that I knew even less about each of them when they came to live with us, but I reminded them that I fucked everyone of their tight little tushies before I asked them to move in with us. It was quickly pointed out that I didn't fuck Carroll, Mitch, or Cameron before they came, but I told them that I sent my two lieutenants, Cory and Chrisy to do the deed for me and they told me that all three were total butt holes; I had to accept their word on that and now that I had gotten to know them I completely concur.
    The boys wanted to compromise and move into the large hall of the Granite House. I pointed out to them that this was the only room that we had where we could all sit down together for meals-unless of course they wanted to walk over to the school three times a day, plus snacks-they took rooms. They wanted to knock out walls so that they could be together, but that was not practical with the layout of the new house. I made them sad when I pointed out that they were growing up and would be moving away in just a few more years and we might need the rooms as they are. I think that I shed more tears over that one than they did, but they still came in for one monstrously large group hug.
    I bought twin sized bunk beds for the dormitory, but only set up ten single beds to each side. When the family saw the bunk beds they wanted them so that they could all share one room again. That is until I pointed out how hard it was going to be to have two boys in a hot sex coupling in one of the small beds, and forget having a friend or two over for a little groupie from time to time. They accepted what they had.
    By the time the dust of moving about settled down again we had most of the family in the Granite House and empty rooms in the main house. Toby and Harry set up a bed in the office space because Toby wanted to be close until the boys from Europe were comfortable with their surroundings, we also needed his skill as an interpreter. Harry had volunteered to be their mommie and we didn't argue the point. Those boys needed the security of their brothers around them so for the time being they are all in one eight man room. Orgy all of the time?
    That left seven rooms for the other boys to spread out in, but Jim still likes his privacy and his antiques, so he is still in his own space, but he has learned to share with Lew. Derrick asked if he and Darryl could have a private room so that they could make up for lost time. I gladly allowed that, as I was glad to allow any of the boys to stay in their own space; after all, I share my room with Cory. All of that and we still have our big basement party room and our four tennis courts.

    It is so good to be home with my boys around me, I have sorely missed their banter. Cory was sitting so close to me that he was like a second skin, Rod was curled up in my lap. Rodney's Tsalagi name is z/b#lGvnigetsuli—black fox. My new boys called me Zampara-mighty wolf-so it was only natural that my son be named Tiki-fox. Cory Stevens became Kurt-little wolf.While Cory became Ayi-bear.
    Del was readily accepted into the household and Cecil was treated cordially, but with reserve. I had a long talk with Cecil and reminded him that kids are slow to forgive, but once forgiven it would be with sincerity and forever. He knows that what he did was wrong and he made a blanket apology to the family then went to each one and apologized individually. I felt that a bit of an overkill, but I left him alone to make his own bed.
    I kept a close eye on Edgar. He had never known love in all of his life, neither had Isaac for that matter. The two passing ships had met and found a common bond. I learned that some of that bonding was bondage; Edgar invited me to his room and asked me to help him dispose of equipment that I had only read about. I was glad to get all of it out of my house as Edgar cried and begged me over and over to forgive him for having it there to begin with. I did not ask him who brought it in or how it was used, but knowing what Isaac had been made to endure it would not surprise me if he weren't on the receiving end. I don't see Edgar as a dominant person, but love makes strange bed fellows.

    Given any opportunity the boys will band together to tease another. I will let it go as long as it is done in a fashion where no ones' feelings are so much as brushed. I have boys from eight to twenty five in the house and each and every one of us can be hurt by words, even when spoken in jest.
    David was the target one afternoon when he came in wearing a tee shirt from his dad's old company that read in large letters: Let us fix your shorts. Many of the boys donned shorts from the cabinet near the door and waved their tushies in his face. I almost hated to hear his explanation of the logo because I knew what it would do to Donny. As I had thought, Donny ran to me and cuddled up in my lap as David looked on with sadness on his face.
    I held the shaking boy as David moved to sit down beside us. I have extra wide chairs in the house, but it is still a good thing that David and I are as skinny as we are because even the wide seat was just barely wide enough for the two of us. I put my arm around David's shoulders and pulled him close to me. He held out a hand to his little brother, Donny took it and the three of us shared our silent thoughts. My thoughts were a flashback to the tragedy that these youngsters shared.
    Donny was, but an eight year old third grader when he crossed the playground of his school to go home for the day. Before he got to the gate in the fence he saw his mother wave at him, that brought a smile to his tiny face and joy to his heart. He quickened his pace so that he could be with her as she served the community as a school crossing guard each morning and each afternoon.
    Suddenly, out of nowhere a car flashed across Donny's field of vision and struck his mother, throwing her high into the air and smashing her body against the curb at the opposite side of the intersection. Donny hardly registered her brave end as she rushed at the small children crossing the street and she held up her stop sign to the on rushing car. She scooped up four youngsters and literally threw them to the safety of the corner that they were walking toward, saving their little lives, but losing her own.
    The boys' father held the pair together with his strength and the trio grew strong in his love. Five years, almost to the day, later their father met a tragic accident, again in the sight of young Donny. The boys loved to go to work with their father and on that fateful day Donny was playing with a customer's dog in the back yard as his father prepared to climb to the roof to repair a storm damaged mast head before the feed wires were frayed and shorted out causing a loss of power to the house.
    Fiberglass ladders were available, but the cost was still high. Mr. Thatcher had an old reliable aluminum ladder that had been in use for many, many years and he had no problem with it. He was a cautious man and he always checked to make sure that the ladder was safe before mounting it. Even the most careful can not foresee a stupid accident about to occur.
    Rushing up the street toward a very untimely end was an old woman on her way home from luncheon with her lady friends. Two doors away from the house where the Thatcher's were working a child dashed out into the street after a fleeing ball. Diminished reaction time caused the woman to swerve to miss the child, but hit a power pole hard enough to break it off at the point of impact. A high tension line carrying fourteen thousand volts fell across the front of the house and across the metal rain gutter.
    Mr. Thatcher was already on the third rung of the ladder when the electrical charge traveled through the ladder and to ground. Mr. Thatcher was not grounded, had he been he would have become crispy critters in front of his son. Holding on the ladder was still serious enough with the amount of voltage passing through the ladder, but he was, in effect, in a parallel circuit. His death was not instantaneous as it would have been were he grounded, that fact saved the life of his youngest son. Donny was thirteen, he knew that something was wrong with his dad and he was rushing to his aide.
    Mr. Thatcher knew that if the boy touched the ladder he would fry in an instant. With all of the strength left, in his already dead body, he jumped free of the ladder and fell to the ground where young Donny covered him. A neighbor had seen what had happened and leapt the fence to knock the ladder to the ground with the wooden handle of the rake he had been using, thus averting additional tragedy from someone else touching the metal conduit.
    The downed power line had set fire to the front of the house so the man grabbed Donny and carried the screaming boy up the driveway and across the street. He was credited with saving Donny's life, but Donny blamed him for leaving his injured father laying on the ground. It has taken nearly three years and many hours of therapy for the youngster to deal with his loss. A child should never see his parents die, but to see both of them die, one at a time and in such a tragic way; add to that, at such a tender age, is more than most people could bear.
    Donny has just turned sixteen and will enter his junior year when school takes up next week. He is still very emotional and should I voice my thoughts it would only bring him down. I had to bring the boys back and draw good memories to their minds.
    "Where did your dad come up with his company's motto?" I asked them. Donny giggled and David broke out in total laughter. Part of his laughter was produced by his pent up emotion from remembering his parents' death. He pointed at his little brother who told him to tell the story because he could remember it better.
    "Donny was about seven, maybe eight. He walked naked up to our dad holding a pair of shorts that had somehow gotten so tangled that he couldn't find the top. It was my thirteenth birthday and we were preparing to leave for a big pizza party with all of my friends and I was disgusted that the little twerp was still naked.
    "Donny left us all in stitches as he held up the bright red garment and looked at daddy dolefully, and said, 'Daddy, fix my shorts.' It wasn't so much what he said as how he said it. He was standing their stark naked and he had a tiny boner; Donny has always had a constant boner and I always teased him about it. He loved to watch me jack off and he would lay beside me and do it too, I was afraid that he might tell so I offered to suck his dick if he promised never to tell.
    "Every night we would get in bed and he would crawl up on top of me and place his dick in my mouth then grab my cock and slow jack me. His little hand felt so good around my dick that I just lay back and enjoyed myself. I had seen two other older boys fuck each other and I had been letting them fuck me for about three or four weeks so I was ready for the next step, I got Donny to fist me with his tiny hand and arm. He didn't want to do it at first because he didn't want to get poopy on him so I put my finger up his butt while I sucked him and he became my sex slave.
    "I guess I got off in the wrong direction, but I see a lot of you guys are getting off on my tail tale. But back to the shorts, dad was laughing so hard at the little horn dog that he was crying and couldn't straighten out the shorts. I took them from him and picked Donny up and carried him under my arm to the bedroom. At the pizza place dad was telling some other parents about what happened and how Donny's feet were kicking and he was squealing as I carried him out of the room with his little naked ass sticking up for all to see.
    "He rubbed Donny's head and said, 'These boys have always been my good luck, but this one just gave me the motto for my company that I have been seeking.' Mom liked to draw and she came up with this logo of Donny's butt and a pair of pliers pulling at the waist band of his shorts. Dad had her add the two power poles with lines on them and the lightening bolts to show that they were talking about electricity. He didn't want anyone getting a wrong idea." The logo kind of reminded me of the old suntan lotion add with the puppy tugging at a little girl's swim suit, only this picture was only a cute little tush with no body shown. Power lines ran across the top of the picture with one line hanging down. Lightening bolts, or sparks, were around the downed line and a pair of long nosed pliers hung in mid-air as they tugged at the waist band of the bright red shorts. Nothing inappropriate, no naked tushy, just shorts and pliers and the suggestion was enough. Stylized lettering underneath simply stated, "Let us fix your shorts" then smaller block letters read, "Thatcher Electric", very cute and very catchy.
    "Dad had a gross of tee shirts printed up in all sizes and I thought maybe some of the guys would like to have one."
    Well they all did. The family is small, as far as clothing goes. I only buy small and medium clothes for them. Cas, Borne, and Tyler are the beefy ones, but they only wear a medium shirt, they did help David get rid of his stash as they choose the large size. David had fifty large and extra large tee shirts that nobody wanted to wear, although some of them thought that the large shirts would be good to lounge around in when the weather turned cold later on. Brad took four of the large size shirts for Lou and four of the X-large for Becky. Jay took four of the large for René, but I knew that they would swallow her up. I did see her wearing one when I stopped by unannounced one morning, she wears them as a night gown. They do swallow her tiny body. They are baggy and cover her down to her knees, but that is what a night gown is supposed to do.
    I looked at the label on the box that David had the shirts in and called the shop where they had been printed. I half expected and half hoped that they would still have the screens after more than seven years, an hour later I received a phone call from them telling me that they had found the screen. I ordered another two gross of the shirts, all in boy's small and medium long sizes, so many of the boys are taller than the mountains around our house and regular length shirts ride up showing their taut little bellies to the world. I am jealous as to who sees those bellies. I had the printer add another sixty shirts in small boy sizes for my newest members as well as Roddy and Gus. Gus is not growing anything, but a cock and I am watching him like a hawk. I remember how long it took my little Chrisy to grow, but he has filled out to be a nice boy at five seven and one hundred and twenty five pounds, twenty pounds of it is in his cock.

    I asked David if he wanted to tell the family who he was. He has always been a private person, but if he wanted to become a member of the family again I wanted him to feel as if he could tell his most personal secrets. Here in his own words is what he had to say.
    "I always enjoyed going to work with my dad, just him and me doing man stuff. I was a grown up thirteen and I had a little brother who was about seven or eight when all of this happened and…well quite frankly he was a pain in the ass. I couldn't stand being around the sniveling cry baby all of the time. He always got his way and usually his way got me into trouble.
    "Dad had been working for this one family for a long time and I knew where everything was. He was putting low voltage lights around their flower beds, along the sidewalk, and along the driveway. He had just received the lights that he had ordered to shine up on the front of their house and the underwater lights for a large fountain that sat in the middle of a circle formed by the driveway. I guess these people were rich because I had seen part of the house and our house could have easily fit inside theirs with lots of room left over.
    "My dad asked me to go around back and disconnect the transformer for the lighting system. I ran around behind the house and to the back side of the garage where the main electrical service came onto the property. When I turned the corner I stopped dead in my tracks. There is this big old wooden bench type swing in a little private garden behind the garage. The area is surrounded by tall hedges and is full of bright colored flowers, but that is not what I saw. Sitting in the swing was the fourteen year old kid that lived there.
    "He wasn't alone. He was naked and had another kid that I knew sitting in his lap, only the kid that lived there had his dick up inside the ass of the other kid. I could see it very plainly and it was all of the way up in his ass. I have always been very bold and nothing ever frightened me, I just walked up as bold as could be and took a very close look. I heard my dad say something and I hurried and shut off the power to the transformer box then flipped both of the breakers inside it to the off position. I ran back up the drive to tell dad it was off, but I was going to talk to my friends, Jason and Eric.
    "I might tell you a little background on Eric here. There is a very large city park near our house where I used to go and play all of the time. There is a small pond there that is full of gold fish and one day I was down there playing and tossing bread to the fish when I heard a loud crash. I climbed up the hill to see what had happened, I thought that it was a car wreck. I saw people running from all over the park toward the tractor that they used to cut the grass with so I got on my bike and went over there.
    "I knew Eric from school and I had ridden my bike alongside of him many times, but I was not ready for what I saw that day. Eric was laying on the ground with this large piece of a steel lawn mower blade buried in his back, right across his back bone. The ambulance came and took Eric away and I didn't see him again for almost two years. Now here he was bouncing on Jason Redmond's cock and grinning from ear to ear.
    "Both guys begged me not to say anything to anybody at school and they told me that they would suck my dick if I would keep quiet. Well, I am a healthy, horny thirteen year old who only knew one way of jacking off so a blow job sounded okay to me.
    "I learned that Eric had his spine cut and had to spend a long time in a hospital. His parents had bought the house next to Jason's and remodeled it so that Eric could have a downstairs bedroom. My dad had worked in the house during remodeling and put in all kinds of new wiring and shit, but I had never been in the house.
    "Jason's house is about a half a mile from my house, on the other side of that same park so I rode over there and learned about sex from them every few days. They are both about a year older than me, but they were nice to me and when I found a boy that wanted to be sexy with me we asked them to teach us what to do. I was fifteen by then and they were both seniors and I felt so cool having two older dudes to talk too.
    "There was another kid at school that was in a wheelchair, his name was Taylor Thornbury. When he was ten he was crushed between a car tire and the curb causing him to end up paralyzed. Taylor and I got to be good friends and Eric outed us to each other. Taylor was the first boy I ever fucked. He moved away to some hospital in another state and I never saw him again.
    "I never had a steady boyfriend after that, but I was always on the look out for someone who would let me suck their cock and hopefully get mine sucked. Tyler over there—he nodded at our Ty Youngman—and I started to mess around some and he loved sucking cock almost as much as I did, but then he ran away when his old lady caught us sucking each other just a few days after my mother caught him sucking me in my bedroom. I was very careful from then on and never sucked no dude where anybody might catch us.
    "I had a lot of dudes come up to my dorm room when word got out that I liked cum, but nobody ever fucked me before I moved into this house. Now I love it. I have to tell you this so that you will know, Cedric never fucked me, he was a bottom, all of the way. He wanted me to fuck him all of the time and I didn't mind because I don't like nobody to do me except you guys and any or all of you can do me anytime you want. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

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