Chapter 57


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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by: Cory Dickson
and Jimmy Watkins
The final entry?

    I don't know. I really don't know what to say. I will try to do what dad would have done. Jimmy has always been dad's typist, haven't you noticed the typos? Hehehe, Just type, Jimmy, I'll do the narration. Don't you just hate a pushy secretary? And this one throws things, too.
    I have a tale to tell that is most difficult. As you remember, dad and Cullen had been called to an audience before the Royal Princess. It was early in the morning and the coronation was that afternoon. Well she was crowned, but my daddy…You are going to have to forgive me. All of the family is like this. We just can't hold ourselves together. We cry all of the time. The little guys are the worst and they get the rest of us to crying. Poor Pete. He sits in the corner with his whole body wrapped around daddy's bed pillow. We have so little of daddy with us over here.
    We don't know what will become of us. See, actually we don't exist. Daddy and Andy brought us in on the big black plane with the big script letters on the side that said, "fŗĩęñďş Çłųß". We had flown straight in from England in the middle of the night and were whisked away to a hotel and into our rooms under very tight security. Cullen was in disguise and intermingled in with the rest of us. A lot of us were disguised to look like Cullen. Not even our mother's could tell us apart. Well I guess you remember that because Jimmy says he typed all of that up for daddy.
    It was after eleven and we were all getting antsy. The coronation was to take place at one p.m. Where was dad? Should we get dressed? We didn't have a clue. Andy walked in with several other men. They told us all to come in and sit down. Andy stood before us as everybody else looked at him. All of his men were sitting with us in groups of two and three.
    "Boys, Chris and Cullen were killed this morning." The room was deadly silent. All of us hoped it was a sick joke. When Andy didn't change his expression we started to cry. Despair fell on us like a heavy England fog. One that seems to roll in as it gets thicker and heavier. Nobody spoke. We reached for anyone nearby to hold onto. I was so glad that I was sitting by Pete. I don't know which of us loves my old man more. I am too much like him in that I like to fuck around and not be tied down to one person. Pete, on the other hand, is totally devoted to daddy. He wants to live with daddy for the rest of his life.
    Pete will fool around with any of us, when daddy is around. If daddy is not with us Pete is like a mother, flitting about to make sure everything is just right and everybody is so happy. Daddy's passing is having a terrible effect on him. I don't know much about it, but I told Andy to look at Pete. He told me that Pete was in shock and that somebody needed to be with him, every minute, every second. I looked at Andy and grinned. He nodded and told me that he needed somebody to at least hold his hand when he went to pee. He stressed it to me to not move more than a few feet away from him and if the smell became to great that I should put a wet towel over my nose. Ugh, Andy is too graphic.
    I am sitting on the floor in front of Pete's chair. He has his legs crossed Indian style in the chair as he hugs the pillow. I have his left toe in my right ear and his right toe in my left ear. I reach up and stroke his feet. Well, anyway, I have to hurry up and tell you this so that Jimmy can do it over into HTML. Daddy usually does that, but Jimmy has been learning so I hope you get the story. He is going to bounce it off of the satellite to Nifty.
    Oh, I'm sorry. I am so shook up that I don't know what I have said or not said. Jimmy had to read this back to me so that I could remember to tell you what you need to know. Nobody really knows yet what or why, but here's what we have been told.
    The new queen is from what used to be the USSR. She has a lot of ties to the old political system and there are many people on both sides that want to see her dead. The old King had a wandering cock, that doesn't make him all bad except he liked girls. He took this little fifteen year old girl that he met on one of his hunting trips to the Alps and he alped on her. Just type what I say, dude. You can say it your way later. Secretaries, anybody want to take his place? AS I WAS SAYING, he alped this little girl and she had a daughter. The King hid the little girl away at his hunting lodge and provided for her all of the rest of her life. He raised the little girl as his daughter, but she didn't know who he was. She was kept in the dark, I guess. So when she see's this TV news thingy about Cullen getting fucked and sucking cocks they shows this picture of the King and say that Cullen's the King's grandson and heir apparent to the throne.
    She's not having any of that. She's his daughter, illegitimate, but blood all the same. She pushes her claim and pushes Cullen out of the running. She has a son that is near to Cullen's age so he is next in line when she croaks it. So it doesn't look like our boy will have to sit on that big old chair needing a hot cock after all.
    But that's okay nobody wants Cullen on the throne either. I guess somebody has been trying to find out if the people want to rid themselves of a monarchy and elect their new leader. So far there has been no support found for that. This is a powerful country because of its location and rich resources. The big money wants control. And a fag on the throne would not put them in good stead with the other nations.

    Daddy and his sister had gone with Cullen to visit with the new queen to be. They got into the armored cars to head over to the cathedral where the coronation was to take place. When the motor cade came up out of a long tunnel at the edge of town a hand held rocket ripped into the queens car, killing everyone inside. Would aunt El and the Queen be bastard's? I mean they're girls, yeah, but their old man wasn't married to their mother's. Just write, dude. We'll never get this done.
    Nobody knew that the queen had gotten into the second car so that she could talk to her niece. Daddy and Cullen were in the lead car. They weren't supposed to be.
    I have to hurry and get dressed. As daddy's legal son I am the next of kin so I have to go identify daddy's body. I have to do it. I can't let Pete go through that.
    Okay, just a couple of quick lines. The plane is loaded and waiting to take off. I grabbed Jimmy so we can get this whipped off to you. I went to that mor…mur.that place where dead bodies are. They took me and Mike in. Well Mike doesn't know shit, but he is a Dickson so the local police made him come too. What we saw could not really be called people. The bodies were so badly burned. I made the people down there really talk about the sick Americans as I identified what was on that table in the only way I knew how.
    I picked up the charred cock and moved the balls aside. I saw a tiny mole that only somebody who had had those balls in his face before would know existed. Then I went up under the scrotum and looked real close. I got a magnifying glass from a doctor and looked until I found his GPS thingy. I went to the other table and that body was worse. It was the size and shape of Cullen, but that was about all. The cock on that body was gone, it looked like it was bit off, guess daddy died happy. I took the magnifying glass and looked at Cullen and found his device thing too. I was sure that these were their bodies. Nobody knows what I was looking for and I hope that they don't find them. But I know in my broken heart that my daddy and my cousin are dead.
    Nobody will tell us where we are going, but Andy and several of his men are with us as are, I guess all, of his men that flew over with us. We are being told to put our tables up and sit our seats upright so that we can take off. Hurry Jimmy send it.

    Okay, I got a minute here so I am going to do something that I hope Cory doesn't kill me for. By the way, I'm Jim Watkins. I have been helping daddy write all of his memories since just after I moved out to Arizona. He has taught me HTML coding. He says what we use is baby stuff, that real coders make pretty pictures for web-sites. Still I think it is kind of cool with the things I have been learning to do to enhance our feedback. My main contribution is the point and click links to all of Carl's stories. I was e-mailing daddy to tell him that I couldn't find some of the old stories about other boys Uncle Carl writes about. He had me e-mail Uncle Carl, his royal self, and the two of us worked back and forth as we learned how to write that code. And did you like that poll back there about Cullen the King. That was moi, mercí. Thank you, thank you. You may kiss my shiny purple glans with your uvula.
    If I could, I guess I would like to go live with Uncle Carl when grandmother dies. He is really old, sixty something I think. He is sick and very fat so he can't get around too good, but oh, does he love us boys. I love to snuggle up and sit in his lap as he caresses me and sings to me. He and I get along so good `cause we work on his stories together. I have met most of the boys in his stories. They are mostly grown up, but they all love him so much. They tell me that they are glad I am here for him. I think that is where I want to go. Maybe Christopher will go with me, or Cory, or Lew, or Jan. Fuck it, let's all go live in his tiny one room at the old folks home.
    We don't know what is going to happen to us. Daddy was our cement and our driving force. Without him I don't know if we can stay together. I really fear for Jay, Jeff, Chad, Kyle, Evan, and Mark. Dad is protecting them until the trials of their families after the new year. With him gone I hope the state doesn't make them go home and live in a shelter somewhere. That's what daddy was afraid of. Brad and Jay will be okay, they'll just go home and suck up. Hehehehe, I made a funny.
    Jace, Branden, and Frank are in the middle of adoption. There are so many really bad people who want to see them dead that they can't go home. Daddy has plans for Toby and little Kenny that I know they will like. But the rest of us…My grandmother is sick, Christopher has his grandmother. Turner has Tyler and Lew has Cas. Jerry and Luke are emancipated as is Cory. Gerald and Luke are of legal age and so is Pete. Trevor and Alec, of course, have their dad, Kenneth. Jan could work out a deal with his brother. But Art, Eric, and Mike? I know that Pete will try to keep them together and if I know Cory he will be there with them.
    I would like to ask you, what would you have us do? No polls, just e-mail us. I'll continue to use daddy's e-mail as it is already there and we don't have to change a lot of stuff.
    Readers…I'm scared. I'm only fifteen years old and I'm a fag. Who would want me?

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