Chapter 65


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    "Toby is riding in Jim's RV with Pete and us." Jerry told me. I knew that. What I didn't know is what was going on in that RV. Pete has held Toby nearly all the way from New York. The boy is torn apart because he didn't tell me about what he knew. Jerry laid, as he knew it, the whole sordid tale out before me. I love my kids. They care about each other. None of them has ever had to tattle on another with the exception of Mike's original deception. Jerry was not tattling now. He wanted me to take Toby aside and let the boy tell me his story.
    We headed inside. My breakfast had been interrupted and I was starving. I am on the edge of hypoglycemic, just the opposite of diabetic. When my blood sugars get too low I get weak and can loose consciousness. I went to the table and said my hellos. I grabbed a plate from the stack the waitress had left and headed for the line. Ahab was wiping the serving line down. A very large waitress stepped from nowhere to stand right in my face, a neat trick since I stand six foot two.
    "Do all of those children belong to you? They need to leave now. We are not an all day grazing patch. I work for a living and need my tables for paying customers." There it was, she works for tips.
    "Are we eating too much, Ahab?"
    "Why no, Chris. You are always welcome here." The waitress's face blanched. She had no idea that her boss was behind her.
    I looked at her name badge with a piece of lace glued around its edges, "Wanda, my boys will eat their fill as will I, then we will leave. But just so you don't worry, I do tip very well. As a father of thirty six teenage sons, I know very well how much they can eat and how much of a mess they can make. You stand to make more off of my group this morning than you would normally make in a week. However, service is not the only criteria by which I gage the amount I tip, attitude plays such a major role in my decision." Ahab smiled at me as I piled my plate with biscuits and his thick, sausage gravy. Pig out time. I'll have to hide the plate of concentrated animal fat from Gerald.
    The boys made a place for me so I scooted in between Toby and Ken. I pushed Toby to the floor. He looked at me in surprise as I giggled. "Sorry, didn't see you there. Let me give you a hand." He reached up to me and I began to applaud. His face quickly turned to anger. He glared at me then he softened. He got up and got himself a new chair to sit next to me. He put his left hand around my right bicep. I was still toying with him. I lifted a fork full of gravy to my face so quickly that Toby fell out of chair the other way. This time he fell on me. "Are you okay? You seem to be having a problem sitting up." His eyes narrowed. I kissed him, "Good gravy?" He grimaced as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.
    He sat beside me and stared at me as I ate. I leaned over close and whispered at him, "I love you. You can talk to me. I don't bite too hard. I hardly ever draw blood when I do bite." He leaned over and kissed my cheek.
    "I don't deserve you, you know?" He stated.
    "So who does?" Those near enough to hear broke out in laughter, Toby included. That made me feel better.
    I looked at the four boys across from me. They sat together, still unsure of what they had just experienced. "Boys, I am so sorry that your mother's said and did those things to you."
    "Don't call them our mothers. I don't have a mother and I never want to hear anything about her again." Les was red faced with anger. His hands were balled up in fists. He wanted so bad to lash out, but there was nothing near for him to hit on. He was looking straight at Branden. I looked at Branden and he ducked his head. He has been sounding off long enough about the drugged out woman he had seen in the dungeons in France. I was going to put a stop to this right now.
    "All eyes right here. All ears right here." Absolute silence came over the entire restaurant. "The Word of God tells us to "Honor your mother and your father, that your days shall be long upon the earth." It does not say to love them, but to honor them. I will tell you the truth, with the possible exception of Ken and Jace, who's mothers we don't know, not a one of you has a parent worthy of licking the sweat off of your balls to prevent them dying of thirst." That got laughter from more than just the family.
    "So how do we honor someone who is not honorable? We honor them by being the very best we can be. We keep ourselves wholesome and clean. We serve others with honor. We make the name we bear worthy of notice and honor, in spite of what they may be or do. YOU, do what is right and good in the eyes of God. That is honor to your forefathers and worthy of the Grace of God.
    "I know that you guys were hurt this morning, but that is what our Lord is for. He is there for you. He will always love you, no matter what. He will always forgive you, anything, just ask Him. You must forgive those who have hurt you and pray for them as Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. Remember that the Bible also says that, "if there is no forgiveness in you, there is no forgiveness for you." If you wish to be forgiven your sins, then do as the Lord's Prayer states, "forgive us our sins as we forgive others." My gravy was cold. I got up to get another plate of food. My phone rang. Det. Jamieson told me that she had lined up a judge.

    "Hi, ma." A skinny kid of about sixteen said as Wanda passed around our table refilling drinks.
    "Been down at the bus station being a perverted little homo all night?" she sneered at the lad.
    "Gotta earn a livin sum ers, ma."

    "Look over there, that's Randy." Jerry nudged Tim. I told them to go bring him over to eat with us, my treat. Wanda didn't like that a little bit. Randy told the boys that he spent the early morning hours at the bus station and early evening in a local park sucking cock. Sometimes a john would suck him. He could make two hundred dollars a day easy. The cops didn't bother him, they were his biggest tippers.
    He knew the kid who had shanked Jerry's dad. He and Randy had been fuck buddies. He had been the one who taught Randy to take a big cock down his throat and the only one who ever bare backed him. Randy was torn apart when he watched the cop that he had just sucked off go over and bust his buddy. Course the guy brought it on himself for sitting there smoking a joint so that the smoke wafted across the family with three small children having a picnic nearby.
    Randy told Jerry that he had sent his friend the story about preacher Thompson abusing his son. His friend was all too happy to take care of the chomo. Jerry hit the kid so hard in the mouth that he knocked two front teeth out. "Now you can suck cock without biting the dude." Jerry stalked out of the restaurant followed closely by his brothers.

    I paid the tab. Ahab whispered at me that he was going to fire Wanda, Randy was in there causing trouble every day. I pulled out two hundred dollar bills for Ahab to give to Wanda. He held my hand as he opened his cash drawer. He pulled out a fifty and handed it to me along with one of the hundreds. He took two twenties and a ten out and put it in Wanda's tip jar behind the counter. I told him that wasn't enough for thirty eight meals. He waved me away with the back of his hand and invited me to stop again sometime.

    "A couple of changes, guys. Pete, Toby get onboard Traveler. Pete's eyes smiled before his mouth did. Lance, Les, in the car. I took a map and showed the drivers where we were going. Four large RVs would be lucky to stay together through traffic. I pointed to a corner where Det. Jamieson had told me we could park the RVs. The boys went to a little park across from the courthouse as Lester, Lance, and I walked away with Det. Jamieson and the local attorney that Bull had worked with for Tim and Jerry. Bull had filled him on the two new boys and he had everything we needed to rush this through. Tim and Jerry came running up behind us. They wanted to be there to support their little brothers. I put an arm around each of them. My boys are really something else.
    The judge was a southern bigot, but he was bound by his robes to uphold the law. He would bend the letter of the law to get two more faggots out of his county. He granted the boy's petitions with nothing more than our attorney requesting it. We had a five hundred dollar cash fee to be paid to the court for expedient filing. I asked the judge if I should give it to the cashier out front. He told me that he could take care of it for me since I was anxious to get on the road. I laid the money on the front edge of his bench making sure that my moves were very open. Also open was my cell phone camera at the plaintiff's table. I had videoed the entire session for something; at the time I didn't know what. Now I did.
    As I took my seat I looked at the phone to see a text message from Andy. He had received the pictures. I told the two new young adults to go with Tim and Jerry. "Mind them boys, no trouble okay." I admonished. I grabbed the attorney's hand and nodded at the Detective to follow me. I walked back to the bench. The judge had just placed the money in his pocket. I pulled out my badge and asked to see the file folder for our case. The bailiff was at the bench in seconds with his hand on his gun. The attorney looked at the file folder and shook his head no. The file had no mention of the five hundred dollars.
    I was looking at his name placard on the front of the bench, The Honorable Fred Wilson. "You are no longer honorable Mr. Wilson. You are under arrest for soliciting and accepting a bribe." I showed him the video of our proceedings. "These pictures were broadcast live to my headquarters, sir. Bailiff, take this man into custody. Det. Jamieson has my badge number and information to fill out the arrest report."
    I ran the rental car back out to the truck stop and had them take me back to my family so that we could get the hell out of dodge.

    The boys seemed to be in unusually high spirits. I just assumed that they were as anxious to get home as I was. I didn't learn until three hours later what the little imps had been up too. Well, not all of them. Just Jerry and Tim, but the other boys knew all of the details and they were very happy that two of our newlyweds made good on an old promise.
From chapter 37:

We hope that it will be legal to get married when we turn eighteen. We want a big wedding with all of our brothers there. We're going to take lots of pictures and send them to our dads and all of their friends and families. We are going to buy full pages in the local newspaper and have our wedding pictures printed, in full color. I have dad's church directory so that we can send big 8x10 color prints to everybody dad knows," Jerry said.

    We pointed the RVs back to I65. We would have to swing a little east, through Montgomery, then north to Birmingham and on to Nashville. Suddenly I woke up to a simple fact. Andy, my sweet electronics genius, had wired all of the RVs for satellite reception and the boys all had their laptops. I made a conference call on my cell phone to tell the swamper, the person riding shotgun, to have everybody log on to me. We set our chat at the bottom of the screens and began to research the area we were passing through.
    The boys found truly obscure points of interest as the miles rolled underneath the wheels of our ride. We found that 'Sticky' Mo was moving a wagon full of hardware when he got stuck in the mud along a small creek. A traveler passed by, but couldn't help Mo get out of the mud, but he bought some hardware. By the time someone came along with a team big enough to help the young merchant get out of the mud the wagon was almost empty. All day long, people traveling along this trail bought hardware items from him. Mo pulled his wagon off of the road and built a hardware store that is still in operation at the original site. I told the boys that they should save all of this and then they could write a paper for their teachers to get extra credit. I wished I could have heard their enthusiastic response to my suggestion. I know they loved the idea, the little dears.
    A few hours out of Mobile the boys started yelling for me to log into a local TV news broadcast on the internet. There on the screen were Jerry and Tim, arm in arm announcing their wedding to the entire area. Someone was holding up a 8x10 picture of the boys in their colored tuxedos. The reporter went on to remember some of the boys' achievements as they had grown up and attended high school in town. He remembered well Jerry's gymnastic abilities and asked him if he still competed. Jerry told him that he did compete at his new high school, but they didn't have the programs there that he had in Mobile. Tim told the reporter that he still played football, but that he didn't get to play this year.
    Jerry and Tim had come out of the court house to see a TV crew sitting up to do a news story. They talked to the reporter who knew them from the years past and he was glad to do their story for them. He filmed them as they told of the abusive life they had lived at the hands of men who were supposed to nourish and protect. them. They hadn't really thought about being gay, but were kind of pushed that way as they sought someone, anyone, to hold onto during the worst times. They told him that they were going to buy televison time and announce their marriage to the whole state while they kiss each other. The reporter told the boys that they didn't need to buy time. This was news and he would get it on the noon edition of the news, even if it cost him his job. He would do everything possible to get it on again at the evening news and then late night.
    The editor of the local newspaper heard their entire story and they told him what they wanted to do. He sold them a full page spread and he used a picture of them in their colored tuxedos that one of the boys had taken as they stood before the judge. But he sold them the full page at a ridiculously low price. Now they couldn't wait to get home and start mailing pictures to everybody in Pastor Thompson's church. I laughed so hard I was hurting. I hurt as I thought of the misery these boys may have cost themselves. But most of all I had to admire their tenacity. They had balls, no doubt about that.
    Jerry got an e-mail. Seems that a very large news group out of Atlanta wanted to tell the boys' story. They wanted a face to face interview. Jerry e-mailed back that he was on the road and had a time schedule to get home for school Monday morning. A drive to Atlanta was not possible. Tim was driving, but he told Jer to go ahead a let them air the footage from the friend in Mobile. An hour later their story was broadcast to the world. The new station had footage of the actual wedding that had been taken by their news crew in Chicopee. The other boys could be seen, but the clip edited them out and only showed part of Tim and Jer gettin hitched. They were going to be known after this. I wondered how many kids at their school had seen the broadcast.

    I disappeared to the back bed with Toby and Pete. I had Toby raise up and sit on my cock while he faced me. We lay on our side as Pete slid up alongside of me and Toby took his first double dick. I looked him in the face and kissed his tears of pain away. "This isn't for fun today, Toby. We're both big enough that we can hurt you. I want you to feel the hurt. There are three sweet boys traveling along on this trip that have been in a position to know the pain that I think that you want to talk to me about."
    "I wanted to tell you, ask Pete. I…I'm afraid that you will kill me and throw me out beside the highway if you learn what I know."
    "I'm going to tell this to you so that you understand me. Pete loves you. I happen to think a great deal of you. I'll admit that I have been upset since I found out that Ken is Ibrahim's son." That got a reaction. The boy clamped down on both of the cocks up his ass causing him serious pain, but giving Pete and me some real feel good. "I assure you that we will not kill you and throw your body out beside the road. After we kill you we are going to cut you up and make you into a stew. We will eat the meat and toss the bones out the window as we go down the highway." I had two really big eyes staring deep into my own eyes. "I love you Toby. You are safe in my care, always. So is Ken. None of this is his fault and for sure it is not your fault. We will get on with our lives, but it helps to know our enemy."
    "Kenny is my sister's boy. I delivered him myself. No one would help us. I was six years old and my sister was twelve. She bled all over me as I pulled Kenny out of her. Chris it can't be true." Toby continued.
    "Ibrahim is his father. That is certain."
    "Oh, no. I saw my uncle fuck my sister almost every night. One time when Ibrahim came over they made me sleep in the front room. I never thought that they might be…"
    "Toby, you were five years old. What would you know about what might go on? It is not your fault. You have been wonderful to love and protect Kenny. Do you know where your sister is?"
    "That Iman that was at my parents house, he came and took her away when Kenny was five. I was eleven. My mother and father were brought to America and I got to live with them. I had to keep Kenny out of their way. They did not like him. I bathed him and I dressed him. I took him on the bus and we went to charity centers where I found plenty of clothes for him. Chris, until you bought him that suit for the coronation he had never owned anything new in his whole life.
    "Ibrahim came to see my dad often. I would put my ear to the door and listen. I heard him talk about a man who had hundreds of gay boys that he was using to make money from. I heard him say that he was going to overrun the school where they were and kill all of the boys and the man that ran the school. He left stuff there for my dad to look over. He was supposed to go to the school and take pictures for Ibrahim.
    "When dad went to work and mom went out one day I dug in their hiding spot and looked at all of the pictures. There were a lot of pictures of you. Some of them had you and Cullen and one with Christopher in it. I saw pictures of Pete and he seemed to be in charge of boys who were letting men play with them or something."
    I had to think. Then it hit me. We have a security breech. There is nothing to be done on the road, but we had to seal a serious leak. "What did you do with this knowledge?"
    "Chris, I know you won't believe me, but I wanted to stop them. I don't know how, but I had to try."
    "So you made copies of all of the maps and pictures. Was it all in English?"
    "No a lot of it was in Arabic."
    "What did it say?"
    "I don't know, I don't read that hen scratch."
    "Toby, that is the language of your people, don't put it down. How do you read the Quraón?"
    "I don't. I ain't no towel head." He caught my look. "I'm sorry. I guess that makes me just as bad as I think they are doesn't it? Chris, I am Christian. Ever since I was old enough to read my neighbor told me about Jesus. She used to have me read stories of His love in her Bible. I could read English, but not Arabic. My father could not understand. He thought that it was a gift. My teacher held up texts in both languages and I could read the English, and as far as they knew, I had never been taught the language so this must be a sign from God."
    "How did you get all of the copies you made into Andy's car?"
    "That part was easy. The Iman told my dad that you were the worst of infidels. You were homosexual and you stole boys and made them your sex slaves. Ibrahim had brought him proof that these things were happening wherever your school was. The Iman took my hand and told my dad that he should take me and go to where this school was and I could help him get pictures.
    "Kenny had seen the murder of Ishy's brother the night we left. He was so scared, but I had to go with my dad."
    "You know that the Iman ordered Jamele's murder don't you?"
    "Who's that?"
    "Ishy's brother. Your Iman ordered Tyrone to kill Jamele as he left your apartment that night. "
    "That was Tyrone in the handcuffs? I never knew his name. I have heard of Tyrone and I had seen that kid, but never put the two together. There's something else I want you to know. He is not my Iman. I know what he is. He is full of hate for the people who let him live in their buildings. He hates the people who sell him his food. He hates the people that gave him a job so that he can remain in this country. And he hates this, the greatest country in all of the world and wants to see it totally destroyed.
    "I am not Muslim. I never was. I learned about Christ when I was taking care of Kenny. An old woman who lived next door to my uncle used to read to me from her Bible. Please believe this because it is the truth. Jesus used to come to me at night and hold me in his arms as I watched Kenny sleep. He tells me all of the time how much he loves me. Do you know that you have dozens of angels around you and the boys all of the time? When we got off of the plane the other day we began to sing. I don't know your songs, but I am trying to learn them. All around us and in the air over us were angels. I know that people won't believe me, but I have seen them."
    "Toby, I am so proud to hear you say that. I hear the angels when they join our praise and worship. On some occasions I see something like heat waves as they move about. Sometimes I will see them hug someone I am praying for, but not clear enough to tell what they look like. What you are saying only shows me that God is with you."
    "Well let me tell you how he blessed me. If you look at the picture of Cullen on a table." I cringed. He had seen that picture? "The man to Cullen's right was at my house with Ibrahim one night. When my father and I were trying to find the school I saw him again. He was with a man named Oscar. They were talking behind this building. Andy drove in and Oscar hurried up to meet Andy then went inside this building with him. My dad was walking around asking people if they knew of a boy's school in the area. My dad has a shifty look and of course he is Arab so nobody would tell him anything. I ran over and put the pictures through the open window in the back seat of Andy's car."
    "How did you know Andy?"
    "He is wearing a red sash in one of the pictures and it has a badge on it so I figured he was a cop. I felt as if God was telling me that Andy was my friend and needed my help so I just had to take a chance."
    "Next question. How did you get the job at the base?"
    "The first man, the one in the picture came around the corner and I was still close to Andy's car. He saw me and we recognized each other. He asked me what I was doing up in that part of the state. I told him that I was looking for a job, did he know of any. My dad came up and the man looked at him and they pretended that they did not know each other. The man said that for an enterprising youngster with ambition he could always find a job. He led me to his car and took me to the base. We both waved bye to my dad who was all smiles. The man took me in and gave me a jump suit and some deck shoes and a rake. He told me to rake around your building that some VIPs were coming in.
    "I saw you come in from across the base in that big black bus and I just made myself look busy. I waited all day for him to come back and he never showed. When you came out my heart jumped within me. I knew in my soul that God had put us together and that you were going to help me and Kenny."
    "The man you call Oscar, have you ever seen him anywhere else?"
    "Yes, when you told me to go see your lawyer with my parents so they could sign those papers for you. Oscar was the one who helped us. He and dad whispered to each other when they thought I couldn't hear them. Oscar was excited because the paper work that had been prepared gave him your name and he was all smiles when he looked at me and said the he hoped that we had a great time in Europe. He asked if I had known the Prince long and I didn't know who he meant. I looked at him and told him that he knew that I didn't know anybody, I had just gotten me the job the day before. He and my dad pushed me out of the door and Oscar shut it behind us."
    Now in case you think me some sort of super human guess again. I had long past wilted and just lay with my face against Toby's as he told me his story. Pete was kind of worked up so I pulled Toby on top of me and moved my cock so that his erection lay down the side of my growing member. Pete got into the saddle and made Toby enjoy himself. These two boys are very good together and I can feel their…what? Vibes? isn't that what some people call it. They do seem to have a spiritual connection. My mind wasn't on sex. I know, but it happens.
    The two boys lay together and slept a bit. I got up and sat in the large recliner with my lap top. My lap had to be licked clean first. Mark sniffed as I walked past him. He looked and saw Toby's remains and took it upon himself to kneel before me with a warm wash cloth and take matters to task. I came to life during his work session and was pleased with the job that he did for me as he cleaned up a matter that seemed to cum forth from all of his sweet efforts. Satisfied, he sat back on his haunches and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand then licked it clean. Jeff pushed Mark to the ground and the two of them took each other's needs to task as I logged into our secure data base.
    I located the folder with everything that the military had used to crush the attack at the academy. The pictures, maps, notes, and personnel list that Toby had supplied were marked with a code. I studied each page. I wanted blow ups, but had to settle for partial areas for the time being. My nagging question was how had anyone gotten hold of these pictures? Andy was not driving so I had him log in with me. We chatted back and forth with our thoughts. One thing for certain, we needed to check Oscar out. He was a fox in the hen house. We needed to know who the man was that met Oscar that morning.
    I was in England when these files appeared in Andy's car and Toby was with me. How long had they been in the car? Toby had been with the family for five or six days. Base B was brought on line with us as we brain stormed and went over our every step on an afternoon in September six weeks, a continent and a double murder ago.
    Randy is a marvel with computers. Within minutes he found when the pictures Toby had, had been downloaded from the system. He even knew by whom, more or less. They were downloaded by Andy from a work station at in non-secure location in Southeastern Turkey, six days after the New York party in July. At the exact same time Andy was logged into the system on a secure line from his office in Tucson. Randy found a server in Turkey that had avoided detection before. He closed that security hole instantly, but he explored awhile and found our real problem.

    Toby's sister had a different mother than he did. According to the records we had, Toby's mother was only twenty nine. Toby is eighteen. His mother would have been eleven. That concurred with the birth certificate information. We found out that the name listed as the father was not the baby's father, but his mother's father. He had taken his daughter to the hospital of the American company that he worked for in Kuwait. He was a naturalized American citizen of Egyptian decent. He lived in America for seven years as he studied petroleum engineering. He married an American girl who did not survive child birth. His daughter, Toby's mother was a U. S. citizen and Toby was born in a U.S. hospital. Toby is a citizen. His mother is a citizen. The man Toby knew as his father, married his mother when Toby was two. He raised her baby, and his daughter from his deceased first wife, by the strictest of Sunni Muslim codes. The man was not Toby's father nor was Toby's sister any relation to him, hence Kenny is of no blood relationship either. Toby's DNA said that he is closely related to Kenny…and…to Ibrahim. Possibly grandson. I closed my eyes and shook for awhile. That man is too much entwined into my life.
    The man Toby knew as father was of the Sunni sect with a passport from Kuwait. Sunni Muslims are the largest denomination of Islam. They are referred to as Ahl ul-Sunna, the folks of the tradition. The word Sunni comes from the word sunna which means the tradition of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad. Sunnis are also referred to as Ahl ul-Sunna wa-l-Jama'ah (people of tradition and congregation) which implies that the Sunnis are united. Sunni means follower of the sunna of the Prophet, with some details. I don't have a DNA sample on him. I wonder who he is related to.
    I heard the tiny beep which jarred me out of my mindless wondering. Another detail that I needed to take care of, a little light was flashing at the corner of my screen telling me that I had a secure communique from Detective Grant in New Jersey. I clicked onto it and almost shit my pants at what I saw.

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