Chapter 2252


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The six hundred pipe organ rang out in true tones with the majestic 'Call To Worship'. I could see Yuri working his little body around the very large keyboard arrary ten feet above the main floor and at the center of the brass pipes ranging up to sixty feet in length.
    Each pipe had been carefully taken from the old church in Ohio, cleaned, polished, and tuned then shipped to Arizona for reassembly and final tuning by master pipe organ builders. I had saved the old church in Ohio after their disasterous fire, but they had given up their beautiful organ. The church wanted to rebuild, but not on the scale of their former self, they didn't have the membership for a large church any longer.
    Shane Mason sat on the bench at the great organ, next to Yuri. Shane played the bass pedals and the lower keyboards while Yuri's fingers danced over the upper keys. Cal Eastman was wired into the church's sound system which carried the sound of his electric violin evenly throughout the sanctuary. Trevor Thomas stood in a small alcove above the baptistery to play his trumpet while Ronnie Cramer accompanied him playing the second trumpet part from an alcove on the opposite side of the baptistery. A seventy foot tall north facing window opened the sanctuary to the massive mountains around the camp. The thirty foot width of the window filled the wall between the boys' positions.
    The architects that I had brought to the project had built a church that was beautiful to look at and acoustically perfect. I don't like pretentious churches, but I do want to see the House of Heaven and hear every voice from God and every angel that speaks in His house. From the little ones that stand up front and sing 'Jesus Loves Me, This I know', to every individual voice in the choir should be heard as clear as the voice of the pastor delivering the sermon. Anything less will cause a worshiper to turn to another and ask what was just said. That breaks the connection between the Throne of God and the heart of the man.
    I missed having Cory's and my babies with us that morning. About fifteen youngsters walked up and down the isles taking a collection in tiny baskets to be used for the supplies of their Sabbath school classes. Petey did walk with the tiny ones. Those four boys may feel that they are two old to take that collection next year.
    A small chamber orchestra began to play from the main floor in front of the grand piano. Willie Wilson was playing a solo of a Praise Hymn that he had written two years earlier. Suddenly the recognizable hymn changed in timbre as Shane filled the church with the deep bass sounds of the organ.
    A few stanzas later Yuri began to play. The entire congregation was moved to sit before the Throne and listen to the most beautiful music being played by a group of boys ranging in age from nine to twenty one.
    Then the angles came down and begin so sing. The voices of boy choristers rang out from the front and the rear of the snctuary. Cullen's voice rang out above all of the rest as he stood at the railing of the balcony choir loft. The young King's voice has deepened when he speaks, but he works out daily to keep his ability to sing a sweet boy soprano. He trying to fool his nature, his voice will change, but for now all those that listen to him are blessed.
    I could easily pick out RD's baritone voice as he stood in the back row of the main choir loft beside the pulpit. I didn't know how a day of worship could be any better.
    Cas stepped to the pulpit and shouted, "PRAISE THE LORD!! Let everything that hath breath Praise ye the Lord." And the congregation shouted, "AMEN". Cas went into the Creation of the Sabbath. He shared that he Sabbath was created for man, not man for the Sabbath. He pointed out that the Sabbath was created at the beginning, on the seventh day when God rested.
    He presented passage after passage showing that the Sabbath day was never changed by God. Man changed the day of worship to suit himself. Most mainline churches reject the seventh day Sabbath to show that they are not Jews and choose to worship on the day of the sun god, Sunday.
    Hallelujahs, Amens, and Praise the Lord rang out from all around the sanctuary. I was proud of my boys' understanding of the Word, but my heart was really moved by the other people in attendance. There were whites as well as Indians present. There were many Hispanics there as well. I learned after the services that many traveled over sixty miles to the church whenever a Protestant pastor was due to speak from the pulpit.
    I needed to consult the people and see if they wanted to organize the church. At the current time it was simply a place of worship with no leaders and no staff. Nolan and Tristan cleaned the building and maintained the area around it. The old men from the village found preachers to come in, but I had no idea of how any monies collected were handled and who was using the edifice for whatever.
    A group of ladies that I had never seen before came up to me and asked for me and my family to join them for a potluck lunch. I told them that I had a very large family. I offered them an invitation to join with the students instead. They hesitated until I told them that they could bring the food that they had prepared along with them and mix it in with our meager offerings. hey accepted.
    When I got to the door I was pleased to see the Reverend Mr. Graypony embracing Cas. When they broke away Mr. Graypony looked at me and stuttered with enthusiasm, "This, this man, praise be for this man. He is from God Himself. I have read the Bible all of my life and I have attended many classes of study that showed me what the Bible says, but this man… I will have to go to my closet and read my Bible and do as Pastor Cas recommends, I will let the Holy Spirit tell me what the Bible really says.
    "I have always been told that the Sabbath keepers were wrong and mislead by the Jews. I don't believe that after today. Pastor Cas tells me that he will be here until the second weekend of January. If you wouldn't mind I would like to come and listen to more that you have to say."
    "Mr. Graypony, I would like to invite you to stop by my house here and study with Cas and some of the boys on Tuesday night at six o'clock."
    "I would be delighted to come. May I bring something?"
    "Yourself and your favorite Bible." He shook hands with me and then Cas again before he walked out to the road to get into his car. I will need to build a parking lot.

    Thirty of the worshipers joined us in the main cafeteria of building C. It is larger than the cafeterias in the dormitory buildings. It was also necessary to get the boys used to eating there where we would have room for all of the boys due to arrive in one more week.
    The boys were model young men, polite and courteous. Our guests were amazed that we only had vegetarian foods on the serving lines. They had brought all vegeterian casseroles from their homes. We all learned that all of us embraced the SDA teachings on health, diet, and the Sabbath. The visitors were overwhelmed and began to praise the Lord. The boys joined with them and in no time at all we were singing familiar hymns together.
    The group of visitors were seeking a church where they could worship freely. They told me that there were more than two hundred families within a sixty mile radius of the church. They were disenchanted with other churches in the area and didn't mind making the drive to the beautiful church at the edge of the ranch.
    We made plans to organize and get ourselves a charter. None of us wanted to be tied to the conference of any mainline church. Most of us held by the SDA teachings, but did not want the hierarchy that the denomination holds by.I told them about the church at the main campus of BAW, that is exactly what they wanted. I told them that they couldn't have Cas all of the time. They had to see about taking him away from his other church.
    I don't believe in leaving anything unsaid. Cas and I were fluttering our eyelids at each other as we spoke an entire story. Cas stood up with Tyler at his side and introduced his husband. There was total silence amongst the group. I pulled Cory to my side and introduced my husband to them. Timmy and Chrisy stood up as did Luke and Ģer took a bow and Jerry and Mark did the same.
    Jace and Frank giggled like a pair of school girls as they shared some private joke. Pete and Eddy, Sandy and Tim O., Mitch and Carroll, Ray and Dean, Al and Greg, Derrick and Darryl, Joey and Specs, Izzy and Josh, and Brad and Jay all stood and waved. The rest of the boys broke out in wolf whistles and cheers.
    "We won't hide anything or apologize either. I own ten schools by the name of Bradford Academy all over the world. These schools are havens for homosexual youth. I also own on Bradford Academy for girls right here in Tucson. All of the boys and men in this room today are gay. We love Jesus and do not believe that he created us for destruction. He loves us more than we could ever love Him. He is our Life.
    "Cas, and any visiting pastors to our church, preach Love and Forgiveness. Tolerance is not acceptable, complete and total acceptance of all people, just as they are, is the Way of the Lord our God."
    That gave our visitors something beside food to feed on. Our fellowship continued on until after two o'clock when many of them began to leave. Two families stayed back. I walked over to one with a boy of about twelve or thirteen. I learned that the small boy was fourteen, in the ninth grade, and gay. He was bullied and frightened for his life.
    The other family had a fifteen year old gay son that believed that God hated him. They told me that he was a very tortured boy. The family had an acreage a few miles south of the ranch. I invited the parents to allow the boy to spend the holidays with the students at the school. I suggested that they may want to pick him up and take him home to be with him on Christmas day.
    The first family had heard my offer and discussed it amongst themselves. They wanted to know if their son could visit as well. I told them that he could stay. I sent him over to a few of the boys in his age group and he seemed to fit right in. His parents thanked me, we exchanged telephone numbers and I had them sign an emergency treatment form before they left.

    The boys ran from the cafeteria to the bed areas, they had to get themselves ready for a hot night of story telling. Max and Ian had promised to finish telling their tale for all of us to get aroused too.
    We ate supper in building A's cafeteria. Everyone pitched in to help with the clean up, they even helped wash the dishes. We moved into the building's recreation area. It was much more intimate Everyone was invited to this session. I had been asked for permission by several boys to enjoy the companionship of the kitchen staff. I told them that it was up to the individual whether or not to participate with them. I smiled when I saw everyone of them with a cute and hung entwined with them.

    I looked around for Brad Jameson, he was sitting nearby and watching my every move. I pointed to the ground next to me. In a flash his pert ass was sitting in that spot and his eyes were as big as his smile. "Are you ready for your own GPP?" He moved a bit closer to me and told me that he was.
    "Brad, this won't be a quick fuck and forget. If you really want this to happen you must be prepared to have this old man pawing all over your body. I will suck parts of your body that you may have never had a mouth touch before. You will cum like a fire hydrant, often and a lot of boi juice. Then when I feel that you are ready emotionally I will enter you and make you cum again, and again, and again…" He got the point and he moved over to kiss me.

    Max sat back against the wall with his legs spread wide. Ian assumed his position between the outstretched legs with his back resting against his lover's chest. Max stroked Ian to erection as Ian turned to him for a kiss. The boys were up and ready to begin.
    "I left off when Max and I were laying in his bed watching the videos that my father had left for us. We got into the second video. It featured three boys, the two from the first movie and a new boy of about twelve. Max and I were fucking each other's brains out and the room smelled like it. After awhile we had to get up to change the sheets out and I turned to look at the TV. The younger kid was sucking both older boys' cocks at the same time. He had most of the glans of two cocks in his mouth as cum began to run down both shafts.
    "The kid kept sucking and licking until he cleaned every drop of splooge from each of the others. What happened next floored both of us. The one that I new to be my dad lay on his back and held his hard on up with one hand. The kid squatted over the cock and lowered himself down until the glans of my dad's cock disappeared inside his ass.
    "The second guy got between the legs of the other two and pushed his cock into the kid's ass next to my dad's. Both boys began to fuck the little kid very hard and he was screaming for them to go faster and deeper and harder. He was enjoying being double dicked.

    "Max shut off the DVD and TV then we took a long shower together. He held each other as we wound our bodies about the other one and kissed. We had little to say, we were in love and we let our bodies do all of the communicating necessary.

    "Sunday morning Max had to go pickup his mother at work. She had been working for thirty six straight hours and was very tired. She wanted to take us to an all you can eat breakfast place that Max and I both love. We got our trays and before we found a table we stopped at the food line. My favorite there is dried, chopped beef in a thick cream gravy and served over fluffy hot biscuits. I grabbed three glasses of various fruit juices and made my way to the dinning room.
    "Max's mother was setting her tray down at the table where my parents were seated. Max came up behind me and looked around then we sat down. Both of our moms told us to get up and move into seats side by side. They said that unless things had not gone well then new lovers should sit together.
    "That made Max uncomfortable, but I am used to it. My dad is a boy lover and he finds boys to travel with him in his truck as he moves around the country. He talks to me all of the time and he answers my questions about life as a boy. He has never touched me like that and I don't believe that he ever will.

    "We went back to school and all was well. One afternoon we had a surprise when Max took me home. A rental trailer was hooked up to my dad's car and it was backed up to my front door. Our hearts sunk in our chests as we both thought that I was moving. It wasn't me that was moving, it was Max.
    "We had more than enough room and the rent was easy for Max and his mother to move in with us and share our house. Max moved into my bedroom with me. He even moved his huge bed in and put my bed into an empty bedroom. Our parents asked us to keep the sex in the bedroom with the door closed, we agreed.
    "The two of us felt so lucky to be able to have sex together every day, and in our own bed. We got used to being together and soon we got careless.
    "Both of us are in deep love with each other and it is hard to keep our hands off of each other. One day, between third and fourth periods, we stepped into a space where we thought we would not be seen and kissed each other with deep passion. The hate words flew through the air. We looked up to see the coach and the vice-principal with four members of the football team watching us.
    "It turned out that the four jocks were on their way to the office to be expelled for masturbating each other in the shower the day before. Max and I had to join them. We were expelled and told that we could not return to the school for the rest of the year.
    "My dad went to the school to try and work something out. One of the jock's dads was there as well. The principal talked to both men at one time and told them about Bradford Academy in the woods a few miles north of Albany. When Max and I heard about it we wanted to check it out.
    "We drove up there the next day to visit. When we arrived we were shown into Mr. Bradford's office waiting room where we found Jefferies, over there, and Allenrod. Both of them were sitting with their fathers. All of us toured the campus and we were told that nudity abounded on the upper floors of the dormitory wings and that the boys had sex anywhere they could find a place to get down with each other.
    "Allenrod and Jefferies smiled, but their fathers frowned a lot. All three fathers left without us and we stayed to spend a weekend getting to know every boy there. We loved it and all four of us enrolled the week of Halloween. So here we are. We are BAG Boys and proud of it."

    Jefferies stood up. He had the body of a jock, firm, chiseled, and buff. He spoke loud for all to hear. "If it is alright I would like to tell you that Junior and TC have convinced their folks to let them attend the academy and they will be there when school starts back up next semester."
    "Thank you for that information, Mr. Jefferies, but it is not completely accurate. Thane Crampton Jr. and Tad Halstrom will be accompanying six other boys that were released from the hospital today.
    "Those six boys were placed in the camp to cure gayness where Mr. Franz Gobles over here was confined. They were in bad shape from their ordeal and had to spend several days getting well.
    "Charges have been filled against the parents of those boys and the courts had to intervene when their parents threatened bodily harm to the boys. They have been sent to us, here, while we try to determine which of my schools they should attend. All eight boys will be here tomorrow about noon."
    A cheer broke out from all around the room. Every boy there knew the pain that the six boys from the training camp must have. They also knew what it is like to be gay in a school that doesn't want them.

    There was not much sex in the story that we had heard from Ian, but still everyone in the room was very stiff. I placed my arm around fourteen year old Brad J. And pulled him to me. He melted against me, the boy was starved for affection; I intended to give him as much as he could handle.
    I turned the little mini man so that we could both lay flat on the floor. He is small, but hung. He barely stands five foot three inches tall and weighs in the neighborhood of eighty five to ninety pounds, if that. He does swing a two pound piece of meat, when its soft enough to swing. Elongated it spanned a full six inches from his sparse growth of light brown pubes to the cut tip of his glans. What a glans. It was bright and shiny, as large as a small plumb, and leaking profusely with sweet pre-cum. I know how sweet it was, I got a taste or two or three… oh hell, I just kept licking it up. He kept giggling, and flowing. He reminded me of the young movie star Jonathah Brandis when at fourteen he stared in the movie, The Neverending Story 2.
    I raised up over Brad and stared into his eyes. His lips begged to be kissed. I did the honors. His response was to pull me to him and grind his maleness against me as he sent his tongue several centimeters into my mouth. I put a few inches of my tongue to searching out his tonsils, they were still there. Little Brad was crying softly.
    I looked into his eyes, "You are making me so happy. I have never felt like this before. All of the boys that I have been with just want to suck me and fuck me, but we never kiss like this." I pulled him tighter and continued to kiss him.
    I kissed around his head, making sure that each ear, eye, and nostril got a warm and juicy. I nibbled on his neck as he squirmed about the floor trying to drive his steel pole through my leg. The boy was hard enough to drive his meat through two inches of bullet proof glass. By the time that I had one of his dime sized nipples under my control he was pouring out his sweet elixir. I knew to move along or I would miss my first prize of our union.
    I sped down his hairless treasure trail and barely got to my goal in time for a massive load of his delicious emission. For his size and age he had the nut batter of a much more mature boy. I wasn't complaining, I was looking for more.
    He wanted to reciprocate. We moved opposite each other and I pulled him on top of me. He worked hard, but soon he had all of my cock in his throat, hairs and all. I had his thin legs spread wide as I opened a new venue for him. His tight little rosebud was begging for me to lave it, I did.
    His sphincter tightened around my tongue so I knew what was about to cum. I lifted his body slightly and let his peg nail my mouth in time to catch the sweetest ambrosia I had enjoyed in many days.
    I felt that Brad wanted to get the full benefit of our joining so I went back to his sweet butt. His head began to move in a workout that moved up and down my pleasure pole from top to bottom. I felt my glans enter the tightness of his esophagus without making him gag, even once. This boy has a future with the fags of the school.
    My end came upon me quickly. Brad did everything he could to take in every drop, but there was more there than he could handle. He wasn't about to let any of it get away from him as he licked and sucked up every trace of what I had given to him.
    He laid his head back and gasped for air. I moved around so that I was between his legs and looking up along his body. I slowly licked at his soft cock and brought it back to life. I spread his legs and made my way to his balls and around his entire groin area. I made use of my teeth as I carefully worked his perineum and on to the object of my next assault. His back door was open for business after my previous menstruations there. I let my tongue do the walking as it moistened and entered into the dark, private part of his body.
    Next I digitized him with one finger, then two, then three. He opened wide and quickly. He was ready for entry. I worked his prostate with three fingers and brought about a massive ejaculation. Before he had a chance to recover I was six inches inside of him. I was worried that I had gone to deep, to quickly, but he was very open.
    I waited as he caught his breath, he didn't take the time. He pushed back at me and told me to put all of it in. When my pubes touched his perineum I stopped. "Oh fuck that feels good. I feel so very full, but so extraordinarily horny. Fuck me. Fuck me now, hard and very fast. Make my guts move to my chest and fuck my ass like it has never been fucked before." Some of the boys nearby smiled, they had been where the boy was and had pins of their own.
    Brad sprayed out another load of thin juice that only reached to his mid-chest. His second load was dry, but intense. He was pleased and satiated. He rolled back onto the floor and feel into a deep and satisfied sleep.

    I saw all of the other boys off to bed and went over to Cory. He had some greasy kid stuff that he wanted to get all over him for the night. He pointed to Franz and told me that I needed to make him a part of the family.
    Max and Ian came to me with a video disk in Max's hand. "Sir, we think that you should watch this. We believe that the younger boy is Mr. Gobles, Franz's father."
    I asked them if Franz had seen it, they told me no. I suggested that they ask Franz if he wanted to join with us to view the video. A few minutes later Max returned with Franz at his side. I wiggled my eyebrows at Franz and he was beside me instantly. I let him help me carry Brad to his bed and tuck him in then we headed over to the house.
    The four of us were in serious need of a shower. We made a dash through the hot running water and then gathered together in the steamy hot tub with the bubbles boiling the water into soothing tiny fingers of pleasure. We sat to one side of the tub so that we could see the fifty two inch TV screen. Before the play button was pressed Max knelt before Franz and took his hands in his.
    "Franz, I really love you and I would never do anything to hurt you. What you are about to see on this video is going to shock you, but I hope that you will have a better understanding of things." Max raised up and kissed his former sex buddy on the lips then turned and took his seat.
    I started the video then sat up to take notice. I paused the movie and stepped it forward until I could see the faces of the boys on the screen. Franz grabbed my hand as he stared at the screen. "Do you want to continue to watch this," I asked him. He slowly nodded.
    I looked at Ian. "Yes, that larger boy is my father, the smaller of the two is Al Gobles, my dad's boyfriend when they were fourteen or so. The youngest boy is…well watch the movie and you will see." I asked Franz again if he wanted to watch the video. I told him that we could sit and soak then go to bed. He was ready to see it.
    The video continued as Ian had described it. It was a typical three way with a horny youngster that wanted it all. The movie continued until all three boys finished what they wanted to do then Ian's dad rose from the bed and left the scene. The camera remained on.
    Al looked at the door of the room and then turned to the little boy. Al placed the boy's legs back against his chest and entered himself into the boy's dark place. The boy seemed happy and was returning to Al thrust for thrust. Al got rougher and more animated. He placed a pillow over the little boy's face and tore into his ass with abandon. The boy appeared to be in distress. He was throwing his arms about and thrashing on the bed until he no longer moved.
    Al rose from the bed and moved out of the picture. The camera continued to show everything. After ten minutes or so Ian's dad came in. He called to Al and rushed to the boy on the bed. He began mouth to mouth resuscitation on the boy as Al rushed in. The boy seemed to respond as the camera was shut off.
    All of us sat in silence for a long time. At last Franz asked, "What happened to the kid?"
    "My dad told me that the EMTs arrived and took him to the hospital. He was in a coma for twenty days. When he awakened he was brain damaged. The Gobles family paid all of the boy's medical bills, but both Gobles boys disappeared before the police could complete their investigation.
    "The boy's nurse found him sitting in his wheelchair in the garden four years later, he had a tiny dart in his temple." Ian told us.
    I sat up and looked at Ian, I remember a few dart guns from my past.
    Franz was crying. "I told you that I don't want to be alone with my father. Dad, can you keep me safe from him, I am afraid of him." I held him close and told him that he would never have to be with his father without someone other than his uncle being with him. He wanted to dry off and go to bed. All four of us stepped from the hot tub and dried off then went to my large bed for the night.
    A half an hour later Franz's voice came through from the dark, "I'm horny as all fuck. I am in bed with three of the hottest dudes that I have ever been around and I haven't had sex in several weeks. Dad, could you…
    "I really want to do Max too, and Ian is a fucking dream."
    "Franz, if you want to do me and Ian in a three way then we're game. How do you want to do it?" Franz stammered as he told us that he wanted Max to fuck him and then he wanted Ian to fuck him and before the night was over he wanted me to fuck him.
    Ian spoke up and said that he and Max had a fantasy about sucking someone while getting fucked. He told Franz that he would love to get fucked by him while he sucked Max then they could switch off until all three of them had fucked and sucked each other. Franz wanted to know about me. I told him that I was a cum junky and that I would take them in anyway that they wanted me to. It was a hell of a night.

    Sunday morning I gathered Ian, Max, Allenrod and Jefferies to join me in the large electric cart for a trip over to the airstrip. We didn't have to wait long before the 727 flew in to land before us. When Thane Crampton Jr. and Tad Halstrom came down the steps the four boys with me ran to greet them. I walked over and welcomed the other boys to Camp Christopher.
    I told all six of the boys that we were on our holiday vacation and that beginning on Monday two thousand horny homos from Europe would be looking at their hunky asses. They all laughed and got into the cart with me for a trip to building A to find themselves a bed.
    The eight new boys were in danger of whiplash as they snapped their heads from side to side checking all of the naked bodies out. I explained the NO rule to them and told them to sex up at will. They were well up for that.

    All of the next week the hills were alive with the sound of boys laughing. Two planes from France were the first to arrive. The plane from Paris also carried the students and staff from Germany. All of the students at the camp greeted their old friends and made new ones as they helped the arrivals to their bed area and then sat down to lunch with them.
    It was late afternoon when the plane from Greece arrived and then just at dark the boys from England invaded the southwest. The following morning the boys from Russia arrived on Travelaire Three©. An hour later twenty boys from Bangladesh landed. Ajay ran to greet his friends and old classmates. All of them began to laugh. Ajay turned to me and said, "They had a long flight and their arms are tired."
    Everyone stopped and looked at the dark skinned boys with turbans on their heads. I had not told any but the boys from BAW of their existence. A bus drove into the camp with other boys that no one knew about. I had brought thirty boys out from Ft. Worth, Texas where I had plans to put together a new school.
    Beds were found and boys made welcome as each boy got to know someone new. I left the boys alone and held staff meetings to organize everything from laundry to lunch for everyone. I could tell from the men that were sitting in my office with me that we needed more dormitory space. When the camp was laid out I planned on being able to add more buildings. I took a straw poll about whether to go up or to build new. Most of them agreed with me that fire is a danger with so many teenage boys, the main concern is evacuating the boys in an emergency. New it will be.
    As I stepped from my office in the classroom building on Tuesday morning I heard the following conversation in the vestibule.
    "Fuck bloke, yer're bloody fat, or are yer pregnant?"
    "Ah'm proud to tell ya there pardner, I am carrying something. Ah'm gonna have me a baby elephant, ya'll wanta play with his trunk?" Jericho laughed at himself, he thought that he had really carried out an authentic western drawl for the rude Brit boy.

    Wednesday morning I spent some time in the hot springs. I had asked Wes for something to relax my muscles. I don't know why I was so tense, but I sensed that bad news was rushing toward me. After an hour with Roddy in the hot water I was ready to face whatever the world had to throw at me. Better re-think that one.
    Andy called me and told me to get somewhere alone because he was about to make me scream and yell. I sent Roddy on ahead to the cafeteria for lunch and I turned off of the path to sit on the bench in the small grotto near the spring fed pool next to the house.
    I really was glad that I was alone and sitting down. After Franz had told me what his father had done to him I wanted to check the man out. I had eavesdropped on the man's mind as he and Hans had argued after leaving the house. All of those things made me set an investigator in Germany to learn about the two Gobles brothers. The report was not good news.
    Hans appeared to be clean, but Al was dirtier than the inside of a honey wagon's tank. The Deutsche police had only suspicions, but they were numerous. Most of what they had was coincidental, but there was so much of it that it was making people look at Al very closely. Seventy boys had disappeared from the face of the earth. Ten of them were found in a sleeze joint in a small town in the south of France.
    There were twelve dead boys of about twelve to thirteen years of age. All of them had died during questionable self sexual activities. The evidence pointed to the fact that there may have been another person with the boy at the time of his death, but that was inconclusive.
    The boys had died over a five year period of time and ended when Al had left the country. I told Andy to have the investigator to use a bigger shovel. If there was anything there I wanted to know about it.

    I cleared my head and started to walk onto the cafeteria and lunch, I was suddenly very lonesome and hungry. As I neared the cafeteria I could hear an orchestra playing. I entered through one of the back doors to find all of the boys in their blazers and facing me. The combined full orchestra of all of the schools was playing the Bradford Academy school song. They quickly changed their tune.
    I recognized the new tune and moved to find a chair, quickly. Twenty eight hundred voices of boys and staff rang out with a song that I had first heard performed in Paris by the students of BAP and BAM. You might remember the words, but I include them here anyway.

Sir Christopher Dickson is our best friend.
He guides and helps us, he is our man.
He gives us shelter and lots of food,
He always loves us and treats us good.
To Sir Christopher Dickson we'll be true,
We'll grow and learn, as he wants us to.
Sir Christopher Dickson we all love you.
Sir Christopher Dickson we'll always love you.

    I regained a modicum of composure and walked through the room hugging and kissing those that I knew had composed the song. I told all of the students how much each and everyone of them meant to me and thanked them from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to get to know them.

    Kids from any part of the world are wonderful. They are curious and they are eager to learn. Sometimes they get bored with their school work, but I feel that they don't think themselves challenged. That is why I interview every candidate that seeks an instructor's position at any of my schools. I don't want teachers, I want guides. A boy will follow when he has someone that leads. If a guide gets off track, or a boy sees a flaw in the guidance, that instructor will loose all gain that he may have with his students. I found such a guide in a most unexpected place.

    In October of 2010 France's President Nicolas Sarkozy cracked down on illegal shantytowns in the Paris suburb of Choisy-le-Roi. Everyone was evicted and were forced to find new homes and schools for the children. The small neighborhood had been home to Roma—Gypsies as they are also known.
    Roma boys are very street smart and have to be watched constantly because of their inbred nature to steal the gold fillings out of your teeth while they shake your hand. Our young student is Abel Bot. He is Romanian-born and raised in France. He is a charmer with a glittering earring, and he loves classes, so far.
    Justin Lyot is one of the most favored instructors at BAP. He is Roma and raised himself from the streets to get himself a college degree as a highschool language and humanities teacher. He is excellent in his chosen field and loved by all of his students. He has nothing but praise for Able and I have been told that the boy has made remarkable progress under Justin's leadership.

    The Roma are thought to have reached Europe centuries ago from India. I suppose that may have been a factor in the quickly developing friendship between Able and Ajay. The other Roma boys took to the Hindi boys from Bangladesh very quickly as solid friendships were established.
    My first thoughts were of Wes, he had developed a minor crush on Ajay. The first night gave a glimmer of hope for that couple. Ajay introduced Able to Wes then he told his new friend that Wes was his boyfriend and that he was fairly certain that he was in love. Wes and Ajay went to bed together. Wes quipped the next morning that a tiny meadowlark was no match for a vicious tiger. He winked at me and said that Ajay really ate him up. I needed that bit of wit the first thing in the morning.

    The boys from Bangladesh were studied carefully. We have several blacks in the schools in the states and in France, but the skin of those boys was a curiosity for all of the other students. I caught many boys getting their noses in close as they inspect the skin color under the arms, between the toes, and even around the anuses of the dark olive skinned youth.
    I lost it and broke out in laughter when one of the smaller new boys from Texas shouted out, "It ain't no sun tan. They is dark green everywhere."
    One of his classmates said, "Maybe they's Marines."

    As the father designate of the bride I took a spin around the dance floor with Pam Hunter. I told her what an inspiration she has been to all of the girls of BAG and how much we loved and respected her. She blushed and leaned up on her toes to kiss me on the cheek.
    I had three other beautiful women to dance with. I swept Ugitsiha off of her feet, in a literal way as I lifted her from the floor and did some of my fanciest dance moves. The boys all cheered, they didn't know that I was so gallant around women.
    I took Sagi in my arms and danced with her. I told her how proud I am of her and her abilities as a mother. I told her that if she wasn't married to Cory that I would snatch her up. She asked about Daylight, "Well, there is that too. But she let me marry Cory, maybe she won't mind." Sarah cracked up and asked to go sit down.
    Now was my time with the expectant mother of my first blood grandchild. I danced carefully with Quemela. She looked at me and told me that she wasn't fragile, she wanted to dance. I wasn't around Ugitsiha very much when she carried my boys and I wasn't exactly sure what I could or shouldn't do. The young lady is an excellant dancer and she took every move that I offered and added a few moves of her own.
    The wedding ceremony had been perfect. The girls of BAG had served as Pam's attendants and Petey had been the ring bearer. The daughters of some of he other girls had spread rose petals as they walked ahead of Pam down the isle with me at her side. There was one four year old boy of another girl that carried Pam's train.
    Betty cried as if she was watching her own daughter getting married. The wedding gown that she had made for Pam was resplendent. Johnny had his brother Kevin serve as his best man and the boy's two grandfathers sat in the pews wiping the tears from each other's eyes. The two old men make a wonderful looking couple and they are very proud of the boys.
    I wanted to give the young couple a grand honeymoon. Their tastes run to the simple. They have only know hardship in their lives. They told me that they would really like to go someplace quiet and out of the way. They accepted a suite at the hotel near the Grand Canyon for a weekend. I offered them a longer stay, but Johnny is on the fast track to a promotion to assistant manager at his store. Pam did not want to be away from Petey for very long.

    Christmas day fell on a Friday. The camp was full of life as expectant boys waited to see what Santa would bring them. Even the Hindi boys were eager for the day. I had spotted the perfect tree on our trek to the far side of the mountain to send the young Waya pack off to their new life. Roddy loaded up Lightening Fire with a chain saw and a two man saw, then Cory, RD, Roddy, and I took off. Once safely away from the compound we transformed ourselves and headed for the tree.
    I have mentioned before that I had learned that my sound bud and pea sized microphone stayed on my wolf body. We used the satellite phone to call in a sky crane to lift the massive tree out of the forest and fly it over to to the main classroom building. That was only part of the work, the rest came as we tried to get the thirty foot tall tree inside the building.
    Tristan had the long flat bed trailer attached to the tractor. It sat at the entry to the school's classroom building loaded with cut trees of all sizes. The boys were busy taking the large trees to each of the dormitory buildings and over to the cafeteria.
    I stepped over to Tristan and gave him a hug. I told all of the boys that were there that Tristan had selected all of the trees by himself and had cut them down for us to adorn our school and sleeping areas with. The boys gave him a cheer and many high fives.
    My little monkeys wrapped the large tree in netting that Cory, Roddy, RD, and I had cut down. With great effort every available boy helped to place the thirty five foot tall tree into the main vestibule of the office/classroom building.
    Many of the boys, and all of the Tsalagi, asked if I would put the large tapestry up again this year. There was only one place that the large tree could sit, and that was the one place that the tapestry could be secured. I had to tell them no. I heard a lot of grumbling over that decision.
    Everyone knows about dual standards, correct? I have no problem jumping off of a high cliff or out of an airplane, but to watch my precious boys swing from ropes tossed through the roof trusses of the building made me anxious. Boys of all sizes swung around the tree cutting the netting away and getting the tree plumb and level.
    The next half hour was heart attack city. I can't let the boys see my fear for them; it would only transfer itself onto them. Four boys started at the top and swung around and around the tree laying the long strands of lights that the boys on the upper balcony were feeding out. Eventually balls and garland was placed on the tree then the real trick, thousands of yards of tensile was draped from the branches. The tree was perfect. I asked Cory to carry me home and feed me lots of oxygen.
    When Cory and I entered the house we were met by seven excited boys. Petey had helped Yuri and the tiny ones to decorate an eight foot tree under Roddy's direction. The tree was perfect. Instantly I was in the Christmas spirit. I added two logs to the fireplace and dug around for the wire cage popcorn popper from ancient times. I asked Edmund to make us a hot buttered rum without alcohol. He winked at me and did his magic.
    Rd, Cullen, Jimmy, and Franz joined us to sit in front of the fireplace popping corn and singing old Christmas carols. When the sun came up on Christmas morning we were all laying on the floor cuddled up with whomever was nearest. I had a billion things to do. I ran through the shower and headed over to my office with Cory on my heels.
    Sometimes I get the feeling that I can travel the roads and just write checks to pay the bills. The school can almost run itself. I am proud of those boys that I have placed in positions of authority over certain areas. The duties of Santa's elves had been carried out while everyone slept.
    We had a lot of new boys and the boys that had been with us the previous season had outgrown everything I gave them. Turner had organize a group of elves to pass out new jeans, shirts, boots, and hats for each boy in the camp. Yuri and Petey came running over to me to show me what Santa had left on their bed.
    I had searched the world's markets for that one personal gift that each boy would cherish. I am very pleased with the new tablets that I found. They are a bit large, but for what they do they are just right.
    Each unit is a self contained satellite capable communication device. Over six thousand movies are available for streaming. Twenty five thousand titles are available for reading like an e-book machine. Games from everywhere on the planet are available as well as all of the boys' school books and programs for him to study almost anywhere. Of course we can't forget the music. The built in speakers are of good quality, but the dynamic headphones that I included give live performance sound for any program.
    I was particularly looking for a unit for the boys at the school in Bangladesh. They have limited electricity and virtually no internet service. With these units they will have access through the FI satellite system. The batteries are good for twelve hours of continuous use with a full recharge time of one hour. The unit is waterproof, to a point. It can't be submerged, but a minor spill won't destroy it.

    Luke and Jerry had left around four o'clock Christmas morning to gather our wives and babies to us. When I managed to return to the house I found my loved ones changing or being changed. The house smelled like baby shit. Cory and I were given the duties of carrying the dirty diapers away so that the babies could get down to opening the gifts under the tree.
    All of us missed the laughter of the tiny ones, but they were with the ones that they loved. Tiger Bear wanted to be with his brother EJ. Kardal doesn't spend enough time with his brother Arman. Khalid's brothers had returned home to King Raven, but he found love with the other boys from the castle. So did Hamal, he has always liked to be around Hani because he is so happy. That left my close family alone with each other, and Petey.

    Christopher Cory and Cory Stevens got their fannies whacked when they transformed in front of Petey and began to tumble around on the floor. Edmund was placing a huge turkey on the table at the time and he nearly dropped it. Petey I could handle, Edmund and Mitch are another matter. I promised them an afternoon that they would never forget at the hot springs where I would explain a lot to the two men about me and my family.
    "Does this have anything to do with Master Cory's broken leg getting better in one day? Please sir, I love you and I understand..." I assured him that there was much to understand. We sat down to a perfect Christmas dinner with a giant turkey, dressing, a ton of potatoes with gravy, candied yams, green bean salad, and cranberry sauce.
    Fat and well fed we all sat around and oinked at RD because he ate three plates full of food then wanted to know when the pie would be served. He told us that he was eating for two. We told him to let Quemela do that.

    I couldn't ask for a more perfect vacation for the boys. The weather broke and warm days prevailed. The horses had regular workouts as they carried boys and gear to the upper camp. The boys were anxious to freeze their gonads off in the large pool at the eastern edge of that camp.

    Most of the time I remained in the lower camp on the telephone. I was learning things about Father Ted and Al Gobles that chilled me to the core.
    A very thick stone wall popped up in the path of the investigation of Ted Jakes. DNA, finger prints, and face identification software confirmed that the man was the same Rev. Theodore Jakes that had met with a fatal accidentin prison in New York state. The prosecutors were at a loss as to how to charge a dead man for his present crimes.
    I did my fanciest footwork ever as I danced through bureaucrats and bureaucracies to make something unprecedented happen. Ted Jakes was being held in a small town jail with fifty heavily armed guards and FI agents watching him. Someone brought three iced kegs of beer to the jail grounds. Everybody was invited to have a cold one. Somehow Jakes cell was opened and he was not to be found.

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