Chapter 67


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Sunday was spent in exploring the new house and getting new rooms set up for everyone. The whole family fell in love with the three bungalows. Our newlyweds thought that they were about the best thing that they had ever seen. Each couple came to me and thanked me in my favorite way. Gerald confided that he and Luke had been seriously considering having to leave the family as they really didn't have the privacy that they felt they needed so as not to corrupt the youngsters. Now that got a laugh as some of the youngsters offered to teach the man how he should really love his lover.
    Cas and Ty had always had more privacy than the others with the little house, even after it had been remodeled. Now they have the northern most of the three units. It sits fifty feet above the bed of the old wash, which is now a driveway into a six car garage. That is the larger of the boulders and also has the second of the bungalows sitting fifteen feet lower than Cas and Tyler's, that unit is now the home of Tim and Jerry. On a rock all by themselves is the bungalow of Luke and Gerald. Their southern most unit commands an unfettered view of the entire valley below, with only a single unit being built there I was able to include a large patio where the young love birds can sit outside and do whatever a young, married, gay couple like to do. All three had a commanding view, but the other two did have a corner of another bungalow in the picture, be it ever so slightly.
    We had the eighteen bedrooms as before and the three bungalows. There was a large unfurnished fifty by twenty five foot dormitory behind the new six car garage. Twelve hundred and fifty square feet of floor space with a ten man shower stall, ten toilets and ten urinals. All of that had been shoe horned in under the existing garage and east wing. The thing that I didn't like about the dormitory was that access to it was through the recreation room. I thought that we should have it for whatever the future might hold for us, but I don't really see using it at all.
    I expected an argument over the little house with its three bedrooms and small kitchen with a table and chairs for eight. Each bedroom has tall, wide windows that look out over the city lights below. I had thirty boys and only two confirmed couples. I truly expected Brad and Jay to take a room in the little house, but they fooled me. They found a room that gave them a nice view of the city below and they had fond memories of a hill back home where they had been been busted once while admiring each other's scenery.
    Christopher is a young cook as is Trevor. They begged me to let them move out there so that they could have a kitchen to experiment in. Jim and Lew took the other room. Jim is nearly always close to where Christopher is and I know that Lew loves the tiny midget. With Alec in with Trevor it worked out pretty well except that Christopher was a single with no real romantic attachments. He likes boy butt and no one boy can take him on a daily basis. I had no problem with him having a room in the little house, where I had originally intended for Betty and him to live.
    Kenny and Eric wanted to stay together, but they wanted to be close to me. Kenny is still very prone to nightmares so I needed to have Toby within earshot so I put the three of them on the second floor of the west wing. I looked at Pete. He told me that he would like to talk to me later. I can deal with that, later. I had wanted the downstairs master suite left open for.what? I don't know. I just wanted it left open, but I wanted my Tucson six together. The Farley boys had a room over the garage, but they wanted to split up now. Jay and Art had become a couple on me. Jeff and Jan wanted to try "rooming" together, they said. I had already seen that Chad and Kyle were quite happy to room together. They swore that they never wanted to ever sleep alone again. With their past I could sympathize.
    Turner and Mark wanted to be together and Evan was starring at Branden who kept giggling. Frank and Jace were a natural couple. I had Mike, Lance and Les set up their own rooms and then see what developed as time passed, but they were welcome to sleep wherever and with whomever they chose. Cory, Cullen and Pete were looking back and forth from me to Bryan. I pretended not to notice until I realized that Bryan had seen them. He had his head ducked down and there were big tears in his eyes. I drifted about the room looking at the pairings and thinking about who was going to sleep where.
    I slipped up beside Bry rather suddenly and pulled him to my lap as I sat down in a large, soft chair. "Help me here, Bry. Brad-Jay, Trevor-Alec, Kenny-Eric, Toby-Pete, Jay-Art, Jeff-Jan, Chad-Kyle, Turner-Mark, Evan-Branden, Frank-Jace, Cory-Cullen, Jim-Lew, six old married men, Mike, Lance, Les, and Christopher lone wolf. That's nineteen rooms. I only have eighteen so I don't have any place to sleep. Hey, neither do you. Well, I guess we'll have to go to a motel.
    "Dad." Les spoke up. The boy hadn't talked since we left his mother in Alabama, he had been in shock. I have been praying for something to break him free. "I don't want to sleep alone. Lance and I have messed around before…you know, but I don't know what to do. I like Mike." He turned redder than Lance's hair. "If he would like to…" Mike had the boy locked to his lips. Perfect. I was so glad to see it. Mike still felt like and outsider with no boyfriend. He had always been used, never loved.
    "I would be honored to stay with you for awhile. Hey, if you think I'm a bum fuck you can kick me out and find someone else. I mean no one here is really all that together 'cept maybe Brad and Jay, or Trevor and Alec, but I know that Trevor likes to play so you can find someone else."
    "Shut up, faggot and kiss me." Les grabbed Mike and pulled him tight.
    "And I said that I would like to be with Lew, daddy dearest, please. That would be eighteen, oops…" Jim did his math.
    "Well, I thought that was what I had said. Better listen a bit closer, sweet cheeks. We can settle this easily. We'll just kick two people out." The whole room went deathly silent. Then Cullen… dear sweet Cullen, giggled. "Yeah, like that would ever happen, huh buddy?" Cullen ran across the room and jumped into my lap.
    "Bryan can come live with me and then you can move out," Christopher had the right idea for everyone. Everyone except Bryan who wrapped his arms around me and nearly squeezed me in half. I wasn't sure before, but now I knew what I had to do. I had to keep this boy with me for awhile. Well, I still haven't had a night with him. We hug, we sleep together. We've tasted each other, but we haven't gotten it on yet. He's not ready for that, I don't think. I may be wrong. He took everything well on the table top by the pool a few days before.
    "Cory, may I ask you and Cullen if you would… well we have all been together for so long and it's not as if we don't really love each other and it is really is needed right now." Pete was stammering.
    "Spit it out mommy. It's on the tip of your tongue so say it. You want my sweet booty in your bed don't you? You big sexy hunk of man you." Cullen's alacrity is going to get him creamed one of these days the way these two banter at each other.
    "Well, I was thinking that we could take the other big room under dad. It has two beds in it and we could…you know. And maybe Toby could…"
    Toby was smiling at him. "Well, I need to stay near Kenny. I can just sleep in with them."
    "The hell you can. My name is Ken, remember. I'm my own man now and my man Eric, and I are going to get it on without your pervy eyes all over our booootay." He flipped his ass at his brother.
    "Who is the official counter here? Who's been paying attention. We have eighteen bedrooms and… three bungalows. The old married men don't count. There are thirty of us for eighteen rooms so it looks like those of you wanting to stay single can do so." I had thirty five pillows thrown at me as I sat and grinned at them. I love to have fun with them. These sort of exercises are supposed to teach math skills, but even the college boys dropped the ball this time and I had to play on it. I had more fun with them for the next half hour than at anytime lately. They had been had by the old man and I could see their little gears working as they plotted their revenge.
    "So is it settled then? Does everybody have a place to sleep tonight?" Everyone had their beds and bed partners so we were off with Christopher going to bed alone. He wasn't happy with his lot. I used my eyes to point him to Les. He scooted next to the boy and they talked for a few minutes. I had an idea that Les was afraid of that mighty widget. The two boys smiled. It had been worked out. I gave Bryan a come hither look and batted my eyelashes at him. He giggled and followed and me to my bedroom, as Pete and Toby took off to the empty bedroom upstairs near Ken, leaving me with two, maybe three, empty rooms for the inevitable lover's quarrel. Which to my surprise didn't come for two weeks.

    The newly weds took off to the airport for their honeymoon vacation. Andy drove all eight boys down and told them that he would bring a shovel to scoop what was left of them up and bring them home the following Sunday afternoon.

    The boys were anxious to get to school Monday morning. I went to the school, in my own car, to enroll our five boys from New York. Their paper work was already in as they had started to attend classes via the internet the week before. They were welcomed into their classes.
    JC brought two school board members and the school board's psychologist with him as we introduced our three young abductees. If I had ever wanted to beat the shit out of someone who deserved it that would have been the time. Actually two of them. I had Bull and his trusty tape recorder sitting alongside of me to stop me from committing such foolishness. The hundred and fifty nine year old, hatchet faced matron that had retired as the head of the city's English and Psychology departments just before man invented fire refused to hear of sexual perverts being let loose on an unsuspecting population of hormone driven young adolescent males.
    The psychologist agreed most vehemently as he pointed out case history after case history of people of this ilk molesting other students to the point of disrupting the entire student body. I listened to his diatribe for almost five whole minutes before I blew my top. I don't know if I hurt our case against the Anson molesters or not, but I went off on those two people for having on staff four teachers that had been accused of involvement in the ongoing sexual molestation of a large number of the students in this one school alone.
    I pointed out to them that these were tenured teachers and the molestation had occurred over a period of ten to twelve years while those people had it in their power, and job description to ferret out and identify such abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice. Then I pointed out that the psychologist's own son, who at the time of his arrest was still living at home with his widowed father, was one of the perpetrators.
    I also noted that not only was Miss Goody Two Shoes the great aunt of one of the victims, but that victim was her niece's newborn son that she had enthusiastically allowed to be adopted by her nephew, a known homosexual, and his transgendered spouse that she herself had caused to be removed from the school system when he had been a student in her class.
    Doctor Do No Harm, tried to protest when I mentioned that thirty of the DVD movies of these children being raped had been confiscated from his living room and that the investigation as to ownership had not yet been completed. His sickly white color alarmed all of the board members except for the principal who seemed to be enjoying himself. I guess a little come-up-man-ship in the last few days before retirement felt good to him.
    As I gathered my guns for another salvo the other board member threatened me with a lawsuit for slander against such fine and upstanding citizens. Bull grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. He called for JC to come over. He whispered to us then turned to the big talking board person. I felt like such a fool as I sat there staring at that face. How could I forget?
    "Mr. Thurston, I would like to remind you that Arizona now has a law on the books that allows for victims of child abuse to file criminal and civil charges for twenty years from the time of the recalled abuse. I believe that Mr. Dickson and Mr. Combs have just remembered something from our past, because you see, sir, I was there too," Bull stated in his flat, level tone that drives witnesses into panic mode.
    "I even know when it was, I just didn't recognize the pot belly and bald head of the man who really loved the boys at the Halloween party Charley threw in nineteen ninety three. I was seventeen and you sure liked my sweet young body didn't you? Well sir, you can't sit on this board either. Since it will take time for Bull to get his paper work together you might want to call your family or whomever and say goodbye, for about twenty years." I leered at him.
    "Twenty years? I was only fifteen. I'll never forget how I begged him not to stick that thing in me without washing it off. He did four boys with the same dirty penis." JC said with a tear in his eye, damn that boy is good. That took the wind out of the ladies on the board.
    "Oops, times up, Mr. Thurston, the police are here for you, now," Bull said as a police officer poked his head in and asked who called.
    "I don't know where this leaves these children, people. Sitting here are three, even younger victims of a crime that I feel is even worse than what you three are involved in. I will see the three of you prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if I can I will have the law extended to prosecute you some more. I loathe hypocrites and you three are some of the biggest I have met this week, but it's only Monday, take heart.
    "These boys were snatched off of the street as pure innocents. These two were trying to survive a tornado that destroyed the area in which they were hiding. They were grabbed up…, blind folded and raped………, repeatedly…
    "Oh, I wish it had been you…
    "This youngster was being led about the streets of France on a dog leash, being made to sexually service men in the streets, in the daylight. Durn I wish I had a dog leash or three right now.
    "This board was not convened to discuss these boys' past abuses, but to assess their level of placement within the academic community. They have suffered not only physical and mental anguish, which you people have seen fit to exasperate, but they have suffered the loss of their educational rights. They need to be placed in a curriculum that can meet their level of current achievement and lift them on to the full education that we guarantee all of our children, regardless of, race, color, sex, creed, or persuasion. You are all in error on that point. Now where do you want to begin?"

    Les and Lance were placed in a remedial freshman class with the promise that they would be worked to their limit and if their limit was as high as I expected it to be they would be moved into a regular class of freshmen as quickly as they progressed. They should both be sophomores, but after a year out of school they needed to catch up. They might surprise me as they are both very bright and eager.
    Bry was also placed in the remedial class with the understanding that he had a long row to hoe before he would move onto a higher classroom setting. By my tests he was only reading at a third grade level, but he had shown remarkable growth over the past few days. I believe the boy has the most important ingredient for success instilled in his battered body.
    I can measure a boy's height and check his weight. I can see, feel, and taste how well he is maturing. I can test him to measure his aptitude and even get a good understanding of his IQ and abilities, but there is one thing that no one has ever invented a test for. The key ingredient to a person's success or failure is desire. We can take the most brilliant individual in the whole earth and if that person does not have the desire to achieve the task at hand it will not happen. If, as I believe, Bry has the desire to be a solid and eager student then he will be in a mainline class by the end of the year and I am willing to take that to the bank.

    I sat back in my chair with a cup of coffee in my hand reflecting on the events at the high school the past week. The three board members had resigned and Mr. Thurston was in jail. Dr. Mildred Jones was found dead by her housekeeper. She had arsenic in her tea cup. It was being ruled a suicide. My hackles were up. This case is getting as complicated as the New York slavery case.
    Bry had been too weak to go to school that morning and was curled up in my lap with his head on my chest. He was sucking his thumb as he slept away his troubles. I need to get the three boys from France in for a complete physical. Bry is sleeping way too much and I am worried about him. He wants sex so badly. I have taken to having a party in my bed at night as I include a third and most often a fourth person to be with us. Bry won't have sex with anyone unless I am there where he can see me. I have become his security so I stay near at hand.
    The door opened and my six college aged lads entered only there were eight of them. Eddy was with them and Harry, but I didn't know Harry. I had hired him away from Andy to do some private investigating for me. I think that I have all of the pieces of the Toby/Ken puzzle in place. All I need to do is to put the finish on the outer squared off edges.
    My parents loved to work jigsaw puzzles, with a twist. My mother bought the most difficult puzzles ever made, at least five thousand pieces. She would sit down each afternoon and remove all of the pieces that had a straight edge on them and put them away. She and dad had a table in the corner of our family room where they sat for five to six hours every evening building the puzzle from the inside out. I learned at a very early age to solve things from the beginning. It saves a lot of mistakes when one builds one piece at a time.
    Toby is the biggest puzzle I have encountered of late and I needed outside help to turn up the final parts that I could not get to without revealing my suspicions. The boys were getting into their uniforms with Cas just a bit ahead of the rest. Cas bent over to kiss me and I indicated Bryan. My football hero picked his little brother up with ease and placed him on top of a stack of three foot square, furry pillows. Bry stirred and fussed in his sleep as I bent over him and kissed his soft face. I whispered reassurances in his ear and rubbed my hand around his naked back. He settled in and was quickly fast asleep.
    I got a kiss and a grope from each of my boys and an exceptionally tight and lingering hug from Eddy. The newlyweds were back from their honeymoon and still walking. They had gone to the university to check things out and had run into Eddy. I asked him if he might spend the night with us. I really want to talk to him and see how he is adjusting to life without Tommy. Harry still had his pants on and was looking at the naked bodies of the boys around him. He had that slack jawed look of "What the hell is going on here?" about him. I had to work at stifling a giggle as I watched his performance.
    Toby grabbed me and pulled me up to Harry and introduced his friend, Harold, that he met at the university that morning. Harold was smoking a joint as he waited in a place that we were sure Toby would be. Toby still has a craving for his herb so he approached Harold and bummed a hit. Harold blew Toby's mind away when he answered in Arabic. The two boys struck up a conversation in Toby's mother tongue as they shared the joint. Toby learned that his new friend was gay and was on the streets, having been kicked out of his house by narrow minded parents. Toby offered him a much needed shower and a hot meal. Any more than that would have to be seen by the family's reaction.
    Well, one thing Toby said was truth, Harold was in serious need of a shower. He reeked, mostly of urine. When we had a moment he whispered at me that he pissed his pants for two days so that they would really reek. I simply handed him a can of air freshener. I showed him to an empty bedroom and its shower. I sent Toby out to the washer with the man's stinking clothes.
    As soon as Toby was in the garage. Cas came to me, "He was one of the security guards for those kids in England, the Wild Boys."
    I pulled him into Harold's room. Harry stood there smiling at him. "Who else knows?"
    "No one, I think. Tyler keeps looking at him, but he isn't sure."
    I had him go get Tyler. "Listen to me closely. This man is doing a job for me and you don't know him."
    "I know. He gave me the sign at school." We have an eye signal that we use to relay the word that we don't want to be acknowledged. Harry had deemed it necessary to let Cas know who he was with the eye signal because he needed to maintain his cover.
    "Watch the other boys when they come home and bring them to me if they recognize him. Guys, this is critical and I will explain, in time. Please let Harold do his job." They agreed and gave me a hug before heading for the snacks that Gerald was putting together in the kitchen. I stepped into the shower to give Harry a proper kiss. I quickly washed his smelly back for him and got out of there before Toby returned.
    I joined the boys for snack time and to listen to what they learned at their school. Toby was excited as he told us that his transcripts had arrived and his grades put him into the eligible side of new applicants. He would sit for the ACT on Friday and the SAT the next Tuesday. He wanted to study Hydrology with the idea of maybe moving on to an engineering degree after he felt the subject out to see if he could cut it. He wanted to get involved in the serious water programs going on in Saudi Arabia to make the deserts bloom.
    I asked why both ACT and SAT. He told me that he had heard that some professors actually prefer one over the other so if he took both of them and did well it wouldn't hurt him at all. The other boys agreed. Tyler and Eddy had both taken the two tests.
    The two old married couples told about a new Fraternity on campus. The fraternity had been working for a couple of years and were now about six months from getting their charter. The latest word had them being certified somewhere around May of 2006. I wanted to know the name. ΔΛΦ, Delta Lambda Phi, had a house and a school sanction to operate. The boys went over to meet the Frat boys and get more information. The Frat boys were excited when they learned about the guys being married. Somewhere along the line though, the boys got the idea that they weren't really frat material because of being married. I could sense some resentment there and told the boys to wait and see. I suggested that they participate in all of the frat's activities that they could and support their movement as they sought to gain a place for themselves on the campus.
    Throughout all of this Pete sat in silence. He seemed to be observing, but he had no input. I slid up close to him and wrapped my arms around him. He didn't respond with his heart. Oh yeah, he moved into me, but it was almost mechanical. That hurt, but I kept a brave face.
    At the close of the evening I took Eddy and Pete to bed with me. Bryan wanted to be with Christopher. He made it clear that he didn't want sex, but he had found friendship with our mighty midget even if he didn't drool over the giant widget.
    I pulled a boy up on each arm and let their bodies lay over me. This was my first time ever with Eddy. He didn't know what to expect, but he was ready for action. Pete was passive. I didn't want this to happen with Eddy in my bed. I wanted to give Eddy memories for a lifetime, but I had to find out what was happening with my partner. At that point I was sure that I had lost him. I scooted up in the bed so that I was sitting up with my back against the headboard. "Alright, wet blanket, out with it. What's stuck in your craw?"
    Pete broke down and began to cry. Pete never cries. Something was really wrong. I felt so sorry for Eddy, but I had to get to the root of Pete's pain. I took his chin in my hand and lifted his face to mine and stared at him until he opened his eyes and looked at me. He looked at Eddy and burst out in tears again. I looked at Eddy. Was there something here that I had missed. Eddy began to cry. Oh great. Here I am in bed with two fucking hot, naked teenage boys and they are crying their hearts out. I remembered a quick kiss after the wedding for our eight boys and suddenly everything began to fall into place.
    "I'm sorry man, I didn't know. Toby came to me and I was so lonesome." Eddy said in between his sobs.
    "It's not your fault. The ass hole is a flirt. I don't know where any of us stand with him. He tore my heart apart. I may have lost the most important person in my life because he has moved between us." Pete moved into me this time, with passion.
    I turned on the bedside light to dim, giving an eerie glow to the room from its twenty five watt bulb. I pulled the two boys together and held them, face to face. The water works started and their arms entwined. I was happy. I have lost Pete. Not happy to lose him because I love him, but happy because he has found someone he truly loves. I have seen enough to know when two boys have a deep committed love for one another. Those two did. Now they only have to realize it.
    The door opened and Bry ran across the room to jump up on top of me. He was bawling his eyes out. Christopher came in and lay down beside me. I looked at Christopher with a question on face. "He was reading a story on the computer when he screamed and ran in here."
    "Let's go look at your computer." Christopher is doing well. He is growing closer to his expected age size. He is now sixteen and stands five foot three and has put about ten pounds on his frame. I compared some of his pictures and it was clear that he is looking fine. Yes, his cock is growing just fine. Twenty pounds of his weight is in the widget which is a sweet nine and three sixteenth inches long and a mouth filling, butt stretching five and seven eighths of an inch around. I have not had a night with the boy since we got home from Europe.
    Christopher has his room out in what used to be the little house. We were quiet as we entered so as not to disturb the others' sleep. Alec looked up at us as we came in, "Is he okay? What happened?" Mike, Alec, and Trevor each had a glass of milk and a big piece of Gerald's carob cake in front of them. I told them to wait a minute while we checked something out. They followed us into Christopher's room. I looked at the computer and began to scroll back a page or two and I caught it.
    Some author from Amsterdam had written a story about a twelve year old kid throwing rocks at a gay man's house. The man took the boy inside and raped him. He tried to tell his readers that the boy enjoyed it once things got started, but it was a sick story. I could see how this would affect Bry after the abuse he had been subjected to only two weeks before.
    I will never force a boy to do anything and the thought of anyone doing this to a boy, for any reason, is beyond my comprehension. To even fantasize about child rape in a make believe story made my blood boil. I was ready to grab a plane and go to Amsterdam and show this author how rape felt. Then again, he lives in a different society. He lives in a society where sex is almost to the point of being worshiped. Maybe their views on child rape are different, but I was boiling mad.
    The boys knew that I was hurt by the story and they pushed me to a chair and shoved a large piece of cake at me as Mike came in with a large cup of hot coffee. I grabbed him and gave his cock a kiss and apologized for awakening him. From the taste of his cock he hadn't been sleeping so I apologized again. Jim put his arms around my neck and kissed my cheek as he told me they were just resting afterwards. We all got a laugh out of that. I guess I should say a giggle. I love that word ever since I heard it from Cullen's friends in England.
    I didn't want the cake, coffee was enough for me. We visited for a bit then I headed back to my bed. From the smell in the room somebody had been doing some serious packing. I wiggled my nose as Pete and Eddy charged to the bathroom. Both of them doing the clinched cheek shuffle. Bryan broke down in laughter until I grabbed him and told him that he was going to run like that in about twenty minutes. I needed a long time in the saddle.
    I didn't mount the boy. He is in serious pain. His larger than life man stick needed a bit of attention which I was more than happy to provide. Pete and Eddy lay down with each other in a deep embrace and watched us. Pete told Eddy that this was the way that he wanted to show his love. He told his new boyfriend that he needed to experience me and learn what love can be. Eddy reminded him that this was the very reason that he was in this bed. It was Pete that had broken the mood. Pete feigned remorse as he attacked Eddy. The two began to tussle about and fell into a sixty nine, but as they settled down they awakened Bry who sat up with a start and screamed like a banshee. That broke their mood.
    My door burst open again as Cory and Cullen rushed in to see what was wrong. Now I am having a party in my bed. One king sized bed and five horny fags. Everyone got himself a spot to stretch out as we listened to Pete tell his tale. Pete and Eddy had a class together at the university. They worked together on a project during the prior spring's semester. The two had become friends and had gone out to cruise some of the college highlights a few times. When they met each other at the funeral Eddy found Pete easy to lean on. Before that evening was over Pete had expressed his affection for Eddy and Eddy had told Pete that he cared for him too. With Tom gone Eddy was pretty much lost.
    Pete had struggled with his and my relationship, but something I had said to Pete one night on a beach in Southern California kept ringing in his ears. He said that I had told him that I would always love him, but that I didn't know if I could be faithful to him. He understood that this is who I am. When he met Eddy he had a better understanding because as much as he loved me he loved Eddy. Yet somehow with Eddy it seemed more intense.
    The two had never been together. This was their discovery period. They spent a little time Saturday afternoon sucking each other's faces off, but then Toby entered into the triangle and everything seemed to go to hell. Toby moved away from Pete and tried to dominate Eddy. Eddy has never been an aggressive type person, having only been with Tommy since he was only fourteen years old. Pete only saw green. He was to the point of knocking Toby out and was fighting this emotion. Now I understood his moodiness the past week and his seeming reluctance to pair up with Toby. He was looking at Toby as a rival
    When the boys had gone to the campus to check on their classes for the upcoming semester and see about the tests that the Dean had offered to them, Pete spotted Eddy. Eddy joined them. Everything was fine until they ran into Harold smoking dope under the stadium passage to the old boys' dorm. Toby and Harold talked in their own language the rest of the afternoon. Then Harold was getting in the van with them. They weren't too upset because they knew that he worked for Andy and this was probably something I had set up.
    I sat up straight in the bed, "What??? You know him?"
    "You're teasing us daddy. You were making eyes at him all of the time you were fucking Gary Russell last Halloween night," Cory grinned at me. "Yeah, that Gary is a Wild Boy, and so is his foster brother, Jason." Those were two English boys at Cullen's place. They are founders and head liners for the boi band, Wild Boys.
    "Even me mum thought he was good looking, in his black uni and all. Dads got a bit uptight, but they banter like that all the time," Cullen laughingly told us.
    "But you guys went to bed then dad went down to the gazebo on the cliff side and fucked the shit out that guy for over two hours. That's when I knew that as much as I love this man I can never really be his. He will lie and do everything he can to make me happy, but let's face it, he is not a one boy man. I will always love you and maybe Eddy will share me with you once in awhile. That is if Toby and Harold stay together." Pete broke my heart as he summed it up.
    "How many of the boys know about Harold?" I asked as I stared deep into Pete's eyes and only saw a smile there.
    "Most of them, at least the older ones. We have agreed to keep our mouths shut until you tell us what you are doing. After what we saw and learned about you in France we know that you have a reason for his being here and that he is probably here to protect us."
    "From whom do I need to protect you?"
    "Well…Toby has said some stuff that some of us know has upset you. I think that you don't know anything about him and are trying to make sure that he is okay to live in your house. Dad, we don't want anymore guns and rockets and all of that." Pete had all of the boys in tears as they remembered how close they had come to losing me.
    Bryan stirred and climbed up in my lap. He put his head on my chest, his thumb in his mouth and went back to sleep. Everyone smiled at him. "This, right here, is the reason that Harry er Harold is here. I know now that I can trust you, all of you, but I am going to ask you to please keep what I am about to say between us for a little bit longer. Try not to judge Toby too harshly because of what I am going to say. He may simply be an innocent pawn, which I believe he is, but for your protection I have to know.
    "Toby is not who he thinks he is. Boys, I honestly believe that he is who he says he is. But he says he is who he thinks he is. Did you get that? Toby has been lied to all of his life. The man he calls dad is not his father. Toby can see that there is another man's name on his birth certificate, but he knows that that man is his natural grandfather, the father of his mother. His mother was raped when she was eleven and Toby is the result of that rape. The man that Toby calls dad is her husband who agreed to raise Toby as his own when he brought his daughter with him after his wife died. Confused yet?" The boys all shook their heads no. They were all sitting up and facing me hanging on every word. "This man is his stepfather. It was his daughter, whom Toby believes to be his natural sister, that is the mother of Kenny.
    "I did blood tests on everyone of you to make sure that you were healthy and okay to travel overseas. On some of the boys I did DNA testing. Cory, Mike, Bryan here, myself, Jace, Frank, Branden. I needed to know who they really were. I had learned that Jace, Branden, and Frank were not the sons of the people who called them their sons so I started with them. Then some questions came up about Toby and Kenny so I tested them and for the heck of it I tested Carl, Cory, Mike, and myself.
    "I only learned after his death that Carl and I are related on my dad's side by only one generation. Andy already knew that and had kept it to himself. I wish that I had let Andy tell me before. There is no relationship between Carl and Cory or Mike.
    "I knew from what Chief Steve had told me of the entries in my old family Bible that he and I were related and therefore I was related to Cory. Steve told us that much last Christmas. Oops, none of you were here then except Pete and Cory. Anyway I had a feeling about Mike so I tested him. It turns out that the three of us have a very close blood relationship we are related on my mother's side. We have a common grandmother somewhere in the past. Mike is Cory's third cousin and my second cousin. I know that you have been waiting forever to have that knowledge.
    "I tested little Eric out. Eric is another one who had been lied to. His father was a child rapist and was in this country illegally. The INS discovered that several years ago and deported him, leaving Eric and his mother alone and with no support. She remarried a man who beat Eric and treated him badly. His natural father was returned to his home country and put into prison. The father of the little boy that he had raped was in the same prison. He arranged for Eric's father to be raped for several days before he was…well, let's say he kind of went to pieces." The boys all grabbed their goods and twisted their faces.
    "I just want to make sure that Toby is in fact a pawn in all of this so just bear with me a few more weeks. I think that I have a way to bring all of this to an end and my friends won't have to pee in their own pants for three days and go without bathing so that they can play the part of a drugged out bum."
    "You know who Toby's dad is don't you."
    "Yes, but I think it only fair that Toby be told first. I have plans that need a little time to complete. If I just tell Toby what I know it could be bad for all of us."
    Cory looked me square in the eye, "Daddy, are you like some kind of super spook or spy or something?"
    "No, babes, I'm not." I pulled him to me. "I have a lot of money invested with Andy and I am privy to a lot of our country's secrets. Andy wants to protect me so last year, while you guys were at school, I was at the city's police academy learning how to be a cop. I did have to learn a lot of law. I had to learn to protect myself and use weapons properly. All of that really came in handy this summer. The first time I ever had to use any of that was when I thought that we were under attack at the school when Andy came to get Cullen.
    "That was my first time in a real scenario. I did have to have additional FBI training after that though. Andy has me carry the badge and ID of his company, but after the shootout at the hospital the government agency wanted me to carry a badge for my safety."
    "What shootout? What hospital?"
    "I'm sorry. I thought that Kyle and Branden would have told you." Bless their little hearts they learned real quick that my boys didn't know anything about what was going on so they had kept their mouths shut. I told the boys that we would sit down as a family and I would tell them the whole story as I know it. "But," I told them, "I will not talk about anything do with Toby or Kenny at this time." That seemed to satisfy them. Cory and Cullen took off for bed. Pete and Eddy retired back to Pete's room, Bryan settled in. I shut off the lights and went to sleep.

    Bryan was up and ready to go Tuesday morning. Breakfast was cooking and the smell of hot biscuits and fresh coffee assailed my nostrils. I was dizzy and unsteady on my feet as I left the can and headed down the stairs. Cas walked by me and turned around. He came back to me and picked me up like a little child. He turned to Cory, who was right there to see what was wrong. "Get the glucometer." Cas told him. Pete stood by with my morning coffee. Cas waved him away, "He smells like acetone. Put some sugar in that." Pete knows I hate sweet coffee so he hesitated.
    My finger was stuck and a drop of blood was tested. "Biscuit half with a large spoonful of jelly, now." Cas was being rather forceful. Cory yelled out for someone to get the strawberry preserves. In seconds I was being fed a hot biscuit, dripping with butter with a huge spoonful of strawberries on top by sweet Cory who had taken over my lap. Pete pushed a tall glass of whole milk in my hand.
    I went through twenty questions as Cas wanted to know when I last ate and what I ate and being chastised for not keeping my blood sugar up. I am hypoglycemic and tend to get a little too low sometimes. I called over to Gerald to put more sugar into the boys diet. "As sweet as they are their cum is not sustaining me," I quipped.
    I looked for Bry and saw him asleep in Christopher's lap. My mind was racing as I looked at the boy, he was so pale and weak. I am afraid of Leukemia. I had to take Chad and Kyle to see Dr. Hamm that morning so I was going to take Bry with me.

    As soon as Dr.Will walked into the examining room Chad and Kyle were up telling him that I had a morning blood sugar of forty seven and that they had to make me eat biscuits and jelly before my eggs were even cooked. Dr.Will smiled at them and had them remove their clothes. He took a look at Bry asleep in my lap. While the other two undressed for us I filled Dr.Will in on Bry's symptoms while tears ran down my face.
    "Let's make a deal, my friend. You let me be the doctor and I will tell you when it is time to shed tears." He wrapped his arms around me then began his exam of the long cocked duo. Chad is rapidly catching up to Kyle with a long, skinny twelve and a half inch uncut cock. Kyle now has himself a thirteen inch cut beauty that he can suck himself. Chad is even thinner then Kyle and I am sure that he can suck himself also.
    Dr.Will's cute young male nurse took blood from Bryan and me. Bryan awakened with a start as the needle pricked his skin. I held him so that he wouldn't hurt himself until the needle was withdrawn. "Why'd you hurt me?" He quietly asked the young man. "It's okay, you just scared me." He reached out and gave the young nurse a bone crushing hug. Before the nurse was out of the door, Bry was asleep again. I looked at Dr.Will as he looked at me.
    I left Bryan in Chad's care as I stood by and watched Dr.Will cut a small slit in Kyle's scrotum. I couldn't really see a whole lot because his hands were in the way as were the hands of the young nurse who was holding spreaders and passing scalpels and sutures and…if they put all of that into Kyle he wouldn't be able to walk. When he was all done Dr.Will had a little sliver of white meat no larger than a child's aspirin tablet. He placed his sample in a glass jar and set it aside as he put two stitches in Kyle. Kyle was awake the entire time with the use of local anaesthetics. I had held his hand, but was looking at what Dr.Will was doing more than at my boy.
    When Dr.Will was finished I grabbed Kyle up and held him as he cried on my shoulder. He was naturally frightened and I had let him down by not giving him a running commentary. He claimed to understand and forgive me, but I am dealing with a fifteen year old child. They think that they are grown up, but their emotions are at the very edge of their skin during these formative years and they need enormous amounts of positive reinforcement for everything they do. Most children in this world grow up in front of the Farnsworth and never get any positive praise.
    Farnsworth? The Philo T. Farnsworth that totally changed the world. Philo was a fourteen year old Idaho farm boy, plowing his father's fields when the young mathematical genius began to work out the physics of sending pictures across airways, not just sound. On September 7, 1927 the twenty one year, old self-taught genius, transmitted a single horizontal line to a receiver in another room. He realized that he could scan an object at high speed and put the lines of scanned material back together to see an identical image of the object. RCA—Radio Corporation of America—kept him tied up in court battles until his patents ran out and then they claimed to have invented Televison. In 1935 the courts ruled that Farnsworth was the inventor of the electronic television, but he was a single man up against big business. Philo died in 1971 at the age of 64, but his wife "Pem" fought on for his recognition until her death at 98. She was featured at the 2002 Emmy awards when host Conan O'Brien introduced her as the first woman ever to appear on TV. Pem Farnsworth stood for applause on her late husband's behalf. Who says porno isn't educational?

    Dr.Will had a shot of vitamin B-12 for Bryan and admonishment for me. He wanted me back Wednesday morning before breakfast so that he could do a fasting blood sugar on me and verify my current stage of the precursor to diabetes.

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