Chapter fifteen


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    It was Wednesday morning, September 1st, 2004. Labor Day would be the following Monday and I knew that Florida wouldn't have a vacant hotel room anywhere. The boys were involved in a Harry Potter movie so I had a chance to work my surprise. I four one oned the Disney Hotel chain on my cell phone, with my hand's free headset on the kids couldn't hear me as I made reservations for the next evening with an expected stay of one week.
    I had checked the weather on my laptop earlier, but I wanted to double check, I made a call to the national weather bureau's toll free number. A hurricane named Charley was a category four storm on course for the central Florida coast with an expected land fall of Saturday thru Monday the weekend of the tenth. I planned to be well out of Florida by that weekend. I wondered if my little buddies in the back would be safe, they live clear over in Mobile, but hurricanes have been known to do weird things. Jimmy would be at his grandmother's in Pensacola about a hundred miles further east. Oh well, there was nothing I could do, but pray for them. For now I was going to give them the trip of their young lives and I was going to be sure that they enjoyed every dollar I had to help make that a fact.
    I drove into the hotel at four pm Thursday afternoon. We had spent time in stop overs at nearly every white sand beach we came across, which was almost all of them. For kids raised on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico I was surprised at the amount of time they liked to spend in the water. I let the kids take care of their own sex play with me getting nice creamy deserts from each of them over and over again. The hotel offered their most sincere apologies, they had over booked and my reservations could not be honored, now that is so not like Disney. They offered to put us into any hotel in the area, but I was having second thoughts. I had listened to my three sex driven teenagers for thirty hours and I was wondering about how sound proof a hotel room would be. I accepted the hotels offer of free passes to Disney World and Epcot Center and a coupon for a free stay for four at another time good here or California.
    I headed back down the road to the RV parks that I had seen from the freeway. At the third stop I found exactly what we needed, a parking spot at the very back of the park, backing on the canal. The spaces were extra wide to allow for an awning and a car between each RV, that gave thirty feet on each side, but since we were at the end of a cull-de-sac we ended up with an additional twelve feet for a drainage trench to the driver's side of Traveler©. That would give us a little more buffer zone if the people next to us should go to their car in the middle of Jerry's orgasm. The boy was a screamer.
    I backed into the space and set up for a week of sunny Florida. I did notice the sign that told us to be aware of alligators. The clerk in the office had also warned us about getting too close to the water's edge. I have not had a lot of experience with this reptile, coming from the desert as I had, so I respected the sage advise given.
    I realized that we had not stocked the larder. I didn't want to hitch up and go in hunt of a grocery store. I climbed up on the roof and was looking through my binoculars when the manager of the park came by in a golf cart. She asked and I told her I that was looking for a super market. She laughed and pointed out that the Piggly Wiggly was right across the highway. I stood there like a dumb ass and looked through my binoculars. I had my strategy planned, I checked with the manager and she told me it could be done, but to watch for cops.
    I climbed down and called the boys. Tim could ride a bike with no problem. Jerry and Jim were not used to them so I showed them how to drive the ATVs then I showed Tim the gears on the trail bike. I mounted the other trail bike and we headed up to the wide boulevard. I looked both ways through the binoculars and we made a mad dash across the eight lanes plus wide median to the parking lot of the strip shopping center and Piggly Wiggly.
    I had not been in a Piggly Wiggly in several years and I kind of giggled at the name, the boys were from the south and had grown up with the large grocery store chain. I stocked up on soda and chips, I selected sandwich meat and soups. I knew that boys of this age would live on junk food, at least soup could give them some vegetables for their growing bodies. I found some really nice porter house steaks and grabbed four large potatoes, of course I grabbed sour cream and butter, and anything else I could find to doctor a good baked potato. I found the fixings for a salad and checked out of the store.
    I loaded the food into baskets on the back of the ATVs and we headed back to Traveler©. We saw a cheap movie theater that was showing Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. The boys had not seen it. I told them that I had it on DVD or we could come over and see it on the big screen after we parked the vehicles. They realized that there was no way to secure our transportation so decided on the DVD. Tim mentioned that watching the DVD meant that he could cuddle up naked with Jerry, that cinched it. It was hard to keep them under control as we crossed the busy street again.
    The boys were locked into movie mode, I would not be able to get a rise out of them with anything short of a super piece of meat. My meat would get plenty of attention later so I decided on the porter house steaks, the smallest at twenty three ounces and the larger a shade under twenty six ounces, about a quarter of what I figured my erect cock might weigh. I fired up the big charcoaler at the parking spot. I threw the potatoes into the microwave then tossed a salad as the steaks lay on the fire burning themselves to a nice pink inside. I had to threaten to feed the boys' meat to the gators if they didn't get to the table. Not sure as to which meat I was referring they each grabbed their balls and covered themselves with shorts and tees before filing outside. We ate under the roll out awning attached to the side of Traveler©. We had to drop the screen surround because of the mosquitos, it was still pleasant to sit outside to eat.
    The sun was just tipping the tops of the trees as I finished washing the dinner dishes. Three naked and boned boys stood leering at me. Knowing when I was bested I took off my short little apron revealing my rising cock and headed for my bed where I was immediately covered in boy flesh with lots of licking tongues and dripping cocks.
    The four of us had sex with each of the others in pairs and in groups, we wore each other out. By ten o'clock we were asleep in a tangle of limbs, but totally comfortable. Throughout the night I had my cock sucked by one or another of the boys, I got a good load out of them also. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than multiple hot boys with no inhibitions in my bed.
    At eight thirty we were dressed and waiting at the park's office for the free shuttle to the various parks. The mini-bus rolled in within minutes and we embarked on a day's adventure the likes none of us had ever encountered. The shuttle picked us up at ten thirty that evening and returned us to our park. Four ragged and bedraggled sex fiends accompanied the other guests of the various parks before we disembarked our carriage and trooped up the street to our RV, parked in the most remote part of the RV park.
    A quick shower and a tired crawl to the bed was all anyone could manage. The snoring started before the last body piled into the softness and company of my big bed. I didn't feel any movement at all throughout the night. The sun was shining bright when I was awakened by Jerry deep throating me. I looked at the clock and told everyone that we had twenty minutes before the shuttle if we wanted to do another park today.
    Ass holes were presented as everyone bent over trying to find his shoes and get his pants on then we were out of the door on another full day of excitement meant to leave the heart pumping and wallets drained.
    All in all I think that the boys had the most fun they had ever had. They went to Sea World, Universal Studios, Epcot Center, Kennedy Space Center. But the highlight of it all, for all of us, had to be Disney World. We made a second trip to the park and closed it up on the last night of our short vacation. I drove Traveler© over so that we could stay late. We were literally swept away. The cleanup crew was right behind us, sweeping the streets as we made our way up the long boulevard to Traveler©. We were so tired that we just crawled in and crashed. I knew I had to move, but I sat down and put my feet up. I was awakened by security banging on the door. I drove out of the park and back to our little hideaway by the canal.
    We all slept in the next morning. I was paid up until eleven and I was going to get every minute of it that I could. At eleven sharp I fired my glow coils and turned the big diesel's pistons, the motor roared to life and we moved to the street and out of the area. Traffic was heavy as the more intelligent citizens made their way north ahead of the advancing hurricane.
    A hundred, a hundred and twenty miles later we were west bound on I-10. I found a truck stop and pulled in, I was dogged. I crawled up on the bed where three naked boys were dead to the world, I was asleep in no time.
    The boys were great, they let me sleep for about three hours, their tummies were empty and they needed sustenance, I found myself a bit hollow also. We dressed in our typical uniform, shorts, tees, and sneakers, no underwear, no socks, then headed for the feeding trough. Look, the only reason this story is here for you to read is because I am a lecth, right? So let me tell you that there is no finer sight on this planet than a trim little bubble butt in extra tight nylon jogger type shorts, unless it is to get around in front and watch the precious lithe package bounce in all directions. I would really like to conceive of a way that I could walk backwards so that I could perv on the beauty on display, forever. The fare at this particular truck stop was not that great, but we found enough to make it through the night. I was awake and decided to get on away from the exodus from the south and drove on to Pensacola.
    Jim's grandmother was not back so I headed on westward to Mobile. I pulled into the truck stop where Jerry worked and we had an all night orgy. The boys knew that this was our last time together and wanted to make the best of it. I didn't want to let them go, knowing what they were in for. They were resolved to their fate and assured me that it had been worth it. We had breakfast at the huge buffet then I kissed the boys good bye. Jim and I hugged each other as we watched them get on their bikes, that they had locked up in the storage room, and ride away. I think that he was more sad to see them go than I was.
    We spent the day just puttering around then I decided to get Jim away from there, I headed back to Pensacola. There was a car in his grandmother's driveway, I pulled around the corner and let him walk back. I was where I could watch him as he walked away. My heart was breaking, I had let myself become attached to all three of the boys and I was having to pay for it with a heavy emptiness. Jim walked inside his grandmother's house and I climbed back behind the wheel and pulled Traveler© on up the road and out of the state of Florida.

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