Chapter twenty five


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    It was a little sad to leave Betty. She and I had become friends and of course little Will was special, but we had to get on with what we had to do. They would be joining us in just two more weeks so this had not been good bye.
    I didn't relish the long drive down Interstate 5, but the alternative would have taken too long. We had to go clear into the heart of the L.A. basin to Pasadena then pick up good old trusty I-10 east to Tucson. I probably could have skirted L.A. on another freeway, but the way I had it figured we should hit the metropolis well after dark and hopefully traffic would be less heavy. I pushed all the way thru, letting the boys feed me sandwiches and soup as we went. I wore my loose fitting shorts and let Cory hold my urinal for me as I pissed and continued on. I didn't want to stop until we were out of the crowds.
    We got out to Riverside and pulled into a roadside diner for a cup of coffee and a mind rest. I wasn't hungry, I just needed to unwind my pent up nervous system. Cory relaxed me before we exited Traveler©. He gave me one of his famous blow jobs that always relaxes my body.
    We went inside the restaurant and I ordered coffee, black. Both boys broke up. They were looking around and I knew what was on their minds. I told them in no uncertain terms, NO!. They pouted. When the waitress brought our drinks I ordered a piece of the lemon pie I saw in the pie case. The boys ordered burgers and pie. When the waitress left the boys excused themselves to go to the restroom. I reached for my coffee and it was not there. The little faggots.
    As the waitress headed over with our food two red faced boys hurried back to the table trying to catch their breath. They sat my coffee down in front of me. It had creamy swirls in it. I grabbed my spoon and stirred it as the girl sat my pie in front of me, "More coffee?" I told her that I hadn't started on this cup, but I would need more in a little bit. Cory and Cas were holding on to each other as they busted their guts in laughter. I maintained a straight face and drank a really good cup of coffee, for a road side diner.
    I knew better to try to drive on through. It's not really that far, but why tempt it. It was not as if we didn't have the time. It was only about nine pm on Friday night and only about three hundred miles to go. I asked the staff about a rest area or a pull out not too far away. I was told that there was a rest area about twenty five miles east of their location. I aimed for that to spend the last night on the road with my two sexual perverts.
    As we headed for Traveler© I spotted a Ralph's Market across the road. I didn't feel like walking, but it was ridiculous to drive over. We walked. I grabbed the makings of an omelet breakfast and some ham steaks. Back in our ride I pointed eastbound. A half hour later we were settling in for the night.
    I fucked my little faggots raw in retaliation for their antics at the diner. They neither one complained as they lay their heads back and sighed in much needed relief. I know these two pretty well by now and they want anything I can give them. I feel that Cas would be happier with a boy friend of his own. What was going to happen with his brother? Problems, all I face is problems. I fell asleep with Cory's cock in my mouth. My cock in Cas's mouth and Cas's cock in Cory's mouth. We awakened in almost the same position.
    It was almost six o'clock. The sun rises late on this part of the desert. That is good. It gets really hot very quick, even in late November. Arizona is at the western edge of the time zone and we don't use Daylight Savings Time. I mean, the sun is up so long and it is so hot already who needs an extra hour in the heat? After a quick piss I slipped on my driving shorts. I pushed the timer on the coffee pot and dug out the eggs and vegies.
    I had three cheese and mushroom with onion and tomato omelets whipped up in no time. The ham was grilled and the toast was buttered as two naked teens followed their noses to the table and wrapped themselves around my breakfast fare. Cory grabbed the milk and poured it for the two of them as they continued to consume massive quantities. Old Cone Head joke.
    We made it around to Eloy and the last truck stop with a buffet lunch before home. It was just after ten a.m. A sweet little guy was hitchhiking west bound. I really wanted to have time with him, but I had to take care of my man, Cas. I gave the youngster twenty bucks for food and a long kiss and a grope. He was hung and horny. We managed the last fifty or so miles in short order and were home about noon.

    Cory was all mouth and eyes as he roamed his new domicile. Cas showed him to his bed, mine. I wondered what was on his mind. He had shared that bed with me. I was worried about him. He seemed his happy go lucky self, but I really didn't know who Emmitt Casper was.

    A really nice feature of my house is that Charley built it during the time that the government was giving deep tax credits for solar heating. The house has solar panels all along the roof line that provide all of the hot water needed as well as heating the water for the pool and the spa. The floors have tubing running through them that keep the rooms very comfortable. On the rare occasion that it does get really cold I have four zone controlled heat pumps that can make the place really toasty. This made for a very comfortable house to walk into, even though there was a chill on the air outside. And of course a major plus is that the heating water is circulated by a solar powered, low voltage pump motor so ninety nine percent of my heating is cost free.
    I left Traveler© in the driveway for the night and headed naked for the nice hot spa. I needed relief from the work up I had over the boy at the truck stop. I turned the jets on to the stay on position and settled down in the water. I was quickly joined by two urchins. Cas was good to his chosen vocation and grabbed a board that he had made to stretch across the swirling waters. He had me mount the board and lay on my belly as he began the absolute best deep muscle massage I had ever had. He put me to sleep.
    I awakened laying on one of the long seats with jets pointed at me from every direction. My head was on the built in pillow that had been turned up to keep my head above water. I was so relaxed that I didn't care to ever move from this one spot. The boys were sitting inside watching one of the holiday bowl games. I let them be as I stared at the stars. I love to sit out on this patio with all of the lights off and look up at night. Tucson is so bright that most of the stars are wiped out from the glare, but up here with no lights for hundreds of feet around me I get to see more than most of the local citizens. I knew better than to bring the telescope near the water. If water got inside it would be a mess to clean and I wasn't sure that I could realign all of the lens and mirrors. Still it would be nice to lay in the swirling water as my mind raced through the stars on a journey from solar system to solar system searching for young hard, cum filled cocks.
    Cory came out with a hot cup in his hand. I didn't want coffee, but he said this wasn't coffee, it was something better. I took a sniff. It smelled like weeds. I took a sip. My whole body was assailed with such a feeling of warmth and comfort. I took a big drink. I felt every muscle in me relax as warmth radiated from my stomach. "It's granddad's herbal tea mix. It really relaxes you, but it makes you so horny." He giggled at me. My cock was standing up like a periscope with the topmost few inches and the head high and dry.
    I could hardly stand. Cory and Cas helped me into the house and to my bed. I don't like drugs because they dull my senses and I have no control. Cory swore to me that this was all natural herbs that he had picked alongside his granddad. I asked him how much marijuana was in it. He told me none. The high I was experiencing was from the combination of the different herbs.
    I wasn't out of control like I have seen people on grass. I just felt so good and relaxed. I wasn't absolutely sure about his tea, but I had no choice in the matter this time. The lights were turned off and the vertical blinds were pulled all the way back letting in the magnificent view of the city below. The boys crawled to each side of me and began to give me a sensual tongue bath.
    They took turns on my turgid cock while the other worked my balls. Then they traded jobs as they kept me on the edge for over an hour. I was so needing release, but I was so relaxed. I was enjoying myself as I have never done before. I have kept a boy on the edge for long periods of time, but have never had it done to me. With their actions and the effects of the tea I had to just lay back and go with it.
    When my climax came Cory had me all the way down his young throat. He had his young stick in me as we shared a much needed mutual orgasm. Cas got over my face and let his sweet sperm shoot on the under side of Cory's main member so that it rolled down into my gapping and eager mouth. I had two loads for the price of one and about the best orgasm that I could recall.

    Cory showed me the ingredients for his tea. He was correct, there were no hallucinogens or identified drugs in it. I looked up every twig and leaf on line and found that they were very medicinal and useful. I will not give the ingredients out, under any circumstance, so please don't ask. The combination of purely safe and legal herbs so impairs the body as to make it unsafe to drive or even walk straight. There is too much drug use in this country today as it is. Our young people are robbing themselves of the mental facilities they will need to lead this world in the future.
    Sunday morning found me clear headed and so rested that I felt like running a marathon. I did get up and run the green belt that surrounds my little gated community. The total trail is just over eight miles around my immediate area. I set off at a pretty good clip and maintained my speed the entire circuit. I lost Cory about three quarters of the way, but my little footballer stayed right with me. I had an idea that Cory would need to get into an exercise regimen.
    Back at the house I had a cup of green tea and a slice of honey sweetened whole grain bread toasted with real butter slathered on it. I don't use hydrogenated fats or oils and never ever polyunsaturated fats. Trans fatty acids are the big killers of America and its obese children. The body needs fat to eliminate waste. It looks for natural fat cells and not finding any will latch on to these adulterated fats which it cannot eliminate. The fake fat sticks to the body's cells and builds up around vital organs causing a multitude of disease. I bet you never expected a health lecture from a pornographic story did you?

    I sat down with my laptop at the table on the patio. I love the sun shine and had a bit of a tan fade happening. I use a natural sun screen and never let myself overdo the exposure, but I do like a nice even tan, including pits and crotch. I hate to see a well tanned dude raise his arm to show snowy white arm pits. At straight up eight o'clock I logged on to my different e-mail accounts. I have several blind e-mail accounts. I set these up at the public libraries across the country. I have a neat little utility that gives a different IP each time my computer is asked. My cookies are coded so there is no trace back to me, ever.
    The people who think they run the web are trying to prevent anonymity. They are currently devising what they want to call WEB 2 which will require every user to prove their identity thereby preventing virus and hacking, they hope. I hate people who want to steal or destroy another's computer, but WEB 2 is not the answer. I guess I better get off of my soap box or I won't have any readers left.
    I had an e-mail from Jim. The poor little guy writes like he talks. He was all over the subject and I really couldn't make heads or tails of his message. I understood that he and Bobby are a couple and that Bobby is a bottom. Jim pledged his back door to me. He offered a blood pledge, but couldn't figure out how to send it to me. He was going on about his grandmother and how bad off she was. I got concerned and called at once.
    Bobby answered and I told him who I was. He sounded so sweet. He told me that he had a boyfriend and his mother liked him. He told me he was in love. I asked to speak to his boyfriend. He told me that he had gone to the store, but would be back in a few minutes. In the meantime he agreed to let me talk to his aunt, Jim's grandmother.
    I found out that the problem was that her house and all of its memories was gone. The hurricanes had destroyed it then a broken gas line burned everything that was left. She found one picture of her son and one of Jim as a baby in a neighbor's yard. She recovered her mother's Bible which was a blessing to her. Things were not going well for the two women in Georgia and they were seriously thinking of moving to Jim's house in Tucson, AZ. I sprayed tea across the table. I played coy as I told her I had wondered where his home had been. I had never asked the boy. It never registered when I gave the Alabama police the tag number of the RV that it had been an Arizona tag.
    Jim came on the line. He was so excited that I could barely understand him. He was telling about how they were going to pack up and move back into his house the next week. He was going to get to ride in his RV and go to his house and live with his grandmother and boyfriend. And santa would be able to find him at his own house and he was going to get the new BMX bike and an Xbox and Grand Theft Auto and…My ears were winded listening to him. I talked to his grandmother for a few more minutes to confirm what Jim had told me. It was true. I told her to stay in touch by e-mail and I would see them again. She told me that she really hoped so. She said that Jim thought as highly of me as he did of his father. She told me that maybe I had sex with him, but it was what he needed and she was grateful and indebted to me.
    We hung up and I sat back and stared at the phone. What have I gotten myself into? I am sure to wind up in prison before this is over. I checked another account. Tim had sent me a large message. I opened it and went to refill my tea cup. I came back a looked at the message as I sat down. I poured my tea into my laptop and it sat there and sizzled to a cinder.
    I was pasty white and shaking like a leaf when Cory came outside. He looked at me and called Cas. Cas told him that I was in shock. They carried me inside to the sofa and put my feet up. Cory covered me with a large blanket as Cas held a cold compress behind my neck. I started shaking and then crying. Both boys were in a panic as I tried to wrest control of my emotions. I pulled the boys to me and squeezed them tight. I started to calm down.
    I went to my home office and booted up my big desktop. I logged on to the e-mail account again and opened the message from Tim. I logged off the web and sat staring at the e-.mail. Both boys were reading along with me. They found chairs to drag up and sit beside me as I tried to control myself.

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