Chapter 248


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I felt satisfied as I walked out to the fire pit where the boys were gathering for breakfast. It was cold so I suggested that we go inside the chuck shack to eat. The Waya ran before us and nestled near the kitchen door, they know where to find food. Our cooks were setting food on the steam table and Ona and Gynigeyona were putting pairs of eggs into three skillets that sat before each of them. The boys were calling out to them how they wanted their eggs cooked.
    Gigage had bowls of meat set before the Waya. He pointed to the bowl and I saw food pellets mixed in with the meat. He turned his back to the Waya and told me that they looked scrawny and malnourished. He had Nolan bring up a five pound bag of animal food pellets with vitamins. I felt good about that idea. The Waya seemed to like it too as they wolfed down their food.
    I told all gathered that we would go to a lake that I had seen through RD's eyes. There we would find the female wolf pack that the Game and Fish had placed on the mountain. I told them to be outside and in their animal form as soon as they finished the breakfast. Gigage had to promise them that he would bake more cinnamon buns for them to eat after dinner. I picked up the last small bite of the hot pastry that was stuck to the pan and shared it with Cory. All of the boys watched and licked their lips.
    When I stepped outside I saw a very fine looking horse standing with Golden Beauty and Lightening Fire. I did a double take when its mind touched mine. I walked over to the pale horse with a mane of golden hair. I touched its face and felt him in my mind. It was Clayton. Clayton is a follower, but he is a strong worker. He is always ready to do his part. He told me that he was better equipped to carry the small animals, such as the babies. I knew that his being human would make him ideal for that job.
    I tried to reach Golden Beauty's mind. He reeled up on me. That was going to tale some time. I asked Roddy if he could communicate with Lightening Fire. He told me that he always could. I told him to let his horse run point for us. I told Roddy to share RD's vision with his horse to show him the way. We were off.
    The birds were fine, but they kept looking into the sky for predators. The small animals had a hard timekeeping up. Cory seemed to lumber through the woods like an out of control freight train. His son was not able to keep up. The Waya pack wanted to move, I told them that we should stay together. The mountain is a part of the National Park system, but I still fear illegal hunters and poachers. I asked the birds to watch the ground for any man hiding behind a tree with a rifle. They found one.
    We had the lake in sight. The hunter was aiming at a large buck when he spotted the Waya pack. I ran as fast as my four legs could carry me over the uneven terrain. I jumped boulders as big as cars and made my way under fallen trees as I came up behind the man. I jumped up on him, knocking him to the ground. His rifle fell between two large boulders below his position. He was frightened. I scared the shit out of him.
    I stood on his chest and I looked down into his eyes. I let my face turn human so that I could speak. "Do not hunt on my mountain. My friends live here. He looked around and saw himself surrounded by tigers and bears and many wolves, young and old.
    He looked at me and yelled, "Werewolf!" Then he added two more pounds to the load in his underwear before passing out.
    Cory and I changed to human form and dragged the man to a clearing. RD swept down and took the man in his talons and flew away with him. The man was a heavy load for any Eagle, but it was all new to RD, he struggled to stay aloft. None of us could run as fast as RD could fly, none except Lightening Fire with Roddy on his back.Those two took off at a full gallop. The rest of us were able to see what they saw and what RD saw.
    Roddy probed the man's weak mind and learned where he had parked his ride. RD focused in on a truck sitting beside the road. It was a Game and Fish Department truck. Lightening Fire took Roddy directly to the truck. Roddy changed into Fire Fox and sniffed the the truck, inside and out. He sent out the message that the man and the truck were one. RD spiraled down and set the man beside his truck. He and Roddy picked the man up and put himin the truck then RD drove him off of the mountain to a flat plain thirty miles to the north. Roddy rode Lightening fire back to our location with a large smile on his young face.
    An hour later RD spiraled down and joined us. We had seen the man open his eyes during the drive. RD let him see an Eagle at the wheel of his truck. The man passed out again. RD found a pint of Old Granddad under the front seat. He placed the open bottle in the man's hand and flew away.That ranger has a story that he can never tell.

    The family gathered around the Waya. Each one in turn held one of the young wolves and hugged him. I could feel the love messages gong back and forth. I saw tears in the eyes of the young Wayas. I tried to put some cheer into everyone as I showed visions of the new wolf pack running free and safe. I even threw in a few pups to follow after the pack.
    The waya pack came to me and stood before me in their human form. I let my mental message to them be heard by all gathered. "I have grown to love you. I will always watch out for you. You may reach out to me at anytime." I placed an image of hundreds of people bustling along a crowded sidewalk. I told them that in the human world there are many distractions. It seems as if there is never enough time to do all that a human has to do. I grew sad as I told them that sometimes I might not hear them call me, but to persevere, I would eventually hear them.
    I gave each of them names. The one that I met first I called Breeze because of his free spirt. The stronger one I named Waterfall. I showed each of them what their names meant. Waterfall was pleased that I thought him so strong. Another I named, River, and another Night time, because he was solid black and could hide in a shadow. The last I named Star shine, he is a bright spirit, full of fun and life.
    I pulled each one of them close to me and hugged him tightly. I even got a good feel of their goods. Theyhad created a fine package for themselves. I almost wished that they were human boys and that we could do it together. As it was I felt them up and got my legs covered in wolf cum from each of them. They gave me a silly grin after their orgasm then turned back to their natural state and ran off to the she pack that had just appeared near the lakes edge. I changed into a wolf and ran to the lake for a cold bath.
    I was pleasantly surprised, the lake water was about seventy five degrees. We had a very warm summer, so I was told, I was in Europe for most of the summer. Near the feeder streams into the lake the water was colder, but that water fell to the bottom of the lake which, in turn, pushed the warmer water up to the surface. The boys were in my mind when a forest full of wild animals ran to the lake and jumped in.
    We found it cumbersome to swim freely in animal form so everyone changed back. The birds flew high into the air and dove at the water then changed at the last moment for a perfect dive. I was envious. I told Cory that I was going to work at changing into a bird so that I could do the really high dives. He dunked me and water fight began.

    The air was chilly on our wet bodies so we changed again. Why not use the fur that God had provided us tokeep us warm. We sat as a group and watched the new wolf pack sniff each other. The young female was old enough to breed and she got it from Star shine. I saw Breeze standing on a large boulder watching over his pack and testing the air. Suddenly he barked then male and female alike took off at a hard run.
    We knew that they were on the hunt. We sat there and let their minds show us where they went. The airfilled with one of mankind's most feared sounds, a wolf pack howling through the woods. The human in most of the boys shuddered. I quickly soothed their minds as I showed them our friends again. They settled back and followed the hunt. My blood turned cold and fear filled me. They had encircled a huge mountain lion.
    There have been many sightings of mountain lions in the national forest in recent years. People have been attacked and, in one case, the person's dog, on its leash, was taken up in one bite as the mountain lion charged at it. This cat was larger than any that I have read about in recent years.
    The pack circled and charged at the cat from many directions at once. The cat was hard put to withstand their assault so in very little time all was quiet again. All of us turned our minds away when the wolf pack began to devour their prey. They are wild animals, but to watch them kill and eat another creature was more than our temperament could withstand. We turned back into our alter egos and ran at full speed for the camp and chow for ourselves.

    Bodaway and Eknath had prepared us a huge vegetarian casserole for our lunch. Gigage had mixed bread dough and left it to rise Hridayesh and Ilesh had baked it for us. They had also made up two very large fresh peach cobblers with the fruit gathered from the orchard by the main house. Ilanipi and Kuruk had prepared salad and fresh roasting ears. They had also whipped up a few gallons of fresh cow's creme for our desert topping. All of us were famished after our hard run. We ate until there was not a bite left.

    It was already late in the first week of December and our guests from around the world would be coming toCamp Christopher for their holiday vacation. Tyler and Andy had been calling me about every hour asking my help with one thing or another to get all of the boys to America. As much as I loved all of those boys my mind was set on one boy that I had never met. "Andy, how is Mr. Gobles doing?"
    "He is doing fine, Chris. The medi-vac plane set him down Tuesday night and we took him straight to the medical center, as you ordered. He is seriously malnourished and he was dehydrated. They put him on IV fluids and glucose to build his body back up and he is doing well."
    "Will he be able to join us out here?"
    "He was discharged this morning and the last I saw of him he was siting behind a mountain of food."
    "Be sure that he is watched. I don't want him to overeat and get sicker than he was. What do we knowabout that priest and the hole he was kept in?"
    "The Vermont State Poiice have taken charge. Your people are still there and there will be plenty of work for you to do. I will take a month or more before you can do anything so relax and fill yourself with all those young juices and have a happy holiday vacation."
    "Are you going to take a cum bath this year?"
    "Kyle is pressing me to go that way. I am going to bring him out Saturday and let him share a few boys with me, if you don't mind."
    'Fuck yes I mind! You need more than a few boys. You have a serious cum depletion. I know that Kyle keeps it up for you, but sir…you need a belly full. At least ten or twenty boys a day for a week or longer."
    "You make my mouth water. I'll take my teeth in to have the hinges oiled and then I'll see you Saturday with bells on."
    "No bells, the boys would think you are a cow. Just cum naked and take it like a man."
    "On my back with my legs in the air. That's Kyle's saddle. I'll let him give me a ride on his fourteen inch teen cock while I nurse every boy that cums near me."

    I asked Andy to dispatch Bryan to me so that my wife and the babies could go home. When Bry lifted off with his priceless cargo Gigage went along. He wanted to order food for all of us for the month long holiday. This year I had added fifty boys to BAW, three hundred Russian boys, and twenty French boys to the total, Now I had two thousand one hundred and forty boys to share time with. That doesn't count what JB may have increased his student body by, he had not shared his figures with me. Tomos had a few new boys, but he lost some also. I would have to wait till I talked to him to find out what happened.
    I asked that JB put all of his boys on a plane and send them out over the weekend. I told him that the American boys could share the wild, wild west for a week. I didn't tell him that I planned to put his boys to work alongside my boys.

    I asked Tyler to load all of his students up in all of my buses along with Traveler and Travel All © and get them out to the camp to help us get everythingprepared. I had special plans for Traveler Too©.

    I had been riding the lower camp on Golden Beauty since before sunrise. I had found a lot of storm damage along the lower levels of Fire Mountain. I don't want any of my boys to hurt themselves on something that I have control over.
    There was more damage from brush and rocks that had washed down the mountainside and collected in shallow ground depressions. It was more work than Nolan and Tristan could handle by themselves. Nolan had asked me if he could hire a crew with trucks to clean all of the mess up. I said no, emphatically. I don't want trucks on my mountain and I am not comfortable with outside crews being there for any reason. I had only used contractors that I know well to do the work of building the camp the past year. I had carefully screened every man working for them. Ron and John knew my rules and why they had to be, they worked with me.
    All of my boys from BAW arrived on Friday morning. They ran from the bus to building A to stow their gear. In a split second the walls of the dormitory sprung open and near naked boys poured from the wreckage, they were only wearing their cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Cute?? Fucking A. I wanted to eat them up then give them a pony ride that they would never forget.
    Friday afternoon the plane from BAG sat down. Those boys mimicked my boys as they ran to stow their gear for a month on the mountain then retruned wearing only boots and hats. Damn, they're cute. The boys spotted Nolan and Tristan driving a herd of horses toward the corral and they set up a cheer guaranteed to spook every animal within two hundred miles. I quickly turned to Cory and told him to let go of one of ear piercing whistles. He pursed his lips into a slit and sent forth a shrill sound that would warn ships at sea, the South China Sea, of dangerahead.
    The boys turned to look at Cory and me. "If you keep waving your hats and yelling to the top of your lungs the only thing that will be left in the county to ride will be your boyfriend's saddle horn." The boys slapped their thighs and gave out a belly laugh, they had the message. I sent the boys to the far end of the corral and told them to keep quiet. Nolan brought the herd in and the gate was secured it behind them. The horses moved directly to the water troughs as some of the boys that knew what they were doing passed amongst them tossing out large chunks of fresh alfalfa.
    The boys walked through the herd and chose a horse for himself. The boys from BAW showed the BAG boys how to brush out their animals. The horses had run the desert for several months, some of them had been out there since the past holiday season. Their manes and tails were filled with burrs and weird matter. I expected someone to find a bird or six in some of the matted hair. After a good brushing the horses were led into the stables and given a feeder bag of oat grain. They were secured for the night just as the dinner bell rang.

    It was growing dark very quickly. A strong wind whipped up dirt and debris high into the air. I knew that a storm was coming. We had all gathered in building A for dinner and before all of the boys had their plates filled and sat down the storm hit with a furry. In short order we were hit with a driving rain then hail, by the time the sun gave up and hid behind the horizon the moisture had turned into snow. The desert dwellers were excited to see the snow. The boys from New York had already seen too much snow as mother nature set upon the northeast with the worst weather in decades.
    I grabbed JB and told him that everybody was going to sleep in one building. We didn't have enough beds for everybody, but we didn't need them. We had teenaged boys ranging from thirteen to nineteen. I had small boys with me. Everybody found a place to curl up with someone else to keep warm and enjoy themselves.

    We sat at breakfast looking out over something new to us, a white landscape. The silence was broken by the sounds of many car horns. The boys ran to the windows overlooking the parking lot and stated to jump up and down with excitement. The college boys had convoyed out to play in the snow. The college boys came in and grabbed up cups of hot chocolate and filled themselves plates of food. Challenges were laid down and battle lines were drawn. Nolan stepped in to get himself a cup of coffee, I had to talk to him.
    I learned that the north ridge of Fire Mountain above two thousand feet had three feet of the cold, wet substance that the boys wanted to play in, piled up. I asked him about any danger for the boys if we were to ride our horses up there. He told me that the boys would be safe and sound, from the horses and the terrian. He wouldn't guarantee anything from flying snowballs. I sent all of the boys to their rooms to put on their long underwear and flannel shirts with an older pair of jeans. The ceiling shook, I was looking for shelter from falling debris under a door facing.
    I casually looked to the back door of building C as I rode by with the boys. Tucked in behind the large dumpster was the car that I was looking for. Betty and Pam would be inside hard at work. I had a very big surprise for a few of my boys for the evening. All of the boys would benefit, but a few would be our guests of honor.

    You are probably asking yourself, 'What the fuck is Chris doing on a horse in the snow???' Well, it is a rare thing to see snow in my part of the world, especially deep snow. I could go upstate to the White Mountains where we had found Logan, he is a neat boy, and cute as a bug's ear. But there was snow on my mountain. We could do whatever we wanted to do and no one could tell us to leave.
    We didn't have to go very high up to find exactly what we needed. A meadow spanned the ridge leading to the top of Fire Mountain that suited us quite well. I have participated in many snowball fights in my life, but never while on horseback. The only drawback was having to dismount for more ammo. That was the most dangerous and vunerable time. All of us tried to keep in the midst of our teammates during that time, but someone always got through the lines and bombed me.
    I was at a disadvantage. Well so was Roddy and Cory. We had ridden bareback so we had nothing to help us hold our snowballs with. I said to heck with it and removed my flannel shirt. I filled it with the white, wet balls and tucked the sleeves under my thighs as I rode pell mell into the frey. I knocked Jerry from his horse and caught Garric on the turnaround.
    I was everybody's target, but no body unhorsed me. I rode from the battlefield as the overall victor with Roddy at my side. Cory rode up behind me in a sneak attack and hit me square in the middle of my back. I grabbed my shirt full of snowballs and jumped up to stand on my horse, backwards. I pelted Cory with such force that I knocked him into a snow bank. I jumped from my horse and chased him around in a foot battle, rolling snowballs as I ran.
    Cory stumbled and landed on his back. I was all over him. I kissed him into submission. I opened his flies and stroked him to emission. Seven hundred boys around us cheered us on. I stopped my assault when the boys whipped out their cocks. I didn't want a cum shower in the cold snow. I for sure didn't want to ride back down the mountain soaking wet, although under other circumstances it would have been nice.

    As the boys went to their rooms to shower I slipped up to a few of them. I quietly told them what I wanted, everyone of them was happy to help me. After dinner those to whom I spoke disappered, nobody seemed to noticed them gone. I heard a large engine sound coming from building C, everything was ready.
    I told the boys that they should put on clean jeans, a nice shirt, and their dancing shoes. We we going to a Fowl Ball. I opened the doors to building C and stepped in to see that everyone was there. Twenty five of the girls from BAG girls had arrived and were seated along one wall with cups of punch in their hands. I walked over, bowed, and kissed the right hand of each girl and welcomed them to the first annual Fowl Ball, they all giggled like school girls.
    I asked Pam Hunter if she was ready to become a bride in two more weeks. She got all girly giggly and gushed at me that she couldn't hardly wait. I asked her where Petey was going to stay while she was on her honeymoon. She looked at me as if I was the densest person on the planet.
    "Why with you, of course. Ugitsiha said that she would love to have Yuri's best friend stay with her for those two weeks. I guess that he will be out here with Yuri though won't he?
    "They are so cute together. Their teacher told me that they stand at the gate and wait for the other one to arrive at school each day, and then they are never apart until time to go home." She pointed to two little boys walking into the cafeteria hand in hand.
    I felt like a complete idiot. Yuri is always talking about his friend Peter at school. I have seen the two boys wave at each other when I pick the little guys up from school each day. I never associated Petey with the name Peter, in my mind I see Petey as that sharp little four year old that lived in the sewers with his mother. I hadn't realized that so much time had passed. He would be about nine years old by now.

    The boys entered from the main doors and looked around at their cafeteria. Everything was decorated with blue and gold bunting. The banner bearing the crest of the three schools in attendance were hanging from the ceiling. The lights were down low, but not dim. Once the boys saw the girls some of them charged across the room and began to chat them up.
    I asked everyone to stand. The boys that I had called on earlier had their instruments and played a fanfare. The lights went to dim and a spotlight shone upon the main doors to the room. Luke Bingham and Gerald Hodges,Tim Mark and Jerry Thompson, Cas Casper and Tyler Youngman, and Mark Demone and Jeff Howell entered the room wearing white Tuxedos. As they crossed the room everyone applauded them. The curtains on the stage were opened revealing six, large white thrones, the six men stepped through the doors while the band played Mr.Wonderful. They turned to each other and waltzed across the room, holding each other as lovers. As the orchestra brought the song to its close each man was presented with a dozen red roses. The six men passionately kissed each other before they stepped up to take their seats.

Mr. Wonderful
performed by Peggy Lee
Why this feeling? Why this glow?
Why the thrill when you say Hello?
It's a strange and tender magic you do
Mister Wonderful, that's you.

Why this trembling when you speak
Why this joy when you touch my cheek?
I must tell you what my heart knows is true
Mister Wonderful, that's you.

And why this longing to know your charms
To spend forever here in your arms

Oh there's much more I could say
But the words keep slipping away
And I'm left with one point of view
Mister Wonderful, that's you

One more thing, then I'm through
Mister Wonderful
Mister Wonderful
Mister Wonderful, I love you!

    "Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together as we celebrate this fifth wedding anniversary of these very fine men before us, and none of them are pregnant yet.
    "It's not for lack of trying," someone called out. The wolf whistles and cat call filled the room. Many of the boys that were at Chicopee passed across the stage to give each bride a kiss and shake every hand. I asked all of the married couples to step up on the stage and share a toast with a cup of cold punch. I had to prod Jay and Brad. Jay took my hand and led me to the stage while Cory and Brad walked together with their arms about the other one.

    We danced and partied until nine o'clock when we had to say goodnight to the ladies, they had a long bus ride home. Some of them had babies to get home too. I had seen some of the girls in corners making out with some of the boys. As long as they kept their clothes on I was fine with that. Maybe some of the boys will find girlfriends and wives later in their youth.
    The lights remained dimmed and our shoes and jackets came off. Every boy there had a dance partner. I smiled at Yuri as he and Petey kept up with all of the modern steps and showed the others a few steps of their own. Yuri is very vertically challenged, but everyone that danced with him made him feel ten feet tall. I even got a quick round on the floor with him.
    Some of the boys were singing to one another. One couple in particular caught my ear. I stepped over to the orchestra and picked up a wireless head mic and slipped it on the head of straight Arthur Kraus as he sang a soft song to Chance Nickels. The song is Hey There . I have known for sometime that Arthur was about as straight as a dog's hind leg. He loves to look and there have been many times during our Saturday night orgy fest that he has paired off with someone as we listen to super hot stories. I was surprised at what I was learning about Chance.
    I have made mention of the fact that I thought that Chance was straight, or at the very least bi. He showed his straight side during the earlier dance with the girls. He was one of the boys that I saw in a dark corner with a cute girl of fifteen. What I didn't see was his stink finger. He was placing his pussy juice coated finger under the noses of his friends. Most of them were repulsed by the smell. Arthur had huge tears in his eyes as he sang his song. I could see that there was a serious love between the two boys and Chance was treading on that love.

    About midnight the boys wanted to pair off and do their thing. We all moved back to building A to spend the night together on the floor. I am not sure why, and I will have Bill check it out before the week is over, but building A is eight degrees warmer at floor level than building E is. I haven't turned the heat on for buildings B and E yet. I was going to wait two more weeks and then have them ready for the boys from Europe.
    Somebody shouted out that it was story night. All of us were up for a hot story and I had heard two boys from New York that promised to give us a good tale. I approached Max and asked him if he and Ian would tell us a story. Max grinned and showed us that he is a master story teller.

    "Well, I sorta like knew Ian when we were freshmen in high school. The first time that I saw him was in PE and I thought that no kid that small could be in high school. He was like four foot five inches tall and weighed sixty three pounds. I know, I was in line behind him when the couch made us stand up on the scales and stuff.
    "Somehow I felt like I should protect him. Some of the other guys were calling him names like faggot and fairy footy and everything and I got all mad and told them to grow up. They told me that fag boy should go back to grade school until he grew some hairs. I looked, he had more hair than me and I was already fifteen. I would be sixteen before Christmas.
    "Everybody sorta changed their tune when coach made us take a nude shower after class. Ian was more man than any of the rest of us. Sure, we were all fourteen or fifteen and had monster sized dicks that we had hand grown for all of our lives, but Ian had this huge old thick cock that hung down to the middle of his thigh. I mean it was like seven inches long and it was soft. He also had this skin on the tip of his dick that I had never seen on anybody else but me and my dad before.
    "I didn't have any other classes with Ian. I learned that he was some sort of brain, or something. He had just turned thirteen. He had skipped a grade so he was a freshman. I was fifteen and a freshman because I had missed a year when my old man took off on mom and me and left us with no place to live and no food to eat. We were living in Vermont so mom got my grandparents to help us move down to New York to live near them.
    "Ian took all upper grade classes. I never thought of him as no nerd, he was just smart. I was dumb. We didn't talk or nothing, but I sort liked to look at his big old dick in the shower. One time it was just him and me left in there and I popped wood, he saw me. I turned to the wall and rinsed the soap off of myself and got the heck outof there. When Ian came out of the shower he walked past me and gave me this look. He knew that I was queer for him.
    "I had never done no queer shit in my life. I never looked at guys and I never thought about guys. I found old copies of porno magazines with the covers torn off of them in the dumpster behind the adult book store in front of the apartment where I lived and I would take those up to my room. After my mom went to work I did too. I fell in love with a lot of the girls in those mags. I really freaked out when I found this mag that had two women doing all kinds of sex with each other. I mean they sucked each other's tities and ate each other's pussies. Fuck, I did it to myself so much that night that Icouldn't wear tight pants for a week. I took pages of those mags to school and sold them to other boys for fiftycents a page, they wanted more.
    "School let out and my summer was boring until I got my driver's licence. I had turned sixteen before Christmas, but mom couldn't afford to get our car fixed so I had nothing to drive anyway. My grandfather lost his license 'cause he was too blind to see the road no more and he gave us his car. It was a party bus, a great big van with three rows of seats. I took the back seat out and put a mattress back there and would go out to the lake or on top of a hill and jack off. For some reason I got to thinking about Ian's big dick when I did myself and I wondered what it would be like to suck him. I really wanted him to suck me.

    "In August mom got her vacation and we drove up to the mountains for a week with my other grandparents. I hated being around the old people so I spent a lot of time walking in the woods. One day I was leaning against atree with my pants down while I took care of a hard subject when this boy a little older than me stepped out ot the bushes and stared at me. I got all scared and tried to put my goods away and he touched my hand and told me that he needed to do the same thing. He pulled down his pants and shook his dick around so that it got hard. I nearly slobbered on myself, that was the biggest hard dick that I had ever seen.
    "We stood against our trees watching each other jack off. He aimed his cock at me and shot all over my hand and the head of my cock. That did it for me, I shot back at him. I got three shots on his cock, he got five on mine, then he did something that freaked me out. He wiped the cum from his dick and licked his hand. He looked at me and told me to try it. I told him no. He said that I had some good tasting cum and if I would lick his cum from my dick that he would suck me off. I wanted a blow job more than I wanted anything else right then. His shit didn't taste bad at all.
    "We met on a Monday afternoon and he had to leave on Friday. But he taught me how to suck cock and how to take it up my ass. I loved fucking his ass, but I had more fun when we lay down and sucked each other at the same time. We would suck each other then one of us would fuck the other one. We would turn around and suck each other until we got all hard again then the other one would do the fucking. One day we day we did that six times.
    "That night he came over to our cabin and we went for a walk. He told me that his dad had called and he and his mom were going to make a try at getting back together so he would be leaving the next morning. I didn't want him to go. He did something that we had never done before, he kissed me.
    "He pulled my cock out of my pants and squeezed me while he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I got so horny that I almost shot in his hand. He knew it. He bent over and sucked the cum right out of me then he kissed me again. That was the first time that I had ever tasted my own cum, I liked it, a lot. We sat there taking turns sucking each other and kissing until we heard his mom call him.
    "The next morning I stood at the side of their cabin and watched him drive away. I never knew his last name. I didn't get his address or e-mail or nothing. We had no way to get in touch with each other. I drove the van home with my mom on Sunday morning. She had to rest up so that she could go to work on Monday night. She's a nurse and she works twelve on and twelve off. Every other week she works nights and I am all alone.

    "My mags didn't do anything for me anymore, I wanted to see pictures of guys doing it. We had a very old computer with a dial-up. I found some web sites with gay stories and then I found some pictures. It took so long for the pictures to download that I got timed out. I did get a few, but I wanted more. I wanted to see boys going at it. I wanted to see big cocks going into ass holes with a reach around happening. I was frustrated.
    "Finally school started up the next week so I could get out of the house. I didn't have PE so I wouldn't be able to see the naked boys in the showers. I thought about going out for football, but then I thought what would happen if I popped a bone in the shower around twenty, or so, bad ass football players. I kept my fantasies in check.
    "My first class of the tenth grade schedule was AP math. I didn't know math that good, but my tests said that I could do it. I walked into class and took a seat. As I sat down somebody said hi to me. I turned around and saw Ian taking the seat next to me. We had five of six classes together, and the same lunch period. I had study hall the last period of the day, Ian was a teacher's aide in the science lab. I got to talk to him and we got to be friends almost at once.

    "My mom let me drive the van to school on the days that she had worked all night before. She got home by a quarter to eight and I took off for school I had to get home and go to the store sometimes, but most of the time I was free until she had to leave for work at six thirty. On Thursday she was off of work and I asked her if I could use the van to go cruising that night. She wanted to know how many kids I was going to have with me. I told her that I had not asked anybody, but I would like to ask my new friend, if that was okay with her. She looked at me and smiled kinda weird like, but she said yes.
    "I couldn't wait to get to school. Ian was waiting for me by the cafeteria. Sometimes I would have enough money to buy breakfast. Mom wouldn't let me sign up for free meals. If we didn't have any money then I had to bag my lunch. A lot of the kids did so it wasn't so bad, but I really wished that I could buy some milk sometimes.
    "I bumped fists with Ian and asked him if he could get out of the house on a school night. He told me that he had a curfew on school nights of ten o'clock and if his homework was finished then yeah, he could get out for awhile. I told him that I had ten dollars that my grandpa sent me 'cause he loved me. I said that we could go get a burger and cruise for a bit. His smile brightened my day even more. He gave me his address and I was to meet himat six.
    "I hurried and did all of my homework in study hall so that I could go home and iron my favorite shirt and black jeans. I used an old toothbrush to really clean my black Converse sneakers. I put new white laces in them and sat back to stare at all of the colognes that I had. I had some really ratty smelling shit that had been presents from aunts and grandmothers and I had two or three bottles of some really great stuff that I had five fingered at Target. One thing that I knew for a fact was that I had to put the cologne on long before I walked out of the house or Ian would smell me coming.
    "I checked my chin for tiny hairs and made sure that I shaved everyone of them off. I decided that my stachemade me look sexy so I left that alone. I took a long and very hot shower. I had to fight myself not to get frisky with junior, somehow I knew that I was going to do it with Ian that night. We had never talked about sex, but the way he looked at me I just knew that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Heck, I would have been happy if Icould just hold his cock in my hand.
    "I washed my hair with some shampoo that smells like fresh pines. I used the old Speed Stick in a neutral fragrance and then I patted cologne on my face. I got a funny feeling and put just a dab of cologne on each thigh. I had a pair of sexy bikini briefs behind my top dresser drawer. I spent over ten minutes getting my package to fill the underwear just right. I sat down and put on a pair of dark socks then pulled my jeans on. Again I had to tuck and shape things and hope like heck that I didn't get a hard on from moving it around so much.
    "I put my shoes on and tied them neatly then I walked out to the kitchen for something to drink. I found a bottle of Blue Power Aide shoved to the back of the refrigerator. That was just what I needed, POWER. I sat at the kitchen table and watched the second hand of the clock slowly go around and around.
    "My mom came in and poured herself a glass of water. She looked very tired. She smiled at me and walked over to hug my neck. "You guys have fun tonight. I don't have to go to work until seven tomorrow night so I am going to go back to bed until then. Do you need any money? Sure you do." She got her purse and gave me twenty dollars. I knew that we couldn't afford it, but I kept my mouth shut and took it. I would put it back in her purse when I got home later.
    "Mom headed back to bed. The clock said that it was a quarter of six so I got up and went to my room. I was careful with my shirt, I didn't want it to wrinkle. At ten minutes of I left the house. I looked at the address for the first time since Ian had given it to me, it was a block away; right down the street from where I lived. I started up the van and wished that I had taken the time to at least vacuum it out. It is a dark blue and it shows the dust, but with drink cups and burger wrappers all over the floor the inside looked as if it had been used by the city garbage man.
    "I pulled out of the parking lot and as soon as I got straightened out on the street I saw Ian standing by the curb a block away. I gave it some gas and was there faster than I have told this. I reached over and opened the door for Ian. He jumped in. Fuck…he looked good enough to eat. My stomach did an upheaval, what if he doesn't like gays? We never talk about girls or guys or any kind of sex. I never showed him any of the magazine pictures the year before. I really don't know how this guy swings.
    ""Look man, I got something to say and I want you to listen to me. This is the way it is going to be. My dad is in town for the weekend. He drives trucks, you know. Anyway I told him about you and he gave me his credit card to buy dinner anywhere we want. I still have to be home by ten, but we can go somewhere and eat a good meal." I looked at Ian and smiled. I couldn't believe that he had a credit card to buy food with.
    ""Do you like Italian? On Thursdays this one place out by the highway serves all of the spaghetti and meatballs that you can eat. It is served with a large salad and lots of fresh garlic toasted French bread. All of that for only seven fifty apiece. I'm sorry, but they don't serve wine." We both laughed at that.
    "I was very happy when he said that he loves meatballs. He sorta looked down at my middle and licked his lips. We headed out to the highway on the west side of town. My mind was going faster than the van. A mile west and a half mile south of the café that we were going to is a large lake. I know a few places where we could park back in the trees and not be seen from the road. I got a hard on thinking about parking with Ian.
    "Our dinner was the best that I had ever eaten there. I think that it was the company. We both ate three large plates full of food. The café is not stingy. They put one extra large meatball on our re-orders. We had two good sized meatballs on the first plate. Ian got me to try a salad dressing made with olive oil and wine. I loved him…or it. The toasted bread was hot and soft in the middle with butter, garlic, grated cheese, and some other spices sprinkled on it. Our bread basket never got empty. We both drank iced tea without sugar in it. By the time we left we were stuffed.
    "Ian flashed his father's card and paid the bill. I told him that I would get the tip, he told me that he put five dollars on the ticket. We held our bellies as we headed to the van, we were stuffed. I didn't know if I could pull my plan off or not and if I did I sure didn't want to upchuck chewed up meatballs and sauce all over Ian. I turned around and went back inside the café and asked for some yellow mustard and a 7up.
    "I squeezed some of the mustard out into a spoon and stuck it in my mouth. Ian and the waitress just stared at me. I stood next to the counter for a few seconds and waited for the mustard to do its work. My stomach quickly settled down and I felt like myself again. I explained that it was a trick that an old Algonquin Indian had taught me. The yellow mustard, like you put on hotdogs and hamburgers, has oils and spices in it that do one of two things. It will make you throw up so that you feel better, or it will calm your stomach and make you feel a lot better.
    "Ian asked me how I felt. I told him that I was just fine. He asked me about the 7up. I told him that was for reinforcement. I took a big swig and burped so loud that everybody in the café turned to look at me. I burped again and said, "I feel better, and I'm ready to go now." Ian took a spoonful of mustard and looked at me. He was surprised that it worked. I bought him a soda and ran out to the truck. My dick was hard and I wanted to get him hard so that I could get my desert.

    "I had to go down the road a mile to be able to cross under the highway. Once we got to the road headed west toward the lake Ian got very quiet. I think that he knew that something was up. I tried to play it off and kept joking around when suddenly Ian asked me to pull off of the road. He pointed to a road that I had never been on before. He kept pointing for me to drive over this old rutted dirt road and then the road ended. He told me to keep going across the grass. He said that it hadn't rained in sometime and that the field was dry.
    "I did as he asked. Suddenly the trees to both sides of us ended and we could see the full lake on three sides of our location. Ian asked me to pull as close to the shore as I could and turn around so that the back of the van was facing the water and the eastern sky. I did as he asked and when I stopped moving Ian jumped out of the van and ran to the back doors. He opened them wide and got up inside.
    "When I got back there he was pushing the old mattress up to form like a couch. He told me that this was his favorite spot and that he liked to come out here and watch the water as the cool breeze blew up at us. He said that tonight was a bonus night. He pointed at a huge yellow moon just coming over the edge of the world and said that there would be a lover's moon for us to see. My heart skipped a beat and my cock twitched in my pants. Did Ian want what I wanted? Fuck, I hope so.
    "Ian scooted his ass into the truck and propped his back against the back of the seat that the mattress was resting against. I slid in next to him. The space was sort of narrow so we had to sit very close together, I didn't mind. Ian was very quiet. He had something on his mind. I wanted to jump his bones, but I waited for Ian to speak again. When he spoke my world changed forever.
    "Um…er, ah…Max. I am so stupid telling you this. We are miles away from my house so if you get mad and drive off without me I won't get home until late. That is if you don't kill me and throw me in the weeds before you go." I was looking right at him. What he said was funny, but he wasn't smiling, he was serious. I kept my mouth shut and waited for him to say something else.
    "He put his hand on my thigh and was softly moving it around. "Can I suck your dick?" I scooted down a little so that my butt was flat on the ground. Ian reached over and rubbed his hand over my package then he unbuckled my belt. He kept his eyes on my middle, but he paused as he went to see if I would stop him. He pulled my zipper down and opened the flaps of my jeans as wide as they would go.
    "He smiled when he saw the black silky bikini briefs. He reached in and fished my cock over the top of the waist band and held my cock reverently. He got close and sniffed of it, when he let his breath out it tickled my cock and caused it to roll out a drop of pre-cum. He stuck out his tongue and licked it up, but he didn't stop licking when it was gone. He licked my cock like a lollipop, all around the sides and top and then all of the way down to the topof my underwear.
    "He sat back a little and just looked at my dick. I raised my butt off of the floor and pushed my jeans and underwear down to the middle of my thighs then I pulled my balls from between my legs and lay back down. I pulled my foreskin back and ran my fingers around the head of my cock for a second or so before Ian wrapped his hand around my dick again and went down on me.
    "He felt good. I sorta thought that I might be his first one to suck on 'cause he hit me with his teeth a few times. He gagged as he tried to take all of my cock down his throat too fast. He moved around between my legs with his ass hanging out of the van. Once he got himself settled he gave me a wicked blow job. He was playing with my balls with his left hand as he rubbed my belly and my pubies with his right hand, and all of the time he was bouncing up and down on my cock like an expert.
    "My toes began to tingle and my legs got a full time traffic rush as everything in me rushed toward my dick. I was about to have the granddaddy of cums. I wanted to tell Ian so that he could pull off then I thought, "Fuck all that. He wants to suck my cock and I want to cum in his mouth…" I let loose of the biggest load since I was in the woods with my friend during our vacation a few weeks earlier.
    "Ian never stopped. He kept sucking and swallowing my load without losing a single drop. When he could tell that my cock was sensitive he pulled his mouth off of it and just licked around in my pubies and then he licked my balls. He sat back on his knees to catch his breath. I think that he thought that I was about to pull my pants up and kill him when I pulled my knees up to my chest. I pushed the tight black jeans all of the way down my legs and then I rolled the tight bikini briefs down my legs as well.
    "I moved around on the mattress and lay down with my pants down. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, it is to expensive and very hard to iron. I shut my eyes and let Ian think whatever he wanted to think as I lay there naked and fully exposed before him. I felt him untie my shoes and take them off. He pulled my jeans off and then he removed my bikini. I didn't feel him moving after that. I opened my eyes to slits and saw Ian with my bikini upto his nose. I would let him have that little bit of silk.
    "I felt Ian move against my side. I stayed as still as I could. When I realized that his middle was in my face I opened my eyes again and watched him running my cock through his fingers, I was getting hard again. Ian licked my belly button and then all of the way down. He used his teeth as he did one heck of a number on my pubies. He took one of my balls into his mouth then he did the other one. He was slowly pushing and pulling at my foreskin ashe stared at my cock head. I felt like saying, "Peek a boo," each time he uncovered my rosy knob.
    "I could hear a slopping sound so I knew that I was leaking. I like to slow play with myself till my juice flows then I wipe it over the head and pull the skin back as tight as it will go and give myself a fantastic wank. The sensation of jacking off without the skin covering my cock head drives me insane. It is all that I can do to lay still, I shift about and squirm all over the bed and end with one helluva cum. Ian was doing that with his mouth.
    "I knew that I was in love with him. I wanted to do him so bad. I had wanted to do him for more than a week. I had fantasies about him when I was in my shower or on my bed. Here he was and I just lay still and let him dowhatever he wanted to me. I was happy, but surprised when Ian stuck his finger inside my butt hole. I had really fallen asleep, but his digit awakened me. I peeked through nearly closed eyelids and saw him suck his finger that was in my butt. He put his finger back in and pushed it deeper, then pulled it out and sucked on it.
    "I was about ready to show Ian some fun when he touched that spot that made me go all ape. Ian must have felt it coming. He put my cock all of the way into his mouth and began to run two fingers in and out of my butt. He aimed at my g spot and I blew apart. I had never had such a cum. That was my third cum in less than two hours andit was more intense than all of the others. It beat any cum that I had with my friend during my vacation.
    "My breath was coming back to me. I was about to ask Ian to pull his pants down when the alarm on his wristwatch began to beep. I looked at my watch, it was fifteen to ten, we had to get Ian home. I turned on the mattress so that my feet were hanging out of the back of the van. I found my jeans and one shoe. I was pulling my pants up when Ian got on his knees on the ground outside and put my shoes on.
    "I had my shoes on and my jeans pulled most of the way up when I scooted my ass to the edge of the van and stood up. Ian was still on his knees. He took my balls and tucked them away for me. He pulled my foreskin back and took another suck on me. I was too sensitive and he saw it. He tucked me to the right and zipped my pants up. I sucked in my gut and buckled my belt then walked around to the front of the van. Ian shut the back doors then ran to me and held my shirt out so that I could put it on. He rubbed his hands over my chest then went to the other side of the truck and got in.
    "We drove home in total silence, not even listening to the radio. I pulled up to the front of Ian's house with three minutes to spare. He got out and walked inside without looking back. I felt as if I had used him. I knew right then that the next time that I could get him alone it would be his turn. I was going to do things to the little virgin boy that he had only dreamed about.

    "I walked into my house and found my mother sitting at the table eating a piece of cherry pie. She pulled another slice from a box on the table and told me to pour myself a glass of milk. I sat down and took a bite of the pie. "So how was your date? Is he a nice boy?" I grabbed my napkin to my mouth so that I wouldn't spray milk and pie across the table. I stuttered and I stammered and I denied as my mother smiled at me.
    ""Son, look at me. I have known since you were nine, almost ten, that you are gay. You just didn't know it. I was sorry that you and Franz were seen in the woods. Your grandmother and I tried to save that boy. His mother actually freaked out. She called one of those centers where they say that they can make gays straight. I don't believe that. I know that it is not a choice that one makes to be either gay or straight. I was glad that Franz was able tosneak out and say goodbye to you.
    ""Your grandparents went outside and placed themselves where they could head off his mother while you two said your goodbyes. That was your first kiss wasn't it? Franz showed his wiles when he heard his mother talking and left your side. He slipped through the woods and crawled through the window of his cabin then walked through and opened the front door. I almost laughed out loud when he called to his mother and asked her if he could go for awalk with her. She thought that he was outside and she was going to catch the two of you together."
    "Mom, how do you know all of this?"
    ""Your granddad saw the two of you the first night. He came in crying. Mom and I sat down with him and told him that we had always known that you were gay. He told us that he knew that, but now he knew for sure that he would never have another child with his name.
    ""What we didn't learn until the next day was that the Sheddlys saw you two as well. They went to Mrs.Gobles and told her what they saw. Francis got on the phone to her priest and arranged for Franz to go to a camp where they claim to cure sexual deviants."
    "'MOM! They took Franz to one of those places, " I screamed out.' Mom held me and told me not to worry. She told me that she had already called my uncle and he would take care of it.

    "That did it for me. I was in a funk all night long. I had really enjoyed being with Ian and I wanted to do it again. But I was sad to hear about Franz, mom said his last name is Gables, I never knew that. I lay awake for hours trying to figure out how to help Franz then my dick got hard and I started doing it. My mind turned to Ian. I wanted to do everything to him that he had done to me, and a lot more. I couldn't hardly wait to see him the next day. His face over mine came into my mind and I shot a load over my head. I scooped up all that I could and licked my hand clean. I wanted more, but my cock was too sore.
    "When I left for school the next morning I saw Ian head out of his front door. I pulled over and honked, I asked him if he wanted a ride. His smile was brighter than the sun as he ran to get into the van next to me. His mother and father waved at me and she blew a kiss toward us. I was sure it was for Ian. I later learned that I was wrong.
    "'How are you doing this morning my precious prince?' I asked. Ian turned sideways in his seat and beamed at me.
    "'You aren't mad at me?'"
    "For what? You gave me the best time that I have had in a long time last night. I am sorry that we had to end it so early.
    "Listen, I got an idea. My mother told me this morning that she is going to pull a triple shift. Somebody she works with is going to celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow and she is going to work their shift for them. She told me I could have you over to protect me from bad men. We will have the house all to ourselves from a little past six tonight and all the way up eight o'clock Sunday morning. I want to finish what we started out by the lake."
    "'You liked that?'"
    "Liked it? Fuck, you were fantastic. I never had nobody suck me like you did, but I didn't get to show you how much I liked it." The look on his face told me that he was hurt. Maybe I should not have let on that I had let anyone else suck my dick before."

    "All day through school Ian and I joked and cut up with each other. Several times our teachers asked to calm down and pay attention. Our world history class is taught by the football coach and the class is filled with jocks with narrow jock brains. One of them yelled at that the fags were taking over the school. He told the coach to keep a close eye on us or we would be making out on the floor in the back of the room. Several of the other jocks chimed in with cracks about which of us was the top and who liked to swallow the most. The coach had to blow his whistle to regain order.
    "At lunch Ian and I had both brown bagged our lunch so we took off for the far side of the stadium and sat in the dugout to eat in peace. I had a banana and I played around with it like it was a big cock. Ian asked me if I had ever put anything up into my butt. I sort of stammered. He grinned and told me that cukes were less messy than bananas. I told him that ring bologna might work. We laughed so hard that we didn't hear the first bell ring. Some students were walking past the dugout when one of the guys looked over and told us to break our kiss and get to class. We ran like the wind so that we wouldn't be late.
    "After school Ian met me at the van and we got the heck away from that campus as fast as traffic would allow. We stopped to get ourselves a coke and an order of fries and to just wind down. I looked at Ian and asked him if he wanted to spend the weekend with me. What he told me blew my mind. His father had parked his truck for the weekend so that he could celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of his wedding with Ian's mother. Ian told me that my mother was working his mother's shift for her. I never knew that our mothers knew each other, let alone worked together. He told me that Sunday would be his fourteenth birthday and that his dad had given him a hundred dollars to spend on his boyfriend. I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

    "The surprises didn't end there. When we got to my house my mother called us to the kitchen. She showed me a large lasagna and told us how to heat it up in the oven. The table was set with a red and white, checkered tablecloth and there was a candle in a bottle in the middle of the table. She showed us a package of bread sticks and told us how to add garlic butter to them before heating them up. She had bags of different fixings for a salad in the refrigerator and told us to toss them together. Ian wanted to know if we had any olive oil. She pointed to the table and told us that Ian's mother had sent down a bottle of his favorite salad dressing.
    "She had hamburger patties in the freezer and there were bags of lettuce and tomatoes, sliced onions, and pickles ready to be added to the burgers with thick slices of my favorite cheddar cheese. She had made up a potato salad and a crock pot of baked beans, Boston style. The refrigerator was filled with sodas, mostly cokes, but some flavors that I like such as grape and orange. She told me that the pizza for Saturday night was already paid for, all we had to do was call when we were ready to have it delivered. I grabbed her and hugged her.
    "'Max, I have not seen you this happy in a long time. Sheila told me that Ian was walking in the clouds last night. We want you two to be happy, but we want you to take it slow and get to know each other as your love builds. You two are too young to get hurt with your first solid sexual relationship. I won't rag you about safe sex. We all know that both of you are clean. I still want to ask you to be careful and don't hurt each other.
    "'I have to go, it is late. Hurry and drive me to work so that you two can have the van.' I grabbed Ian's hand and we floated out to the van. We took mom to work then hurried back home. We had some stiff business to take care of."

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