Chapter 111


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    As hard as it is to believe we had snow in Tucson. Not just a general dusting as I had seen a very few times in my lifetime in this town, but two full inches. The boys built snowmen all over the neighborhood. The green belt that runs between the houses had snowmen from one end to the other. The silly faggots had manhandled large balls of snow on to the pool deck, which is no mean feat, and built an eight foot snowman. There was more grass in the snowball than actual snow and you should have seen the mess that was left on the cool deck. I didn't clean it up though, without being told they were out there sweeping a hosing the deck down. Nobody wanted all of that grass to get in the pool because they know that I would shut the pool down and schedule a pool service to come out a week or two later.
    For the most part we can swim daily in the heated pool. The only times that we don't swim is when the cold wind is blowing or it is raining, but where we live that seldom ever happens. As we watched the news the evening of the fifth of February we all shuddered in sympathy chills for those unfortunates in the mid-west. We had a typical day of eighty degrees while Milwaukee had a high of two degrees and Chicago was a balmy five degrees, almost spring like for them. There was five feet of snow across the eastern United States with traffic at a standstill in most areas.
    The week was slow for our family. We had a lot of time to kick back and relax. My high school seniors were making their plans for college and filling out applications to the universities that they wished to attend. It is fun having Brad and Jay back at the house. The horny couple is always poking something at each other and jibes seem to outnumber the times that they are poking each other with their dicks.
    Jay was telling Brad that he was tired of being tied down with him, René and Jaybee. He was going to apply to SUNY A, only. He told Brad that he was going home to live with his mother and grandfather at an unknown address and get himself an unlisted phone number.
    "Free at last, I can't believe I am finally free of the little cum sucker," Brad cried out as he turned and grabbed Roddy who was quietly reading a Harry Potter book. "Will you be my lover boy? I will teach you everything and make your mind open up to a whole new outlook on life." I know he was only playing, but it is not wise to play with a nine year old wannabe fag boy like that.
    "No thank you, Brad. You are too old and you are used goods. I want someone closer to my own age who is a tight assed virgin. I am going to marry Harry." I thought the house would fall down from the laughter and shouts of the boys as they razzed Brad.
    Even Jay got more barbs set when he stood up and huffed away, "So you want to mess with little children now. Of course I was young and innocent when you molested me and turned me in to your cum sucker. I hate to think what that wild Latino temper of yours would have done to me had I not gone along with what you demanded of me."
    I never saw anyone move so fast on their knees as Brad scurried across the floor to grab Jay. He was sucking and kissing his lover's cock and balls until Jay stiffened up. Brad swallowed all of the boy and Jay reached for something to stabilize himself as Brad worked him to a quick climax. Brad used his fingers to push any cum and slobbers from his chin into his mouth then he licked Jay's balls and cleaned the last remnants of Jay's offering from his still stiff boi cock.
    Brad pulled at Jay's hands as he rolled onto his back. Jay followed Brad's lead and moved between his mate's legs. Brad bent forward and pulled Jay's cock to his ass then put his hands on Jay's ass and pulled the boy inside himself. All the time Jay was fighting at his attacker and screaming, "Rape, rape, he's molesting me again. He's forcing me to have sick, sick homosexual sex with him. Brad pulled him down and hushed him with a kiss. Jay quickly broke away and bent in half so that he could suck Brad's cock while he power fucked the tight Latin butt.
    The room was ripe with the smell of boi juice as eighty boys went into sexual lust and began to masturbate over the rooting pair. Most of the boys paired off and began to sixty nine with whomever was nearby, some of them let their juice spray across the young lovers. I lost sight of Roddy in the melee, but finally spotted his upturned ass as he suckled on Jace's cock. As soon as he was sure that he had all of the spunk that Jace had to offer he moved over and helped Gus lick Brad's cum covered body clean. Brad became a feeding trough for a room full of cum pigs.
    Jay needed Brad to forgive him so he spread his legs for the whole scene to repeat itself, but he locked his eyes on mine and smiled while Brad did his best to move the horn toad to climax. Brad was winded when he popped his load then he looked back at me and with a simple statement he moved aside to reveal Jay's gapping and dripping ass hole. "Next," he smiled at me. Who am I to deny my boys anything. I don't mind sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, even nineteeths if it gets that far.
    Jay came alive as he thrashed about on the floor yelling for Brad to feed him cock. Jay has to be one of the most responsive fucks I have ever been with. Brad is no cold fish, but Jay makes the whole affair a very intimate moment, even with a room full of young cocks jacking off over me. I rode Jay for a solid twenty minutes before he gave up one more load of ball batter then Brad pushed him aside and moved his ass into place. Somehow I hadn't gotten off, sometimes I just enjoy fucking a boy and don't worry about myself. This was such a time. I fucked Brad as he screamed his love and nursed Jay's wilted dick for anything he could get. Ten minutes later he got the yellow fluid, but he never lost a drop.
    I looked up at Cory and decided that my main man would get the cream of the night. Brad was finished and wilted to a nub. I moved out of him as a hot mouth moved onto me. I ran my hands through long soft locks and looked down at a blond head of hair in my hands. The buff body told me that it had to be Vadik taking my entire cock into his deep throat. He is one of the few in the house that can get all of me down his throat and still take a nut with it. None of the boys can get both of my balls in their mouth while they suck my cock, In fact the only person who could ever to that was Bobby Feldman, though Ryan Miller tried often enough. I was only seventeen then and my balls couldn't have been as big as they are now.

    Above the lentil of the archway between the front room and the family room is a quote from a Star Trek episode. Gene Roddenberry wrote a line to be delivered by Leonard Nimoy in his character of Mr. Spock.
"To understand something does not mean approval of it." Commander Spock.

    A very disturbing news story on February 8, 2007 had my full attention. The Austrian Police had announced that it had uncovered a major international child pornography ring. involving more than 2,360 suspects from 77 countries, including hundreds in the United States, who paid to view videos of young children being sexually abused. The Austrian Interior Minister, Guenther Platter, said the FBI was investigating about 600 of the suspects in the US. I stepped into my office and shut the door as I called Athos at Interpol headquarters in France. It took a few minutes for their switchboard to locate him. He came on the line speaking French.
    "Your mother tongue it in English." Athos cracked up.
    "Only a yank could butcher that one so badly. I bet that it's because you have been yanking yourself that you don't have enough juice for the brain to work correctly."
    "If I should ever run short of brain juice I have eighty four young little heads to resupply me, what do you have?"
    "Would you believe that I have sixty young hard heads and more on the way?"
    "I am watching the news now. How involved are you?"
    "Over me shoe tops and half way to me knees, mate. I 'ave me twenty sweet laddies that want to love me all night. I am trying to find their families, but some of them don't want the boys back. I can't believe that Chris, lad. Why wouldn't they want their own sons back in their arms?"
    "It's a sick world out there my old friend. People just don't want fags like us around them. They would rather kill their own kids then take them home. I have a houseful of youngsters that can testify to that." Athos and I talked for an hour as I told him what I needed to know from his young wards. I did ask him if he would bottle all of the boi juice that the youngsters could put out and send it to me. He assured me that it would not arrive fresh and he wasn't all that sure that there would be any to bottle up anyway because every drop that had cum up so far was lapped up by some hungry mouth. I asked him how much of it he had gotten, he told me that he took much more than his share. I envy him and I have a houseful of young cummers running naked all over my house.

    Okay, I confess, I decorate my refrigerator with Roddy's handiwork as well as a timely cartoon. You might remember our gathering together at Brad's family cottage on the lake upstate before our trip to England. Kenny and Eric got down with crayon and paper to make themselves a poster. They were going to go into business as HANDICOCK. Their idea was to go to where old men were, parks, nursing homes, wherever, and give the old men a hand job, for a fee. For a larger fee they would whip up a personal high protein shake, hand made to order while the customer watched. That poster has a place of prominence on one of my twin Zero Cold refrigerators. Both refrigerators have twin three foot wide doors that stand fifty eight inches tall to give me fourteen and a half square feet of display area times four doors, or a total of fifty eight feet. That is a lot of refrigerator art. Plus the fact that we have had to purchase two more refrigerators just to keep soft drinks for the family on hand.
    Sunday's paper from the eleventh of February had a cartoon by Berkeley Breathed: that said a mouthful. That wise old sage, OPUS said that—"The trouble with having an open mind is that people keep coming along and sticking things in it."
    Maybe I need to close my mind because I am just getting too much garbage input of late. The old adage GIGO is apropos—Garbage In Garbage Out—if we are what we eat our minds are what we put into them. My mind was cluttered with more than I want. All I want is cum and more cum, but I have to earn money to feed my cum factories and educate them at the same time. I love them so much that I also buy them clothes and boy toys when I only want toy bois.
    So where is this headed, you ask? First of all it is headed to my next big adventure. In only two short weeks I would have to leave the family to prepare for the Wild Boys American debut at a concert at the Grand Canyon. I have no idea why Phil did not book them for a tour. Their music is catching on and is climbing the charts. I feel that a four or five city tour would be a minimum. The boys have already been to Australia so why not here? Well of course Australia is a part of the Common Wealth so I guess they want to pay allegiance to their own, however slighted I feel.
    Too begin with a very special birthday party was on the menu. Jason Russell is a little wet dream. Not only does the boy have a perfect body, he has the voice of an angel and the personality of a saint. He is a true joy to be near, in bed or out. I am not really into the type of music that he does, but I can't turn away from his voice. My family and I were going to get to hear that voice again, real soon.
    Jason is going to celebrate his fifteenth birthday in Las Vegas on Monday the 5th of March. Actually his birthday is February 25, but he wants to spend that day in bed with Gary, typical little fag boy. I don't know if Jason is aware or if he even knows, but Cullen's birthday is on the fifth and he will be sixteen years old. I am going to go all out to celebrate the boys' births and their lives. Beside that I like Cullen's voice and body more. So, I'm an incestuous letch, but you already know that. It is not because Cullen is my nephew that I love him so much, it is because he is a beautiful boy.
    Jason is going to premiere his new symphony, ECHOS THROUGH THE CANYON. He has asked me to bring Traveler© along so that he can do a piece with the air horns. I have a grand idea for that. He hasn't seen the new vehicle and when he was in Albany for the wedding he didn't see the horns on Too. I was going to take my own orchestra up.
    I really can't justify letting the boys miss school for a week so I am going to have to do some juggling about. Without a doubt Cullen has to go, however some of the other boys' grades are marginal so I am not going to take them. I don't like to punish the boys for bad grades, but I will not reward them either. If the grades are not all Bs or better they know that they can expect to be at their books with no extras to distract them. I don't like the boys to get Cs on a report card, a C is average and there is nothing average about a single boy in my family, Bryan proved that to everyone.
    We gathered around for a family counsel after dinner on Friday night the sixteenth. At those confabs the family discusses whatever comes up, and it isn't always sex, though some of the boys keep a grip on their favorite boy of the day. I filled the boys in on what I was going to have to be doing and then I told them that some of them would be going up to work with the band before the concert day, but no one would go that did not have all A's across the board. I know, it is very early in the semester, but I know boys pretty well, I was one once myself.
    Somehow the subject came up about Damien's mother. Timmy had news for him that he had not shared with me. After exhumation of Damien's mother the coroner performed an autopsy. The findings were conclusive that she was dead before the fall from the top of the cliff. There was something about blood settling in parts of her body and the expected bleeding from wounds caused from the fall not being present. Extradition to Illinois for escape from prison was denied, Damien's father would remain in New Mexico to be tried for first degree murder. Damien would have to testify. That scared the boy who was surrounded by his supportive family.
    The next bit of news out of Timmy's mouth was something that I knew had to come out, but I didn't want it too. My heart broke as Timmy said that no one had claimed Paul Sharpe's body. Curtis jumped up and stared at him, but it was too late, the cat was out of the bag. I walked over and picked Curtis up and carried him back to my chair. The room was dead quiet as I told him about his mother's death.
    It is said that love is blind, I have seen it more often than I want, the children are thrown away so the parent can marry some undeserving slob who doesn't want someone else's kids. Elizabeth Powers signed away young Curtis to me so that she could run off to Las Vegas to marry a man who owed the wrong people more money than he would be able to earn in a lifetime.
    Las Vegas is not a place to hide in. A person would think that with so many people visiting from so many places around the world that one individual would be safe. Such is not the case. If a face is seen in one place it is seen all over town in mere moments. Especially when that face is being sought after by unsavory people. I could not and would not share with Curtis what had happened, I only told him that his mother and Paul had been robbed and murdered. Three days after Elizabeth had left Curtis on my doorstep, so to speak, Paul Sharpe's car was involved in a car accident in Kansas City, Missouri. Two men in the vehicle had personal items that had belonged to the couple, including their credit cards.
    It was several weeks later when kids on dirt bikes had stumbled across the bodies which had been dumped in a ravine east of the Hoover damn, in Arizona. The coroner's reports said that the pair had been dead forty five to sixty days.
    Elizabeth died from a single gunshot to the back of the head. Paul had been made to suffer for his crime against criminals. His severed tongue was found up his anus while his severed penis was deep in his throat. The man had suffocated to death, his airway blocked by his own cock.

    While Curtis did not need to know that he did need to know that he had become an orphan that very day. Men in prison do not like child molesters one little bit. Curtis's father had died from wounds that he had suffered in a severe fag bashing on the inside. He had survived castration shortly after his arrival at the state prison complex. For his own protection he was put into protective custody, but the state needed the bed space. Many of the state's sex offenders were transferred to a private prison in Indiana. A riot broke out and Mr. Powers was beaten, severally. He lingered on life support for almost two weeks, but most of his organs had been so badly damaged that he did not stand a chance of survival.
    Curtis almost smiled at that, but he did love his mother. She had not been in contact with him for over a year and he had not mentioned to me that he missed her. It was for that reason that I had put off telling him about the murder. Now he had to face a double whammy. I will learn the boy's metal very quickly as we see how he stands up to this news. He did want to know where she was buried. I had to take a deep breath as I explained that I had quietly had her buried in town. He hugged me and told me that he was glad. He didn't think that he would want to go to her funeral, but maybe someday he would go to visit her grave. I asked him when he would like to go. He told me when he was eighteen or thirty, or somewhere along there.
    Curtis showed the family that he was very mature for a young fourteen year old. "My mother never wanted me at all. She had to stick up for me when that man raped me. She played it up big and got lots of money from you and from the state and the welfare people. She sat at the table, you bought her in the apartment that you gave her, and laughed at the dumb fucking system that throws money at anybody with a sob story." I looked into his eyes, they were dry and he was stating facts. I just pulled him to me and I cried for him.

    I did as much of my work as I could from my computer at home, but I had hit a snag and was going to have to go to Las Vegas to grease a slow moving wheel. Monday I caught the early morning commuter plane and flew up to Las Vegas to handle the details then flew the red eye home that evening. I was looking for a fun trip for all of the boys so I was negotiating with the Stratosphere Hotel for rooms. I was being told that I could not have the rooms I wanted in a block. The hotel was booked solid, according to the youngster that I spoke with, but I had inside information that told me otherwise. My sources told me that there was a sinister movement afoot and I was going to crush it the best way there is, through the greed of the local management. I played my Cullen card. I know it is nasty, but when you have a Crown head living in your house you tend to play that up a bit.
    Even after I shared with the desk staff that I had the observation deck reserved for a Command Performance for his Royal Highness, Crown Prince Cullen Muneday, they snubbed me. I was asked who was performing, I dropped the name of the Wild Boys to a yawn from the manager of the desk clerks. Then I told him that Sir Elton John was also appearing in honor of the young prince, just a little left out there.
    Still I had no help from these people. They were holding the hotel's Premier Tower for a party of high rollers that was coming to town the same weekend. The Concierge and the reservations manager stood to make a lot of money from the group. They had no idea that they would be seeking employment by the end of the hour. I had already placed a phone call to one of my guests from my previous summer's vacation on the Indian reservation. He actually owned the hotel, quietly. He had his suspicions about the general manager and his crew and had agreed to give me full leeway to an end for my party.
    I walked into the general manager's office and bought the hotel with trunks full of cash. I sat five hundred million dollars in front of the man and he pissed his pants. After a few non-committal documents were signed and a few handshakes, I was introduced to the staff as the new owner. I fired the front desk staff on the spot then had reservations changed so that I could have the top three floors of the Premier Tower. I told them to close the eleven hundred and forty nine foot tall tower for the day on Monday the 5th of March. At twenty nine dollars and ninety five cents a head for unlimited rides it was cheaper for me to just buy the damned hotel.
    I still had a lot of work to do so I hopped a plane for my return to Tucson, the next direct flight was the Red Eye leaving at 11:56 and arriving at 1:30 in the morning. I got chewed out by Andy for not calling him, he had a plane that left Vegas at six, but I didn't know that and, well quite frankly, I am trying not to over use my friendship with Andy. I know, I'm a business partner, but something about calling him for every little need seems to catch in my craw, I guess I am just too independent.

    Andy's Foss International, English division, has a contract to provide security for the Wild Boys and in particular, Jason and Gary Russell. Of course I am underwriting some of the cost because of the boys' involvement with my family. I had made a class A blunder at Christmas time in 2005 by taking the boys and Cullen to Manchester's Gay Village. They were spotted and their story made the front page of many of Britain's news papers. I have a desperate enemy abroad and I won't put anything past him and his cronies in their desperation to get to me. That contract gave me the perfect opportunity to work my plan.
    I still had no idea what my current holiday excursion may have cost by bringing Tomos into the mix. I honestly believed the boy's story about a lifetime of abuse. I had not heard anything from my police contacts over there and at present I was just too busy to follow through on it.

    The United States Parks and Recreation are nasty people when it come to protecting their Public Lands. It was all over the news only last week about two young men that were traveling across the U.S. by bicycle. They stopped to see the Grand Canyon, of course. The problem is that they video recorded their journey then they posted their video on their web-site. The P & R Department people saw the video and sent the two boys a summons into court for riding bicycles in the park. The two boys were hauled into court and made to pay an outrageous fine for daring to not pollute the canyon with a car, but damaging the environment by riding their bikes through it. No one ever saw the boys riding their bikes, but their web-site revealed that a crime had been committed and P & R Department acted on that. Bureaucracy, we need more of it.
    The Wild Boys had their hearts set on doing Jason's composition at the Canyon so Phil had been jumping through hoops trying to get permission and permits. I had asked Bull to get someone in his office to help the man, it is one thing for a citizen to crawl through the mounds of red tape, I can't imagine what Phil was feeling trying to do everything from a foreign land so far away. We had thought, at least hoped, that the forms and applications that we had filled out over the Christmas holidays were going to be sufficient, but such is never the case where the government is concerned. They have the public good to protect, after all.
    With several thousand dollars in fees, plus a massive deposit and an insurance policy to guarantee that no damage would be done, Phil settled on a spot for Jason's debut. It wasn't what the boy wanted, but kids have to learn that there are powers that be that prevent little people from living their lives.
    A major consideration for a site was access for a live audience. The park limited us to one hundred people. Plus cast and crew, which I thought was decent of them. If Jason's premier was to have any merit it would have to be seen by the masses. He has sent me a copy of his work and… well, it just won't sound right on a CD or even in a movie theater. I am not going to dash the boy's dreams so I am working as hard as I can to make this day a very special day, just for him and his band aides, they stick to him don't you know? Especially Gary, he sucks up to Jason in a very special way, lucky dude.
    We managed to get ourselves a place near a wide part of the Canyon south of Glen Canyon National Park. Marble Canyon, on state highway 89T, is eight miles down river of Glen Canyon Dam at Page. Another consideration for that spot is that we would have access to both sides of the Canyon from the highway, unlike Grand Canyon National Park. It is a two hundred and fifteen mile trek around the canyon to the North Rim, and then there are no decent roads down to the canyon itself so that was out, as far as I was concerned. I was the one wanting access to both sides of the Canyon, Jason's program did not call for that provision. The P & R people played right into my hand with their choice of concert sites.
    The site chosen is actually down in the Canyon with tall cliffs behind us and less than a mile across from us, up behind the little settlement on that side of the river. At our location the Canyon is deep and about a quarter of a mile wide so I didn't think that Jason would be disappointed. The stands faced a sheer limestone wall almost seven hundred feet tall, the acoustics would be fantastic for what Jason has in mind, yet the wall was not so far away that the echo would be detrimental to the overall performance. The staging area where the actual concert would be played was less than a quarter of a mile off of the seldom traveled road and easy enough to provide a temporary access and parking for the guests. We would have to remove the temporary roadway and return the National Park to its pristine condition, another very large cost. However the Parks and Recreations people came up with an enticement, we could have five hundred people in attendance. We would not be able to sell enough tickets to pay for this so we had to make certain to get the best recordings possible and hope for good sales of the CDs afterwards.

    I carefully chose the boys that would make the trip. Christopher had just graduated high school so he was free to go. Cory is in limbo, but I allowed him to go just because. I know, it may seem like I am playing favorites with that boy, but I do love him so much. Cas and Tyler wanted to take the week and I could use their muscle for the heavy equipment as well as help Jay and Brad with their laser light show. I had no idea that these two were so much into lasers, but they had invested quite a bit of money purchasing equipment to do a very professional presentation. Turner, Lew, Jan, Jim, Bryan, and Art are honor students, again. Bryan for the second semester in a row, I am proud of that boy. I let them have this trip as a reward, besides I need Jim, Jan, and Art on the cameras, hehehe.

    It is one hundred and ninety four miles, as the helicopter flies, from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon. This was going to be a trip. I decided to get some use out of Jason's birthday present.
    When the Wild Boys were with us at the big wedding last June I had a lot of one on one time with three of the youngsters, Liam, Gary, and Jason. Jason is a boy, foremost and always he is a little boy. He is doing an amazing job, but under his hard as nails business exterior there is a little guy wanting to hold on to a childhood that had been taken from him. As we lay together I stroked his hair and his ego, I wanted to know more about the person inside. He shared a little boy's dream that had possibilities. He giggled as he told me that he wished he had a helicopter to take him to school each morning so that he could sleep later. I told him that helicopters cost a lot of money to operate, let alone to purchase. He rolled up on top of me and looked down into my face, "I have more money than I can spend. I don't have rent or food to buy and I am too young to get a car of my own. I know what I want, I don't think I can get it, but that is what I want. Besides that, if we get gigs in Western Europe we could fly ourselves over and not have to charter a big plane."
    I had seen his entourage at the wedding, his equipment alone would require more than one military sized chopper, that does not include his entourage. He arrived at Empire Canal in a stretch limo carrying him and Gary, along with Liam, Steve, and Chris. Of course his dad, Phil, was with them, they are underage children in a foreign land. Behind their limo were two long black semi-trailer tucks (eighteen wheelers), totally full of their lighting and sound gear, then our old favorite stretch Hummer with their roadies piled inside. Even something as mundane as the wedding was considered a major gig to the professional youngsters. One helicopter was not going to do what Jason thought it would do. However, I did contact Sikorsky Helicopters and ordered a custom built S-92.

    Thursday I loaded Traveler Too© with Jay and Brad's gear along with Jim's cameras then we drove north to the canyon. We had a lot of work to get done before the Wild Boys arrived. A crew was hard at work erecting the towers for the lighting and some of the sound system. Brad and Jim got with their foreman and had their projectors and remote cameras affixed to the massive towers. Jay walked over to the large plywood poster board and stapled up a special permit that he had pulled. I was awe struck by the boy's tenacity. He had a pyrotechnic permit for eighteen hundred pounds of high explosives to be detonated in conjunction with the show. He and Brad had been on the phone with Jason and Gary to coordinate the fireworks and laser show with their music.
    I had Sikorsky deliver the fully equipped S-92 to the canyon site at first light Friday morning so that we could fly over to Vegas and get some rest before the Wild Boys made their appearance at three Friday afternoon. I left Traveler Too© at the canyon site with the riggers and three FI security men as the boys climbed aboard the big green machine that I had purchased for Jason, well actually for the band so I could write off the multi-million dollar expense to business and not have to pay extra gift taxes on it. I was planing my own trip overseas in mid-summer and I just wasn't prepared to pay one extra dime of tax on a gift like that.
    I am sure that the chopper was more than Jason had expected, or even wanted, but at the current cost for fuel and maintenance I could not see a small utilitarian chopper being of any use to him. Like I said, I had purchased a Sikorsky S-92 that can carry twenty two passengers and their luggage at a hundred and fifty miles an hour and with an average range of five hundred miles on a full allocation of high test fuel. I did consider looking into futures on aviation fuel, every time I turn around the price of oil and oil products is on the rise. I figure that I should share in the profits after all.
    Of course I had configured the machine to the boys' comfort and only had twelve seats in the passenger compartment, but I included a working galley. If there is one thing I know for sure, teenage boys are always hungry. Actual flight time for a five hundred mile trek would take over three hours and there is not a teenage boy that I ever heard of that can go that long without food and a cold soda. Another consideration for the Wild Boys is that most of them are gay so the twelve seats were extra wide and designed to fully recline, for sure they would need a squeeze along the way if not a protein drink from the young fountain of another flier.

    Our flight in the Wild Boys' chopper lacked the smell of the Travel Trio, it still smelled like a new car. I wanted to tell my boys to take their underwear off and wipe every surface inside the plane down, but I decided to deliver it to Jason in factory new condition. I reclined my seat and let Cullen lay with me as I dreamed about being in bed with the boys in the band once again. With all the young, and more than willing, cock in my family I lust after more, is that sick or what? I still remember the e-mail that I quoted in the middle of chapter 34—"I got up to chapter six, and got rather disgusted with your story. From what I could see in your story, if you're gay, you're a promiscuous slut. That's a wonderful view to give everyone, isn't it?" I am kind of proud that the shoe fits and I feel sorry for the dude who thought that he was reading bedtime stories for children in this forum. This story is for homosexual men, and for women who enjoy reading about gay sex, to get off too. Happy cumng, guys.

    Cullen and I met the Wild Boys at the airport, my badge got me through security easily enough. This time I had enough sense to leave my sidearm in the limo. Jason and Cullen ran at each other like long lost brothers when Gary pointed us out to the boys coming off of the jet way. I heard someone make comment about kids being as friendly as fags now days, but the other person shushed her and told her that one of the boys looked like that Prince that was on TV the previous winter. I stepped up to them and asked them to please keep it quiet that the Prince was meeting some old school mates for a birthday party. The FI agents accompanying the band members had already recognized Cullen and me and were watching the crowd for any more trouble. The ladies asked if they could have an autograph so timid, shy, withdrawn, Cullen asked if they had a pen while posing for the two ladies taking pictures of him. I spoke clearly to the pair as I told them that the pictures were never to appear in print or on the internet. I explained the Prince's security problems and told them that there are people in the world that want to know what he looks like so they can find him to kill him. That got their attention and they put their cameras away with a promise that the pictures would go into their private albums and would not be seen by anyone else.
    While we awaited their luggage at the carousel Jay whispered in my ear that now all of them had their mile high club membership as well as a golden pole pin. I told him where he could get pins for that club to wear next to his gpp. He pulled the flap of his fly back to show me his gpp, then giggled. I asked him if Chris and Steve joined the mile high club, Chris heard me and turned beet red.
    "I wanted to, but Carla wouldn't do it and I know Kate never left her seat the whole flight." Jason, Gary, and I broke up while poor Chris blushed some more. I wanted to take him over to the restroom and relieve his tensions for him. Jason and Gary had brought Liam with them, that boy is a source of great memories from the wedding, but he brought his boyfriend, Nick with him, a threesome? Callum, Aaron, Ross, and Shane were there also, I had not meated them yet.
    Steve and Chris had brought their girlfriends along, I guess they wanted protection from me. I would never hurt them, but every fag knows the thrill of the hunt when a good looking straight guy knows that you're gay and still talks to you. I don't figure that I will ever bed either one of them, but I can continue to tease, if their girlfriends don't cut my balls off that is. All together there were twelve of them this time, but I was surprised that Phil was not with them. They had four of Andy's men from Foss International Security with them, which I found a bit odd. I knew that my job of watching out for them became even more important.

    I retrieved my weapon from the limo then had the driver take the boys to Caesar's Palace where Elton John had accommodations for them as well as front row tickets to his RED PIANO SHOW. He had given the rooms to the boys for Christmas and was even paying their airfare home. Cullen and I headed back to the Stratosphere Hotel by taxi. I had a hot shower and hotter bed with Cory awaiting me. We had three floors in the prestigious Premier Towers reserved for naked fag boys and there were eleven of them running amok at the hotel while I was playing nurse maid and guide to our guests.

    I was a bit disgusted with the way events had turned out, but I write it all off to failure to communicate. Here we sat in Las Vegas, one hundred and ninety miles away from where we could be working and make ourselves useful. It wouldn't be all that bad, but I had thirteen underage boys with me that were limited on anything to occupy their time. We spent Saturday riding roller coasters at various hotels around the strip. I found a lot more for the boys to do than I had realized, but still…we were away from the family, enjoying ourselves, and not even with the ones we had driven so far to be with. Well, being a billionaire hotel owner has more privileges than just rank. I had my concierge call Caesar's Palace to reserve a stage front, center table for fourteen, to Elton John's RED PIANO SHOW at eight o'clock Sunday night.
    Any and everything is available in Las Vegas twenty four seven. I had each of the boys fitted for a tailor made suit of their color choice. I was glad that they stuck with blacks and dark blues, they really looked sharp and good enough to eat, which I would enjoy doing right there. I had been asked about back stage passes for Elton John's show, but the boys told me that he was Jason's friend, they had no desire to go backstage. We were already at our table when the Wild Boys came in. They were very excited to be in the states and in Vegas. They were surprised to see us there, but mixed tables with us as we watched the show together.
    I met David, he was introduced to us as Elton John's boyfriend. Jason had told me that he was talking about knowing a real crown prince who was a young duke when David quipped that he got, "two for the price of one, a Knight of the realm and a queen." I told him that Jason was just being nice and trying not to upstage anyone, but that young Cullen was an heir to a Dukedom and the son of a Lady, Dame Eloise Muneday. He was also the queen who would soon be King, so check and check mate. That brought fits of laughter that caused Sir John to look at our table with a frown.
    To add to our noise the young Brit boys started in on Cullen by calling him the Duke of Rimming him or Duke Cocksuckington. Someone added the Duke of Assfuckinghim, but Chris ended it with his bad, Duke of cumng-in-the-mouth. That got him a face slap from Carla. We all shut up and watched the rest of the show.
    An hour and half into the show Elton announced that he had some friends from the UK and introduced the Wild Boys. The boys took a bow to a wild ovation as the spot lights swung back and forth. Then the spot lights settled on Jason as Elton announced that it was Jason Russell's fifteenth birthday. The audience joined in singing happy birthday to the cute little guy who had the character about him to blush and shift uneasily as he waved at the crowd and blew kisses to them.
    A second piano was quietly rolled onto the stage and when the song was over Elton invited the band to join him for a few songs. Jason sat down at the Grand piano facing Elton while Gary, Steve, and Liam took up guitars. Chris sat down at a second drum set facing the band from the other side. Elton was talking to Jason when he broke out in the opening chords of Crocodile Rock. The boy's head was in the clouds as they returned to their table for the last half of the show.
    Gary told us that they had chartered two helicopters to take them out to the concert site the following morning. He asked my boys to go back stage with them, but they declined. I had filled them in on a big secret as we had been waiting at the table for the show to begin and we had to get back to our hotel.

    I had contacted Norman Ellis, the principal at Wilson High, at home Saturday afternoon and told him that the boys would not be in school on Monday the fifth. I told him that we were going to mourn the twenty fifth anniversary of John Belushi's death. He laughed his ass off, he is a big Belushi fan himself, but he kept at me until I told him that it was Cullen's birthday and we were going to throw a party for the Crown Prince. He asked me if I thought that Cullen would ever sit on the throne, I told him that there were plans in the works that would see that that would happen before the end of the year. I regretted saying it the instant it cleared my lips. When the time comes he might remember what I said and it could go bad for me. I don't care what the nation is, when a national leader is assassinated trouble always follows. I had fore knowledge of an upcoming assassination that could land me in deep water with a bucket of concrete for shoes.
    Andy was going to provide an escort of BLACK OPS vehicles for Traveler© and Travel All©. Except for the name on the front and the licence plates there are no other identifying markings on the two vehicles. Both are equipped with red and blue lights in the windows and a pop up light bar on the roof, front and rear. It is a three hundred and ninety mile trip over mostly old narrow two lane highway from Tucson to Las Vegas and it is not possible to get any kind of speed, even the speed limit is unobtainable over most stretches.
    Sunday afternoon all of the boys piled into Travel All© for the eight hour drive. Eighty boys were able to stretch across the seats and sleep most of the way while Harry drove Travel All©. Tim O'Connor was not going to ride alone on Traveler©, he wanted to ride in the bus with the whole family. They called me and I told Timmy to ride the bus and leave Traveler© at home.
    I waited until late in the day for them to leave so that even if the boys did sleep on the bus their systems would still tell them that they should be in bed when they arrived. I got a call from Harry as they pulled off of the strip and started the drive up to the main lobby of the hotel. It was only a little past eleven o'clock, they made the trip in five and a half hours. I had figured that the weekend traffic would prevent any real speed, but Harry followed behind an escort vehicle with another behind him. He told me that he pushed the escort through the very light traffic and the flashing lights moved people over quite easily. Timmy told us that the chase vehicle was having trouble staying with them. He said that he was watching the speedometer and they were pushing near a hundred miles an hour over most of the two lane road. He said that the trip from Tucson through Phoenix, which is all freeway, was taken at one hundred and ten to one hundred twenty miles an hour. He grinned at me as he told me that he liked driving these vehicles at high speed, then he showed me a wet spot on the front of his pants. I know the feeling, believe me I know, the size of the big rigs at high speed is a real turn on.
    We had to send the boys up on the elevators in small groups. I took the ones that I knew to be the loudest so that I could keep them in line. First I had all of the boys go to my suite where I had a buffet of cold cuts and fruit laid out for them. I figured that at this late hour I would feed them well and they would go straight to bed and sleep all night. I got all of the boys installed in their rooms and told them in no uncertain terms to stay put or I would take them down to the basement and lock them in the garbage bin. I told them that we were in a gambling casino and that the police would arrest them in an instant if they wondered anywhere near the gaming areas. I know that that could be an open invitation to them, but I reminded them that some of them could end up not ever being able to go home with us again. That struck a cord and they kissed me good night then headed into their beds.
    I had to let Gus and Rod come up to my room. Rod still likes to sleep near daddy and…well I like having him nearby. I suppose he is getting more of an education then a nine year old should, but it is too late now. I put the darling pair in one of the queen sized beds in the second room and I took the other bed. I let Cory take the master bedroom with the king sized bed, but I don't know who slept with him. I know that I was awakened by the phone asking if Steven could come up to my room. We slept with our limbs wrapped around each other, but no sex. Gus and Rod were in bed with us in the morning with Cory in behind his little cousin, brother, Steven. I love family togetherness.

    I had to get up and get a move on. I needed to be at the site if the Wild Boys were on their way over. Driving out of Las Vegas on I-15 east bound into Utah then picking up highway 89T back down to Marble Canyon is a two hundred and eighty one mile drive, I opted for a chopper. I checked with the FI headquarters supplying the helicopters, they had a ten o'clock pick up at Caesar's Palace. I told them to delay their pick up that I had a surprise for the boys in the band, but that they could pick me and my boys up at five thirty. With my eleven helpers onboard, Cullen, Cory, Turner, Lew, Jan, Jim, Bryan, Art, Cas, Tyler, Jay, and Brad we headed back to the concert site. Thinking about it I took Gus and Roddy along with is. I don't need those two running wild in the hotel, even if I did own it. Besides that they would love the chance to play around the helicopter.

    Brad and Jay were not talking much, they took off to go check on their equipment. I know how the boys felt, but we had to overlook it. We were invited to come to the concert to supply the horns. We had no idea that the boys had reservations, or an engagement, with Sir Elton John. That was my fault for not checking things out. I had just assumed that I would host the boys on their stay and I let my exuberance overflow to the family. I was going to have a lot of fences to mend over this blunder. We heard the choppers coming in about a five hours after we got on station.
    I talked the rest of the boys into playing it big for Jason. They love him and they love his music. None of this was his fault and I am sure that he did not even know what was going on. As the choppers got closer the boys charged out of the RV in the all together and began to dance about like happy little fairies. The doors of the choppers opened and foam packed CDs began to fall through the air. They were throwing a peace offering at us in the form of their latest album, personally autographed by each of the band members.
    As soon as the choppers landed the band boys jumped out as naked as we were and the fun times began. I learned that Steve and Chris had stayed at the hotel to entertain their girlfriends. It was a concession they had made so that they could attend the all male birthday bash that I had planned for the evening. The birthday party was the only reason that I had brought the rest of the family up to Las Vegas. I couldn't let them miss celebrating Cullen's birthday and if Jason wanted to be part of the party we would welcome him with open arms and hard dicks.
    Hard dicks was what he and his limey friends got for the rest of the morning. Jason sucked Cullen's Royal organ in a hot sixty nine while Gary got himself a piece of the Royal Hinny. Jason had told Cory last summer that he wanted to be fucked by a real cowboy so he crawled up to the three homos wearing nothing, but a pair of cowboy boots. After giving Jason the rimming of his life he opened the boy's rectum to a whole new world. He had worked heavy black woolen socks on the youngster's feet then pulled on a pair of cowboy boots. I slipped a CD of Led Zeppelin II into the player and looped it on Whole Lotta Love, a fuck tune with a beat, but damn a butt can get rubbed raw with that beat. The boys were up for it and fucked through the entire song, three times, only to fall away in total exhaustion.
    It was lunch time and I know that the Brits have a different idea about food than we crazy yanks. I had a large vegetable platter prepared for the boys and we fixed pita bread sandwiches. I had gotten Ģerâld to show me how to prepare grilled Tuna for the visitors. Ģerâld had offered to come and fix lunch, but I wanted him to stay and have fun. I had the Tower reserved all day long. My boys were going to ride the roller coasters and other rides to their young hearts content.
    The boys dragged out six of the ATVs and rode around on the highway a bit. The park department does not allow them to ride in the park at all so they had to push the cycles to the road way. When they returned the big green Sikorsky was sitting there. Cullen led Jason over to face the family as Cory queued the air horns. The sounds echoing back off of the canyon face was awesome as everyone joined in singing happy birthday to Jason. He couldn't believe that I had actually bought him a helicopter. As we sang, "Dear Jason," Jim and Art began to pull at the paint on the side of the big metallic green machine. The paper had been painted over and no one had noticed it being there. It covered the band's name painted in a gold glitter, metallic paint.
    Gary was the first to respond. He walked up to me and asked me to pick him up. He pushed high and threw his legs over my shoulders and sent his cock straight into my mouth. Who was I to fight it? The boy fucked a nice load of limey flavored boi juice into my throat in seconds followed quickly by a tonsil wrenching kiss from young Jason then I got his cream as desert. I carried Jason to his new chopper and sat him down. I told him that I had the tower reserved for the day and all of the rides were free for naked boys. He looked at me and told me that if he was missing that then he had to go. We watched them disappear over the hilltops as we secured the ATVs and Traveler Too© then climbed aboard our own chopper to get back to the party.

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