Chapter thirteen


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    I herded three blue balled boys toward the bed in the back with promises of better things to cum. I asked Jerry if he could do what I was doing, he was reluctant, but he agreed. I had Tim lay on his back and pull his legs up, Jim helped him assume the position. Jerry lay down between his young lover's buns and put his face in. I talked him through and in moments he was moaning as loud as Tim as he rammed his tongue back and forth, literally tongue fucking his favorite person.
    I instructed him to wipe his finger in the excessive drool that was pouring down Tim's ass crack and press it to the now open hole before him. His eyes lit up as he watched his finger disappear into what he was sure was going to be a thick pile of shit. Tim sighed and told his lover how good it felt and begged him to carry on. In a few minutes I had Jerry withdraw his single digit and go back in with two. Tim was in ecstasy as Jerry continued his digital assault.
    I instructed Jerry to spread his fingers as he fucked so that the hole would widen. He did this and in a short time I felt it was ready for finger number three to make an entrance. That got Tim's attention as he yelled out in pain. I reminded him that Jerry's cock was even thicker than this and if this was to much maybe we should stop right here and call it off. A horny teenager or any healthy male will never stop here, he is so worked up he will let you drive a truck up him at this point.
    Jerry continued his finger fuck when I showed him how to change his angle. I told him to get ready for a surprise. He moved his angle of attack, he hit the button and Tim arched his ass up off the bed. "Oh babe. What did you do? That feels so good. Oh yeah. Oh man, fuck me. Let me feel your fat fucking cock in my ass. Oh babe, you are so wonderful. Please fuck me, now."
    Jerry was laughing. I put my hand over his mouth and shushed him. I had him get to his knees and move forward. I had him lay his dripping cock at his boy's eager hole and push in as he moved his fingers out. Before the stretched sphincter of his best friend could snap shut his thick cock head pushed inside. Once more Tim yelped in pain, I made Jerry stop and wait. He was eager and wanted to push forward. I held him back and then reminded him that Tim was going to fuck him later. I told him that turnabout's fair play. He grimaced.
    Tim relaxed and told Jerry to push on. I made him go really slow. I was so enjoying watching his huge young cock disappear into this virgin territory. I had to have a suck on Tim's sweet meat. Young Tim hung a nice extra thick eight or eight and a half inch cock that in no way could be referred to as a boy cock. Jerry pushed onward as I slowly unveiled a delicious looking glans just begging to get in my mouth.
    Jerry had made contact with Tim's balls. His pubes were tight against the extra large orbs so full of the protein drink that I was eager to get to. Tim was relaxed and smiling into Jerry's young, beautiful face so I told Jerry to slowly withdraw, but not all the way. He pulled back then I pushed him forward again with my hand on his firm cheeks. I was getting a real treat as instructor to these two boys then I realized that I had not seen Jim in several minutes.
    I felt my legs spread apart and Jim moved his little face into my hidden valley. I shifted my position to give him all the access he desired. He went straight to my back door and began to work at me like a seasoned veteran. Jerry had his rhythm down to a science so I went after that which I sought, I swallowed Tim's major appendage to his young pubes. I was getting the side of my face slammed by Jerry's hard muscled abs and I loved it. I was so fucking turned on that if I touched my self I would blow wide open.
    Suddenly the back of my head was blown wide open, Tim could cum like a cannon. His first shot hit me so hard that it actually hurt. I slid his cock further into my throat as I felt two more pulses force their way through his expanded urethra. I moved his cock head back to serve me my lunch as Jerry pushed into the side of my head as he tried his dead level best to crawl up inside Tim's hot ass, dick first.
    I watched Jerry's smooth abs as he convulsed with each spasm of his prostate, sending millions of baby making sperm on a suicide mission into infertile territory. The only eggs those little swimmers were going to find were fried and eaten for Tim's breakfast. However Jerry continued to send them off on their death march over and over again.
    Jim had rightly figured that I was over the edge as he pulled my cock into his mouth. He was no sooner locked on than I flooded his mouth with my own little swimmers headed to nowhere. I really couldn't concern myself with the plight of these microscopic entities. They were bringing me and Jim such great pleasure. Tim had pleasured me in the same way. I was more than glad that between the four of us there would be no fertile ground. That meant that we could repeat our current activities again and again without having to take a break to bear a baby.
    Everyone pulled away. Jerry lay on top of Tim as they shared their tongues with each other. I pulled Jim up and gave him the head of his life. Jim was no piker when it came to giving up swimmers, his were plentiful, bountiful, and sweet. I nursed him as he nursed me. The four of us lay in the afterglow of love and slept for an hour or so.
    Tim felt he needed to shit. I told him it would be a dry run, but he might be able to push the cum out of him. I told him that if it had not lain in there so long and taken on more of him than I was comfortable with that I would have enjoyed felching it from him. That got the requisite ewwws that were called for as Jim explained what he had learned from his reading how pleasurable this practice could be. He got three pillows in his face for his efforts.
    I did take young Jerry in my mouth and service him as we listened to Tim loudly farting in the bathroom. He took a quick shower as Jim ran in to give him a hand. They were so quick about it that I knew they had only showered. I could hear their mumbled talking, but I had a nice seven inch stinger on my mind and was trying to drain it of its sweet nectar.
    Jerry looked up from his post orgasmic haze and smiled at his lover. Tim leered at him and wiggled his eyebrows. Jerry spread his legs and pulled them to his chest. Tim lay across the foot of the bed as he inched his way to his boyfriend's cute little lunch room at his Y.
    Jim came to me and lay his head against mine. His little butterfly kisses enticed me, I turned to deep kiss him. "I want to do it," he said. I looked at him. He gave me a real puppy dog look. How do boys know to do that? I had known this squirt all of maybe four hours and he was already worming his way into me with puppy dog eyes. I can't resist it. I always give in and this was no exception.
    I tried to tell him that I was too big for him. I told him all of us were. He told me that this was the day of days for him and he wanted to loose every part of his virginity and he was more than willing to loose it to me. I was more than willing to take it, but I was fearful of giving him pain.

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