Chapter 79


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    I was a bit dismayed. Ricky seemed to be taking longer than I had hoped before coming around. Since all of this began Friday night Ricky had stayed away from everybody and had been totally quiet. When Ray led him into breakfast Saturday morning he was shown a small table away from the others. A chair sat there with its back to the room. Ricky sat down and ate in total silence. This continued the entire weekend. I had felt for sure that the boy would break by the second day at least.
    Monday morning, Jan. 16, the family had left for school. Ray was putting Biff and Tom through their paces in the swimming pool. The weather was warm and clear so the boys began their outdoor activities in the heated pool early. The pool is sheltered from the north, east, and west. The southerly expanse opens over the cliff side views of the city below. With the alignment of the property any wind should blow over the top of the pool and open yard area and if anything, create an updraft. However there was a threat of rain by mid-afternoon. Even with a heated pool the boys could catch a chill and I don't need snotty nosed boys running around.

    The FI agents picked up my three boys for the week's court dates and I was left with Ricky. He stood before me in jeans and a pull over shirt with his huge new Adidas shoes on the end of his spindly legs. I am concerned about Ricky. He is fourteen, but very frail. He eats well and seems to have a good appetite. I will need to get him a physical as soon as I can find a break in my schedule. I finished my coffee and placed my hand on Ricky's shoulder. He moved into me. A very good sign. I was going to give him a thrill. I had him button up his jacket as he slipped into the seat of my bright red 1961 Corvette. He ran his hands across the seats then over the dash board. I put the canvas top down as I looked into his sparkling eyes and got a sweet toothy smile.
    I started the engine and let it run for a full two seconds. People start up their cars and let them idle for long periods of time then wonder why they have no power any more. Try telling them about carbon build up. The other extreme is those that start up an engine and gun it over and over before the oil has worked its way around each bearing. It is my pleasure to get two hundred thousand miles out of a vehicle before having to do any tear down.

    I slowly backed out of the garage and watched the east gate drop below ground level. I don't want those spikes in my four hundred dollar apiece tires. I let Ricky push the remotes to lower the garage door and raise the gate back into its guardian position. That made him feel a little better, although I still had not spoken one word to him or about him. I let the car make its way down the street as the engine warmed itself and the oil lubricated every moving part.
    At the corner I stopped. I reached over and checked Ricky's seat belt and grinned at him. He had a question on his face as I revved the engine to forty five hundred RPM and then let it back down. I spent a lot of money locating the old steel pack mufflers for this beast and my true love, my 442. Even today the sounds of that big V-8 roaring through those pipes make my pecker pucker and my pucker tingle.
    Ricky was going to be an easy mark. Let me tell you, when Charley gave me that 442 in high school I was the happiest kid in town. I can take a boy for a ride in either of the machines and let him feel the power in them. I will be in his pants in no time at all, I don't care how straight he thinks he is. I will have them begging me to let them suck my cock for one more ride through town. The feeling of even being a passenger in these two machines is intoxicating to their libido. If he is the least reluctant I fire up the twenty five hundred watt sound system and play a heavy bass tune. I love my old ACE of BASS tape. That one really pumps blood into the main body.
    I grinned at Ricky and took the engine to three Ks on the tach then dropped the clutch. The sound of squealing tires on the pavement, the acarid smell of burning rubber from street legal slicks, the thunderous roar of the 409 cubic inch engine, the G-force of the forward momentum… All combine to make little boy eyes become huge, his smile to become wide and his jeans to get tight in all of the right places. Ricky was no different. I let my hand cup his rigid pole. He pushed up into my palm. I squeezed him then shifted gears to let the big engine back off as the steel packs rattled windows for several blocks in every direction.
    I avoided the freeway. Rush hour traffic is no place for this machine. I skirted alongside on the frontage road, which was virtually deserted. I laughed as I saw the hungry looks on the faces of the people crawling along on the big wide freeway and getting nowhere. I let the G force of hard acceleration push Ricky deep into his seat as I left each traffic light in the dust behind us. At the next light a motor cycle cop rolled up beside me. "Boss wheels, daddy. '62?" The dude's words aged him.
    "Nope, '61, same tail lights. You haven't gotten out front of me to see the grill." He grinned at me. The light changed and I was gone. I didn't break the fifty mile and hour speed limit, but I was there in quick time. I pulled to the left lane for the next light so that I could make my turn. The cop came up on my right. He gave me a thumbs up. He had his scarf, which had covered his lower face from the brisk morning air, lowered. I could see his rugged facial features and his gray mustache. The man had been around when this car was in the showroom.

    A little money in the right places and anything is available. Such as the valet waiting to drive my car across to the parking lot. I hustled Ricky out and up the stairway to the Superior Court building. He had to remove his jacket, his metal zipper triggered the security scanner. I was armed so I had to leave my weapon in a secure gun vault recently installed for that purpose. As a law enforcement officer I could have kept my weapon, but I don't need the hassle. I was really glad not to have it in this place.

    Mixed blessings. No mistrial. I had a full day ahead of me. Jay, Jeff, Evan and Ricky looked at each other. They so wanted to talk to one another and I wanted to let them. Evan looked at me. "Boys, it is your decision. This one over here," I nodded at Ricky, but the rules are that his name not be spoken during a shine, "has done his part very well. I have no problem with the family moving on to the next step. If you wish to communicate with him and find out where he is at this point that is up to you. There are three of you here and you can decide amongst yourselves what you want to do."
    Three heads got together. They did not want to let Ricky sit there all day and be ignored. These boys have suffered as very few other children have ever suffered and they were made to suffer at the very hands of those to whom they should have been able to turn to for protection. They are very full of compassion and forgiveness.
    "Ricky, why did you hit Theo?"
    "I dunno…" he held his head down.
    "Fuck you, man. I'm trying to understand you. You wanta be an ass then fuck you all to hell." I glared at Jay Jay. He knows better than to talk like that, but in front of me was an insult to me, personally. He looked at me. His eyes widened then his face twisted as tears gathered at the bottom of his eyes. "I'm trying to be his friend, dad. If he doesn't want to be friends then I don't care about him." I held him for a moment as his pain passed.
    "I really don't know why, Jay. I just kind of felt like…well he is so small and soft. I don't want to hurt him. He looks like a little kid."
    "And you don't? Man look in a mirror. You are barely any taller than he is. And you look like you are ten or twelve. I freaked when I found out that you are the same age as Jay Jay. I was afraid to have you in the dorm with us because we would be having sex in front of a little kid." Jeff told him.
    "I don't look so little." Ricky protested.
    "The heck you don't. Don't he dad? Don't he look like a kid?" Jay Jay was blabbering.
    "Doesn't he!!" I looked at him. He thought for a moment then giggled. "All of you look much younger than you really are, except down there." I nodded at their middles. "I remember a dinner in a pizza place last year. I thought I had two kindergartners at my table. If Cory and Jim had not told me that Jeff went to their high school I would have not talked to either of you." I have never confronted the boys over the tale they told that day. I am sure that for the most part it was true. They just left out the part about their own parents molesting them. I wonder why? That sounds like so much fun. "Son, pull your diaper down and get rid of the baby bottle, I'm gonna fuck you," I thought to myself. I hate these bastards. The bailiff stepped out and summoned me into Farley's courtroom.

    When we broke for lunch the four boys were the best of friends. I truly enjoyed their childish banter as we sat in a private dining area at a large international hotel across the road from the courthouse. I keep the boys away from the public, or more like the press. I make each of the boys wear a hooded sweat shirt with the string of the hood drawn tight around their faces. They don't need to be on the front page of the paper. Or worse on some tabloid cover.
    My friends at the courthouse let me use the jail elevator and I had an FI man waiting at the basement entrance to drive us away. Ernesto was our driver that day. He handed Ricky a brand new FI hooded sweat shirt. Ricky loved it as he pulled it over his head and pulled the string so that his head and face were totally concealed like the other boys. He was really one of them. I felt warm and fuzzy.
    I listened to the boys as they planned their evening. Ricky told them that he wanted to apologize to Theo, but he wanted it to be really sincere. He was afraid that everybody would think that he was just trying to get out of trouble. I sat back and stretched my legs out under the table and crossed my hands over my belt. "I was surprised at how quickly Donny came around. Bryan broke that boy and made a great kid out of him in only one week." All eyes turned to me as realization moved over their young faces. They had their heads back in a huddle as they thought how they could do this.

    I was the first witness in Anson's courtroom after lunch. I wish the hell I hadn't eaten as I had to tell the court how I discovered the movies and who the people in the movies were. I explained that a man I had known several years before had VHS tapes of these movies in his personal belongings when he died. I had been charged with the disposal of his property.
    The defense wanted to know if I had watched the movies. I told him no. They were vile and disgusting to me. He wanted to know where they were. I told him that I threw the whole stack of pornographic movies and magazines into the fireplace and burned them. He wanted to know how I knew who was in the movies. I told him that I had gone to high school with four of the men that appeared on the covers of the VHS tapes' boxes. He wanted to know how I could prove that what I may or may not have seen then was in fact the man who was sitting before me on trial for a crime of which he was innocent. After seeing Terry Anson on that movie that was shown to that jury in that courtroom only the day before and stand there and call him innocent…I held my tongue and clenched my fists. I told him that I had seen the movies again when I was in the house of one of the accused on the night that Terry was arrested.
    Bull stepped up to question me. He produced a sealed box marked as evidence before the court. He identified it for the judge then the defense. Bull was doing a wonderful job as assistant to the prosecutor. The PA sat back with a wide grin on his face as Bull showed me several boxes in which the tapes were secured inside. He asked me to identify as many faces on the boxes as I could. I identified each and every face on each and every box.
    I was asked how I knew these faces. I told the court that I had gone to high school with each of the four men. I told the court that I was the state's appointed temporary guardian of each of the six boys shown on one stack of the tape boxes. I pointed out the faces of the young girls and told the court that I had met these girls during the course of the investigation. I was asked if I was involved in the investigation as an officer of the law. I told them that I was not. I was involved in this case simply as a citizen who came upon a serious ongoing crime against children and could not sit by and do nothing. I was asked how deeply I was involved in the case. I told the court that every fiber of my being was involved because as guardian of six of these young victims I had learned about things that had happened to them that had not been introduced to the court yet. I waited. Bull smiled, then for the record he spoke, "Mr. Dickson, I am going to ask you not to say anything more at this time. I ask the court to put in the record that we will want to hear more from this witness as more testimony is given."
    I was happy as hell to get out of there. I led the boys to the jail elevator and hugged each of them as we descended to the basement. I gave them each a fatherly kiss then sent them to the FI driver to be spirited away. Ricky and I went to the main floor. I retrieved my Colt .357, a keepsake from my father, then met the valet at the street to claim my 'vette.

    I was keyed up. I found a dark alley and kissed the tonsils out of Ricky then headed for the freeway. Rush hour was almost upon us and I wanted to get out of town, fast. I called the house and told Ģerâld that I was going for a drive to relax. I told him that I had Ricky with me and to let the family know that I was okay. I would be about an hour and a half.
    I turned on my scanners and told Andy to monitor the road for me. I was going to blow the carbon out of the 'vette intakes. Carbon forms in the exhaust so I was really going to blast the roads. By the time I got around to the I-19 exit and headed toward Mexico Andy had the road clear. He told me that all systems were clear after mile marker 82.
    I made Ricky pull the hood of his new sweat shirt over his head and double check his seat belt. I told him that he would never be so scared or excited in his life as he would be for the next hour. I held the posted speed of sixty five to marker 82 then dropped into third gear. Three Carter twin carbs pumping fuel into 409 cubic inches, bored and stroked to maximum compression and fed into a 3:57 rear end three hundred and ninety horses of pure power spun my street legal slicks while I was already at a running speed of sixty five miles an hour. They caught pavement and shot us forward to one hundred miles an hour in under two seconds.
    Ricky's eyes were wide and his knuckles were white as he grabbed at the recessed dash over the glove box. He took a sideways glance to see the speedometer pegged at the one hundred and sixty mile per hour, bottom of the dial, and we were still gaining speed. Thirty eight minutes after leaving the turn onto I-19 we could see the end of the sixty three mile road into Nogales, Az and across the border into Nogales, Sonora.
    I asked Ricky if he wanted anything to drink. He told me he had to piss something fierce. I told him to hold it a moment. I pulled off at the last ramp before the border town and down the road a little way. There was a safe pull out with a clear view of the road for a mile or more in each direction. I told him to hold it just a moment more as I got out of the car and went around. I helped him out and sat down in his seat with my legs out on the ground. I pulled him to me and opened his pants. The little bugger was freeballing. I pushed his jeans to his knees and pulled him to my face.
    The smell of his body had gathered within the confines of the thick denim all day and was so intoxicating to me. I had his super fine cock in my mouth as I pushed on his belly. He giggled as he let his urine flow begin. I pushed a finger into his super open ass. I know how big Seth's cock is and I had watched this boy ride it several times the past summer. I flicked my finger around inside his sweet ass as he satisfied my thirst then he began to stiffen up.
    I added two fingers and began to assault his prostate. I worked my tongue under thea ridged bands of his cute little rose shaped foreskin paying particualr attention to the underside of his glans where those bands attach to the frenulum. I pushed the praeputial shincter back so I could do magic to his sweat and pee slickened corona for a taste supreme of all that he had gathered there for me. As I stuck my tongue into his meatus he fucked at my mouth then raised to his tip toes before he flooded me with three days of pent up pressure. He wanted me to fuck him. I told him that I had to pee and I didn't think this was a good place to be fucking a small boy on the hood of a bright red Corvette. That is exactly what he wanted.
    He had never tasted pee, but he wanted to try. I let him take the head of my cock about two inches into his eager mouth as I watched the road for any traffic. Ricky never faltered. He took every drop of urine I had and then swallowed my entire cock deep into his throat. I had not wanted to give myself to him until after he made peace with Theo, but the pressure of the day was so on me and he offered sweet release. I also feel that I need to deny myself to him. He needs to be with his age and peer group and overcome his hunger for older men.
    Suddenly he pulled back. He had untied his shoes and kicked them off letting his jeans slide down over his feet. He lay back on the hood, "Fuck me on the hood of a bright red Corvette." I was so lustful, I took a quick look around and shoved my cock up in his sweet ass. I had seen him with Seth and he likes it hard and rough. I was pleased to find that he was tight, snug, and very responsive. The boy is a true bottom. He fucked me like very few boys in my house have ever fucked me on our first time out. Two boys have given the me the kind of response I was getting from young Rick, Cory and Jayson Adams. Jay is one fine, eager fuck and the funny part is, he is Brad's top.
    Most of the boys warm up after several minutes, but Ricky had me from the first moment up in him and I was not going to last. It was a good thing too because we were certainly not in a place where love making could actually happen. Ricky was riding on me and making himself one very happy little boy as he squealed for more. I wished that I had more for him, but at the moment I wanted to get moving before someone noticed us. I mean even cars going down the freeway a half a mile away might see a sweet young boy laid out on "the hood of a bright red Corvette."
    Ricky has a very nice five and a half inch thick boi stick and it was sticking straight up. His passion told me that he was at the edge. I was too. I moved across his tight prostate and began to give it all of the action my swollen glans could muster. His anal sphincter tightened as his rectal muscles contracted. He squeezed my load deep inside of himself as he coated his tiny, flat belly with a very impressive amount of extra thick ball batter that belied his tender size. One would hardly guess that only minutes before he had pumped an equal sized load deep into my hungry gullet.
    I rode him until his eyes rolled back into place then slowly withdrew from him. I bent over and licked his belly clean then sucked the last vestige of boi juice from his deflated pecker. He slid off of the hood and dropped to his knees to suckle any drops of juice that he could find on me deep into his vacuum like mouth. This boy could suck the toes nails off of me, through my cock.
    We got our pants on and headed for the freeway. Just as I reached the on ramp a car came over the hill from in front of us. Four more minutes and we would have been caught. He giggled at the excitement. I asked him if he wanted to go home fast or slow. He looked at me and reached for the dash board. I called Andy and told him that I was north bound. He wanted to know if I had a sweet break. I told him that I would break him like a shotgun and load him up. He told me that I had so much going on that he didn't see that happening for awhile. I think I will get back over to his house for a couple of hours this weekend. Randy was not working out for Andy and I don't know what to do to help my old friend.

    The boys were waiting for us when we got home. They had already had their council and the vote had been taken. I was told that I wasn't there and that the plaintiff had not been there so he had been tried in absentia. I looked at the little farts. They had a plan. I told them that as the presiding judge that only I had the right to set the sentence. They agreed.
    Ricky was made to strip and stand up on a short table so that everyone could see him. Cory walked over to the boy and ran his finger up the inside of his tight little thigh. "This is how you shine a boy?" He looked at me accusingly then ginned.
    "Well hey, if you had been on that stand and had to tell what I had to tell today you would want to get out and let off steam yourself."
    "Sounds like an excuse to me mister. We don't take excuses in this house. You broke a rule. You will have to be dealt with." He was right. I made the rules so I should keep them. First the boys had to deal with Ricky.
    Ricky was in tears as he had all of his transgressions replayed before everybody. Timmy sat there in wide eyed amazement as the boys meted out justice from their stand point. Pete and Eddy had been asked to come down as well as Harry and Toby. They grinned as they looked on. They know for a fact how strong this family unit is and to what lengths we will go to protect our own.
    Ricky had raised his arm as he stood with his head bowed on the little table. Cory had taken charge so I sat back and watched. "Does something wish to make noise?" Ricky whimpered at his non-recognition. "Speak, no name." I would really hate to be subjected to Cory as my judge.
    "I was wrong. I thought that Theo was a little boy. I never looked down there… you know at his…I just saw that tiny face and little body and it turned me off. I don't like little kids. I should not have hit him even then. I was so wrong and I want to tell him that I am sorry. I will do anything he wants of me if he will just tell me he is not mad at me." He was crying so hard that I told him to sit down. He crossed his little legs and put his face in his hands.
    "The council has voted in your absence. You have been granted probationary membership in our family. There are conditions for probationers. Are you willing to accept our decision?"
    Ricky looked up, but I watched closely as he contained himself. He was so happy he was about to pop, but he held himself in check. "Yes sir. I will take any punishment that the family has for me."
    "You struck a member of this family. That can not go unpunished, ever. Theo will exact his punishment on you for slapping him." Theo stepped forward with two items in his hand. He had the belt in his right hand which he held out for Ricky to see. In his left hand he held the chain dog leash and leather collar that Bryan had made Donny wear the week before.
    "Your choice. I can beat the living daylights out of you or you can be my slave for a week."
    Ricky gave himself away with a bit too much eagerness, "I'll be your slave, sir."
    "You can start by kissing my ass." Ricky dropped beside the boy and started to kiss his cute little bubble butt.
    "Not there fag boy. Kiss my ass hole with your tongue." Ricky had never rimmed before, but he gave it the old school try. The two virgin boys had to be coached by a room full of perverted teachers. Ricky was made to keep at it until he got it right. It took along time before Theo finally began to squeal. He had to keep a hard dick in his mouth to prevent himself shouting out his pleasure too quickly. Kenny was not disappointed at being made to plug the kid's mouth during the process.

    "Family, we have another matter to decide." A very tight family huddle took place as I sat in my seat. Jerry handed me a cup of coffee then stuck his face into the huddle. Whatever he said got a loud chuckle and it seemed that a decision was reached.
    "Dear sweet father of mine," Cory began, "you violated a shine. It has been taken into consideration that some progress had been made and certain concessions were made through the day by three members of this family in good standing. It is the unanimous decision of the family council that you must serve a two part punishment. First of all you will take Theo and his slave to your room as soon as dinner is finished. You will instruct them in the, what did you call it Jerry?"
    "How to fuck your boyfriend, 101."
    "Yeah, that. However, you may not join them. Your job is to instruct. Got it pervert? Keep it to yourself or you will get the shine." Have you any idea how hard was for me to keep a straight face? Cory is still so boyish in so many ways. He will always be my favorite. I can't get him out of my system. I hope he never leaves me.
    "Now three other members took it upon themselves to slacken the rules. While we can understand their doing so we also have to uphold the rules of the house or we will just forget them and revert to total anarchy. It is the unanimous decision of the family council that these three boys be severally fucked until dawn. You will administer to each of them long and hard punishment until time for you to return to the courthouse with them tomorrow morning. We will reconvene at the end of the day tomorrow and at that time decide if the punishment has been sufficient or if it must be continued for a second night.
    I was mixed on that decision. I will play it by ear as I get the boys in my bed, but so far I have not had anal sex with Jeff or Jay Jay. It was difficult with Evan the first time. A rape victim is not anxious to have another sweaty assed man drooling all over their body as they get the shit fucked out of them. The act must be instigated by the boy and it must come very slowly.
    "One other thing," Cory continued. "When you return from court tomorrow you will check with your students and offer any correction they may need in the lessons you give them tonight. If necessary you may have to demonstrate the various techniques that you have taught all of us so well.
    "As presiding judge pro-tem I order you to one more condition. This Friday night you will see to it that I am instructed in everything that you have taught to these five members of our family. I must be sure that they have been properly trained. Saturday is a command performance. You are to appear as personal instructor before Luke and Ģerâld. Jerry and Tim are in serious need of a refresher course. Brad and Jay feel that they are ready to move on to an advanced course on How to Fuck Your Husband 201 before their upcoming weddings in June. Cas told me that he would like to enroll in that course if the instructor is still up Sunday afternoon. Tyler had his mouth too full of Cas' member to offer anything intelligible."
    My family has it in for me. I would have it in a good number of my family over the next five or six days. I only hope that I have the strength to get through the daily trials, literally. These two trials are only the first. Only two more weeks then I am off to New York. I do need to spend as much time as I can to keep up to with as many of my boys as possible. I want each one of them to know how very special he is to me.
    Ray slid up against me as everyone headed to dinner. "Tim and I have not been instructed in the ways of the family and Cory didn't sentence you to anyone Thursday. Could you? we? You know."I slid my hand along his hard shaft and looked at Cory who wiggled his ass at me and giggled. I kissed Ray then grabbed Tim and examined his tonsils for a minute or two.

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