Chapter 194


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I returned to the Sawyer's home to share the news with the two men. Yeah, from what I had seen from my voyeuristic view while in the attic of the house next door Ethan is well on his way to being a man. Beside that remains the fact that when treated like a young man a boy will always strive to fulfil the complement. Don't think that that will solve every problem, sometimes it can create new problems, that all depends on the boy himself. I have learned that boys want acceptance and they seek to please. It is my method to treat a boy in a way that helps to build him up, never tear him down.
    I was quickly admitted to the house and directed to the table where Dieter still sat sleeping. I understand that old men tend to sleep quite a bit, but I believe that all Dieter needs is something to live for. I hoped to instill in him his duty to his grandson. Ethan has no one on this earth and the loss of Dieter at this critical stage of the boy's life could have serious repercussions.
    Ethan gently nudged the old man awake and was met with a negative and grumbling tirade of verbiage that served no purpose to anyone. Ethan's face turned red as he apologized for his grandfather. He told me that the old man has weird dreams and often awakens with a curse on his lips. That was another reason to try to give the man hope again.
    I can't imagine losing as much as Dieter had lost in such rapid succession. The loss of a spouse is difficult, but the pain from the loss of someone with whom he had shared his life with for over sixty years is more than I can envision. Add to that the loss of his forty two year old son and daughter-in-law…my emotions rose within me as I looked upon him.
    With a cup of fresh coffee inside him Dieter became a bit more lucid. I spoke slowly and with conviction as I informed the pair that they were not going to have to leave their home. I told him that an agreement had been reached with the mortgage company and that a new mortgage would be forthcoming. I told him that he had nothing to fear and that he should wait until he was contacted with the details of the new mortgage.
    Dieter seemed to accept that information as he visibly calmed down. I don't know the man to know how his mind works so I could only sit back and listen to him. When he began to talk in the present I began to feel better. He knows that he has an obligation to Ethan and he wanted to try to be the kind of a grandfather that he needed to be. He had become a father very late in life and had enjoyed having a son more than anything he had ever done.
    His son had fathered Ethan after he had completed his education and was into his two years of residency. Ethan's father had worked very hard to become a dentist and had devoted himself to his studies. He met Ethan's mother during his next to last year in school. The soft little nineteen year old freshman turned the man's world upside down and he began look at life a bit differently.
    The first difference was sleeping with the girl that would bare him his son. Shortly before the semester ended the young couple married. Dieter had a dream for his son and suggested that the young married couple move into the family home through his son's final year in school. Ethan was a Christmas gift to the family in 1994.
    He graduated with his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery in the spring of 1995 and had an offer to join a local dentist's practice. Life was not going to be that easy. Before anything could be decided his wife's mother took ill and she wanted to return to Iowa to be near to her family.
    The move proved disastrous to the young family. The in-laws lived on an old farmstead in the middle of nowhere and they insisted that the daughter remain in their home to take care of her mother. There was no opportunity for Ethan's father to practice his trade. He contacted all of the dentists within a twenty mile radius of the farm and found a stiff necked lot that were not willing to take a new graduate into their office. Mr. Sawyer had graduated within the top ten percent of his class. He had done his internship and his residency with one of the most respected dentists in Tucson, but all of that meant nothing to the locals in Iowa.
    Unable to find work in his field Mr. Sawyer took whatever came about. He learned to work as a farm hand on a large agriculture establishment. Corn, sorghum, and soy beans were his way of life for the next five years. Were it not for his love for his wife and young Ethan he would have left the farm to move to a place where he could practice his profession.
    His wife was the one who made the move. She was fed up with her parent's trying to control her life so she packed everything that the young family owned and had it ready to load in the family's car when Mr. Sawyer returned home from work one evening. With no hesitation at all the family set out for a new life that very evening.
    Mr. Sawyer was a man of integrity, he wanted to return to his employer and finish the work that he had obligated himself too. The farmer was impressed by the act and since it was the height of his harvest season he welcomed the help. With the end of the harvest the Sawyer family moved from the farm near Bradford, Iowa to the big city of Waterloo, with a large cash bonus from the farmer in their pockets.
    Mr. Sawyer quickly found work at a family dental clinic in Waterloo. It didn't have the prestige of having his own private practice, but it was a start for the family. A home search turned up an offer that seemed to fit their needs. The children of a deceased woman was seeking to sell their old family home and they were willing to contract for deed. With most of the bonus from the farmer employer used as a down payment a deal was struck and the family had themselves a home of their own.
    Ethan was six years old when the family put down their roots in a home far from his grandparents. He grew up only knowing Dieter from infrequent visits to Tucson and the occasional visit by his grandparents to Iowa. Ethan was taken by the old man and his quick wit. He was doted on and spoiled by his father's folks and looked forward to the time when he could see them again. It is often said that one should be careful what one wishes for.
    Mr. Sawyer worked for an hourly wage at the dental clinic and was unable to put away any savings for his family. Being a relatively young man he thought that he had time to save later, for now he had to spend everything that he earned to support his family.
    They did not own the house in which they lived so they had no insurance to replace it should disaster strike. They had not taken the life insurance option on the ten thousand dollar loan that they had taken to fix the home up. They had acquired the loan with a letter from the children of the former owner stating that they were contracting for deed and that they had been in the house for almost eight years. That gave them an equity, of sorts, in the house. The seller was not forthcoming with that equity when the house was destroyed and the family died. The equity may have been enough to repay the loan that Dieter paid for his son.

    There had been a total of two hundred and thirty five tornadoes confirmed in Iowa from May twenty first through the thirty first. The one that devastated Parkersburg on the twenty fifth of May was an EF5 tornado, the largest and most severe to strike the area. Nine people died from that storm that left a wide swath of destruction in its wake. Two hundred and eighty eight homes were destroyed, one-third of Parkersburg was demolished.
    Ethan's mother's folks were gone by the time of the tornado and she had no other family that anyone knew of. Dieter had the bodies of his son and daughter-in-law flown to Tucson for burial. Less than a month later Dieter lost his wife and laid her body to rest alongside of her son at Forest Acres Cemetery. The two men make the trip to the cemetery each day to visit at the graves of their loved ones and Dieter seems to be getting worse with each trip. I would attempt to help him let his wife rest and build his strength to help his grandson cope with life. It is not good to continue to live in mourning and it could be very unhealthy for a young teenager.

    During the time that I was learning more about the situation in the Sawyer household Ethan had left us. He returned freshly showered and wearing different shorts and a snug fitting tee shirt. The shorts were the kind that I like to jog in, short with full legs holes and made of a silky smooth fabric. It was rather obvious that the boy was not wearing underwear.
    I felt a rise between my thighs that suddenly grew in size when Ethan asked me if I would like to see his room. I wanted to see his room more than anything else that I wanted to see at that moment. I wanted to see the occupant of that room naked and under my sexual advances on his sweet body. As he led the way through the maze of years worth of newspapers, boxes, and other assorted items stacked about the house to a height of over four feet he made his desires known.
    He didn't say anything, it was the way he stuck his ass up and back, as if offering himself to me. I sincerely hoped that I was not reading more into his actions than he meant. He had told me that he wanted an older lover to teach him the ways of man sex. That had set my mind in the direction of being that instructor throughout the time that I had been at his house.
    The trip up the stairs was well worth the price I had paid for the house. Ethan put on quite a show for me as he hiked his shorts up to bare the bottoms of his rounded globes. If ever I was tempted to reach out and touch someone that was the time. At the top of the stairs Ethan quickly turned to face me so that his stiff main mast was right in my face. It was covered in the dark green cloth, but just barely. His firm balls were hanging below the opening of his left leg and I had an overwhelming desire to give the boy a serious licking right there at the top of the stairs.
    Ethan made a comment about the smell of mold and mildew that filled the house. I had noticed it downstairs, but at the top of the stairwell it was much stronger. The house needs a good cleaning, but first it needed to have all of the years of accumulated junk removed. "Gram never threw anything away and Poppy can't seem to do it because it would be like throwing her away." Maybe I could help. The air was definitely not good for their health.
    Ethan's room was in the same location that my room had been in βφτ house when I was a boy growing up there. The difference was the windows. The room sits along the front center of the house with another bedroom to the east and a closet along the west side of the room, over the staircase. There were four tall windows along the front wall where my room only had a smaller window to each side of the long wall. I liked the openness and airy feeling that the windows gave the room.
    Summer had held on in Tucson and the weather had been warm for late September. The open windows allowed for plenty of fresh air that had driven the smell of old moldy newspapers from the area. The room contained a large bureau with five rows of drawers in it. To the east wall was a desk with Ethan's school books on it. A chair sat before the desk and an old easy chair sat away from the north wall. A twenty inch TV sat on a stand in the corner and his small stereo system completed the room's furnishings.
    "Let me blow you." Short and brisk, he had made his statement.
    "Ethan, I…"
    "I ain't never done it, but I want to do you. I want to do it with a grownup that won't laugh at me or make me feel like I'm sick or something. You watched me do myself this morning and you tasted my wad from off of my face and all, so I know that you want me, but I want you more. I want you to be the first."
    I had him lay on his bed and I sat down near his feet. He had the kind of feet that begged for attention, long and thin with skinny, well developed toes that looked like mini fingers. I picked his feet up and placed them in my lap as I began to massage them and work every inch of the soft, smooth skin.
    I talked to him about the kind of stories that he told me that he read on the internet. He knows of several web-sites where he can find stories about men and boys having sex together. I asked him to tell me about the stories, what did the characters do in them and what part did he enjoy the most?
    Ethan is very articulate, he needs a few lessons in proper grammar, but he expresses himself quite well. He is very graphic with his story telling and he had me worked up to lust level number nine. Ethan is a romantic. He likes the part of the story after the sex where a man and a boy hold each other and cuddle together all night long. He wants to kiss a man, he wants to suck a man's cock and he wants to try taking one in his ass, although he is sure that it will hurt.
    He told me that he has read tons of stories that tell how to take a cock up his ass and how much it would hurt at first, but that it would begin to feel better if he kept at it. I asked him if the man fucking him had any part in whether if would feel good or not. I suggested that there are some men that would not care about him or any pain that they caused him. Some men only want to dominate a boy and get off without regards for their partner.
    Ethan told me that I wasn't like that. He could tell that I care and he knew that I would be a great lover. I asked him to explain how he knew those things. He told me that he saw it when I sat patiently by while his Poppy cussed at me. He told me that everybody else would get up and leave, but I stayed there until I had what I needed to help the old man then I did help him. He told me that had to make me a good guy.
    He said that I had something about me that told him that I could be trusted and that he did trust me. I told him that puppies are cute and trustworthy, until they grow up and bite you. He told me that he didn't believe that I would ever bite him. I told him that I bite, but only lightly and I don't draw blood. I told him that I sometimes chew, but never swallow anything more than the creamy offering. Ethan had his hand on his cock as he rubbed it around and moaned for me. I love a moaner, especially when I haven't even touched him yet.
    I reached out and moved Ethan's hand from his crotch. His main staff was extremely erect and stretched the fabric of the thin shorts in a very exciting way. The most exciting part were the two very large balls that were totally exposed to view inside the right leg hole. Both of us knew what we wanted so there was no more playing of games, I simply enshrouded the baby batter factories and let my fingers do the walking all around the silky smooth skin of his teenage scrotum.
    Ethan tossed his head back and let out a deep throated moan that sent shivers all through my down under. My lust level was so high at that point that an army of police would have to beat me and drag me off of the boy, bodily. I worked my hands upward along his firm legs and let my fingers read all of the signs of a boy as deep into his lust as I was in mine.
    I avoided his danger zone and let my hands play like roaming soldiers and slowly made my way to the waist band of his shorts, from the inside. I lifted the front of the slick fabric over his major hurdle and drew the garment from his abdomen. Ethan lifted his butt from the bed which allowed me to slide the shorts completely free of his hips and expose the most perfect set of jewels of the day.
    I had been close with my estimate of Ethan's assets. His cock was fully seven and a half inches long and very, very thick. Exceptionally so for a boy as young as I thought him to be. Ethan had the height and weight to carry the immense organ and it didn't look as outlandish as Chrisy's cock when I first met him in Kansas four years earlier.
    Ethan's shaft was smooth and even colored from his groin to his glans with no discoloration from his circumcision. I wanted his cock as badly as he wanted me to take it. With no further delay I slid down the length and let my mind revel in the joyful knowledge that I had a young virgin in my mouth that was eager to be pleased.
    Ethan became very verbose as he thrashed his head back and forth on the bed and grabbed at hands full of bedding. I moved myself in between his legs and spread them wide so that I could gain the position of complete control over a sex act designed to reduce any virile male to little more than protoplasmic gelatin.
    I didn't want our session to end quickly so I worked my way off of his glans and down his shaft ending at the beginning of my favorite attack position. Ethan has the balls of a young bull, well not really that young. The egg shaped orbs are a good two and a half inches long by more than an inch and a half wide. If size is any indication of content amount I was in for a flood of nut batter that would drown a lesser cocksucker than myself.
    Virgin boys are so much fun. I really like a virgin boy that knows all about sex from his reading on-line sex stories. All of the reading in the world could not have prepared Ethan for the sensory overload that raced through his body. With each new point of contact by me he exclaimed his gratitude in the form of a gasp or a moan.
    Many times during my initial exploration he raised his head in order to see what I was doing to his body. He must have approved of my ministrations because he always lay back with a sigh and exposed more of himself to me. He was excited by my exploration of his tender perineum, but when I kept going south to his virgin anus he screamed out his pleasure.
    I let my tongue circle about his tight winky hole then proceeded on along the deep canyon that ran between two of the finest gluteus globes to enmesh my oral digit in sometime. Ethan tasted soapy clean from his recent shower, but enough of his essence had gathered in the dark chasm to make even his cheap, off-the-shelf soap a taster's delight. I was fairly certain that I was tasting Ivory soap because I could not detect any perfume smell.
    I reversed course and nibbled my way back to the back door of his world and made my great entry. "Ahhhh fuuuccck," filled my ears as Ethan arched his ass high in the air and pushed against my tongue searching for more stimulation for himself. I love to stimulate a boy and I used every trick that I knew of to relax that most virgin and private place so that my tongue could penetrate him in preparation of the forthcoming digital assault.
    Suddenly Ethan placed his hands to either side of my head and pushed me away. "Wait! I want to suck your cock. I have to suck your cock. If you keep doing this stuff to me then I will cum and I won't have the courage to suck you. You have to let me do you first."
    I was sure that he was going to kneel before me and suck my cock through my pant's fly. I could not have been more wrong. The boy proved himself a quick learner as he quickly stood up. His cock bounced and swayed from side to side as he slung his personal lubricant about the area. I was enthralled at the site.
    He knelt before me and pushed me back to sit on his bed then proceeded to remove my shoes and socks. He took his time to slowly peel the nylon socks from my feet as he carefully sniffed each pedal digit with a deep inward rush of air. He raised up on his knees and unbuckled my belt then unbuttoned my slacks before slowly pulling the zipper down.
    He quickly buried his nose inside the confines of the open crotch and I could feel his hot breath through the folds of the cloth of my silk shirt and cotton briefs. I had not changed from the suit that I had worn to the finance company's offices earlier, I had only removed my coat and tie and left them inside the SUV parked in front of the Sawyer house.
    Ethan worked his hands under my butt and tried to remove my trousers, I raised my butt from the bed in order to assist him with his task and my pants were quickly drawn to my knees. He took hold of each pant's leg and pulled the garment off then carefully folded it along the crease and laid it over the chair sitting before his desk.
    He took hold of each of my hands and helped me into a sitting position then unbuttoned my shirt. After carefully removing it he let it join my trousers on the chair then he turned his attention to my tee shirt. I heard a whimper as he drew my shirt over my head and I felt his smooth face against my chest. He tossed the undershirt aside and let his hands play across my torso in a most sensuous way. I was being loved by a virgin like I have never been loved by any virgin before.
    I suppose that everyone enjoys a hot young mouth making kissy kiss to their body. I know that I do and I was especially enjoying the treatment from Ethan. I had a hard time believing that the boy had never performed any kind of sex act on another before. The feelings that he was giving me were on par with the treatment that Cory lavishes on me. I was having a very difficult time remaining still enough for him to continue, I wanted to grab him and ravish his lithe, young body.
    Ethan had apparently not looked at my briefs clad center piece. Let's face the facts here, I have a little more meat than a cotton bikini brief can conceal. When he kissed his way to the top of my waistband he jerked upright in surprise. "Oh fuck man, is that for real?" I told him that he could investigate the truthfulness of his eyes for himself.
    He attacked my briefs with his mouth as he chewed his way down the length of my favorite body part and then back up the other side. He made grunting noises as his lust level grew to a newly heightened state. He was in so much heat that his skin was on fire. He let his left hand cup my baby batter factories as he soaked my underwear with his saliva.
    At last he used his teeth to draw the waistband back and expose my cock head. The foreskin was slightly retracted to expose the bottom of my glans and in particular the frenulum. His tongue worked like a magic tool over the most sensitive spot on my body and sent me into the wiggles. Ethan laughed at me because I could not lay still during his assault. He placed his body over the top of mine in an attempt to hold me still, but he played directly into my plans for him.
    I had him where I wanted him, almost. I grabbed at his hips and guided him the rest of the way into place. I lifted him slightly so that his stiff cock hung down away from his body. I lined him up and lowered him into my mouth then wrapped my arms around his hips and pulled him all of the way inside of me.
    That was the last part of the puzzle for the boy, He pushed my underwear down and engulfed my cock in one gulp. He gagged when I hit the back of his throat and pulled back slightly. He nursed on me and slickened my cock with his saliva then took the dive once again. I could feel my cock enter the tight opening into his throat before he gagged again.
    "I know that all of the stories say that I should swallow as I try to take this monster in, but I don't think that they have any idea of how big this bad boy is." With that he tried again, with success. I felt his body relax as he let my entire length bask in the warmth of his oral orifice. I pushed on his back to force his entire body to lay fully on top of me. Once he was in contact with my skin from chin to balls he let himself go and every muscle in his body released its tension as he got comfortable on top of me.
    Neither of us was anxious for our connection to end. I can handle a large cock in my throat and breathe around it through my nose. Ethan is a natural cocksucker and he figured that one out for himself very quickly. His body is large enough that my cock did not block the epiglottis, that flap of tissue that serves as a valve to keep food out of the lungs. The last thing that I want is to have a boy die of asphyxiation while he has my cock in his throat. Ethan laid his head on my right thigh and wrapped his hands around my balls as he suckled on in total bliss.
    We lay together in that classic sixty nine position for several minutes before I spread his legs apart and let my fingers return to his hairless crack. That act in itself was sufficient to cause him to shove his cock an extra inch into my throat. I was anxious to find out how far he would shove it once I penetrated his anal opening with a finger, or three.
    I didn't want to wait to find out, I stuck a finger against his opening and was drawn inside as if he wanted it to reside within him forever. His prostate was hard and hot, I knew that he had a killer load ready to blow and I wanted all of it. I applied two more fingers and began my old squeeze and stroke routine that is guaranteed to milk a load out of most any male, young or old.
    I placed my hands to either hip and raised the boy up then let him down again. It only took a few times before he got the idea and began to hump his mighty meat in and out of my cum hungry throat. I returned to my rectal assault as soon as he got into his rhythm and in very little time I could feel my reward cuming on.
    Ethan shoved a solid foot of cock down my throat as his first volley of sweet boi jizz shot forth deep inside of my esophagus. I raised his body back up so that I would be able to taste the remaining shots that were forthcuming. I was not disappointed. Quality and quantity were as fine as I expected from the hot teen and I absorbed every drop that was ejaculated from his passion.
    Ethan showed signs of being sensitive so I pushed him upward and let his cock slip from my mouth with an audible plop that elicited a giggle from him. Before he could remove himself from on top of me I pushed his legs upward toward his torso to expose my second most favorite place to dine. I spread his tight cheeks and dove in, tongue first, as Ethan screamed out his approval and pushed his anus against my mouth.
    My anal assault had the effect that I wanted. Ethan began an assault on my cock that rivaled his virgin status. He spread my legs and placed his finger against my sphincter. He found an eager and waiting opening and continued on. He was a novice and didn't know what to expect as he let his long digit explore a totally new area to him. When he pressed against my prostate I reacted by raising my ass off of the bed and shoving my cock deeper into his throat. He took the reaction in stride and began to bob his head up and down as he finger fucked my butt nut.
    It took him a few minutes to think to place a second finger inside of me, but when he did he found that I reacted in the same way that I had when he first hit my prostate. He quickly picked up his pace and began to mouth fuck himself as his fingers worked my anus with blinding speed. I could not stand up against his assault and quickly surrendered my load into him. Cory and I have cream for breakfast most every morning, but it was already two o'clock in the afternoon and I had a load on that welcomed the young virgin for drawing it out of me.
    Ethan scrambled off of me and turned around on the bed. He threw his legs back over his head and screamed at me, "Fuck me. Fuck me now. Show me all of the pain and joy of a solid butt fucking." I reminded him that it would be very painful the first time, but he was ready and eager to get it on.
    A body like Ethan's suggested a very fine ride. He has very muscular legs and a tight firm ass. I learned how tight and firm the opening into that ass was as I knelt between his glorious thighs and pushed my cock inside his open and awaiting backdoor.
    I impaled the boy with no more lube than his saliva on my cock and the left over saliva remaining in his ass from my oral assault there. Entry was smooth, but not without pain for the virgin boy. I let my glans make its presence known and stopped all forward movement while I watched the fresh faced boy let his feelings be known by his expressions. When he relaxed and smiled at me I knew that he was going to be okay.
    "Fuck, I knew that it was going to hurt, but that felt like you ripped me a new asshole. Now I feel like I got me the biggest turd in the world wanting to get out."
    "Wait until I get more in you and see how big that turd is going to feel." I smiled at him as he twisted his face in doubt. "Or we can stop now and you will always know what a big cock in your ass feels like."
    "I will only know what it feels like at the opening, I want to know what it feels like deep up in me. Then I want to know what it feels like to get fucked until my nuts pop and your cum fills my ass with your great tasting cum. I only wish that I could taste more of it, but I want to know if I can really feel you shoot in my ass like the stories say. Some stories say that you can feel it, some say that you can't. I want to know what it is gong to be like for me."
    I was ready to give the boy all of the experiences that he was ready to receive. I kissed him and caressed his face as I spoke softly to him and reassured him that everything that he was ready to know was available to him right then and there. As we talked I was slowly inserting more of myself inside of his tight cock sheath. He was aware of what I was doing as he wrapped his arms around my neck and returned my kisses with a deep felt passion. I had already perceived Ethan to be a love starved boy. I only hoped that I was not taking advantage of his loneliness by sexually molesting him.
    Once I was fully inserted inside of his rectum I stopped and let him acclimate himself to the new invader. "I see what you mean about being the world's biggest turd. I feel like I could take a monster dump right now. Fuck me and let me know that this isn't a bunch of shit." He giggled at me. I drew back my full length then pushed back in.
    His face took on a whole new look as he rode with the sensation. I took several long and slow strokes until his face relaxed and then his body followed. That was my clue to love the boy. I very carefully picked up my pace and began to apply all of my tricks that make boys around the globe seek a repeat coupling with me.
    Once he was relaxed to the point of throwing his legs around my hips I slipped into boi loving mode. I began a true fuck that begat the music that I love, sweet moans and cries of passion. Ethan is vocal and he let me know what he enjoyed as I made careful love to his body. I was very careful to treat the boy with tenderness. I was on the upside of the making of a full fledged homosexual. I could turn him off to the lifestyle or let him know the joy that can be found in male to male love.
    Some may think that I should try to turn him off of the lifestyle that leads so many young men down a path of frustration and disappointment. My feelings about that are that the boy was seeking the truth of gay love. If I were to make our union unfavorable then he would only seek his answers with someone else. Once I love a boy I don't avoid him. I let him know that I am there as a friend and confidant. If we never couple again that is fine and good. Boys should have others their own age to be with, not some old pervert that only wants to use his body for pleasure.
    My coupling with Ethan was working feelings loose in the boy that he had no idea that he possessed. He had read all of the stories that he could find, but they are only that, stories. What one author says in his story is based on his personal experiences and may not be relevant to anyone else. Some authors only write from their vivid imagination without ever having experienced love for themselves. Many authors are virgin with closeted desires that will never be fulfilled except in their fantasies. They write these fantasies for unsuspecting readers to get themselves worked up over when there is no truth to them. It is the reader that I pity because they are duped into believing that life is like the stories that they seek out.
    I love making love to a virile young man. Of course Ethan's cock had gone soft at the beginning of our session together. That was a given as the body adjusted to the pain and other sensations to which it was being exposed. If I applied my technique correctly he would recover and ejaculate without ever having the need to touch himself.
    I felt his erection prodding at my navel and knew that he was good to go. In mere seconds both of us were awash in an abundance of sweet homemade cream. I raised up slightly as a volley fired forth that hit Ethan directly on the nose and across his lips. He licked at his lips and opened his mouth to catch the next shot that just barely made it to the target.
    I know boys well enough to know that it was not time to stop our union. When a boy can shoot that much, that hard, without touching himself then he has at least one more load in him ready to go. I changed the angle of my attack and plowed on without a pause. Ethan's eyes widened as he looked up at me and told me that he had never felt so good in all of his life. I bent over and kissed him, getting a taste of his sweetness for my effort.
    In no time at all I felt him stiffen and knew that a second load was forthcuming. I didn't stop as I plowed on. I was about to let go and I knew that he had told me that he wanted to see if he could feel me cum in his ass. His rectum squeezed in a third orgasm and I released all of myself deep inside his well fucked rectal receptacle. I followed through my own orgasm and slowly let Ethan come down from his super high.
    Ethan quickly moved to the crook of my arm when I rolled to my back to catch my breath. He washed my face with his kisses as he thanked me over and over again for making him the happiest boy on the face of the earth. I doubted that statement, but I did not say anything as I held the boy and let him bask in the moment of afterglow.

    I asked Ethan about his living conditions with his grandfather and about his school I knew that living in their neighborhood that he would attend Woodrow Wilson High School. He told me that he really loved his Poppy and was happy to have him take him in after his parents had died. Then he told me, "What I really hated to loose were all of my trophies that I had won. Do you know that they called me The Flash? No of course you don't, but they did."
    "Why is that, were you the fastest kid in school?"
    "In school, in Little League, at the local swimming pool, everywhere. I am a super fast runner and I had tons of trophies to prove it. I love long distance running and cross country runs. I would like to enter a marathon and this next summer I would be able to because I turn fifteen on Christmas day. In Iowa you can't enter in the marathon races unless you are fifteen and have a doctor's certificate saying that you are in good health."
    I was correct, Ethan is just a tad older than I had thought earlier in the day. Yeah, he was fourteen, but only three months shy of turning fifteen. I could tell that by the defined musculature of his firm body. "I love to run and every morning I run eight miles around the neighborhood where I live. There are many boys that run along with me and they all try to beat me, but I am a little fast myself. I would love to run alongside The Flash sometime."
    "That would be so cool. Can we go now?"
    "How about this weekend you come to spend the night at my house and then you can get up at six o'clock and run with me."
    "Six o'clock, man that's like real early."
    "It is still pretty hot here during the daytime, even if it is late September. I like to run when it is still cool outside then go home and jump in the pool for a few laps. I follow that up with a workout in the gym for an hour.
    "Some of the boys that attend their school classes by computer from home join me for a workout and boy do they ever make me work. I am challenged everyday to improve myself. That's how I developed this body that you seem to like.".
    "Seem to like? Dude, I love your bod and I want to have one just like it."
    "You can have mine to feel of and make out with most anytime." I ran my fingers over his muscular torso, "That is if I can make out with you at the same time."
    "You can make out with me anytime. I will move in with you and make love to you day and night."
    "I don't think that my husband, or even my wife, would like that."
    "You're married? What do you mean your husband?" I had waited for the right moment. A knock on the door made Ethan jump. He knows that his grandfather never comes up the stairs so he could not figure who could be knocking. I rose up and opened the door wide so that Cory could carry his load into the room. Then I turned to Ethan's desk and cleared a space for his new computer system.
    "This handsome, and overdressed, man is my husband, my lover, and my best friend. This computer is a gift from the two of us to you."
    "So I can't…you know…like be your boy and make love to you everyday." He was near tears. I had played my hand wrong.
    "Ethan, I will make love to you anytime that you want. I wanted today to be your day to learn and to find out what you do or don't like. Now I would like to introduce you to a houseful of boys that will love you as much as I do. You may find that one of them could be that special someone in your life.
    "In my house we have lots of boy couples, we even have some married guy couples. Across the street is our school that is all gay boys so all in all we have four hundred gay boys and everyone of them will love you. You can almost take your pick of boyfriends, if you want one."
    "Really? I could have a boyfriend that would, like do sex with me? That would be so cool. Where is that school and can I go there?"
    "That will be between you and your grandfather whether or not you attend school at Bradford Academy. We will have to let you come and visit, if your grandfather thinks that it would be okay. If he approves and you like the school then we will see about you attending there at some point in the future."
    "Yeah, I get it. It is always sometime, never now. I don't ever get any breaks." I grabbed him and pulled him close.
    "Ethan, your whole life has been changed for you. You didn't ask for any of the bad things to happen to you. I am in a position to make the rest of your young life better. I can not undo what is done, I can only try to give you a new future. All of this depends on your grandfather, he is still in control of your life and I think that he will want only good things for you."
    "Poppy loves me and he tells me all of the time that he wishes that things could be better for me. You saved our house and I think that you can give me…I don't know what, but I do trust you.
    "Are you really his husband?" Boys can change course in mid-word. It takes a lot of listening skill to stay with them.
    "Yes, we were married in June. And I have a wife and two babies also. I love dad with all of my heart and I will never leave him. He saved my life when I was alone and in danger of going to jail. He has saved many lives and we would like for you to meet all of the family, if you want to that is."
    "When can I meet them? Can I go now?"
    "It is Monday and you were out of school for a teacher's planning day today. You will have to go to school tomorrow and everyday for the rest of the week, but after school Friday I will pick you up and take you to my house for the weekend. For now you need a shower, you smell like sex and I am getting turned on again."
    "Can you take a shower with me? You smell like sex too."
    "I'm going to set up your new computer while you two go shower. Don't take too long or I will come in there and drag you out." Cory giggled as he wagged his perfect butt in our faces and proceeded to connect the components of the fastest computer on the market at the time.

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