Chapter thirty seven


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Jay looked around the room. Nobody seemed to be with anyone. Guys were sitting and holding each other then they would move to someone else. Finally he spoke up. "Do you guys have like boyfriends. I mean is anyone together or do you just do anybody?" A few nervous giggles went around the room.
    "Well, I have seen them pair up like when we set up bedrooms they kind of paired up there." Brad said. "How did you all get together and have you always been gay.
    "We'll let each boy tell you their story we started by age and worked up, our youngest couple told their stories first.

    "Hi there, I'm Jim Watkins. I am fourteen, but I look like a little kid, I am five feet two inches tall. I am kind of skinny, I guess. I have a big five and a half inch dick that is the most funnest thing to have, unless it is someone else's hard dick, I love to suck dicks. I had only done it once with this kid I knew at school, he made me do him in the park one day. He didn't have too work to hard to make me do him because I wanted to do it. I really liked it, but was afraid to do it again until I met Chris. Chris saved my life when he rescued me from a truck stop in Alabama. I don't know what I would have done or where I would have gone. I guess I would finally find my grandmother, but Chris found her for me at once and made me feel good. I felt loved for the first time since my dad was murdered.
    "My step bitch tried to steal everything I had. She told me dad was her husband and everything he had was now hers. I found out that dad had left lots of money in insurance for me. I had a house and the RV that she kicked me out of was mine. Chris helped Grandmother and me get everything back from her and she had to go to jail. She's in Alabama jail for driving off and leaving me. When she gets out she goes to jail in Arizona for insurance fraud.
    "My boyfriend is Christopher. All of us love each other and we like to mess around, but at night we snuggle up with the one we love. He blushed as he said this and Christopher gave him a hot kiss."

    "My turn? My name is Christopher William Dickerson. When I was growing up everybody called me Chrissy. Chris said that sounded like a girl's name and he said I wasn't no girl." He flopped his man sized hard cock at everybody as they laughed at him. "I couldn't shorten my nick name. That would be to confusing with two Chrises so Chris started calling me by my middle name in short version, Will. I told him that I didn't like being called Will so now I use my whole name, Christopher, it sounds better to me.
    Now I have to tell you all about me, what can I say? I am a butt fucker with guys begging to bend over for me. I am really, really small, tiny. That's what Chris says, I only come up to his chest. I stand four foot eight inches tall since I have grown and inch. Chris took me to a doctor right after the new year and see if I might need some sort of medicine to grow up. The doctor made me start taking vitamins, we all take them, every day. The one part of me that is grown up is great, I have an eight and a half inch dick. I can suck most all of it, I love to stick my tongue under my long foreskin and play with myself until I cum in my mouth. I like cum and I will suck just about anybody.
    "Chris found me standing in the freezing cold somewhere on a country road in Kansas last winter. He rescued me and sucked some life back into me." He let out with his cute little boy giggle. "My step dad abused me and Chris got him put in prison. I just got the letter a couple of months ago. They put him in prison in Kansas for boy rape and murder. Chris looked it up on his computer. The bastard had killed some homosexual kid when he was in high school. The police had only figured out that he did it when they got his DNA. He fucked the kid first then killed him. He got arrested a few years back and they took his DNA. It took along time, but the police finally linked Ted to the murder. He got forty seven years with life time probation when he gets out." Everybody flinched at the words boy rape and a few eyes turned to me with tears in them. "My mother got killed so Chris helped me to live with my grand mother. Jim also lived with his grandmother, she and my grandmother have become great friends. They say that Chris's house smells like a locker room from all of the sex there. Now Jim and I have our own room there and our grandmother's live in Jim's old house.
    "Anyway, I learned to use my cock when I was twelve. Like I say, everyone wants it up their ass and who am I to say no. I love to fuck them. I don't mind being fucked. I really like it when I can just lay down with Chris, all alone and let him ride me for a long long time. He knows how to make me feel real good. I have talked to the other guys and they all love him as much as I do. I think I'm really lucky to live with all of these guys. They really love me and look out for me. We all go to the same school so it's like having nine brothers watching my back. I am in love with Jimmy though and I'll kill anyone who try's to steal him away from me." I looked at him. I had the look. "I'm sorry, dad. I didn't mean it like that. I wouldn't hurt anybody, very bad." He was tearing up, I don't like that kind of talk and the boys know it.

    "We're next. I'm Trevor Thomas and this is my cousin, brother, boyfriend, lover, Alec Thomas. Take a bow, young sir. Thank you, thank you. That's enough applause. Now let's see. Oh yeah, well, we're fifteen, we were camping out in Yosemite National Park when we met Chris, Tyler and Turner. I guess it's been almost sixteen months or more.
    "My mother is very religious and beat me over being gay. She couldn't deal with it. My old man doesn't have any balls so he pushed me off on his brother, Alec's dad. Uncle Ken and Aunt Paula adopted me and I was their son. It was long after I moved in with Alec that my mother found out that he was gay too. She freaked out. Anyway Alec's mom died so we moved to Tucson to live with Chris. Alec and I have our own room together and we really love to love each other. I guess I was Alec's first. I had a friend that I kind of messed around with, but Alec was the first that I ever sucked and who ever sucked me.
    "As you can see we are the same size, all the way down to our five and a half inch cocks. We had neither one ever seen foreskin until we met all of these guys, but we love them."

    "Well you met me already, lads. And me boyfriend Cory here is me best mate." I gave Cullen the look. I don't like him using an accent. That will only draw attention to him and I am trying to keep him safely hidden away. "Your face is going to stick like that one of these days old man." We had to take a break as I chased his naked ass out of the house and around the yard. I caught him and threw him over my knee for the death by tickle punishment. He peed down my leg, but finally gave up and surrendered. He confessed to the other's that for an old man I was quick. I took off after him again and he gave up quickly this time with no more old jokes.
    "I guess really that I am the youngest bloke in the house. I am fourteen. I had a friend in England that really made me…my knees wiggle. Okay?" He looked at me with a grin on his face. "I talked to my mum and da about my feelings. Da and I had a long talk about boys and hormones and growing up. Chris read the same book cause he tells the same story, almost word for word. I have to hide out for awhile. Mum brought me over the pond to live with my grand uncle Chris. He is a grand fellow and I am so glad that he took me in. I found out that I really am bent and I have a whole house full of poofs to be bent with."
    I have to admit the boy has stamina. He outran more of the boys than I thought that he would. He came back in a little wetter for his actions as they had thrown him in the lake. Cory was telling his side of their story when Cullen dripped in.

    "I'm Cory Conway-Dickson. I am the son of a crack whore and a brave Indian. My father disappeared early in my life and my mother supported me by fucking every man she could find. When she got too ugly from the crack eating away at her body the men began to fuck me. I found out that I really liked to suck cocks and began to look forward to it.
    "Chris actually pulled me off of the street. He gave me a name. He showed me love. He set my feet on a path of growth and a full life. Because of him I met my grandfather. My grandfather found my mother in jail and brought her to live on the reservation. She married another Indian and is happy now. My grandfather found my birth certificate so I know my birthday. I was born in March of nineteen eighty eight so I just turned seventeen. All the guys gave me their candles to blow then they snuffed them out up my ass.
    "I got started in school. I have grown an inch or so and I have gained weight and feel good all of the time. I can't remember being sick a single day since Chris saved me.
    "I couldn't live without Chris. He left me and was gone for two months. I almost died, I was so miserable. Then, one day, I look up and there he was. He missed me just as much and he came to get me. I will never leave him again. Chief Steve, my grandfather, helped Chris to adopt me so I am his son. I may only be seventeen years old, but I know what I want and I want my daddy, Chris.
    "Cullen is my adopted Cousin. We are related by blood somewhere down there, aren't we?" I shook my head no. "Oh well. Cullen is still my boy friend. I don't guess it's incest if we don't have like blood in us."

    "My name is Turner Youngman, I am fifteen years old. I am five foot six inches tall and kind of on the thin side. I have nice muscles, but they are not huge, bulging things that make me look like a steroid junkie. I have a nice cock that hangs almost five inches soft and it never loses any thickness when it is soft. It swells out to a hefty, mouth watering six and a half inches with a full flower on the end awaiting your kiss. My balls are huge, they are almost the same size as Chris's. I have bigger balls than any of the other guys in the house. I like to wear my brown hair short, it offsets my angular face and my pale blue eyes.
    "I had a friend that I had known since forever. He and I kind of learned everything together. We started to jack off and later suck each other when we were about tthirteen. I sucked his older brother, but he is so much full of himself that he is just plain rude to be around. I liked his big dick until I met Chris.
    "I have no time for children anymore, I have a real man with real man meat and he knows how to touch me. I love you." He kissed Lew.
    "When my mother died the state put me in a foster home where I was gang raped. I ran away and went to find my brother, Tyler. Chris found me on the road and showed me love and compassion. He has been the best friend Tyler and me ever had."

    "My turn, I'm Llewellyn Casper, I am sixteen years old and not much to look at. I am so fucking skinny, I don't care what I eat I can't gain a pound. With all of the hard cocks around here I am getting plenty of protein. I am five foot seven and a half inches tall, but skinny as a rail at only one hundred and twenty one pounds. What I really hate is my round face, I look like a baby. My nose points up like a little kid, my cheeks are always red and my lips look like I have lipstick on. I have always been teased about that and I hate it. I do like my eyes though, they are just like my mom's and Cas's, they're a light brown with flecks of gold coloring in them.
    "I love it here, everybody always wants to suck my cock and are more than willing to let me suck their's. I guess that is the only thing about me that is good. My cock is a very hot and hard seven and a half inches with a long hanging hood that forms a sweet little flower at the end. I have a really nice thickness, not as thick as my brother, Cas, but I'm getting there. I am sure that I will be at least that thick before long. I'm already five and three quarters around.
    "Every guy here likes long thick cocks up their asses. I never thought much about that before, I know Cas loves to be fucked, but he wants to eat my cum so bad. I used to tell him that we needed friends so we can do it three way. He likes it now that there are plenty here who will join us. I like Turner, He is sweet and is fun to be with."

    "I'm Tim Mark, Turn my name around backwards and I kram mit. That's how I use to feel about life until I met Jerry and then Chris, He actually saved my life. I am sixteen, born in August of nineteen eighty nine. I have a big old fat eight and a half inch uncut cock, it is so much fun to play with. I am no jock and no brain either, Jerry helps me do my homework and my grades are better this year.
    "I was thirteen and back in the swamp with my fishing boat; I have a ten foot long flat bottom swamp boat and I like to go deep back in the backwater where the big catfish are. I was rowing along one day and I heard voices. I rowed over to this little spit that is just barely out of the water and saw two boys, about my age or older. They had piled French Moss on the ground and were laying naked on top of it sucking each other's dick. I yelled at them to run. They jumped up and I pointed behind them at a twelve foot gator lumbering toward them. He was just far enough away that when he lunged he was short by a foot or two. The boys ran to my boat and jumped in. The gator was lumbering off so I ran and scooped up their clothes and jumped back into the boat and rowed like a maniac to get out of there.
    "I rowed out to where we felt safe and I stopped to get a breath. They were still naked and shaking, I asked them what they had been doing. They were afraid to say anything until I remembered one of them was named Claude, he went to my school. The other boy did too, but I didn't know his name then, they later told me it was Earl. I told them that I wouldn't say anything if they would show me what they were doing with each other's dicks in their mouths.
    "I rowed about fifty feet over to a small island that rose up out of the swamp about two feet. I beached the boat and led them into a thicket of trees where my hiding place was, an old deserted shack. I opened the door and let them in then I shut the door and put a two by four against it so nothing could get in. I had some big cardboard boxes broken down and stuck up on the walls to keep dry. I pulled those down and put them on the floor so we could stay dry, then I took off my clothes. They were surprised to see a thirteen year old with a six inch cock. I said, "Show me."
    "Claude knelt down and began to suck me. I just sank to the floor, it felt so good. Earl began to suck Claude so I moved around and sucked Earl. Right then I became a bonafide cock sucker. We each sucked everybody else and I got two loads of cum from each of them. I don't know how much I cumed. I lost track after six. I was so horny I couldn't stand it.
    "I got home late that night and my old man was drunk and in one of his moods. He shoved me in my room and made me strip. He sat on my bed and stared at my cock for the longest time. He took his belt off and began to hit me. It took a long time for me to get a hard on because of the time in the swamp. He beat me for two hours before I started to cum. I had cuts and welts all over me. I hurt so bad that I could not go to school for the next three days.
    "By Friday I was okay and I went to school. I saw Earl and he asked where I had been and I told him that I was sick. He took me to the boys bathroom and pulled me into a stall. He pulled my cock out and sucked me. I opened up my pants so he could get to me. He stopped and looked at me. He turned me around and looked at my butt. He stood up and hugged me and I winced from the pain of his touch. The bell rang so we hurried off to class.
    "Next period was lunch. Claude and Earl came over and ate with me then took me to the restroom in the foyer of the gym. No one ever came out here during the day. Earl pulled my pants down and turned me around. Claude gasped. He took hold of my shirt and raised it up and both boys cried out. They held me and kissed me.
    "That night my old man didn't come home. The next day I came home from school and my mother told me that he was in the hospital. She said three men and two boys had stomped his ass into the ground, I was so happy. I found out later that my dad knew who they were and they were all in jail. Claude and Earl got their dad's and Earl's uncle and beat the shit out of my old man. He didn't know why, if he did he would have beat me more. Later I learned that they told the sheriff why they beat my old man and he let them go.
    "I got with Jerry over the summer and before long he and I were going at it. I found out that I loved him. I never had a friend and I never knew love. I like holding Jerry and laying naked beside him. Chris let us find each other and we love him so much. I want to live with him forever. I will work and pay his rent and buy his food. All he has to do is be here to smile at me and hold me close and tell me how much I mean to him. I love him so much.
    "My dad found out about me and Jerry. He beat me so bad. The police busted in and took him to jail, but he got and was going to kill Jer and me so we moved to out to live with Chris and all of our brothers here." That got a lot of hugs and awwwsss.

    "My name is Jerry Thompson, I am sixteen and I love Tim. Tim and I have been through some shit and I guess that we look at Chris as our savior. He rescued us from some serious shit. Tim is the only person I ever fucked around with before we met Chris and I really believe that God sent Chris to us because He knew what was going to happen. Please don't think it blasphemy when I say that. I love Jesus with all of my heart and Chris has revealed Him to all of us in ways that we can understand His love for us. Christ Jesus is Lord and will always be the guide to my life. I know that He loves me and understands why I am like I am.
    "My dad thinks he knows Jesus and he beat me until I believed his way. He almost beat Jesus out of me. It was not until I found real love and forgiveness that I knew who my Lord really is. I never had a sex life or even a sex thought. A few weeks after I turned fifteen I was hanging around the truck stop. People throw all kinds of things away there, I have some great CDs. Some kid's mother was yelling at him and she took all of his CDs, his Walkman CD player and everything and chucked it then they drove away. I grabbed it before somebody else did.
    "One time I was looking to see what I could find and I found these really good porno books with guys actually fucking girls and covering their tits with their cum. I took some of the books and hid them. I showed them to my best friend Tim. He showed me the pictures of girls with huge cocks in their mouths. He told me that that was so fucking hot. I told him I didn't know what they were doing I was naïve. He told me that they were jacking the guy off with their mouth. I asked about the cum and he told me that they swallowed it. He told me he would show me if I wanted. I wanted.
    "Now jacking off was about the most fun thing I had ever discovered. I loved it and I did it as often as I could, every night I would jack off before I fell asleep. It got to where I couldn't get to sleep without a long stroke session. When Tim took my cock in his mouth I shot my load at once. He was disappointed, he wanted to show me what it was all about. I promised him that he could do it again. I told him that I would try to do him to make up for it. He was excited about that. He pulled his pants down, it was the first time I had ever seen another guy's hard dick, it was so big and it had a hood. He pulled his skin back and showed me that he looked just like mine. He thumbed through the books until he found three or four pictures of uncut cocks to show me that he was not that unusual.
    "He held his skin back and I put his cock in my mouth. I liked it, I just kept sucking on it. My dick got hard and Tim told me lie down. He went down the opposite way and began to suck me, it felt so good and I really liked sucking him. He began to go up and down on me and so I did the same thing. In moments I felt my mouth was all hot and I had to spit or something, my mouth was full. I pulled off of his dick as a big blob of cum shot me right on the end of my nose. I realized that he had cum in my mouth. It tasted alright and I had cum in his mouth so I tried swallowing. It was kind of salty and bitter, but it was okay. I felt like I was about to cum again so I swallowed and put his cock back into my mouth. Now let me tell you, there is no better feeling than to cum when you have a big ass cock like Tim's down deep in your mouth. I was sucking him and pumping my cock in and out of his mouth so hard. I wanted him to cum again as I banged on him. He did. That fool was horny and he cummed again, right into my mouth. I did not pull off. I let him cum and cum until we were both so sensitive that we had to stop. He told me that that is what is going on in the pictures, but the guys there aren't getting the best, they don't have a dick to suck on at the same time. I agreed with him.
    "Well anyway, Tim and I have been sucking each other ever since, almost two years now. Chris showed us how to love each other and I now know that I do love Tim, with all of my heart. I can't think about being without him except that my heart aches and I start to cry. When he was hurt by his dad I cried.
    "Now that we have done the big thing, you know, fuck, I so love him so much more. I know that he loves me. We are so grateful to Chris and we love him so much. He is our life's blood and we owe him. There is nothing we won't do to protect him. We found out that he was afraid of us turning him in. If the police ever find out about us we will lie to our death about ever doing anything that would cause this man any trouble. And I love his big ass dick up my ass once in awhile. I know that he loves me and won't hurt me. He makes me feel good to be a boy.
    "Oh, sorry. I was supposed to tell you about me, not just my story. Well let's see, I am about the most gorgeous guy that ever walked into your life. I am a gymnast and am agile and limber. I can bend in ways that most people could never begin to. For instance I can sit on the floor and bend over and suck my cock head. I can lay on my back and put my legs over my head and suck my whole cock. Tim and I discovered this one night when he went to fuck me. If you can do it it is great to suck your cock, right up to your balls. I can see my ass hole as Tim fucks his huge tool in and out of me. I love it. I get so fucking turned on that I cum gallons and almost drown myself. Tim doesn't like it because he wants to eat my cum so we stop before I cum, most of the time.
    "I have been working on Tim and he can get about three inches of his cock in his mouth while I fuck him. I let him cum himself and he likes that. Tim likes my brown hair and brown eyes. He says I have three brown eyes and he loves to look deep into each of them. He has only fucked one of them and that's fine with me. He is satisfied with my seven inch cock. His is so much bigger and he loves it when Chris or even Cas fucks him. Cas can stretch a guy's ass out so that he will have trouble holding his shit for days.
    "So, like Tim said, his old man hired some dude to kill us. We e-mailed Chris. He called us up and told us to get the hell out of Dodge. We did. We drove all night until we had a flat in Houston. Chris and Cory pulled up to our van and took us to live with them and here we are. We hope that it will be legal to get married when we turn eighteen. We want a big wedding with all of our brothers there. We're going to take lots of pictures and send them to our dads and all of their friends and families. We are going to buy full pages in the local newspaper and have our wedding pictures printed, in full color. We are going to buy televison time and announce our marriage to the whole state while we kiss each other. I have dad's church directory so that we can send big 8x10 color prints to everybody dad knows."
    "Your dad will help Tim's dad pay that hit man if you're not careful." I told him.

    "Hey, I'm Tyler Youngman, I'm Turner's big bro. I was fourteen and I had all of these weird thoughts in my head all of the time. I was at my best friend's house. We were laying on his bed and his cock was sticking out through the leg hole of his running shorts. I stared at it for like the longest time. I wanted it so bad that I just lost control and reached over and put my mouth on it. He screamed out. His mother was in the hall way and looked to see why he had screamed and there I was with his cock in my mouth. She started yelling at me and I ran away. She had called my house by the time I got home. My old lady freaked out, my old man was a puss and just walked away. They ran me off and told me to never come back.
    "I found an old dude that liked my cute young ass and he sucked me and fucked me for his own pleasure then threw me out when I got too old for him. Luckily for me my baby brother never gave up on me. He brought Chris into our lives and made me see that I am somebody, not just a faggot. I am going to the university, I plan to make something of my life. I have a boyfriend here in the house, his name is Cas, he goes to the university too."
    "I'm nothing special. I stand five foot nine and weigh about one hundred and forty five pounds. I have a tiny little six and a half inch uncut cock. I love to suck and I love to top."

    Cas got up and turned his ass to the room. He slapped his cheek, hard, leaving a large, red hand print. "That, boys, is a tight end. Yeah, I'm Tyler's bottom." He turned around to show his extra thick dong, "but I will give you a thrill ride if you care to mount up. My name is Emmitt Casper, like the ghost, I know, heard it before. My family called me Em, what a sissy name. I asked Chris to call me Cas. He sometimes call me crass, but that is a kinky story for only a few insiders.
    "Please don't take this wrong. I love Chris with all of my heart, I am just not in love with him. Does that make sense? I mean the man rescued me from a fate far worse than anything you can imagine. My church has ways of dealing with sexual deviants. Anything other than straight, missionary sex, man on top, woman on bottom, is a monstrous sin against God.
    "Man was created, complete and whole, but he wanted more, he wanted a mate. This was not God's plan, but He loved Adam and made a woman from man. Woman was not created separately, but from the rib of man. This makes her lower than man, his servant, his property. A man is to hold it over a woman. Anything less and the elders of the church will take you to a secret place to be trained.
    "An uncle of mine once had his wife suck his dick and he fucked her ass. He was in training for six months. When he came back to our community he was a different person, hollow and drawn. He was more like a dead man, obeying orders from the elders as if he were their chattel. I have only heard of what they do to a homosexual.
    "There is one old man in the community that supposedly was caught in an unnatural act with another boy when they were thirteen or fourteen. The man is very unhappy, but he serves his wife and his eighteen children. I am told that the elders gather at his home every few weeks and watch over him as he services his wife. I like to talk to this man and he likes to talk to the young boys in our town, but he has to do it in a secretive way so that he won't be seen.
    "There's no leaving our community, everyone who has tried returns in a very short time and their home is watched after by church members. It is a kind of prison, it is no place to be born. Only one family that I know of has ever moved there by choice. Their kids seem to fit right in though so power to them.
    Now don't go speculating. I won't tell you what our sect is, I don't want you judging them. They are doing what they feel is right. Our state has a lot of Amish and Quaker churches and towns. There are a lot of Mennonite people around. Our town believes in Saturday as the Sabbath. Our men dress mostly in black suits and our women in plain dresses with little white bonnets. We don't really follow any one group's teaching or another's, we follow the teaching of our leaders as they believe the Bible tells them how to live.
    Chris let's us all study the Bible for ourselves and we all like to read together every night. We ask questions and Chris has us turn to his stack of Concordances as we let the Bible answer all of our questions. Yeah, it takes a lot of time, but that is what we are studying for. We want to know what the Bible says, not what some dead dude said that it said. One thing Chris will not tolerate is somebody telling us that the Bible says this or that. He says, "Show me." They often try, but we have seen that every time they have taken a part of a paragraph, or worse, part of a sentence, and tried to build doctrine around it.

    "So do you still keep Saturday as your Sabbath? Brad and his family do and I have learned that it is the right day for me. Brad has me study with him and that is what the Bible says." Jay has a quick and enquiring mind.
    "Yes, I do, we do. Lew and I showed all of the guys what the Bible says and they all agree. There is nothing in the Bible to tell us to worship on Sunday. Anyway, I was telling why I was where I was when Chris found me.
    "The Bishop's son was sixteen when he and I first started messing around. I was twelve, but I loved to jack off and he caught me in the woods. He sucked me off and let me suck him too. I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth so we got together everyday. On my sixteenth birthday I gave him my ass. We had talked of doing it and he had let me fuck him many times. My cock was growing thicker instead of longer and he really loved the feel of my stretching him. We were also fucking two other boys from a neighboring township, but we had both wanted for me to get fucked. He was actually doing me for the second time that afternoon when his father walked in on us. He was sent to be cured.
    "I was under age so the police had to be called in. The police took it to court and I destroyed my best friend with my big faggot ass mouth. Everyone thought that I was the victim of a rape. I loved. Isaac so I told the court that he was my best friend and that we had been messing around for over three years. That got Isaac sent to prison for more than fifty years as a sexual predator. When he gets out he will enter a hospital, for life so that he can never prey on another helpless child.
    "The court was told of my sect's teachings and my forthcoming training, my cure was put on hold until I could finish school. The court intervened and would not let them send me away, but instead ordered that I go to the public school twelve miles away in another town. That was the best thing that could happen to me as I met other young homosexuals. There was one guy on the football team that also played my way. He and I discovered the equipment room and met there everyday during our study hall or free class time. He loved getting fucked and sucking as much as me. I kind of liked him, but we both knew what was in store for me and that we would probably never see each other again.
    "My father purposely arranged our vacation for the same time as college started so that I would not try to run away. I was to be reprogrammed since I was now finished with high school and the law would have no control over me once I turned eighteen. I was a virtual prisoner in my own home as church leaders stood guard outside our doors and my bedroom window day and night. If I went anywhere two or three men were with me to see that I did not run away. Prayer vigils were held in my house daily that I may be saved from the fires of hell.
    "No one knew that Lew was homosexual too. We share a room and a bed, you would think that my father, being so smart and all, would not have allowed that. Lew and I had been sucking each other off daily since he was thirteen. He loves cum more than me. When he tried his little stunt in that museum I could just see my dad and all the problems Lew had to face. I could not let my little brother go through that. We got caught anyway, but at least it was in such a way as father thought it was me being a pervert.
    "I ran from the museum and the first place I saw that I could hide in was this huge RV. I found a panel that I could open pretty easy and I hid inside. I couldn't hear or see anything so I waited. I was getting hungry, but I know my father is relentless. I was sure that he was still walking around looking for me. He had probably contacted some local church to help him, he is such a fanatic.
    "When I felt the RV start up and move away I relaxed. I would wait until they stopped and I would make a break for freedom. I had no idea where I was, but I knew I wasn't in Pennsylvania, that was good. We stopped and I heard talking then it got quiet so I thought that I better make a run for it. When I moved I knocked something down in the dark. I froze. The back wall opened and I saw that I was in a storage area with motorbikes.
    "Chris looked at me and his face softened to a smile. I crawled out and stood beside him. He had a hold of my shirt and would not let go. I could tear the shirt off and run, but I looked at Chris and I thought that he could outrun me. I run with Chris now and he would have caught me in a second. He is strong enough that I would have been in a battle which I'm not sure I could have won.
    "Well, I ended up in Chris's bed and had a ride on that telephone pole he calls a dick. He is half again as long as me and the same thickness. I now know what it feels like when I shove my cock up some dudes ass. It takes some getting used to I can tell you. I guess I am more of a bottom I love the feel of a big cock in either end, both at once is better. I am pretty big, body wise. I play football and I lift three hundred pounds and press four twenty. I can do two hundred push ups, I like to do handstands and push up one hundred times while upside down. I have good breath control and don't even breathe heavy when Chris and I leave everybody else wheezing behind us on our speed runs. He took us to a horse track where he knows some people. Cory, Jerry, Chris and I ran four laps as fast as we could. Some old man had a stop watch and he told us that we did a mile in about four and a half minutes. Not bad for beginners, I guess.
    "Tyler and I are a couple and the way we see it we would like to be together eighty years from now. We both go to the university. We don't have any classes together, but we do study anatomy together every evening.
    "Do you like ever do it, you know, in your shoulder pads and shit?" Jay was blushing as he asked his question.
    "What goes on in our bedroom stays in our bedroom. If you and Brad want to come spend the night with us you might learn a few new moves though." The challenge was laid and it was picked up at once as Brad said they would spend the entire night with them. It was a week later before the four got together for the night. A trip to the Big Apple came first. The whole house laughed most of that night because of the noise coming from those four horny teenagers.

    "Hi, I'm Pete, Peter O. Engblahm. Yeah, I'm Swedish. I'm the old man of the house at nineteen. I stand five feet nine inches tall. I am very light skinned and have blonde hair, almost yellow, but pale. I keep it cut short because it is very curly and looks like I just stepped out of a permanent saloon. I actually look better with a military buzz, and it is easier on me with all of the swimming I like to do. Oh, by the way guys, I have qualified to be on my college swim and dive team." The cheers went up around the room at that news. He had kept it from them for his own personal reasons. I only knew it because he can't keep his mouth shut in bed.
    "Anyway, me. Let's see…oh, you want the good stuff. Well, I am on the thin side, but I love to work out. The military taught me that. I am pretty cut, I exercise every day. I really like the idea that Chris and Cory like to run daily. They have this really nice green belt all throughout his neighborhood. I put my meter on my leg one morning and we took the full course. It is just shy of eight miles as we wound around and back through the entire area, but only covered maybe a mile north to south and a little over two east to west. Chris knows some really neat shortcuts through the neighborhood so we left the green belt at one spot and cut through a yard or two to catch it at its beginning behind the next row of houses. We only had to outrun one huge dog. I thought I was going to be its breakfast, that sucker had teeth.
    "Chris has one rule, no means no. If someone wants to suck me and I don't say no I get an awesome blow job. I like kicking back, watching TV and some dude crawls up between my legs and goes down on me. I like it more when it's me crawling.
    "My arms are my favorite. I love to stand in front of the mirror and flex my body. I may be two years older, but I would love to have Jerry's body. Oh, his muscles are so fine. I love to just feel him up. He likes to be rubbed and Tim doesn't get mad if one of us wants to paw his boy. He got off on me getting hot over giving Jerry a rubdown, and crawled under me to suck me off as I bent over and sucked Jerry.
    "My cock is six and three quarter inches long, an exact 17 cm. Chris likes to know how big around it is so he measures us, often. I am five and a half inches, or 14 cm, around at about mid-shaft. My cock is the same thickness from the base to the head. I have a very prominent helmet shaped head, Chris says it is the Aryan blood in me, I wear a Nazi helmet on my cock. He is a riot, strange, but a riot.
    "Oh, yeah, how I became a cocksucker. Well I don't know if I was born a fag or became one. Sorry for the word, but my old man…I love him and I miss him, but I guess I'll never see him again now that he knows what I am. He is a lady chasing Marine. He and my mother divorced when I was little. She stayed in Germany, where I was born and I came with dad to the U.S. I grew up on several different military basis around the country. We ended up in Kansas City, Mo. where dad wanted to stay until he retires. I spent most of my two years there developing my body at the gym with a bunch of young Marines.
    "By the time I was seventeen I had a pretty good body. My best friend and I had been spending a lot of time together and he was perving on my build. Dad had been on this base longer than anywhere I could remember and I had made some really close friends. It wasn't until two weeks after my seventeenth birthday that I found out how close of a friend I had. His name was Jacob, his father was the Jewish Chaplin for the base. Jacob loved my blonde hair, especially my blonde pubes. He liked to rub his hand around in them and of course this would get me hard. He did this twice and the next time I told him that he was going to have to jack me off if he got me worked up. He didn't falter, he took my cock in his hand and I melted into his bed. I told him that he better put his mouth on it because I was going to cum and didn't want to make a mess. The fucker did it. I was shocked. He actually put my cock in his mouth and let me cum right into his throat. It felt so fucking good.
    "I didn't say a word. I just let it be and waited for him to say something. He didn't get up or anything, he just lay there with his face right beside my thigh and went to sleep. It was about eight o'clock when I called my dad and told him that I was going to stay over so that Jacob and I could finish studying a subject that had come up. He said it was okay. I hung up the phone. Jacob was laying on his bed looking at me.
    "Was that the same subject that came up a minute ago?"
    "I told him that it was and that we should study it a little more. My cock was rock hard and pointing at him. He reached for it and pulled me back to his bed. He was still lying with his head toward the foot of the bed, but he had pulled his body up so that he was entirely on the bed now. I lay down where I had been before and found his cock right in front of my face. I knew what I was going to do, but I wanted to be sure about Jacob.
    "He did not disappoint me. As soon as my cheeks were on the sheets his mouth was sucking on my meat. I played monkey see monkey do and sucked his five inch pecker all of the way into my mouth. I no sooner got him in my mouth as he shot his load. He was on top of me fucking in and out of my mouth so I just wrapped my arms around him and let him fuck. He was doing a number on me as he kept up his assault. I couldn't believe that he had just shot his cum in my mouth yet he was still hard. I was so fucking horny that he could have done anything he wanted to me right then. My cum was on the rise and I began to fuck up into his mouth as he quickened his pace. In moments we were firing our second load of huge globs of cum back and forth into each other's mouths as we tried to shove our cocks all the way through each other's heads.
    "That night began six of the best weeks of my life then dad got orders. I was crushed. I had never known a home. The time that we had spent on that base was the best of my life. We were in Kansas City, MO. I loved the town the country side and the people, I was in love with Jacob. The two of us cried like little children as I told him that I had to move away. I hated my dad, I hated the Corp. I made a big mistake, I decided that I would leave dad and go out on my own. I knew I couldn't stay with Jacob, I would not be allowed on base once dad was gone. I only saw one way out, I enlisted in the Air Force.
    "I was off to basic and I didn't even look back. I didn't write home, I left everything behind me. I enjoyed being around so many other guys my age. I got to see lots of cock, the showers were kind of private, but most of the guys liked to show off their stuff, I did too. We just hung our towels around our neck and shaved with it all hanging out. There was hardly ever an erection, or beginning of one, that would have been too queer for the Air Force, but I loved to lay in my bunk at night and listen to the heavy breathing and the skin slapping sounds of five or six horny guys in different parts of the room. I hope I am not that noisy when I go at myself because their noise almost always made me go at it twice and a few times, more.
    "I was in Mississippi when I met Aaron. He was nice, he wasn't all that cute, but he was ripped and he was hung nicely. We became friends, he had a car so we started hanging out and having a few beers. One night he was real mellow. We went to the beach and just lay on a table looking at the sky and getting drunk. Aaron was at the friendly stage of drunk and he wanted to hold me and hug me. He groped me, I fondled him. He told me he loved me. I took his cock out of his pants and stroked him. He looked at me, his eyes got wide and he got up and ran away. A few minutes later I heard his car start up and he drove away.
    "I sat there and cried, I had fucked up. Now my military carrier was shit. My dad would not let me come home, I fucked it all up. There were two six packs left and I sat there and drank them all. The next thing I knew there was God standing there looking at me. He held out his hand to me and led me off. A few minutes later I was sitting, with a cup of coffee in my hand, at the table where I had stewed my brain and obviously died. There was a box of donuts in front of me so I figured this was my first meal. I began to come to.
    "Chris walked up in nothing, but the smallest of Speedos. I could see his huge cock that was barely contained in the small piece of cloth. I wanted so much to drop to my knees and chew that flimsy material away and suck the cock snot out of the beautiful man meat they covered. The softest, most commanding voice I ever heard asked me if I wanted some eggs. I waved a donut in his face. "Oh shit, he is going to think I am some kind of a retard."
    "A little later Chris came up to me and offered to wash my uniform. I looked down and saw that I was covered in puke, I was so embarrassed. Chris helped me to get the filthy thing off. He went to his knees and untied my combat boots. He pulled my pants up and pulled out the blousing rings then unbuckled my belt. He unbuttoned my pants and let them fall below my butt then pushed me back so that I fell into a sitting position at the table. He took my boots off and pulled off my pants. He took off my socks in such a sensuous way that I felt he was loving me. My cock began to throb, I would do anything he asked of me.
    "He helped me empty all of my pockets as I stood there staring at his beautiful body. He is almost twice as old as me, but I loved to look at him. I wanted to see all of him. He pointed at my underwear, I pulled it off. He pulled his suit off, I went hard to attention. He said something about bed, I ran as fast as I could to the back of his house. I saw a bed and I got on it. In moments he had my dick in his mouth and I had his in mine. I never knew that a dick could be as big as his was. I had never had the chance to hold an uncut dick. He had so many things about him that were so great. I never wanted to let go of him. His cum was ambrosia. It actually sobered me up. As I filled his mouth with cum I knew that I was in bed with the only person in the world that I will ever love. I wanted to be there for the rest of my life.
    "We lay and talked afterwards. He made me tell him all about me. I have never been one to talk much, but somehow Chris wanted I to know who I was. I wanted to know about him, but he continued to make me go on like a babbling fool. He went out to put my uniform in the dryer. When he returned he was hard again and I couldn't resist it. As soon as his ass hit the bed I went down on him. He pulled me on top of him and lifted me up and down. I took awhile to figure out that he wanted me to fuck his face, I did. I'll tell you now, a blow job is great, especially when Chris is the one giving it, but when I began to fuck his face…
    "Every part of my body was involved. I was making motions for my lover and I was in control. Chris made me take over as he caressed my whole being with his love. I couldn't get my dick far enough into his mouth. I needed that more than food or water. My body ached to be part of what I was doing as I channeled my love through my dick into the wonderful man beneath me. His cock was all of the way into my throat. I could not breathe around the huge rod, but Chris was not about to let go of it, I wanted to swallow him and his dick was the first thing in line.
    "I am sure that I have never had a more satisfying climax. The cum came from deep in my soul and gathered strength from everywhere in me as it forced its way out through my dick in the most powerful ejaculation of my life. I was limp and let my body fall on top of him. I was not about to let go of his cock as I learned to breathe around it. My cock was so sensitive that I could hardly contain myself, but there was no way that I was going to withdraw and end the perfect union. Then Chris did the most amazing thing.
    "He pushed against my hips and lifted me until my soft cock popped from the fantastic suction he had on it. He lay me back down on him as he spread my legs wide. I felt him shift around until, I swear, he had his mouth over my ass hole and his tongue was working in my crack. I melted right there. I had never…would never…could not ever think of anything better. I wanted that man with me always. His tongue went to my shit hole. It was possible…he had found it, another way to make me absolute putty. He could make me into anything he wanted. I was his, then, now, and forever. I don't have a clue as to what he was doing except making me a quivering, quaking, composite of gelatinous protoplasm. In that time he made me into what I am today, a hot for my man homosexual queer boy.
    "Okay, you're on the mountain top. You look around and can see that there is no other place to go, but back down, right? Huh, you have never been in bed with Chris. His fingers did the walking. Right up into my ass hole his fingers marched on. I was being invaded like never before and I was standing by the side of the street waving a flag and welcoming the parade as it passed by. Chris hurt me so bad. He pulled my favorite meal from my mouth and moved between my legs. He bent over and began to suck my ass with so much more power and love than before. He put his fingers back in and looked me in the eye as he smiled at me. I melted in his gaze as I gave myself to him in every way. I was sure, now, what he wanted and if he wanted it, he could have it. "Anything for you, dear."
    "He moved toward me and I felt his huge cock head at my hole. I spread my legs and longed for the moment that he would again be inside me, only now from the opposite end. He could cum at me from anyplace in my body or on it. I was in seventh heaven as I felt his long schlong slide inside me. Lust overcame me as I gave up myself to him to have and to hold. He moved onward and upward as I felt myself fill up like nothing I had ever thought of before. I felt so full. I felt as if I had the biggest shit in the world waiting to happen. I felt good. All of that ended when he began to pull back out. I could see my dreams shattered before me then he stopped and pushed back in. He slid his cock head across my prostate and the stars came out. He did this again and again as I molded my body to fit his. I moved a bit and his cock settled into the saddle. I had never known such bliss existed. No movie, no book, no sordid or bawdy tale in the barracks ever prepared me for the absolute feeling of becoming one with my lover.
    "All to soon it was over and he withdrew. We spent time licking our creamy offerings from each other until we were interrupted by the call of nature. We dashed to the bathroom, but he pulled me into the shower with him. He held me tight as he peed on me, I peed back. We stood there with our cocks pressed against each other between our bellies as our lips created a vacuum seal between us. We rebreathed each other's air as our pee warmed our souls and trickled down our legs.
    "He turned on the shower and washed me with his beautiful hands. He had the sweetest smelling shampoo, like a forest of fragrance of pine and open air. He continued to hold me close as he washed my back and my ass with fresh smelling soap. He showed me an unopened bar. He has the soap and shampoo made for him. By the time our shower was over I was a new man, ready to face the world. We heard the timer ding of the dryer and walked outside, still naked, to find my dreaded clothes. I never wanted to wear anything, ever again except Chris.
    "He dressed me. He got down on his knees and pulled my socks on. He pulled my shorts on and kissed my dick. He pulled my stiffening dick through the slit of my boxers and let it hang out as he pulled my tee shirt on. He slipped my blouse on and buttoned it so sensuously that I yelled out that I was about to cum. He sucked my cock and got every drop then pulled against me and kissed me, snowballing my own cum back into my mouth. Next he pulled my pants on and tucked everything in. He began to button my pants letting my limp cock hang free to the very end. After my boots were laced he took one last long turn of his tongue around my still wilted cock. I loved how it felt in his mouth all soft and like that.
    "He stood up and grabbed a pair of his shorts from the dryer and I fell down before him and worshiped his lengthy cock once again. I was amazed at how big it really is. I took all of it into my throat and began to work him. I let my hand find its way to his crack. He spread his legs for me and let me play with his pucker. My finger went in, but it wouldn't slide. He softly told me that I needed to wet it with my spit. Doing this made it go right up in him and his cock throbbed in my hungry mouth. I began to fuck my finger in and out as he suddenly filled me with his voluminous cock honey. I was swallowing with all the speed within me to get it all down inside and not let it spill out onto my clean uniform, although that would have meant getting naked and washing it again. Humm, another time to be together.
    "He was drained and kind of leaned back against his motor home, I hadn't ever realized that his house was on wheels. I was drunk. I picked up the contents of my pockets and found my blousing rubbers. I bent over and put them on as we heard a vehicle. Chris hurried to pull his shorts up and pulled on a tee shirt. I saw the nose of a blue truck. "Uh oh, MPs" I thought. Chris and I moved toward the truck and I saw my first sargent and Aaron. "Oh shit, I'm in it now!"
    "Aaron was babbling about having to puke and going over by his car and then he forgot that I was there. He was so drunk that he drove off. He was arrested as he got to the gate of the base and spent the night in jail for DUI. Top had just got him out of jail and asked him if he had seen me when he remembered leaving me. Top drove him out there looking for me.
    "The ride back was tense as I worried about what Aaron remembered. He got an article fifteen for being drunk and lost his base driving privileges for sixty days. They did nothing to me. Aaron and I got together and I found out that he was gay and really was turned on that night. We found some places to be alone where we could suck each other, but only one at a time as we always had to stand up. He came up with the idea of doing it in a staff car which was a disaster, for both of us. We got caught. I don't know where he is. I don't have an address or anything. I guess I'll never know.
    "Now I am at Chris's house. Things really changed for us last Thursday, just five days ago. Chris and I became life partners. Fuck, I know Chris will still suck and fuck little boys until he dies, but he and I are together now. I hope that he will let me stay forever. I don't know what our future will hold, but a boy has to have his dreams. I love you, Chris."

    "Thank you for all the praise boys, but you have to remember, I'm not some Knight in shining armor come to rescue you. I am a sexual pervert come to screw you. I took you in for my own deviated sexual pleasures and I use you to my own sexual needs."
    "Yeah, right. That's why you have made us all rich?"
    "Oh the money is just for the ease of my conscience. You people are going to have to learn to think like the law. There is no such thing as a benevolent person wanting to help another without some personal gain. In my case it is clear that my motivation is being surrounded by horny, naked boys." I was readily attacked by all fifteen of them. Jay asked to hear my story so I told him all about Charley and then I told him about my history with JB. That really perked both him and Brad up. I told them about my February trip to the Big Apple and my time with Luke. They thought that was cool. I asked if we might see Luke. They thought that was a great idea.
    Everybody broke off for bed. I watched as Jay walked off with Brad. The boy has one sweet ass, I can see Brad's fascination with him. He seems to be a very sharp boy.

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