Chapter 251


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    After we arrived at the house everyone split up to go to their beds and boyfriends. It was still about an hour before dinner would be served in BAW's dinning room and the boys wanted some private time with their main squeeze.
    Roddy climbed under the belly of Traveler Too©. He called for me to look at what he had found. I sat down on the floor of the large RV's underbelly and sorted through package after package of frozen food that I had not even remembered being in the two freezers. Roddy removed the food and stacked it back by kind. We had fifteen pounds of bass, thirty pounds of catfish, and twelve pounds of brown and rainbow river trout, all cleaned and filleted. At the bottom of the freezer he found something for Franz to chew on, twenty large porterhouse steaks.
    Roddy also pulled out two very large apricot cobblers that Ugitsiha had made after I suddenly left for Europe the summer before. Each pie would feed about ten boys. Roddy smiled at me as he laid many vacuum packed bags of blueberries out for me to see. I had a lot of fun with my son on that trip and a highlight that I will always remember is him carrying his stash of blueberries while riding his horse bareback.
    He also had many packages of wild strawberries picked at the peak of their ripeness. He had sliced apples, apricots, and peaches in packets along with an assortment of crushed herbs that could stand freezing. We returned everything except the steaks to the freezer and closed it then turned to the overhead cabinets. He had a very large assortment of dried herbs and mushrooms stored up.
    But the pièce de rásistance was a large cabinet filled with Ugitsiha's homemade jellies and preserves. I told Roddy to take the steaks and two jars of the strawberry preserves and one jar of the apple jelly to Bodaway. My mouth salivated as I thought about a toasted English muffin with fresh churned butter and a dollop of strawberry preserves on it. Add to that a tall glass of milk and follow that with a cup of coffee, I would be good to go for another two hundred miles—driving.

    Yuri and Petey ran up to us as we secured the RV, "It's time for dinner, daddy. Carry me?" I am afraid that I am spoiling my little man, but I will only have that chance for a very few years yet. I got Yuri's goat when I picked up Petey and put him on my shoulders with his legs around my neck. I grabbed Yuri and carried him under my arm like a bag of dog food. He was swinging his arms and kicking his legs as he begged to ride on my shoulders. Roddy stepped up behind him and tickled his feet.
    When we entered the dinning room of building A everybody turned to see what all of commotion was about. I had two screaming boys with ticklish feet locked in a position from which they had no escape. The students laughed at the little ones and encouraged me on.
    I sat my load on the floor and was immediately attacked by the tiny ones. Kardal had just loads to tell me about their ride on a great big horsey. I sat down on the floor and crossed my legs as I paid close attention to what he was telling me. I feel that the main reason that my school is as populated as it is because the parents of those boys never listened to their sons. It is easy to pretend to listen while going about a regular routine, but I am talking about shutting the mouth and opening the ears type of listening. I hear what a boy is saying to me and he knows that I do. It makes for a strong bond between us.
    I carefully questioned the mustard seed and Tiger Bear. When I was sure that they had not worn their horses out I stuck out my hands for them to help me up so that we could dig into the food that awaited us. Khalid and Hamal were the first to their feet and to offer me their small hands. I played with them as I struggled to get up. Kardal and Tiger got behind me and pushed me up. Kardal placed his hands on my ass and squeezed. I yelped like girl and told him that he was not my type.
    I saw one of my new boys looking at me with a hunger in his eyes. All of the boys are starved for the attention of a father. Most of them never knew their fathers in such an intimate way. I walked over to Brad Jameson and got down in his face.
    "You think that was funny? Let me give you something to laugh about." I stuck my fingers under his arms and lifted him to the floor. Once supine on the hard surface I began a torture tickle like he had never had. The fourteen year old boy was laughing so hard that he began to pee on himself. I wrapped my mouth around his cock and saved more of a mess to be cleaned up.
    He sat up and stared at me, "You drank my pee?" I let him get up. When he stood up he looked me in the eye then threw his arms about me, "Nobody never loved me like that. To my mother I was a mistake. To my dad I was something that my mother did 'cause she didn't take her pills.
    "All these guys in here say that you is all about love. Now I believe it. Maybe I can get one of them tiny penis pins? Huh? Before the holiday vacation is done?" I pulled him to me and kissed him and told him that he would lose a bucket of cum at our next Saturday night story time. He hugged me and I got off of the floor and moved over to eat my supper.

    The room was full of my favorite sound, boy laughter. I placed an arm around Franz and one around Jericho and led them to the food line. I pointed to the many varieties of vegetarian dishes and told the boys that all of us were basically vegetarians. I told them that it was an option, but we consider it a life choice. I had to explain that.
     Gigage lifted a cover from one pan on the steam table to reveal a dozen thick, breaded veal cutlets. I nodded my head as Franz pointed to the pan. He wanted a mountain of mashed potatoes and lots of creamy white gravy to cover everything.
    Jericho wanted the same thing. I stepped into his mind and showed him how sick he had been and how the fat on his body was squeezing his heart and lungs. He looked at his plate and then around the room. I told him that he could eat anything that he wanted, but to do it in moderation. I guided both boys to the salad bar where I filled a plate with a variety of fresh vegetables. I poured up a bowl of Ona's famous chicken noodle soup and buttered up three pieces of hot rye bread. I poured a large glass of the papaya/pineapple juice and sat it on my tray.
    As I sat down Amadahy sat a cup of coffee before me, "This is fresh, boss." I looked at him with sadness in my eyes. "Sir Chris, I love you. You have done so much for me and my son, and well, all of these boys. I call you dad when I am with my fellow workers, we all do, but you are also our boss."
    I stood up and pulled him close to me. He is a few years older than I am, but he is one of my boys. I led him behind the steam table and called all of the cooks and their helpers to me. "Gentlemen, I pay your wages and provide you with a place to live, you are part of my family. If it pleases you to call me dad, I am honored. I hope that all of you love me as a friend." Gigage was the first to grab a hug. By the time I was through the entire staff my hugger was tuckered out. I told them that my salad was getting cold, they all laughed.
    Amadahy rushed over to my table and grabbed my soup then he replaced it with a fresh bowl. I love to drink the hot broth with a piece of bread to dip in it on the side. Amadahy had given me a full cup of broth with no noodles in it. I ate my salad, but still I wanted something more. I looked over to Franz as he ate the last bite of his veal. Jericho was mopping the gravy from his plate with a piece of hot bread. I stepped over to the food line and asked for a half of a veal cutlet with a little gravy on it. Franz stepped up beside me.
    "Do you want the other half, or can you eat another whole steak?" He selected a whole piece of meat, but Jericho took the half piece. Cory nudged me in the side and gave me an image of #290;erâld sitting behind me. I turned to him and threw him a kiss. He reached out his hand as if to catch it and placed it on his lips with a huge smile. Cory got himself a veal cutlet with mashed potatoes and gravy.

    It takes Wes a little time to settle down after a healing such as we had done for the entire day. We had three very healthy boys to show for his efforts, but we had a troubled mind to work with. I watched with rapt interest when Ajay sat down facing Wes. He assumed the full mudrā position, complete with his legs folded before him with the bottoms of his feet turned upwards on his thighs. His hands assumed the full position with the palms facing forward and the tips of his forefingers touching his thumbs. He began an East Indian chant that was somehow very soothing.
    Yuji and Kioshi ran from the room. Some ten minutes passed before they returned with flutes and Japanese stringed instrument. They sat down to play as Ajay kept up his chant. I had not noticed Umit slip away so I was surprised when he came back with his arms loaded down with his and his brothers' Sitars. Those instruments played the exact sound that made the scene very authentic.
    As the music continued the boys got into the spirit and many of them danced about the musicians. You have never seen the likes of ten skinny assed boys with long dicks flopping about as they did a very reasonable belly dance. It was a most stiffening sight.
    Yuri was out on the floor showing his skills. The boys all cheered him, he was good. He is very limber and was able to do backbends and twist his body through his legs to stand on his hands then he twisted about and did the sexiest belly dance that I have ever seen, especially for a boy to be doing it.

    A man in uniform stepped through the door from the hall. "Is this a private party? I am afraid that I might have to arrest somebody with all of the naked minors in here."
    The music came to a halt as everybody turned to the voice. Franz jumped from his chair and ran across the room. As tall as he is he still jumped up onto the man and wrapped his long legs about his waist. I was more interested in the chemical magic that I had been feeling from two boys on the floor. Wes rose to his knees and leaned into Ajay, their kiss was from the heart.
    Wes filled my mind with joy as he and Ajay slipped away from the rest of us. I do hope that both boys find the happiness with each other that they are seeking.

    I stood to greet Hans Gobles, Franz's uncle. I hugged both men as if they were very old friends. I watched Franz, he had no idea who the man was with his uncle. I felt that I could trust Jericho since our mind meld so I reached for Cory's hand and we led Franz and the two men over to the house for a little privacy.
    Upon entering the house I was greeted by Edmund. He had Mitch had decided not to go to New York until after Pam Hunter's and Johnny Carmichael's wedding. Of course he wanted to prepare me a Christmas turkey the right way. I hugged the man and welcomed him then I took a seat across from Franz and the two men. Cory slipped in beside me and scrunched up real close.
    Franz kept looking at the younger man then back at Hans, there was a definite family connection there. If Franz could see himself as we saw him he would have his answer. We sat down in the living room of the house and I asked Hans and the man if they had eaten. They had not. I contacted Amadahy and asked him to prepare two large plates of food with the veal cutlets and gravy. Ten minutes later two cook's helpers arrived at the back door. Edmund set the table for my quests.
    That ten minutes was time for a lifetime to be revealed. I saw a very confused boy with great hope in his eyes. The man is Franz's father. Franz had been told that the man was a child molester and that he had been killed in prison. His mother had told him many stories and he didn't know what to believe.
    "I am Adalbrecht Bertram Gobles, your father. Everybody calls me Al. Son, you are my love child. I was only thirteen when your mother tried to make me straight. Her church told her that I was going to hell because I was gay. I had been sorta friends with her for about three months. She said that I was cute and she wanted to show how great sex with a girl could be. I…well shit, I fucked her. That wasn't enough for the nymphomaniac, she made me do it three more times that one night.
    "I told my big brother about it and he took me to my dad. Dad knew exactly what to do. Hans was almost fifteen and had come out as gay the year before. His life was hell on earth at school.
    "Franz, we are descended from a very old royal family in Germany's historic past. Our family owns castles and land throughout the country. Dad sent us to one of the finest schools in all of Europe where we were treated according to our birthright.
    "Grandfather had an old banker friend by the name of François Couture. François was a boy lover and he lavished gifts on good looking boys that pleased him. He was known for his sex parties all over Europe and Hans and I were invited to everyone of them."
    He looked at me. "I have already told him that I have known both of you since your were fourteen and sixteen. Tell him how we met."
    Edmund announced that the men's dinner was ready so we retired to the dinning room. I sat back where I could watch Franz's face. Both Al and Hans told him about all of the sex parties that the three of us attended. Hans smiled at me when he said that at twenty I could throw the meanest fuck on a boy's ass that he had ever heard of. Al told his son that he should make it a point to get himself fucked my me. Franz was scooping dust from the floor through his gapping mouth.
    Al looked at Cory and smiled, "You know what I am talking about don't you?" He stood up and held out his hand to Cory, I introduced him as my legally wedded husband. All three of my guests let out a low whistle.
    Franz had a zillion questions. His first question was, "Where is my mom right now?"
    Al turned his chair to face his son. He reached out and took the boy's hands in his and looked dead serious. "Son, your mother is dead." Franz sat back in silence. His mind was very peaceful, the news didn't seem to phase him.
    After several minutes he asked, "How?"
    "Women are more vindictive than men when it comes to hurting a child. Your mother spewed her hate to everyone that she made sure that there is one less faggot in the world to molest little boys.
    "That did not sit well with one woman whose son had been murdered for being gay. It had been almost twenty years, but the woman carried her hatred of anyone that harmed their own sons for being gay.
    "There was another woman there that had lost her children to a homophobic system, they were placed in a shelter. She blew the shelter manager's car up, with the manager inside of it.
    "The two women had shivs hidden on their body and they proceeded to cut your mother to ribbons. Guards and other inmates were in the room, but somehow they were all looking the other way."
    "If you were thirteen and I am going to be seventeen in two weeks then how old was mom?"
    "She was seventeen. She shocked her family and they turned their backs on her. She tried to tell them that she got pregnant for the Lord, they didn't buy it."
    "Do I have any other family, like grandparents or aunts and uncles?"
    "Our father is still alive as well as our grandfather in Germany. Our mother passed two years ago. We tried to get you to attend the funeral, but your mother would not allow it. She claimed that it would only serve to confuse you.
    "Her mother and father and a sister are still living in Albany. I have been in contact with them and told them your story. They said that they might like to see you somewhere away from their home this next summer.
    "Your aunt has two boys so she isn't sure about you. She has heard the stories that your mother has told, but she knows her sister to be a flat out liar. She wants to talk to alone, I will set it up for the two of you," Hans related to the boy.
    I continued to hover in Franz's mind and planted peace to him when his anger came forth. The front door opened and Roddy ran across the room and jumped into my lap. He planted a kiss on me then he looked over his shoulder.
    "Oh shit, you're the sheriff. It's okay, he is my real dad." I had to explain Ugitsiha and my four sons to everybody. I also told them about Yuri and the other ninety boys that I have adopted. Roddy had come to get me. The boys were gathering to build a cfire and I had promised to tell them about the clean up that needed to be done around the base of fire mountain.
    Roddy told us to get undressed, he looked at Al and Hans. They smiled at him and asked where they could place their clothes. I had Roddy lead them to an empty bedroom while I sat with Franz. Franz was at peace with everything that he had learned. He told me that he would like to live with his father and get to know him. I had things already in motion that would make that happen.

    RD was trying to get the boys to settle down. He looked at me with a touch of frustration. "Dad, how do you control all of these kids?"
    I walked to him and told him that I was dad. Roddy looked at Al and Hans, "That's my big brother. He is the best there is."
    I looked at the Gobles brothers, "RD is my love child and I do love him. He has just told me that he and his wife are going to have a grandson for me in March." The men shook their heads as they found a place to sit down.

    We set out early to accomplish our task. Everybody was dressed in jeans and they were wearing boots, even Al and Hans. I split the boys up into crews and appointed an adult to watch over them. I gave Hans a radio so that he could keep in touch with me. Al and Franz stayed near me throughout the day as I rode back and forth between the crews.
    Cory and Roddy led large horses as they pulled the larger logs away from the entangled mounds. Nolan and Tristin had the tractors hooked up to long trailers to haul the logs to a central point. The small brush was gathered to a place where a chipper could pulverize everything. By noon we had a good start on six brush piles so we broke for lunch.
    I was thankful that the day was overcast and the temperatures were only in the upper sixties. Gigage had prepared a meal that fit the weather for the hard working boys. As a boy left his unsaddled horse in the stable he was handed a cup of hot tomato soup by one of the cook's helpers.
    With soup in hand a line of boys made their way to building A. All of BAG Boys' and BAW's cooks were dishing up sirloin steaks grilled to order. The boys filled their plates with Texas beans and salad then picked up their steak. I had to show the asshole in me as I leaned over each table and mooed. I got plenty of laughs and many kisses. I filled myself a bowl with navy bean soup and grabbed a hunk of dark rye bread before sitting down with Hans and Al.
    I told the men that everything was approved for their move to Tucson. I told Hans that I wanted him to go to the FBI training c for special training. I told him that I wanted him to hit the ground running. Andy was going to make him a command major. He would be working under the directions of Timmy.
    Al would have to start at the bottom. We didn't have a position for him in Tucson, but he didn't have the experience to go elsewhere. Since his main goal was to get to know his son I told him that we would find him a place where the two of them could live together. He was happy with that news.
    Franz and Jericho slid up next to me, but Roddy squeezed in on my right side. I asked the two boys how they were feeling. Both of them told me that they felt stronger than at anytime in their lives. We were interrupted in mid-sentence when Max walked up to us.
    "Franz?" Franz turned and looked up. He jumped to his feet and grabbed Max to himself. He planted a hot kiss on his friend from the previous summer then stunned everyone around.
    "Max, I love you. It was you that made me want to survive in that place. I saw your face and I dreamed about being with you again. I love you so much."
    "Er…uh…this is Ian he is my boyfriend. I thought that you were gone forever and I fell in love with this hunk." Max was uncomfortable.
    "That's okay, really it is. You didn't know where I went. I am glad that you found someone to love and that loves you.
    "How did you get out here to Arizona?" Max and Ian told him that they would sit down and finish their story that they started Saturday night. All of the boys cheered over that piece of good news. The boys love to hear a good stroke story and it is even better when they have someone to stroke with while listening.

    I had been trying to reach the FI office of surveillance all morning. I slipped away to enjoy my coffee in a quiet place. I asked for agents to set up a few hidden cameras around the elementary school where my little guys attended. I asked for them to Search old recordings for abuse of children by the principal or any of the other staff.

    The work on the brush piles turned out to be an easy chore with the able bodies of seven hundred strong teenagers. By mid-afternoon Wednesday the work was completed. Tristan had used a hydraulic log splitter to cut the larger pieces of wood into firewood sized pieces.
    I'm afraid that all of boys are turning back to their carnivore ways. They begged Nolan to burn a cow over an open fire. I almost laughed myself sick when two youngster crawled on their knees up to Gigage and kissed his ass. They were rewarded with a fifty gallon pot of beans cooked over a wood fire.
    I had searched the globe for corn. Enough fresh corn was delivered to feed all of the boys that were soon to arrive. I had to search again to replace the fifteen hundred ears that were consumed late Wednesday night.
    Boys aren't particular when they are eating a piece of meat cut directly from a cow roasting over an open fire. They had their steel plates loaded with beans and an ear of corn. Bread was necessary, but almost any old bread would do. Gynigeyona baked us three hundred loves of white bread and then sliced it thick, like Texas Toast. One hundred pounds of onions were cleaned and cut for each boy to grab a hunk of the tear makers. That was the perfect touch to a great meal.
    Me? Yeah I had a thick slice of rare cow meat and a large bowl of beans. I ate three ears of corn dripping with butter and sprinkled with lots of salt. A chunk of onion made my breath smell bad, but it made my stomach feel good. I sopped the bean juice with my bread, that was good. When my beans were gone I placed a slice of bread on my plate and covered it with the juice from the beans.
    As boys grow in age they don't always grow up. Theo and Eric proved that to us with an onion eatinb contest, well onions and peppers. Nolan puts up some toe nail eating hot peppers that some of really like. The two boys decided to show how tough they were. With a whole onion in one hand and a fork to dig the peppers from the brine in the other they brought tears to the eyes of everbody watching. We could just feel the burn, and it wasn't a muscle burn.
    Gus and Gilbert brought a quick end to our dinner enjoyment. Gus let roar a cloud of gas that hovered over the corral and made it smell sweet in comparison. Not to be out down Mr. Phartz-a-lot, Gilbert, showed his skills. Everyone quickly remembered why the Turkish brothers had named him Ti-li, for skunk. As sometimes happens a fart becomes a shart. That is not a good thing when the perpetrator is naked. Boys quickly left for the safety of their own beds.
    All of ate until we were more than full. I wanted to go sleep somewhere that I would not have my nose assaulted. Cory looked at me and told me that he felt the same way. I took the master bedroom and Cory took one of the guest rooms.

    In an effort to introduce Franz and Jericho to the students that they would be living with for the rest of their school days. They each took a bed in the BAW dormitory. I learned that Jericho did hook up for two nights. Only time will tell if the relationship will last.

    With the brush piles cleared I put the boys to preparing for our international students to arrive. We had one week left and then pandemonium would set about in the c. Add to that we had a wedding of two of our own to prepare for.
    My first in order of chores to do was one that I looked on as a true blessing. Friday morning I summoned a brass band to be dressed in the full uniform of the school. I asked that all of the boys dress in long pants and dress shirts, with ties. At ten fifteen I received the news that I anticipated.
    All of the boys made their way to the airfield. That was quite a walk, it is almost two miles across an open field to the airstrip. Everybody was standing about in a loose formation as they watched the skies to the northeast; that was the direction that would safely land the plane through the slight winds that were blowing dust in our eyes.
    "De plane, de plane," rang out from around the group of boys. It seemed as if the plane had stopped and was hanging in mid-air. Very slowly it grew larger and we could see the landing gear come down. The boys quickly checked each other's ties and they checked the lines so that they stood in a perfectly aligned formation. When the plane's gear touched the ground a cheer went up from the boys and continued until the large Boeing 777 rolled to a stop in front of us. The tail fin clearly displayed the official crest of the kingdom of Munedavia. The truck mounted stairs were quickly rolled into place and a red carpet was rolled out.
    After an eternity the door of the plane opened and Wayne stuck his head out then ducked back inside. Another several minutes passed before his Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday appeared in the door then stepped out. The band struck up the national anthem of the small country and Cullen snapped to attention then saluted the flag of his nation that stood next to the USA flag at the podium before the boys.
    Cullen walked slowly and stiffly down the stairs to where I was awaiting him. I held out my hand to him and welcomed him home. He looked at me then jumped into my arms and wrapped his lengthy legs about me. He kissed me, with tongue, then looked into my eyes and said, "Gee uncy, I have missed you."
    "Hey, I saw you for a weekend in the middle of November." I grinned at him.
    "Yes sir, you did. But you spent most of the time visiting the boys from Russia that have received homes in Munedavia." I had made a whirlwind visit with Jimmy so that I could satisfy myself that the boys were thriving with their new families. Jimmy and Cullen didn't go with me, they were locked in the Royal bed chambers all day. The only time that I saw my precious nephew was at dinner and later when I signed a stack of bills that had been approved by his parliament. I have to sign everything before Cullen can sign it, but that will change, in his somewhat backwards, country when he reaches the legal age of twenty one.
    Cullen and I walked side by side along the red carpet until we came to the small podium. I asked about his parents and he told me that they would be crossing the pond later. He said that we would talk about it in private. We stepped up to the podium as Yuri came forth.
    "On behalf of me and all of my brothers here I want to welcome His Royal Hinney to C Christopher." He bowed so low that I was sure his nose would touch the ground.
    Without breaking a smile Cullen acknowledged Yuri's welcome message. I knew it was coming, I know Cullen. "Thank you for the gracious welcome and now you may kiss the Royal Hinney." He turned around pulled his coat tails up and bent forward. Yuri is very sharp for his age, he bent forward and kissed Cullen's ass on both cheeks—in the European style.
    "I am glad that you are here, cousin. Daddy has missed you and he has told me everything about you. I think that he loves you." Out of the mouth's of babes…
    Protocol be damned, Cullen turned and walked over to the band. He bowed to the young conductor then saluted the boys of the band. They sent up a cheer of welcome to their most famous alumni.
    Cullen then walked through the gathered boys and greeted them with hugs and a few kisses for those that he knew well. Jimmy walked with Yuri and me and smiled each time one the older boys of my family held Cullen in his arms. He even smiled when Vadik and Cullen embraced. Jimmy has grown up. I felt the loss. I will always remember the tiny kid sitting on everything he owned in the parking lot of a southern truck stop.

    I had a treat for Al, Hans, and Franz. I told Cullen what I had in mind and he kissed me. "Oh dear, dear uncy. You are so wonderful to everybody. You always know what to do to make others feel good." I have to admit that Cullen made me feel good all under. Okay, you nosy readers just have to know don't you? Yes, Cullen, Jimmy, Cory, and I got it on in my bed the night before. Cullen is still a pony jockey and he got the stuffing that he wanted, all night.
    Cullen told me that his mum and da were going to come over the pond on the twenty seventh. They had missed their tradtional Boxing day obligations to those that worked their fields and tended their herds. I enjoy that tradtion and I missed not being able to be there with them.

    My special guests arrived at six. I sat down with the Gobles men and gave them some good news. Al has been accepted in a special training course that we have for all of our armed agents at Foss International Security. His jaw dropped and he looked at me, "I got the job? Seriously, I am going to be able to work in one of your companies?"
    I smiled at him and finished my good news. I told him that I had found him a small apartment near the school. I told him that it had two bedrooms so that if Franz choose to live with him instead of boarding at the school there would be room, and the apartment was close enough that Franz could easily walk, or ride a bicycle, to school.
    Franz hugged his dad, but he looked over the man's shoulder at me. He was troubled about something. At that moment the front door opened and Chrisy led Timmy into the room. I introduced Timmy to Hans. I told him that the short little man in front of him was the meanest boss that he would ever have to work with. I told them that I had worked with Timmy on a few covert operations and that he is a bad man's worst nightmare.
    Edmund stepped to the kitchen door and announced that the fire was ready. I led all of my guests out to the large patio in the back of the house. Roddy helped Yuri and Petey get themselves a glass of the fruit punch and I told everyone else to help themselves. Cory picked up a large bowl of chips and moved it to the round patio table while Jimmy moved a variety of dips over.
    I called Yuri and Petey over to me. "I have these great big steaks, and I have hamburgers and hotdogs. What do you want to eat?" Yuri wanted a steak, like I was eating. Petey wanted a burger with cheese. I rubbed Petey's head and sent them off away from the fire, I had a cow to burn. I placed twelve steaks on the grill and sprinkled them with pepper and garlic and other seasonings, I withheld the salt until the steak was almost finished cooking.
    I turned around and asked everybody how they wanted the meat cooked. Of course Cullen covered his crotch and squealed. Jimmy smacked him on the back of his head. Cory stepped up to me and told me that his meat was already hot and he wanted the very rare tube steak with a warm cream sauce to eat. I hugged my love and got a tight hug in return.
    He counted the steaks. turned and looked at our guest for a moment, "Who else is joining us for dinner, babe?" I pointed to each steak and told him that one was for him, and one was for Franz, the larger one. I pointed at another for Al and one for Hans. I had a steak for Timmy and one for Chrisy as well as steaks for Roddy, Cullen, and Jimmy. The smaller one was for Yuri and me.
    "Yuri doesn't eat much and I don't want a whole steak." I told him. He pointed to the other two steaks sizzling over the hot coals of burning Mesquite wood. "That one is for Edmund and I have to cook it until it is a black as that burned wood. The other is for his husband." I felt the air rush past me.
    At that moment Edmund came out with a large platter with ten ears of corn wrapped in tin foil; they were fresh from the oven. As he used a pair of tongs to place the corn around the edge of the grill where it would stay hot I looked at him. He smiled at me then looked at the corn.
    He stammered as he stood up straight, "Oh no sir, I would never take food from the boys' supplies. Mitch and I drove into town today to shop a little. We shopped at that Sunflower market that sells all organic produce. Your young cooks have a nice supply of what the forest can provide, but I wanted fresh endive and a bunch of carrots and. Their tomatoes were excellent as well. I bought about a hundred dollars worth of fresh produce, sir. I even found some locally grown organic Ruby Red grapefruit for your breakfast. But the grand prize is a surprise desert that I know that you love. Nothing is too good or too expensive for you, sir. You do well for hundreds of others, let me do a little bit for you."
    I hugged him tightly then guided him to an empty chair with the others. After arguing with him to sit his ass down or he would be doing a little bit for somebody else he acquiesced. "Gentlemen, this is one half of twelve married male couples that live in my family. We have a few close friends that are also married, and they will be here for Christmas dinner for you to meet them."
    I turned to the steaks and checked them for doneness. I turned the smallest of the steaks over and moved it to the edge of the heat zone, that one was me and Yuri. I didn't want it to overcook. I asked Roddy to step up to the grill and I pointed to three steaks and told him that if I wasn't back that he could turn them in five more minutes. He smiled his famous toothy smile at me and my heart fluttered. I turned and walked into the kitchen.
    Mitch was taking two large pans of hot rolls from the oven. After he sat them down I goosed him. He giggled at me and hugged me. I asked him if there might be two more ears of corn hot and ready. He opened the bottom door of the oven to reveal another dozen ears. I asked him to take two and to follow me. We stopped at the grill and placed the corn with the other ears.
    Roddy looked up at me with a little disappointment in his expression. I told him that it was time to turn the steaks. His smile lights up my life. I let him help me to lift the other steaks and check them out. I told him that in three minutes all of the other steaks could be turned, but not to touch the one in the middle of the grill.
    I pulled Mitch over to stand before the assemblage and introduced him as Edmund's husband. Everyone said hi to him.

    With the steaks under expert control I walked over to the side of the patio and picked up a straight chair which I set before my assembled friends and family. Just as I was about to sit down RD walked in and gave me a hug. "Those kids are driving me crazy, dad." I laughed at him and introduced him to the Gobles family.
    I asked Roddy to get another steak from the refrigerator and an ear of corn then place them on the grill. I was fortunate in that I knew that RD likes his steaks mooing and moving.
    I asked RD to sit down and listen to something that was heavy on my mind. I stepped over to the grill and added the seasonings to RD's steak as I tried get my thoughts in order. In seconds I sat down backwards on the chair so that I could face everybody. I asked Roddy if he could hear me well, he said that he could.
    "Gentlemen, Edmund inadvertently touched on a subject that I have been trying to find a way to discuss with you. Edmund, you said that I do well for hundreds of others. Sir, I don't do enough for enough people. With the amount of money that I have there is no reason that there are any homeless or hungry people in Tucson.
    "I have enough money to help hundreds of thousands of people and I intend to do it. The last time that I was with my sister in England I visited a few shelters with her. For you gentlemen I should tell you that my sister if Dame Eloise Muneday. She has been knighted andwears the the Knight Grand Cross. She is a Duchess, the wife of Duke Philby_____, a Lord in the English Parliament. In my opinion her greatest achievement is raising that little fop right there, his Royal Hinney, Cullen King of Munedavia and heir to his father's Dukedom.
    "So forgive me, I love my sister and I am very proud of her and her family. Her son, I just plain ass love him.
    "Guys, I was touched by the plight of the people that El showed me during our tours. These people weren't bums, they were working class people that have fallen victim to the economy of the world. These are family people with children to house, feed, and clothe. They only needed someone to give them a hand up, not a handout. I tried to do a little bit by giving El's parent organization two million pounds. I made a promise to my sister that when I returned home that I would seek ways to help the people of my city, my state, and my country.
    "Gentlemen at this date there are more than ten million children in this country that are hungry and have little hope of going to bed with a full belly. I am talking about this country, the United States of America, the richest nation in the world. It is a crime that any child is hungry.
    "There are millions of senior citizens with not enough food to eat and not enough money to pay their bills. That is unforgivable, in my eyes. I intend to do something about it, starting in my own back yard.
    "I have quietly purchased a foreclosed apartment complex south of my houses. Currently those units are being made ready for occupancy. I am not making anything fancy. Some of the plumbing fixtures needed to be replaced and upgraded refrigerators were needed. The carpets were removed and ceramic tiles are being laid down. After a repaint the place will be ready to house one hundred families.
    "The former clubhouse has been converted to a community kitchen where hot meals will be served two times a day. There will be sack lunches available for those leaving for outside work and for the children to take to school. Those that remain near the complex will receive a light lunch of soup and whatever is available. One thing that I plan to make plentiful to all is fresh fruit, all day long.
    "There is an elementary school a block away and a Junior High School four blocks away. The high school for that area is Temple High, but I will listen to any of the children that feel that they may want to go to BAG or BAW.
    "I don't intend to stop there though. This next February I am set to make a tour of the disaster stricken south. We all worked hard after the hurricane struck new Orleans and the subsequent storms in Mississippi and Alabama. Even with our efforts down there the area still has many homeless and jobless folks that need a hand up."
    Roddy was at the grill taking steaks from the fire. I joined with him and gathered the corn to set on the table. Edmund called for Mitch to join him in the kitchen, I stepped in front of them and pointed to chairs around the large table. Edmund stuttered something about the potatoes, butter, and sour cream; Cory brought out a large metal bowl filled with baked potatoes fresh from the hot oven. Roddy set the butter and sourcream on the table. I smiled at them and pulled a chair out for Edmund to be seated.
    I didn't have to ask the others to move to the table, the grilling meat had been doing that for a little over a half an hour. RD remained standing and looked at me, "May I say the grace, dad?" I bowed my head as I took hold of the hands of those to my left and right. RD offered up a heart felt prayer and ended it with a ground shaking announcement. "…and Father please be with Quemela through her pregnancy, she is already feeling sick each morning, and you know how I can not stand to see her in discomfort…"
    Before the word AMEN echoed from the back wall of the house Roddy had his arms around his big brother and was talking a mile a minute. I pulled RD's hand free and shook it with both of my hands. Cory got his hugs in as everybody stepped up to shake his hand and congratulate him.
    All throughout dinner I kept looking at my love child and loving him more with each second that passed. I was so proud of him that I felt that my chest would burst open and my heart would envelop him. Roddy slipped into my lap and turned my face to meet his eyes. "You really love him don't you, dad? You love all of us so much that it shows all over your body. RD is going to give you a son, another little Dickson with your blood flowing though his veins.
    "I can't do that, daddy, but I will give lots of sons, and so will Cory Stevens and Cullen James." I hugged my little man and told him that there has never been a father that loved his son more than I loved him. His radiant smile felt like the bright sun on my face. Yuri wanted some loving too and begged for me to hold him, Roddy slipped over into RD's lap and began to chat away in Tsalagi.

    Dinner was finished and all of sat back and patted our overstuffed tummies. Edmund excused himself and then returned in a few minutes carring a banna cream pie with vinilla wafers and meringue piled a mile high. We sat and talked for another half an hour when Hans spoke up and said that he and Al should get back to their hotel rooms. He told us that he wasn't familiar with the long, winding road that leads from town to the ranch. I heartily agreed with him and bade both of them farewell.
    Al turned to Franz and asked him to join him for the night. He put his hand on Franz's hand and told him that they should work on building a closer relationship. Franz stated flatly that he wanted to stay at the ranch with dad and the boys. Al looked as if someone had punched him in the gut. Without another word spoken from him Al turned and walked through the house and out of the front door. Hans shook my hand and thanked me for the invite the followed after his brother.
    I stood looking at Franz. He was shaking like a leaf. "You guys forgive what I am about to say, it does not relate to you. I am not comfortable having sex with my father. He… well he is a stranger to me. I never knew that he existed until a couple of days ago and the first thing that he did when we were alone was to hit on me. He wants to… It is sick and I can't say it." I took him in my arms and comforted him as I probed his mind for his own private thoughts.
    I am mixed on being able to do that. No one's mind should be an open book to anyone else. That is a total violation of another person's private thoughts. Those thoughts are simply that, thoughts. Everyone reacts in their mind to a situation. That does not mean that it is ever going to be carried out. I tried to stay with only the conscious thought's in the boy's mind. What I learned there was enough to curl my guts.
    It was not so much what Al said, but the way that he said it that upset me. Franz was mortified by his father's words. Look at me, I have sex with every boy that will allow me access to his body, even my own son RD. That is a societal no no, and in many societies it is a death sentence. Al wanted sex with his son because he gave him life and it was his duty to his father to submit to him. I quickly began to put soothing thoughts into the boy's mind.
    At the same time I allowed Cory, RD, and Roddy to hear what Al had said, I will have to wake up and remember that Yuri is developing the ability to hear our mind talk, albeit on a limited level. He sat up and looked at Franz then came over and sat in his lap. I turned my thoughts to Al.
    The situation in the car was not a good thing. Hans was yelling at his brother and threatening to tell their grandfather of Al's proposition to his own son. He was telling Al that he had to remember what Franz had been suffering thru for the past five months, plus a few day. He said that Franz was seriously traumatized by the experience. To add to his problems the two of them walked into the innocent boy's life and told him of a father that he had long since accepted as being non-existent.
    Al was arguing back that he was within his rights to know his son and he would not be wrong to force the boy to submit to him. Hans pulled the car over just before they left the long driveway from the house to the road. The look that Al saw on the face of his brother struck fear into him. Hans looked as if he could easily commit murder right then and there.
    Hans got his finger into Al's face and told him that this was not Europe. Some of the things that he had learned at his grandfather's house would not be acceptable in the states. He told Al in no uncertain terms that he would see to it that Al spent the rest of his life locked away in a prison and that every prisoner in the cell block would know exactly what he was.
    What suddenly flashed through Al's mind made me want to send him on a fishing trip in one of Athos' special boats. The man was into snuff sex with young teenage boys. I had to carefully consider my next plan of action with the man.

    Saturday morning I walked between RD and Cory as we took off across the corral and up the road to the totally rebuilt chapel that had served the ranch and Indian village for more than a hundred years. The very old brass bells had been set into a stronger tower. The three larger bells had been brought from a foundry in San Francisco in 1884, the smaller bells had been forged in Mexico and Arizona. Their perfectly matched voices wafted across the flat lands calling one and all to worship Him who made us all.
    A long line of boys fell in behind us and slowly a hymn of praise went up from their voices. Everything was so serene that one could see the Throne of God growing nearer to the earth with multitudes of Angels around it as they joined in our song of praise.
    Our young deacon trainees were greeting everyone as they passed through the doors. Outside a man in…I am not up on religious attire so I'll describe his shrit. It was a pale blue slip over with short sleeves and no collar of its own. He wore a stark white, starched collar turned backwards. He had a Rosary and a Bible in his left hand as he shook hands with his right hand with all those that would approach him. I noticed that many of the Chiricahuas gave him a wide berth. Some of the younger Indians shook his hand.
    I walked up to him and one of the elders of the village introduced me to the Rev. Graypony. I was not impressed with the sixty-ish man that stood before me. The Spirit that lives within my temple moved and made me realize that this man was bad for my friends, and especially my boys. I learned that Mr. Graypony was of the Navaho tribe and that he had three churches in the area.
    He delivered early morning mass at his primary church then came out to the village to show the people the truth as he saw it. I listened to him for a few minutes and knew that the truth he was he was teaching was not the Truth of the Holy Lord in Heaven. I told him that I thought that he would enjoy Cas's homily for the morning, shook his hand again and continued on inside the church.
    When we entered the new church the boys were in awe. It would now seat twelve hundred worshipers on the main floor, the balcony above would seat another three hundred. Above all of that was a choir loft that would seat one hundred boys to join voices with a choir of two hundred behind the pastor's pulpit.
    Willie ran up and grabbed Yuri's hand and pulled him away. I was pretty sure what was afoot. I choose a pew to the right and near the center of the sanctuary. I looked around for RD and Cullen, but they were not to be found. I sat back with Cory at my right side and Petey on my left. He was looking around for his friend, Yuri.

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