Chapter 202


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I had promised Arty a full night and before morning he was so full that his system was filled with new experiences; experiences that he relished and claimed to want more of as often as possible. Arty groped me at the door as Frank Lawrence left with his young boyfriend. I looked into the eye of the eager young man and gathered him to me for a kiss. He had learned from Karl, his kiss was hot and stiffening.
    I had the pleasure of stripping two hot boys out of their clothing. However I wasted no time playing around, I wanted them both naked for my next lesson. I had not told them that I was going to teach them one of my favorite subjects, How to Fuck Your Boy Friend, 101. Both boys made quick work of removing all of my clothing. Arty wrapped his strong hands around my cock and placed it into his mouth. He gagged and choked, but he only had the head past his lips. I told him that I knew how to make him accept my cock down his gullet.
    He wanted a ride, again I told him that all things cum to he who waits. He giggled at the double entendre. I stroked his cock and loved it for him. "Arty, you have a very fine piece of meat here. You need not feel inadequate in any way. When you get to the school you will see all sizes of cocks everyday because all of us go naked when not in the more public parts of the school.
    "The two of you are going to see boys with smaller cocks riding cocks larger than mine and swallowing them down their throat as though it were nothing larger than their thumb. You will see boys no larger than five feet tall and weighing less than eighty pounds take ten and twelve inch cocks up their ass and squealing in delight. Yes, we have a full on fag school where almost anything goes, after class time.
    "Your education is the primary goal and we push everyone to get the top grades that they are capable of. You may think that we get too strict sometimes, but I believe that a boy who does not achieve to his maximum potential is only cheating the man that he will become. Education is the keystone to a full adulthood.
    "Karl's cock is a bit thicker and a half an inch longer than yours. It is perfect for his genes and it looks good in his jeans too. It looks better out of his jeans, just like yours does now. I want to suck the cum out of your balls for several hours, but I want you to allow me to teach you a thing or two first."
    I pushed Arty's legs back to his chest and ran my fingers around his tight sphincter. He had been used, but he was in pretty good shape. I had Karl sit in front of me, facing me so that we could mesh our cocks together. Arty moved close to examine the two monster poles side by side. My cock is almost half again as thick as Karl's, and it is half again as long.
    "You say that you want a ride on my pony. Take a good look at the size of it. You have been riding Karl for several months now, but that does not mean that you are ready for a ride on me. If you will bear with me I am going to get you open and ready for the ride of your life, but you have to be patient and do this my way so that you don't get hurt.
    "I never want to hurt either of you. In keeping with that I want to teach you How to Fuck Your Boyfriend, 101. This is a primary course that takes place slowly until everything is ready. The first chapter will be Lubricating With Feeling, and when you are ready we can begin."
    I looked into two eager faces as they wondered what I had in store for them. I directed Arty over the top of me to take up my favorite position as I told him that I was going to lube his ass as he had never been lubed before. I told him that if he felt like he was about to fall off of me that he could wrap his lips around my main mast and hold on for dear life.
    When I spread his legs wide and applied my tongue to his anus he let out a sound like that of an air-raid siren. Karl giggled at him and pushed his head down on my cock to stifle the sound. I gave the boy a solid licking as he learned how to take a monster pole deep into his throat. Our coaching earlier was showing promise as a new cocksucker applied his lessons quite well.
    I had been so hungry for Arty since I first saw him standing in my hotel room. The boy/man exudes sex appeal, and to my hungry eyes he was a banquet worthy of savoring for several hours. I quickly recognized that a quick ass chewing was not going to satisfy me where that boy was concerned. I played it over in my mind, "how I could get more of him without seeming to show any favoritism?"
    I deftly applied a finger to his prostate and worked him into a heated orgasm which I gratefully swallowed very slowly. I did not feel that he was ready yet so I went back to dining at his back door until he stiffened up once more. I worked two, then three, fingers into his hole and slathered him with enough saliva to allow a battleship to pass into him.
    I pulled Karl by his cock and aimed him at Arty's ass. I told him to ride his lover with all of the love that he felt in his heart and to not stop until both of them had cum at least twice. Arty wrapped his arms around my hips and swallowed all of my cock and held on as Karl moved into place and took control of one tight ass.
    I was proud of Karl. He was putting moves on Arty that had both boys moaning their pleasure as they filled my eyes with the pure joy of watching hot boi-sex up really close and about as personal as one can get. Arty was fucking into my mouth as he matched Karl's moves and at the same time he was showing real promise as an expert cocksucker by taking my cock fully into his tight throat again and again.
    Karl was in no hurry to end his part in our ménage à trois. He plowed away at rabbit like speed then took a slow and easy tack. He was pushing all of his cock deep inside his firm young lover's ass and I could tell from the depth that he was in that he had gone round the bend. I knew from Arty's reaction that no one had ever straightened his ass out for him before. I also knew that Karl was paving the way for me to enter the boy with a minimum of effort that would leave both of us with a whole new appreciation of the talent's of the other.
    A half an hour later I was awash in gallons of salty perspiration from two exhausted teen aged boys, but I had the cream from their efforts. Most of Karl's cream was on my forehead and covering Arty's balls as it ran out of a very enlarged nether hole.
    Karl had gone for a personal best of three orgasms without taking a break. He complained that his cock was withered away and that his balls would never again be able to produce a single swimmer. He was lying on his back gasping for breath and fanning himself with his hand as his sweat pooled in the depth of his infrasternal notch and gathered along the linea alba that looked like a river in the deep valley between his muscular six pack.
    Arty had been surprised at the amount of ejaculate that I filled him with. Karl is a big cumer, but Arty had no experience along those lines as I began shoot with an unexpected volume in response to his excellent manipulation of my cock. Arty had added to my ardor with three distinct loads of his own ball batter before his prostate turned on like a fountain head and poured out a continuous stream of his perfectly fine tasting semen.
    He was drained of most of his energy as well as Karl was, but he still reacted as I began to felch the last vestiges of the deposits left behind by Karl from his tight behind. Within a very short time he rose to a serviceable state as he moaned and pled with me to take him and make him truly happy. I don't know that I could make him happy, but I was sure going to do what I could to add to the boy's enjoyment of our first evening together.
    Entering Arty was relatively easy after the ride that Karl had given him. Arty stretched out on his back and held his legs to his chest as he stared deep into my eyes. I was able to get balls deep into my work and began at once make those moves that I knew from experience would bring about all of Arty's undiscovered pleasure points. I found a very receptive and a very responsive lover in union with me.
    Arty surprised us as he asked Karl to kneel over his face. Karl placed his cock at his lover's mouth only to have it kissed and moved aside, Arty was after another center of pleasure that he had only just discovered. Karl scooted forward and spread his cheeks for Arty to dive in and dine away. I got a great side benefit in hot kisses from one masterful young kisser, a benefit that heightened my libido and sent me into overdrive.
    Arty was well fucked out after his marathon ride on Karl and then the stretch to take me on finished him off. I was only out two loads over a forty five minute period of time and wanted more. Karl batted his eyes at me then sucked my cock clean before lying back and spreading his legs to me. By the time I was finished with him all of us were ready for a goodnight's sleep.

    I awakened to the pleasant feeling of a warm mouth around my cock. I opened my eyes and found that Arty's cock was up and ready in my face while he was busy nursing Karl. Karl was nursing me. We made short work of our breakfast meat before we ran to the bathroom to relieve our bladders then gathered together for a hot shower to cleanse away the night.
    I had a full day planned for the boys so a big breakfast was in order. After the boys had filled their plates five or six inches high, with enough cholesterol and artery clogging congealed grease to choke a herd of horses, we sat down to face one another. "Arty, I believe that you are in need of a place to live as well as the opportunity to return to your briefly interrupted education. There is little that I can do for you here in St. Louis, but I can offer you the chance to attend one of my schools. You may even consider attending one alongside of Karl.
    "There will be a problem in that you have leveled some pretty serious charges against your father. The Missouri court system will want you to be available to them throughout the fact finding stage and then again as the trials begin. You will have to appear in person several times, but at other times you may be able to communicate your testimony via video-conferencing.
    "You need not worry about those personal appearances. I have it in my power see to it that you have transportation and housing. The only real concern that I have is the break in your classroom activities. Arty, I am a stickler for a boy maintaining good grades and being in attendance in his classes. I don't know you or your study habits so I have nothing to base my decision on. It is my contention that classroom participation is a very important part of the lesson learned.
    "Let me try to put this another way. The teacher is a guide that directs the minds of the students in his charge. The learning comes about by the student himself and is enhanced by all of the input that he has available to him. Most often that input comes from the other students as they express their views on a subject. I am not saying that the other students have the correct answers, what they do have is their own slant or opinion. Their comments invoke discussion which opens avenues to understanding. If you are not present in the classroom then the other students might miss a key argument that could make the subject come alive to them.
    "I am going to leave the choice up to you." I sat back and took a long drink of my coffee as I dabbled with my breakfast. I was not hungry. I had so many things on my mind and at the time, Arty was the most important one.
    "I would really like to go to your school. I don't know where it is or what it's called, but from what you say then I know that I will learn there and that is important to me. I have been messing around in school for so long. I have been riding on my ball playing skills, but now I don't got the chance to get no free ride to college so I gotta get on the ball and apply myself. I know that I can get the grades when I work at it so I would really like the chance to go."
    Okay, so he stumbled through that one, but he said what I wanted him to say. I don't believe that what he said was anything more than his sincere desire to change his life. I smiled at him and motioned for four awaiting FIS agents to approach the table.
    I gave one pair of agents the address of Tristin and sent them on their way with the specific instructions to make sure that his racing bicycle was crated up for the plane ride. I sat the other two men down and laid out their instructions very meticulously. I had already checked with my contacts with the St. Louis jail system and I had learned that Mr. Johns was still in jail awaiting his initial court hearing on misdemeanor charges of child abuse. I stressed the need for haste in gathering Arty's personal belongings.
    I wasn't sure of Frank Lawrence's time schedule in getting his information to the local prosecutor and then getting a Grand Jury to hear the case and bring charges on the molestation. The last thing that I wanted was Mr. Johns walking in on the agents and the boys at his home.

    Once the boys were on their way I headed back to the hospital to see about Stacy. I was encouraged when I walked into his hospital room to see him sitting up and smiling. I sat down beside his bed and discussed his future with him. I learned that his family had been right in their assessment of him. He had known that he was gay since he was twelve years old. He had hidden it quite well, or so he thought. I asked him about his age of preference. He ducked his head as he told me that he liked young looking boys with smooth bodies and big cocks. I had to know if he was a threat to my boys.
    Stacy had his first sexual encounter with a fourteen year old cousin when he went to stay with them during the summer between his seventh and eighth grade years. He was six months past his thirteenth birthday and wanted to know more about what his fourteen year old cousin had shown him during the Christmas holidays.
    The cousin had gone to St. Louis with his mother and father and they had stayed with the Anderson family. Stacy's two brothers bunked up in Stacy's room as the aunt and uncle and their infant daughter slept in the older boys' larger bedroom. Stacy and the cousin slept in the den on blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace. The cousin introduced Stacy to the horny side of a young teenager as he masturbated in front of the youngster three time through the night.
    Stacy was overwhelmed by the amount of cum that his cousin shot. His own two brothers never did anything so nasty and the cousin entreated Stacy to keep his mouth shut and he would show him more stuff. Stacy knew that he should never speak of what he had learned. One thing that he knew for sure was that any touching of oneself down there was very wrong.
    That summer saw his brothers off to other adventures. His middle brother was going away to a four week long football camp while the older brother was making the transition to becoming a college man and balancing a girlfriend at the same time. There was nothing for Stacy to do. The aunt called and asked if Stacy might want to stay with them for the summer. She told his parents how well the two boys had gotten along during the Christmas break and thought that a summer in the country would do Stacy good. His family readily agreed.
    Stacy puffed out his chest and told me that he had grown a super boi boner by that time and that he wanted to know how many ways he could play with it that would be fun. The cousin showed him many ways, but his favorite way was mutual sucking. The pair discovered fucking on their own by about the middle of June. Stacy let his cousin do him from time to time, but both boys enjoyed it more when Stacy was the top man.
    By mid-July Stacy was shooting, that became a whole new experience for him. The cousin had always made Stacy swallow his load and now Stacy had a load of his own to return to his cousin. Stacy said that sucking cock was fun, for what it was, but fucking his load out into his cousin's ass was 'extra fine.'
    After that summer Stacy never saw his cousin again. His brother said something about the boy being some sort of fag that got caught with another boy at a school football game. Stacy knew not to ask about it and kept the secret of his summer to himself. He also learned to be very careful with his new found knowledge as he began to find boys to share that knowledge with.
    Stacy knew that he was a top. He figured that he was safer assuming that role, only allowing a very few boys to suck him and let him suck them. He was almost fifteen when he met Tristin who was thirteen. He was in the company of Arty, then aged fourteen. Stacy was already fucking Arty, but he wanted to get into Tristin's pants. Tristin wanted his cock sucked so Stacy did him sometimes to placate the boy. That is what led to the situation that the boys were caught in in the locker room at school.

    I shared with Stacy that his middle brother's sixteen year old pregnant girlfriend had tried to pay him a visit the previous evening. She had approached his room wearing a Candy Striper's uniform and carrying a syringe on a small tray. She had told the FIS agent on the door that she had instructions to give the man in the room a shot to help him sleep. The agent knew that Candy Stripers do no give injections. He also knew that she seemed too young to be on the floor by herself. The security badge that she wore was turned face down and when the agent asked to see it she tried to run.
    The syringe was filled with isopropyl alcohol, which would be poisonous if injected into the blood stream. On questioning she stated that she was acting on order from her boyfriend and his father that wanted Stacy dead so that he could not testify about the beating he had received. I believe that that bit of information hurt Stacy worse than the beating had. He had a right to know the whole truth. His mother had filled the syringe and she had driven the young girl to the hospital and was waiting for her in a car outside.
    I sat with Stacy for two hours and listened to him cry. He wanted to get away from everything as quickly as possible. I was finally able to consult with his doctor and was told that he was strong and should be able to handle the flight to Tucson. I had him taken to FI-2 by ambulance and carried onboard. He was made comfortable and secure on one of the beds and I left St. Louis with four boys to add to my ever growing family.

    While I waited for Stacy to be released and transported to the plane I dispatched three boys and two agents to Stacy's house with the instructions to locate and load anything that they thought that the boy would want to take to the new school with him. We could not take Stacy's car, but we did get his bicycle. We also returned to Karl's home to retrieve his bike. A cargo plane was leaving St. Louis two hours ahead of FI-2 and it carried all of the boys' possessions ahead of us.

    It was about seven thirty before we departed St. Louis. Pete praised his crew as they stood at attention to great our passengers. I had to take each one of them into a hot kiss, which stiffened the resolve of the four passengers. Bryan is still a sexy little guy and he is never satisfied with just a kiss from me. He jumped up on me and wrapped his legs around my waist as our tongues wrestled for the dominance of the other's mouth.
    Eddy and Mike stood by, but were standing tall as they giggled at Bry. Pete takes those things as a part of who I am. I will always love Pete and what we had together. Sometimes I wish that I could have him and Cory at the same time. That would not be fair to either boy and it is not a part of Pete's makeup. Pete is a solid lover that wants one man in his uncomplicated life. At least he tries to keep it uncomplicated.
    We sat down in Tucson at just past nine. Don't you just love time zones? The time zone change and the speed of FI-2 made the trip seem very short and my new boys could not believe that we had actually traveled over thirteen hundred miles in a little more than an hour.
    An ambulance backed up to the steps leading from the plane and Stacy was very carefully carried out and loaded aboard. I led the other boys to my awaiting Caddy as they told me that they wanted to go with Stacy to see that he was alright after the trip.
Dr. Tip was standing by at the hospital when the ambulance pulled in. Stacy was taken directly to a treatment room for an examination. Dr. Tip had a team of doctors and nurses at the ready as x-rays were taken and probes inserted. Blood work was rushed through the lab and EKGs were read before Tip smiled at me and told me that Stacy was in tip top shape. I was told that I could take him home, but to keep him quiet for two or three more days until his sutures were ready to be removed.

    I had not prepared the boys for the pandemonium that would ensue at the house. A welcoming committee of very erect and naked boys greeted us wearing long tee shirts that said, "Chris slept here." As one they turned around and bent over to show their underwear with the words, "here too," emblazoned across the rear. I grabbed as many boys as I could and gave them a tight hug and grope. The family looked over their new brothers before they removed their clothing. Even Stacy had his sheet pulled back and his boi parts carefully examined. I cautioned the boys to be careful with his balls because of the beating that he had received. Theo took them into his hand and tenderly kissed them, causing a rise between the thighs.
    Edmund had soup and hot bread ready for us and each of the new boys was led to the table and sat down before being fed by dozens of fag boys eager to please. Arty and Karl were seated on opposite sides of the table and they just sat there and stared at everything that was going on around them as spoons full of soup were aimed at their mouths. Drinks were held up to them and a napkin appeared from time to time to wipe up any spillover from lips and chins.
    Tristin was encircled by the smaller of the old family. Eric, Ricky, Theo, and Gus have grown considerably, but they are still smaller than some of the older boys. I still look on them as my baby boys that need to be protected from all dangers. That is not fair to them. They have each grown to be their own man with their own wants and desires. Gus is now fourteen and Eric is almost sixteen. Ricky and Theo are seniors in high school this year at eighteen and seventeen, respectively.
    Theo is the one that I am most concerned with, he is a promiscuous slut. I don't think that there is a boy in the school that Theo hasn't had up in him. He has a very hungry ass and his gimmecum virus can't seem to be appeased.
    I watched Tristin and Stacy talking together. Theo kept looking at me and grinning. Edmund and Cory had prepared the guest room for Stacy and the intercom had been left on so that I could hear him in my room should he need any assistance. I know that he and Tristin have a relationship, but I wasn't sure that it would be good for them to be together until Stacy had a little more time to heal. Theo had Cory's ear and a solution was already in order.
    Theo has shared his desire with the family to become a nurse. Nursing is noble profession and more men are getting into the field as the nation's economy flounders. That may be a blessing for the medical field, there has been a great shortage of nurses for several years. Of course the family had to tease Theo, but the boy has grown quite a bit and he shows his balls more and more often. The family was quick to point out that one of his duties as a nurse would be to give sponge baths to old fat men with wrinkled willies. Theo countered with, "Yeah, but I might get to give some of the younger men kitty baths." That brought the house down around our ears.
    I had been away from Cory for three days. I was not alone, but I wanted my man to cuddle up next too as we touched each other's souls. Cory was eyeballing Tristin with a gleam in his eye. I know when I have met my match, Cory was in lust. Tristin had told him that he wanted to spend the night with me and learn all of the things that the family was telling him of. I looked at his learning stick and knew that I wanted to learn more about its functions as well.

    As we stepped from Stacy's room I heard a giggle from down the hall. I turned to look at my tiny babies and turned to join them. I felt good about Theo serving as Stacy's nurse for the evening. Edmund had already situated Karl and Arty into a room so my duties as a father were the next item for me. Cory told me that I needed to see Cullen after I put the little ones to bed. I looked about the area as I headed for the nursery—don't blame me, that is a name that the little ones choose themselves—I had not seen Roddy. It is unusual for my son not to hang on me the instant that I enter the house.
    The little ones were in their bed with Tahir and Baris laying across the foot of the bed. The boys had a picture book open and waiting for me to splain the pitchures to them. I had to stifle a laugh. They had found an illustrated sex manual from the fifties showing silhouette figures in various sexual positions. I tried to keep a straight face as I explained each drawing to the boys and what sex act it was portraying. Fortunately it was late and all five of them succumbed to slumber after fifteen minutes or so.
    I carried Tahir and Baris to their bed and tucked them in with a kiss to their noses before turning back to Khalid, Hamal, and Kardal to tuck them under the covers and give them their kiss. I stood at the door and looked at the five boys and shuddered as I thought how much they had already seen in their young lives. They have lived with more than any child should ever have to witness. I only hope that they will grow up to be honorable men.

    As I walked up the stairs Cory stepped from our room and stood steady with his arms folded across his chest. He spoke a single word, "Cullen!" I knew that, but I also needed some of my main man. I walked up to him and gave him a hearty kiss. He stood firm and never relaxed his arms. I got myself a handful of Cory butt then turned and walked around the bridge to the east bedrooms.
    I knocked at Cullen's door and waited but a second or two before Roddy opened it for me. He seemed sad. He held my hand as he led me to Cullen's bed. His Royal Hinney was royally low. I have never seen him as despondent as he was at that time. I stretched out on the bed beside him and tried to draw him to me.
    He turned to look at me and I was shocked at his face. It was drawn, his eyes were red and puffy from hours of crying. I forcibly pulled him to me and kissed him. His heart was not in his kiss, he was barely in there himself. "I'm a right proper piece of shite, that's what I am. I don't have the right to love anymore."
    "You always have the right to love Cullen. That is something that can never be taken away from you. What has hurt you?"
    "Me. I hurt me and I hurt Jimmy. I hurt him so bad that he won't ever speak to me again. He has locked his door and changed the code so that not even Cory can use his override. I hurt the only one that ever loved me for myself, uncy." The damn broke and the tears came in torrents.
    I slowly picked the story from him. Cory told the boys that I had found some boys in St. Louis that needed help and that I would be staying over another day. Cullen knows full well how much Jimmy idolizes me. Alright, I don't like it, but he does worship me. That is not healthy and I have tried to guide him to other interests. The relationship that Jimmy and Cullen have has been very good for both boys and I had seen real progress in Jimmy's attitude.
    Cullen does have a glib tongue and he loves to tease. He just choose the wrong time and the wrong subject to tease about. He told Jimmy that I was on the prowl for new boys and that he might be replaced. Jimmy took the words to heart. The two began to argue and then the big thing happened.
    "I hit him, uncy. I hit my Jimmy. I only slapped him because he was being irrational, but I hurt him the same as if I had knocked him out. He stormed out of here and went to his room and locked the door. Nobody has seen him, or talked to him since yesterday morning."
    I had eye talked Roddy to bring me a basin with warm water and a washcloth. I began to wash Cullen's face as I sang a quiet tune that I have heard El sing as we sit in her study at her home in England. Cullen sat up and let me wash him. I lifted his arms and cleaned his pits, but he barely responded to a light tickle. I decided to remain all business as I made him presentable once again.
    I led Cullen down the hallway to Jimmy's room and placed my finger on the keypad. Nothing. I would have his ass for changing the codes, after I got inside. I pointed at something down the hall and when Cullen turned to look I placed my left pinky on the tiny screw on the bottom of the keypad plate, the door opened at once. Cullen turned back in surprise and I grinned at him.
    Jimmy's room was dark and he was nowhere to be seen. The lights did not respond to my voice commands. I walked over to the light switch and held my hand on it as I wiggled my pinky over the bottom screw. I flipped the switch and the lights came on. Jimmy was huddled in the corner with a heavy comforter pulled around him, only his face could be seen tucked in the folds of heavy cloth.
     I walked over to him and picked him up and held him tight against me. "I love you." He tried to put his arms around me, but the blanket was in his way. "Cullen loves you too. He wants to talk to you."
    Jimmy shook off his blanket and looked at me. "How did you do that? How did you open my door and turn on my lights?"
    "I am dad. If there is one thing I know it is that teenage boys can throw the biggest tantrums of all times." I smiled at him. He looked cross-eyed at me as I tickled his nose and gave him a peck on the forehead.
    I hate to see the boys argue. The pain that comes from an argument is always real and can run deep. The best part of an argument is the making up afterwards. I had to reassure Jimmy that he will always be my number one boy. After Turner he was the first boy that I found and the spot that he holds in my heart is solid and forever.
    With that reassurance he cuddled up to Cullen as the two of them apologized over and over again for hurting each other. Cullen was wrong to begin with. He started the teasing with a subject that was sure to evoke a reaction from Jimmy. But he hit Jimmy. Maybe it was only meant to shock the boy out of his irrational behavior, but he did hit him. I would deal with that later.
    I returned to my room and my Cory man. He had Tristin curled up against him in a sound sleep. I just had to interrupt that slumber.

    Life was a madhouse for the following week. I had to put my act together and get myself down to Brazil. Andy provided us with transportation that seemed simple enough to the casual observer. Rooms were booked for us near the arena where the fights would take place the night that we landed.
    There were six rings set up in the large smoke fille arena. Men were gathered about each ring with hands full of cash betting on the outcome of the two naked boys fighting for their very lives inside the ropes. There was nothing civilized about the affair as base lusts were called upon. The men wanted blood, they wanted death. I believe that the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome had to have been more civilized.
    I hadn't expected to have to fight. I was the promoter. I was the man with the money. I was in the ring. We were dealing with sub-humans that only cared about money. I had a good body and a large cock so that made me fair game for the games that they were playing. I watched as Timmy fought to his dying breath to save Chrisy. Chrisy was held high in a cage above the ring, only the cage was an open type of iron maiden with sharpened spikes sticking out from all sides, top, and bottom. He was trying his best to find a place to put his weight without impaling himself, but he had been in the cage for more that two hours and was beginning to tire.
    Ted had been taken away by two men early in the event. I had not seen Spike since early in the day. I was the only one left that could save Chrisy's life. The boy depended on me. I looked into his eyes and saw all of the love and trust there that we had ever shared and I knew that if he was to continue to live then it was solely up to me.
    I was alone, on my own, and my life was in the balance. The fight was brutal. I was fighting a kid that was of the same build and height as me, only he had twenty years of youth and stamina that I no longer possess. I tried to hold on with every bit of skill and subterfuge that I knew, but I was being beaten down and the crowd was enjoying every minute of it.
    It was almost surreal. I have read about out of body experiences, but I never held much stock in them. I seemed to float above the ring. As I looked down I could see the crowd yelling for my blood. I could see the horrific battle that was being fought between me and a sixteen-seventeen year old boy. Blows and kicks were being thrown at a furious pace, almost too fast for the eye to catch. From my vantage point above the action I could see everything in slow motion.
    I saw the fatal blow. Actually it was a kick. My body was in the air with my head down as I spun in for a kick to my opponent's head. At the last possible moment I saw his foot swing wide and connect with the back of my head. I saw my skull split open as blood and brain matter covered the mat and those close to the ring as well.
    It was over and all was black.

    "Wake up, Chris boy. It's Monday morning and you don't want to be late for the first day of school."
    Charley?? Was that Charley's voice? I sat up in bed. I was in the room at the end of the hall in Charley's new house in the foothills. I climbed out of bed and rushed into the bathroom to relieve a night's buildup in my bladder. I glanced into the mirror over the lavatory and was met by the image of a firm, young boy. It was me and I was only sixteen. I staggered and sat down on the floor.
    What was happening? Where was I? I had thousands of questions and no answers. Slowly I picked myself up and moved into the shower. Maybe the hot water would awaken me and bring me back to my senses. I let the water from the single chrome shower head, that was so familiar to me, spray down on my body. I reached for the bar of soap; it was Dial gold. Charley loved the smell of the old gold bar and he bought it by the case.
    I ran the bar over my body as I let my fingers tell me the truth of what my eyes had denied. My body was that of a buff highschool swimmer. Taut muscles with no real definition. I flexed my arm as I let my other hand run the soap around a thin, but firm bicep. My whole body began to shake. I lathered both hands and slowly brought them to my face. No stubble, I was a youngster that had not even began to shave yet.
    I dried myself off as I smelled the perfumey aroma of the fabric softener that Charley used in his wash. I rushed to the toilet and heaved my guts out.
    I cleaned myself up and walked back into the bedroom. The closet was filled with all of my favorite body hugging clothes that were chosen for the way that they accented my special body parts in my desire to sexually turn on boys that I was learning lusted after my parts. I donned a new jock strap and took great care to arrange my major asset at just the proper angle to make it stand out under my clothes. I selected a new pair of Levis' that I could remember carefully washing to get that faded, well worn, look in a brand new garment. I selected a form fitting tee shirt and carefully tucked it in to show every ripple of my perfect swimmer's physique.
    I opened my bedroom door as Charley's voice wafted up from the front door. "I have to rush off dear boy. Breakfast is on the table. This is the first day that you will drive your new car to school, please be careful. Have a good day and learn lots. But remember that I love you, very, very much."
    By the time I got down the stairs he was gone. I quickly opened the door in time to see his taxi pull out of the driveway. I wanted to see him. I had so many questions. Had all of it been a dream? Had none of my life happened yet? Was the dream a precursor of what was to be?
    One thing that I knew for sure. I was going to rush home from school and sit down with my dad. I was not going to let him die never knowing about me and who, or what I am. Suddenly my mind was filled with the smiling face of Eloise. Do I have a sister? Do I have a darling little nephew named Cullen somewhere out there? Dreams can be so real that it is hard to separate fact from the images of the sleeping mind.
    What about Cory?

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