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    I didn't look back. If I had looked back and seen one curious face I would have lost my resolve. This was the toughest thing that I had ever done in my life. When I drove away and left Cory nearly two years earlier it was with the same emotions that I had now, only this was multiplied by fourteen. JB kept checking his rear view mirror until we finally turned onto the road that led away from the school. "No one," he said, "nobody noticed." I lost it and the tears poured down my face. I needed this and I knew it, I was on the verge of a total breakdown. But to be without my boys…
    JB drove on for two or three minutes until he pulled into a long driveway. He drove around behind a house that was bigger than the governor's mansion. It had to be over fifteen thousand square feet. He pulled down to a small log cabin on the very edge of the lake. I small boat dock led out about twelve feet into the water and there was a flat bottom fishing boat tied alongside. It had an electric trolling motor mounted to the bow and a twenty horse power Evenrude on the back. It had the tall seats for easy spin fishing. I was really looking forward to a week of just me and the fish. Those scaly bastards didn't stand a chance.
    I had contacted the owner of this piece of property after having seen it while skiing the week before. Inside the cabin I found everything I had asked for. No electric, no phone, no pets. A propane fired stove, a wood burning fire place, a propane fired water heater, hey I might be going to rough it, but I would do it cleanly. There were oil lanterns and candles for light. The propane fired refrigerator was well stocked with all of my favorites. One thing that I had denied myself and told myself that I no longer needed, two cases of Uncle Adolph's best. I had no plans to get so much as a buzz, but a fishing pole and a cold Coors are just must haves on a lake like this one. There was plenty of pork and beans and flour, cornmeal, butter and a big skillet for frying my daily catch. There was a bag of potatoes and two dozen eggs, canned biscuits and a loaf of bread. I had all of the makings of a feast. Now for the fish.
    JB had left me. I hadn't seen him go, but he understood what I was going through and didn't bother with words that really meant nothing to me right then. I grabbed up a nice looking spinning rod and looked at the tackle box of lures. I really prefer live bait, but I needed to be on the water. I needed my commune time with my Lord and Creator. I had a lot to ask forgiveness for. I had so much more to give thanks for.
    The owner of the property was involved with the Shriner's and their burn center for children. I told him that I was a board member of Bradford Academy for Boys. He knew of the school and had donated to us as well as buying one of our certificates the first year. He asked me how bad I wanted to fish. I asked him what he had on his mind. The hospital was in need of a therapy machine that cost over two hundred thousand dollars. The damn fish better jump in my boat. I can go to Long John Silver's for fish and chips for a long time for that much money.
    The owner had left me a map of all of the secret fishing spots on the lake. I climbed into the boat and headed up stream toward the nearest spot marked on the map. I barely had my line in the water when a nice three pound something or other climbed over the boat's edge and asked me to eat him. I don't know my fish at all and especially those in that part of the country. This one kind of looked like a stripped bass so I welcomed him to my stringer. I kept on fishing, doing a catch and release. I had my lunch, I needed the relaxation. I did catch the first old boy's daddy just after the mosquitoes found me. I decided that he could stick around for the next day and let him join his son on the stringer as I tried to out run the blood suckers that had found my naked body.
    It had been a long time since I had been horny. My cock was begging for action all night. My balls were in my throat as they begged to be emptied. I built a fire in the fireplace. I opened all of the windows and the doors and the sweat poured out of my body as I enjoyed the fire anyway. Oh well, a good sweat like that is good for the body. At least I read something along those lines onetime. I awakened curled up in front of the fireplace and shivering in the cool morning breeze blowing in from the water.
    I walked out to the end of the dock and did the biggest no no in the book and one that I would kill any of my boys for doing. I dove in the water. All alone, with nobody around and nobody, save JB, who even knew where I was. I was in the deep lake all by myself. I swam maybe fifty feet out and then back. I knew I was taking a very big risk, but the water felt so fucking good as it swept along my naked body. I got back to the little pier and climbed out to lay down and let the rising sun warm my shivering body. My cock was waving in the air. I am going to have to get a flag to hang on that thing before the week is over.
    I ate the fish covered in cornmeal and cooked in butter. Super high cholesterol, super high fat and super good. I had a piece of bread with it and a half a can of pork and beans. A meal from out of my child hood and I sat and cried. I missed having my mother cook this meal and my father sitting with his pipe in his mouth smiling as he told about the big one that got away from him. This cabin and the food flooded my mind with memories. Could I last a week over here? This was day one…I put on a pair of boots and set out for a walk up a creek that I had spotted near the property, hell for all I knew it could be on the property. I found what I was looking for. A spring poured out of a large pile of rocks. A few feet below the spring was a fast moving little water fall over shallow water. In the water was fresh water cress. I gathered a small bunch, just a few pieces to build a salad. I kept my eyes open as I cut through the woods and was shortly rewarded with a variation of wild lettuce. I found a tuber that is related to the carrot and a wild radish. I found several varieties of mushrooms and would like to smoke a couple of them, but that part of my life was long gone. I finally found a very distinct wild mushroom that would really add zest to my salad.
    On the way back I spotted the coup de grâce. The owner had a garden and it was going to weed. He had some nice squash and some extra large tomatoes that would be waste in a few more days. I helped myself. I even invaded his melon patch and grabbed up a cantaloupe. I was surprised that it was as large as it was. I thought of cantaloupe as more of a southern growing fruit. Buried in the weeds at the edge of the garden was a watermelon, obviously left over from a previous garden and not on the menu this year. There were four nice sized melons that thumped the hollow tone of ripe to me. I chose one for now and let the others stay on the vine until needed. I was going to eat well, that much was sure.
    There was some grease mixed with butter and cornmeal in the skillet left from the fish I had fried for breakfast. I fixed up the second fish and fried him to a golden brown then used the drippings to make up a little fattening gravy. My boys would freak if they knew what I was eating. I had my salad prepared and sat outside to eat as the sun set on my first full day alone with no one for company except a few million hungry mosquitoes. Suddenly I remember the West Nile Virus. That's what I need. I went inside and looked in the bathroom cabinet. What planning, what fore thought. There was a large can of OFF™. It made me stink, but the mosquitoes didn't like me anymore.
    I became a hunter gatherer for the next three days, but I was growing tired and in need of my boys. I walked into the cabin with my day's gathering Thursday afternoon to find the place spotlessly clean. The table was set for four. There were unlit candles sitting in the midst of the plates and flatware laid around the table. Only Cory could have done this. The boy has a natural ability in the woods.
    I stayed very still. I could hear nothing. I had four really nice fish, that I had cleaned and filleted, laying in the coldest part of the small refrigerator. I rolled them in flour and cornmeal and fried all four fish. I made a large salad with all of the vegetables I had gathered. I cut the largest of the water melon. I picked up a small tray and put four beers on it and walked out front and sat down with my face into the sun. I heard the water splashing. I looked over to the pier as Pete, Cory, and Cullen rowed a small wooden boat to the dock and tied off. Pete stood up, "permission to come ashore, sir."
    "Permission granted." The boys each came up to me and bowed before me and kissed my cock. I handed each one a beer. They looked at it then looked at me. "This one time only." Cullen headed for the cabin, Cory handed his beer to Pete. Cullen returned in a few minutes with two cans of root beer.
    "Yes sir, we'll join you in a beer," Cory said as he popped the top. The three sat down. Pete popped the top on his Coors and drank a half of the can in one long drink. That's the way I like to drink my first one of the day. I like to get my golden liquid level replenished.
    Cory is as much at home in the woods as he is at the mountain house in Tucson. He was crushed when he found out that I had deserted him without saying goodbye. He cried so hard that Brad had called JB to send the school nurse down. JB came himself. He knew of the special relationship that Cory shared with me. He violated my wishes as he talked to the boy for several hours that first night.
    JB held Cory in his arms and rocked him as he tried to soothe the boy's broken heart. When nothing seemed to work JB tried to explain that sometimes we just need to get away from those we love before we do or say something that will destroy our relationships. Cory kind of caught on, but he had a winning streak going and the kid is a manipulator. He played his cards right to the very end. JB finally told Cory that I had gone fishing. He did not tell the boy where or for how long. Cory pretended to pass out from exhaustion and lay very still. JB quietly got up and left.
    Cory opened his eyes and was staring into the smiling face of Cullen. "You fucking fag. You made that ole queen give it up to ya. Yer all that mate, you know. Yer all right." Cory grinned at his cousin. They made plans to find me. Without a word to any one they set out to walk around the lake. Well it is too big of a lake to walk in one day, but Cory got lucky on his first day out. As he was headed back in for supper he spotted me come out of an inlet in my little fishing boat. He hid so that I wouldn't see him and he watched to see where I went. The next day he and Cullen walked around the lake in the other direction. They were still a long way off when they spotted me laying on my pier with my flagless pole standing tall. They zeroed in on me.
    Early the next morning Pete caught them sitting the row boat into the water. He demanded to know where they were going. They simply told him that they were going to check up on me. Without another word the three boys were in the boat on their way across the lake. They beached the boat in the woods. They weren't sure where I was and did not want to be spotted. They snuck up on the cabin and checked it out. Satisfied that I was gone they came in and assessed the situation. Their reconnoiter done they slipped back up to their boat They heard me puttering along on my way home and hid until they were sure that I was not coming any closer to them. They rowed back across the lake with one pair of oars, not arriving back at the cabin until after dark.
    The only thing they said to anybody else was they asked Brad if he had any more oars. They "were working out in a row boat," was what they told him. He went to the boat house and found them two sets of oars. The boys gathered the few things that they would use to announce their arrival and set out across the lake. With three sets of oars the trip took very little time. They set everything up and found a place to hide and eat the sandwiches that they had taken with them. They had been hiding about three hours when they heard me come back. They stiffened up and went for it, not knowing my reaction. Well I'm sure you know my reaction so I won't tell you.
    The tiny twin size, steel posted bed with the old exposed steel springs under a very thin cotton mattress gave very little room for four horny and glad to see you faggots. No way in hell was there going to be any sleeping within a mile or two of that bed, it was not made for sex. That fucking thing squeaked and banged. It walked around the room. It had a mind of its own. We weren't up for sleeping anyway. We were up for love. Cory and Cullen rowed home the next morning and were met with a search party getting ready to set out to look for them. They simply told the group that they had spent the night with dad and everyone was relieved. I understand that there was a bit of a party going on. The following morning the two boys rowed back across the lake. They spent most of the day fishing with me and just loving the woods. At evening Pete and Cullen rowed back to the other side of the lake for dinner. The following night Cullen stayed. I had a lot of fun, totally alone with each boy in the deep woods and no interruptions. We made love the way two males were made to make love, hard and rough. I only wished that I had time to take each boy for one night. I had business in Albany and I needed to head into the city for a meeting.

    I did the secret ballot thing. Alec's name was drawn. I told him to get a change of clothes. I told him that we would spend the night in New York City though I had not intended to do so. We drove down to Albany. Luke and Jerry were home loading everything they would need into a moving van to be sent to Tucson. We signed the lease and the agreements for Luke's new manager. I kissed both boys and told them I would see them in Oklahoma the first weekend of August. I had given them seriously detailed maps that they would have no trouble following.
    We headed to the train station where I left the car, then we headed into the city. Alec had never been on a train and he was as excited as a school boy, which basically he is. He was horned big time when we pulled into Grand Central. I hailed a taxi to take us to the hotel where I met with my people and took care of business. Alec went on up to the apartment with Mark as his guide.
    I joined a naked, randy, and ready young teen a half an hour later and we spent the next fifteen hours making love. At eight we were on a train on its way back to Albany where we grabbed the car and headed back up into the woods. That first night back Tim got the luck of the draw and he spent the night in the cabin with me. I got Trevor over the following evening and then little Jim. By that time it was time to be loading up and leaving the cool north east. We had a mission to finish in the deep south.
    Jay came to me in private and asked if he and Brad could have one night with me before we left. They each wanted time with me, by themselves. How could I refuse this wonderful lad who was making me millions with his ideas and his leadership at this school. I drove Jay around to my little rental cabin so that we would have the maximum amount of time. I literally fucked the boy raw. I felt sorry for him, but he would not stop. He got into a lust fever and had to be fucked constantly. I did everything I knew how to do to just love him, but he was in tears when my cock was not up his hot little ass. I tried to tell him that I had to suck him. He would let me have a load as he took my cock to the pubic hair then he would spin around and impale himself on me and fuck, up and down, over and over. I ran out of lube. I used butter. When that was gone I used Crisco. I tried to keep the boy's ass slick. He told me that he might not see me again for months and that he was in total love with me. He wanted to be all mine. I got worried. I asked about Brad, he kept fucking and said, "Who?"
    That did it. I put a stop to it and lay on top of him to hold him still. I kissed him and held him as he caressed my body. He told me that he loved Brad with all of his heart and that they had often talked. They were both sure that they could never have sex with anyone older than them, but they had never met me. I asked about his granddad, Seth. He giggled and told me that was family. I tried to assure him that I was nothing special. I finally told him that I was older than Brad's dad. That got a wide eyed look from him as he did his dead level best to digest that piece of information. He finally fell asleep. The next morning he wanted to get fucked, but one look at his well fucked up ass hole told me no way.
    When we got back to the school Brad ran out to the car. He kissed Jay and jumped in the car. "My turn." I tried to get him to talk to Jay first. I was worried about what I had done to Jay. After all the boy is a minor and I am in another state. I could be put away for a very long time. I got out of the car and listened to Jay talking with Cory and Cullen. "That man can fuck. He rode me for over three hours. My ass is so fucking sore that I won't shit for a month, but it was worth every minute of it. I promised Brad that I would learn every move that I could so that I can fuck him the same way when he comes back. I hope he learns too. I love that man's fucking."
    I walked up to them and made Jay bend over. Cory took one look at his puffy and red ass. I told him to get the cream and to use it liberally all day. He kissed me then Jay kissed me. Brad honked the horn. He wanted his. I didn't know if I was up for another round like I had just gone through.
    Brad is a lover. He is as insatiable as Jay, but he is not an animal about it. He recognized my need to suck cock and he is one fucking good cock sucker. I made him fuck me as much as I fucked him. He couldn't keep up with that so we got to spend a lot of time just holding one another and kissing then sucking. He told me that he and Jay had really been talking and they wanted to leave New York. I don't need this. I hoped he wasn't going where I feared he was. He did. They want to move out west and try the laid back life of desert living. My boys had sold them on the joys of Southwest desert living.
    Brad would graduate from high school the next year and he was going to apply to our university. He liked what my three college boys had told him about the school I reminded him that Jay was still a minor and had another year of school to go yet. Brad told me that they had talked to their parents about these things in the past and they had both expressed their discontent with the area. They didn't know where they wanted to live they just wanted to move. Jay was sure that he would continue his education wherever they ended up. Like me, their parents didn't agree.
    Brad told me that if they came to live with us that I would be able to make Jay go to school and with everything else he was sure that they could make a nice life for themselves. I knew what everything else was. He was looking at the investments that I had made for them. I could kick myself for ever telling them about it. I should have waited until they were of age and said, "here you are."

    Brad and I made beautiful love together and I really enjoyed being with him, but truthfully…well, I love my boys and I will keep every one of them close to my side as long as they want to stay. Brad and I were back in time for breakfast the next morning. I had missed seeing little Eric and I was told that he was well set in as a student at the school and was very happy. I did make it a point of having lunch with him in the mess hall. He introduced me to his boy friend and told me that they both loved to fuck each other. I was happy for him. I saw Tony and checked to see what he had learned. I caught up with Luke to set up a meeting with Tony.
    With all of Luke's toys safely packed and in the hands of professional movers he and Jerry returned to the school to say their goodbyes to their best friends, Jay and Brad. The store was in capable hands. The boys let the house to a newlywed couple on a six month lease with renewal options. They were serious. They were burning their bridges.
    Luke was, in fact, sitting on a fortune with his toys. Tony had built a web-site that was spectacular. They would list everything on the web with reserves set very high. None of this stuff was going cheap. Luke was excited when he saw what Tony had done for him. Luke couldn't get over how well Tony had portrayed the photographs that he and I had made of each toy. We showed every angle and Tony used some computer magic to highlight them and make them look as if each one was in a museum display case. I left them talking with another promise to see Luke and Jerry in Oklahoma at the end of the first week of August.
    Tony is now on staff at the school and is setting up most of the computer changes that Luke had suggested. The two boys needed to spend a few days together to get everything right. Tony was living with JB. Now I know why JB had seemed so happy the last few weeks. I was glad for both of them.
    It was noon Sunday, July 31 when I pointed Traveler© down Interstate 87 to the New York, New Jersey state line where I got onto I-287. A little out of the way, but I could miss all of the traffic around New York City and Newark, New Jersey. Believe me I did not want to have a vehicle as large as Traveler© in that mess. I had really pushed to get on the road when we did. I hoped that the weekend would find less traffic around the city.
    We ambled our way around until we got to I-95 and I relaxed a bit as Traveler© got a grip on the road and he headed into the deep south. We were able to stay with I 95 into Richmond where I picked up I-85 toward Atlanta. We pulled up at Greenville, SC and took a break. I was a nervous wreck.
    Jim had been on the computer. He located a motel off the freeway that had a three bedroom suite. Sweet, I had an RV full of very lonesome boys. They had really enjoyed the four weeks in New York, and their freedom to run naked in the woods for the last three of those weeks. Plus they had made friends with the boys at the school and had taken on a real empathetic nature to them. I also found that a few of them had taken on a real love for our young hosts and really would like to see them live with us. That just can't be. They need to be there, at home.

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