Chapter 249


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Everybody shuffled around and made themselves comfortable with the one that they were with. The room was very dimly lit by the overhead lights. The brightest lights were the exit signs over each door that led outside. Even still all of us could see those near us swap from being the top to being the bottom as hard cocks found their way to satisfy cum filled boys from both ends. Max had given us one hell of a story, but we had only heard his half of it.
    Andy dashed in at a crouch and sat down near me. He nodded toward a new boy sitting with Eddy a few feet away from where I was sitting. I looked at him, he is fucking cute. He has a long way to go to restore his health, but I know that he will get plenty of fresh protein from those around him.
     As Pete and Bryan stepped into the room they both looked at me and held up the right hands with their thumb touchint their forefinger in the 'all okay' sign.
    Ian moved in front of Max and rested his back against his boyfriend's chest. Max wrapped his arms around Ian and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. That was not good enough for Ian. He turned his head and the tongues began a tango that made all those nearby stiffen even more.
    Max sat back against the wall. He placed his hands on Ian's goods and took a firm hold of a very fine looking boi cock of six and a half stiff inches. He moved the foreskin back and ran his fingers over the glans. Ian sighed and began his part of the story.

    "I sorta let Max take me to his house. After our previous night at the lake I would have let him take me anywhere, as long as I could suck that long, thick cock of his. I was hooked on his taste. There was so much that I wanted to do to him, but our time had been short. This time we were going to spend time together forever, at least until we had to go back to school.
    "His mother was the coolest mom ever, next to mine. She had all of this food prepared and in the refrigerator for us and told us how to cook it and everything. Then she asked us to drive her to work, which we did.
    "When we returned to his house Max opened his front door then he cracked me up. He bent down and lifted me in his arms and carried me inside while we kissed each other. I had never kissed anyone on the lips before, but Max made it more fun when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I wrapped my arms about his neck and pulled myself closer to him. His tongue tasted sweet and fresh. His breath was warm, but it smelled just like Max. I had been thinking all night about asking Max if I could suck his ass hole, I was sure it would taste as sweet as his mouth.
    "My dick was so hard that I was sure that it was going to poke a hole in my jeans. I never wanted that kiss to end, but it did. Max sorta stopped in mid lick and his mouth got really wide. I opened my eyes to look at him, his eyes were wide open and he was staring into the room. I thought that someone was behind me so I slipped out of his arms and stood up, I slowly looked around.
    "From the doorway to the hallway was a pathway outlined by little scented candles. We counted the candles as we followed the path into Max's room, there were thirty of them. Max's room had candles everywhere. The ones on the floor from the front door were red and smelled like cinnamon and spice. The ones in Max's room were green and smelled like a forest full of pine trees.
    "The windows were open and a breeze blew the silky scarves hung over them into the room. The bed was made with gold satin sheets and in the middle of the bed was an extra large tube of cherry flavored KY jelly and two CDs in jewel cases. Max winked at me and turned to put one of the CDs into his player then he turned back to me and slowly unbuttoned my shirt.
    "He was rubbing his hands over my chest and flicking at my nipples when he looked over to his CD player. He stopped and picked up the remote to his TV and turned it on. His DVD player also plays CDs and it had been a video that he had put in the machine.
    "On the screen were two very hot looking boys of about sixteen years of age. They were dressed and facing each other. Max turned up the volume and we got interested.
    "One boy was saying to the other, 'We have the house all to ourselves for the entire weekend so let's get naked and suck and fuck until we can't get it up no more.'
    "The other boy giggled and put his hand on the other's cock, 'Only if you fuck me on my back and don't quit till we each cum three times.' They kissed each other and began to tear off the other's clothes. Max paused the disk.
    "Max turned to me and said, 'Let's get naked and lay on the bed while we watch this. We might learn something.' He began to work on my chest and abs again. He pushed my shirt from my shoulders and rubbed his face all over me. He licked my man tits and kissed and licked all the way down to my navel.
    "He raised my arms and rubbed his face in my arm pits then he licked them and bit at the hair growing wild under there. He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears while his hands unbuckled my belt. Without opening my jeans he pushed, underwear and jeans both slid down over my butt.
    "Max pushed me back. When the back of my legs hit the bed I fell back on the bed. He lifted one foot and removed my shoe. I watched him smell of it then he removed my sock. That he rubbed across his mouth and moaned. He kissed my foot all over and sucked each toe before he took the other foot and did the same to it.
    "He placed my feet against his face and rubbed them around. At the same time he reached up and pulled my pants down, never looking at my cock. He kissed each calf and raised my legs so that he could get behind my knees. I thought that I was going to faint away when he took the tendon behind my knee between his teeth and bit it very softly. I had never felt anything so good in my life.
    "My cock was bouncing around and I was sure that if I were to touch it then I would cum like an open fire hydrant. I grabbed a handful of sheet and begged him to let me cum. He heard me. He slowly licked and kissed up the inside of my thighs and spread my legs wide apart. He pushed my legs back to my chest and I got worried that he was going to fuck me. I sorta wanted that to happen, but I was virgin to a real dick going up in me.
    "I should have waited to see what Max had planned for me next. He got my legs open wide and sucked my balls. He licked all around and under them. I had been sweating like a jock in the weight room and Max licked every bit of sweat that he could find. When he could find no more he went to the crack.
    "When I was ten I had a friend that let his dog lick his crack and balls. I let the dog do that once. It was nasty, but it felt good. I guess that his mother caught him with the dog because he had to get rid of it and was never allowed to have another pet.
    "Max licked my crack much better than that dog did. He probed all around my poop chute and drove me up the wall. When he pushed his tongue in where only shit had passed, going the other way, before I was beside myself with pleasure. Max licked and probed at my hole and he pushed a finger up in me. He moved to using his thumbs to spread my hole open. I knew then that he was going to fuck me and I wanted him too.
    "My cock was jerking around and flinging pre-cum all over the place. Max moved closer and swallowed my cock to the hairline in one easy push. He had a bunch of fingers in my poop chute as he began to bob on my cock like he was pumping for oil. I had a gusher on its way to him.
    "I have only cum three ways since I first became aware of the fact that I could do it. When I was ten I learned about masturbation and I took up that hobby on a daily basis. My cock was a bit longer than other kids my age and I found different ways of holding it while I made myself feel good.
    "I did it all. I used my left hand and my right hand. I turned my hand upside down so that the thumb was at the base of my cock. By the time I was eleven I was long enough that I could get a good climax by putting my feet together and stroking like mad. That's the way that I was doing it when I got my first wet cum. I blasted cum between my toes and felt it flow down the soles of my feet.
    "I brought my feet to my face and looked at what I had achieved. I had to taste of it. Grandma's Cherry chiffon cake with her secret whipped cream filling didn't taste as good as my own hot cream sauce. I had to find a way to get it all.
    "After about a week of hard bending and trying different positions I managed to get my glans to my lips and shoot a full load into my mouth. I had turned on my bed and placed my feet against the wall then walked up the wall until my butt was off of the bed. I wrapped my hands around my thighs and pulled them down to my face and my cock went home where it longed to be. I nearly suffocated. I couldn't breathe at all in that position.
    "I kept working at it and after a day or so I was able to find a way to breathe as I sucked myself. I was pulling my ass to my face trying to get more of my cock into my mouth when my finger touched my poop chute. That caused me to jerk and push my cock further into my mouth. I toyed around with that and learned where my prostate was. I rubbed that hard spot and sucked on my cock as if I were sucking the thickest milkshake in the world through a swizzle stick. I nearly drowned myself on my man juice.
    "I met Max the first day of the ninth grade and I fell in love. He was almost two years older than me, but he was in my same grade. I wanted to get to know him. I did everything that I could to get this older guy to notice me. One day in the shower he spotted me and popped a bone. I was so happy that I wanted to cum all over him.
    "Max became my obsession. I plotted the many ways that I could do things to him that would make him so happy. I got my dad to show me some gay porn sites and he showed me pictures of boys fucking and sucking. I wanted to be the guy in the middle when we found movies with three guys, two sucking each other and the third fucking the dude on top.
    "Dad kept telling me that I should go slow. He told me at the end of the summer that he had a feeling that Max and I would be able to get together. I wanted to know what he knew. He just held me and told me to bide my time. He talked into my ear like he did when I was a little kid and told me that there was time for me to grow up and if it was meant to be then Max and I would become the best of friends.
    "When school started up again I found out that my work in the office the year before had been rewarded. Max and I had five classes together, and the same lunch period. Max seemed to be so happy when he saw me the first day of classes. On Thursday he asked me out for our first date. We had so much fun that night. I couldn't wait to get together with him again. When he asked me to spend the weekend with him I wanted to fall to my knees and worship his massive manhood.

    "As quickly as Max got my clothes off of me he began to assault me, all over. He turned me so that I was on my back on the bed. I had thought that his menstruations before were the best thing that I had ever felt, Max educated me. I learned that I didn't know anything. I had never really gotten into the gay stories that were on-line, I went right to the videos. I had to buy a soft plastic cover for my keyboard, a keyboard condom. I was so involved in my fantasies while watching the videos that I shot everywhere. I could wipe the desk and the monitor down, but cum got in between the keys and made them stick.
    "Max had his tongue on every part of my body. He even cleaned the earwax from my auditory appendages and then moved to my olfactory system and cleaned at its opening. I thought that it was a bit gross, but in my heart I knew that i wanted to do the same things to Max.
    "He bent down and engulfed my turgidity once again and drained me of another large offering of ball spunk. After licking his lips he kissed me. My heart raced. I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I wanted to spend every moment of the rest of my life with Max as my mate, my spouse.
    "Max stood up and gave me a silly girn then he began to gyrate as if to some secret musical beat that only he could hear. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a thin line of his amazing body. He turned his back to me and looked over his shoulder. He watched me closely as he slipped his shirt off of his shoulders and let it slowly lower to reveal that which I had never noticed before.
    "I knew that Max wasn't on any of the sports teams, but he had the body of a hot jock in full training. His back was as beautiful as the rest of his body that I had seen the previous night in the moon lit darkness. I wanted to get up out of that bed and lave him all of the way into his soul.
    "Max gyrated, ground, and bumped as he did a very sexy striptease for me; only he wasn't teasing me, he was getting me so hot that I was about to jump up from the bed and devour his body. Max was making me so hot that I was about to shoot just watching him. He kept looking over his shoulder at me with a silly grin on his face. He told me to look at him, but not to touch myself. That was very hard to do because I so very hard.
    "He walked up to the side of the bed and opened his jeans, he didn't have any underwear on so his hard cock was visible. It was folded down into his jeans so that I couldn't see the head. His shaft was a very thick two and a half inches, I couldn't believe that I had taken that whole thing into my mouth without dislocating my jaw.
    "He picked up the tube of flavored KY jelly and squeezed out an inch or so onto the palm of his hand. He wrapped that hand around my cock ever so slightly and worked the jell around the bulbous glans and down the shaft. He turned around and let his jeans fall to the floor then took more jelly onto his finger and worked it into his upturned poop hole.
    "That hole was the most beautiful sight that I had seen in my life. I wanted to wrap my arms around his waist and dive into his crack and eat until dawn on the fourth day.
    "'I want to suck your cock so badly, and I want for you to shoot gallons of your cum down my throat, but, Ian, I got an itch. Fuck me. Fuck me now. Hard and with long strokes. Don't be easy and don't let up. Pound my ass as if you were driving ten inch spikes into solid concrete.' I could not say no to his request.
    "I slipped out of bed and learned something. His bed sits on top of two levels of storage drawers which make it just ass hign. I didn't have to push up, I placed my feet on the floor and stood up at the perfect height for a perfect joining. Max was bent over holding his cheeks apart with his hands. His hole was winking at me as if to say, 'here I am, fuck me, NOW' I had no choice. I pressed my cock against that begging hole and pushed.
    "My cock met no resistance, it slid in as if it knew where to go. Max moaned and pushed back at me and began to fuck himself on my cock. 'Oh baby, that is great. I need that so much. Really fuck me now.' I moved out to the rim of my glans and then shoved myself all of the way back in. Max sighed, 'That's it, baby. Do it hard like that.' My ass shifted into turbo drive and I began to pummel his ass at Mach ten.
    "Max was having trouble standing in one place. He looked back at me and asked me to pull out so that he could get on the bed. I pulled back and stood up. When I did I looked at the TV screen, the DVD was still on pause, but I could see...
    "I stepped around Max and stood in front of the TV. He came up beside me and looked at me, 'What's wrong, babe?' I pointed to the screen then ran my hand over the taller boy in the picture. Max got up close and looked then he looked at me with a look that said that he had a million questions.
    "I looked at him with tears in my eyes, 'That's my dad!' Max looked again then retrieved the remote control. He turned on the DVD and we watched two boys flirting with each other. My dad reached out and opened the smaller boy's pants and pulled out his cock. He sucked it while the other boy threw his head back and moaned. He placed his hands to each side of my dad's head and began to fuck his face.
    "My dad stood up and leaned in to kiss the smaller boy. All of the while he was unbuttoning the boy's shirt and slipping it off of his shoulders. The other boy was opening my dad's pants. When he started to push them down he went down to his knees and sucked my dad's dick. Dad pulled the other guy up and they walked over to the bed. They sat on the edge and removed their shoes then pulled their pants and underwear off. They turned opposite on the bed and began to suck each other. I could barely believe what I was seeing. My dad was a teenage queer boy and he was in a video with a smaller kid doing IT.
    "Max reached over and took my hand and held it tight. I wasn't sure if I should cry or enjoy the show. It was sorta hot, and it got better as it contiuned on. After ten or fifteen minutes I removed my hand from Max's hand and grabbed his cock. He looked over to me and smiled. After a few more minutes I was leaking pre-cum like a cheap faucet. Max bent over and took my cock into his mouth. I needed that.
    "I turned so that I could face his crotch and took his cock into my mouth as we began a sixty nine like I had only dreamed of. Max let his fingers do the dark walk into my dark exit. I was going to shoot the back of his head off with the cum that was marshalling for the ejaculation from the depths of my being.
    "Just as I could no longer hold back and began to shoot I felt Max's glans swell and the inside of my mouth filled with his sweet nectar. That is something that I will never be able to get enough of.
    "We both looked at the TV at the same time. My dad had his legs over the shoulders of the smaller boy as he got his ass plowed at full speed by a very large cock. He video ended with the two boys kissing each other as they lay side by side. Max asked me if I was ready to fuck him, or did I want to watch the other DVD. I told him that I wanted to try to take it in me. He smiled and turned to me and we kissed for the longest time. If I hadn't already been in love with him I would be with that kiss.
    "Max moved in between my legs and began to suck my balls then my perinium. He slowly moved on to my hole and sent wave after wave of pleasant chills througout my body. Sometime during all of our foreplay had found the jelly. He lubed my hole and spread me open with three fingers. I was about to cum again and he knew it. He raised his head and swallowed my entire six and a half inches to the back of his throat.
    "Just as another load left my body his cock entered it. I sucked in my breath, which caused me to suck his cock fully inside of me. It hurt like the dickens, but it felt so good. He held still as he bent over my face and kissed me. After an eternity of his tongue being in my mouth we both came up for air. He began to fuck the shit out of me.

    "We were exhauted. We lay there holding hands when the smell hit me. He giggled at me and we headed to his shower to wash each other. It was the first time that we had laid a bar of soap on the other, and boy did we have fun. I had not been bathed since I was a little kid. When Max washed my hair for me the goose bumps were so large that I thought for sure that they had to make my skin feel as if it were made of sandpaper.
    "My mind drifted back to a time when one or the other of my parents would wrap a huge towell about me and dry my every part. I wanted to be a little boy for my big strong Max.
    "We headed back to bed and watched the second DVD. It was still my dad, but there were two different boys in the video with him. I shared my fantasies with Max about a three way with a hot boy, but I stressed that it would only be for sex. I kissed his nose and told him that I loved no other but he. He pulled me tight and kissed me in return.
    "The blue glow of the TV was the only light in the room when I awakened several hours later. I looked at the clock and it was four fifteen. I snuggled tight against Max and went back to sleep?"

    The tenseness in the room was suddenly broken by a PFSSST, a boy screamed, a boy cried, "NO!" and a wide circle of boys was scooting away from one point in the room. I knew what the sound was and I spang into action. I lept over boys and grabbed the little bobcat up by the scruff of his neck. He changed himself and I proceeded to spank his naked ass, hard--with my hand.
    Boys were holding each other with fear written all over thei faces. I sat down on the floor and held Yuri in my lap as he cried. Petey came to me, "That fat boy kept grabbing my dick and I told him no. Why did Yuri become a wild cat? Yuri is my friend, but I'm afraid of him." There it was, the cat was out of the bag, literally.
    I looked around for the boy that had touched Petey. When I saw him he had his hands to his face and was crying like a child. I sat Yuri down, Petey slid up to him and looked at him. I went to the instigator of the scene. He had four deep scratches on his face and it was bleeding very heavily. I called for Wes.
    Wes came up to me and the boy and looked at the wound. Steven rushed in, out of breath. He was carrying Wes's medicine box. Wes thanked him and opened it. He took a cloth and unrolled it, it contained several green leaves. Next he opened small vials and measured out powders onto one of the leaves. Ita sprinted through the back door with a leather flask of spring water held in his teeth.
    Wes added two drops of the water to the herbs on the leaf while all of the Tsalagi began to quietly chant. Wes held the leaf above his head and then placed it against the bad boy's face. The boy winced then sat back and relaxed. In only a few minutes Wes removed the leaf and the boy's face was healed. There were no signs of the wound.
    I gathered all of the boys to sit on the floor in a semicircle before me. "Most of you were here last winter and you saw Rodney's snow white pony run up Fire Mountain where he was struck by lightening time and time again. When that pony returned to Rodney he was a full grown horse.
    "This is Indian magic. Most of the world's societies have old legends of creatures changing into other forms. There are many legends of vampires changing into bats and men chancing into werewolves.
    "Yuri is very young and does not understand what he can do. He tried to protect the one that he loves from being molested. He did it the wrong way. Before the other schools arrive in two weeks we will discuss this again. If any of you is afraid, or if you just have a question, you may ask any of the Indians in my family, they will tell you the truth."
    I knew that the boys had a lot to think about. I sent them al to their dormitories and to their own beds. I sat down with the boy that caused it all and JB. I learned that the boy is a redundant, and unremorseful pedophile. He was arrested by the Buffalo police and charged with the sexual assault of nine boys under the age of ten.
    The courts asked JB to try to help the boy, and he agreed. After this incident his next place of domicile will be prison, for life. He will serve a stiff sentence and at his release he will be placed in a hospital for extreme sexual preditors. I had to think about that. I held the boy in my arms and told him that I would see what could be done then sent him to bed.

    All of us slept in Sunday morning. We had partied hard Saturday night and had preceded that with a rousing snowball fight. All of the fight was taken out of most of us. I arose and headed to the kitchen where I found six boys faithfully at work preparing breakfast for my close family. I kissed each one of the boys and poured myself a cup of coffee before heading to Yuri's room.
    I had fretted all night over my actions at the orgy. Yuri was only defending his boyfriend in the best way that he knew how. I was upset with him because he had revealed a secret that all of my Tsalagi brothers had felt should never be told.
    I slowly opened his bedroom door and found Petey holding a visibly shaken boy. I crossed the room and Yuri pulled closer to his young protector. "Are you going to send me away now?"
    I sat my coffee on the night table and sat down on the bed. I reached over and patted my son's hand, "I have told you many times that you are my son and I will always be here for you. I love you Yuri.
    "I did something very bad last night. I struck you in anger. I should not have spanked you in front of all of those boys and for that I am truly sorry."
    He crawled out of his safety spot and slid into my lap. "Daddy, I was bad. I don't mind that you spanked me. I did something that I knew was a secret so now you have to send me back to Russia where nobody will never believe that it happened at all. I can't tell nobody 'cause they will think that I am all crazy..." I kissed his lips and hugged him tight to me.
    "You are over thinking this whole thing. We were both wrong and we have both said that we are sorry. Please, my baby boy, let's put it behind us and learn from it.
    "We have Petey upset. You need to let him know that everything is going to be okay."
    "You can do that. He wants you to hold him and love him, like you love me and my brothers."
    "Petey, I do love you. I have always loved the little man that helped his mother when times were bad for the two of you. I would love to hold you in my lap and kiss you and tickle your ribs so that I can listen to you laugh." Petey moved to me and held his thin arms above his head so that I could reach every rib.

    A knock at the door took me away from my torture tickle of a very sweet and loving boy. I responded and heard Kuruk's voice tell us that breakfast was ready. I hurried the boys into their clothes then we headed to the dinning room. Cory looked refreshened from his shower, he had a rough night and was seriously bow legged. I lost count of how many pony rides he took. He had Jeff Farley, Jay Jay Farley, Mark Franklin, Chad Jones, Evan Anson, and Kyle Simpson, all of the boys with super long cocks, going in him. He even had Boner for desert.
    RD and Roddy both hugged me and gave me a kiss before we all sat down to a breakfast from the land. Nolan has maintained the covey of quail that Mavis raised for their eggs and meat. She liked to serve the birds roasted, like game hens. They were only fed wild grains and seeds gathered from the forest above the house so they had that wild taste.
    Our young cooks had pan fried a dozen cut up birds in a flour coating and served them up with poached quail eggs--seasoned with wild dill and other herbs of the field--and pan gravy. A large platter of browned flat bread, sort of like large flour tortillas, was set on the table. A large bowl of fresh whipped butter and a container of honey, with a piece of comb, sat next to the bread. I placed some of the gravy into a small bowl and used the bread like a scoop. With a quail leg in one hand and bread and gravy in the other I was a happy camper.

    Roddy asked me if we could ride up to inspect the brush piles that I wanted to remove. I told him that we would have to wait until the snow melted. He and RD giggled then told me that we live in southern Arizona, the snow was almost gone. Our typical warm weather had come in over night and melted the snow from the lower altitudes. Oh well, the boys had fun for a little while.
    I held Yuri in my lap and asked him if he would mind riding with Roddy. I told him that he needed more experience on a horse before he could ride solo over the rough terrain where we were headed. He looked at Petey and wanted to know if he could ride with Roddy as well. I looked at Petey and asked him to ride with me. He was all for that. He jumped up and ran to me and put his arms around my neck.
    I asked Roddy if he would put a saddle on Golden Beauty so that Petey would have something to hold onto. Yuri told us that he would hold on to Roddy. Roddy smiled, he has never placed a saddle on Lightening Fire before.
    Roddy and the two little guys took off at a dead run for the stables. I looked across the table at Khalid, Hamal, Kardal, and Tiger--thirteen year old Tahir and Baris had moved over to building A because they were big boys now. I asked the tiny four what they had planned for the morning. My precious mustard seed came to me with his iPad and showed me a game.
    "Dadee, this is so kewl. Tiger found us this war game that all four of us can play at one time and we hide around the house and try to get each other's flag pole." He giggled and looked up at me, "I mean flag."
    I reached for another cup of coffee and looked back at Cory. He looked very uncomfortable. I walked over to him and helped him to stand. I led him to the large overstuffed love seat and helped him to sit down. I took one of the thick throw pillows from the sofa and placed it on the coffee table then lifted Cory's feet up and rested them there.
    "Would you like to ride your horse bareback this morning?" He cringed.
    "Tonight I am going to ride you bareback, but for now I am going to the hot springs with Wes and use his oils to make me all better." I had to laugh at the way he said it, but I could feel his pain as I brushed his mind.
    "Babe, what brought that on last night?"
    "You know how I have always thought about Jeffy. I love to get with him, but damn it, he has one hell of big dick. Once we got it on I got an itch and I took on all of the Tucson Six on and then Boner got up in me. He is rough. I need to talk to him. He is going to hurt somebody the way he fucks them. I would have been fine. I don't get to do Kyle that often, but Boner ruined it for me last night." I held his hand and let him show me what he had suffered through. Boner needs to have a bone shoved in him the way that he went after my Cory man. I was angry.

    I heard Roddy whistle. I kissed Cory and told him that I would be back in about three hours. He told me that I might want to join him at the hot springs. That sounded like a plan. I opened the front door and saw Yuri and Petey on Golden Beauty. Petey was in front with both of his hands tightly gripping the saddle horn, Yuri was behind him with his arms about his friend and whispering in his ear that he was safe and that daddy was there. I knew that I would need to work closely with the frightened boy or he would not enjoy his winter vacation with us.
    I had to flash Roddy pictures of Petey's fear in order to keep him slowed down. He fell back and rode alongside of us as Yuri talked to Petey about school and which teacher he thought was the nicest. Neither boy liked the principal. They said that she was mean and that she hit kids when they did wrong. They had my attention.
    I am awakening to my new gifts. I let my mind probe into both boys and I saw things that I would have never believed about their school. I wanted to go trolling for alligators in a slow row boat, as I used the principal and one of the teacher for bait. I wanted to get into the minds of the tiny ones and learn what they knew.

    We came upon the lower most brush pile that had washed down the mountain from above. There were stripped trees as large as Roddy piled up with several tons of brush, rock, and dirt intermixed in with it. It would take several hours of hard, manual labor to clear it all out.
    I was particularly concerned about the lower regions of the mountain; where the boys would be riding their horses and playing. I want a clear and clean playground for my international regalia. All in all we located three washes that were as bad as the first one. I began to think of a cool reward that I could give the boys for working on it. We found small piles of debris around the foot of the mountain and then I saw something that sent chills down the middle of my back.
    At the hidden opening to the silver mine a large bolder had fallen, blocking access to the caves. That was good, to a point. What I didn't like was that a family of ferocious badgers had found themselves a home there. I would have to keep the boys from the area for sure. I will deal with the rodents at a later time. They would be much happier on the other side of the mountain, near the lake.

    We rode our horses across the ridge and then onto the hot springs. Roddy led the animals to a small stream of fresh, cold water where the banks were thick with tender young grasses. The stream was running full and the water was icy cold as the snow melt ran off of the mountain. I removed my clothes and headed over to join my Cory man in the hot water, I was followed by two boys sporting stiff worms from their hairless groins. Roddy beat us into the water. He lifted Petey into the water very carefully so that the boy could get acclimated to the water's one hundred and twenty degree temperature.
    I asked Mike if he had his box of magic with him, he grinned and pointed to the box sitting next to Wes's box on a rock behind Wes's head. I shared our pains with Wes. He probed Petey's mind to find out more about him. The type of life that the little man had lived so far had done a number on his small body. Mike, Cory, and Steven received the visions from Wes and me. They put out a call to all of the Tsalagi then began to prepare the water.
    Petey was told to relax. He was picked up and laid out on his back on the side of the pool so that Mike and Steven could begin to prep his tiny body. I kept in close touch with Yuri and shared with him what was about to happen. From somewhere Yuri saw a large ulcer in his boyfriend's stomach, he turned to me with fear in his eyes. I held him tightly and fed his mind with images of things to come.
    I let him see his body before the healing that he had received at Cory's house. He could see all of the scars on his back as he had never seen them before. I showed him something that he did not know about. He had a growth on his spine that would have crippled by the time he was through high school. I showed him how it is no longer there. He smiled and hugged me tight then he went to Wes and hugged him. Wes began to trill with his bird call.
    All of our Tsalagi brothers ran or flew up the trail toward the hot springs. They changed back to their natural selves before they could be seen by Petey. The shock of Yuri turning into a bobcat had been enough for his little heart. As I thought that I heard it. His little heart missed two beats. I flashed the observation to Wes and we both crawled around inside the boy's body. He had a faint heart mummer that would only get worse as he grows older.
    He could live with that condition for several decades, but eventually it would cause him trouble. He would never be safe playing football, or any other strenuous sport. Wes reached his mind out to Robin and Inagei. He showed them a bush. He let them see the shape of the leaves and let them smell the flower. He showed them that deep in the center of the bush would be new growth sprouting from the old flower nodes. At the tip of that new growth was a twisted stem of deep crimson. He wanted a half dozen of those bits of new stem.
    He showed the boys that the bush was covered with large thorns that would cut Inagei severely. He told Inagei that his job was to protect the little Robin from birds of prey. RD had left us and was flying high overhead. He sent us a vision of the type of bush that Wes needed. Robin and Inagei took flight up the mountain to where RD was circling overhead. I knew that my little cousin would be safe with those two bad assed birds watching over him.
    Ten minutes later Robin circled Wes's head and passed him a large faggot of stems with the red growth on the tip. Robin had managed to fly with twelve of the six inch stems clutched in his tiny talons, almost a third of his overall weight.
    Petey raised his head to see what was going on, Yuri planted a sloppy boy kiss on his young boyfriend. Robin and Inagei quickly returned to their boy state and slipped down into the water. Mike and Steven washed their bodies with the scented animal skins that they use to prepare someone for a healing.
    Inagei took a few minutes to calm down. He told us that he was frightened, he had forgotten that RD was over him, watching out for him. Inagei reached out to touch RD's hand and thank him before he fell asleep in the herbal waters of the hot spring.

    Petey was too small to lay on the bed like seat of the hot spring without his head being underwater. I cradled him in my lap as he stretched out with his head on my left hand and his feet hanging over my right arm. I let him float as much as possible as I kept his face above the water.
    Ita knelt down to hold a cup of Cory's tea mixed with the crushed crimson stems from Robin's flight up the mountain. Yuri took the cup of tea as I held Petey's head up. Yuri softly talked to his boyfriend and encouraged him to drink all of the tea. Petey didn't like the taste, but Yuri told him that it better for him than vegetables. Petey doesn't like vegetables either, but he drank the tea. In seconds he was out like a switched off light bulb.
    I lay in the healing waters with Petey and Yuri resting their heads on my chest. Everything was at peace in my little corner of the world. Darkness filled my mind. I focused on what was only a hazy mess. I was feeling pain, not my pain, but that of someone with an undisciplined mind. I was only to catch pieces of what somebody was thinking. That was enough for me. I shifted my boys aside and rose to get out of the water when I saw the image of boy as he saw himself in a mirror.
    Instantly I transformed and dashed down the path back toward building E. I touched the mind of Golden Beauty, he ran along behind me. When I looked back on that moment I was amazed at the speed with which I covered the distance from the hot springs to the dormitory building. I ran around building C and dashed up the sidewalk to building E. I passed a group of boys from BAW that were sitting in the courtyard talking together. I changed back to my human form so that I could open the door.
    The boys that I had passed were startled to see a wolf charging across the courtyard, but when I changed before their eyes they began to chant, over and over, Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. I waved at them as I dashed inside the building. Golden Beauty huffed behind me as the door shut in front of him. I told him to wait for me. I told him that we would have to make a mad dash back to the hot spring fed pool. By that I time I was stepping onto the uppermost fourth floor. I focused on the image in my head and ran to a door. I had to kick it in. Hanging from a rope in the middle of the ceiling was the boy that had touched Petey.
    I rushed to him, but I was naked and didn't have a knife to cut him down. The boys that I had passed in the courtyard burst through the door. I told them to hold the boy's weight by his legs. I moved back a step and let my right arm change into a wolf's paw. I stretched out my nails and slashed at the rope severing it and letting the boy go limp.
    The other boys lay the kid on the floor and I dropped over him. The rope had come loose enough for me to begin mouth to mouth on the pimple faced boy. He sputtered and moved his head. I grabbed him up and ran back down the stairs with him. My helpers were running down the stairs behind me I told them to be careful and not fall. I told them that I had my hands full at the time and that I wouldn't be able to catch them. Fortunately we were at the ground floor as they broke out in laughter.
    I asked the boys to help me get the injured boy on the back of my horse. I set him in front of me and spurred my ride to dash off. I pushed the boy forward and leaned over him. I gripped the saddle on both sides so that I could hold the boy in place as Golden Beauty showed his remarkable speed. When I was running I didn't notice anything around me. Riding on horseback I could see it all. We were racing along the path at a full gallop. I was glad that I had bent over the boy, tree limbs that crossed the path would have sent me flying from the back of the horse.
    My brothers were waiting for us. They lifted the boy to the ground and carried him to the pool. He was gasping for air, the rope had crushed his trachea. His color was bad. His pulse rate was only forty one. He was at death's door.
    I tilted the boy's head back so that his throat was straight, his breathing became a bit better. Very carefully several of the boys lowered the kid into the healing waters. Mike and Steven were working feverishly to prepare him for the process. They managed to get the major prep done as the boy was laid upon the bed like rock. After making sure that his head was tilted back everybody climbed out of the water.
    As all of us chanted and Wes poured out his potions Petey looked over the edge of the pool to look at the boy. He jerked back and grabbed onto Yuri. His fears were not dealt with during his healing. He would have to return to the water to soak for another hour, after the strong healing potions had done the work on the boy.
    I sensed an intruder. In my haste to heal the hurt boy I had let my guard down. Suddenly JB's deep voice called out, "What the hell is going on here?"

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