Chapter 253


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I did have a great phone call on Christmas eve that saddened me and pleased me. I was pleased that he had taken the time from his busy life to call me, but I was sad that he could not join me at the camp this year.
    He gets an aloof look on his face when I call him Willy. His granmama is the only one that ever used that name for the Royal Prince, but he was a young child at the time. He is no child now, he has a beautiful young lady, and if the press has it right he will be getting married this next summer. He says that he is getting married to 'Kate', but he gets a bit dreamy sounding when he talks about her. Could he be in love?
    "Hey pervert, how are all of those young boys of yours enjoying their holiday?" I told him that the hills and woods were alive with hot and cold running boys. I told him about my new schools and how many boys were at the camp this year. He knew about the schools in Russia, but that was the first that he had learned of the school in Bangladesh.
    He apologized several times that he could not be with me, but he invited me to spend a week with him in the Scottish highlands where he knew of a stream full of fat trout. I shuddered when I thought of my last trout fishing trip, but I told him that I would love to go there. Just him, me, and an army of heavily armed security people.
    I asked after his intended. He told me that he was to spend the hoiday with her family, and no,he was safe, They were going to dine on a large roasted beef with boiled potatoes. I told him that he wouldn't be safe where anyone was carving a turkey. Than a quip came to my mind that I couldn't help but lay on him.
    "You know that Richard Kipling wrote about a young couple named Cathy and William in his classic masterpiece, the Jungle Book. I hope your engagement lasts until the big day of the wedding." He made a rude reference to my personage that was not befitting a Royal heir.
    "Hold on old man, there is someone here that wants a chat with you." Her Majesty's voice took me by surprise. I was very happy to hear from her. She wanted to know when I could bring my beautiful wife and babies to visit her at the castle, "and oh, don't you dare leave that darling Rodney behind. He is my blood brother." I had to laugh.
    I promised them that I would visit the land of the red coat oppressors in the spring, probably for Easter. They told me that they would serve the bunny. We were still breaking up over that quip as we bid each other farewell.

    On Christmas night I raided the refrigerator in search of a piece of turkey to build myself a sandwich. Edmund heard me fumbling through the box and came in with Bodaway close behind him. They are both very protective of their kitchen. I told them what I wanted. Edmund turned to Bodaway, the boy took off like a flash.
    Edmund pulled out a large loaf of fresh San Francisco sour dough bread and started to cut it. I stopped him. I told him that the pleasure of a cold turkey sandwich was building it yourself. He set about getting the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, and cheddar cheese from the refrigerator and placing them on the prep counter.
    I refreshed my coffee and pulled one of the stools from under the counter then sat down. Bodaway came in the kitchen door carrying a large foil covered, stainless steel pan from the cafeteria's food line. He pulled the foil back to reveal about ten pounds of boned turkey meat, white and dark.
    Yuri and Petey came in and told me that they were hungry. Boys hungry? Get out of here. Roddy came up to the prep counter and looked it over, then asked if he could have a turkey sandwich. I told him that he would have to wait in line. He stuck a fork into the tray of meat and took a small piece of dark meat then grinned at me. I waved the knife that I was about to cut the cheese with then grinned back at him.
    I asked Edmund to cut the sour dough into thin slices, I hate a sandwich that is all bread. I started to slice the cheese when Bodaway sat the cheese slicer on the counter. I squeezed his buns and continued to cut the cheese with a knife.
    I smeared mayo on two slices of bread then placed a leaf of lettuce on each one. I carefully laid pieces of dark and white turkey meat on the lettuce so that it covered every bit of the bread. Next I added a slice of the extra sharp cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and onions. I placed another piece of bread on top of all of that and cut the two sandwiches in half, on the diagonal of course.
    I placed a sandwich half on a plate for each of the smaller boys and sat it before them. I put a half of the second sandwich on a plate and offered it to Roddy, he paid me with a kiss on the cheek. I fished out two super hot peppers from a jar and laid them beside my sandwich. Bodaway sat an open gallon jar filled with home made bread and butter pickle spears on the counter. I had never eaten bread and butter spears, that were perfect. I asked him and Edmund if we had any Fritos in the house.
    I bit into my real Christmas dinner with joy in my heart, the only thing missing was my Cory man and a glass of cold milk. Edmund poured the milk as Cory came in and snatched one of my Fritos. I grabbed his balls and told him that I wanted cream for desert.
    RD and Cullen came in, Cullen asked us who wanted cream. Jimmy was behind him so I told him to milk his boyfriend and put it in a hot cup of coffee. Everyone moved to the counter and began to build their own sandwiches. They even used the cheese slicer to make very thin pieces of cheese, which they had to double up on to get the right taste.

    Cory smiled at me and told me that he needed to sleep with Sagi. I knew that, I just couldn't get the words out that I was going to bed with my wife.

    I needed to do a sit down interview with Fritz Allenrod, Joseph Jefferies, Thane Crampton Jr., Tad Halstrom and the six other boys that were released from the hospital in New York. I walked through the floors of building A trying to locate them by themselves. I would have liked to interview them in their cubicles, but if I could not catch them alone then I would have to take them down to one of the staff offices that are located in each dormitory building.
    I found Jr. and Halstrom sitting on their beds totally naked. I just had to look, they had the chisled bodies of a young jock, firm, tight, and surprisingly well hung. Halstrom was headed for the shower; he had a towel and his toilet kit in his hand, I had gotten lucky. I introduced myself as Sir Chris. Both boys chuckled. I asked them what was funny. After a little prodding Jr. showed his wise ass.
    "Adults are so stupid. You think that we should call you sir whenever we see you. But you man, you come in here and tell us to call you sir Chris."
    "No my young friend. I gave you my title. I am a knight. I wear the Ordre de la Grand-Croix of France, and a knight of the Romanian Grand Cross. I wear the large gold star of a Hero of the Russian Federation and I hold two knightly honors from the Queen of England. I am also a K-night of Munedavia." I heard boys walking past so I quickly stuck my head out and called them to me.
    "Gentlemen, what's my name?" I inquired of them.
    "Dad," was the response.
    "No, what is my real name?"
    "Oh, Sir Chris, dad. Did you forget?" I slapped Terry on the butt and rubbed my knuckles through his hair. He grumbled that it had taken him hours to get his hair just right, so I really messed it up. Then I gave him a hot kiss. He left with his friends and I turned back to Jr.
    "The day you arrived you stood with the other students from my schools around the world and sang a son that they wrote for me, do you remember any of it?"
    With eyes rolling and a smugness to his voice he said, "yeah."
    Halstrom seems to be the one with a few brains in his big head. "You say you are a K-night in some place that I never heared of. What's that about?"
    "Uncy, hunky Unncccyyy, where are you Uncy?" The little fop couldn't have timed it any better. I poked my head into the passage way as he was passing by. I got a good goose in. He spun around and charged at me. I feinted a fall back then grabbed him and got a good feel.
    "Hey, you're that kid king. I seen you on TV when I was a kid. You were at the UN, and you were there too." Jr. showed that he did have something between his ears as he pointed to me.
    "Gentlemen, allow me to present his Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday of Munedavia. He is commonly known by the boys of my schools as his royal hinney. He is the one that laid a sword on my shoulder and made me a K-night.
    "Oh, did I mention that he is my nephew, my sister's only son. That is a good thing, she wouldn't be able to cope with two like him.
    "Cullen is an alumni of my school in Tucson. He lived in my house through high school then he left me broken hearted as he went to England to attend college. I miss you so much Culley, my bed feels so lonesome without you in it." Both of the boys that I had come to see were laughing at our exchange.
    "What did you need me for, Sire?"
    "Oh, nothing much. I just want to be with you. I don't have much time, and oh yeah, mum and da are here."
    I had wrapped myself up in so many details that I forgot that I was on vacation and that I was supposed to be relaxing and enjoying all of the naked boi flesh running amok.
    "Gentlemen, please forgive me. I came up to talk with each of you. We will sit down and talk so that I know where to place you in my schools. I believe that the two of you may want to go to New York to be with Allenrod and Jefferies. We will discuss that later, okay?" I rose and shook hands with each of them, damn I wanted to grab a handful of meat and shake that, but…

    Cullen almost tripped me several times as he hung very close to me on our walk over to the house. As we approached I noticed a stretch SUV sitting in front of the house. I couldn't imagine who could be driving that. Why wonder? I entered the house from the patio door and was greeted by a super dude and his super spouse. Harry Orr and his husband, Toby Minor.
    The two men had spent Christmas with General Orr, Harry's father, in England. They had flown home on a plane that just happened to have two travelers on board. El swept into the room with Ugitsiha, both of them were carrying one of my sons. The boys are big enough to walk on their own, and they do, constantly. My sister just wanted to baby her youngest nephews.

    I did let go and enjoy my vacation. I had a very full year and had not really just laid back and relaxed since my few days with Culley and Jimmikins—from Chrisy's name for his love, Timmikins—at the Villa de Christophe in July. I had a lot of fun helping my best bud Roddy build his house, but we were non-stop as we tried to beat the clock on that one.

    I rode Golden Beauty all over the mountain, but the most fun that I had was when all of the Tsalagi got away for a run through the woods to visit the young Waya pack and their new families.
    The birds flew circles around us, but they were a bit slow and they tired quickly. I reached out to Breeze to tell him that we were coming to see his pack. He sent back a message of joy and glee. I tried to get a fix on his location, but all that he could tell me was that they were in their den below the great rock looking down to the ribbon where man passes by.
    That helped, there are not that many rocks on a mountain. As for a ribbon I saw in his mind that it was a narrow roadway, or service road through the forest. I was able to ascertain that they were on the south side of the mountain where they were sheltered from the cold north winds.
     Inagei was the first to spot them with his hawk like vision. He sent his vision to RD who was flying much higher and was able to pinpoint the location of the den. We were traveling in the wrong direction, but it was only about a mile, uphill and over the ridge from us.
    The smaller animals were very tired from their extended run. I had worked with Kuckunniwi and I had taught him to stay on my back and hold on. Yuri rode on the back of Clayton with Petey, the only human in the crowd. Cory Stevens rode on Ajay's back. He wanted to ride a Tiger, I planted in his mind the spanking he would get if he told anyone about it, even his mother. I can't hide anything from her, the beautiful white wolf was waiting for us at the den of the Waya pack when we got there.
    Little Chrisy had curled up around Cory's neck and slept through much of the trip. Upon our arrival he was frisky and ready to play. I sent him and my two sons to the side to play where they would not disturb the us.
    Waterfall was excited about something. He came to me and changed into his boy form then reached out and rubbed me behind the ears. I could get used to that. It was like a neck rub, but much more enjoyable. I felt him trying to reach me mentally. I relaxed and let him do his best.
    Breeze came and lay beside me. I felt him as he shared with Waterfall. It took a good ten minutes, but Waterfall's voice shouted at me. I bade him to sit down and between the two of us Breeze and I had him communicating in full visual patterns.
    Waterfall had reached the consciousness of his unborn pups. His chosen mate bore five pups, two male and three females. His mate was only a half way through the normal gestation period of sixty one to sixty three days, but the pups were active and beginning to move.
    Waterfall would lay his head on his mate's body and try to talk to his pups. About three days earlier he found one mind listening to him. By the time that we were with them he had reached both of the males and two of the females. I asked him if he could communicate with his mate.
    "He's a typical male, he doesn't know how to talk to a girl." I looked up at Ugitsiha laying amongst the females. She smiled at me with a wolf smile. "You and I will have to teach these young ones how to talk to a female without sticking their noses between her legs." It was my turn to smile.
    Wes broke in. He told Breeze and Waterfall to keep the pack calm, he wanted to join us. He flew to the ground before me and changed into his childhood form of inoli, a badger. He stood on his hind legs and actually stretched his front paws, just a little bit because they were so short. He snarled at me, he had heard my thoughts.
    Wes summoned the remaining three members of the Waya pack to us and told them to pay attention. He placed many images into their mind about who he was and why he was communicating with them. The Waya have come to trust Kuckunniwi and anything that he says to them. When he joined our communication from where he was rolling around with his two brothers they listened.
    "Star is a wise and powerful man of medicine in our tribe. He speaks truth to you. You will do well to listen to him and do as he instructs you." I looked over to him and as Little Chrisy pushed him to his back and began to nuzzle into his belly. I could hear my baby boy's laughter.

    I had no idea that Wes was so wise about women. He was feeding the young Waya's with much wisdom and knowledge. I had other voices that wanted my attention. I looked at the assembled bird brains, I wish that I had not said that, they were offended. I felt as if I was in an Aviary because of the birds of many colored feathers looking back at me.
    Mike spoke for himself and Robin. They felt as of they were out of the circle since they had to sit on tree limbs and fly far overhead, all of the time in fear of a hawk or eagle. RD asked Robin if he feared him. Robin said, "No, but…" RD took to the air and flew off to sit on a rock overlooking Tucson below and to the west of us. He had been hurt by that 'but'.
    Cheasequah told us that he became a red bird so that he could fly away when his father came after him with a belt in one of his drunken rages. He told us that sometimes he is a skunk. Everybody told him to keep to the trees. Gigage asked us if we really wanted a skunk in a tree.
    Ona told us that when he was a boy he turned into a mouse, but he saw an owl eat a mouse and decided that he was the hunter, not the hunted. I had an idea cross my mind. "If you guys could change into different things when you were young why don't you work at becoming a larger animal?"
    I cuddled up against the belly of big old brown bear and watched the show as the birds worked through their changes. They all seemed to like big cats. Ajay is a beautiful Bengal Tiger and Steven is a mountain lion while Shikoba is a black panther.
    In the end we had two young male lions, two jaguars, a cheetah, and one leopard added to our group. I told everybody that there would be no shitting in the woods. I told them that Game and Fish would go wild with the spore of big cats in the National Forest, especially lions. They are already on the lookout for a jaguar that a hiker claims to have spotted.

    Wesley felt his work had been fruitful. He filled the minds of each of us as he looked to see what he had missed. We could read him clearly as he let us feel what a burden it would be to run on the short, stumpy legs of a badger. He looked at Isi—a beautiful eight point stag—and changed into a gazelle then told us to just try and keep up. Mike had decided on being a cheetah, he can outrun a gazelle.

    Ugitsiha led the four female wolves to us and we all lay around sharing with one another. The white wolf had done a great work in opening the minds of the females. They were slow to pick up the thoughts of things outside of their world, but we did reach them and let them know that all of us were their friends. I felt a sense of pride well up from each of the young Waya as the females shared that they were each carrying at least four pups. I felt sorry for Breeze, he had no mate.
    To build a stronger bond all of us turned into our human forms. Of course the mother instinct gravitated them to the three babies. Petey had stuck with Yuri through all of this. I touched his mind many times and learned that he was having the time of his life as he played with a real bob cat.

    Wes and Mike led the rest of us on our return back to our world. Mike could run flat out for a short period, but for the long run he was about average. Wes told Ajay to step it up because he was horny after being in the minds of the Wayas. Ajay reminded him that he carried a precious baby on his back. Wes slowed down and ran alongside of his boyfriend.

    We stopped at the hot springs for a soak. The daddy in me had to check the temperature of the water. When I felt that it was safe for my babies I helped them into the water. I had often told Ugitsiha that we were raising fish instead of sons, they proved that as soon as they got into the water by turning into small fish and swimming about between our legs and feet. Even little Chrisy enjoyed himself.
    When many of the boys showed their excitement to their partners I took Ugitsiha and my sons and led them to the house, we were stark naked. We met a few boys near the spring fed pond close to the house. They looked at my family, Roddy looked at them and told them that we had gone for a family walk in the woods. RD stuck his fingers into the boy's ribs and they ran ahead to the house with Yuri and Petey hot on their tails. Ugitishiha and I simply strolled along.

    As we rounded the last curve in the path Sagi rushed up to us and held out a light weight shift for Ugitsiha to put on. She told us that we had a visitor, I looked to the front of the house and saw Andy standing by his SUV talking with Roddy and Yuri. I walked over to him and shook his hand, he did as he always does, he checked me out and licked his lips. He told me that he had the package.
    Cullen James and Cory Stevens came running out to me, they had pants on, but no shoes or shirts. Andy opened the back of his SUV to reveal a large dog carrier. Roddy sprang into the truck as Nvgi diganvsadi barked and yipped in excitement. All four boys grabbed onto the dog and wrestled around with him. I love the sounds of happy children, when they are my children then I love it even more. Roddy had worried that his dog wasn't being fed and played with, I asked Andy to bring him out.
    The woods are a great place for the animal to run and get all of the exercise that he needs. I figured that the four boys could change into their animal forms and run with their pet to their heart's content. I did have to talk to all four boys, and the dog, and lay the rules down so that they could understand them. I don't want to explain a bobcat, two wolves, and a silver fox running around the camp with a large black dog.

    Andy and I needed to talk in private. I asked RD to bring me a pair of shorts and a pair of slip on canvas shoes from the house. He told me that he was watching a soap opera, I told him that I knew how to wash his mouth out with soap for back talking me. He stepped from the house and handed me the clothes, "Technically I wasn't back talking you dad, I was back thinking you." I laughed, Andy wanted to know what that was all about. I told him that it was a family joke.
    I led Andy into the thick forest west of the house. I parted through very heavy brush and led him inside a wooded grotto to a secured steel gate. I dialed the combination on the gate's lock then opened it. His eyes enlarged as he looked at the swirling water of the hidden natural warm water spa. I asked him if he wanted to soak or sit and talk. He got serious as he told me to sit down.
    "Ted Jakes has managed to escape from jail in New York." I smiled at him. He looked at me, "You…? Fuck, I should have known it was your doing. My security people at the scene are not talking, that is not normal.
    "But I bet that you didn't know that he has shown up in Munich, did you? Did you? You SOB, you do, you set me up. Chris you scare me sometimes. I'm supposed to be this big security man. Carl trained me and set up a world wide organization." He was angry. but there was a lot of frustration in his voice.
    I looked at him and said, "Then you came along and sent me off to train with the FBI and get into a few covert activities with NSA, you even pawned me off on the CIA so that I could learn their methods of gaining information. I learned all that you asked for me to learn and then I learned more.
    "I never shared with you that I was contacted by the SDECE, the ultra secret police of the secret police force of France that operates openly as the DGSE. They wanted to go with me on the little trip that I had planned to Belém, Brazil a couple of years ago. They drilled me on their methods of extracting information from informants that didn't know that they were informants. They also taught me many ways of removing a suspect from one place and sending him to another covertly." I winked at him. I had to assure him that there was no physical torture involved and that the subjects were left sleepy, but comfortable.
    "Okay, so you're the super slueth. Now tell me how Ted Jakes and Al Gobles are connected in all of this." I wanted to know what he knew, he only knew what the reports that I was receiving from my investigators in Germany were sending to me over the FOSSEC system that he had designed.
    "Andy, keep a lid on this. You know about the dead and missing boys in south Germany and northeastern France. I have learned that those missing boys may have been funneled to an organization that dead Mr. Jakes is working with since the fall of Pagonis and Seigy. My agents have located some of those missing boys in Amsterdam." Suddenly I felt a presence and kept quite. I signaled Andy to keep talking about the weather as I stepped out of the hidden grotto.
    I found Franz sitting against a tree crying his eyes out. I looked into his mind, he had heard too much. I hated myself for not detecting his presence sooner. I put my arm around Franz and led him back to where Andy was awaiting me. I locked the gate and asked Andy to take the two of us to town. I contacted Cory, RD, and Ugitsiha and told them that I had very pressing bussiness with Franz and that I would return the following morning.
    I sat in the back seat with Franz crying on my shoulder as Andy drove me to the house that Charley built. "I thought that he was dead then he shows up here. I was happy for a few hours, but I. told you that I don't feel comfortable around him. Did he really kill kids? Is he really in to snuff sex like that video that Max has? Dad, I don't want to see him anymore."
    I opened the door of the house and led Franz to my room that I share with my husband, the Cory man. I was only wearing the shorts and slip on shoes that RD had given me earlier. Franz had on his full western regalia. I removed his boots and put his feet up on the bed. "Dad…can we like, you know, lay here naked and stuff?"
    "I'm older than your dad…"
    "Yeah, but you're all about love. I need someone to hold me and love me tonight. Will you…?" Of course I would, but it would be on his terms. If he only wanted to have someone hold him I could do that. If he wanted something more…well, I could get up for that. LOL
    I can put up with a lot. Mild boi funk is a turn on to me, but dirty feet… I had to get Franz into the shower so that I could kneel before him and wash the near perfect feet on his long, thin legs; after washing they would be perfect. I continued to undress him and my ardor was aroused by the smells emitting from his crotch. I couldn't help myself as I licked around his large balls and down his perineum. I had to pull up there, there was another odor that I can not deal with lurking a little bit further down the trail.
    I ran my right forefinger across his flat belly and upwards to his chin. Lifting his face to look at me I asked him if he would take a shower with me. He was off of the bed in a flash, led by his quickly enlarging middle appendage. Once in the shower I stepped under the shower head and turned on the water. Franz looked at me with a quizzical look.
    "Aren't you going to adjust the temperature, I would be afraid of getting a face full of cold water, or burned maybe." I told him about the automatic mixer that keeps the water at a constant one hundred degrees. I then had to explain the water circulation pump that keeps hot water at every tap in the house at all times. Of course I had Turner shut that system down when he left for Camp Christopher. When I entered the house with my access code all of my systems were restored to their pre-set functions.

    Franz was enjoying letting me wash his body. When he turned to rinse the soap off of his chest he spotted the contraption on the wall. "What is that, dad?" My heart melted, he has not known me long enough to be calling me dad, but he did and I loved it.
    "That, my friend, is a pooper washer." He looked at it closely and almost stuck his face into the urinal like device hanging twenty inches above the floor. I explained how to use the system to cleanse the rectum of fecal matter so that the passage would be clean and clear for anal sex. He wanted to use it. I helped him to sit a slow trickle of cool water emitting from the hose then I instructed him to insert the hose deep into his anus. He needed help this first time. It was my pleasure to aid him.
    I told him to hold his shit as I pulled twelve inches of hose from his back door and quickly had him back up to sit on the evacuation seat. After two more fill ups the city's sewer system could work with that large load. I moved the low step sized stool before Franz and asked him to put his feet on it as he continued to sit on the mini-throne. I knelt before him and began to wash his feet. As I washed each individual toe I could see why his feet stank so badly; he had athletes foot. I can fix that.
    Next I asked Franz to sit on the small stool so that I could wash his hair throughly. It is fun to wash a boys hair when he is standing, but I was also inspecting his body. The session at the hot springs had not rid him of athletes foot so I wondered about the wounds on his head where his captors had practically scalped him. I found tiny bumps that were unhealed sores from his horrific ordeal.
    I put my body on autopilot as I dried Franz and led him to the bed, my mind was about thirty miles away as I shared with Wes what I had found. Wes and Mike would join me in an hour. I was afraid for them, Wes's little meadowlark couldn't make that flight without tiring him out and Mike's white owl would be a target for hunters and birdwatcher alike. The two boys told me that they had an idea and that they would see me soon. They did ask me to fill the Jacuzzi in my room with one hundred and thirty degree water.
    Franz was sitting on the bed watching me very closely. "You have some sort of uncanny power, don't you? You can talk to people's minds, can you read minds as well?" I explained what I knew and how I was learning to control my new found abilities. I had to explain my Tsalagi brothers and all that we have learned within the past month. I found myself inside Franz's mind and learned that he understood and accepted all that I had told him.
    I rose to check on the water, the Jacuzzi was full. I turned the water off and turned to look at the beautiful form of a skinny blonde abused boy. I prayed that Wes and Mike could complete the healing in the boy. An incessant tapping at the upper tower window and a message from Mike made me step into my closet to pull down the folding steps that I had not used in several months. I knew that it would be crowded, but I let Franz join me in my small observation tower. I unblocked the door to the small surrounding observation deck and let a naked Wes and Mike join us inside. Wes hit his head on my telescope with no damage to him or the scope.
    [For a better discription of the observatory please read the story from Players about the interview with me telling about my childhood friend, Manny.]
    All three boys looked around at my inner sanctorum. Mike picked up the small picture sitting on the end table by my dad's old overstuffed chair. "This is him, isn't it?" Wes wanted to know who it was then he straightened up and touched my shoulder. He filled me with sympathy and sorrow for my loss. Mike had to tell Franz that the picture was of my best friend when I was a boy of ten. He told how Manny died on his tenth birthday. I had to leave the observatory.

    Franz was on the bed as Wes and Mike explored every inch of the wounded boy's body. Wes was reporting that he had missed the athletes foot and that Franz must not have had his head under water or those wounds would have healed. He told Franz to go get into the Jacuzzi and immerse everything except his mouth and nose. Mike had gone to his room to retrieve the needed herbs and oils. Wes was chanting. The herbs were mixed in front of the jets before they were turned off. Once the pumps were off the oils were added to the water. All of us were careful not to let the herbs and oils get into the pumps or filters. They would remain there and possibly cause problems for others in the future.
    Franz was laying on one of the lounge seats with all but his face under the water. We allowed him to soak in the healing waters that the combination of oils and herbs provided as we sat in a crude circle on the floor and chanted. After a half an hour we sat quietly and talked inside of our minds. I was curious as to how the two boys flew from the camp to my house so quickly. What I was shown excited me greatly. They had transformed themselves into Peregrine Falcons.
    Wes told me that the Peregrine can reach speeds of over two hundred miles an hour. Once away from the other boys they changed into their new shape and flew up the mountain using rising air thermals. They flew to an altitude of over eight thousand feet then dove for my house. Mike said that they were faster than a speeding camera bug.
    I told them of my desire to dive into the lake like they did when we first visited the female wolf pack and watched the Waya pack get to know them. Wes smiled at me and told me that it was the first time that he ever dove into the water and wasn't afraid. I told him that I would like to return to my human form at about fifty feet and do a series of spirals and somersaults before cutting into the water. Mike reminded me of the great speed that I would have diving from higher than where I would transform. I needed to take that into consideration. I don't want to break my neck, Wes may not be able to get me into the healing waters before it would be to late.
    Wes asked me to pull the plugs on the Jacuzzi while Mike ran fresh water to begin the clean up of Franz. Once he was rinsed and relaxed I got into the tub with him. Mike wanted to get back to the camp and winked at Wes. I knew that it was Wes that wanted to get back to Ajay. Their relationship shows great promise, and I have never seen Wes any happier than he had been since hooking up with the boy.

    After another hour I told Franz that it was dinner time. I led him to the shower and we rinsed ourselves of any residual residue. We raided the refrigerator and found it empty of anything but bottles of ketchup and Miracle Whip, a little butter and a few bottles of juice. I told Franz that it was time to go out. I asked him what he would really like to eat. I told him that there was no price limit, it was his choice. He surprised me, he wanted a sit down dinner of fried chicken served homestyle. I asked him if he would like to go to an all you can eat buffett, he agreed to that.
    By the look on his face when he saw the serving line I was looking around for a corset to bind him together with in case he burst from overeating. I headed to the massive salad bar and built myself a real meal. I selected the pot roast, not the meat, the vegetables and the broth. I drank enough coffee to float a battleship. I also enjoyed the unending supply of chocolate milk. Poor Çhé, his eyes would roll right out of his head if he had been with us.
    We had driven the 'vette and I felt like taking a boy for a trip to the hilltop. I asked Franz if he was afraid of high speed and if he trusted me with his life. He told me that he has a real need for speed and he would trust me to do what is best for him, even if I had a loaded gun against his head. I told him to buckle up. I told him that we were riding on a bullet.
    "Papa to dispatch, request clearance along I 19 south and return."
    "Are you headed to the hilltop. Yeah, I know Ricky and he says that is his most favorite trip ever." I told him that he was broadcasting in the clear. He shut up and got me the clearance I wanted to get some air in my hair.
    Franz grabbed for anything to hold onto then he looked at me and relaxed into his seat. He told me that he had a super hard on. I was thankful for the Sheriff and DPS vehicles that we passed were keeping the traffic to the outside lane as we roared past at over one hundred miles and hour. I don't have the high intensity lighting on the 'vette that make such a speed at night safe. I kept my speed subdued.
    At night there are very few lights in the far distance to be seen, The stars above provide the beautiful light show I love to watch. I led Franz to the front of the 'vette and had him lay back on the hood. The heat from the engine provided him all of the warmth needed to keep the chill of the nighttime December air from getting to him. I had another plan to warm him up.
    I reached to the buttons of his 501s and slowly unfatened them sending a warm chill through his firm member and body. He lifted his butt slightly so that I could pull the top of his jeans down, letting his loaded balls fall clear of the confining denim. I fondled those juice filled orbs with one hand as I circled about his glans with my fingers and let my thumb rub over the abundant pre-cum at his slit.
    As his moans intensified I engulfed his mighty meat all of the way to the firm flesh of his groin muscles. His butt rose six inches above the car's hood giving me access to the most personal of his erogenous parts. I let one finger enter into the dark nether region. My finger was dry, but his anus was dampening with the sweat rolling down his perineum and into his crack.
    I didn't finger fuck him, being as dry as it was it would have hurt him. I did the next best thing, I gave his firm prostate a good work over. I was rewarded by him fucking his bone in and out of my mouth at the speed of sound and then sending gallons of boi ball batter home to daddy.
    After his intense ejaculation I kept my mouth still, but still tightly wrapped around his fleshy pole. He never lost any of his tumidity, but I knew that he was very sensitive. When he began to move in and out of my mouth once again I suggested that we move to a blanket on the ground.
    I took the large plastic backed shipping pad from behind the back seat of the 'vette and spread it out on the ground. I removed all of my clothes as did Franz. The air was chilly, but we had plans to keep each other warm. We quickly got into a hot sixty nine session and went to work on each other's favorite play toy.
    Franz is a master at cock suckery. He had me in a frenzy in very short order. I had him on top of me with his legs spread wide so that I could do some fine dinning at his back door. Between the actions of both of us he was ready to shoot very quickly. I replaced my tongue with three fingers into his well fucked ass hole and swallowed his rigid pole. Both of us reached our individual climaxes at the same time.
    We turned so that we could lay side by side. Franz moved into the crook of my arm and snuggled up close to take a little of the chill off of his body. "Will you fuck me now?" he asked. I told him that we should catch our breath as we looked at the clear sky overhead then we would go back to the house and fuck each other. He leaned in and gave me a very encouraging kiss.

    A state DPS vehicle and a county Sheriff's vehicle were sitting at the side of the on ramp when Franz and I returned to the freeway headed north and to my home. The DPS—state's highway patrol—officer took the lead with his lights and siren blaring. I turned on my lights and siren and fell in behind him with the Sheriff's car bringing up the tail end.
    "Dispatch to Papa, go to channel thirty six." I switched my radio to channel thirty six and was able to talk to the DPS officer. I knew him from a detail that we had worked on in the past. The young Sheriff's deputy was a long time friend of mine that I had known from the many parties that Charley had thrown at the house when we were both in high school.
    Rico, the DPS officer, wanted to know how fast my little toy could travel. I told him that I would burn his engine out before he could keep up with me. He moved up to a good speed of one hundred and forty miles per hour. Dante stayed hot on my tail as al three of us kept our sirens blaring and blue and reds flashing. It was too dark to see what those that we passed might be doing as a cyclone of cop cars nearly blew them off of the road.
    Once we were well north of Green Valley the traffic thinned to almost nothing. I reached over and checked the three point seat belt on Franz and made him put on the helmet that sits to the rear of the center console. Once I was satisfied that he stood a chance at survival should the unforseen happen and we were involved in a roll over crash I keyed my mic.
    "My grandma's rocking chair moves faster than this, get over, I'm coming through." Because we were headed north the orange glow of Tucson's city lights made the visiblity better. At least I could see shadow of objects in my path ahead. I pulled to the inside lane and increased my pressure on the accelerator. In milliseconds I was moving along at one hundred and sixty five MPH. Rico was right at my side with Dante catching all of the rock and debris that we threw up from the roadway.
    There is a long stretch of several straight and flat miles between Green Valley and where the Santa Cruz River crossed the freeway. I made use of that knowledge and moved up to one hundred and eighty five MPH. Franz's helmet has a microphone and speakers in it that tie into the car's sound system and from there into my soundbud. He was having the time of his life. I was going to take him on a helicopter ride the following morning. We'll see how much fun the boy can stand.
    Dante quickly fell behind and Rico slowly disappeared to a tiny set of flashing lights far to my rear. I made it to the river and cut my speed to one hundred MPH as two more of the county's high speed chase vehicles appeared before me. The road widened to three lanes north, but because there was no traffic through there we ran three abreast.
    "I would like to get you on that long stretch of road. I don't think that you could get away from me," an unfamiliar voice told me. I learned that I was talking to a young rookie fresh home from Afghanistan. "This unit is rated at two hundred MPH, sustained speed."
    "I've never really had the opportunity to find the top end of this bad boy. I did make it from Tucson to Phoenix in forty minutes when I was twenty five. But I have had the engine blue printed since then and added a better transmission to the tightened suspension."
    "Sounds like brag talk to me, old man." He had a challenge, we only had to find an empty stretch of road and the time to get it on.
    Rico chimed in and told the rookie that he was with me on the one ninety mile run to the suburbs of Phoenix in 1997. He said that I actually made the trip in thirty eight minutes and forty six point nine seconds, an average speed of just over two hundred and forty three MPH. He said that we crawled back home in eighty two minutes.

    "Hey speedy, I need to see you at six thirty. I'll have a ride waiting at your door at six. Bring that cute young and hung so that you can fly back over to your camp after our brief meeting.

    I felt as if I should tie a string around Franz's ankle to keep him from floating away. He was so high from our trip that his feet seemed to never touch the ground. "Dad, could you take me to the stars now? I mean in bed with you and all…" I was looking forward to giving him another type of ride and getting a ride on him as well. Our night of love making lasted well into the wee hours of the night. We had very little time to sleep, but who needed sleep?

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