Chapter fourteen


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    Jerry and Jim lay side by side as Tim and I lapped at their sweet virgin rectums, I am not sure which of them was enjoying himself more. Judging by moans I would consider them in equal ecstacy. When the fingers began their magic the two were lip locked together, moaning deep in each other's oral cavities, sharing their emotions as they never considered needing to do.
    I could not be in a hurry. Jim was just too fucking small and I would not hurt him for the world. I made Tim take his time also. His eight inches were going to be a stretch for Jerry.
    When we began our three finger salute to the prostate we had to quickly swallow our partners joy stick as they emptied themselves from the pleasure we gave them. This just meant that we were doing things right.
    Tim and I had dumped good sized loads just an hour or so before and would not be in any hurry to cum. Jim and Jerry just dumped their loads so now was the time to mount up and start a long ride.
    It was unspoken, but a long ride was just what we set out for. It just seemed to pass between us that we needed to see who could get our boy off the most times while holding back on our own release. Jerry splooged himself in ten minutes. Watching that made Jim take the same trip. Tim and I marched on. Tim was in trouble, he is young and full of cum. A few minutes into it and Jerry went again, Tim was right behind him. I will have to hand it to the boy though, he kept the faith. He worked right through his sensitivity and stayed the course. Oh, to be young again.
    Little Jim shot my headboard with a long thick line of really hot looking boi cum. Man, I'm such a cum pig, I really wanted that load. Jim wasn't through, he covered his face, chest, and stomach in line after line of the thick syrup. That was to much for me, I fought my climax, but finally lost out. I filled my little guy to the rim. I tried to keep fucking, but old age and fatigue took their toll and I fell aside. Okay, so I had just turned thirty two, but I'm still almost twenty years older than these baby boys. Tim stayed the course and went for shot number two without a break. Jerry lay out a thin, but large load as the two boys gasped for air. Tim gave up and lay down beside me with Jim and Jerry on the outside of the bed. I reached across Jerry to turn out the lights as the soft sounds of snoring started from around the room.
    Morning brought a run on the bathroom. I took to the shower and Jim joined me. There is really not enough room for two to pee at the pot so Tim, being last man in the door, was doing a dance. I grabbed his hard man stick and pulled him toward me and hugged him close as I peed all over his monster cock, he retaliated in kind, Jim peed on our legs and hips. I kissed Tim and told him that I really would like to suck his cock again, he told me that we could do that.
    I asked Jerry if they had a breakfast bar at the truck stop. He said they had one of the best around. We each managed to get a shower and get our clothes on. I took all of the boys inside to replenish their fucked out energy. Jerry was right they did have a great breakfast bar. There were fresh fruits, dry cereal, hot cereal, pancakes, eggs to order, even omelets. Toast, biscuits, sausage gravy, thick ham steaks, bacon, sausage—links and patties—just about anything one could want at that time of the morning. The hash browned potatoes looked as if they had been under the heat lamps too long so I passed on them. I am more of a biscuit and gravy man anyway, I filled a plate then used a second plate for the eggs and sausage patties.
    Four different kinds of juice were on the line as well as both chocolate and white milk. The boys drank gallons of chocolate milk while I did the same with coffee. My caffeine level was at a low. I had papaya juice, tomato juice, and orange juice as well as a glass of chocolate milk. Can anyone say oink oink?
    I sat back and stared at the boys. I had a thought running around my head all night and I really wanted to do something. I asked the boys what they had planned for the day. They were just going to go over to Tim's and practice what they had learned. They felt that they had gotten a decent education the previous evening, but they had missed the section entitled 'Lubrication With Feeling'. I choked on my coffee. "Ooooppps, my bad. I forgot about that part. Do we have the time to do it though?"
    Everyone thought that we did then I hit them with the sixty four thousand dollar question. "Is there anyway that the two of you could get away for maybe six days?" They thought about it and really got their heads together.
    "What would we do?"
    "I don't want to tell you because you might do something stupid."
    "You won't hurt us will you?"
    "I might eat you over and over. I would like a ride from each of you and that may have a little pain associated with it. But seriously, no I would never hurt you. I have something in mind that I wanted to do for Jim, but I know you would like it too. I just don't know how we can. Your parents would never approve. They don't know me and I don't live here. I am being selfish and only thinking of my own pleasure. Let's get to Traveler© and I will finish my instructions and you can get on your way."
    We got up and headed out to the parking lot. Tim and Jerry were in deep conversation all the way back. When we got inside I was forced to the sofa with one of them on each side of me and Jim in my lap, facing me.
    "We have been talking for a long time of taking off and just going somewhere. We know that we will get into so much trouble, but we want to go and fuck, and such, all day. We know that we will both get our asses beat and get grounded like forever, but we so want to do it. We would like to hear you out, we think we might just say to fuck with it and go."
    "You wouldn't really get beaten would you?"
    "My dad has a thick leather belt and he likes to use it. He whipped me until I couldn't sit down just two weeks ago for having a porn mag and cummy rag on my bed when he came to my door. He didn't know I was looking at the man's big cock in the pictures, he would have beat me longer."
    "He beat you for jacking off? That's sick."
    "He is a Baptist and any sex outside of marriage is wrong. He thinks beating off will make me go blind."
    "I bet he beat off as a boy. Is he blind?"
    "No. My grandfather was a preacher and he would have killed my dad if he did it."
    "I'm so sorry."
    "How about you, Tim?"
    "My old man is weird. He gets a snoot full and takes his belt to me for his pleasure. It could be worse. We have a friend whose dad beats him with his fists. My dad just makes me get naked and spanks me to watch me dance around. When I get a hard on he really gets into it. He likes to spank me until I cum all over the room. He likes to watch as I dance around from the lashes and my cock flops and cum is slung everywhere."
    "Your dad is gay and is hiding it."
    "That's what I think. I offered to jack off for him and let him watch. He cussed me out and whipped me again."
    "Guys, I don't want to make you go through that. I can't ask you what I wanted now."
    "Then we're going to hitchhike. We want to go somewhere."
    "What will you do for food?" They hadn't thought that far ahead. "Okay, one more question. When your dad's whip you do they leave marks on you anywhere except on your butts. Any bruises or cuts?"
    Jerry told us, "Hell yes. I have big wide bruises for days. I don't dare dress out at school where anyone could see me. And yes he cuts me all of the time. It takes days for those to scab over and fade away." I grimaced.
    "My whole body is covered in welts and bruises. I wear long sleeve shirts for a few days until they fade, but sometime he'll do it two or three times in one week. It is hard to explain why I wear long sleeve shirts in the weather we have here," said Tim.
    "Have you ever thought about going to the police?"
    "All of the time. We have talked to each other about it and we swear the next time it happens that we are going, but we always chicken out. Where would we live? They would take us away from them and put us in homes somewhere and we might not ever see each other again."
    "Couldn't you stay with your moms?"
    "Wouldn't they get in trouble too?"
    "They might get charged for allowing it, but if they didn't beat you they would probably get probation or community service or something. Maybe they want to see an end to it, but are afraid."
    "Yeah. That could be it," both boys agreed.
    "Well if you are dead set on a road trip then I would like to offer you some fun before you get your beatings. How would a trip to Orlando sound. Maybe two or three days there?"
    I wish I had not said that inside Traveler©. I may need hearing aids. The decibel level of the three boys yelling had to be over two hundred. I looked outside to see if anyone was running to our aide.
    I slipped behind the wheel of Traveler© and pulled from my parking spot. Jerry yelled at me to stop. He had to tell his boss that he would not be at work for a few days. He jumped out and ran to the kitchen door. He was back in ten minutes. As we drove away I asked him if he really thought that had been wise. I suggested that he could tell his parents that he got in a RV and then the shit could hit the fan. Especially if he got my tag number. The boys were looking out the windows to see if Jerry's boss was watching us leave.

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