Chapter 235


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    The impact of four rounds at close range knocked me off of my balance. I controlled my backwards fall as I processed what I knew. The shooter had used a .38 caliber two inch barrel snub nose handgun with Magnum load hollow point rounds. I placed my hands flat on the ground behind me. With that leverage I was able to bring both of my feet up. With my left foot I knocked the gun from the shooter's hand and with my right I knocked the side of his face in. I pushed with my hands and was standing upright before the gun touched the ground. I grabbed it and placed it to the crushed face of my assailant as two bullets tore through his body from the back
    I brought his gun up under the dead shooter's left arm and shot two men that had guns pointed in my direction. Both men suddenly had a visible cyclops in the middle of their foreheads and blank looks on their dead faces before falling backwards and lying still, forever more
    I pushed the shooter away from me and turned to help Cullen up from the ground. The look on his face was of sheer fright. He was ghostly white and his lips were moving, but no sound was being made. I picked the King up with both of my arms and carried him to the waiting chopper. I was surrounded by FI agents and Federal Marshals. My boys were gathered into a tight clump and directed to get aboard the aircraft. As the doors slid shut Roddy was holding me tightly. He looked down at Cullen then leaned in to give him a kiss
    "Uncy, you got a boo boo on your medal." He began to giggle in his old voice and reached up to hold me closer to himself. We flew at a low level, down below the tops of the buildings, then rose up to land on top of the forty five story hotel where my apartments are located. Cory and Pete got all of the boys off of the chopper and down to our rooms as I carried Cullen with Jimmy and Roddy walking alongside me
    A doctor and his nurse were getting off of the elevator from the ground level as we stepped off of the elevator from the roof. I hurriedly carried Cullen to his bed and Jimmy helped me to remove the young King's clothing. I was looking at the blood on the front of his jacket and decided that it was the shooter's blood that came off of my jacket
    "He's got a shirt and vest like ours." Roddy announced. I punched him in the gut. "Didn't hurt me, didn't hurt me." He teased as he stuck his tongue out at me. I had him help me out of my jacket and shirt. My chest was hurting as if a mule had kicked me
    I stepped out of the room for a moment to place a very important phone call. First I called my wife to reassure her then I called the schoo. I know Tyler's devotion to his job and I was right with my assumption that he would be in his office. While he patched my call through the P. A. system I talked to a tearful Turner. Adam, Lew, Cas, and Art were in the office and I quickly spoke to each of them. Tyler told me that he was ready and blew a kiss to me through the phone. I told him that my ear was wet, I heard a lot of nervous laughter
    "Hey dudes, this is dad calling you from New York City. I wanted to let you all know that all of us are fine and unhurt. Last week you witnessed a demonstration of our newest bullet proof vest. All of the boys with me are wearing those vests, even Cullen
    "Cullen is fine. He is a bit shaken, but this incident is the closest that he has ever come to dying. The doctor is looking at His Royal Hinney right now then he is going to look me over. We are both bruised, but othewise intact
    "I love each and eveyone of you and I will make sure that you know what is going on with us. Play hard and enjoy your vacation, we will return tomorrow."
    I leaned back against the wall to catch a labored breath. I was hurt, but I tried not to let on. I straightened up and returned to the King's bedroom. The doctor looked over every inch of Cullen's chest and tummy. When he began to probe about Cullen started to laugh. The boy is still ticklish. Jimmy had to help Roddy remove my protective shirt and vest. They reacted as they removed the vest from my chest. The doctor quickly turned his attention to me. Jimmy called for Cory to get his ass into the room
    "Dad!…" Cory cried out as he rushed to be at my side. The doctor was pushing me back to lay on the bed next to Cullen He listened to my heart and to my lungs. He sat me up and listened to my lungs from the back. His nurse was pumping up a blood pressure cuff and listening to my heart through her stethoscope placed against the crook of my elbow
    "You have some serious bruisng there Sir Chris. I want x-rays and an EKG at once."
    He looked serious, I felt sore. I looked at the others in the room and felt that I could not go to a hospital at the moment, then I heard the boys in the other room and knew that I could not leave them. "Papa to dispatch…Triage team my 20. X-ray and EKG equipment. Papa out." The nurse looked around to see to whom I was speaking. Roddy pointed to the tiny microphone stuck to my throat and told her that I was on the phone
    Cory left me sitting there. I heard him giving directions to the other boys in the front room then Pete and Bryan came in and helped me to my bedroom. I was completely stripped and led to the massage bed that sits in one corner of the room. I heard Mike running water in the Jacuzzi. Minutes later Cory led two men that were pushing a portable x-ray machine into our room. A film plate was placed behind my back as the other technician cleared the room of everybody. I was sat up and rolled to my side, everything but made to stand on my head, as one picture after another was taken of my chest
    Cory came back to stand by me as the EKG ticked through a page of data that only a trained eye can read. When the little round stickies were removed I told Cory 'thanks for keeping me hair free.' We both had to laugh. Hey if you have ever had a nurse yank those little sticky dots off of you with a fist full of hair attached you will know what I mean. It is like the hair removal treatment in the movie, The Forty Year Old Virgin
    I was bruised, but healthy. The doctor wondered at the Mithril shirt and vest and told me that I was lucky to have been wearing it. Roddy had his outer shirt off and showed the doctor that he had one on as well then he pulled Cory's shirt tail up so that we could see the one that he wore. I got up and went in to check on Cullen
    Cullen was curled up in a fetal posistion with his back against Jimmy's front. Cullen was still crying softly. I shooed Jimmy away as I picked my nephew up and held him close to me. He ran his fingers over the dark bruises that were turning into one large bruise on my chest. Cullen has lived most of his life under threats. This had been the closest escape he had ever experienced. I could only hold him as he tried to gain control of his mind and body. At last he fell into a sound sleep and I called Jimmy back to lay with his lover.

    I walked into the living room, or common area, of the large suite and sat down with the other boys. I looked at Cedric, he was crying softly. When I looked at him he got up and took my hand. He led me over to a large mirror on the wall of the suite and opened his mouth wide. It took me a second to realize what the boy was showing me, but when it became clear I grabbed him and held him tight. His teeth were growing back in. He had every tooth in his head knocked out and both sides of his jaw bone broken during the beatings that he had suffered through. Wes's magic was restoring all of his body
    Mike and Cory came to me and led me to the hot Jacuzzi. The boys had placed Cullen on one of the long seats so that his body was under water to his shoulders. I pulled Cedric along behind me. I was ready for a soak in the herbal water, but I wanted Cedric to get another dose for himself. I showed Mike and Cory Cedric's mouth and we decided that the healing waters were unable to completely get to his mouth because of the snorkel. Each of us took turns holding Cedric's head as we lowered it beneath the water then lifted him up so that he could breathe. We did this continuously for an hour
    Cory and I quietly talked as we rested between our turns with Cedric. I asked the love of my life what Sagi had said when he had called her. She was okay. They had seen the news reports of the shooting and the graphic closeups of the gunman shooting me. He said that Ugitsiha actually felt each bullet strike my body. She knew that I was unscathed, but she also knew that I was in a great deal of pain. She was laying down when I called; she was trying to transfer my pain to herself. I know that I am married to an empath, but it still hurts me to see her take on the pain of others, especially mine
    When the hour was finished and we moved to the shower I looked into the boy's mouth again. His molars were almost full sized and his front teeth were growing well. By the time we dressed and headed for dinner he had a full set of perfect teeth, for the first time in his life. He grinned as he said that he ate a lot of candy and had four fillings in his old teeth.

    Cullen was fit and fiesty, he was also hungry. I had just the thing for his tummy. I asked all of the boys to put on slacks and a dress shirt, with tie. None of them had school blazers yet, but that was good. Pete, Bry, and Cory searched all of the closets in each of my apartments and found nice dark jackets for the boys to wear
    I placed my ribbon bar on a clean suit coat and dressed to kill. The sixteen of us took a seat in the stretch HUMVEE that many of the boys in the family remember and enjoy. Cullen sat back and told us that now he knew that he was in New York, Jimmy smacked him on the backof his head. The dirver took us to a world famous spot for our dinner, The Original Delmonico's Steakhouse Restaurant located at 56 Beaver St. I ordered the vintage all natural dry aged sirloin strip while Cory selected the double Porterhouse. Most of the boys wanted the Porterhouse steak as well. Yuri asked me what he wanted. I went over the menu with him and he selected the natural tenderloin steak with whipped potatoes. I choose as my sides the classic Delmonico potatoes with a double order of the exotic mushrooms. I also ordered a salad of summer greens mixed with roasted red pearl onions and pancetta. I shared the pancetta and onion salad with Roddy and Yuri. They both loved it and wanted more
    For desert I treated the boys to a New York style cheesecake with a topping of cheeries flambée. I watched as most of the boys drank coffee or hot tea. I was pleased that they did not go with sodas. I like my Coca Cola, but sometimes the sugar is an overkill with fine food
    The boys wanted to see the city lights. The stretch HUMVEE has three sun roofs in the passenger section and all three of them were open with boys' heads sticking out of them. The boys were quick to tell me that we had a police escort and three black SUVs with us and that all of them had their lights on and flashing. I reminded them that Cullen is a visiting monarch. He receives a police escort wherever he goes
    Cullen stayed in his seat until I stood up and pulled him up next to me to look out. He was shaking. He had just had the frieght of his life during the afternoon. We pulled up to a stop in front of the Empire State Building and our doors were opened for us by heavily armed FI agents. The agents led us directly to the elevators to the observation level and stood guard as we entered the car to the sky
    Yuri told us that his tummy was still on the ground floor and the other boys agreed that their's were there as well. Some of the boys wobbled off of the elevator as they fought with their legs to work again. They said that they had never gone up one hundred and ten stories so fast before. I teased them about the ride down when they would find themsleves plastered against the roof of the car
    We made our way to an empty observation deck that had been cleared for the King of Munedavia and his guests. The boys ran around the deck looking out over the city below and having themselves a ball. Even Cullen got into the play, which made me feel good.

    I had contacted the front desk of the hotel to open up another two apartments for the boys. My suite has four bedrooms, one of those is for Cullen and Jimmy and another is for me and Cory. I wanted to keep Roddy and Yuri in my suite with me so that left only left one empty bedroom for seven boys and Pete's flight crew. Pete, Mike, and Bryan each got their own bedroom in an apartment near the main elevators. I wanted the seven boys as close to me as possible without me seeming to be hovering over them
    The suite next to mine is a mirror of my apartment suite. I had four bedrooms for the seven boys to sleep in. I had been watching Horse and Franz all day and I knew that they were developing a relationship. I knew that all was well when they choose a room together. I had figured on Byron sleeping by himself, he is very unsure of his sexuality. Nate and Miguel could barely keep their clothes on as they ran to a bedroom and shut the door
    Khelo looked at Byron. Byron is a large black boy with muscles over every inch of his trim body. Khelo has a crush on him. Bryron looked at him then at Jake and invited the two of them to share his bed. A puff of smoke and the sound of a slamming door left the room clear. I had one more extra bedroom.

The boys asked for a repeat of our ride to the hotel from the meeting the day before. It took me an hour to get the clearances that were needed. Homeland security was absolutely against it until they were informed that I was onboard and escorting the King of Munedavia. I was asked if the King or I were seriously hurt in the shooting. I told the flunky on the phone that heights might upset the recovery of His Royal Highness, he cleared our flight plan
    I want to assure you that flying below the tops of most of New York's sky scrapers at one hundred feet and sixty miles an hour can make the faint of heart hide their heads. The boys are all daredevils. Yuri was the first to come alive and glue his nose to a window as he squealed his joy out at a deafening decibel level. Roddy was trying to get into the cock pit so that he could see better and the other boys relaxed and took in the benefit of their request to scrape the paint off of the street as we flew through town
    I listened to the chatter on the scanner as the police tried to keep the press above five hundred feet. I knew that after the shooting the press was in a feeding frenzy so I talked to my pilot and reached an agreement with him. He kept us on the deck as he flew through lower Manhattan and under the Tri-Borough Bridge and then on to Henry Fiorello La Guardia Airport. He sat our chopper down within fifty feet of FI-2. I hustled the boys aboard our plane and shut the door. The chopper took off at once and Pete got the engines on our jet up and running
    I sat down in my seat and tuned the scanner onboard FI-2 to the chatter from the air traffic that had been following our chopper
    "I don't know, I lost him when he dropped down to the surface of the river and flew upstream."
    "No, no, no. He flew downstream and I can see him flying out to sea. I think that they are headed for Ellis Island."
    "You're all wrong. He flew under the Tri-Borough and blended in with the air traffic at La Guardia."
    "I am going to Ellis Island and get a scoop. I'm sure that he is going out to see the Lady."
    Cory had drinks for everybody as he sat down beside me and fed me a cup of hot coffee. I would be lost without my Cory man. I am so happy that we have each other. I was not tired, but I stayed still and let Cory rest his head on my shoulder. The boys were talking about what they had seen and done in the Big Apple. Cullen and Jimmy told them about seeing the big hole where once had stood the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Finally the boys got quiet. I watched a few young romances solidify.

    It was past the noon hour by the time that we landed at Camp Christopher. I had a set of headphones on to listen to music, but I had switched over to listen to the Air Traffic Controllers trying to keep small aircraft away from us. With the press circling the globe looking for the young boy King I wanted every bit of security that I could get so we made a side trip. Pete was unfazed by the landing inside the mountain of Base A, but I can't say the same for Bry and Mike. Those two had never landed a plane that they were crewing inside the tight quarters. We quickly mounted a tram that took us underground to the school. From there we were taken to a large Sikorsky that was sitting on the football field waiting for us then flown to the camp and lunch with the other boys
    As we began to settle down to the ground boys could be seen running from all around the camp as they headed to the airstrip to meet us as soon as we disembarked the chopper. Everyone of the boys was talking about the shooting that they had seen on TV. Cullen and I were both pawed and fawned over as they looked for bullet holes. I told them that I did have something to show them and that I would have it at the table during lunch. I placed my hand on my stomach and told them that I was beyond hungry. I was led by the hand to the food laid out in the main cafeteria
    Roddy and Yuri came to my table and handed me my GBE and Grand Croix wrapped in a piece of black velvet. I looked over to Cullen to see him in the midst of a group of the boys with whom he had lived in my house with. He seemed to be calm, but I had to be sure that he would not freak out when I showed the other boys the results of a bullet hitting a piece of silver and gold
    I rose from my seat and moved over to sit down next to Cullen. I made eye contact with Jimmy and told him to hold his boyfriend close. Jimmy wasn't sure what I was after, but he moved closer to Cullen and placed an arm around him. I took the young King's hand into mine and spoke quietly in Tsalagi. No one near to us know the intricate nuances of the language so I felt that with a room full of boys that speak many languages that Tsalagi was the best way to talk to him privately
    I explained the black cloth in my hand and Cullen was eager to see the bent and blood covered emblems of my Knighthood. I unfolded the cloth and revealed the beautiful medal that Cullen had placed on me one September morning in 2007. The silver star burst had a heavy crease in the center causing the piece to almost fold in half. That medal, and the other three large medals that I wear in a tight cluster over my heart, were caked with dried blood
    Cullen and Jimmy knew that the blood was that of the assassin that I was holding close to me when two bullets fired by his cohorts ripped through his body and covered me with his blood. Jimmy was eager to share the story with everyone, Cullen had not even heard the story in its entirety. Boys came from all around the room to see the messed up badges to my deeds. RD slipped up behind Jimmy and place the wireless microphone on his head then helped Jimmy up to stand on the table and tell his story.

    I excused myself and went to my house to see my wife and baby boys. I sat with Ugitsiha on the large front porch of the main house and watched my sons play with beast. Suddenly the front door screen slammed back against its frame then slammed shut as Yuri ran out to join his two little brothers as they played with Roddy's dog. A split second later Roddy slammed through the door. Instantly he was on the ground with Nvgi diganvsadi ontop of him licking his laughing face
    I was at total peace with the world as I reveled in the joy of my family. Ugitsiha was pulled up against me so close that she heard every word from the guard at the front gate as it sounded through my earbud. She turned and looked at me, "What does he want?" I didn't know so I kissed her and rose from my chair and walked out to the middle of the long driveway in from the main road into the camp
    Al Gobles pulled his car off of the road and stopped before me. As he started toward me with his hand held out I caught a change in the direction that he had been looking. The man's mind is wide open to me and I clearly saw that he was looking at his son Franz. As I turned around to him and Horse coming across the road from the school I heard terrified screaming. Horse was hysterical as he yelled out that he had killed Al then the two boys fan as if for their lives back toward the school
    Al moved to chase after Franz when I yelled, "Adalbrecht Bertram, stop! Those boys are terrified of you. They have made serious allegations about your involvment with a house in Vermont. At this point I am treating it as the nightmares of a traumatized boy. Al, please leave the boys alone and let them calm down. Everything will blow over soon so let it rest." I held myself back as I lied to the man's face. I wanted to… I am an officer of the law, I had to control my hatred, for now
    A look that I had not seen since the day I watched Seigy slowly die filled Al's eyes and his emotions were of pure hatred. He quickly returned to his car and sped away. I alerted dispatch to have the GPS locator on Al's care watched. I wanted to know everywhere he went and every call to and from his cell phone recorded
    I sent a mental message to Roddy as he continued to play with his dog and his brothers. I transformed into a swift and flew after Franz and Horse as Roddy picked up the pile of empty clothes that I left behind me. I caught up with the boys just as they entered building A. As I darted through the door I transformed into a Fannia canicularis—small housefly—and rested on Franz's back
    Franz led Horse into his bedroom and sat him on a bed. Horse was hysterical, and the hatred that poured through his mind and out of his small mouth was pure venom. I only touched his mind to learn of his past, now he needed to be consoled. I flooded every part of him with peace. I did the same for Franz. The next part was none of my business, but I felt that I should stick to the wall and make sure that Franz could straighten Horse out
    When Anthony Eaton Beaton gets straightened out he is very impressive. Horse may be a misnomer. The appendage srpouting from the small framed boy's groin is more like a young elephant's trunk. The mighty midget with the giant widget had stood four foot seven inches tall and only weiged seventy nine pounds when I found him. The fifteen year old boy sported an oversized piece of man meat that was eight and half uncut inches
    I flew over every inch of the diminutive body as I sought out his true dimensions. He is only four foot eight and a half inches tall. I would guess that his weight is about eighty five pounds, he has put on two or three pounds in the week that he has been in Tucson. Most of that weight came from the Porterhouse steak dinner with two helpings of mashed potatoes and a lar slice of the cheesecake that he had eaten at Delmonico's the evening before. I placed my life in jeopardy when I landed on the boy's mighty meat. I wanted a taste of it, and how better to do that then to walk the length as I measured it
    I was impressed with the nine and a half inches of hard cock that Horse sported. The advantage of the many eyes of a fly came home to me when Horse moved his hand to shoo me away. I had to take to the air without any cream. I will find a way to get some of that nut batter very soon. I hung upside down from the ceiling and watched the action developing below. I had to fine tune my mind to know what the boys were saying; the senstive hair covering my body did not distinguish words, only sounds
    I was trying my best to find my little fly dick so that I could stroke it and let fly cum fall over the two hot boys copulating before my compound eyes that are comprised of thousands of individual lenses. I did enjoy the full spectrum of the visual light emitting from the boys. I could detect the infa-red of heat in their main members. My eyes were capable of detecting both the polarization of light and color spectrums unseen by my human eye. I watched the simple act of males in sexual bonding in a whole new light
    Franz has proved himself to me as an eager bottom, but he also loves to suck cock. Horse had the meat to bring tears to his eyes. From my lofty perch I watched the hottest sixty nine session that I have ever seen. This time I was detached and only an observer without the two involved in their sex play knowing that they were being watched. I slipped into their minds so that I could know the emotions that they were feeling, and discovered the the two boys were falling deeply in love with each other
    My mind reeled with the pleasant sensation of double loads of mature boi nut butter filling each mouth at the same time. I could actuall differentiate between the taste and textue of the individual offerings. The two boys turned to face each other and clasp their lover to them for some deep, deep kissing. Horse moved about so that he was flat on his back. He raised his legs around Franz and pressed his eager hole up to meet the turgid pole poking around the entrance. With one fluid motion both boys came together and Franz quickly entered impaling Horse for a long, long ride on his own meaty man stick
    I was so horny that I was trying to dry hump my fly dick into the plaster of the ceiling. I became like a jack hammer as I tried to chisel the building down when Franz straightened upright and Horse bent forward to fire a massive load into his own mouth then he shared it with Franz as they kissed in afterglow.

    After only minutes of rest and recovery the two boys changed position and I was able to watch Horse power fuck Franz as he yelled for more
    I decided that I had spied on the boys way too long so I flew to the bottom of the door in order to crawl under it and leave them alone. I had learned more than I had come to find out. Just as I reached the door Franz stopped me in my tracks with a simple statement. "I wish that dad was here right now. Both of us would benefit from one of his fucks."
    "I have heard that he is legendary. They say that he is really hung, but it is the way that he fucks a dude that is different," Horse responded. "If he would knock on that door right now I would let him fuck me all night long."
    That made up my mind. I flew to the outside door of the building, then once outside I returned to the form of a swift and quickly flew home. I was able to get into my bedroom unseen and place a tee shirt, shorts, and soft shoes in a small string bag. I stepped through the door to the patio and changed into a hawk and flew at top speed to the roof of building A. I quickly put on the clothes and stashed the bag in my pocket before making my way back to the staff room that Horse and Franz shared. On the way downstairs I thought about what a letch I am. A hard dick is difficult to control.

    The boys rode horses and hiked the mountain as the days of their holiday vacation quickly grew to a close. All of the boys were anxious to show off their musical talents so an all day concert was scheduled for Wednesday the fifth of January, 2011. I was privy to some of the performances that were to take place, but not all of them. I called Ryan Miller and bribed him into bringing his young piano masters to come out and play.

    The stage in the large cafeteria is not large enough for a good show with a large cast so the area was limited to small ensembles. The program began with the combined choirs all of the schools. The boys had worked hard to learn many songs in the language of the wide assortment of schools that bear the name of Bradford Academy
    A two hundred piece orchestra was crammed onto the stage and the boys stood at their seats to sing a selection of our favorites. Everyone of us wished that we could have been performing for a packed auditorium
    Shane Mason sat down before the ivories and began to play a concerto that he had composed. His step brothers, Garric and Garth Dabny accompanied him with their violins. Garric has finished school at Cambridge, England with a MMEE in Computer Circuitry Design. He is currently spending time at Empire Canal with his kid brother as they get reacquainted. Garric has been hired by Mitch Collins at his chip manufacturing company in Iowa
    The boys got up and began to dance to the music, but were distracted when Willie Wilson walked out on the stage without any pants on. He was wearing his dress shoes, a tux jacket, cummerbund, with a shirt and a bow tie. The only other thing that he had on was a hard dick. He walked up next to Shane. Shane looked up at the boy then looked at his hard meat. He indicated that he was in the middle of a song. Willie kept trying to shoo him away from the piano
    Willie leaned over and moved the piano bench then stepped up to the keys and began to play chopsticks…with his dick. The boys went wild. Shane stood up and moved the bench away from the piano then stepped back to the keys. He dropped his trousers and then his underwear and began to play along with Willie. They changed the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and all of the boys began to sing along
    While the boys were going wild with glee Yuri, Britt, and Bart Miller came running across the stage. They were dressed in their western shirts, Levis, and cowboy boots, complete with their cowboy hats. They were shooting their cap pistols at each other. They stopped short and stared at Shane and Willie playing the piano with their willies. They stepped to each side or the two players with Bart in the middle and began to play along with them, filling in the background and making a joyful song come alive
    They made a big show out of avoiding the older boys' cocks and pushed them away when they got to close and personal. Finally Shane threw up his hands and walked to the curtain. He stuck his naked ass out for the audience to see and put his head between the opening in the curtains. In a few moments another piano was rolled onto the stage. Britt took one look at it and ran over and began to play it. Bart took over the first piano so Willie and Shane hooked their arms together and with Shane holding his pants up they walked off of the stage
    The Miller boys impressed all of the boys from all of the schools with their mastery of the keys. They played three very difficult songs then received a very warm and long standing ovation
    Next James Thaddeus Watkins and Jules Feldman walked out on stage, each carrying their bass guitars. Chrisy rolled the Kurzweil out and sat down to accompany the two bassists in a selection of songs that they called Dueling Basses. Yuri ran out onto the stage and pushed Chrisy away from the Kurzweil keyboard and sat down to play. The audience roared with laughter
    Yuri remained at the keyboard as the Roland was pushed out to set next to it. Trevor Thomas and Ronnie Cramer stood in front of him as they played Le Roy Anderson's a href="" target="_blank">Trumpter's Lullaby. Horse walked out to stand next to the other two boys, he had my old Conn Constellation trumpet in his hand; he was ready to play the third trumpet part to Le Roy Anderson's Bugler's Holiday without getting their tongues tangled around their teeth or stuck down in the mouthpiece of their horns.
    The Soto brothers gave a command performance with their Japanese drums with a piece entitled Taiko. Our four Turkish boys: Bahir, Hasad, Hmcal, and Umit played their Sitars to a room full of belly dancing strippers. The evening was wrapped up with several repetitions of Arise and Seize the Day. The boys grabbed whatever they could find to beat on like a junkyard band. The cooks from all of the schools had prepared soup and sandwiches for us so many boys used the trays and spoons as drums and drumsticks.

    The Epiphany, January sixth, was a quiet day. All of the boys gathered at the church to worship He who made us all. Yuri provided most of the music on the large pipe organ. He is so cute sitting before the massive instrument that dwarfs his tiny body. But the music that he plays fills the hearts of those that listen to him. Britt and Bart played the concert Grands as groups of boys stood and provided vocals to religious hymns of their nations. I was very impressed with the song selections from the Russian boys. Christianity is not dead in that nation, the boys' songs are a testament to that
    Friday was a sad day as all of the boys filed to their planes for the long flight back to their homes. I really wish that I could bring everyone of them to live at the camp forever. I must respect their families and their heritage and let them grow up near their homes. Maybe, just maybe they will come to live with me when they grow up. I hope not, I want them to go out into the world and serve others as strong leaders.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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