Chapter thirty five


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    Traveling with thirteen hyper sexed teenage boys is an experience not to be believed, but one I would recommend to one and all. I was in a hot sixty nine with my one and only when I became aware of what was occurring around me. There were six couples of rooting rabbits going at it at one time. Poor Traveler's© springs and framework were the ones getting the real work out as he groaned a rattled from all the shaking going on. I have been on unpaved back roads that I don't believe beat the old boy up like that did. I had to laugh, which is fun to do when you have a long, thick cock in your throat. He did tell me if felt good and could I do it again.
    I was glad that the boys had no modesty. I mean being confined within four basic walls of a mean size of twelve by forty or so, doesn't afford any privacy. How could you not lay with your partner and watch other couples around you in their most personal moments with their partners? Sexy? fuck yeah, and letch that I am, I loved every second of it, every night, for the two months that we were on the road. Ah memories. Someday I am going to grow old and gray. I'll have me a rocking chair placed near to a roaring fire in the fireplace, a shawl about my stooped shoulders, a blanket over my lap hiding my erection, and a chuckle on my lips as I recall these wonderful times. Memories are the only thing that no one can ever take away from us.
    School let out and by the middle of the first week of June I had a houseful of bored boys. I sat the lot down and asked them what they wanted to do with their summer. I had ten different opinions until Turner opened his sweet little mouth. "I would like to run naked on the beach and let the waves chase me all day. Like a plague his words were on the lips of every dick swinging dude in the house. I called Ken and Jeremy and asked them if they would like to take a vacation to the sunny beaches of Southern California. It was a date.
    Friday morning we drove out. Three men and thirteen boys in one overloaded Traveler© pulling a Cadillac SUV. I knew we would need wheels when we got up to Malibu, but more important than that were the truck scales at the state line. Sometimes they don't stop RVs and sometimes they do, I wanted to be prepared. Five miles from the scales I unhooked the Caddy and had the two men take six of the younger boys and drive along in front of us.
    Sure enough, this time we had to stop at the scales. Ken kept right on going for another mile or so then pulled over for a stretch break. I had all of the older boys in seats, with seat belts on, as we stopped at the inspection station. An inspector walked up to my window and only asked if I had any fruits or vegetables on board. I know the law for both Arizona and California and we had no fresh fruits or vegies. I had some teenage fruits, but I didn't bring that up. He cleared us through. I asked him how far it was to a rest area and he told me there was one about five miles up the road. I put Traveler© back on the road and called Ken on his cell phone. We met at the rest stop to hook the Caddy back up and release the drive shaft so we wouldn't tear up the transmission then loaded the boys for our final leg.
    We spent three weeks in the sun and the surf. I managed to get some much needed maintenance done to the house. The under brush was thick around the house and fire is always a threat to the area. The boys all worked like troopers clearing a wide area back for over one hundred feet from the house. Of course then we could see how bad the paint was looking so that had to be corrected. My house is in a perfect spot so that there is no worry about the incessant land slides that plague the coast line. I am across a wide highway from a large natural ravine curling off to the south of my home. If a slide occurred it would be channeled well on past me.
    The house itself was built on the sand, more or less. It was built between two huge rocks that formed solid cliff walls on each side of the house. The architect had anchored the house into the solid rock cliff face to the front and to the granite monoliths with solid steel beams twelve inches wide. The two downstairs bedrooms, and the playroom between them, actually hung from these steel girders. The concrete slab for the floor was on the sand, but if the sand were to be washed away by a storm the house would just hang there, or so it was hoped.

    The air conditioning unit squealed so bad the first night that no one got much sleep so I had two new heat pumps installed. One stupid stunt was having the upper bedrooms re-carpeted with wet kids everywhere. I tried to keep the boys to the two extra large bedrooms downstairs as the men worked on the three bedrooms and hallways upstairs. Much easier said than done. The little flirts liked to run upstairs and wave their naked asses at two college students trying to make the next semester's tuition. I learned later that each of them did get five or six loads of boi cum each. Horn dogs.
    Turner found his friends from the last trip out. One of them had moved on, but two of them still lived nearby and came down to party with us each day that we were there. They had grown to be nice looking young men and fit well with the older lot. Everybody had to adapt and make himself fit well with Christopher, however. No self respecting gay boy around would pass on a chance to go a round with that lad.
    June fifteenth I got the call I was anxious about. Betty and Eva had arrived in Paris. They were going to spend sixty days in Europe. They both wanted to start in Paris and do the continent then over to England where they would fly to Rome and do two weeks in Italy. I knew they would be worn out when they returned. I had gifted each of them with a top line digital camera and a box of one gross of memory sticks, each. They thought I was being funny, but I bet that they run out of memory before they head home for a final week in New York City.
    With all of the sun covered patio area I have in my back yard, the very large swimming pool and the two hot tubs, yeah, I had to install a second and larger one. The boys still managed to get their asses sunburned at the beach. I mean the little farts are never dressed. They are naked at the poolside almost constantly. Why did they have to come on vacation to get so sunburned that they couldn't sit down? It was kind of comical to see though. I was the only one that didn't have blisters and peeling skin on my cheeks. The pain of a sunburned dick made my stomach quake, but we managed to avoid that one, somehow. All of the boys were so dark that none of them looked like little white boys. The last three days of our California leg was spent indoors rubbing aloe lotion on butt cheeks, a worse punishment I couldn't think of. None of them could stand to be penetrated. They were all glad for working mouths though, that didn't break my heart either, after all I am a cock sucker first off and foremost. Give me cum, lots of cum, lots of ooey gooey cum, cum in my mouth. Let me ride up and slide on a hard and leaking cock, oh cum on in. Oh well, you get the idea.
    I noticed that Cory, Cullen, and Pete had been head to head for several days. Come bed time Cullen and Cory seemed to take one side of the bed and stick together while Pete seemed to dominate my time. It wasn't as if we didn't get it on together a bit, it was that we seemed to couple up after the initial sexual release was tended to and settled down to loving. Thursday afternoon, before our scheduled departure, Pete came to me with a request. He wanted to spend the night on the beach, just the two of us. I looked to Cory. He looked at me and turned to Cullen for a long kiss. Something was up.
    I took Pete and a handful of blankets, towels, and pillows up the beach to the north of the house. Around the huge rock was a grotto carved by eons of time and water. The entry was narrow, barely room for a man to pass, but inside was a large opening with enough room to lay out our blankets and stretch comfortably. With our bed properly placed we could see through the narrow slit out over the ocean and hear the pounding surf in absolute privacy.
    Pete and I wiled away the waning daylight by making tender love to one another. This was actually the only time that we had been alone together since that day on the beach in Mississippi almost a year before. I realized how much I truly love Pete in those tender moments. All of the times that we had been together since he came to live with us, just six short months ago, had been for sex and we always had another one or two with us. Today it was us. My heart ached as I thought about Cory. I love that boy so much, but it was a different kind of love somehow. My love for Pete was deep and heart felt. My love for Cory was more as a protector and provider. I have a great sexual attraction to Cory, but that is nothing to build a relationship on. What was I to do? That was the question.

    That was the question that Pete broached to me several hours later as we had watched the sun sink. The moon was high overhead shining down into our secret place, we had lain there, united, for nine hours. Unwilling to let go, Pete had my penis locked in his rectum as he lay on top of me and massaged me slowly with his anal muscles, keeping me just on the edge of rigidity. I had made several deposits in him and he had glued us together with several deposits of his own but neither of us were willing to part. We had already determined that the blankets beneath us would remain forever in this place as they were soiled beyond even wanting to be picked up. Pete and I had urinated where we were and of course I knew the state of my groin after I had urinated deep inside Pete's rectum and his body had expelled that same urine with whatever else it had moved into that region. The smell was not all that bad as we considered it the smell of us and we continued to lie there.
    When the moon was directly overhead I figured it must be about eleven PM. The moon was full and was traveling with the sun. At full it had risen with the sunset and would stay within minutes of sunset around the globe. This was the time that Pete made his desires known to me. He had his head resting on a pillow, propped up on my left shoulder. His mouth was right in my ear. "I love you with all of my heart and soul. I can not imagine life without you, ever again, but you are a free agent with a right to live your life as you see fit. Sometimes I feel like a fifth wheel. I love Cory and now that Cullen is with us I love him too, but I don't get to be with just you. Do you hate me for that?"
    "Hate you? Hmmmm, let me see. Do I hate Pete for telling me that he feels what I feel and don't have the balls to say…" I was attacked before I could finish what I had to say. "Pete, control yourself. I am talking here." He giggled at me and snuggled in close, making my cock rise to the occasion. Pete began to fuck himself on my expanding rod. "Pete, baby. I hate to break this up but when you cum this time, shoot it in my mouth. I need your love juice, baby."
    Pete shocked me. He pulled off of me and grabbed my hand. He led me as we ran to the surf and stood in the full moonlight bathing and kissing each other. Tons of shit, literally, ran out of Pete's ass as I ran my fingers deep inside of him cleaning him. We had our lips locked and were startled as Cory ran up and handed me a bar of soap. I told him to use it, I was busy. Cory told us how much we stank as he and Cullen washed our bodies, from head to toe, in seawater and Piney Woods soap. Clean once again Pete and I left the water. We were kissed by our servants before they scampered away to wherever they had been watching from.
    Safely back in our little hidey hole Pete and I tossed the smelly wet blankets aside and spread the towels out. We lay down opposite of each other and nursed each other's boi sticks and let sleep fill our minds with peace and comfort. The fog had rolled in during the early morning hours and there was a chill on the air that made our nakedness uncomfortable. We grabbed up what was left of our cozy night together and ran for the warmth of the house. Up the stairs we ran and into bed with Cory and Cullen. Pete took Cullen, I took Cory as we spooned in against the two sleeping youngsters and let their warm bodies bring us back to life. Our cold bodies brought them to life as they both awakened with a yelp. Positions were changed. Pete and I ended up together, face to face, as the two boys spooned into us giving us their body heat and their hardened boi meat. The warm afterglow of a sweet boy fucking our butts made our cocks explode against each other as we lay, lips locked, and crotches enmeshed together.
    I heard nothing until around ten as ten boys and two men began to argue over who was doing what for breakfast. I dragged myself out of my pile of boys and wondered to the kitchen, making a piss stop on the way. I found a crew of happy campers gathered around plates full of hot pancakes with bacon and sausage piled high on the side. Coffee was ready and a cup was passed to me as a stool was pulled out from the breakfast bar for me to sit on. No sooner was I set than a plate of steaming hot pancakes appeared before me and several generous pats of butter were piled on top. I ate as I looked at the precious faces before me and realized just how much love I had for each and every one of them, Ken and Jer included.

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