Chapter 173


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Editors note:
Alright, we have the first part of the story of Tim Evers and Ken Worth laid out in a decent order and we are ready to move on. Ken has fallen asleep on us so I have asked Tim to tell us in his own words what happened next. I am going to switch into the first person narrative through this section so that the dialogue can flow smoothly.–JW

    Ken asked me, "Why did you call him gay Stark?"
    "Did I? I'm sorry. I guess it just slipped out. That's what we all call him. He is you know? Gay. He likes boys. He has some really good parties at his house and he goes down on anybody who wants it."
    "Have you seen it? Did he do you?"
    "Yeah, I've seen it. No, he didn't do me. I ain't gay." Kens face fell. Tim saw it. He wondered if he had said something wrong. "I mean, I ain't got no problem with a guy gettin' off with another's guys mouth. I just never swung that way. Have to admit that it was hot though."
    "Tell me about it."
    "Well…you have to promise not to say nothin'. I mean I already said too much."
    "I swear."
    "Stark has tutor parties. He has some of his favorite boys come over for private lessons. He really likes jocks. He goes for the older guys mostly. He told us one night that he loves big hard cocks. I watched him do five guys and they all got As in his class. He asked me if he could do me and I shook myself to death and moved away. He came up to me later and told me he loved virgins. He wasn't upset with me. He told me that I could come over again when I was ready. He said he would really like to do me. I watched as he did two more guys at once.
    "Everyone else had left. It was just these two seniors and me. I was waiting to ride home with the quarterback, but he wanted a piece of ass so I had to wait. Stark got naked and the quarterback shoved his huge cock up the man's ass. The other guy was naked also and Stark sucked him. I was so horny I stood there and jacked off. They pulled me up and I shot my cum all over Stark's face and the dick of the guy he was sucking. Stark just licked it off and kept on going.
    "When the quarterback shot his load he moved in front for Stark to suck him and the other guy went back and fucked him. I just stood there with my cock hanging out as it got hard again. The quarterback jacked me off and I yelled as I started to shoot. He pulled me to Stark's mouth and I let him suck my load. After we all got off and dressed I rode home with the two guys. They told me that if I ever said anything they would kill me. They told me that I could go back anytime I wanted, that Stark had really liked me. They told me I was cute. I got out of the car and puked after they drove away."
    "When was that?"
    "Four years ago. I was a fourteen year old frosh, just like you. I never went back. I never talked to the two jocks again. They tried to talk to me, but I always ran away. I didn't think I was gay."
    "Think you were gay? Are you gay now?"
    Oh no, I had put my foot in it. I fell back in my chair as tears started to pour down my face. Saved!! The door opened and a young male nurse walked in. "Time to get your vitals, young man. You must be Tim. I have heard so much about you. You are cute." That took the wind out of me. The guy was swishy, the kind of guy I don't like. But somehow he seemed cool as he literally flitted about the room making everything ready for the night. He checked Ken's temperature and blood pressure. He pulled the sheet back and rolled Ken's balls in his hand then he stroked the perfect penis and revealed the delicious looking cock head to me.
    Did I say delicious? I am a fag! The nurse had done his thing and was ready to leave when he asked if we needed anything else and winked at me. I told him I would like a taller chair so that Ken and I could see each other. He was hidden by the huge plaster casing that stuck up over his chest. The only way we could see each other was for me to stand up. The nurse flipped his wrist at me and walked to the bedside. He took the bed's controller which was tied to the side rail. He pushed a button and the bed lowered down to the height of a regular bed and I was looking Ken right in the eyes. "We'll have to put it up again when we work with him, but you can lower it down when we leave, sweetie." Out the door he flitted. Ken and I were in a fit of giggles.
    "Now that's gay. But are you?"
    He was not going to let this go away. "I never thought so until last night. I mean I have never done anything and I have never thought of doing anything. Not with a guy. But you…"
    "What did I do?" The tent pole was up.
    "That." I pointed at his pecker. He couldn't see it. "You have to know that you have a hard on." He giggled and smiled at me. He made his cock bounce around. I pulled the sheet back and watched it dance. "You gotta pee?"
    "No, just got hard looking at you."
    "You got hard looking at me?"
    "You're hot, you know. Yes, I'm gay and my parents know. I think you are one hot dude and I so want…I was staring at you and that Janet. What do you see in her? Never mind, none of my business. Anyway I was watching you. I had a boner and I was stroking myself behind my books when I saw the car coming across three lanes headed right at you. I dropped my books and dove at you. I would have died if you had been hurt. I love you so much…" His face got red and he began to cry. I got out of the chair and walked over to him. I bent down and kissed him.
    I kissed a boy, on the mouth. Not a peck, but a long, lingering kiss. I mashed my face to him and kissed him. His eyes were wide open and staring at me. I pushed my tongue at his lips. He parted his lips and met my tongue with his. Our kiss got hotter and hotter. I reached down and grabbed his cock. I wrapped my hand around it. It felt even better than last night. I squeezed it. I began to stroke it. He was breathing hard into my mouth as we exchanged the same air over and over. His cock was swelling up.
    Hey, I'm a guy. I grab my cock two three times a day. I know what that swelling meant and I wanted it. This was my reward for being Mr. Nice Guy. I pulled my lips from his and put them on his cock, just in time. I no sooner got his turgid pole into my mouth than I was flooded with a sweet load of cum. It tasted even better than my own. I loved it. I had to have it. I sucked and licked trying to get more. He was wiggling and squirming begging me to stop. I realized how tender he must be and pulled back. I went back to his mouth and kissed him with his cum still on my teeth and on my breath. His tongue was licking around inside my mouth like a probe as he sought more of his own sweet juice.
    "I love the taste of my cum. I have only tasted two other guys before. I bet yours is good. How can you give it to me?"
    I pulled back and looked at him. I looked at his half hard cock and bent over to kiss it and get a last little drop that had oozed up to the head and waited for my hungry mouth. I pulled the sheet over him and sat down. He smiled at me. I know I was blushing, I was so hot.
    "So last night you thought you might be gay and tonight you sucked my cock. What's going on?"
    "Last night when you had to pee. I held your cock for you. I have never touched another cock other than my own. I have only done that one thing at Stark's house and I was so scared that I never did anything, ever, again. I never even thought about it. When I jack off I only think about me and doing me up right. I don't think about girls or guys. I never have a fantasy. My friends and I talk about our fantasies and I tell them that I don't have any. They think I am weird. I have one friend who asked me to jack off with him. He told me that he would give me fantasies. I think he is gay. I have known him since first grade. He is my best friend. He never dates or anything and I have never seen him with a guy, but I don't know. Anyway I wouldn't do it. It just didn't sound like something I wanted to do. I guess I could do something with him, but I don't know what.
    "I cut school today. Oh, I went, but I got to thinkin' about your cock and I had to get out of there. I got your books and went home and jacked off all day. Do you think I am weird? I fell in love with a little eighty pound frosh and I can't get you out of my mind.
    "Ken, I feel like I have to tell you. I fucked myself with a cucumber wishing it was you. It made me cum so much. I jacked off over and over and ate my cum, but I have to tell you, your cum is so much better than mine. I want some more. Are you ready yet?"
    "Not yet. I have an idea. I want your cum. Help me sit on the toilet. You can fuck my mouth. If it is too much for me you can just jack off and feed your cock to me while you shoot. Then, if you want, you can get more of mine."
    I wanted. I helped him up and we slowly made our way into his little bathroom. I helped him get on the stool and I moved in front of him and opened my fly. He wanted all of me so I dropped my pants. I kicked off my shoes and let my pants slip off. I took them and my shoes and put them by my bed then came back with just a tee shirt and my shorts. He made me doff the shirt. I lowered my drawers and he drooled as he looked at my cock. "I have never seen one so big. I have to have that." I moved forward and let him take me in. He couldn't move. They had him totally immobile. He wanted all of me. He wanted me down his throat. He wanted me to fuck his mouth.
    We worked it out and got into a rhythm. I got all of my cock into his mouth and gauged my pace by his moans. I was deep into his throat as I fucked this sweet little boy that I wanted to protect and hold and love forever more. I was in love with him. It took no more than a few minutes and I was pumping his mouth full of my hot jizz. I pulled back so that he could swallow. He kept nursing me, doing as I had done, searching for one more drop. I wilted and pulled away. I helped him up and bent over. I held him as we kissed. His bone was pressing at me. I asked him if he could stand. He thought he could so I sat on the toilet and put his gown over my head. I wrapped my arms around him and played with his soft butt. It was so small and firm. The tiny globes just fit my hands as I kneaded them and pulled him back and forth into my mouth, taking every inch of his young manhood to the very root and let him fill my mouth with the most wonderful flavor I have had in all of my life.
    I got up and was walking him out of the bathroom as his door opened and the male nurse flitted in. Quickly I said, "He didn't want to use the bed pan so I helped him."
    "I can see." He was looking at me standing there stark ass naked. My underwear was still on the bathroom floor. He helped me get Ken back in his bed. He checked Ken's cock out and smiled at me. He grabbed me and looked me over. "I don't mind, you know. If you want to do things just let me know and I will cover for you. You don't want the doctor walking in while you have his cock down your throat. His cum smells good, by the way. Does it taste as good?" He was inches from my face and breathing deeply as I exhaled. I know I blushed.
    "I'll never tell." I laughed.
    "If you want to go…you know, up in him, I can get you the time. Do you have any lube?"
    "Look. I'm not…well I don't know what I'm not. I never did any of this. I am just learning. This was our first time."
    "You okay with it? Did you like it?"
    "A lot!" We both said. "But we don't know about anything else. I don't know what to do."
    He asked me if he could check me out. I was naked. I just stood there. He knelt down and fondled my balls. He had me turn around and bend over. He felt all around my ass hole. That was a whole new sensation, a good one. I turned back to face him and I was super hard. He stroked my cock "Ass fucking a young boy like you two is about the best thing in the world, for both of you. you have nice sized cocks, You are evenly matched, but Mr. Worth's body is a lot smaller. It will take a bit of work to get him open to take you in him. It is well worth the effort and you will love it. Nothing makes a man appreciate being a man more than to feel his prostate stroked over and over again by a thick cock head rubbing against it. The feeling of a cock deep in your ass is absolutely the greatest feeling ever. And when he cums in your ass you will feel like you belong to him always and forever.
    "It is just as good the other way around also. The love you feel as he gives up his most private of body parts to you. The feel of his body wrapped around your hard pecker. The love flows between you as you move to give him the best feelings you can give. I am so fucking hard that I will have to take a break now." Without another word he was out the door. Ken and I looked at each other and busted up.
    "He is such a fairy."
    "I don't want to see him outside of this place. Anybody see me talking to him will know that I'm a fag."
    "You're no fag, Tim. Please don't say that. I love you. You have just shown me love. We may have deep feelings for each other, but we're not fags."
    "Even if I want you to fuck me?"
    "You do?"
    "I told you, I used a green substitute for you today. I can still feel my ass stretched as I wonder what it will feel like when we get to do it."
    "You really want this don't you."
    "Oh yes, Ken. More than I have ever wanted anything else in all of my life. You are hard, can I suck you again." I moved over and put my head under the sheet. I sucked my little buddy off for a third load in the last hour. He was horny and ready. He took very little time cuming for me. I suckled and nursed. I wanted more and I didn't want to let go of his sweet cock. It belonged in my mouth. I stood up and looked at my precious Ken. He was asleep. I made my bed out and turned off the lights. I took hold of my cock and did the old long slow stroke. I was more for the pleasure than the release. I feel asleep after a good twenty minutes of just letting my hand rub back and forth over my dry cock head. I was in serious lust, but I didn't want to cum. My cock head was raw the next morning.
    Morning found me on top of the covers, naked, with solid wood. It wasn't morning wood, it was passion wood. I didn't need to pee, I was dreaming of my love kitten, Ken the kitten. I was laughing as I felt a warmth on my cock. I rubbed my hands through a thick head of hair and my eyes flew open to find our flitty nurse going down on me. He pulled back, "Morning hot stuff. You just looked like breakfast laying there. I can finish you if you want." I looked over at the bed. Ken was awake and looking at me. He nodded his head. I looked at him with a questioning look on my face. He smiled and nodded at me. I lay back and held my cock straight up. Nursey took me to the root. I have to admit he was good. He put his finger to my butt. It slid all the way in. He had some kind of grease on it. He fucked me long and slow as he just sucked on my cock, not moving his head at all.
    He began to work my prostate and I thought that the stars came out. He had two fingers or more up in me and was really working me over. I could not lay still as I humped into his mouth and moaned out loud. I managed to look at Ken, he was smiling a mile wide. I stared into his eyes as I blew the biggest load of my entire life into nursey's mouth. I had never felt the sexual release that I was getting as my ass spasmed around his fingers. He kept hitting my prostate as more cum shot from my cock. My cock head was so far down his throat I couldn't figure how he could breathe as he kept up his marvelous suction.
    Depleted I fell limply to the bed while nursey licked me clean. He licked all around my pubes and up to my navel. I could hardly stand the sensation as my body arched up. He licked me like a cat would lick her kittens. He took my spent balls in his hand and rolled them around and I felt another squirt of cum travel up my cock only to instantly disappear into the master's mouth.
    Finally he withdrew. He sat back on his heels and looked at me. I looked into his eyes. He was staring at me. I didn't want to speak first, but I had to say, "Thanks. That was terrific."
    "That my little friend is how you suck a cock. If you are ready now you need to take care of your boy friend he is way past needing you. Come, I'll teach you everything you need to do." Carefully we turned Ken across his bed so that his legs were over the edge. Because of his injuries we couldn't let his legs hang down. Nursey had me put his legs on my shoulders. The bed was in its lowest position so I was on my knees. Nursey pulled Ken's legs apart so I could see right into Ken's virgin pucker. It looked as good as mine had in the mirror the day before and I had the same inclination. With no preliminaries I bent over and licked at his little iris. It opened as my tongue swiped against it. Ken moaned.
    Nursey was surprised. He told me that he didn't think that I was going to do that, but that I should continue if I could. I kept on licking. Nursey got down close and watched, giving me clues as I continued. Ken was getting the full benefit of my learning curve as I laved his nether region and grew giddy on his smell. He smelled so sweet and fresh, so boy. I had never had this smell so close to my nose before. It smelled like the junior high school locker room. I was in a feeding frenzy as I pushed and probed. My tongue suddenly broke through Ken's sphincter. I had my tongue up inside his ass. I almost wanted him to shit so that I could eat it. I pushed and probed wanting more.
    "I'm about to cum, babe. You are so good." I didn't want to miss my breakfast. I rose up and took little Ken to the hair line. Nursey took my hand and pushed my fingers against the recently vacated hole. It was slick with my slobbers. Two fingers went all of the way in. I knew about where to search and I found his butt nut almost at once. When I touched it Ken's cock jerked in my mouth and he humped up. Nursey told him to lie still or he could hurt his back and neck. I stroked his prostate easily as the cum started to shoot and shoot and shoot. Ken drained himself as I had. I counted a distinct nine hard shots and gallons of juice seemed to just keep rolling out of his still stiff cock.
    I was swallowing as fast as I could as huge mouthfuls of sweet ball batter kept flooding into my hungry orifice. I wanted more, give me more. Never stop. I want to eat here forever. He dwindled down to drippings. I kept sucking. My fingers kept probing. I was sucking at a dry well. His cock never lost any of its rigidity. I began to lick it like a popsicle. "Fuck me, please." His tiny little breathless voice cried out. Nursey was still right in my face. His eyes said yes. I pulled the cock from my mouth as Nursey nodded yes.
    I rose up and pushed the little light weight legs up in the air. I couldn't push them to Ken's chest, the edge of the body cast prevented that angle. I held them straight up as nursey squeezed an inch of grease from a silver tube onto his forefinger. He wiped the grease across my cock and then smeared it all around with his fist. He pointed my cock at Ken's back door and urged me forward. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt as my cock slid into Ken's ass. I was looking into his deep blue eyes and watched them smile as my cock was literally devoured by the hungry little puckering pecker eater absorbing my essence.
    I began to move in and out. Nursey was laying on the bed with his feet to the other side. His head was right over Ken's cock as he watched my cock enter and exit, over, and over from the hottest and tightest sheath I could ever envision. I had never had a sexual fantasy in my life before my mirror routine. This was living the perfect fantasy. I did not need to dream of anything. I had it all wrapped up in a eighty pound little boy made of s-e-x. Nursey put his fingers up my butt. I pushed even further into Ken. Ken told me how great it felt. He was getting vocal and crying out for me to fuck him stupid. I was too far gone to respond. I had a million quips to make, but my tongue was hanging out of my drooling mouth as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I was in super lust and heat. I could feel nursey's hair on my abs. I looked down to see him bobbing his head on Ken's super hard cock. His fingers were fucking my ass at the same pace as my cock was fucking into Ken's rectum. Ken blew his load into the sucking orifice an I blew mine into his eager ass.
    I was still in Ken as nursey got off the bed and got around behind me. My cock wilted and fell out of my favorite love tunnel. Nursey took my cock into his mouth and sucked me clean. My knees were giving way as he finished his work. He pushed me aside and put his face into Ken's Y. He began to felch my cum from the fresh fucked boy hole. I watched in fascination. I wondered if I could have done that. I knew that next time I would.
    Nursey told me to get a warm wash rag and a pan of warm water. I got two rags and both of us cleaned Ken up. I washed his tender ass and cock. I took time to really clean his glans and foreskin. I washed up under the end of the cast as nursey washed Ken's legs. We turned Ken back onto the bed and I had hold of his left leg. I took it to my mouth and began to lick at the light covering of hair and down to his cute feet. I could not stop myself as I began to lick and chew on his pretty little clod hoppers. I sucked each toe and made sure to get well in between each tiny digit. Ken was ticklish and yelling that he was about to pee. I kept on doing what I was doing then I remembered that we had not had a morning piss yet. I saw his cock contract and I grabbed it with my mouth as I reached for the urinal.
    I had gone too far. Ken pissed. He could not stop. I had tickled the piss right out of him. Nursey had the urinal and slipped it under my chin. I was okay with what I was doing and continued to drink the hot golden morning offering from my lover, my friend, my life. I wanted everything this boy had to give. His stream slowed down. I slipped his wilted cock into the urinal as it continued to drain. I crawled on my hands and knees to the bathroom and into the shower. I turned on the hot water, hoping to burn the pain out of my body. The hospital has safety valves preventing burns. I got a nice hot shower.
    I lay on the shower floor and let the water run over me for the longest time. After I had cried myself out I felt strong arms lift me up. Nursey got me to my feet and washed my whole body. He ran the soap over and under and into every part of me. He washed my hair and brushed my teeth. He wrapped me in a towel then took another and dried my back with a massaging squeeze to his motions. I was so relaxed. I was sitting on the toilet as he slipped my tee shirt on me. He knelt and put my socks on my feet then worked my underwear up my legs. He got them to my knees and pulled my jeans over my feet and up to my knees to join my drawers.
    I stood up so that he could get my pants up. He pulled my drawers up, but stopped to take the head of my soft cock into his mouth. He nursed me for a few minutes, but my cock did not respond. He put my pants in place then pulled my jeans up and fastened them. He stood up to face me and I pulled him to me. I kissed him full on, tongue and all. He responded and let his hands caress my body. I told him thanks for his teaching. I told him that I owed him and squeezed his package. He was quite hard and quite large. He told me he would be on duty tonight, but now he had to make his rounds that it was time for the doctors to be on the floor.
    I walked back into Ken's room. He was asleep. He was covered up. My bed and the room looked pristine. I could smell sex in the air. Nursey walked out of the door. I sat down to put my shoes on. My mother walked in. She sniffed the air. The door opened again as nursey sprayed an air freshener. "Sorry, Mr. Worth had a bowel movement." He winked at me and put the can under the table with the urinal and bed pan then left.
    "I thought you had a lot to do today."
    "I do," Beth said. "I just came by to have breakfast with my main man."
    "Mom, don't do the talk, okay? It doesn't fit you. Besides, I don't want to leave. Ken may awaken and someone needs to be here."
    "You don't have to leave. I brought breakfast with me. See here." She opened her big bag and pulled out bags of food from the Rainbow room. She had two big breakfasts, six sausage McMuffins w/ cheese. She had two large cokes and hashed browns. My mother, always prepared. Ken stirred. I asked him what he wanted to eat. He was really into a big breakfast. I fed him the eggs and hashed browns as I ate three sausage McMuffins, my favorite. Mom ate the other big breakfast and Ken had a sausage McMuffin.
    Nursey came in to say goodbye. I tossed him two McMuffins. He curtsied, out of sight of mom and did a little flip of his head then ran out of the door. Ken and I broke up. Mom had no clue. Mom stayed about a half an hour as she told us all that she had to do and how important she was to the city's charity community. Yeah, granted, she is always working for this drive or that, but she is not as indispensable as she likes to think.
    As soon as she left I got my good morning kiss and a warm thanks for the earlier wake up. Ken was happier than I had ever seen him. He wanted to do more. I asked him how his butt felt. He said that it had never felt so good. He couldn't wait to do it again. I told him that we had to wait until late at night. The last thing we needed was someone to walk in on us. I am seventeen, almost eighteen. He is barely fourteen. State law says no sex with minors more than two years different in ages and homo sex is against the law at any age or time. They don't enforce that law too much except in the case of kids. I had a neighbor man that went to prison for life for entertaining the little girls a few years ago.
    Ken and I talked about Stark. He was about the best Math teacher I had ever heard of. He had his doctorate, but he choose to stay at the high school level so that he could meet young, hard cocked teens. I asked Ken if he would let Stark do him. He told me if I were there he would do anything the man wanted. He was so fucking horny and he wanted to be with a man. I was kind of hurt, but what Ken told me next made me think.
    "When I woke up and saw that nurse on your cock I was jealous then I saw your face and I realized that you were learning things to do to me and teach me to do to you. I can't fuck you now or maybe for a long time. I want you to let him fuck you tonight and let me watch. I would like to watch you fuck him while he is on his knees sucking me. I want to do so much. I hate this fucking cast, I am cut off from all of the fun."
    I stood up and reached under the sheet to fondle his soft cock. He told me to grab the urinal in case someone came in. Good thing. Just as I sat the urinal between his legs the door opened and his doctor walked in. "Well, young man, how are you doing today?" He saw the urinal and begged our pardon. He backed off. Ken told him that he was through and I was just cleaning him up. I grabbed the urinal and went to the bath. I shut the door and ran water. I brought the urinal back and placed it on the table shelf.
    "Tim, we are going to take Ken down for some x-rays. You are welcome to go downstairs with him, but you may not go into the x-ray room. You will have to wait in the lobby. It won't take very long, then he will be brought back up. I will look at the x-rays and be back to see him later this morning." We said okay and the doctor left.
    Ten minutes of torture passed as we both needed to feel each other's lips. Ken was near tears he was so horny. I was afraid of someone seeing his erection. The door opened and two male orderlies pushed a gurney in. They transferred Ken to the roll away and off we went to the x-ray room. Ken was taken straight in. I sat and watched cartoons with a little eight or nine year old boy. He was really into the Power Rangers. He could tell me all of their names and all of the villains.
    Ken was wheeled out and we were told that it would take a few minutes then he could go back to his room. Ken and the kid got into a heated discussion as to who was the best Power Ranger. I disappeared to the can. I was not going to get into that argument even for my true love. I came out of the restroom to find another orderly waiting with Ken. They were ready to go upstairs.
    Back in his room Ken wanted to watch cartoons. He was really into the Saturday morning TV fare. I could remember a time and I only smiled as we surfed until we found which channel the hospital had assigned to all of his favorite programs. We watched TV until almost noon when a dinner tray was rolled in. They had two trays, one for me and one for Ken. Ken let me feed him as long as I didn't stand in front of the TV. I had to stand to his right side and use my left hand to reach across. He ended up wearing a lot of his lunch as I am totally inept with my left hand. Ken told me that when we got to his house he would teach me to jack off with my left hand so that I could learn to be more coordinated.
    The door opened. One nurse picked up the lunch trays as another nurse pushed in a cart covered with all kinds of instruments and stuff. The first nurse came and removed the sheet over Ken. I picked up a towel and covered his cock. That was mine to look at. One of the nurses smiled at me. The doctor walked in. "Well, are you ready to get out of this thing?" he thumped his finger on Ken's chest. Ken's eyes brightened up.
    The doctor picked up a small electric saw like thing. The high pitched squeal was worse than a dentist's drill. "Your x-rays show no damage to your spine or neck. The dark spot near your liver and spleen is gone so that means no internal bleeding as we first thought. I think you are going to be okay in spite of your antics of throwing your self in front of moving cars. I would suggest that you might want to find some other kind of game to play. I mean if you want to meet a cute boy I'm sure there are better ways."
    Ken and I looked at him as Ken blushed. The doctor began to cut through the plaster as one nurse kept the dust away from Ken's face. The other nurse was holding a vacuum hose next to the rotating blade to suction up as much of the dust as possible. The main body of the cast was split from top to bottom as the doctor cut the two arms loose from the body. Ken was helped to sit up as the back of the cast was cut. In very little time the main cast was removed.
    For the first time I saw Ken's sweet little body. He was much more muscular than I had pictured in my mind. He told me that he liked to run and work out, but it never occurred to me that he would have the body to show it. I had a huge hard on pushing at the front of my jeans. The doctor was using a tool like an electric scissor to cut away at the right arm of the cast. Once that was removed he moved to the other arm. "Well young man, I think you are ready for a good bath. Do you think that you can stand in the shower or do you want the nurse to bathe you in bed?"
    Ken whispered in the doctor's ear. The doctor got close and the two of them talked. The nurses were busy cleaning up their tools and then left the room. No one had heard what was being said. The doctor stood up and looked at me. He smiled at me and stood there for several minutes. I was blushing as I worried about what was going through his mind. "Alright, Ken. I will allow it. I must ask that you be discreet. This is against all hospital policies, but I can see that you are in good hands.
    "Boys, what I am going to say is very personal. If you were ever to tell anyone I could lose a lot of my patients. I am a pediatric surgeon. Parents trust me to care for their children. If they had any idea that I am gay they would never let me fondle their little tykes as I examine their precious growing boyhood." He grinned at us.
    "Your night nurse, Alvin, is my partner. He told me that you two are a couple. Knowing Alvin he got involved in some way. He likes to stroke our teenage guests. I am afraid that someone might take offense and report him. Anyway from what he says I have no problem with granting Ken's request.
    "Tim, Ken wants you to give him a shower. I think a shower would be best for him, but I am concerned about him falling. If you would help him then I won't worry so much. Do you want to help him?"
    "Oh yes, sir, more than anything in the world."
    "I would like for the two of you to come to me after Ken is released. I would like to talk to you and help you so that you don't get into trouble."
    "Alvin? Is that his name? He helped us a lot last night. If he is with you maybe we could come to your house one evening and let you teach us more."
    "It would be my pleasure. I am not really into kids except to just kind of feel them up, in a clinical way, but you two…I could really enjoy an evening with you in my home. Nothing kinky, mind you, just an evening of instruction."
    "We could use some hands on instruction, sir." The doctor smiled and headed out of the door.
    "Be quiet in there. I will have the nurse clean the room while you are in the shower. Be sure and check before you come bounding out naked. No one will be allowed to enter this room until you call the nurse and tell her that Ken is back in bed." He shut the door and was gone.
    Ken stunk. He had been in his cast for three days and his b.o. had ripened him. It was a good smell, but it was mixed with anesthetic. I got out of my clothes in a flash and walked beside Ken to the shower. Ken had no problem. He was stable and walked normally, as if nothing had happened. I closed the door to the bathroom and locked it as Ken turned on the water to get it warm. The water was instantly hot. We stepped under the spray and locked our bodies together. I was more than a foot taller than my boyfriend so we were doing a lot of stretching and bending trying to get to each other.
    KW spotted what we needed. In the corner of the bathroom was a shower stool. I grabbed it and sat down on it and could reach all of his good parts with ease. He shampooed my hair as I washed his feet and legs. I got on my knees and put him up on the stool as I tongue washed his most important parts. But he didn't need the stool when he returned the favor. I must admit that I have had many showers in my life, but that first one with KW was the most memorable. I will cherish the memory of that special time with him for all eternity.
    Who knew that the simple act of drying off after a shower could be erotic? Okay, so we were young and this was all new to us, but we discovered life had different meanings on that day. KW didn't look at all sick or injured. He appeared totally healthy and ready to return to the world at large. He ran from the bath to the bed in his altogether and bounced on it. A hospital bed does not bounce. I looked around the room and the boy had nothing at all to wear. I pushed the button to call the nurse. A few minutes later a nurse arrived. I explained KW's dilemma, she told us, "no worry," and returned with a pair of pajamas in a few moments.
    We sat back and let boredom settle in. The doctor returned about four thirty. He had Ken up and put him through his paces. He checked the boy from head to toe and was satisfied that he was okay. He did have the license plate numbers, in reverse, in a big bruise on his chest. I had already been teasing him about having a license plate on his chest. The doctor said that the x-rays showed no damage at all so he was going to let Ken go home. He looked at the two of us and asked if we wanted to spend the night together here. We both jumped him and hugged him. He said he would write the release orders for an early morning release. He told us that Ken's parents were waiting to see him so for now he would suggest that the boy get in bed and act tired or sick or something. We asked if horny would work. He shook his head no then left us.
    Mr. and Mrs. Worth came in. They were happy. The doctor had told them that Ken could possibly go home the next day if he had a good night tonight. I thought that he would have a very good night. They wanted me to go home. I had been there for eighteen hours. I told them that Ken and I were doing his homework and that I had not even gotten tired. I wanted to help him finish up the work he had left so that he could spend time with his family at home. They both hugged me and told me how much they loved me and how much they owed me. I tried to brush it off, but I was a little overcome with emotions from their praise.
    We put Ken in a wheel chair and took him down to the hospital cafeteria. If a person wasn't sick before going into that place they would be afterwards. It was nice sitting down with all of them to eat though. They are a fun family and have much interaction. If I see my family during meal time it is as one or the other is passing through. I don't remember ever eating together with either of them.
    The Worth's left as Ken and I took the elevator on up to his room. Nursey, Alvin was on duty. He walked down with us and made sure that Ken got into bed safely. I looked at him. "Look, that's my job. If he were to fall he could sue us, even if it is your fault. He is in our care. A greedy lawyer would say that we were derelict in letting you help him and that we are responsible. The jury will always agree and the hospital pays, I lose my job and never work as a nurse again." I apologized. He hugged me.
    "After visiting hours are over I am supposed to put a quarantine sign on your door, young man. The doctor has ordered that you have no visitors or other traffic for any reason." He winked at us.
    "Does that include you?" I asked.
    "I can only come in by invitation."
    "You're invited," we both yelled out. He giggled and handed me a brand new silver tube of the lube he had used the night before then left.
    I got Ken naked and molested his little body with my tongue. He was moaning all around as I ate him all around. He wanted me naked beside him. I obliged him. He got us in a sixty nine position. I had never thought of this. I loved having his cock in my mouth as he did his wonders on my cock. I shot a load in short order, but he wouldn't let go. He licked me clean until I went soft then he attacked my ass hole with his tongue. He ate me and drove me to total bliss as he kept his cock hard and deep in my throat.
    I begged him to pop me. He told me that the green veggie tail had already had that honor. I told him that it didn't go willingly or deeply. I handed him the lube. He pushed his slickened fingers in and out of me driving me into a sexual frenzy. I was begging for release as he pummeled my prostate with his tiny hand. I was ready to let him stick his whole hand up in me as he took my cock in his mouth and sucked out a super large load of my randy cream.
    I had barely finished with my orgasm Ken was between my legs pushing his cock into me. I thought that I had been split in half as his thick glans spread my sphincter beyond anything in my whole life's experience. He looked down at me as I lay there impaled. He smiled and moved toward me. I had to raise up to meet him half way as we locked lips. His tongue went in my mouth as his cock went in my ass. I gasped, sucking his teeth out and sealing us together from sheer suction.
    I felt complete. Ken Worth was really getting to my ass, in the most literal sense. I was in total love. I felt things in my body that I didn't know existed. He began so slowly that I didn't realize what was happening. He was taking long, slow strokes into me sending waves of pleasure to every part of me. I raised my body to meet him as I wrapped my legs around his small frame. His cock sank further into me and the stars came out. I wanted to remain as one for the rest of my natural life and at least half of any unnatural life that I could get.
    For a fourteen year old little boy this guy could fuck. I was so glad that I was the one getting the benefits of his expertise. I would kill anyone who tried to get him away from me. His cock filled me over and over. It was made just for my ass. I praised whatever powers that be for making him for me as I put my arms around him and held him tight. I could not control myself. I had a cum moving on. I had just filled his mouth ten, fifteen minutes before, but I was there again. I felt it shoot up between us. His body was sliding in the mess on our bellies making for a slippery ride.
    Ken was in deep sexual pleasure as he kept up his assault. He was staring at me without seeing me as he continued to pummel me, over and over with his mighty pole. His body was so small and his dick so big. It marveled me that he could supply enough blood to keep it erect. His taut tummy muscles rubbed against mine. His shoulders flexed and his biceps tightened. He was so beautiful as he fucked. I could lay here and just watch him forever. I was in love with every thing about him.
    My eyes opened wide. What was the boy doing to me? I was cuming again. My cock was shooting so hard that I was sure the head was going to blast open to let it all out. Ken was banging my ass with hard strokes. He was pounding into me, moving my body across the bed. I felt him tense as his first volley ripped into my no longer virgin ass hole. He stiffened as shot after shot filled me. I wanted to suck my own ass to get his precious seed, but I didn't want this feeling to end. I lay there doing my best to return to him thrust for thrust. I squeezed my ass muscles as tight as I could which seemed to milk more and more juice from him.
    Finally his eyes rolled back and he collapsed on top of me. I held him tight as he gasped for breath, his head laying in a pool of our combined perspiration and my cum. I became aware of movement to my left. I jerked my head over to see a boy with his cock in his hands jacking off for all he was worth. The door opened and Alvin came in. "That's enough young man." He grabbed the boys arm. The kid said, "Wait, I'm there." He arched his back and pointed his cock at the ceiling. Alvin wrapped his lips around it and the boy filled his mouth with his young juice.
    The boy was fifteen year old Dwyer Noe. He was from our school. KW knew him. He was in the hospital for a cyst on his ass hole. Ewww. Ken and I thought that would hurt like hell, but it had to be drained because it had gotten so large it was closing off his shitter. Now that was sick. We told Alvin to let him stay for a bit. We were afraid that he might out us at school.
    It turned out that he was in the room next door and could hear what he was sure was fucking noises. He got a hard on and snuck in. When he saw that it was two boys he had to watch. He is gay and had just found a boyfriend of his own. They had not done the backdoor thing. It was the boyfriend that had found the cyst and Dwyer had talked to his dad and ended up awaiting surgery. He would be operated on Sunday morning and should be going home later Sunday afternoon.
    Ken got a wet towel and cleaned us both up. Dwyer was right up there watching. He had seen our cocks so we made him show us his. He was typical at five and a quarter inches or so. He was cut and cute. He had light brown hair and green eyes. He was a little on the thin side. He didn't play any sports, but he agreed to try running with us when he recovered. We liked him at once. I kept talking until he slipped and mentioned that his friend Josh had a hot classic Chevy. I said, "Josh is hot himself."
    Dwyer said, "Yeah." In a dreamy way. I asked him how long they had been together. He told me only about two weeks. They lived next door to each other and he liked to hang around Josh. He asked Josh if he could blow him and Josh took him into his bedroom and they blew each other. They have been doing it daily since then. I had always known Josh was different, but since my mind didn't run to these things I never considered this turn of events. Actually it made me have a whole new feeling for my best friend. I could hardly wait to see him again.
    Dwyer left. He had to have his meds and get to sleep. He was due on the operating table at six. We told him that we would not leave until we talked to him tomorrow. We each kissed him. We were both still naked. He squeezed us and followed Alvin to his room. Ken and I took a quick shower then we got in bed and lay together.
    Around midnight Alvin came in. I kicked the sheet off of us and asked him who he wanted first. He told us that we were a couple and shouldn't cheat on each other. I told him that I wouldn't cheat, but my boy friend was here with me so we could do anything we wanted in plain view and with permission. He looked at me and told me that he really would like it if he could get fucked. He was so horny. I asked him who. He told me, "both." He had signed out for his lunch break and would not be missed for an hour. There was one other nurse on duty and she couldn't care less about anything. She had no clue about Alvin or his penchant for the boys on his wing.
    Alvin pulled his shoes and pants off. He sat on the edge of the bed and lay back. He told us this would be the best way for us being new and all. We giggled and kept our mouths shut. Alvin handed us each a condom. He told us he was clean, but he wanted to teach us the proper way up front. I kissed his cheek. I got to my knees and put the condom on Ken. He wanted me to go first, I wanted him to. I finally got my raincoat on, with the help of my young lover, and turned to Alvin.
    He had his knees against his shoulders. I lined up. Ken lay on the bed with his feet the other way and his face right in there so he could watch me fuck. I pushed in. There was no resistance at all. My cock went all of the way in on the first push. I began to fuck as I stared at the latex encased cock of my guy. I was so horny looking at his body. I fucked as hard as I could and got off in less than ten minutes. Alvin told Ken to hurry, he wanted more cock and right now. Ken got into the saddle and rode for all his little body was worth. He had Alvin moaning and talking dirty in minutes.
    Ken fucked the man like a pro and both of them enjoyed themselves. Alvin told me that if I wanted that I could go again. I told him that I still had the rubber on. He said it would be kinky to try to fuck again with the same rubber. Ken got off and I went right in. Ken got up on his knees and began to kiss me as I kept on fucking Alvin. Alvin pulled Ken back to him and I looked to see what he was doing. He pulled Ken's condom off and sucked his cum covered cock as I plowed away at his ass. This would make my fifth time of the evening, but I was going for it. It took me twenty minutes and I was panting like a hot dog, but I got off another load. Ken had taken Alvin's cock in his mouth and he swallowed the load offered to him.
    Alvin slipped off of the bed to his knees. He pulled my condom off slowly as he and Ken both licked and sucked up every drop of cum as the latex material slid away. Ken took my cock deep into his mouth as Alvin took both of my balls into his mouth. Dragging the two cocksuckers across the room I made it to the chair before my legs gave way. I sat on the very edge as they continued to clean me thoroughly.

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