Chapter 237


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    At dawn on Sunday, July 4, 2010 I rousted twenty five boys out of bed. We had slept in Chief Steve's old bunkhouse on the opposite side of the river from his large house. It was sort of a trip down nostalgia lane for many of us because we had first gotten to know one another there in 2004.
    While the boys pulled themselves together and took their showers I headed across the river to the big house. Talk about déjà vu, Beulah was standing in her kitchen stirring up a large bowl full of pancake batter with her old wooden spoon. I couldn't resist it. I headed for the coffee pot. Sure enough the wooden spoon came out of the fresh batter and pointed at me. I dodged the large glob of batter that flung from the end of the spoon and smiled.
    "Boy, this here is my kitchen. I will serve you anything that ya want, jest sit yersef." I walked up to her and gave her a tight hug and a kiss on the end of her nose.
    "In case I haven't told you, I love you. I can never pay you for all that you do for me and my family. You are a woman of integrity and you are full of love. I can not imagine anyone else that I would want to have involved in the raising of my babies. I know that through your leading they will grow even stronger than Ugitsiha and I could ever hope to achieve."
    "I thank you Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, I love you very much as well. Son, when you drove up to this house with Cory in your truck my spirit leaped inside of me. I was very happy for Steve, he had found his grandson that he never knew existed. But it was you that made my heart dance. You are fresh and full of exciting energy that will revive our people and provide strong leaders for the tomorrows to come.
    "I think that you deserve something special. Do you want some of Gvnigetsuli's blueberries in your pancakes? I guess I need to get used to calling him aGw#'— fire fox—shouldn't I?"
    She passed me a cup of coffee and sat down to face me. "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, you have worked a miracle in that boy. He was totally lost and without direction after his father died, then you came into his life. I know that you have never tried to replace his father and that you lift his memory up for him all of the time. But you have filled that void much better than his father could ever have done. Cheasequah was a good man. He was wild, but the three boys that he ran with were all wild.
    "Cheasequah taught Gvnigetsuli the ways the woods and much of our tribal traditions, but you have taught him to be a man. A man that all of us are proud to know."

    "I would like to be fair to Cheasequah's memory. He had a young son that he raised to his age. I have taken a boy on the cusp of manhood and continued his training. I can never teach him about the forest and the animals, Cheasequah did that quite well. It is up to me to mold the man child for future leadership. He is already showing signs of being a leader. My biggest problem with him is keeping him in his books. He can survive and thrive in the woods, but in the jungle of the world he needs a full education."

    "You're talking 'bout me, ain't ya?" I playfully slapped him on the back of his head as he sat down next to me at the table. Beulah returned to her breakfast preparations and in minutes she sat a plate stacked high with hot cakes. She served up a large platter with thick, grilled ham steaks and two pounds of bacon on it. The boys came in and took their seats and began to eat. In less time than it takes to tell you this story the food was cleaned away. I pointed to the kitchen sink.
    Shikoba and Clayton began to wash dishes as Tequasi and Steven wiped down the table. Mike moved to another sink and began to clean the mixing bowls and skillets. Beulah took her twelve inch, cast iron skillet from his hand and told him that she would do that and the large griddle. We all understood.

    A timid knock sounded at the front door. I was sitting in front of the fireplace where I had spent many hours talking to the old Chief. Roddy jumped up and answered the door. A lady with two small, near naked, boys and a teenage girl, not dressed much better, were there. "aGw#—fire fox—we want to thank you very much for the food that you gave us. Darrell—pronounced : Day-wal—here saw you when you set the basket of fresh vegetables on the porch. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the three large rabbits in the basket.
    "I sent Debbie—pronounced: Day-kwe—to the store to ask Mr. Wayne to freeze two of them. Mr. Wayne told her that you and the great Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe had given us a quarter of a Venison. Waynw has cut the meat into several steaks and roasts and ground the rest for us to eat on for a year or more.
    "How can we ever repay your kindness to us and to our tribe?" The tears rolled down her eyes. Daykwe stepped forward and kissed Roddy. He blushed, a deep, dark red.
    "Daykwe, remember yourself. You are engaged to Billy—pronounced: we-lee."
    "But momma, you said that we can't get married 'til he gets some money for us to live on. Why can't he live with us? He works hard and the money he makes would help feed us."
    I slipped out of the house and headed for the general store. I picked a pickle from the barrel and selected a Chocolate Soldier™ from the ice filled soda cooler. I took a seat on the logs that served as benches around the large pot bellied stove and joined into the conversations of the other men gathered there. In a half an hour I knew everything that I needed to know about Bess—pronounced: kway—and her three children…
    Her husband had left her five years earlier when she was pregnant with the youngest boy. She is uneducated, but she works hard to provide for her small brood. The house that she lives in had been given to her by Ahwiagina, Roddy's Elisi. The small house had been part of the estate left to Ahwiagina by Chief Steve. Before I left the two little boys came up to Wayne with a handful of pennies and asked if they could get a pint of milk for their lunch. I put two dollars on the counter and asked Wayne to give the boys a gallon of cold milk. then slipped out of the store.
     I had also learned about the seventeen year old boy, Billy. I went to Ugitsiha's house and talked with the girls. Kway is a proud young woman, but she has learned that she must accept the help of others in the tribe to feed her children. She has a skill that could help her help herself. She was good with working leathers. She had made the small deerskin suits that C.S. and C.J. wore in the parade at Camp Christopher on January the sixth of 2010.

    Pete drove Traveler© with Ugitsiha, Quemela, and four boys in it. Sagi and Beulah stayed home with the four babies. Pete would have been more comfortable behind the wheel of Traveler Too©, but he was needed to pull a twenty seven foot ski boat behind.
    Bryan got his baptism in my big boy toys when he and Mike took the rest of the boys and BIlly in Traveler Too© for a trip down river to the lake. Roddy, Cory, and RD joined me in a flat bottomed boat for a fishing trip down the twenty mile watery trail to the lake.
    The river runs about ten feet deep in most places, some pools are deeper, but there are many shallows and rapids that prevent the use of a larger boat. The flat bottoms are perfect for the laid back life style of the river that nobody wants to see changed.
    We couldn't spend a lot of time fishing and that wasn't the object of our float trip. What we were looking for is a bonding time in different surroundings. I did catch a nice sized small mouth Bass which was quickly outmatched by Roddy. Cory caught a Perch and RD nearly emptied the boat when he reeled in a Gar. Those teeth looked mean and we were almost ready to let the fish have the boat, but we weren't quite sure if his family might be nearby to get revenge on us.
    The flat bottomed boat was useless on the open water of the lake. It was tossed about like a piece of driftwood and the little five horsepower outboard motor was no better than a pair of broken oars. RD had given up fishing and was driving the boat. He headed directly for the shore where we could see the two large RVs set up and boys running around it in play.
    We watched as a convoy of pickup trucks, towing boats behind them, rolled along the gravel covered dirt road. By the time we reached the shore they were backing their boats to the water's edge. My three companions and I made a quick run to the RV's for some bladder relief and then returned. Eight boats were in the water and the boys were assigned, three to a boat plus the drivers.
    The little boat that I had bought was powered by a three hundred horsepower Chrysler marine inboard engine. It had the power to handle something that I have always wanted to try. I had to test it out on Roddy, he loved it. He didn't like the floatation jacket that I nearly had to hold him down to put on him, but with the threat of sitting on shore and watching the rest of us enjoying ourselves he succumbed to my demands.
    There was only one other boat in our group that was powerful enough for the job at hand. It was a twenty five foor tri-hull with twin 100hp Johnson outboards on it. We gathered all of the boys in a circle and carefully went over all of the safety rules, twice. Once I was satisfied that the boys knew what they were to do we popped the big surprise on them.
    Jones, a young man that had kept us up on our first visit to the village in 2004, had a long canvas roll on the ground. He solicited the help of his younger brother, Billy, and uncovered long, metal pipes with bright colored fabric attached. With quick dexterity the men had two very large kites assembled. The boys' jaws dropped and their eyes popped, they wanted to be the first to fly. We learned that Billy was the expert bird man so he took on the hob of instructing us. Each boy was taken to a kite and instructed on how to hold onto it and how to control its direction of flight.
    The boys put their heads together and quickly announced that RD and I should go first since we were father and son. Cory and Roddy would go next. With everyone in agreement I went to the lake bank and slipped my feet into the skis that awaited me there. The boats were slowly moved into postition then the kites were passed to RD and me. Suddenly I was yanked from the shore and out across the water. In moments I left the surface of the water and was flying.
    The sensation was exhilarating as I flew between the blue waters and blue sky in silence. I kept asking for more rope and rose to an altitude of over one hundred feet as my boat roared down the waterway. I looked about for RD and spotted him about a quarter of a mile away, we had to stay away from each other so that our ropes didn't tangle and cause us to have a terrible meeting with the surface of the water.

    I asked RD to drive so that I could spot Roddy. Ugitsiha sat next to me with a wide smile on her face. I could almost read the pride in her heart for her eldest boy child.
    We took the other boys up. RD and Cory did most of the driving so that I could get behind another boat and ski. I skied alongside of Billy and was impressed with the youngster. When all of the boys had flown we put the kites away and skied until lunchtime. Sagi had driven down with the makings for sandwiches. Ugitsiha and Quemela joined her in Traveler Too© to get the potato salad ready and open the cans of pork and beans for a cold lunch under the canopies of my two big traveling boys.
    The large refrigerators in Traveler Too's© belly held several cases of assorted flavors of Power Aide® drinks. I had to get onto the boys about throwing their empty bottles on the ground, I asked them to place them in the garbage bags that we had brought along. This day was more of a family day, even though we had the other drivers with their boats along with us. Ugitsiha stepped out of the RV with a large, gaily decorated cake with thirteen candles blazing brightly upon it.
    Roddy's face lit up. He quietly told his mother and me that he thought that maybe he wouldn't get a cake because he was too old now. Ugitsiha hugged him and told him what was on both of our minds, "You will always be my son, no matter how old you get. I will see to it that you will always have a birthday cake, baby." The two hugged tighter then Roddy moved over to me so that we could hug.
    I whispered in his ear so that only he and his mother could hear me, "Are you ready for your birthday spanking?" His dark skin blushed deep red.

    I found a shady spot on the grass and asked Billy to join me. The boy is ambitious, he just doesn't have much in the way of job choices in the village. I asked him why he didn't move into Tahlequah where there were more opportunities. He told me that he was in love with sixteen year old Daykwe and couldn't bear the thought of not being able to see her everyday. They want to get married as soon as he has a good job.
    I asked him what he wanted to do. He told me that if he could get his hands on six flat bottomed boats that he would go up to the fishing camp ten miles above the village and hire out as a guide and float master. I asked him if he knew all of the good fishing holes along the river and he grinned at me with that look of confidence that I love to see on a young man's face.
    I asked him what he would do when the summer season was over. He told me that there are several folks that come to the fishing camps until the cold weather sits in. He said that there would be a lot of slack time, but that he was enrolled in a correspondence class to learn how to be a ranger for the National Forest Department. I liked this kid. I promised him that I would help him to get his boats and that I would give him enough money to get his business started. The only thing that I required in return was his dedication to his goals.

    We played in and on the water for another hour before Sagi grew tired and wanted to head back to the house to rest. Ugitsiha and Quemela decided to go with her, they would all return with dinner and for the fireworks display later that evening. I bummed a ride from them. The boys were disappointed, but I had something that I really wanted to do and I would not allow any of the others to do it.
    It took us over an half an hour to make the trip by road. We were only a half a mile from the camp site by water. When we were almost in position I called Cory and told him to load everybody into the boats and go over to the cliffs on the east shore. Those were the cliffs that we parked Traveler© on top of when we celebrated our first fourth of July on the lake in 2007.
    As Ugitsiha drove out to the position for me to launch myself we could see the boats heading toward us. I stepped out of the car and walked to the edge of the thirty foot cliff face. The boys saw me standing there and began to cheer. When the boats settled themselves near the cliff I stepped out into mid-air and began a series of twists and rolls ending in a perfect cleavage of the water, head first.
    I wanted to do it again, but I knew that if I did the boys would manage to get to the top for their own dives. I just couldn't allow that. I will never be able to handle one of my boys getting hurt. The death of Isaac Rayburn had come as a blow to me, one that I have not yet been able to forget. Sometimes I feel as if I were a mother hen, but the boys are very precious to me and I want to see each of them become his own man.

    The remainder of the afternoon was more of the same, boating, skiing, and swimming. At five thirty the old station wagon sent up a trail of dust as it came down the road toward us. Ugitsiha stepped out and hugged me, "So get mad at me now and get over it. I didn't cook dinner. I looked over her shoulder into the back seat of the car to see several bags from the local KFC™. I whispered in her ear, "Do you want me to eat your leg or your breast?"
    The girls had brought back six buckets of fried chicken with several containers filled with potatoes and gravy as well as plenty of coleslaw. The biscuits were still hot enough to melt the butter so I knew that they had picked food up close by. I was glad for the lake, the boys had chicken grease on every part of their bodies.

    When the sun touched the water to the west of us we packed everybody into the vehicles and drove over to the site where the fireworks would be displayed after sunset. I have told you many time that Jimmy can do things with computers that make a person sit back in awe. He had left one of his signature programs on the onboard computer of the two Travelers©. I had contacted the local radio station that was going to present a musical accompaniment for the firework's display and confirmed that their signal would interface with Jimmy's program.
    We parked well back from the main crowd and turned the two RVs at an angle to each other so that the sound from their horns would waft over the crowds. Cory had his fingers all over the keyboard as he programed his own little show. The local radio station set up their microphones for his surprise introduction. I had caught an earlier transmission from the station that announced that the musical portion of the fireworks show could be picked up on their station. They also wanted everyone to know that the music would be broadcast over the crowd by the high volume air horns atop the roofs of two large RVs provided by the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß of Tucson, Arizona.
    At precisely seven o'clock sounds of the The Star Spangled Banner filled the entire countryside. The radio station picked it up and broadcast it live to their audience. Next the station began to play their musical accompaniments as the fireworks began to soar skyward. Cory had been working with their engineers and he had the computers programmed and ready for the full effect of the 1812 Overture that the station had set as the finalé for the evening's show.
    Hundreds of spectators to the show turned toward us and gave us a round of applause. I locked the doors as many people came by to look at the large horns on the roof of the vehicles. All of them wanted to hear more. Cory set up a program to play some of our favorite pieces, including Beethoven's 5th.
    Cory was in his heyday. I let him continue to play his tunes, even after the crowd dispersed. I enjoy hearing the horns and it is a rare treat when I can sit back and relax as they play where they won't disturb anybody else. I am sorry that I cannot duplicate the sounds of the air horns in this media. These music files are recorded for us on midi keyboards and fed into the computer. The sounds that come through the horns is amazingly wonderful.

    Old George and George the younger had been at the work site while we were at the lake. They had two porta potties set in place next to a twenty man tent that they had set up for the boys. I had planned ahead and had packed sleeping bags and air mattresses for them under the belly of Traveler© before I had left Tucson. When we arrived back from the lake it was very late. We quickly doled out the sleeping gear and sent everybody off to bed.
    Roddy wanted to sleep in the tent with the boys and RD asked if he could go to the house and sleep with his new bride. I had wanted to keep the existence of the ATVs quiet, but we had a need for one of them. We carefully rolled out a three wheeler and RD pushed it down the road before he started it up so that the boys wouldn't hear it. Cory grinned at me and we locked the door of Traveler© then we got naked and frisky.

    Monday morning I had to make a quick trip into Tahlequah—
the name tahlequah supposedly comes from a meeting that was going to be held by three chiefs. only two showed up so they waited and waited and then finally said ta-li-qua (two is enough; ta-li means two in Tsalagi) I went to the bank that provides the ATM machine at the general store in the village. I transferred a sum of money to an account for Kway and her family. I stipulated that a twelve hundred dollar amount be placed into an ATM account on the first day of each month. I had that amount available to the family immediately.
    Next I opened a fifty thousand dollar account for Billy to start up his business. I obtained an ATM card for him to use and put it into my pocket. I would give the card to the boy personally.
    I stopped in to the tannery in town and discussed Kway's work. They were familiar with her and welcomed the idea of her doing piece work for them. I asked that a company executive visit the woman and take along patterns and materials for what they needed.

    I stopped by the general store and gave Wayne an ATM card with Kway's name on it. I told him that he should direct her to go into town and stop at the bank to have her picture taken to put onto the card and to set her own PIN.
    An electric company truck was parked at the family's house. I walked over and greeted the serviceman. "This wiring is very old. I have an order to turn on the power, but I think that it is a fire hazard." I asked him what was needed to fix it. "This house only has sixty amp service. That is not enough for an electric stove or an air-conditioner." I pointed out to him that the family did not have those appliances. He looked at me as if I was crazy, but he turned on the power. I will have to schedule an electrician to update the wiring, and maybe the plumbing.

    As I walked back to the house to get my horse I passed Billy. He had some good news. The man that he had been bargaining with was ready to deal. He wanted ten thousand dollars in cash for all of his boats and the exclusive rights to all of his contacts on the river. I handed him his ATM card and suggested that he go to the bank to complete the transaction. He would also need to let the bank take his picture and get a signature card signed by him. He looked around then pulled me into a tight hug, "I love you. I wish that I was one of your boys." I told him that he was.

    With the extra hands the work on Roddy's house went quickly. We had planned to let the cut lumber sit for the rest ot the year to season and then build the house during the summer of 2011. We had no idea of what lay in store for us for the following summer. With the tornadoes in seven southern states we would have little time to sojourn in Oklahoma.
    George the younger pulled into the work area early Monday afternoon. He had a pleasant surprise for us. He and Old George had gone through the lumber and decided which pieces needed to go into the dryers then they loaded the beams and sill lumber into a pressure tank. The pressure treated lumber was injected with insecticides and other chemicals to deter dry rot. Laying lumber directly onto concrete is a dangerous choice. With the use of spacers and injected foam sealants the pressure treated lumber stood a better chance to last for a century.
    The sills were laid and the floor joists were in place by sunset on the first day. I could see how things were going and called for a crew to come out to build the roof trusses. The trusses took the most time, but by Thursday they were finished. The sub-floor had been laid with large panels left open for the plumbing. All of the walls were up, both the inner and the outside walls. A crane came in and flew the trusses into place so that we could sheath the roof the first thing Friday morning.
    The trusses were built with a cleat on each side so that rigid insulation could be added. Cory wanted to try something for his own education. Before the sheathing was placed on the roof twenty two inch wide by three inch thick sheets of foam insulation was put into place. While one group of boys put the plywood sheathing on the roof another crew was in the attic space pressing two inches of fiberglass batting between the trusses. Eight inch bats of pink fiber insulation was applied directly onto the sheet rock that another crew was installing to the ceilings on the inside of the house.
    The outer walls of the house were built with two by six lumber which allowed for the use of two inches of high density foam insulation with a moisture barrier facing to the outside. On top of that, to the inside of the house six inch bats of fiberglass insulation was pressed between the studs.
    Pete and Bryan had asked to be able to help for a week. We made good use of their talents to rough in the electrical wiring. Mike had the pleasure of cutting holes in the ceiling for the placement of light fixtures then he and Tequasi headed into the attic to run the wiring between the fixture boxes.
    While they finished the rough in electrical work the rest of the boys set about applying the oriented strand board—OSB—sheathing one half of an inch thick, four foot by twelve foot panels laid sideways. For the time being the windows and door openings were covered over, they could be cut out later. The last part of the work was to wrap the house in a plastic barrier. All together the house would have a R rating of twenty six, a lot more than the area building codes suggested.
    I really wanted to stay and see the house finished. I had told Roddy that we would build his house, but we had planned on having to do it over two summers. I had to be in Munedavia on Wednesday, the fourteenth of July for the convening of Parliament. I am, after all, Cullen's chief minister.

    Twenty year old Jones and his brother, Pl—Billy—came out to the work site on Thursday afternoon. Both boys took hammers in their hands and pitched in wherever needed. I learned that Jones is a nickname from his childhood. His grandfather always teased him as a toddler about jonesing around. an ancient colloquialism that means wasting time. His name is bW—Cary, pronounced: gay-we. Billy wanted to talk to me, all night long. We didn't do much talking.
    Cory gave me a silly grin and made a very lewd gesture then took Roddy into Traveler© for the night. I led Billy to Traveler Too© and sat down on the couch. Billy came to me and sat against me with his young body touching mine. I stiffened instantly. He is on the cusp of manhood with his smell. I was happy that he still smelled like boy, man sweat just doesn't cut it with me. Billy leaned in and kissed my lips then quickly pulled away.
    I placed my left hand behind his head and pulled him back. I tickled his toes through his tonsils. The boy was hot, in looks, in heat from the day, and sexually. He was grinding his stiffness against my thigh. I had to break away. I told him that I didn't want him to mess up his work pants. He looked at me with a questioning look so I explained. He agreed, we retired to the bed.
    Boy sweat is a great turn on to me, head cheese is a major turn off. I led Billy by the hand and stepped into the extra large shower. His odor was tolerable so I did not use my Piney Woods soap just plain water. I pulled his foreskin back for him and made him squirm as I massaged and kneaded the glans to rid every bit of the cheese from on, in, and around it. I was very careful that I not go to far. I did want the milk that makes the cheese.
    Once we were back on the bed the ages old passions turned to lust and we became two virile males locked into our own private bliss. Billy would turn eighteen in October, but his body was still that of a sixteen year old boy, smooth and hairless with a firm underlayment of hard muscle. I was able to see that he was used to manual labor. He had some nasty scars on his forearms and on his lower legs. He explained that he got into a fight with a hay bailer when his favorite dog got pulled into the machine. I asked about the dog. She lost a leg, but she lived.
    I shut him up for awhile when I pulled him on top of me so that I could get every bit of seven inch cock down my throat. In that position he was able to take all of me into his own gullet, albeit very slowly. When I began to ejaculate he tightened his lips about the base of my cock and took every drop of my offering directly into throat. He had already reached his climax and I was busily dinning at his back door. When he pulled off of me I digitized him. He pushed his cock back into my mouth and began to pump me with full energy. He raised his head and asked me to fuck him.
    Together we rolled so that he was on his back. I got to my knees without breaking the lip lock that I held on him. I slowly turned around and positioned myself between his legs. I continued to suck on his cock as my fingers, once again, found his tight anus. I worked two then three fingers deep inside of him and milked his prostate for more of his rich, creamy batter. Before he could recover from the hardest orgasm of his life I was ten inches deep inside of him.
    We lay together in recovery and talked. I learned that Jones is the cock hungry brother and that he has a twenty one year old boyfriend that is in college up at Muskogee, Oklahoma. The boyfriend gets home on holidays and long weekends, and he had been home for the July fourth weekend. I had seen him and remembered him from my first few visits to Chief Steve's house.
    Billy used boy on boy sex to relieve his tensions. He is straight and has no desire to have a continuous relationship. He and Jones take care of one another almost daily, with Billy being the one on top. Billy doesn't mind sucking his brother off as long as the favor is returned, but it always ends up with him deep inside of Jones. I asked him about being the bottom sometimes. He told me that when their passions run high that both of them like for Billy to lay on his back and Jones to make love to him.

    On Monday morning, July twelth I received a disturbing call from Andy. He was flying two boys and two FBI agents to Base C to meet me. He had dispatched a helicopter to pick me up and fly me to the base for the meeting. I asked him what was going on and he only said that I would have to wait for the FBI to tell me. He told me that we needed to find a very secure place for the most secret meeting. My curiosity was piqued. I convinced Andy that I could get to Base C with a lot less interest from the tribesmen if I took a shortcut through the mountain.
    With Andy's blessing I dragged a kicking and screaming Cory away from the grueling labor under the hot sun and took him along with me, I almost wish that I hadn't. I was glad to have Cory with me as we sped over the underground roadway trying to beat the time and the automatic machine guns trained on us. However there was one part of the meeting that I could not discuss with anybody, not even the FBI agents that briefed me.
    We arrived in the control room of Base C ahead of the flight from Tucson. I really didn't know where Andy's flight had originated from, but I did know that he was flying into Tulsa and transferring to a sub-sonic, top secret helicopter.
    Upon entering the local office I told the captain on duty to have a team sweep the conference room and the adjacent offices. I asked for a detail of armed APs to be posted about the conference room. I wanted a chilli-cheese burgers with onion rings on the side, from the Split T chain of restaurants.
    I placed my lunch order with the Tulsa dispatcher over the phone. He sent a driver to acquire the food and return it to the base office as Andy's plane rolled up. The hot food I was placed in a thermo bag and passed to Andy as he and his party moved to a large helicopter for the remainder of the trip. I have often told Andy that we need a runway at Base C so that our planes can land there.
    The nearest airport capable of handling our aircraft is either at Fayetteville, or Fort Smith. Either one is a security hazard for us. Andy is concerned about the security problems caused by planes coming and going into the top secret area. The helicopters that fly into that base have stealth capabilities and can fly almost silently. If they approach from the west during the daylight hours then the chances of them being seen are minimized. Most of the access to the base is by buses with blacked out windows, and a two hour drive.
    Dispatch informed me that Andy's plane had landed. Cory I walked out to the main entrance and were met by two teenage boys of fourteen and fifteen years of age. For reasons of intense security I will not describe the boys at this time, nor will I divulge their names. Just suffice it to say that they caused a rise in my Levis. I looked at Cory. He smiled at me and licked his lips.
    I escorted the company to the conference room. Andy stayed behind; this meeting was for me alone. The two agents asked to use the restroom in the hall, near the office, before they entered the conference room. The two boys used the restroom off of the conference room. Andy approached Cory and asked him to accompany him. He winked at me and I realized that I had wasted Cory's afternoon for him. As Andy and Cory walked away Andy spoke to me through my earbud, it was the most secure way to communicate under the circumstances.
    "I'm sorry. I overstepped myself when I told you that Cory could come along. The FBI wants what they have to tell you to be a closely held secret. Chris, I don't even know what is going on or who those two boys are. I will make it up to Cory by giving him a tour of the base. We will feast on the food in the dinning room? I am drooling over the thought of one of those chilli-cheese burgers. Did you order the third pounders? I love the onion rings…." I had to cut him off when I saw the restroom door open and the two Federal Agents step into the hallway.

    Once we were seated behind locked doors I was introduced to the two boys. I knew their last name, I know of their father and the business that he is in. I was hungry for the contents of the insulated bag with the burgers in it. I passed each man and boy a burger and a large order of crispy, brown onion rings and pointed them to the cooler with an assortment of cold drinks in it. I made my self a chocolate malt.

    The lead agent began by telling me that the boys' father had turned state's evidence and that he was planning to testify against the most powerful drug lords on the planet. He was ready to give up the secret locations of many of America's most wanted drug traffickers. He only had two requirements for his testimony. One: he wanted his boys to be kept safe where they could just be ordinary teenage boys. His second request was being laid directly into my lap. The man had agreed to a plea bargain that let him escape the death sentence. But it would require that he spend the rest of his natural life in prison, plus twenty five years, with no chance of parole.
    I knew that he would not live a week in any prison in the world. The courts knew that as well. I was being asked if I could find a secure setting for him for about thirty of forty years. I knew of a place, I needed to make a top secret phone call.
    I stepped into a side office and called the floor commander. I told him what I needed and waited for the phone on the desk to ring. All of our calls are scrambled with the latest technology available, but for calls of this caliper Andy has developed something so secure that I think that the Lord Himself would have a problem listening in.
    I returned to the agents and told them that everything was good to go. I would pickup the boys' father. They told me that they would have him delivered to me. I played my hand and had things done my way.

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