Chapter 194


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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     I was being pressed for time. I like to pick up the little ones at their school while Cory picks up the BAW students that live too far from the campus to walk home. Jimmy Walker won't let James or Gary" target="_blank">Gary drive up the mountain to school. There are exceptions when the boys have to be somewhere immediately after school. I will respect his wishes, he is the father. Jimmy teaches at Wilson High and he see students every day that get themselves into trouble behind the wheel of a car.
    Jules Feldman and Boner Hamm like to ride home with Cory so that they can talk and cut up like teenage boys on the way. Cory has to stop by the elementary school first and pick up Brett and Brit because their school lets out a half an hour before the boys are dismissed from BAW.
    Most days Cory drives Abe and Pat Thornton home. That is on the many days that Dr. Tip has a patient to tend too and can't get away. Of course that always means that Peter Joulson rides home with them since he lives across the street from Dr. Tip. All of the boys get along with one another and Cory tells me that it is the highlight of his day to chauffeur them home. Cory has early classes at the university so it is my duty to drop off the little guys then swing by and pick up the older boys to get them to school in the morning. I might need to put one of the buses online to pick the students up.
    I let a boy obtain his license when he has proven himself with constantly high grades and perfect attendance. It is hard not to have perfect attendance with our living conditions, but attending class doesn't mean just being there in person. It means being there to participate. A student that sits in class and never cracks a book or opens his mouth in classroom discussions is wasting his time.
    A student that participates in the classroom procedures is a better student and is preparing himself for life in the real world where to keep his mouth shut will shut him out of the better jobs. A man has to speak up for himself and let others know that he is knowledgeable of his chosen profession. I don't mean a blow hard, or a braggart. I mean a man that knows his job and is not afraid to show that he has a complete understanding of it. He might even have the solution to making his job more efficient and how would anyone know if he is afraid to speak up?

    I knew what would happen in the shower. Ethan began to beg me to allow him to go with me to pick up the boys so that he could see the school. Cory heard every word and when we finished our wash down he grinned at me and told me that I needed to hurry if I was going to get permission from Ethan's grandfather. I knew that something else was planned for the Sawyers, but I relented. It is hard to say no to an underage boy that you have just fucked the living shit out of. I quickly put my clothes on and headed downstairs.
    I was surprised to find Dieter up and in the kitchen. He was looking into the freezer as he tried to find something to prepare for their dinner. I looked on the frail man and worried that he was in no condition to be at the stove. If Ethan went with me then the old man would be alone in the house for the first time since his wife died. Well, that didn't hold water, he is alone each day that Ethan is in school. However I had to believe that he sat at the table the entire time. Now he had a new purpose in life and he was up and around. I wanted somebody to be there with him.
    Pete and the college boys arrived early and I was pleased. Jerry and Tim had told me that they were going to organize a cleaning crew to make the house more livable. I took Pete to Dieter and introduced him then told the old man that I was going to get Ethan out of the way for four hours then we would all go out to dinner together. His eyes brightened and he nodded at me.
    Ethan was standing in the doorway and he told me that he and Poppy had not been out to eat, or gone anywhere, since his grandmother had died. Ethan and I left as Pete explained what he and seven hunky college boys were doing in his house.

    I pulled up to the elementary school to see my five little boys waiting for me. Dane opened the passenger side door to climb into the seat of honor while Hamal, Kardal, Khalid, and Tahir took their seats in the back of the Caddy. Dane climbed over Ethan and took a seat up against me. He is lost without Rod this year. Rod is a year ahead of Dane in school and he has moved on to the on-campus junior highschool while Dane had to complete the sixth grade at the other campus.
    Even at the risk of alienating my own son I had to stand by my rules. I will not allow any boy below the seventh grade to attend classes on the campus at BAW. That is for the boy's own protection. No boy under the age of twelve is allowed to live in the dormitory on campus. Again for the protection of the boy. I could have allowed Rod to attend seventh grade classes at the campus of the charter school, but that would put him behind in the socialization process that has been initiated at BAW. It may sound tough, but that is what tough love is all about. I am the parent and I make the rules, for all of the boys that attend my school.
    Dane showed his immaturity as he turned and stuck his tongue out at Ethan. Ethan giggled at him, until I popped Dane in the mouth with a sharp back hand. I will have no disrespect for any of the boys around me. Dane had no idea who Ethan was, he was just lashing out in his childish way. He put his hands over his mouth and bellowed as if he had been mortally wounded. I had not hit him very hard at all, it was the shock of being struck by me that he was crying about. I had never struck Dane before and he had not expected it of me. He has seen me correct Rod in the past so he was aware that I am capable of corporal punishment when the need arises.
    Another strong point for placing Rod at BAW is his cousin Neal Dickson. Neal is shy around new people, but with Rod at his side the two boys terrorized the halls of the school. Rod even took Neal on a tour of the dormitory. "Well I had to show him where Alvin lives daddy." Alvin is living in the house with the rest of the family so Rod got a swat on his rear. Not a hard one, I do allow the boy a little too much leeway, but I have to keep a firm hand on his backside or he feels that he can get away with more than is safe for him.

    As I drove up to the house I thought that it looked like a highschool carwash. The boys had their machines lined up along the front of the parking lot across the street from the house washing the road grime from the road rally off of their cars. There were many loving hands helping the older boys wash their babies with extra tender loving care.
    I believe that Chrisy's bright yellow Porsche was receiving the most attention. RD was washing the `vette with the aid of Rod and Dane. Cameron had the help of Elias to lovingly clean his XLR convertible. Cullen and Jimmy were hard at getting the chrome wheels of my 442 polished brightly as Sean proudly polished his brand new Nissan 370Z roadster. Boys have their toys at any age.

    My little guys were naked before I had the Caddy parked in the front drive. Once we were stopped they made a dash to the house with their school clothes under their arms. Ethan was laughing at their antics so hard that tears were streaming down his face. Dane was still pouting as he climbed out of the SUV. Rod ran up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss before he asked what was wrong. Rod glared at me when he learned that I had struck his boyfriend. I led Ethan into the house.
    No sooner had I entered than Hamal returned and was talking to Jimmy in a very excited way. I stopped to listen when I heard him say that the UFOs were huge and the boys around him broke out in laughter. One never knows what a pre-adolescent will come up with next, but believe me when I say that it has something to do with bodily functions.
    Mitchell was nearby and he had heard more of the boy's tale than I had and he told me that he would take care of it. In the meantime many of the younger boys were running pall mall for the room at the end of the hall where three of our youngest make their place in the house. I had to follow to get to the bottom of this latest event.
    I got more to the bottom of the matter than I wanted too. Khalid was a bit constipated and he had managed to stop up the toilet. The UFOs were Unidentified Floating Objects in the toilet and every young eye had to see for himself, and make their jokes about them. I walked away shaking my head as Mitchell entered with plunger in hand and a bucket of cleaning supplies.
    Within minutes the little guys had disappeared from the house. Without asking I knew that they had gone over to the girl's house to play with Nvgidiganvsadi, Roddy's puppy, beast. I asked if Neal had gone with them and I was told that he was being dragged by Roddy to go feed and clean up after the puppy. I was concerned about having a dog. I know the bond that can exist between a boy and his dog and I didn't want there to be any jealousy on the part of the other boys.
    Ugitsiha wanted to have a dog around and that settled it, but Rod showed more of his wisdom when he invited all of the little guys to join him each day for an hour or so of play with the frisky critter. If it were at all possible I believe that his single act helped the boys to bond even more into the family. They were considered as equals and enjoyed the rights of full fledged family members. I don't like for there to be anything that any of the boys is not allowed to participate in, within reason of their current age.

    Gus and Dezi are still close friends with Francis McNee, the neighbor boy that lives two doors down from Cory. Fran is a precocious lad that flaunts his homosexuality in everybody's face and it is my hope that his attendance at BAW will mellow him out. Gus is a natural leader and he can talk to a boy in such a way that commands authority. I believe that Fran is beginning to change. Around the house and school his homosexuality is no problem, but the boys in the neighborhood have treated him badly.
    It is no secret what kind of school BAW is, most everybody within a mile of the school knows that it is a place where gay boys can attend without fear of incrimination or intimidation. But, for the most part, there is no way of telling whether a boy is gay or not. Sure, society has its idea of how a gay person walks with a swish or talks with a lisp, and we have one or two boy that display that stereotype. But for the most part the students at BAW are masculine role models.
    Our students are more likely to be thought of as jocks. When they go to the mall they are checked out by many of the girls and nearly every time I will learn that they have a girl's phone number and an invite for a date. I encourage that sort of interaction. I believe that many of the boys are not gay. They have been forced into a gay lifestyle by their circumstances. Most all of them simply participated in childhood curiosity and took a swing on a buddy's cock. That deed cost them dearly.
    I have a real problem with a father that beats his son and/or runs the boy off for doing no more than he probably did himself when he was young. Maybe I rationalize a little too much. But I believe that every man takes his cock in his hand at sometime in his life and flogs the fuck out of it until he squirts his juice in total sexual release. That is a natural thing for a male to do. Society may look down on it and it seems that it is always the men that create the problems for a boy caught in the act.
    Oh don't even get me started on a woman who catches her son playing with himself. Women are ingrained with the idea that the male member and its associated ejaculations are only meant for procreation. They will scream and holler as they intimidate and chastise the unfortunate boy. They will drag the boy to anyone that will support their way of thinking. They will scream and yell at their husbands until he has no choice but to berate his son, often getting physical and driving him away.
    The ones that I really get uptight about are the priests and preachers that a mother will drag her errant son before. These men have gotten their head so far into their religion that they have no idea what the Bible says or is about. The Bible is not about doing what it takes to live forever in paradise, but about God taking away the tragedy of our sin so that we can live forever with Him. Most of today's religious leaders are so hung up on the dos and don'ts of the Bible that they can't see the message that it has to give.
    These men love to preach their hellfire and damnation message. They want everybody to fear a vindictive God that is anxious to send everybody into the fiery pit or eternal damnation. It is true that there is a Way and we should walk in it. The pathway to Heaven is a very narrow and unforgiving path. It is well lit, if we seek the Light, but should we fall away we are lost forever. At least that is what mainline Christianity would have us believe.
    Our Lord shed His blood in total love for each of us. His blood is sufficient to forgive us any transgression. All we have to do is confess and repent. A person does not have to take up a monistic lifestyle to be a saint in Christ's Kingdom. He only has to believe and accept.
    That is a concept that most churches do not preach today. I will not live in a pigeon hole. By that I mean that society has their idea of what and how a person should live. They want to make everybody into the same size, shape, and color. Society has little boxes that I call pigeon holes in which it categorizes people by its standards and places each of us into those slots.
    'This person is a natural leader so he goes here. This person is sexy and flashy so he goes here. This person over here is a loser, an ex-con, a never do well, he goes here.' I hope you get the idea, society wants to mold us into what they think that we should be. Pity the little gay boy who loves his fellow man a little differently than they think is natural.

    We have had a few minor incidents from the population near the school. Our park was vandalized and tagged one time. That was an easy fix, I had a twelve foot fence placed around the entire area and only a boy's finger will gain him access. I had a little fun with the security finger print readers of the park, well all of my finger print readers in fact. A boy's right fuck finger now opens everything I own. Everybody uses thumb readers, even in the movies. Try it with my stuff. With so many attempts on my person, and a few of the boys, I decided to do things a bit differently than the rest of the world. The boys all get a kick out of sticking their middle finger to the reader for coding. Boys get a kick out of using their middle finger whenever and wherever they can.
    The readers that secure certain areas of my properties all have the symbols that would indicate the placing of the right thumb against it. Should a bad man attempt to force a boy to open a lock they will be inclined to use the thumb. A family member's thumb held in a sustained position on the pad will sound an alarm. More of my paranoid security.
    We have had minor threats made to some of the boys, particularly the younger boys. Kids are kids and boundaries are hard to accept. I am talking physical boundaries, how far they can ride their bicycles type of boundaries. The little guys are especially anxious to see what is on the other side of the line so they stretch the limit sometimes and ride just a little bit too far.
    I believe that a strong lesson was learned when six of the boys rode to a park where they did not belong. That park is well known as a place where homeless men spend their days. Drugs are available in that park and there are many needles and broken crack pipes strewn about that the boys can get hurt on. I went ballistic and grounded the entire bunch for a solid week when I learned that they had gone to that park and been accosted by a homeless man.
    Kardal was fondled as his attacker tried to drag him into the bushes. The other boys came to their brother's rescue and rode circles around the man as they screamed to the top of their little lungs. They were fortunate that there were two bike patrol police officers nearby at the time. The man was arrested and charged with a sex crime against a child under twelve years of age. That is a very serious offense in any society. The boys made a beeline for the house and rushed into my office to tell me what had happened.
    The police followed the boys home so that they could get their information to make the arrest. I dealt with the police then I dealt with six tiny boys who were scared shitless. My sweet Eric was kidnaped in a city park and raped only a few years ago. That is something that is on the minds of all of the older family members constantly. Some of them felt that they had failed the little guys by not being more vigilant. I attempted to squelch that idea very quickly.
    I believe that the boys need to grow up free as well as safe. I set limits and boundaries for a reason and that incident proved to all of the boys that there are reasons for those limitations. As far as the little ones are concerned there have never been anymore infractions of those rules. Some of the older boys have stepped over the line and they have been made to pay the piper.

    Remember when Kenny Minor held on so tight to the shoulders of his big brother that Toby looked as if he were deformed. Kenny was so tiny and innocent that I was unsure of taking him into the family. Fortunately Kenny did join the family and he has been a true delight. Now it is time to celebrate his sixteenth birthday and the family has plans to welcome the boy to manhood with the offering of their own manhood.

    It was time for the next step in our preparations for a trip south of the border. I was not in favor of what had to be done, but it had to be done. If we were going to be able to gain access to the underground fight clubs located along the border between Mexico and the United States then we were going to have to have some prestige as fighters to be dealt with.
    Andy had been pulling every chain that he could and kissing every ass in the region to protect our three fighters. Yeah, I had to allow Jamie to fight. I believe that part hurt me more than getting my own face punched in by some of the street toughs that wanted a part of me.
    Timmy showed himself to be one tough little dude as he fought in underground fight matches around the county. Ted held his own and was undefeated, but he didn't have the killing spirit that Timmy demonstrated. Jamie fought boys many years older than himself and defeated them within minutes of the first punch. I had seen him fight on the street and I had fought him in the gym at BAW. Even that did not prepare me for what I witnessed in the fights that he took part in.
    The people that gather for those fights are a ruthless crowd that have no feelings for anybody but themselves. Big money is laid down on the outcome of each match and when those people loose they go after the winners of their money. I had to fight harder than I had ever thought myself capable as five or six monstrously large men tried to beat me down. One of the first things that Jamie had told us was that in such a fight it was every man for himself. It would not go well for our plans if we were to step in and try to help each other in a fight. I was actually the only one that got his ass beat.
    Ted and Jamie have teamed up as a couple and fight for the honor of the other. Timmy fights his heart out to protect Chrisy. I tried many time to make Chrisy stay behind, but he would have none of that. He and Timmy had agreed that he would be at his husband's side every step of the way. I was only glad that he did not try to get into the fight circle with Timmy.
    I could draw the line at Cory joining me. I braved my part solo as I took on the role as the promoter of my three fighters. I had the dubious honor of sneaking around the underworld of the vilest of creatures next to those that would hurt children. I had to promote the prowess of three nasty street fighters to the nastiest of the nasty.
    The name of Spike was well known and wherever I went the use of his name gained me instant talking power. I learned that his former captors had a very high price on his head. I thought that was too much, to offer a reward for the return of a fourteen year old boy to a life of virtual slavery. It quickly became apparent what a box office draw Spike is. I was offered a larger purse for every fight that I would book him into. It didn't take my accounting skills to figure that the fight promoters were making a killing from their ticket sales.
    The one thing that would kill our plans would be a police raid. That is where Andy became most valuable. He did his job and kept the police informed about the times and locations of the fights while keeping them at bay until the five of us were clear of the area. Andy informed me that he only allowed one raid on an especially rotten bunch of fight enthusiasts. He smiled as he told me that he didn't want us getting a bad rep on the street. I had to agree with him on that point, but I would like to have seen every person at every fight behind the thickest bars around.
    We were successful as we worked our way up through the pack to find ourselves listed in the top three spots for a major fight known as a beatdown. That fight would take place at some undisclosed date at some undisclosed place. We would be notified by e-mail when and where to go when the time came.

    There is never a good time for bad things to occur. I suppose that to many it won't be considered a bad turn of events in fact that the life of my precious wife would be preserved. ufGU—Ugitsiha is a very small woman in stature. She is a giant amongst women in my eyes, but then my sight is slightly blinded by Daylight.
    She was just past the age of nineteen when she conceived Rodney and her body was not ready for such an invasion. Sure, she had matured naturally, for a twelve year old girl. She was just slow in growing up. Physical stature is not always a precursor to common sense and the desires of the heart often rule where wisdom should take the lead. Ugitsiha was in love with a boy.
    The boy was one of the finest braves in the tribe. Tall, handsome, wise, and strong. He had loved tiny Ugitsiha for all of her life. Her first recollection of him was when they were about six years old and she slid down a muddy slope into the river. Without thought or care for himself #w—Tsu'la'–fox—jumped into the water to save his best friend. Ugitsiha smiles when she tells the story, she says the water was not deep and very still so she was in no danger, but her knight in shining buckskins risked his life for her. From that moment on the two children were inseparable.
    Tsu'la' was not big in the manhood department and he didn't hang with the boys that played their games with each other. He liked to be with his Daylight and love her. Daylight was taught the needs of men from early on in life; it made no difference to her that her man was only fourteen years old, he had needs. Fox was happy to have his best friend handle his needs and when the day came that his needs were taken care of orally he knew that he was a man.
    The wise women of the tribe had told Ugitsiha that she was too small to engage in natural intercourse, she needed to wait for her body to catch up to her years. Tsu'la' respected that and abstained. His lusts and desires still controlled his teenaged body and he was grateful to his best friend for her care of those needs. All of that changed on Ugitsiha's nineteenth birthday.
    Strong desire had been building between the two and a love that was deeper than the peace of the forest had entwined their souls into one. The couple was married in the quiet tradition of the ancients and moved to a home of their own near the spot at the river where the brave had saved his lady's life thirteen years earlier.
    Ugitsiha tells me that Tsu'la' was gentle with her and loved her completely. She told me that the act was very painful to her and that she went to her mother to learn why. Ahwiagina took her daughter to the doctor that had treated most of the tribe for many years. The old man examined the girl and told her that the pain was caused by her small body and that time would take care of the problem.
    From what I have learned the old doctor was past retirement age and still practicing medicine from the fourteenth century. Ugitsiha's pregnancy with Rodney was miserable and she swore that she would never have another baby. Her love of Tsu'la' carried her through and she endured the pain.
    The delivery was hard and she nearly lost her life in the battle. Doctor's at the hospital explained to her that she had a twisted fallopian tube that had caused the pain, but as the pregnancy progressed the tube straightened itself out and she was fine. They explained to her that any future pregnancies would be just as painful and could be fatal to her baby and perhaps to herself. It was suggested that surgery be performed to remove the tubes. Of course that would mean that she could never again conceive.
    Ugitsiha and Tsu'la' discussed the problem and it was decided that they did not want the surgery, but that they would be careful to never get pregnant again. Ugitsiha had long had dreams of a powerful wolf in her life. She loved her fox and wondered if she had mis-interrupted those dreams. In her eyes her fox was strong and powerful, she could think of no other.
    Tsu'la' had been gored by a wounded deer while he was out hunting only weeks before Cory and I first met Chief Steve and the tribe in September of 2005. Beulah prepared breakfast for us and quickly left. At the time I just figured that she did not like all of the boy sex that had occurred in the house overnight. That was not the cause of it at all.
    Beulah went to the home of her sister Ahwiagina to look at an old arras that the women had. @TR—Quetisi—Betsy, Quemela's mother, was called and the three women were sure that they had found the lost son of Magayeti, my mother. I was known to the women as Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe—high—backed wolf. Ugitsiha was still in mourning, but she and her cousin Sagi were called to go up to the house of Chief Steve on some pretext. When Ugitsiha saw me her dreams came to the front of her mind and she fainted.
    Ugitsiha was at the house of her grandfather visiting with her mother and her aunt Beulah the following day. After taking a long, hard look at me Ugitsiha was certain that I was the powerful wolf of her dreams. She was torn by the fact that her husband had not been dead but a few weeks and she was thinking about another man. Her aunts and mother showed her the arras and told her that it was as the spirits had decided long ago. After another look at me and after hearing my voice she knew in her heart that she was in love and that she would be my wife.
    The women plotted to bring me into the tribe. Cory made it easy for them, the handsome grandson of their Chief fell in love with Sagi and it was just a matter of time for the women to bring Ugitsiha and me together. I almost felt as if a plot had been hatched, but Ugitsiha reminded me that the arras that had been prepared more than forty years earlier, before I was born. That piece of prophesy could not be denied by the women.
    Ugitsiha told me that she knew that her decision not to have had her tubes removed was sound. The tapestry showed me with two sons that she would bear. She was sure of all of it when she saw a cub that was surely Gvnigetsuli suckling on me. That part always did get to me. The wolf on the arras is represented as being male, yet he has five cubs sucking at his breasts. Who says dreams and prophecies have to make sense?
    When I called Ugitsiha and told her of RD's existence the tribe celebrated for several days. Everyone was sure that the entire prophecy was true and the looked to Ugitsiha to bear another boy child that would be the most powerful of all of the cubs. I looked into the nearby crib at Cullen James as he slept in total innocense and wondered if he could be the Indian Chief that the old Chiefs had told me about at Cory's wedding.
    For more than four years I had been trying to get Ugitsiha to let the doctors remove her damaged fallopian tubes removed. Her health has always been important to me, but with the two babies it was even more important. She smiled at me and told me that she was ready. She had done all that the spirits asked of her and now she needed to stay healthy and strong to raise our four sons to their greatness to come.
    I suppose that it was not actually a bad thing. I know that I would feel like less of a man were I to have surgery that would prevent my sexual prowess. Ugitsiha told me how foolish I was. She had borne three wonderful boys that were healthy and strong. She didn't need to take chances with her life being cut short by another unexpected pregnancy. That made sense to me, at last.
    The surgery was a relatively simply procedure and my wife was able to return home shortly after it was done. She had to avoid certain activities for a few days and get lots of bed rest. That part was simple, I have had her on bed rest almost the entire time that she has been in Tucson. Now maybe my wife and I can get out more often and become real people in the community.

    My honeymoon had been much more than we could have ever expected. Cory is pure love and he proved that by his every effort during our stay at his cabin in the forest that he built just for our love nest. If society proves success by results then the end results of our stay in the woods are impressive. Cory and I returned home with five precious new sons.
    I was able to reconnect to my grandmother that I had long before forgotten. What a terrible waste, the woman is a jewel and she had been so instrumental in shaping the boy that I was into the man that I have become. That wish was granted to her, with benefits. She learned that she also had a granddaughter that was even older than me and that her son is the King of a country called Munedavia. She had no idea where such a country was and she loved to talk to her great grandson and learn about the foreign land.
    Her joy was heightened when she learned of other great grandsons. RD shows so much love to the woman that she wanted to have him near her constantly. She embraced Rodney as a full blood member of her family and took the scamp to her heart. Rod ate it up. He loved his elisi and he has missed the woman. Elisi is the word for maternal grandmother in Tsalagi so Rod began calling Nana, Enisi, which is the word for paternal grandmother. That boy has a future as a diplomat.
    Nana especially beamed when she sat with Cory Stevens in her lap. One thing that can not be denied about women, they make wonderful mothers. The mother instinct comes naturally to most women and it really shone through in Nana. It is the woman that hurts her children…no, I won't go there, this is a happy time for me to relate so I won't dwell on the negative.
    Ugitsiha will have her surgery which will leave her unable to bear more children. That is fine with us. She has fulfilled her dream and I have much more than I could ever have expected. I have learned what the love of a pure woman can be and I cherish it as much as I cherish the woman who is my wife. I am blessed by two lovers and both of them are more than willing to love each other as much as they love me.
    I suppose that it sounds strange to a lot of people. All of the world's religions teach that the relationship that Cory and I share is wrong. Brad and Jay fit into our little pigeon hole as well, they both have wives yet they are very much in love and involved with each other. Society does not like that. It is not normal. The four of us have sat together and prayed together as we discuss our abnormality.

    Jay was almost afraid to tell Brad that he and René were going to have another daughter. Brad has shown a jealous streak that has led him to strike the smaller boy. Jay could endure Brad's anger, as long as it is short lived. Jay would rather die than to ever hurt Brad and he was unsure how to deal with this latest news in the lives of the couple.
    I had learned of the pregnancy from René when she flew to New York with both JB and BJ to spend the summer with her family while the two boys frolicked in San Francisco and Nice. She cried herself sick as she told me that she could not stand to come between the two. She loves Jayson with everything in her and she will do whatever it takes to see that her husband is happy. Even to the point of giving him up to her cousin that she matched him with in the beginning. Jay was a fourteen sexually confused and curious teenager that had a hidden lust for the hunky Mexicano that was René's first cousin.
    Jay learned of his pending fatherhood while the family basked in the cool waters off of the coast of South France where many of us took afternoon boat trips out to sea for fishing and diving expeditions. It was during a time that Brad was trying out a set of aqua-lungs in the crystal blue lagoon where we had sailed to that Jay came up to me. I took a firm grip on his ball sack and asked him what those large eggs inside it made him. He instantly knew that he was a man and that he had to stand up and take whatever medicine he had coming to him.
    Brad is not stupid. He learned from his episode in Golden Gate Park and he showed his new side by grabbing up h is diminutive lover and dancing around the deck with him. Brad pulled Jay over the side and the two boys swam about in the ocean as Brad let him know that he was proud of him for making his favorite cousin happy. He told all of us that René means as much to him as his Abuela and he was happy as pink grapefruit that their husband had given her another daughter.
    All of us wanted to know how happy pink grapefruit is and he only blushed and told us that it was a private family thing. I have got to find out about that one.
    An unexpected major change has occurred in my house and at granite house. It had not occurred to me that when we disconnected from the city's water supply and began to use the water stored in the massive lake underneath BAW that we would have cold water. The city has large pressurized tanks sitting around the town to store the water that it pumps up from the aquifer beneath the city. That water is mixed with water brought into the Tucson area from the Colorado river through a long canal that runs across the state, uphill.
    Those tanks sit in the direct sunlight on top of the light colored sandy soil which reflects its heat back onto the tanks. The water temperature at the tap of most homes in town comes out at a warm 90°. Our water coming into the houses now leaves the tap at around fifty five degrees. The boys are excited that they can actually take a cold shower for the first time since they came to live with me. Those boys that are native to Tucson had never known a cold shower, except in the winter time when the public supply is air cooled to a frigid 70°.

    Our Friday night story time took a different twist. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures in my household. Many of the boys have tried their hand at besting Jimmy and Zane, but no one comes close to the professionalism that those two boys produce.
    My personal photo album consists of shots of boys that I have met along the way and a few more of the boys that remain in my house. With my shots I have been careful to only photograph clean poses of the boys, I don't want to be accused of leching on a boy after all. It was because of those candid shots that we were able to locate Iggy and bring him into the family.
    The boys laugh at me as they look at some of the pictures that I have of them. One that gets a lot of snickers behind hands held over their mouths is a picture of one only known to any of us as the hitchhiker. I try to explain to the sex fiends that I was on a boy hunt and any boy along the way was fair game to me. They tell me that I am the sex fiend, that hurt.
    All of my pictures have been converted to digital format and placed on a small memory card for my easy perusal. Even those first candid shots that I took of Jimmy, Cory, and Chrisy with an old style cell phone that only had black and white capabilities. The boys get a kick out of those shots. They tease Chrisy about is tiny thin face and ask him if he had anything to keep him from blowing away in a stiff breeze. He shows them the mighty widget and I assure them that he had enough weight in that member to keep himself well anchored. I let the banter go on about where he laid anchor as Chrisy and I only smiled at one another.
    A real eye opener came when we got to the pictures of the first visit to cliff house with Turner and Tyler. The boys laughed at the pictures of a very young Darryl then they broke up over pictures of Derrick. Both boys grew nostalgic when the pictures of Joel appeared on the large plasma screen. The next picture brought about closure to two boys and an issue that had plagued me for sometime.
    I don't like to show pictures of the dead and I have removed all of the pictures that I had of Isaac from the disk and from these pages. However I will show you this one shot of a boy that had touched many lives in our family before he met an untimely end to his tragic and young life.
    Mentioned only as someone else in my narrative of him he is mentioned by the name of Justin in the events involving Darryl and events in Scotty's life. The beach bums were the first to recognize their old friend, but I quickly caught Darryl as his eyes clouded over. I remembered the story that he had told Chrisy and Cory as they slept together at cliff house during their highschool graduation Road Trip. Carroll has a history with Justin as well and you can read his take on the man in his story about him and Mitch.
    Scotty was the one that put all of the pieces together when he identified the boy as the one that had molested him and tried to blackmail Keith Hall and his boyfriend Cliff. Until that time none of the boys knew that Justin was not as young as they had thought.
    FI had investigated Justin for Bull's defense of Cliff and we knew that he was an older boy that drifted about enticing sex with men then blackmailing them with his threats of going to the police and reporting his molestation by them. That scheme had worked with six men of prominent position and had FI not got on his trail he would have been able to continue with his ruse. In the end his undoing came about when he participated in a man boy love party where he and Cameron Langley raped Darryl.
    The Justin that was involved with Keith Hall had skipped bail and his whereabouts were unknown. I had no idea that he had been identified by the California court system as being the same boy that they had in custody. Believe it or not, there are some things that I am not privy to and I guess that no one ever put the two Justins together with a boy in my charge. I can understand that, what I couldn't understand was the system allowing Scotty go uniformed.
    Alright, Scotty is a minor and he was not directly involved with Justin other than being a witness against him. For several months Scotty has been in limbo as he dreaded having to return to court to give more testimony. The trail of Keith Hall had taken a toll on the boy. Being transported around the country in hiding had some effect on him. I have studied the boy closely and wondered how much of his anxieties are similar to things that my core family might exhibit. I constantly worry about my use of the boys and wonder if they will grow up to resent me. I was learning that Scotty did resent Keith. He felt that the man only wanted him for sex and never provided any kind of home life for him; and he was never offered any educational opportunities. Scotty seems to be adapting to our lifestyle very readily.
    I left my ducks in the water as I picked myself up and walked away. Ever loving Darryl slipped up to walk into my office with me and seated himself in my lap with his arms around my neck and his body curled up like a small child. "I guess that Justin was a real bad one, huh dad? I…I let my emotions run away and I had sex with the wrong sort of guy."
    "So what have you learned from it? Darryl, you can't always tell about a person when you first meet them. You learned that Justin was the wrong person from you after a very short time and you broke off your relationship with him. You had no way of knowing how your paths would cross later on. You can use the experience as a stepping stone or as a stumbling block, that is up to you."

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