Chapter 212


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Many states, cities, and principalities are in deep financial trouble. The country is in a full blown recession and tax revenues are down. In an effort to raise the money needed to keep basic services in operations my county is following the city's lead by seeking ways to raise new taxes and to increase their tax base already in force.
    I am pretty much covered because I have been declared tax exempt by the Congress of the United States. I don't know if that protects my school or granite house. Luke and Ģer transferred title to granite house to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß before the house was ever occupied. The tax base on the house was minimal, but then we found the wine cellar. So far that area remains unknown to all but a few people.
    My main house would be taxed at the rate that it was when Charley built it, thirty two hundred square feet. The overall footprint of the original house is sixty feet by one hundred feet, but the living area of the house was hacked up with the six bedrooms to the west end and a lot of open space. Somehow the guest house had never been configured into the original tax assessment. Charley knew people who knew people so I never questioned that.
    I have added onto the house and enlarged the basement recreation room many times. The rec. room does not appear on any of the county's planning committee blueprints so who am I to try to correct an error that is twenty years old? The overall basement encompasses a solid one hundred and fifty feet by one hundred feet of area, or fifteen thousand square feet of space. Of course that is all storage space, not dwelling area.
    The main obstacle that I was trying to overcome was βφτ house. The new addition in the back added nine bedrooms and the city wanted to tax it as multi-family dwelling. I had Bull and Ron showing the city fathers that it was not multi-family dwelling as it only has one kitchen. Some enterprising tax assessor pointed out that it was being used as a fraternity house by students of the university and that the school was unaware of any fraternity called βφτ. He thought that the house should be vacated and then taxed as the higher rate of a large domestic dwelling.
    I have maintained the house, and the taxes, as my private dwelling since the death of my mother. It was pointed out that I was not the primary inhabitant of the house so it no longer qualified as my home. Derrick and Darryl provided an answer when they suggested to me that they were both orphans and would like to bear my name. They are both over eighteen, but if my sons were living in the house then it would be my family dwelling.

    During our summer in Greece the roof was raised on βφτ house to the satisfaction of all. I had Ron study the house next door to the Sawyer's house that Tim and Jerry had sought to buy. That house had more problems than was economically feasible to deal with. However there were several ideas in that house that I wanted to incorporate into the first major remodel of the interior of my old family home.
    I was saddened to see the roof line changed though. In order to make the changes to the house the roof was made over to a mansard style with steep sides and a flat top. The flat top created a very private sun deck forty feet above the street level where the boys could sun bathe in the all together without fear of neighbors peering down on them.
    Five large bedrooms were added in the newly recovered space. There was room for six bedrooms, but the consideration of an intimate study area above the stairway made sense. Each bedroom has a toilet with a shower shoe horned into one corner with a double lavatory, topped by a large mirror open into the room. At the east end of the old attic space is large shower room with six double level heads, for those intimate groupies.
    The addition of the bedrooms to the back of the house curtailed the need to place bedrooms in the basement. I was never happy with that idea because of the lack of windows. The space is not wasted though. There never seems to be enough storage space in a house and college boys seem to have more stuff to store than anyone else. Secure storage lockers were built around the perimeter of the room. The stairs leading from the first floor were never installed, the back stairs served the area well.
    The excavation for the bathroom was not wasted. Heavy foam insulation was installed between the basement and the first floor and a large air handling system was put into place. A ten person hot tub was installed. That gets steady use night and day. There is a hot tub outside of the back door from Tim and Sandy's room, but that is more of an intimate tub for two or four. It is also outside and exposed to the weather. Tim is able to negotiate the steps down to the basement for some water sports with the other college boys.

    Robby and Stevie had lived in my old house when they first returned to Tucson. You may remember that Robby's mother had sent videos and individual photographs of the two boys having sex when they were young teens. Her ploy only served to make heros of the two boys, but they did not want the attention, or the notoriety, that was brought upon them by the media touting them as a prime example of a loving, longtime homosexual relationship.
    I had visited with my two old friends quite often and I had seen their large stacks of books piled in every corner of the house. My proud father had sealed all of the bookcases in the living room as a display case for my many trophies that I had earned as a youngster. I had even taken all of the trophies that I had garnered in college and placed them into the case then had it sealed with argon gas, a neutral gas that is often used as a preservative.
    I had the glass cases removed and carefully boxed up then placed in the attic and forgot about them. I had the bookcase shelves refinished so that my friends could have a place for their books. Robby and Stevie eventually purchased a home of their own. My old family house sat vacant for several years as I kept it as a shrine to a life that might have been. From time to time I would sneak away from life and go home to swim in the pool and remember old times. Dangerous? You bet. Swimming alone is never a good thing, but nude diving from the high board in a pool hidden behind a large house in a neighborhood where nearly everybody works all day…Isaac and Mike still lived next door, but they both worked at that time. Had anything happened to me no one would have found me for some time.

    When I learned that Tim was a champion diver I took him to the old house and let him swim in the large pool there. He had such a good time and it made sense to me to open the house up to young life and happiness once again. I had a small elevator style lift installed that would carry two people to the level of the five meter diving board. I know that Tim is very careful, but accidents can happen so I always asked that someone accompany him to the high board and stay with him until he was in position for his dive.
    Many of my boys enjoy diving as much as Tim and I do so it is never difficult to find someone eager to accompany Tim then they dive after him to assist him in getting out of the water. We had gathered for a large back to school party at βφτ house. The family has many champion quality divers and I was enjoying the day's events. When it came time for lunch to be served Pete asked for total silence. He walked over to a table covered with sheets and pulled the sheets away.
    For the first time in many years trophies that I had taken in events since the time I was five years old were on display once again. There were over one hundred individual trophies. Woodrow Wilson High School has twelve trophies on display that represent team efforts. There are pictures of me in various events on display in that trophy case. Copies of those pictures are part of the collection that my family had on display in the case that my father had built.
    The last two trophies to be added to the display at home were won during the spring of my junior year in college, just a few months before my mother passed away. I had those trophies setting on the dresser in her bedroom when Robby and Stevie asked to move into the house. I had carefully opened the case and placed those last emblems of my fame inside then hired a contractor to wrap the individual trophies and then seal the case to protect the pictures and newspaper articles inside. He then placed the glass cases in prepared boxes and stored them in some dark corner of the attic where they were forgotten.
    Forgotten by me, but recalled by the boys when Ron began to tear away the roof rafters for the remodeling to take place while the family visited the land of the Olympics for the summer. Our trip to Greece had been one of fun and adventure as we explored the freshly built school there and assisted those hit by the earthquakes south of our area. Ron told Pete about the boxes and the information was kept from me until the big weekend bash for the swimmers and divers in the family.

    The boys were sitting about talking abut school and their teachers. The usual gossip was tossed about before the subject turned to teachers at Wilson High. Tim Evers mentioned the name of Dr. Stark and all of the boys started laughing. I remembered him before he earned his PhD in mathematics, he was a damn good teacher that liked to have boys over to his house for tutoring parties. I was sixteen the first time I went to one of his parties and I remember the hot boy sex that went on there. I told Charley about the man and he was invited to attend a party or two at our house. Charley cautioned him about entertaining boys at his place because one loud mouth could end the man's career. I guess that he has never quit entertaining boys.
    Leonard Thomas sent the group into uproarious laughter when he told of being invited to a party. Everyone thought him to be straight because of his relationship with Jane. She made it well known that she was getting all of the fucking that she could handle from the largest cock in school. Dr. Stark had to check that out for himself and he made a personal invite to Lonny to attend a Friday night session.
    Lonny agreed with Tim that everything seemed on the level as groups of three or four boys broke away to study their particular maths subject. At nine o'clock the wimps and loosers were told that the study session was over. Some of the boys that knew the score dallied about until only those that wanted to play were left. Lonny was told by a senior that he should stick around for some hot action. Curious Lonny stayed.
    After Dr. Stark walked throughout his house to make sure that only the cream was still there clothes began to disappear. Lonny told us that the senior that had told him to stay approached him and asked him if he would show off the dick that Jane loved so well. Lonny said that he looked around and saw two guys sitting naked in a deep kiss in a chair in the corner. He saw another super straight dude down on his knees sucking a freshman with a nice sized cock. The rest of the group was waiting to see what he had to show them.
    Lonny puffed up and told all of us that he was never shy so he dropped trou and watched jaws drop and mouths salivate. Lonny's meat is kin to a salami, he sports a rigid nine and fifteen sixteenths fuck pole that is scant centimeters from being a full six inches around. The senior before him dropped to his knees and gave Lonny a head job that rivaled what he was secretly getting from his boyfriend Sparky.
    Lonny let several of the boys slurp on his cock and he let Dr. Stark have a mercy suck himself, but he never took part in any of the other activities, he was too afraid to out himself. He did a good enough job of doing that himself a few months later, but you will have to read that story.
    "Chrisy, Chrisy, Chrisy, tell them what happened when Stark saw your cock," Cory was jumping around in his seat with his excitement.
    Chrisy looked at his husband and smiled, "It was before I had met you, Timmikins." That cracked the boys up a little more, very few of us know his love name for the hunk that he married. Timmy blushed and told him to tell the story, he had not heard it before either.
    Chrisy made Cory take a part in the telling of their story. Chrisy had started to attend Wilson High just before the turn of the semester in 2004-2005 school year. He was still very small and looked like he was ten or eleven years old. He was in the boy's hangout taking 'one hell of a whizz' when the boy next to him let out a, "Holy fuck!!" His friend looked to see what had caused the outburst and he moved around to Chrisy's other side and backed up so that he could get a good look. Chrisy, always the show off, stroked himself hard and told them to meet the mighty midget with the giant widget. Both boys were glad to make his acquaintance.
    The next morning one of the boys, a junior, approached Chrisy in Geometry class asked him to attend the tutoring session that evening. Chrisy informed the boy that he knew more about Plain Geometry than the teacher did. Dr. Stark was standing behind Chrisy awaiting his answer when he heard that boast. He put Chrisy through the wringer as he grilled him on postulates and theorems for the next twenty minutes. Chrisy held his own and answered ever question correctly. Mr. Stark invited Chrisy to come to the session and tutor some of the juniors and seniors that were behind. Chrisy agreed.
    I remember the afternoon quite well. Cory called to tell me that he and Chrisy had been invited to Stark's house for math tutoring. Old man Stark had not changed in nineteen years when he invited me to one of his parties. When the boys got home that evening I got a blow by blow of the blowing that had taken place, but I will let Chrisy and Cory tell it there way for this waltz down memory lane.
    There were no wimps or loosers at Stark's house that night. As soon as the last boy arrived the clothes came off and the hot sex began. Cory received his share of attention, but Chrisy received the adoration of everyone at the party. A few guys rushed up to suck Chrisy's cock and he stepped back and told him that he was super top midget with the giant widget and his cock needed a hot asshole then and there.
    Cory told us that he had stepped back where he could watch Dr. Stark and the man salivated. Cory approached him and lowered his pants then led him over to Chrisy. Cory told us that Chrisy locked eyes with the man and raised his arms to Stark's shoulders and pushed him down to the floor. Stark laid himself flat on his back and raised his legs high and wide as all of the students stood and stared in unbelief. Chrisy directed two of the boys to place pillows under the teacher's ass as he got to his knees and lined up his power pole.
    Stark was singing Chrisy's praises in seconds and telling everyone that they had straight As in his class for as long as they went to school at Wilson. Cory is quite the story teller and he had all of us holding our sides as he told how Chrisy rode the teacher until he turned into a blithering idiot that could not even say his name correctly. Chrisy rode him for a solid thirty minutes and made the man get his rocks twice, a neat trick for a fifty something year old man. Stark did not want his pony ride to end. He begged Chrisy to stay the night. He begged him to move in with him and fuck him all of the time. He whimpered and cried when it came time for the two boys to leave for the evening.
    Chrisy was quietly approached to do a repeat performance, but he respectfully declined due to family obligations.

    Both boys knew of my experience with the teacher when he was merely Mr. Stark they begged me to tell all so I smiled at the ever enlarging group and told of my only visit to the tutoring session and how I tutored five boys. "Several of the Blues club members were sitting in a booth in the back corner of our old highschool hangout where we gathered for hamburgers and sodas when a group of jocks approached us with a challenge over cock size. The end result of that evening was Slick discovering that he loved to ride the meaty pony, often.
    "A week or so later two of the denser jocks in school invited me to tutor them in Algebra so that they could pass and keep their qualification to play football. I am all for the team sports of my school so I agreed. Don't think for a minute that I did not know about Stark's little tutoring parties, that only made me excited to go. I was looking for more jock ass to mount and the more public I could make it the better my chances of survival as a gay boy in high school appeared.
    "I was a jock of sorts myself with trophies in every track and field event that I had ever entered since the fourth grade. I had more swimming awards than any other student in the school's history and I was good looking. All of those things had kept me out of trouble with the bullies of the school, but bending a few jocks over once in awhile would give me a better shot at the popularity charts at school.
    "I was already standing a nice five foot eleven at sixteen, and I had me a sweet and neat nine inches that made the old queens shiver. I wanted to make a few boys stutter my praises. I walked into Stark's house and every eye turned to look at me. I had been naked with every boy in the room in the showers after gym class and I knew at once who I would mount first.
    "Jacky Taylor was talking to the football team captain; Tex Renshaw was one hunk of a dude. The seventeen year old senior stood six feet tall and weighed a beefy one hundred and ninety pounds, all solid muscle. I had seen him chub up in the showers a few times and I was pretty sure that he was a swinger, in his fantasies. I was going to make his fantasies come true that night.
    "The lights were set low and there were no books to be seen. Six boys stood about talking in pairs around the living room, but Stark was nowhere in sight. All of them were wearing the briefest of white briefs with huge tent poles, that seemed to be getting larger by the moment, stretching them out. I walked over to Jack and Tex and placed my hand on Jack's ass, "How's everything?" He shuddered and moved against my hand, an action noticed by most of the boys in the room.
    "I stuck out my right hand, "Hi Tex, we've never spoken before. I'm going to meat you tonight." He looked at me with a start then Jacky told him that I would really make him feel good. Teenage grammar, it is so limited, even more so by the muscle heads that always play with their balls on the field. I looked at Slick and said, "Don't worry, dude, I have enough for you tonight as well.
    "Several of the other boys giggled. I had been with them, in private. Tonight I was going to do all of them in front of the others and they were going to be singing songs and writing poems about me the next morning. I made a show of removing my clothes in as sensuous a manner as I could figure out. I must have done it right because I saw six growing wet spots at the top of the poles in the boys' underwear.
    "Once naked I moved next to Tex and moved my hands across his tight ass and squeezed his cheeks. He shuddered and moaned in a very husky way. The phemerones that were emitting from his body were exciting to me as my cock grew to its full size. Not an eye in the room missed the growth as every pair of lungs sucked in a rush of air that left a vacuum in the room for a moment.
    "I slipped my hands under the waistband of Tex's taut briefs and pulled the elastic forward and down over his erect pride. Tex was the quintessential example of large muscled jock with a small cock. What I had thought was just chubbing in the shower room was all that there was. He had a five and a half inch cock of about five and a half inches in girth and he was cut so tight that his ball sack pulled up over the last inch of his cock root. I stroked him and said, "Nice," then led him over to a long table that was set up in the center of the room.
    "There was a stack of sheets on a nearby chair and one sheet was spread over the table. I thought, 'how nice of Stark to provide for the boys' comfort.' I guided Tex to sit on the edge of the table and helped him to lift his legs. I let him place his ankles on my shoulders as I reached for a large silver tube of lubricant that was nearby. I slathered the lube on my cock and worked my glans around his virgin hole and pushed in and out, but not penetrating yet, as I slickened his backdoor for the grand march inward.
    "Even though I was out to stuff the butt I showed mercy as I worked my greasy fingers around his wilting cock. I knew the anxiety that he was feeling would make him go soft and he might even quit before I was in him. His cock came back to life in an instant. One thing about a tight cut cock, the glans is a bit more sensitive to the touch than other cocks seem to be. I had to be careful not to over stimulate him, I just wanted to keep him at the ready.
    "At long last I felt his sphincter surrender and I let the head of my cock open a new pathway to pleasure for the muscle head. His cock wilted in my hand, but I had expected that. I leaned over his body and let my hands play with his firm chest and tweak his nips. That elicited the loudest groans so far as his body relaxed and sucked my cock in a full six inches. His eyes flew open and I stopped and waited. Tears appeared at the bottom of his eyes and he kept his stare locked on me. You already know that I am unbeaten in a stare down. I wasn't trying to out stare him, but by locking my gaze on him I was sending a message about the alpha dog on the block.
    "Several seconds passed by before I felt his body relax once again and I slowly withdrew to the edge of his doorway. His face was a mix of emotions, but his body was sending me the signs to continue on. I pushed back in slowly, but further, before withdrawing once again. I did that four more times until my balls settled into the crevice of his ass then I stopped and waited for him to catch up.
    "I let my hands work his torso. He placed his hands on mine and worked his body with me. I began a slow fuck that raised the intensity of his hand action across his taught abs and brought his hands to fondle his cock in a slow movement that worked only the head. When his barriers went down it was like night and day. I was waiting and I kicked it into high gear as I began to fuck the jock boy with full strokes and speed.
    "Those around us had their cocks in their hands as they moaned while actually watching someone get his ass fucked for the first time in their miserable young lives. Tex had the weakest orgasm that I had ever seen. He reminded me of a twelve year old boy with his pearly drop that just suddenly appeared at his pee hole. There was no spurting or powerful ejaculation, just an oozing of the cum and there wasn't very much of that. I figured that since that was Tex's first time that I would let him go and maybe give him a real ride later.
    "I moved away and Jeff Taylor was quickly in front of me with a warm wash cloth to clean my cock off. I looked around and Stark stood a little to my rear holding a basin of warm water and a bar of soap. I looked down at a tiny sophomore and saw that his lips were all puffy and red. I leaned back so that I could see that his cock was at half mast and a bit swollen and red as well. I knew where Stark had been when I entered the house.
    "Next I zeroed in on one of the two jocks that had made the invitation to me to attend the party. Both of them were good looking, in a rugged sort of way. My initial target played offensive guard on the football team. His legs were as thick as the muscle in his head. They looked like tree trunks, short and squatty. I wondered if he could spread them wide enough for my entry. I looked at his short arms and his thick body and wondered if he could reach his ass hole for a good wipe." The boys were having fun with my story as they laughed in all of the right spots and made their lude comments about people that they had known.
    "One thing about Cletus was his hard stomach, that boy had abs of solid steel. They actually had chisel marks where the sculptor had carved his body out of stone. He had the classic looks of a Greek athlete's statue, right down to the curly head of light brown hair. His cock wasn't any big thing either at a scant six inches. He was cut by a better doctor that had done the job of mutilating a helpless infant child with more care. Again I had to look at his other body parts, in particular his short, stocky hands and wonder if he could rap those stubby fingers around his five and three quarter inch thick cock.
    "I took his hand and guided him to the clean sheet on the table. He wasted no time as he mounted the table and moved his butt to just the right position for me to easily perform my chore. I took my time to open his world for him by using my fingers to apply a liberal amount of the lube. His glutes were so firm and so tight that I was afraid of being cut on a sharp edge when I entered him. I accidently touched his prostate during the preparation and I discovered another, more serious situation to worry about. His sphincter snapped closed like a guillotine and the thought of having my cock severed from my body entered my mind." I watched the boys' faces twist up. Some squirmed in their seats while some took hold of his goods. Boys are fun to watch anytime.
    "I used my thumbs, placing them into his rectum and spreading it apart by pulling in opposite directions. I began to get eager as I realized that I was in for the tightest fuck that I had experienced up to that time in my sex starved life. I had only been doing boys for a few weeks, before that night my experiences had been with the men that Charley had provided for me. This event occurred even before I met the entire     "I suppose that the closest analogy that I can draw on would be to say that entering his ass was like poking my way through a five pound slab of solid flesh. I had to make my own opening, but the tissue yielded as it formed a solid sheath around my cock. It felt as if I had a large beef steak tied tightly around my cock as every nerve and ridge of my cock was massaged in the glorious warmth of the most pleasurable hole that I had ever entered.
    "I have had my cock up the ass of several hundred men and boys since that night and I still compare the deed to that one virgin jock boy that did my cock a number. Oh don't think that he was a good fuck, he was just a tight fuck." Timmy is the one that set my favorite people on the road to a fine fuck. That boy can do things with his ass that can only move a man to one of those mythical places like Nirvana. Cory has spent time topping Timmy and he has learned the man's moves quite well. I didn't need to tell my audience of my private life with my lover as I kept these thoughts to myself. I smiled at Cory who was smiling back at me in a knowing way.
    "I thoroughly enjoyed Cletus and I took him on the ride of his life through three hard orgasms. I pumped his ass for thirty minutes before I decided to give him the full thrill and filled his tank with premium splooge guaranteed not to make babies in his ass. I created a pony rider out of the boy that, to this day, seeks a long lasting ride. He can take it for an hour or longer and the harder and faster the ride the better he likes it.
    "I pulled away and Jeff was on the spot with his warm wash cloth. He was lovingly cleaning my cock when Slick knelt beside him and took my meat in his hand and began to suck me. The only ones not surprised at his moves were the Taylor cousins, they wanted to suck me as well.
    "I had watched my next target closely and invited the team's center to take to the table. He wasn't as sure as his buddy had been, but he backed up to the table and let his ass rest against the edge as his eyes locked on the actions of his cocksucking teammate. I don't think that he expected that. From the actions of the six boys in the room I began to wonder if they had ever been tutored at Stark's house or if this was their first visit.
    "Before the night was over I learned that I had just given four total virgins new fantasies for their private time. Slick and Jacky had told them what they could expect and they really did need help in their math classes. Mr. Stark will always pass a boy that attends one of his sessions, but the really good grades take a little personal time with him. One thing that I will say for Stark is that boys that go to his house do improve their math skills markedly. He doesn't just give grades on their sexual encounters without finding out how to help them in their struggles with his subject. I did tutor all six jocks for the remainder of that school year. I tried to open up their minds to more than just sexual gratification.
    "Jacky had me filled out again and I had to push the eager freshman away. I had already learned that he was cum hungry and ass eager, but I had the center of the football team waiting for me to poke my way in him and his fantasies that had plagued him all week since the party was first suggested. Larry Harmon was a blond, smooth bodied, hunk that played the position of center on the school's football team."
    Suddenly I stopped as my memories flooded back into my mind and I could recall details with extreme clarity. I stood up and looked around until I spotted him on the medium diving board. I stared at his body, a perfect duplicate of his father. I sat down and began to shake, had I created a murderer? Was our time in highschool somehow the catalyst that caused a man to repeatedly rape his twin sons and eventually beat one of the boys to death?
    Cory was looking where I was looking and he quickly moved to my side. "Dad, you don't know that. You can not blame yourself for something that happened years afterwards."

    "Okay, like look, it's me, Cory, okay? Dad said that I could tell you what went down after he left us at the pool, okay? He like got up and went over and got his clothes on and got into his 'vette and left us all sitting there wondering what the fuck had just happened and some of the dudes they started to bad mouth dad and I wouldn't have that.
    "Now look here you ass holes. You know that dad is all about you and he would never ever hurt any of you. I think that he just remembered something bad and he has to see about it and stuff. He was talking 'bout that kid Larry Harmon then he stopped and was looking at Paul Harmon who was up on the diving board and all. He was looking at him weird like and I think that Larry Harmon may be Paul's dad or something."
    "'Yeah, so okay, but what happened to the other three guys at Dr. Stark's house?' someone asked.
    "We don't know. I mean like he told me the story onetime, but you will have to wait to see if he will tell you 'bout it later on." I learned why dad gets so frustrated with the boys sometimes, they wouldn't shut up, they wanted to know the rest of the story so I told them some of what I knew.
    "Dad told me that he rode the center hard and long and the guy just kept calling out for more. Then dad was too pooped to go the other three, but he told them to do it together and that Slick guy went up in Jack while his cousin Jeff sucked his cock and all. Did you know that he is talking about that
Jeff over there, the husband of David Thatcher?"
    "'Damn, you can even fuck up a hot fuck story. We'll wait for dad to tell us how it really went down,' someone said. So I tried, but anyway dad has left and we will have to wait for him to tell you what happened next."

    I pulled into the circle drive along the front of my house and dashed inside to my office. I pulled out a keyboard and began to enter my data. Paul and Richard had come to us after the truancy sweep in January of 2008. He had gone with the family to the coronation and he was with us for the Easter concert in Paris. Richard Kaufman told me that they were together on the street from the first day that he arrived in Tucson in late September of 2005. It all fit, he could be the son of my highschool fuck partner from Stark's party.
    At last my computer screen displayed the booking pictures of one Larry J. Harmon. I was looking at the state's official records over a secure line that was completely non-hackable. I scrolled through the information until I found what I was seeking. Born April twenty first, nineteen and seventy. Student at Fort Lowell Elementary, Nylan Junior High, and Woodrow Wilson High School. Dropped out of school in his senior year in nineteen and ninety. Married Deborah Ann Flieshman on June eleventh, of nineteen ninety one. Two children, twin boys Phillip Davis and Paul Davis, born January thirteenth, nineteen and ninety three.
    I had created a sex fiend. I searched for any criminal reports then looked through the state's evidence for any prior refractions that could give a clue to why the man raped his sons. The only thing that I could see was that his wife had died in the summer of 2003 from an inoperable brain tumor. There was a psychiatric evaluation that stated that the man was a borderline alcoholic. However all of this was evidence that had been presented at the man's trial and the state did not know of the sexual abuse. In fact they were trying him for double homicide, believing that Paul was a victim as well.
    I would take Paul off and talk with him again. I had it worked out in my mind that the man grew despondent after the illness and death of his wife. He turned to the bottle and then looked to his young sons for sexual release. I have a few boys in the house that have suffered the same abuse from their fathers. It is always difficult when a child is molested by his parent. Molestation hurts a child mentally as well as physically, but when a parent is the guilty party it is worse. The one that the child should be able to turn to for help and security is suddenly his enemy.

    I made myself a pot of coffee and flipped the switch to darken the eight, six inch wide by six foot tall windows along the front wall of my office. When a low voltage current is passed through the one inch thick shatter proof glass it becomes completely black with varying degrees of opaqueness in between black and clear. I wanted to sit in the dark with my thoughts. I turned out the lights and shut off the monitors and sat back, deep in thought.
    Two hundred students had boarded the school buses for a trip to a large water park nearby. Sixty of the boys were still at the party at βφτ house. Many of the boys with cars had gone off to do their thing around town, but there were still some seventy or more students that were in the house and around the pool in the backyard as they enjoyed their last weekend of freedom before school started the following Monday morning.
    My mind returned to that evening at Stark's house. In particular I was thinking of Larry and what may have gone wrong. When I entered his nether world he became a live wire. He loved our union more than anything that he had ever done up to that point. I enjoyed coupling with him and gave him every possible bit of pleasure that I could conceive. He threw his arms about my neck and kissed me, deep. That was the first kiss of the evening for any of us and it did not go unnoticed by the others.
    I turned to look for the last virgin boy and found him and Cletus down on the floor in front of the sofa in a quiet sixty nine with each other. I walked over and sat on the edge of the sofa and rubbed the solid butt of one of our offensive tackles. I had an unusual reaction from a virgin boy, he scooted over the top of Cletus and stuck his ass in the air. I don't mind porking butt while he sucks his buddy's cock, in fact I was already discovering what a turnon that was.
    I was able to get a good view of his hairy ass as I ran my slickened fingers around his hole and widened him for the great cuming. I told him to remove Cletus's cock from his mouth until I was up in him. The last thing that I want is for a boy to have a bite injury to his cock that he has to explain to his parents and the doctor. Jake took me with ease and moaned contentedly as he returned to his cock meal. I was in a good position for a nice long fuck so I took my time to give Jake the most pleasure that I could.
    A half an hour passed before I rolled away. This time it was not little Jeff that was there to wash my cock, but Larry. He lovingly applied the warm wash cloth to my entire abdominal region, even reaching between my legs to wash my balls and funky crack. I had been fucking for over two hours and I had enough sweat smell built up to challenge the odor of the boy's locker room in the gym at school.
    As Larry began to wash my thighs he lowered his mouth over my cock and swallowed me to the root. He gagged, but kept at it until he had my trimmed pubies on his chin. He had his nose pressing against my scrotum as he whimpered out a soft tune of passion. I drew him over me and pulled him into the position where I could take his stiffness into my mouth. I had not had a cum fix all evening and I ate hungrily at his tumescent tube in search of the creame-de-boy that I wanted.
    Afterwards I checked out Jack and Slick and found them fucking each other while Jeff lay on his back beneath them sucking and getting sucked. I had already developed a rapport with those three boys and I would get them off for a makeup fuck later. It was late and I was tired. I wasn't as tired as I just wanted to get out of there. I looked around the room for Tex and heard him moaning in the back of the house. I walked down the hall to the bathroom to take a hefty whiz and when I passed an open bedroom door I spotted him in bed with Stark as they sucked each other's cock to the hairline. I smiled as I considered my job well done.
    I dressed myself and Larry slipped up beside me. He needed a ride to anywhere. I took him to the hilltop. A favorite feature of mine in the '67 442 is the full sized bench seat in front. The later 70's version of the sporty car were built on the medium sized Cutlass chassis and had bucket seats. The bench seat gives me what I want for a boy in afterglow, a place where he can lay his head in my lap and dream of the best evening that he has ever had.
    Larry was friendly for the next few weeks then he began to distance himself from everyone of his friends. Several people committed on it then he did not return after the holiday break. In my callous youth I never thought about it again. As I sat in the dark I wondered if what we had done may have affected him.
    An extra sweet voice from a very sweet blond haired boy called to me from the doorway, "Dadee, I come to sit your lap with you?" I held my arms open wide to Salman as he rushed to curl up in our favorite position. He looks very healthy. He is small for his age. The doctors tell us that because of his near starvation that there is damage to his DNA and that his body will never grow to the huskiness of his natural brothers. He is well developed in those areas that interest me the most, but he is also bright and intelligent. I love to have the time to hold him and run my fingers through his hair as he sings a song that he probably heard from his mother in his youth.
    I realized that my body ached and that I still had the chlorine smell on me from the swimming pool. I stirred Sal and led him up to my bedroom to soak in the hot tub for awhile. I sat on the edge of my bed to remove my clothes as Sal quickly knelt before me to help me with my pants. He moved behind me and pulled my shirt over my head and stopped for a moment as he ran his long fingers across my shoulders.
    "Pease dadee, to you liar down to the bed." I decided not to try to correct him, he is doing very well with his English and sometimes there can be too much correction from too many people. "No, dadee, to go on belly you play yourself, pease." I moved over onto the bed and lay prone with my arms above my head. Sal straddled me and sat his ass directly on mine then bent forward and began a sensuous neck and shoulder massage. "Is the muscles do tight I see, I make them feel gooder to you." Just being with the boy was relaxing me more than he could ever know and I let him continue with his chosen chore.
    As he worked my stiff neck I noticed that he had a stiff muscle of his own that I longed to massage for him for a very long time. When he began to tire of his task I quickly rolled to my side, tossing him onto the bed amidst gleeful laughter. I love to hear the boys laugh, it is the second best thing that comes out of a boy's body, but it actually does more for me than their creamy issue most of the time.
    I quickly gathered him to me with one arm and pulled his body across mine so that he was lying on top of me. I ran my hands down his back and sides and tightly squeezed his sweet globes of flesh. He reacted just like a horny boy as he ground himself against me and opened his mouth to moan his pleasure. That was what I was ready for as I quickly pushed his head down against mine and let my tongue explore the sweet confines of his teenage mouth.
    It has been two years since I entered a castle on a mountaintop in Northwestern Romania and found this boy chained to a wall with only hours of life left in him. His emaciated body barely weighed forty pounds; he was so thin that every bone showed through his dried skin. I was feeling the body of a robust youth, in comparison. Sal has grown from that five foot living skeleton to five foot two and his weight is now hovering around one hundred and two or three pounds.
    He has a good appetite, but we watch him closely so that he does not overeat. Many of the boys that came from that despicable place, as well as some of the boys that have come from their own starvation on the street, tend to take more food at one time than is healthy for them. I suppose that it is a fear of ever being hungry again, but it is something that we have to help them control. I don't like to limit what a boy eats, but I have to think of his overall health. We do not have limited times that a boy can find something to eat. The cafeteria has a line with healthy snacks on it all day long. Edmund keeps a cold line stocked with fresh fruit and high fiber muffins and cakes out all day long. We are now keeping hot soup on the line, sometimes a bowl of soup and a muffin just does the body good.

    It was growing dark outside when I felt Cory slip into our bed beside me. "Are you alright, dad?"
    I pulled him against me for a long overdue kiss, "I'm fine. I just had to check a few things out."
    "So was Larry Harmon Paul's father?"
    "Am I so transparent? I guess that I am to you, and that's the way it should be. That only confirms the love that we have when we can see right through each other and see each other's thoughts.
    "Yes, Larry was Paul's father. Larry changed after that day and I have had to wonder if I created something in him that caused him to rape and murder his own child. Cory, I have to talk to Paul. I have to hold him and love him as I try to learn who his father turned out to be."
    "I know that Paul would like the opportunity to be with you, but do you think that it is wise to stir up too many memories for the boy?" Cory is wise, a source of stabilization in my life. I held him close and listened to his heart beat against my chest. "You might take Paul to the mountain for a weekend. With just the two of you alone up there you might learn what you want to know without asking. I fear that too much talk about it will only dredge up memories for Paul that all of us would rather he not suffer through." Strong words of wisdom. I will take Paul on a trip.

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