Chapter 235


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    Bless Andy and his powers. He had permission for us to fly over the heart of communist China directly to Singapore. Two well marked Chinese National Air Force fighters flew interference for us. At almost Mach one we made the flight in just under three hours from liftoff to landing. An ambulance met us at the far end of the runway and our patient was off loaded, along with her husband and son. None of the rest of us were allowed to step off of the plane. When the ambulance pulled away Pete rolled the plane into takeoff position and we were off to home and family.
    We needed fuel. Pete landed us at Manila. There were other large airports more on our flight path, but speed of service was what we were looking for. The sun was setting on Tuesday in the Orient, we had planned to be home by Tuesday afternoon. Pete told us that if we all flapped our arms he thought that we could make it. We were flying back in time by going east across the International Date Line, but even that would not get us home in less than the normal nineteen hours. It would be after dark before we could land in Tucson.

    I had to see about the Waya, I had to think about Ajay. We had a long flight ahead of us. I had to feed the pack and help them with their potty routine. They are just not sure how to sit on a commode and the area is too small for them to squat over the bowl. Besides that squatting doesn't aim the urine in the correct direction.
    I reached out to the pack and saw that they were sitting forward looking down over the world through the large observation windows set around the front of the plane. I let Ajay follow me up. I told him that none of the boys could talk. I told him that they didn't understand the spoken word either. He wanted to know how we could communicate. I told him to watch and observe.
    I asked Ajay to get naked. The pack did as I expected and sniffed every part of his body. He had never had anyone's nose in his crack before. It made him a bit uncomfortable then he began to giggle as they continued on. Ajay is a virile male and the attention that his five and a half inch cock was receiving had the expected results. He shot his wad onto the face of the Waya holding it at the time.
    The young wolf barred his teeth and growled from deep in his gut. I was doing extra mind work trying to keep him in check. I gave the pack the impression of a male body and what the type of stimulation that they were applying would cause. They each stepped back and bowed their heads. They understood, but Ajay wasn't sure.
    Quicker than quick Ajay dropped to the floor and curled into a coil. He transformed into a King Cobra ready to strike. I sprung into action and grabbed the back of his head and buried his fangs into the back of a seat. The Waya pack were already changed to their natural state and were circled about with their hackles raised and their teeth barred. A low, menacing growl came from each of them. I turned into a wolf and stood over Ajay. He returned to his natural boy self.
    The incident could be fatal. I had to communicate to the pack what the fuck was going on. I reached out to Mike and begged for help. He flew onto the deck and screeched as he passed over us. Ajay was curled into a ball of quivering flesh. I tried to reach him with my mind and was able to feel him quaking in fear. I filled the minds of everybody with images of what was happening. Mike's voice rang clear through it all and the situation calmed down.
    I had Ajay lay down on the floor. The Waya formed a semi-circle before him and rested their front paws and noses against the boy. I could feel all of them in my mind as they told Ajay their story and why they were aboard my plane. Ajay opened up and told us his story. Mike could only stay for a few minutes, but when he left he knew Ajay and told him that he would always be there to protect him.
    Ajay's parents were into snake worship. This refers to the high status of snakes, or nāgas. in Hindu mythology. Nāga is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very large snake. The Indian Cobra is called naāg in Hindi and other languages of India. A female nāga is a nāgi. In Sanskrit, snakes are known as sarpa, meaning 'any gliding creature', and nāga, or cobra. Sanp is the common Hindi word for snake.
    Ajay had been raised as an entity by his family and taught to take the forms of many animals, most of them having to do with creatures that kill snakes. He had mastered the art of transforming into an Indian Cobra by the time that he reached the age of six years old. He now has the ability to transform into a King Cobra, a mongoose which is the major danger to Cobras in the wild. He tried to turn into a Civet Cat once, but instead turned into a vicious Bengal Tiger and devoured the old priest that had killed a woman in their company with his venomous bite. A tiger would certainly be a different addition to my family.
    I know that the Hopi Indians of Arizona worship the rattlesnake as grandfather and king of snakes who is able to give fair winds or cause tempests. I have seen paintings on the walls of some of the houses of the Chiricahua village at Camp Christopher depicting a snake dance where a man seems to change into a rattlesnake. I asked Ajay if he could change into a rattlesnake. He thinks that he can, if he were to see such a creature.

    By the time that we reached the west coast of California all of the animals were sleeping peacefully. Ajay had changed into the form of a large tiger and the Waya were nuzzled up against him in peace. I knew what to do with the Waya pack, I was going to set them free on my mountain. But what do I do with a tiger?
    I called Andy and asked him for the use of one of his large helicopters to transport all of my Indian brothers to the camp. I called Nolan and asked him to take a split calf to the upper camp and then to roast half of it, but to keep the other half close at hand. I made him stutter when I told him to save all of the entrails with the second half of the calf. I think that he is not too sure of what he has gotten himself into with me and my family.
    I called Gigage and asked him to gather all of the Indian boys in the school. I told him to load each of them down with food to cook over open fires and to bring himself along with the other three Tsalagi cooks. I told him that what he was about to see would renew his heart and spirit. I told him to prepare to spend at least a week at the upper camp.
    Pete flew Travelaire Three© directly over to the airstrip at Camp Christopher at eight thirty PM. I did not ask the Waya to return to boy form, but let them run down the stairs as wolves. Ajay bound down the stairs as a six hundred pound tiger. Mike flew out of the plane in his eagle form. I bowed to Pete and told him that we had much to talk about then I transformed myself into a wolf and took off after the rest of the wild animals. I didn't look back as I heard the large plane taxi to the end of the strip and take to the air. Pete flew over us and waved the wings then climbed high to get over the mountain.
    I was really happy to learn that my phone was still attached to my body. I had to return to man form to talk, but I could hear all that was going on. When we reached the upper camp Nolan ran in fear of the beasts that were charging at him from the dark. He ran to get his rifle from his saddle. I quickly changed to my natural form and stood before him. "What is you, sir. Did you get bit by one of them werewolves while you was in Indier?" I told him that I had not. I told him that I had gotten in touch with the spirits of my ancestors and had learned to take on a different shape.
    I turned to my friends and asked them to take human form. Nolan knew Mike and he relaxed some. I told the old man that he could return to the main camp and do whatever he wished. I told him that all of the Indian boys were on their way and that they would all stay with me at the upper camp.
    I pointed at the Waya pack and told him their story. I told him that I was gong to release them on the mountain and that he should help look after them. He told me that there was a wolf pack of about four animals that had been released on the mountain the year before. He told me that the male had fought a bear and lost its life. There was only one pup born to the pack during that time. I told him that we would seek them out. My mind raced as I thought about five young wolf pups with three female wolves in the wild. I would have to place heavy restrictions around my mountain so that the game and fish department would not move my pack from the area, or kill them.

    Ajay had his tiger nose buried in calf guts. Magi was tearing at a piece of the raw flesh as he held it tight in his talons. The Waya were snarling as they enjoyed the first meal of substance since I had taken them from the mountains of Oregon. I couldn't bring myself to eat the raw meat. I walked over to the fire and basted the split half and tuned it so that it would roast evenly on all sides.
    I have learned my way around my mountain, to a point. At least I knew where I could find food fit for me to eat. I didn't have to go far. Just a little bit past the cold water springs is a vegetarian's buffet. I stood next to berry covered bush and ate as if I had not seen food in days. I scooped up a fistful of water cress from the spring and pulled a wild onion from the earth nearby. I ate until I was full. I had Nolan toss me a metal coffee cup and scooped some of the sweet spring water up to quinch my thirst.

    I heard the engines of the large chopper coming over the woods. I quickly ran to the junction box and turned on the lights around the helipad. I began to worry that I had done the right thing in asking for the boys to join me at night. I worried that they pilot could set his large bird down in the midst of all of the tall trees.
    I told the Waya to transform or to hide. Ajay and Mike stood alongside of me as the big whirlybird settled to the gronnd. Cory and Wes were the first ones off of the chopper. They had found their own way home from their journey in the Oregon basin. Both boys walked directly over to the Waya and knelt before them. I could feel their communication.
    The rest of the boys climbed down and Yuri ran to hug me. Roddy was right behind him. He nearly knocked me over as he jumped on me and began to kiss my face. He was in my mind, "You got us a bunch of wolves, daddy? Do they eat boys, no they don't, they are scared. Make the helicopter go away, daddy. The wolves are afraid of it." I told him that the Waya had flown in a helicopter. Then I showed him our flight to and from India. He still thought that they were scared. I told him that they were probably afraid of the Fire Fox and tickled his ribs.
    Everyone was off of the airship and I waved at the crew. They quickly took to the air. I turned to all of the boys and told them to get undressed and sit before the fire so that we could talk. The Waya pack moved over to the fire and lay down. They changed into their natural form and watched my family. I introduced Ajay. I had him sit before the Apache boys and transform into a rattlesnake. I placed the image of a coiled rattler into his mind and after several weird changes he was a full sized diamond back with a long rattle at the end of his tail.
    The boys began to chant and got up to dance around Ajay. I told them to stop and to sit down. I told them that Ajay was not their god and that they were never to worship him. I told them that he could take on many shapes and I had chosen the rattler because it had a meaning in their tribe. They seemed to understand. Ajay tunned himself into a mongoose and went over to lay down with the Waya. I had to explain everything to my family.
    I reached out with my mind and established contact with everyone there. Onacona dropped to the ground. He stared at me then reached for his son, Isi. Ona told all of us that he had not had the ancient communication in his mind since we was scolded by his family for giving his son a Choctaw girl's name. I told him that Isi was about get a new name.
    I felt Clayton trembling. He grabbed onto Shikoba. He had never had anyone in his mind. He had sat at the hot springs and watched us there, but no one had touched his mind. Shikoba was startled, but he knew of the ancient ways from his mother. He tried to talk to his boyfriend, but in vain Robin was all joy..
    I felt another presence in my mind. I asked her to stay away for the evening and let me work with the boys. Cullen James is a strong willed boy. He told me that he should be there. I knew that he should. I told Ugitsiha to tell Bryan to bring them out to the camp the next morning. I asked her to bring Awinita, After giving birth to Little Steve four weeks before Sagi is still too weak for the activities that we were about to undergo. but her daughter is a serious part of our family.
    I took the family through my entire weekend. I showed them how I found the Waya pack, or how they found me. I gave them the image of the bounty poster. I gave them the image of the pickup truck loaded with drunken hunters and the trophies from their kill. I could sense the anger growing in every heart in the circle. I had the Waya shared their fear of the hunters as they ran, seeking protection. I was moved when they shared their message from the great chief himself and the joy that filled their hearts when they first saw me at the top of the trail.
    The family laughed as they saw images of me trying to teach the Waya how to pee in a toilet. One of them shared an image of himself sitting in his wolf form as he tried to shit into the bowl. That made men and boys alike roll on the ground and hold their sides as they laughed until they hurt.

    Next I shared an image of my mountain. I had located the small band of wolves that had been returned to the wild. They were weak and without leadership. I saw the pup, she was about seven months old. She was the best hunter of the pack, but she was too inexperienced to provide for all of them. My thoughts were reinforced as we worked out a plan to find that small pack and mingle the Waya pack into them. I shared with the family that all of us would need to transform into an animal shape first.
    That seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to all of the boys. All of us ate only the roasted calf for dinner. Our blood was boiling for a hunt. I asked all of the boys to help the cooks carry everything into the chuck shack. The air of the mountain was growing very cold so we decided to sleep on the floor in the middle of one of the dormitories. I thought about it hard then asked Gigage to prepare a meat breakfast for all of us. I told him that I wanted the cooks to get naked and sleep with the rest of us. We needed to find Indian animals for a few of the boys.

    The Waya gathered with us in a human form. They began to chant along with us in an ancient tongue that I had only heard Kuckunniwi use. Roddy began to chant along with them and let his mind roll the words through our minds. Soon all of us knew the meanings of each word in the chant and it became very meaningful to us. We were asking the Great Spirit to open our minds to all of His wonders of creation. Images of animals roaming the earth filled us.
    We saw man created and take dominion over all of the earth, but we saw that man was never meant to destroy the animals, or even to kill them. We saw the hand of God kill the first lamb. Our hearts broke and our tears watered the earth. Never before has one being killed another before Cain slew Able, then God did the first animal sacrifice.
    We saw great men of history walking along with the shadow of an animal over them. We knew that man was God's greatest creation, and that we were to take care of all of the earth and everything in it. I ventured to ask the Spirit about our changing into animal form. I was told that this was necessary from time to time. But it was stressed to me that no one in animal form was to dominate a human. It was best if we did not confront humans when in animal form so as not to be tempted. I understood. Animal forms were only meant for us to touch nature and commune with the Holy One.

    I let my mind dig deep into the minds of everyone present. Some of the guys had never had the chance to learn their alter identity. Shikoba means feather, but how does that translate into an animate character. We all knew that Mike is an owl. Steven is a wildcat. RD, Cory, Roddy, and I were well known to the others, but we didn't know about some of them.
    Gigage is the Tsalagi word for red, that is not a spirit name. I probed his mind and asked him to let me see his memories. He was shocked that I could do that. I learned much about the man that day.
    Adahy had told me of his friend when they were boys. Red had been a scrapper. He was always getting into fights with boys from the nearby town. His four friends would back him up. Cheasequah—Roddy's father—is gone now, but Adahy had great stories about the boy that turned out to be a strong man. Onacona is called white owl
    Gynigeyona is black bear. Adahy had received a new name from me when I leaned his story, but he didn't have a spirit name.
    Tequasi, Isi, Ita, and Inagei had no spirit name. They had moved to the school when they were very young. Wilihama had tried to find names for the boys, but had not been successful. I have watched the boys in action for several years and I had a better idea of who they were.
    I called Cory to help me. Isi was easy. The boy was given a Choctaw girls name by his mother. She was Tsalagi, but she wanted to honor the tribe that had allowed her and her outcast husband to live amongst them. [eds. notes: I realize that a great deal of background is necessary for you to follow this part of the story. I will not bore you with links, but I suggest that you pull up your copy of PLAYERS and use the index along the left border to find each of these characters and read their stories.] By no stretch of the imagination would anybody think that Isi is just a standing deer, he is a very powerful stag with eight solid points on his antler rack.
    Inagei easily became a sharp eyed hawk. Ita was identified as a grey fox. Robin was soft and quiet. He was happy to be known as a red breasted robin amongst the family. Robin is just happy to be a part of the family. He has had a rough life for one his age, now he feels that he belongs. He is very happy and he loves everyone of his family. Clayton is a follower. He is needy and he clings to Shikoba for strength. The Johnson family had taken Shikoba to their bosom when his family had passed on, Clayton had no one to take him in. I have tried to fill that void in his life, but he is still unsure.
    I was led to find Clayton as a Humming Bird while Shikoba is a strong black leopard, often called a black panther. Tequasi was another problem that I had to sleep on. He and his father had lived in seclusion from the tribe for many years. Tequasi was loved by his grandfather, but Adahy was banned from his own father's presence. Suddenly an image came to my mind. Adahy is a hunter. He is strong yet fair. I saw a large Falcon flying over the mountain. I called to it, it was Adahy. He didn't even know that he had transformed in his mind. Now I had to teach him to transform his physical body into the magnificent bird.
    I stretched out on the floor and let the young Waya come to me. I looked through their eyes at Tequasi and I saw him with Cory's strength, yet it wasn't the same. I saw a small black bear tossing fish from the river. Tequasi is a black bear. like his uncle, Gynigeyona.
    Everyone was falling asleep. Most of the family was lip locked on another. The Waya moved about and watched. I explained that this was sex between two human males. I saw an image of the Waya mounting each other when no female could be found. They were curious about the oral sex. I had Ajay close to me and we turned for a mutual time together. I saw the Waya trying oral sex for themselves. I wondered if I had created queer wolves.

    The smell of coffee brought me to my senses. I sat up as Adahy handed me a cup of the hot joe. Bacon and thin beef steaks were frying on the fire and Gigage had a case of eggs sitting next to him. I watched the Waya with interest. I could feel their hunger, but they didn't know what was expected of them. All of the boys were awake and watching, I planted an image in the minds of the Waya of wolves in the wild finding eggs in a nest. The family took up the image. Gigage lifted a level with twenty four eggs in it from the case and placed it on the ground. He rolled the eggs about for the Waya to get to easier. It was funny to be able to feel what the young Waya were feeling as they snapped an egg into the mouth and crushed it. We could actually feel the raw egg running down our throats.
    We were carefully watched as we took forks full of fried eggs and a bite of beef or bacon into our mouths. I had Adahy place a few pieces of the cooked pig meat onto the cardboard tray that had held the eggs. He grabbed up ten of the thinly sliced steaks and added them to the bacon. The Waya snapped it down quickly Gigage placed a large skillet full of the greasy fried pig meat onto the tray as he told the rest of us that we would have to wait for a few minutes. None of us had a problem with that.
     The Waya turned as one and ran into the woods. I followed them in my mind. I found the minds of the others with me as well. The Waya found a spot where they could take a good morning dump. Yuri started to laugh. Everyone had the same impression of Yuri at almost the same time. He is an industrious worker, like a beaver—do'ya.
    I suddenly became aware that he was a participant and not just a bystander. I probed his mind to see what he had learned. He was very excited. His mind bounced around even more than his body does when he has an exciting story to tell. He told a very clear story of everything that had occurred during the night.
    He got up in my lap and touched his nose to mine. He told me that he didn't want to big flat tail to slow him down. I had to push him back a bit to see that he was not talking, he was in my mind. He was in everybody's mind. He got up and walked over the rested Waya as they lay down on the floor. He got into the middle of their little circle and changed into a Bobcat then he lay down and began to purr. I looked around, everybody was using their mouths as a fly trap.

    Our attention was broken by the sound of Travel Hop© flying up the mountain. Ugitsiha brought ustiwaya—little wolf—along to join Kuckunniwi and Awinita. Christopher Cory—Yonv AnidaI-young bear came to be with his father Yonv Gadoga—standing bear.

    Ugitsiha was dressed in a thin linen skiff, all four of the babies were au naturale. Kuckunniwi came directly to me. He led Awinita by the hand. They both looked at me before Kuckunniwi transformed himself into a beautiful young wolf pup. I was told in no uncertain terms that Yuri is a Bobcat. I was shown that Yuri will be a fierce fighter in our battle against those that hurt children. Like a Bobcat he will not leave a fight while his opponent is still alive.
    Awinita suddenly changed into a beautiful young woman. Then in an unworldly voice she spoke. As she did so she levitated from the ground to about ten feet in the air where everybody could see her and hear her. "What I have given you, take. Do not try to change my wishes. I will provide for my people." She turned back into a baby and picked up her bottle of milk and began to nurse on it.
    Those of us that had received the vision of a young woman blowing leaves across the forest stared at one another. It had not been a vision of Sagi after all. It had been a prophetic vision of her daughter.

    I looked to Ugitsiha as she smiled at me. She had known all along that the vision was not of her sister-in-law, but rather of her niece. I wanted to know how she knew. "I am not a stupid woman, white man. I am Tsalagi."
    I shook my head and spoke aloud to no one and everyone as I quoted Oscar Wilde. "I'm talking about nothing because that's the only thing I know anything about." As the boys applauded I was told to take a bow. Ugitsiha led the babies to the warm springs further up the mountainside. She told me to go along with them.
    In a small side pool that drained itself onto the forest floor my wife took each of the children, one at a time, and bathed them. She carefully washed their bottoms and front end parts. I told her to do a good BBC to my boys, but I didn't want to tell her that Awinita would only need a BC—butt and cunt—wash. I had no idea that her mind was so attuned to me. She glared at me, mentally. Sheesh, even my thought get me into trouble.
    "Quis, we are mates. I have seen your heart and it is divided into three parts. Cory has a very large portion of your heart then Rodney and RD share a portion. Cory Stevens and Cullen James have the rest of it, but you are allowing Yuri to fit himself deep inside of you. That is all good. I only have a third of your heart, the same as Cory, but that is enough for me. I love you so much that I will take whatever I can get from you. You have shown me true love. I feel that I am an honored woman to have you as my husband and mate. I wish that we could be soul mates, but Cory has a better shot at that than I."
    She guided the children to the larger pool and let them splash about as the two of us sat together and watched the little fish splash and play. "I am telling you all of this because I know what is in your heart and on your mind. I know much about each of the Tsalagi men and boys that live in our family. I know their history and their dreams of the future. Let me help you to find the animal spirit for each of them." I kissed her. I knew that she was right. I know that I am not learning much when my lips are moving, I should never miss an opportunity to shut up and listen.
    We were in direct mind contact for several hours, or was it days. The children each touched our minds with their thoughts. Even Cory Stevens gave me his view of some of the things that his little eyes have seen. I sat back and took it all in. Our time was interrupted when we heard an Apache war cry come up from the camp. I told Ugitsiha that the elders from the village had arrived. She used the hem of her garment to dry the babies then we walked together back to the circle that had been set around the fire pit.

    As I walked up to the fire pit with my family my blood turned to ice. One of the village leaders was bringing his rifle down on the Waya. In a flash Ajay ran to the man and knocked the rifle away and changed into a giant rattlesnake, a size that none of us had ever heard of. He was coiled and his rattler was echoing from the hills around us. His mouth was open and his fangs stuck out in preparation of a strike.
    I ran to stand before him, but as I ran I had unknowingly changed into my wolf form. The village elders reeled back in surprise. When they looked around they were surrounded by animals and birds of every description. RD swooped down and took the rifle into his talons then flew high into the air with it before letting it fall onto the rocks several hundred feet below him.
    The elders were on their knees chanting in worship to Ajay. I told him to change, he did, into a giant Bengal Tiger. I told the Apache elders not to worship snakes. I told them that only God was to be worshiped, not created beings. Cory lumbered over with his cub, Chrisy, at his side. Cory stood on his rear legs and let out a roar that probably caused an avalanche in Switzerland. Little Chrisy roared as his father had done. His young roar caused everyone to change back to human form and begin to laugh.
    The Waya were circled about with their fangs barred and the hair on the back of their bodies standing up. I took to my knees in their midst and talked quietly to them. They gathered around me and nuzzled my face. I rubbed each of their faces and held them against my cheek for a moment. I asked them to transform into a human form for me. We stood together before the elders and let them stare as they tried to get around what they were seeing.
    "These wolf pups are your responsibility from now on. They are under my protection. I am placing them on this mountain to live out their lives to the fullest. They will hunt and flourish here, but they will not kill any of your animals or livestock. They will kill what they need of their natural prey as they feed themselves and the pack of four females that are on the other side of this mountain. I will count it as murder if anyone kills or harms one of these special creatures. They have been sent to me by the Great Spirit Himself and I have been given charge over their well being. Watch over them, protect them and they will serve you in kind.

    The village elders had brought roasted corn and baked potatoes in bags on the backs of their horses. They quickly spread the vegetables over the hot coals of the fire as Ona and Adahy turned and basted another beef side. I asked for five of the ears of corn then removed the foil wrappings from each ear. I didn't want it to get hot again, the Waya would not be able to eat it in safety.
    Gigage set five large stainless steel bowls before the Waya. Each was filled with chopped cow's entrails. He placed a two pound piece of meat, on the bone, before each of the pack. I gave each of them an ear of corn. They took to the corn at once. They grasped it between the pads of the front paws and began to eat, cob and all. They ate all of the guts in the bowl then laid back and began to gnaw at their bone.
    I sat before them with Cullen James in front of me. He was talking to the pack. I reached out to Ugitsiha and Cory to see if they could hear the conversation between Kuckunniwi and the Waya. Cory was listening, as was Wes and Mike. Ugitsiha was busy preparing food for the babies, but when I probed her mind she sat up and began to listen. Other Tsalagi turned their minds to what was being said. None of us could believe the heavy conversation going on.
    Twenty six month old Kuckunniwi was enthralled in the story of creation. The pack was sharing their natural knowledge that is inborn into them. Kuckunniwi was filling in the blanks. He shared the rise of humans and told them how the Indians had come to this land. He painted an image of a people crossing overland from Siberia to Alaska and of other peoples coming to the shores of America in outrigger canoes. A tear rose to my eye. In my heart I knew that he was right. My humanity had clouded my mind so that I could no longer see what I had known at birth.
    Kuckunniwi showed the new people settling along the Pacific coast from Alaska to Chile. He showed the Waya large populations growing and splitting off to move further inland. Suddenly Wes and Cory were right at my side as they paid very close attention to the ancient knowledge that they had been seeking in Oregon.
    A band of twenty warriors took their women and children over the Rocky Mountains. Along the way they formed small settlements where the hunting was good. As the new village grew some of the young men set out to travel along even further east, eventually reaching America's northeast.
    The further that these peoples traveled from their roots their language changed until it was no longer the language of their ancestors. I know that the Cherokee people had once come down from the Iroquoian speaking tribes. The Iroquois were a nation of fierce warriors. Many of the southern tribes moved away in search of a more tranquil lifestyle.
    Kuckunniwi showed how the Cherokee nation was born in the Carolinas and Georgia. He showed how the Creek and Seminole separated themselves into their own tribes. Next he showed the white invasion of their new homeland. He showed them how the Cherokee built fine homes and planted huge fields of cotton and tobacco so that they could trade with the white man. He showed all of us the betrayal of the white man.
    Tears were flowing from the eyes of the Waya pack as Kuckunniwi showed the forced march of the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole. Kuckunniwi showed them that the Cherokee Nation and United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians have headquarters in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, descended from a group who avoided the forced relocation to modern day Oklahoma, occupy a fragment of their ancestral lands known as the Qualla Boundary in western North Carolina. I was learning about places and names that I never knew of and all from a two year old toddler.

    Our cooks knew that it was our lunch time and they worry about my blood sugar. They were passing through us handing each one of us a metal plate piled high with beef, corn, and potatoes. Adahy had the four Chiricahua boys passing everyone a large cup of Power Aide. I held Kuckunniwi in my lap and fed him bits of meat that Ugitsiha had prepared for him. He also had corn scrapped from the cob and a bit of potato mashed with butter to eat. His bottle was filled with the sports drink.
    The conversation was heavy. The village elders had been shown by their young men that attend my school how to let their minds open so that they could listen in. Kuckunniwi's message had not been in English. It was in symbols and pictures so that everyone, man and animal alike, could understand. Now the conversation swept between verbal and mental as everyone digested what they had heard.
    One of the elders asked about his tribe's origins. Kuckunniwi shared with him images of the prehistoric Hohokam Indians that lived in Tucson about twelve thousand years ago. The Tohono O'odham and the Pascua Yaqui—Yaqui Indians—are the descendants of those people. The Hopi and Navaho tribes were offshoots of the Hohokam. The Arizona Apache moved back to the north after their war with the Mexican Army. The Chiriquiaha were a fierce war like tribe led by braves intent on driving the white man from their ancestral lands.
    Kuckunniwi's next statement humbled all of us. "Of course all of the people are now under the rule of the conquering white man." Kuckunniwi holds deep thoughts in his tiny head. I focused on Awinita. I had to pull away from her mind. She is full of deep resentment for the white man and only wants to raise up the Tsalagi nation to its former glory. I would like to see the Tsalagi united and standing on their own with a stronger representation in government, but not the militant people that I think I saw in the baby girl's head.
    I picked up Cullen James and called Cory Stevens to me. As I walked past Roddy and Yuri I told them to join me for some father son time. RD gave me a puppy dog look with a turned down bottom lip. I nodded my head sideways in an indication that he should join us. I led my sons into an unused cabin and locked the door from inside. It was getting very cold. I lit the fire in the pot bellied stove that sat in the center of the room.
    Roddy asked me about Cory and I told him that he was working with his own two children. Roddy wanted to know what he was working on. I had no way of telling him without Cullen James knowing. I was trembling inside as I had the boys pull six mattresses together, four wide and the other two across the top end to end. RD dug into the cabin's stores and brought us blankets and pillows. The six of us lay together naked, but not for sex. We all got close when the boys felt me shaking like a leaf in a hurricane.
    Roddy rose up and stared me in the eye. He looked at Yuri and the two of them began to talk to me in very basic Russian. I tried not to form images in my head of what they were saying. Roddy kept looking at Cullen James and would then ask me a question. He knew that I was uncomfortable with the final part of the little wolf's story. I had to talk cryptically to get them to know some of what I had seen in Awinita's mind. Both boys caught on.
    Roddy told RD that he needed to go to the bathroom really bad and that he was afraid to go by himself. RD looked at me and I eye talked him to take his brother to the bathroom. They returned a half an hour later. RD crawled up beside me and placed his strong, virile teenage arms about me as he held me tight against him. Roddy and Yuri climbed up on him. I had the two babies asleep on my chest. All of us lay together until sleep overcame us.
    Around three in the morning I learned how much Roddy looks after me. He had placed diapers on the two babies. One of them had done his dooty, the smell was enough to attract flies from five counties away. I sat up and began to clean Cory Stevens up. Roddy got out of bed then brought me a clean diaper. He had another one with him and he quickly changed Cullen James. We carefully laid the babies down and they went right back to sleep. I think it had to be the mountain air. At home a mid-night change would have them awake for hours.

    As I started to lay down again I sensed a very troubled Gigage sitting in front of the stove in the grub shack. I quietly sneaked out to join him. I walked in and he looked up at me. "Good morning boss. The coffee will be ready any second now. I have hot cinnamon rolls ready."
    I used his spatula and placed two inch thick, four inch cinnamon buns on a plate and walked back to where he was sitting. He poured us both a cup of coffee as I placed a bun on a plate for him. He looked into my eyes, "You know, don't you?"
    "I know some of it. Why don't you fill in the blanks."
    "I have never tried to deceive you, I just didn't want to tell the story." I sipped my coffee and savored the bun. In his time I learned the entire story of Gigage Kearns. "When I was almost fourteen I learned to transform into my animal self. I am a red fox. One night I did something so shameful that I have never forgiven myself for it. I slipped into old man Jefferies hen house and killed his prize Rhode Island Red Rooster. I hated that rooster. He always pecked at me when I went in to steal eggs. That night I got into the brood house and destroyed all of the eggs that the brood hens were sitting on.
    "The next day I learned that I had bankrupted the old man. Not only had I killed his only breeding rooster, I had destroyed the next generation of his chicks. None of his chickens would lay, they were too afraid. The old man got some of his friends together to go kill the fox. They found a den with three young in it and killed the entire bunch. He took the hides, with the heads intact, and sold them to the tanner in town.
    "In my stupid youthfulness I had taken innocent lives and I had been responsible for the life of five foxes, mother, father, and three young. I felt like crap. I couldn't tell anyone what I had done. But I had to fix it. I couldn't think of the family going hungry because they had no eggs to sell. Old man Jefferies killed all of his older hens and sold them to Wayne at the General Store. I learned that he got fifteen cents for each one of them.
    "I worked for farmers in the area and one night each week I snuck up to the old man's house and set a box of food on his porch. I went to his house at different times and left the food in different places, I didn't want to get caught.
    "I found farmers that would give me a slab of bacon or a few pounds of meat for my work. In the hunting season I killed a large buck and dragged his carcass to the house and hung it by its rear feet to drain the blood out. I did whatever I could to feed that family throughout the winter. Jefferies and his wife couldn't figure out who was giving them charity. I kept my mouth shut. I knew that a lot of people would be hurt if they knew what I had done. I told my four buddies some of it and they helped me with the deer and stuff.
    "In the spring Wayne got in a large shipment of chicks. I bought four dozen and swore Wayne to secrecy. I slipped into the hen house to put them into the brooding pen. The next morning old man Jefferies was excitedly telling everybody about his good fortune.
    "Chris, right then I swore that I would never transmorgiphy myself again. I did so much harm and I still can't forgive myself." I got up and placed two more of the hot cinnamon buns on the plate and poured myself another cup of coffee.
    "Did old man Jefferies forgive you? Did you ask the Father in heaven for His forgiveness? You don't have the right to beat yourself up over a childhood prank. God has forgiven you and it is forgotten. Red, let it go. You are a better man than that. You learned from it and grew up. Now live." I got into his mind and soothed him. Slowly he relaxed and then a small red fox lay curled up on the chair where he had been sitting. It poked its head out from under the white apron and smiled at me. Foxes can smile?

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