Chapter 221


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    Pete had landed at a military base in London to drop me off for my meeting then he had flown FI-2 on up to Liverpool where he had some sort of secret business to do for Andy. That suited me fine, I love Pete and I did not want him to sit around with nothing to do while I frolicked with Cully and Jimmykins. Boys can be cute with their pet names for their lovers can't they?
    Pete is totally monogamous and very loyal to Eddy. He has become a doting husband. He never played around that much. When he first came to Tucson and joined my family he participated in our family orgies, but he was devoted to me. When he met Eddy he had all of the man that he needed. I can respect that and I think that I love him more for it.
    Since my meeting with MI-6 had only taken a few hours instead of the two days that I had expected then I was going to be able to spend a rousing two days with my boys at El's house. I really miss Cullen being in Tucson, but the young King is growing up and he needs to prepare himself for the duties that lie ahead of him. I can understand that, I am just a selfish old man that wants to keep the little boy close to me.

    I spent quite a bit of time talking with Cullen's official pilot of his new Bell 210. The man was impressed with the polymer reinforced Kevlar, but he asked a question that I had been mulling over in my head. He was eager to volunteer to learn the answer.
    I called Peter Caulfield and asked him if he could help us to arrange for a test of the armor. He was quick to agree, if he could bring in a few people to watch. I had no problem with that. The pilot and I flew off to Hereford early in the morning without telling anybody where we were going. When we arrived at Hereford there were more generals and high hats than I had ever seen in one place before.
    There were two FI Sikorskies on the ground and several Royal Air Force helicopters and jets parked around Peter's little hut. I was pleasantly surprised to see Harry's father, General Orr, there with three other American Generals. I had only a moment to shake his hand and tell him that Harry was fine and doing a bang up job as a new Major at FI Security. I shook so many hands that I thought that I would need a new shoulder joint. It seems that everyone had heard about my little fender bender on the A5. Word sure travels fast when you would like to keep it quiet.

    I walked with Cullen's pilot to the chopper. I assured him that no one would think ill of him if he chose not to do this thing. He told me that he had to know. He said that his copter was a target for anyone with a grudge against the system. He knew that his young charge had been the target of terrorist action in the past. He told me that he had a wife and three baby boys that he liked to get home to each night. I shook his hand as he climbed aboard and donned his helmet.
    A vehicle drove me back to a safer spot where I joined the RAF's elitists and twelve FI agents, including Paul Walker. I did not speak to anyone. I was more tense than the man in the helicopter. If things should go wrong his blood would be on my hands and his wife and sons would be without their father.
    Everyone held their breath as the pilot lifted off to hover at one hundred feet. A man with a shoulder mounted Stinger Missile stood on the runway three hundred meters away. With no fanfare the missile's smoke trail told of its flight. The heat seeking missile struck the chopper just below the engine's exhaust system.
    The chopper swayed and wobbled around, but the pilot quickly gained control of the aircraft and made a victory loop around the field. There was nothing but applauding and cheering going on around me. Several people patted me on the back. I nodded to them as I moved from the area and over to the safe confines of Paul Caulfield's hut. That hut is classified Most Secret and entry is denied to anyone except the personnel that work there.
    Peter followed after me and shut the door. "Well done, old boy. That was a rousing demonstration. I believe that you will see many new applications of your armor."
    "Peter l, it is not my armor. It was invented by a company in upstate New York. I had supplied them with Kevlar batting to use in the construction of a new motor home for me. A caravan, okay? Anyway one of their technicians had been playing with polymer resin that showed amazing strength, but it could not support its own weight. He tried putting it on sheets of steel and the combination amazed everybody.
    "When he saw my shipment of Kevlar batting he took a sheet of it and applied his polymer to it. That demonstration out there is the result of his efforts. I simply stepped in and helped the man to get a patent and to get the product on the market."
    "Sometimes I believe that you are too modest. I always thought that Yanks were bold and boastful. I believe you about the armor. I am just saying that since the first time that we met, there in Tucson, you were quiet about yourself and your accomplishments."
    "Would proclaiming my accomplishments make me any greater. Words flow away like water, actions speak loudly. I let my actions speak for me. There are others that want to boast about my accomplishments. I would rather they not, but I can not prevent their right to free speech, as long at they don't speak liable."

    I was returned to El's house by the real hero of the day. During our flight I asked him if he changed his drawers. He looked at me and grinned. He is only human.
    The boys were all gathered around El's massive dining room table eating one of Agnes's amazing meals. It quietly took a seat between Kostja and Wayne. That was when it occurred to me that the Bell 210 was not large enough for Cullen's entourage.
    Jimmy, Kostja, and Wayne could fly with the King, but his other two body guards would have to fend for themselves. I could see a problem arising with the Secret Police of Munedavia.
    I heard a telephone ring in another part of the house. A moment later Agens gasped then burst through the kitchen door carrying a telephone with a long cord attached toward me. "It's her. It's really her. She wants to speak to you, Chris. I can't believe that I actually talked to the Grand Lady herself." Agnes was in a flutter. El rose and held the hand of her oldest friend as I answered the phone.
    It was the Queen. I would have expected an underling of some level to make such a call to a commoner. Not this lady, she made the call herself. I listened to her praises and accolades, I am sure that I blushed a time or two. The lady was full of joy. The animation carried through the phone as I silently listened to her. I hung up the phone to see twenty eyes staring at me. Oh yeah, Philby had heard Agnes and had come to see what was going on.
    "Well, I guess I am doomed. The Queen of England wants to do a personal on-site inspection of my school at Brighton tomorrow morning. She requests the presence of Lord Philby and Lady Eloise and would be most pleased to meet her young counterpart in person as well. I guess that we will make a flight south this evening. I would like to arrive at the school and find it standing before Her Majesty arrives." Everyone smiled.
    El and Agnes showed their gender as they begin to fuss about what they were going to wear. I told them to call their favorite dress shop and order their best gowns then have them sent to the school in care of me. El hugged my neck before she and Agnes gathered up the long phone cord and returned to the kitchen.

    I borrowed a newly delivered Gulfstream G550 GVP from the Liverpool motor pool. I needed the extra seating space to transport all of my family to Brighton in one plane. It is not much of a flight overland from Liverpool to Brighton so we timed our departure to arrive at feeding time for the boys. I thought that El would enjoy seeing the boys in their feeding frenzy.
    The plane landed on the short airstrip in front of El's house. I suppose I should say, 'Philby's house' after all. I walked out with El to see a brand new plane bearing the tail designation of FI-2. Pete stepped off of the plane and walked over to me, "A gift from Andy, boss. He says that you earned it." I asked him where FI-2 was, he pointed to the new plane. I asked about the other FI-2. "On its way to the recycle bin," he grinned at me.
    The re-certification training that kept him from flying me to Tulsa was actually him being checked out on the new equipment of this new bird. He had flown to Japan and back and discovered several small bugs in the plane. He returned it to the factory and we made the flight to England in my old bird. The new plane was delivered to Liverpool where Pete had been going over it with a comb and a magnifying glass.
    I followed my family onboard and stopped at the doorway. The plane looked huge inside. It was much more spacious than my other plane. There was more seating and much more leg room. Cullen giggled out from the back, "Hey uncy, there's private cubbies back here." I shook my head. I couldn't look at El right then.
    Agnes and El sat side by side. Philby took the window seat next to me at my command center. Both of us were impressed with the new gadgets. I had to caution him that what he was seeing was TOP SECRET and by an act of Congress I was supposed to kill him for seeing it. He placed his hands over his eyes and said, "Saw what?"
    We had a short flight, even shorter than I remembered from the times that I have flown between BAB and El's home in the past. I don't know if I imagined it or not, but the flight seemed much smoother than aboard my old plane. I suppose that I should stop comparing them. This is FI-2, this is my plane. Andy has spoken.
    We landed in Brighton a little after four, a full half hour from my estimated time of arrival. I stepped into the cockpit to meet with Pete, Mike, and Bry sitting in a jump seat next to Mike. I greeted my boys. I looked around at the new instrumentation, "That was awfully quick, wasn't it?"
    "I'll give you the low down on our flight home, boss."
    "You call me boss one more time and you will be on your knees with a brush and a can of boot polish in your hand."
    I turned around to go and met with Cory standing there wearing a smile from ear to ear. My heart leapt in my chest. I opened my arms as we moved together. I looked over Cory's shoulder to a grinning Cullen, "I told you that there were private cubbies back there." I might risk the hangman of Munedavia's noose and just kill their King.
    Poor Robin was totally overwhelmed by all that he had seen, and was seeing. I introduced him to my husband and his little jaw fell open. Cory pulled the boy to him and embraced him. Robin was limp at first, but he slowly raised his arms to wrap around Cory's back.

    We entered into the great hall of what had once been the private getaway of a wealth nobleman. The entire student body was lined in single rows to each side of the great hall, the boys first, then the instructors, and finally the kitchen and other help.
    The boys wore their dress pants with dress shoes, a white shirt with tie, and their school sweater. They rang out their sweet boy voices with the school song. Cullen, Jimmy, Kostja, Wayne, Mike, and Bryan snapped to attention as they stood beside me in silence throughout their rendition of our universal piece, only the school names are changed from school to school.
    When they had finished I waved for them to come in to me. I walked amongst them, greeting each boy individually. Tomas, our head master, directed my sister and her family to a sitting room. He showed them to the restrooms and served them tea and pastries. It took me almost an hour to great each boy. My lips were chapped from so much kissing. My pants had to have had a wet spot the size of the Atlantic ocean on the front of them.
    I sat down to a cup of coffee as I told Tomas that we would meet after dinner. He nodded at me and moved away. El's eyes were moving all about the old country estate. "How did you acquire this? This is grand."
    "The two of you drove down to meet Cullen and me after our trip into Germany. I had been inspecting this place .that morning. This twenty room Château was purchased by a Duke shortly after WWII as a private meeting place for him and his mistress who was actually a mister. The Duke kept a steady flow of boys from the beaches at Brighton to help him through the cold English nights.
    "My dear friend, François, bequeathed this site to me as part of the property that now holds three of my other schools. I purchased the farm land adjacent to this parcel to build the main school and the landing strip."
    "You do have some ah…interesting friends." We smiled at each other as a boy came into the room. He stood at attention as he announced that dinner was served.
    We were shown to the head table and I was offered the headmaster's chair. I declined. I moved over to a table with the boys and shoved them aside with my hips as I wiggle my way onto the bench between two of them. The house went into an uproar.
    Cullen grabbed Jimmy's hand then turned to take Robin by the hand. The three boys found their own spot amongst the students. Mike and Bryan found a place between the boys as well. Everybody seemed to be happy. I was happy to see that dinner was light with a very stout beef and vegetable soup along with a vegetable salad and a wide assortment of fresh fruits. I watched as the boys dug in to their dinner and none of them made any sort of complaint.
    At the head table a cook was offering my sister and brother-in-law an offering from a silver covered tray. Philby took a slice of the offered meat, but El declined, as did Agnes. Cullen's two body guards took large helpings of the offered food as well as a large pile of potatoes and cooked veggies. I can't say anything, they are only hired help.
    As the evening came to a close I looked at my boys. They smiled at me and nodded. We rose to go over to the dormitories to find a warm covering for the night. Cullen's bodyguards had a fit. I stood before them and looked them in the eye, "His Royal Highness is safer amongst these boys then he will ever be with you. You go to bed and get a good night's rest because tomorrow you will have to arise early." They scowled at me. I just turned and walked away.
    Cullen was pulling Robin along behind him as the boy kept looking back over his shoulder at me. I ran to catch up. "Are you going to be okay, Robin?"
    "I want to sleep next to you, please?" I drew him to me and held him tight as we entered into the first dorm. Cullen and Jimmy headed to another dorm with a group of boys that they had met on our previous visits. I smiled when I saw that Kostja had a boy leading him into his building and Wayne was following another boy into his building. I looked around for Mike and Bryan. I saw Mike standing against a wall kissing a boy almost as tall as he was. Bryan was playing finger tag with a boy sitting on the corner of a bed. Bry has loosened up over the years, those fingers will be playing with something thicker in a matter of minutes. There is peace in the family of happy fairies no matter how big we get or how many members we embrace.
    I was mobbed by a group of horny boys as soon as I entered into their dorm area. "I want a pin."
    "Me too."
    "And me."
    "I asked first."
    "So what? I asked too."
    "Boys, boys. There is only one of me and I can not possibly do justice to all of you. I might possibly be able to serve three of you. Will that be alright?" They weren't happy until they realized that I had not selected the three boys to spend time with me.
    I had all of the boys that wanted their pin circle about, facing away from me. I instructed them to stand up tall. I told them that I was taller than any of them so they didn't need to stand on their toes. I closed my eyes and slowly turned around. I tapped the head of one boy then continued to turn as I selected three boys for the honors that night.
    "Now we need pin wearing witnesses. How many of you have a GPP?" About a dozen hands went up. "My family in Tucson has created a new tracking system. It is called the Order of the Pin. There is no special honor or recognition for this order. All pin wearers in all categories will have their name written in Gold Calligraphic letters on a field of teal blue velvet."
    "What categories?"
    "This school is new so most of you have not flown on any of my airplanes. We have awards for boys who have sex on an airplane. There is a special award for boys who have sex with me on an airplane. That one is hard to get because I fly in my private plane, but there is a chance."
    "Each year since the school first opened in Nice, Franççais I have flown all of the boys from my two schools in America over to Europe to spend two weeks learning about your cultures. Last Christmas all six of the schools spent two weeks here with you.
    "I have a surprise for you. I have acquired a very large ranch in Southern Arizona. There are mountains for hiking and plenty of room for riding horses. This year I am going to take all of the boys from all of my schools to America for the month of December and part of January.
    "The staff of your school is checking to be sure that all of your shots and vaccines are current and that each of you has a valid passport. If you don't you will have these things before December arrives. No one will be left behind."

    I was surrounded by wide eyed boys as they witnessed their friends take their first ride on me. I was worn out by the time I filled the last lad with my final load of the day. Yeah, sure. I rolled to my side and was washed down by soft hands. I looked down to see Robin doing the honors. I fell asleep.
    I awakened sometime later to Robin lying across me. He stroked my face softly. "I never met anyone like you. These guys all like to get that thing of your up their poppy hole. That was what I was afraid of doing with Marv. He wanted his friend to break me in so that he could do it to me."
    "Do you want to return to Marv?"
    "No. I would like to see him again, but I want to go live with you." I pulled him close to me and went back to sleep. I really am getting old.

    As we finished a hearty breakfast American style Flap Jacks the loud roar of a very large airplane stirred us from our seats. Kostja ran in yelling, "It's Air Force One. It's the President, he is here." I quickly rose and slipped into jacket. Cory ran to me and affixed my ribbon bar of international awards over the left breast pocket. I hurried to the front door to a waiting golf cart when a second jet came in for a landing. This one was also marked as Air Force One. I remembered that the President always has two plane, one for his armored vehicle and support equipment. That plane generally arrives a day ahead of the other so that security can set up the area for their field of fire. The second plane carries the President and a herd of reporters. Just what I needed.

    I sped along to meet the second jet and was met with Secret Service agents with their guns drawn. Cullen was racing across the runway wearing his Royal trappings. He was surrounded at once. I turned to help Cullen when an agent called, "All clear. That is Sir Christopher Dickson. The boy in the second cart is His Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday of Munedavia." I rushed to Cullen's side, he was shaking like a leaf. I climbed into his cart with him and proceeded to the steps of the plane.
    In a short time the President of the United State appeared at the top of the stairs. Cullen and I stood at attention on a red carpet that had appeared from nowhere. I had never met this President, nor had I had any direct dealing with his office. He smiled down at me as he descended the stairs. He walked directly to Cullen and bowed. That bothered me, the President of the United State bows to no one. I remembered an event in Japan earlier in the year. It is just this man's way of making himself seem like one of the people.
    He turned to me and held out his hand. "I have heard many good things about you, Sir Chris. It seems strange to call a U.S. citizen Sir, but you have definitely earned that honor." He was looking at my ribbon bar. "I am most honored to meet you face to face. Your nation, and the world, owe you a debt of gratitude that it can never repay.
    "I understand that you have rescued boys from off of the streets and given them a home and a chance to earn themselves an education?"
    "Sir, your plane has landed at my newest school for rescued boys. You know the answer to your question already. Come with me and you will meet some of my little foundlings.
    "Sir, I am well aware of the security protocol surrounding you. I have the same security surrounding King Cullen. However, I must demand that your agents keep a low profile around my boys they are not to show their weapons for any reason. You are completely safe here.
    "I would actually prefer that your security people not enter the school. These boys have seen many bad things and many bad things have been done to them and their young bodies. I am afraid that some of them will suffer some form of traumatic shock that will take us months to cure."
    He looked at me. The apparent head of his Secret Service detail was shaking his head no. .He was speaking rapidly into his small microphone. The President turned to him with a code word and the man pulled away.
    "Your people need to contact my people. This is my soundbud, it is glued to this bone on the skull. The sound travels to the inner ear by bone conduction and is sharper and clearer than your fuzzy sounding earphone. This is my microphone. I am in contact with my security company in the States as we speak," I told the Secret Service Agent.

    Just then a small jet passed over head. "That is my business partner in Foss International Security, Mr. Andrew Foss. He is requesting permission to land." The Secret Service agent's eyes widened. He knows Andy, he knows me too, we have trained together in the past. Andy and I cleared him on a modified version of a FOSSEC equipped computer.
    He spoke into his microphone that a friendly aircraft was cleared to land. He told his people not to approach. The President stepped around his armored limo and walked toward Cullen's golf cart. "Shall we go to meet Mr. Foss. I am anxious to get to know the man behind the mind that revolutionized the world's secure communications."
    I instructed Andy's pilot to pull as close as possible to my plane, but to try not to frighten the President's security people. I told him that the Queen was flying in and I didn't know the size of her airplane. I drove the President directly to the door of Andy's plane. The door opened and the steps came down and my jaw dropped. RD stepped to the door holding my baby, Cullen James, in his carrier seat. He backed down the steps as Cory Stevens showed us how big he was by sliding down the steps on his butt by himself.
    RD turned and saw the President and his face went blank. "Er, uh, Andy. Andy, I think that you need to get out here. Ugitsiha was stepping to the door as Andy's head peered over her shoulder.
    "Good morning, honey. Hello to you too, Ugitsiha," I said. RD stepped to the side of the steps as he tried to corral Cory Stevens and still hold Cullen James. He held out a hand to help to stabilize Ugitsiha as she made her way to the ground. Andy was quickly behind her.
    Andy came over to us. I made the introductions then moved away to my wife. I took Cullen James so that RD could assist Sagi with her babies. Quemela had Awinita in her arms, Sagi followed holding Christopher Cory by the hand. Cory Stevens was tugging at my pants leg for me to pick him up. I bent down and lifted him to my arms and got a slobbery kiss and a hug as the President stepped up beside me.
    "I don't believe that we knew that you are married, you have two beautiful sons."
    Roddy came bounding down the steps carrying Awinita's carrier seat, "Daddy, I got to sit in the pilot's seat and see all over the ocean, it is so kewl up there, can we fly more oftener? You don't go nowhere no more, why?"
    I reached for RD and drew him closer, "Four, Mr. President. These four boys are my sons."
    "I know that the official record shows that you have adopted many boys."
    Cory came running across the landing strip when I heard, "Halt, drop to the ground, now."
    "Mr. President, that is the husband of this fine lady here and these are his children. He is the first boy that I adopted in late 2004."
    The President signaled his SS agent. They backed off of Cory who stood up, quite visibly shaken. He kept turning around to look behind him as he wobbled on over to us. "Don't ever run in the direction of the President, babe, you could have been shot."
    Sagi rushed to him, "Oh Gowi, I was so scared."
    "I think that I need a change of underwear," he said so that only Sagi and I could hear. Actually they were speaking Tsalagi.

    We needed more transportation. RD and Roddy retrieved my abandoned cart where I had left it when I joined Cullen in his. The President signaled for his limo to come up. He and Andy climbed inside as I drove my wife and sons to the school, followed by Cory and his family. At the school I made a mad dash to my room for a quick shower and a change into more appropriate clothing.
    The boys were lining up as the night before, I called to the music director. "Have the boys stand to attention, but no singing at this point. Have you a repertoire that the boys can perform as a choir? Later, after everyone has arrived gather the boys…wherever, and let them sing their little hearts out to their Queen." With that agreed upon I hurried on. I spotted Cullen's bodyguard. "Find the headmaster of the school and ask him to bring the limo around to the front, ASAP. Place the King's flags on the fenders and take your posts to run along behind it." Their faces fell, they didn't know that they would have to run like ordinary security guards. I told them to wear their sidearms, but to keep them under their jackets and out of sight of the students.

    Cory came through the bedroom door with Ugitsiha. He quickly undressed and stepped into the bathroom with me, Ugitsiha was taking a dark blue suit out of my bag. She asked me if the electricity would work for the steamer. I told her that there was an adaptor in the side pocket of the suitcase. Cory rubbed his hands over my back and I didn't hear anything else that she had to say.
    We had no time to play. We had to shower and get downstairs. Cory ran his hand over my chin, "I think that you shaved a little quickly this morning. Probably a two legged distraction. He had shaving cream on his hand which he spread over my face. I took a razor and scrapped my face smooth. All the time Cory was washing my hair and massaging my shoulders. I almost slit my throat, I told him that if he didn't stop I might slit his. He poked a little fun at me, butt I turned away.
    When we returned to my room Sagi was there with a three piece suit for Cory, the jacket bore the crest of our tribe in Oklahoma. I thought that a good touch. The girls made a fuss out of seeing us decked out then they turned on me and started hanging my jewelry on my left breast. "I hope that the seams of this jacket are strong enough. I would be embarrassed to have my clothes torn away in front of the President and the queen."
    Embangled with my bling the girls turned to gather the babies. I bent over my suitcase and quietly slipped a small souvenir, that I had purchased during a trip into Tahlequah, into my jacket pocket.

    While it seemed as if we had taken an eternity to prepare it didn't seem to matter. We rushed through the front doors of the school to find the President quietly waiting in his limo. A SS man opened his door and Andy stepped out. The President beckoned me to lean in. "I am sorry for the delay, sir…" I began.
    "Think nothing of it. I believe that we caught you by surprise this morning. I had an interesting chat with Mr. Foss. That man is full of ideas, but he tells me that you are the real brains behind his company."
    "Andy is very modest. He is the last to accept recognition. He would be on a rocket to the moon if this day's events were in his honor."
    "You seem to have no problem. That is the Freedom Medal I believe." I blanched. I just don't like this guy.
    "It was forced on me. It arrived by mail." A low buzz filled the air. Birds took flight as the air pressure seemed to pulse against us. "A very large helicopter approaches, Sir. It might be the Queen."
    I turned and signaled for Cullen and Cory to get into the limo with Cullen's flags on it. I quietly took a small flag from my pocket and affixed to the limo's radio antenna on the roof then slid in from the driver's side back door. We led the President to meet the Queen, she was on a visit to my school, he was an uninvited gate crasher. That is not fair. He had flown across the Atlantic in his lumbering behemoth of an antique airplane to see these proceedings. It might be good to have his ear at some future time.
    From over the tops of the trees rose the biggest mother of a helicopter that I had ever seen. It reminded me of a cross between the Hindenburg blimp and the US Army's Chinook helicopter. I felt silly when I learned that it is a British version of the Chinook modified for the Queen and her family. I knew that for flights carrying only two to four members of the Crown she used a Sikorsky S76C++. I thought that she must have her entire court with her.
    Another Chinook swept in and did a perfect military landing, tail first. The rear cargo door opened and the Royal Palace Guard quick stepped out, Followed by…are you ready for this??? The Royal Carriage with a team of pure white horses. I can't beat that one by a long shot. I felt cramped inside a spacious, air conditioned Mercedes stretch limousine.
    As the red carpet was unrolled at the side door of the Queen's ship I led Cullen and Cory to stand beside me. The President Quickly stepped in between Cory and my self. Protocol be damned. I took Cullen's hand and moved to the other side of Cory leaving the President on the end by himself The only problem with that arrangement was that the President was directly in front of the door. He would be the first one greeted.
    The doors opened and the Prince of Wales and the Her Royal Highness stepped out and down the six foot wide staircase that had appeared under the red carpet. Her Royal Majesty waved to no one as she looked about then descended the steps. She moved directly in front of me. "Sir Chris, it is always our honor and our pleasure for us to see you." She held out her gloved hand to me. I bowed and kissed it.
    "Your Royal Highness. What a joy to meet you face to face. You must pay us a visit. I understand that you are now studying at Oxford. Please call upon us." She next greeted the President with formality. "We did not know of your presence today. The Crown welcomes you to our Kingdom."
    She turned and moved before Cory. "We do not believe that we know this young man."
    "Your Majesty, may I introduce to you Chief Cory Conway-Dickson of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma."
    "Cory Conway of the Oklahoma Cherokees. We believe that we have heard that you are standing for election as Chief of the Cherokee Nations. We wish the very best for you.
    "I believe that HRH King Cullen is your nephew. Chief Cory favors you. Are the two of you related?"
    "His father and my mother were cousins, mam."
    "What an honor to have two members of Royalty in your family, Chris."
    "Your Majesty, in my home in Tucson, Arizona I am hosting the Crown Prince, Arif Al-Hadi, son and heir to the thrown of HRH King Khaldun al-Hadi."
    "We say!! Then three little Kings living in the home of the King of the World."
    "I beg your pardon, mam."
    "You, Chris. You are more of a King than any Royal Personage or elected Leader that we have met."
    "Begging you pardon, your Majesty. It was the title that you used. The King of the World is my Lord, Christ, Jesus.
    "Shall we move to the school? I have four hundred of your young subjects that are very anxious to see you." She waved as the Prince led her to the carriage. I had not seen the Crown Prince and the two young Princes standing to between the chopper and the carriage. I walked over and greeted Prince Charles who did a double handed shake, then I shook hands with Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William looked at his father then at his grandmother then he pulled me into a hug. He whispered a 'thank you' in my ear.

    We followed the Queen and then the President as they drove to the front entrance of the school. Jimmy, Kostja, Wayne, and Cullen's two bodyguards were moving through the mob of photographers gathered around the entrance. The President hurried from his car and offered his hand to the Queen. She simply did her little backhand wave at the press and moved forward. I had the impression that his unannounced presence was a violation of some sort of protocol.
    When their transports were moved away my limo pulled up to the carpet and I stepped out. I held up my hand for silence. "Ladies and gentlemen of the press. You have in your hand an official release signed by the King of Munedavia, and co-signed by me, allowing you to photograph His Royal Highness during this event only. Keep that form, it will prevent you from facing litigation should your pictures be mistakenly thought to be taken at some other location."
    "Sir Chris, are the pictures on the internet of you cutting that poor man's head off real or are they staged?"
    "Did you really shove a pole up inside a man's chest?
    "That picture of the little boy sticking pins in that man's private part…"
    I ignored them and turned back to open the door for the King.
    Cullen stepped out and was mobbed. I stepped up, "Photographs and videos only, no interviews. They can be arranged through His Royal Highness's press office." I turned and called Cory out. Together the three of us made our way through the mob and into the great hall. It sure didn't look great with so many people inside. I signaled the staff to move all of the boys to the far side of the room where risers had been set up for their program as soon as the Royal family was seated.
    I stepped inside and stopped in my tracks. "Mr. President, I must apologize. We did not know that you would be here. The boys were expecting their Queen and they made this dias in her honor." From the corner of my eye I caught the front end of a limo pulling up to the entrance. The press immediately pressed toward the door. In a few moments President Sarkozy walked in. He greeted me then I led him to my other two visiting dignitaries.
    "I have a very big problem." I said into the air. Everyone turned to look at me. "Tomas, three of the antique chairs from study. Boys, roll that red carpet up and turn if sideways so that it runs along the front edge of the area, about here. Tea tables, three of them, pitchers of water with glasses on each table." In a few moments I had three nice chairs set for the three world leaders. Now I would let them decide the one to sit in the middle.
    I moved back to stand with my family. I hugged Ugitsiha and squeezed Cory's hand. He let the small Cherokee Nation flag slide down his sleeve into my hand. We both giggled. The four babies were upstairs with Quemela, that hurt, she has a right to watch what is happening. Also missing was Roddy. That little fellow doesn't miss anything. I had no time to worry about it, I was having my own private nervous breakdown.
    I turned to face a broad smiling RD, "Don't worry, dad, everything is going very smoothly from our point of view. You are just too involved. You are trying to micro-manage this when you should be relaxed. This day is for you, not them." I shook his strong hand, he has developed into a fine young man.

    The two elected officials greeted the members of the Royal Family and talked in quiet tones. The press was having a difficult time hearing anything. Well, we didn't know that they were coming so there were no microphones in place and I would not allow them inside the school before the President entered to do their sound checks.
    It was interesting that there were no representatives's of the British Media present. I believe that the Queen had wanted to keep this a quiet affair. The only press present had gotten off of Air Force One. There were so many of them that they had to have been pressed on there. Overhead baggage maybe?
    The boys moved quietly to remove the raised dias they had gone to so much trouble to erect during the previous evening. The Ermine and Crimson bunting along the wall was all that remained. I caught Tomas as he flew past me and suggested that the backdrop stay in place and four comfortable chairs be set before it for the four Princes—Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William.
    The remainder of the boys had moved to the risers along the far wall and were sitting quietly as they watched the chaos around them. I had three antique overstuffed sofas moved directly in front of the three dignitaries, but set back behind a wide staging area where the main circus event would take place. My family set themselves on those sofas. Andy chose a nice comfortable chair. Straight back chairs were moved over for Jimmy and the other boys. Robin looked at me. I walked over to him and helped him move his chair next to Andy. He calmed down then.

    Silence filled the room and the Queen looked up. She turned and took the middle chair set before her husband and children. The two men took a seat to either side of her. After a pregnant pause Her Royal Highness rose.
    "Sir Chris, your desire to remain anonymous and to go without reward is known to us. We do respect that very much. However, the service that you have provided to the Crown in the past could not go without reward. For that service you wear the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, and the thanks of a grateful Kingdom. Now this service that you have provided to the Royal Family is above and beyond anything in recent history. This can not go unrewarded."
    She had a broad smile on her face as she said, "Like or not it is time for you to kneel before me once again." In a move that I believe to be unprecedented the Prince of Wales stepped up beside his wife. "It is with our heartfelt gratitude that we bestow up you, Sir. Christopher Stevens Dickson, the Royal Order of the Garter. Arise Sir Sir Christopher Stevens Dickson."

     I rose to my feet and bowed low before Her Royal Majesty then took three steps back ward. The Grand Lady took her seat at the middle of the two elected Presidents. Everyone in the room quickly sat down. Suddenly Roddy walked past me with Cory Stevens and Christopher Cory behind him. I could see a satin pillow in Roddy's hand. I turned to look at Ugitsiha, she just smiled. Quemela was now sitting beside RD, but the two little ones were not present.
    Roddy stopped before the Queen and held up his pillow. "Your Magic, no Majo," he turned to look at me, "what's that word, Dad?" Everyone quietly chuckled, even the Queen laughed behind her gloved hand.
    "Majesty, son," I said as I moved up behind him.
    "Go away, this is my turn," he stated then began again. "Your Majestic, twice you have tried to cut my daddy's ears off with that long knife. I figure that if you have a real Cherokee knife that you could do better on the next guy, cause you ain't gonna get to do that to my daddy." For the first time I saw what was on his pillow, the hunting knife that his father had forged for him when he turned six years old. My breath caught in my throat. Tears rose to my eyes. My chest heaved with sobs of joy for my son and sobs of sorrow for the fact that he was giving up the only thing that he had that his father had given him.
    "This is a very fine knife. We don't believe that we have a Cherokee knife. Where did you get it?"
    "My father made it in a fire and with a hammer and then he made it all sharp and he wrapped the hilt with wet leather and let it dry in the sun. It works great for skinning squirrels and rabbits. I kilt a copper head snake with it once when it slithered up to bite my leg."
    "Is Sir Chris your father?"
    "Well yeah, now he's my father. I call him dad. He dopted me when he hooked up with my mom."
    "Where is your father?"
    "In the happy hunting grounds where the game is always there and there is good feelings all around. I'm gonna see him when I die." I placed my hands on Roddy's shoulders. I knew by the sound of his voice that he was about to loose it.
    "His father was killed in a hunting accident in 2004, your Majesty."
    "We see. we believe that your name is Rodney? How old are you, Rodney?"
    "I'm eleven years and," he stopped to count on his fingers, "three months old."
    "You are very brave for an eleven year old boy."
    "I'm a Cherokee brave. I got me a war name. I am Gvnigetsuli."
    "That sounds like a very powerful name, what does it mean?"
    "It means Black Fox. Did you know that daddy told me that the black fox is really silver, but his fur gets so long that it looks black and that protects him 'cause the women like the hair of the silver fox for clothes and stuff. He says that I got a silver lining and that I am worth a lot of money. I won't let nobody take my silver lining."
    "How will you stop them without this knife?"
    "I…well I…gee, I don't know, but my daddy will protect me. He protects all us boys with his life." Cory Stevens was fidgety, he grabbed my pants leg and wanted me to pick him up.
    "Are these boys with you your brothers?"
    "He is. That one is my cousin, his daddy is a real Cherokee Chief."
    "Rodney, we don't know when someone has given us a gift that is so valuable. I don't really want to cut anybody's ears off, that is why I use a long sword. It is very dull so it would take a lot to cut an ear off. We think that your gift to us is from you heart and that you offer it with real love. Would you let us return the knife to you to keep for us. We believe that you will take care of it and you might need it if someone comes to take your silver lining."
    She returned the knife to the pillow. Roddy clutched it to his breast. "I'll take real good care of it and if you ever need to cut someone's ears off, or maybe skin a squirrel then you let me know and I'll bring it to you."
    Everybody in the room was quietly chuckling to themselves. The Queen was smiling as if about to burst forth in laugher. I turned Roddy around and pushed him toward his mother as I led the two toddlers along behind him. Suddenly the room exploded as the boys stood and cheered with whistles and shouts. I looked back at the Royal family and they were applauding too.

    I returned to the three leaders, "Are we through here? Is there anymore official business?" They all agreed that there was nothing else to do. I asked them if I could take control. They looked at me. Mr. President, I told you at your plane that you would not need your Secret Service guards when you are around me. The three of you are in the safest place in the entire world right now. Don't be alarmed at what you see next, please believe in me."
    I bowed then took a step back. "Pappa to blue, report by rote." I listened as twenty five armed guards around the Château repeated their number. I looked at Andy he eye talked to me that he had the report. I stepped over to the press and held up my hands. "What you have come to see is over. All press people, press secretaries, press attachés move to the back of the entry hall. Still photographer set up at the middle of the hall. Video photographers set your cameras up along the front here. Focus your attention on the boys on the risers at the far side of the room and keep quiet."
    I turned and returned to my wife. I helped RD turn the three sofas that our family had settled on so that they faced the back wall. Others in the room turned their seats the same way. When all was quiet the musical director looked at me for a nod then raised his hands.
    I was as close to Ugitsiha as I could sit. I held Cory Stevens in my lap and Roddy sat beside me with his arm around mine. The room was filled with the melodic sound of four hundred boys singing classics in perfect harmony.
    The baritones were a bit weak, but their voices are changing. The sopranos were perfect and right on key. The audience was enraptured by the sound. I love the sound of a boy's choir, their voices are pure and clear, not false and forced.
    At a break the musical director turned and looked at Cullen, he had been with us at the Paris concert and had directed Cullen as he sang his solo. "Your Royal Highness?" Cullen stiffened and looked at me. I know the little fop can't resist the chance to sing. I smiled at him. He rose and moved to stand before the choir. The musical director spoke in his ear and Cullen was shaking his head no then he nodded. I had no idea what we were about to hear, but I knew that it would be perfect.
    Suo Gan starts with a quiet boy soprano solo then he is joined by the choir in the background.—The song's title simply means lullaby. It is sung in Welsh. It is a lullaby sung by a young mother to her sleeping baby. —Eighteen year old Cullen can still hit the high notes with perfect clarity. He moved every person in the room with the message of the song and with his rendition. I was so proud of the boy that I could pop. I looked at his parents. This was the first time that El had heard her son perform in public. She gripped Philby's hand and had tears in her eyes. Agnes had a hanky to her eyes.
    When the song was finished everyone rose to their feet. I turned my head slightly to see the Queen standing. She was very delicately clapping her hands. I spoke into my microphone, "Pappa to blue team, clear the room." I quickly went to the three world leaders and assured them that I was in control and they were in no danger as twenty five men in full police armor moved down the stairs and from behind pillars in the great room. They seemed to come out of the woodwork. They were beside and behind the press corp as I walked back to stand before them once again.
    "The part that you have come to see and report on is over. There will be no more official business. We are going to sit and visit as friends and we do not want eavesdroppers. You may leave now."
    I turned to blue one, "Clear them out and secure the building. I don't want any laser mics aimed at the windows. Keep all security and non-essential personal away."
    "Those men have been in here all along? And my people didn't see them?" the President asked.
    "My men are well trained. They are the best in the world."
    "We believe that you trained with Peter and a young man named Ted?"
    "I also trained with some of your people Your Honor," I nodded to President Sarkozy.
    "I believe that it was we that were trained by you. You are full of surprises my friend. That operation that you pulled off in Brazil was a brilliant piece of military precision."
    "I'm afraid that all of my training for that was of no value to me, I contacted a sever case of the flu and was comatose for a few weeks."
    "I saw the satellite intel that you provided. Such depth, such clarity. One could read the numbers on the license plates of the cars."
    I looked up, "Is that a fly on the ceiling or some other sort of bug?" He caught on and turned to chat with the Queen.
    "Your Highness, your Honors, I would like to suggest that we relax, open our coats and kick off our shoes. Lunch will be served in one hour so we have time to talk. Your Majesty, if you would care to accompany my sister she will show you where you may freshen yourself. Gentlemen I will show you to the facilities if you wish."
    "I am ready, That was a long train ride from Paris this morning and then the drive out here."
    "I am sorry. I am a very bad host today. I should have anticipated that need. Please follow me." I led the two men to a private washroom hidden behind a panel in the great room. I stepped out and directed the Royal family to the boys' facilities under the staircase. No one wasted anytime in rising and heading that way.
    I looked at the students, "I am so proud of you. You did a great job today. I know that many of you wish to listen to the Queen a bit longer. You may remove your ties and roll them carefully then place it in your jacket pocket. You may remove your jackets, but fold them neatly, you have to press them." I smiled at them.
    "Can we take off our shoes?"
    "No, it is an hour before your dinner will be ready in the main cafeteria. At that time you will leave us and not return here today."
    "Can't we see her lordship go?"
    "If there is time to get you all together I will send for you to stand outside and sing for her as she leaves."
    El and HRH returned looking fresh and ready for another round. El moved to Cullen and drew him to the Queen. She sat down and asked Cullen sit before her. El sat next to Cullen in silence. She occasionally looked at me with a huge smile on her face. The Queen was holding Cullen's hands in hers and appeared to be talking to him as a mother to her child. Cullen was nodding and smiling. Sometimes he fazed out, but he quickly returned. I wish that I had a microphone on that boy.

    The Queen and her escort walked over to the large span of window that fits in the south end of the great room. "What a magnificent view of the Channel. We do not believe that we have ever seen it from an angle such as this one. This window must have taken a great deal of time to construct."
    "I find the window to be the most attractive feature of this old Château. This Château was constructed shortly after WWII by Duke_______. The window is made up of hundreds of individual panes of glass set in a copper frame and soldered together, exactly like a stained glass window.
    "Through the years the weather had taken a toll on many of the joints. The glass was crusted with sea salt and difficult to see through. I had many options for the window, but I liked the look. It was suggested that a large pane of glass be installed and a lattice frame be made to simulate what was there. That is not for me. I had the window dismantled and same size panes of sealed triple pane glass wrapped in copper with a ridged, interlocking Geon Vinyl strip wrapping around it. Each pane was installed as tightly as the original and soldered together.
    "I realize that the metal wrapping from outside to the inside is the major transfer of heat, but I wanted the look."
    "The look is magnificent. How large is this window?"
    "At the peak it is thirty one feet two inches. The width is twenty five feet."
    "You have a commanding view through this opening. We are awed by it."

    I had sent the reporters away so there is no one to report to you the events of the afternoon. I will tell you that when Sarkozy and Elizabeth let their hair down they are great people. The Princes were interesting and I believe that I have made a personal friend of at least one of them. I only hope that friendship is not based on gratitude, no body owes me anything for what I do. We told a few jokes and…well, you know me, I just can't resist a good joke.
    "I can honestly say that our President is a man of the people. Like many Americans he receives a monthly check from the government. His food is provided for him by the government and he lives in government housing." There was absolute silence, until everybody caught the double entendre.

    The students gathered around to get a close look at their Queen. She was taken by their innocence and beauty. She took questions from some of them and she asked questions of many of them. She had read reports about the boys' backgrounds, but hearing of the plight firsthand put a face to the name. Some of the boys have such sweet little boy faces that a woman wants to grab their cheeks and pinch them. The Queen is a woman.
    The Presidents asked their questions as well. Pres. Sarkozy knows that the boys' tales are true and that he has such boys in his country. On the other hand our President can't see that America has such a problem. He can't see the alien invasion of America and American jobs either.
    After a great lunch one of the Princes, a President, and myself walked along the top of the chalk cliffs looking out south to France. We talked of many ideas to locate more children the. Prince now has a burden in his heart to help us to find ways to appeal to these children Many of them are frightened of change and would rather live with what they have then be confined to a stuffy old school. They just aren't cold enough or hungry enough, I told the men.

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