Chapter 250


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I spun around to look at him. I received a message from Ajay, he was behind JB. Ajay and I talked to each other. He quickly changed into a large diamond back rattler and slithered through the grass at the side of the path to place himself in front of JB. He coiled himself into a strike position and wiggled his tail. His rattler echoed off of the sheer rock cliff face that backs the hot springs, it sounded like a room full of women with castanets clicking away. JB screamed like a woman and ran back up the path toward the compound.
    I used the diversion to change into Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. I ran through the woods as close to the cliff face as I could. When I was sure that I was ahead of JB I ran out to the path in human form. I slowly sauntered toward the hot springs. In moments JB came around a twist in the path at full speed. He saw me and began to yell, "Rattle snake, rattle snake."
    I stepped in front of him. He was breathing so hard that I was afraid that his heart would give out. I told him that I was sure that the snake was gone. I told him that one look at his ugly mug the snake would run as fast as it could. JB began to laugh. I reached out and held his hand. He was sucking breath as he finally got the words out of his mouth, "A snake running… You are a riot Chris. I can just see a snake pull up his pants legs and run away." I had to laugh as that image filled my head.
    I asked JB where he was headed. He had been to the large house to see Franz Gobles. Franz…durn, I forgot about Franz. Someone told JB that they had seen me riding hell bent for leather up the path toward the lower mountain. He had set out to find me. He stopped and looked at me.
    "I saw you up there. You and several boys were sitting around a pool of water… Yet here you are coming from the other way." He scratched his head, "Am I going crazy in my old age, Chris?"
    I assured him that the snake had startled him and he wasn't sure what he had seen. I told him that several of my boys were at the spring that is the source of the camp's hot water. He wanted to know about that. He told me that he would like to soak in a spring fed pool. I turned him onto a path within sight of the house. We stepped into a small clearing with a large pool. I told him that the pool was fed by springs of the purest water.
    I showed him the head pipe coming up from far underground. I pointed out a six inch pipe that rose up then turned back into the ground. I explained that six inch pipe supplied all of the fresh water to the compound. The upper spring puts out two hundred and six degree water. That is also piped to each building for the kitchens and showers.
    He looked at me, "Two hundred and six degrees? That will scald the skin right off of the body, the boys could get hurt." I smiled at him and patted him on the back as we moved on over to the house. I explained that circulation pumps keep the water at each faucet always hot. I told him that at each shower and lavatory an automatic mixing valve keps the water at one hundred and ten degrees. The boys can adjust the water temperature up to one hundred and twenty five degrees or cool it down, the cold water into the buildings entered at forty degrees.
    He looked interested. I nodded my head and told him that the cold water also circulates through heat exchangers on each room of every building to provide cold air during the hot times. He laughed and told me that there were always hot times at Camp Christopher.
    He asked me if I used any hot water to heat the buildings. I told him that the kitchens had priority use of the hot water straight from the well. After that the best way that my engineers could come up with to cool the hot water down before it reaches the showers is to run it through the grid work around each outside wall of each building then into the underfloor of tubing that heats the floors. In that way all of the buildings could be heated with no expense whatsoever. I told him that the water returned from the circulation pumps flowed across a heat exchanger for the forced air heating in some of the centrally located rooms and the large areas, such as classrooms and dinning halls.
    He asked me if the return water was sent back to the spring. I told him that once the water was cooled that it was used for irrigation and for hosing the horses down at the stables. The floors of the stables are washed several times a day with the cooled down water and the waste runs down into a stream that carries across the corall and off to the canals in the fields to the east of the main compound. I told him that the horse shit was filtered out, dried, then spread out on the fields.
    He looked at me with a red face and in a meek voice he asked, "What about your sewage?" I told him about the septic system for the main house, but the school compound used some of the most modern technology available.
    The liquid waste is forced through a reverse osmosis system to filter out any and all microbial life forms. That pure water is dumped into the stream running over to the canal. The solid waste is processed along with the manure from the stable and corral. It is forced into a furnace powered by methane gas produced from the solid waste of the entire operation, including food scraps. It is cooked for fifteen minutes at four hundred degrees then the dried slit like residue is placed into a special trailer that is then pulled though the fields and the its contents blown out in a wide pattern over the grasslands where the livestock grazes.
    "You have really thought of everything. The only thing that you need to buy is the electricity for this place. That has to cost a fortune." I told him about Cory engineering a water powered turbine under the waterfall from the upper lake and swimming hole. I shared with him how the excess electricity was sent over to the Indian village to the north. He was flabbergasted. I told him that in a few days that I would take him and the other headmasters on a horseback tour of the entire camp. He liked that idea.
    I shared with him the location of the fifty foot wide pond of warm water at a spring located at around thirty nine hundred feet. I told him that should the weather hold then it would be a nice horseback ride up there and a very invigorating swim a the largest hot tub in the camp area. His eyes were sparkling with anticipation.

    When we entered the house Franz was at the table eating a bowl of barley soup. He looked like a walking skeleton. I let JB talk while I listened. I had the reports from my extraction crew, but they did not prepare me for the horror that the boy had been made to suffer. I made a mental date with a fucked up priest and his camp full of helpers. They have an upcoming date with a deep hole in the ground. I chuckled inwardly as I thought about all of the snow that the northeast was getting. The people that had hurt Franz, and several other kids, needed to be put into cold storage for a week or three.
    I broadcast the story that Franz was telling to the Tsalagi. I could feel their anger as well. Franz will turn seventeen on December 26. He has known since he was about twelve that he just couldn't get it up for girls. He wasn't out to anyone except the boys that he kneeled before. When he was fourteen he learned to bow before a few boys. He loved that very much.
    He was caught with a boy about the time that school ended the previous year. The person that reported to his mother only told her that the two boys had their pants down and were facing each other. That set the wheels in motion for the homophobic mother. She took Franz to the cabin of a friend until she could arrange for the little queer to go to a de-programing camp that her priest had told her about.
    When her ber busy bodied neighbor told her what they had seen the boy doing with that homosexual boy over in cabin twelve she had enough. She got on the phone and called her priest. He called the priest that ran the de-programming center and the ball was rolling non-stop down a steep hill.
    The woman knew her son. She knew that he would see right through a lie, unless that lie was about his dreams of living with his father. She waited until dinner time to tell Franz that she had talked to his father —really it was the priest— and that he wanted to see Franz very badly. She told him that they would leave early the next morning because they had a long drive to where his father was.
    Franz was excited about going to see his dad. He had to tell Max goodbye, he had really enjoyed being with the boy for a few days. He slipped out of his house about the time that he was to meet Max in the woods and told him that he was leaving. Franz fell in love with Max. The two boys made love in new ways and ways that would cement their relationship deep into their minds.
    As his mother drove him away the next morning he looked for Max. He spotted him standing near the corner of the cabin that he had stayed in. Max waved at him. Franz had his hand out the window and resting on the roof of the car so that if he saw his new friend he could wave at him. After he was able to wave his mother told him to roll the car window up so that the air conditioner would work. After that the two drove along in silence. How about I let Franz tell you about his trip.
    "I was bored. I kept thinking of my dad and how great he was. I loved it when he got me down on my bed and tickled me and played around with me. He took me to the corner store to buy me ice cream. Sometimes we would walk three blocks up the street for a soft serve ice cream, but that made me real tired. I fell asleep dreaming about being with him again. He is so cool.
    "I woke up when I felt the car slow down. Mom was pulling off of Interstate 87 and turning onto highway 125. That was a winding and bouncy road that shook my stomach up. When we drove into Port Henry I asked mom if we could stop to eat. We had been driving for over five hours and I was famished.
    "Mom told me to wait about ten minutes then we would stop in Bridgeport, Vermont and have a good lunch there. When we got into town I saw a café that looked good. Mom drove around to the back and parked the car in close to the building. We got out of the car and went in through the back door.
    "I got me a big old veal cutlet with a mound of mashed potatoes and it was all covered with really good gravy. I had a bowl of corn and a small salad on the side and some of the best hot rolls that I had ever eaten.
    "I have to have meat for a meal. Look at this. I mean this soup is good and all that, but where's the meat?"
    JB looked at him and rattled my chains. He told Franz that he was suffering from a virulent strain of E-Coli and that he had walking pneumonia. He told me that he was going to send him back to New York so that he could go to a hospital to get well. I stopped him in his tracks.
    I had to pull my power on my old friend. I told him that I was the Federal agent in charge of the rescue of Franz and twenty six other girls and boys. I told him that the reason that Franz was with me was because his uncle was part of the rescue mission and he asked me to help the boy.
    Franz sat up and asked me if I meant his uncle Hans. I told him that I had known his uncle for fifteen years or so and yes, he was the local sheriff that assisted in the rescue. He told me that his mother didn't like his uncle. He asked about her. I told him that she was in the custody of the New York state police. He smiled and said, "Good."
    I put out a call to my Tsalagi brothers and asked that they come to take Franz to the hot springs. I asked Roddy to rig a skid so that we could move the very sick boy. A sudden pounding on the door brought my attention back to where I was. I opened the door and two of BAG Boys' instructor came in shouting at JB.
    With everyone talking at once I was having difficulty getting the words to make sense. I understood that someone was missing, but I didn't know the name. JB turned to look at me. "Jerko is missing." I looked at him with crossed eyes.
    "Jericho Smedly is the boy that touched your son's friend the other night. He has gone missing and his room looks as if there may have been a fight. A rope is hanging from the ceiling so these men believe that someone has done harm to him.
    "Chris, he is just plain no good. He is a serious pervert that can't control his urges, and his urges are toward boys eight to ten years old.
    "He was arrested after a nine year old boy told his mother about being fondled by Jerko. An investigation disclosed nine victims of the same age group. All of them told how Jerko got them alone and showed them big boy stuff. Jerko's mother fought it in court and a long jury trial began. He was found guilty and sentenced to several long prison sentences. When he gets released from prison he will go to a mental hospital for incurable repeat sexual perverts.
    "The court suspended his sentences with the stipulation that he attended my school and learned how to control himself. He has failed. He has failed the court, he has failed me. I will have him on a bus, under guard. back to the prison where he will serve at least thirty years of his life locked away."
    I had to act and act fast. I have never tried to reach into the mind of anyone other than my family. I called on my brothers to assist me, mentally. I planted a quick series of images in JB's head. He seemed to not notice. I did it again. The expression on his face changed and he looked at me.
    "Chris, I am reluctant to ask you this. You seem to have an uncanny way with boys. You listen to them and you carry out your promises that you make to them.
    "Maybe you can get the courts to allow Jerko to transfer to your school and you try to see if you can work with him. You are a stern disciplinarian but I have never known of you to hit a boy. Well that one boy the other night. Did he really change into a wild cat? That's not possible. You had your reasons, and he is your son. I have said too much."
    "JB, I will get on the phone the first thing Monday morning and get the Doggs Of Warr to start to work on transferring Jericho and Franz to my custody. Tony has a young attorney that loves to cut his teeth on this sort of case."
    "Are you talking about Fedor's second dad, Mic Salzburg? I have worked with him on several custody cases. He is good."

    I opened the door for the three men from BAG Boys to leave. We said our farewells and I quickly shut the door. Franz was in desperate need of attention, and at once. Cory and Tequasi stepped into the room from the kitchen. Each of them was eating a cold fried quail leg. They wiped their mouths and then their hands and faced each other. They locked their arms together in what, in my boyhood, I called an Indian seat. I lifted Franz from his seat and helped him to sit down on the arms of the two boys.
    Very carefully we made our way to the front door. When I opened the door that time Roddy was standing beside Lightening Fire and several of the other boys were waiting nearby. Franz was placed on the skid behind Lightening Fire and made as comfortable as possible. Cory gave me an image of the place where Franz had been sitting, it was soaked with blood from his rectum. I knelt beside Franz and removed the large sized diaper from him. All of the boys saw the blood and shed tears for the pain that the boy must be in.
    I contacted Wes. He, Mike, and Steven were at the hot springs tending to Jericho. I gave them the boy's name so that they could talk to him in a more personal way.
    I walked beside Franz and listened to more of his story. Most of us could hear his words, but all of us could feel his pain. My boys have grown very strong. They were making themselves empaths as they drew the sadness from Franz and placed tiny bits of joyful images deep into his mind.
    "Mom and I were sitting at the table enjoying a huge bowl of deep dish apple pie with a gallon of ice cream on top of it when this man with a backwards collar walked up to us.
    "He introduced himself as father Ted Jakes and sat down to join us at our table."
    My mind filled with a memory. Theodore Jakes liked calling himself the right reverend. There is nothing right or reverend about the slimy character. He had taken a plea bargain on the Federal charges against him. The state had already found him guilty of seventy six charges and sentenced him to three hundred an eighty years in prison. He served almost a full week of his sentence when a sheet of glass mysteriously fell from a building, severing the man's head from his body. Those that knew of him and his crimes grieved over his apparent suicide. It couldn't be the same man.
    "I knew that I had been had and that I was in some deep doo doo. Father Ted told me that he ran a children's camp. He told me how much fun we were going to have. I didn't like the look in his eyes. He seemed to be undressing me right there at the table, in front of my mother.
    "Mom hit me hard with her next words. She placed her hands on the hand of the priest and told him that he could take the little faggot, and that she never wanted to see me or hear from me again. He leered at me and sort of snarled that, 'it was done.'
    "Two men stepped up behind me and lifted me out of my chair and bodily carried me out of the café and shoved me into a van. I was handcuffed to the wall, but still I was thrown around from the speed that we were going.
    "We drove until after dark then we pulled off of the road. The two men got out of the truck and were about to shut the door when I called out to them. One of the men stuck his head back inside and asked me what I wanted. I asked him if I could get out. He wanted to know why. I told him that I had to pee. He snickered at me and looked around behind him. He stepped out of the van and reached down for an old paper cup on the ground.
    "'Here,' he said. 'Hang your pecker in here and don't get piss in my truck.' He stayed there and watched me try to pee with my hands cuffed over my head. He popped my jeans' buttons and fished my cock out then placed it into the cup, my flow started at once. 'You have a nice dick there, fag boy, you are going to make our customers very happy.' A chill went through my body, I knew what was in store for me. I soon learned that I didn't know anything.
    "When the two men came back to the van I was tossed a bag with a cheeseburger and fries in it. The man that had given me the cup to pee in let one of my hands out of the cuffs then handed me a cup. I wasn't sure about it, but it was cold so I opened it. It was a chocolate milk shake. I was so hungry that I almost swallowed the burger whole. I stuffed my mouth full of fries and squeezed a packet of ketchup in my mouth.
    "'Man, you should see how this faggot eats. He is a real pig. No, keep your eyes on the road, I'll tell you what he does.'
    "I didn't much care what they said about me. I knew that they were going to make a rent boy out of me, but I wasn't about to let that happen. I was determined to fight for my life with every breath.
    "I had no idea how much those breaths were worth at the time, but believe me, you can never buy one from me. Father Ted showed me what a monster really is.
    "It was pitch black outside when we pulled up to this house. There was a porch light on and two lights on poles around the yard. Cuffs were placed on my ankles and I hobbled into the house. This fat old dude sat backwards in straight chair and blew cigar smoke in my face.
    "'Well ain't you about the cutest kid. I am going to love your ass, sweatheart.' I gagged. The fat man pulled out a switchblade knife and cut my shirt open. He used the blade to push my shirt aside while drool ran down his chin. He wiped at it with his hand then ran his wet figers around my nipples.
    "'Feels real good don't it boy? Come drop your jeans so I can see what you're hanging.' I stood still.
    "Father Ted slapped me to the floor. 'When a customer tells you to do something you do it. Do you hear me?' I was shaking really bad, but mostly from hatred. I was having difficulty getting to my feet, my ankles were handcuffed together. The fat dude reached over and stuck his knife under my belt and pulled me up. As I stood up he cut through leather then popped the buttons of my jeans, my pants fell to the floor.
    "The fat dude traced the outline of my soft cock in my underwear. I was afraid that he would use the knife to cut away my briefs and if he did that he night cut me. I pulled my underwear down. He turned the knife so that he held it by the blade and lifted my cock up with the handle. I was shaking so bad that I was about to puke.
    "'Is he virgin?'
    "Father Ted told him that my mother had said that I was seen getting fucked in the woods by another fag boy.
    "'That's too bad. I would pay a good price to be able to break him in. Never the mind, I will give you five hundred dollars if he will spend the rest of the night with me. Those lips are thick and full, they will wrap my cock very well. I can't wait to get up in that pert little bubble butt of his. I might even lick his sweet little hole for him.'
    "I started to throw up. Half chewed french fries spewed down the front of the fat man and my milk shake got all over his face and head. I got my first beating that night. I was dragged across the room and handcuffed to a hook extending down from the ceiling.
    "I was punched and whipped with a leather belt, even the bottoms of my feet were beaten. When I awakened I was in a very dark and cold place that smelled like old piss and shit. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I moved my leg, I was no longer shackled. I felt something wooly. Slowly I crept over to it. When I found it I lifted it up. It was a wool blanket. It reeked of vomit and piss. I was cold so I pulled it over my body and curled up on the floor to return to sleep.
    "I heard a sharp noise of steel dragging across steal. Suddenly a ray of light shone down through a small square hole in the ceiling. I stepped under it when a bucket was lowered down on a rope. The bucket contained a smaller bucket of cold potato soup and another container of ice cold water. I was told to use the bucket for my bathroom and if I shit on the floor then I would be made to eat it.
    "I had no idea how long I was in that dark room. It seemed like days passed before the door was opened and a rope lowered down to me. I hooked the honey buckt to the rope and it was pulled up before a clean bucket with food and water was sent back down to me. The second time that the bucket came down with food there was a hunk of bread. I couldn't see it but it tasted like pumperknickle. Sometimes there would be rye bread, but always it was cold potato soup.
    "The fifth time that the door opened a rope was lowered with a loop in it. I was instructed how to put the rope between my legs and under my armpits then I was raised through the opening. On my way up I looked at my room, it was a hole in the ground with dirt walls and a dirt floor. Three men were waiting for me topside. One was pulling the rope through a framework with a pulley on it and the other two men grabbed me and pulled me away from the hole and helped me to stand up.
    "I looked around and I was at the edge of a wide field. There were eight of those frames sitting on the ground and I wondered if they were over holes. I wondered if there were other kids in those holes. I didn't get to think about it for long. I was shoved into a jeep without doors on it and taken over to a small building sitting out away from the other buildings.
    "When the jeep pulled up to a stop I was pulled out and shown a shower sitting outside. I stepped in to the shower and cold water was sprayed on me. The water was a bit warmer than tap water, but not by much. I picked up the bar of soap and washed my body. I had no toilet paper in my hole and my back hole was sore and raw. I washed my goods very carefully.
    "I was pushed inside of the building. There was a large bed in the middle of the room and there were video cameras on tripods sitting all about the bed. The bed was lit by a whole bunch of lights on a square frame so that there were no shadows anywhere on it. In one corner I saw something that made my blood run cold. A hook was hanging from the ceiling. There was a small rack with all manners of hoses and whips on it.
    "A naked man stepped into the room and stopped in front of me. He lifted my cock and ran his fingers around the head. He placed my soft cock against the head of his hard cock and docked me. He ran his circled fingers over his own foreskin and I felt it. I got a hard on. He whistled and smiled at me. 'You're a big boy, aren't you? I bet that you would like to have your butt reamed by my ten inch cock, wouldn't you?' I threw up again, and I hadn't anything but potato soup several hours earlier.
    "I was lifted to hang from the hook by my hands as the man selected a flexible lengh of garden hose. I was beaten so badly that I passed out. I awakened in my dark hole in the ground when the water and soup was lowered to me sometime later. I ate like I have never eaten before, but I will tell you that I will never eat potato soup again.
    "The trap door in the ceiling opened. I took my honey bucket over to stand beneath the hole and absorb a little bit of light and fresh air. Someone called down from above and told me to move to the side. A man slid into the hole, he was wearing stuff like a SWAT team wears on the TV. He reached over to me and pulled me to him. He told me that it was all over and that I was free. Another man repelled down beside us and I was placed in a harnes and raised out of the hole.
    "Guys, I am sorry to be crying like a baby, but those ass holes hurt me. I want to fuck that Father Ted with an elephant's dick and make him like it."

    Roddy stopped Lightening Fire at the top of the steps down into the hot spring pool. I knelt and looked Franz deep in eyes. A calmness swept across his face that said to all that he was okay. He held out his arms like a smaller child and waited for me to hold him close to me. I wasted no time in doing that. Both of us got a feel good fuzzy.
    Cory and Tequasi had taken on the duty of moving the boy around and they did that job once again as he was lifted from the skid and sat down on the edge of the pool. I held his hands and could tell that they had recently been very strong; they belonged to much stronger boy than what sat before me.
    Mike and Steven began their work at washing the boy from head to toe and removing all traces of hair from his chest and upper legs. Of course they left his badge of boyhood alone as well as the hair on his head. They even let him keep his thin little mustache that had a good leg up on showing his advancing maturity.
    Mike apologized to Franz as he lifted the boy's legs high into the air then washed his crack. He had Ita get him a bucket of hot water then he used two clean wash cloths to wipe away the blood from his rectum. Once the blood was cleaned away Mike returned to using the animal skins over the area. I could sense a feeling of a release from pain fill Franz's mind then it suddenly changed to fear.
    "You said that my Uncle Hans was there when I was rescued. He will think that I am a peice of shit. He hates queers."
    "How do you know that he hates gay people?"
    "My mother told me. She said that he would never come around our house 'cause my dad raped a fifteen year old boy and is in prison for another fifteen years."
    "Franz, I have known your uncle since he was fourteen years old, and he doesn't have a hate bone in his body. He loves your dad, they are brothers. Yes, I know your dad. He was sixteen when I first met him in New York City. They are both fine men and I know for a fact how much they both love you."
    I stepped into the water and helped Franz as he was lowered to me. I sat him down on one of the stool like seats in the pool and moved over to Jericho. He was resting quietly and he had a look of peace on him that made him look like a much younger little angel. His pimples were completly gone as well as the numerous acne scars that had been on his face. The rope burn around his neck was no longer there either.
    Cory helped me to move him out of the water so that Wes could do his work with his potions and powders. When he was out of the water Franz was placed on the bed like table and made comfortable. Everybody got out of the water and I looked around for Petey and Yuri.
    Mike nodded over to the icy cold stream on the other side of the path. I walked over and found two nine year old boys doing what nine year old boys do. They had found two six inch long pieces of flat wood and were floating them on the water. They were laughing and squealing with glee in their little hearts.
    They looked up and said hi to me. Petey got up off of his knees and ran to me with his arms open. Yuri removed the boats from the water then came to me. I could see just a touch of jelousy on his expression. I looked at him, "Well, are you going to just stand there or are you going to jump up here for some sugar?" He was hugging my neck as his legs locked around my waist quicker than I could prepare for the extra weight.
    I didn't have to pretend very hard as I fell to my back with two laughing boys holding onto me. I was able to control my fall, to a point, the boys were unhurt. They began to tickle me and tell me that they were the victors, they had taken the giant down. I fought for my life as I egged the boys on with threats of massive tickling when I got up again. They were not willing to allow that to happen.
    Petey's tummy growled at me. I looked at him and asked him if he was about to eat me or did he want to go get himself some lunch. He held his hands up above his head like claws and told me that he was hungry enough to eat me, but he wanted something hot on a plate. I told my brothers that I was going to the house and that I would return later.
    Petey wanted to ride horseyback, I chuckled as I lifted the small package of flesh to the front of the saddle then placed Yuri on in the back. I was walking along the side when Petey turned to look at me, "Get on dad, I want to go fast." I pointed to a low tree branch in front of him and told him to duck. I told him that the path is no place to ride fast. He bent over Golden Beauty's neck and looked around.

    The tiny ones were just sitting down at the table as we arrived. I made Petey and Yuri wash up before joing us. I asked for a cup of the barley soup and let the boys dig into a large platter of fish sticks. Hridayesh had baked french fries and Ilesh had chopped cabbage and shredded a few carrots for a tangy coleslaw. I dug around in the bread bin for some of the left over cornbread from the day before. I stuck a large piece into the microwave. When it was hot I put a large amount of butter on it. I felt as if I was having the best meal in many months. I need to find those boys positions as cooks for the family when we get home again.
    Bodaway and Eknath had gone foraging for wild mushrooms and herbs. They came into the kitchen with their take and laid it on the prep counter. I asked if I could see. For so late in the season there was a wide variety foods fresh from the forest. Eknath looked at me and smiled, "This is our homeland and we know where to look for good food. Mavis showed us many hidden places where these herbs grow all year around." The more that I learn about that old woman the more I miss not have gotten to know her years earlier.

    After lunch the six small boys wanted to go over to the stables and ride a horsey. I stood at the backdoor and watched them walk across the ground…walk my ass…they are little boys. They ran around in circles, they fell down on the ground, they punched each other on the arm, they got to the corral in one piece. I sipped my coffee and silently wished that they would never outgrow their innocense. Fat chance, they are growing up in a houseful of hard core faggots and all of them are sexually active at their tender young ages.

    I hugged each of the young cooks and thanked them for lunch then I rode my horse back to the hot springs. Franz was asleep as he soaked in the health giving herbs and oils mixed in the hot water. Cory led the boys back to the house so that they could eat. That left Wes, Roddy, and myself to watch over Franz and Jericho. Thirty minutes later Cory and Mike returned to the pool.
    Wes had changed the water in the pool so that all of the oils were gone and only fresh hot water remained. Mike tended to Jericho so that he could be returned to the pool for another hour of healing. Wes shared with our minds that Jericho was physically in better shape than he had ever been in his young life. He still needed a lot of attention given to his waste line and his mind. I agreed to take on the duty of cleansing his stinking thinking.
    Cory used Mike's animal skins to wipe Franz from head to toe. I looked over his shoulder and saw a healthy looking, extra skinny kid, sound asleep. Wes passed Cory a cup of tea for Franz to drink. His nose twisted and his eyes narrowed, but he drank all of the tea and smiled at Cory.
    Jericho was given a cup of Cory's potent tea then he was placed in my lap as I sat back and absorbed as much of the magic that Wes's new herbs could impart to me. I had to pass on the tea, I had serious work to do. I allowed myself to drift into a dark and tangled place full of confusion, lusts, and self serving ideas. I was deep in Jericho's mind.
    Had I looked in before entering I would have entered with serious trepidation. Jericho was exactly the sort of kid that I could hate. He was a fat, nose picking, greasy, pimple faced, pasty ass that I would have mocked in my school days. The kid had no saving grace in his body. i saw his mother and father. His father was a hard working man that no time to be bothered by the sniveling coward that was his son.
    His mother was a real piece of work. She pampered the boy. She sat in her chair watching soap operas and eating box after box of chocolate candies, which she graciously shared with her loving son. She bought him everything that he wastned and lavished money on him. Jericho was a spolled rotten brat. The Holy Spirit touched my heart, "He is my child. Love him as I do." I pulled Jericho's face to mine and kissed his cheek as I began to lift the boy up to Heaven's Throne.
    The water stirred and brought me back from my housecleaning duties. Roddy leaned over and kissed me. "I don't like fish sticks, dad. I need a small mouth bass on my plate. I agreed with him.
    "I don't have any bass, but how about a catfish from your stream back home. Or you might find some trout from Cory's and my fishing trip to Colorado."
    "You still got those fish?"
    "I don't know why anyone would take them. Why don't we look in the freezer in Traveler Too's© belly later." I got another kiss. Had I known that I would get kisses from him I would have told him about the fish before he went to lunch.
    Franz was stirring. I extracted myself from around Jericho and sat up to face Franz. "How do you feel, young man?"
    "I feel…great. Yeah, I feel great. I don't have any pain anywhere, but I am hungry."
    "i believe that there is a can of potato soup at the house…" Franz was feeling much better. He headed for me and I jumped up out of the water. He kept coming so I took off at a run. I kept a slow pace. Franz has been through a lot, physically. I want to help him build his muscle mass back, but a resonable pace.
    I doubled back to the pool and caught Jericho by surprise. "Please save me from that potato soup loving guy. He wants meat to eat and I am not ready for dinner." Everybody was laughing, some of the boys caught onto my ruse as I pushed Jericho along the path toward the house. Franz ran circles around us, taunting us as we trotted along. Jericho is going to need many months of instense exercise to build a body that he has never had before. He will have it before the summer break arrives.

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