Chapter 118


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    My focus has been on six innocent little boys that never harmed a soul in their lives. I had taken them into my home and I wanted to crush the people who had hurt them once and for all. With all innocense I blundered into a hornet's nest when I met young Branden DuBois. I thought that Frankie Rothsfeld was a spoiled little rich boy who got carried away in a sexual act. Young Jason Weller was another spoiled kid trying to get by with whatever he could. I found out that I knew nothing.
    I included these three boys in my family trip to see my nephew, The Royal Prince Cullen, seated on his throne, but fate had a different path for me to follow. I quickly learned that the three spoiled little rich boys were pawns in the worst game that I ever heard of. While in Europe I am happy to tell you that I was able to be used in the rescue, and setting free, of three badly mistreated youngsters. Following one set of circumstances after another those three became permanent members of my household and I set about to put the people responsible for their torment in prison.
    To this day I am unsure how I stumbled onto this tragedy, but it was quickly discovered that the three rich boys were victims of the same people who were responsible for the plight of the three that were rescued in Europe. The fathers of the three rich boys were already in my cross hairs for what they had done to their own children and they each had to face their day in court in the state of New York, USA.
    It was during those trials that I saw many many children that had been the victims of these men, little did I know at the time that three of those innocent victims would also become a part of my family. I don't begrudge a minute that I have spent with them, in fact I still get the old lump in my throat and my eyes sweat when I think of what they had to endure.
    Vic has let most of it roll off of his back, but I have heard that he has occasional nightmares, but not quite as bad as the ones that young Ronnie is having. Rusty has adjusted well and let go of what he can not change. Bryan is in that same category, but Lance is very bitter. He wants blood and I am sick enough to want him to have it. I have really fought with myself about letting the six freed slaves see the final end of their tormentors, but at their age I think that it would only serve to further traumatize them.
    The trials in New York were only the beginning of the end, but it did not encompass the worst of the worst. The. next thing that some of these people would have to face was justice in the European courts and I could only sit back and wait;, but there are some who would not face the courts. I know it sounds sick to many, but it is my feeling that these people would not get what was due to them. Is it right for me to take the part of judge and jury? I couldn't dwell on that fact, I had to let my all consuming emotions work themselves through my system and see where they led me.

    Dimitri's parents had no idea what their spawn would turn out to be when they named their baby son. His name is Russian and means love the earth; he loves the children of the earth, most of all he loves tight assed boys. The Federal prosecutor wanted both men to testify in open court about their dealings with the father's of the rich boys who were actually the key players in an international child sex slavery coalition. Barely avoiding a disaster in the court room both Dimitri and Ibrahim were returned to an old Interpol cop friend of mine, named Athos, through the quiet efforts of some old friends.
    Of those three fathers in New York, Wilson Weller is dead. Everett Rothsfeld has met an untimely end in his end at a Federal prison. Justice Dubois and his attorney, Howard Hildebrand are in Hague awaiting trial for their part in the scheme of things. All of this is good, but the main man, the key player, the money man, is still free and above suspicion, and he believes that he is above prosecution. I may be a hypocrite here, but I loathe that kind of thinking.
    I needed help and I know two people who can help me without asking undue questions. First let me remind you of a scene a little over a year back after I had taken Cory down inside a mountain to recover my late friend Charley's old books.

from chapter 85:
   I sat in my hospital room with Andy. Two burly guards stood outside my door as we searched through the address books. I know for whom I am looking. What I really want to know is what symbols Charley had put around the man's name. By that time I had a pretty good idea who The Sheik is so I only opened the one book where I thought his name would be. Sighisoaraa town in Romania Abbasdescriptive of a lion Alson of Haditruth. What a name he had been handled with. I know for sure that although he might have the name of the son of truth he has no truth in him.
   About the middle of the book I found Sighisoara Abbas al-Hadi. ÇÚ¤ÆÄÔæÿ§¿‡€ this son of a bitch had a whole new style of alphabet following his name. Andy and I set about deciphering the code.
   Amongst the symbols that Charley used was a most hideous one. Andy actually threw up and I nearly did when we finally deciphered that symbol. Ôæÿ was Charley's symbol for flesh eater. Had this man actually eaten human flesh? Had he eaten a boy? My morbidity demanded that I know. I had a new mission.

    After months of painstaking effort I finally took one young man into my confidence. As much as it pained me to involve such a young innocent in this I had to have his help. Allen Bowers is a marvel, he had the answers for me in only a few days. I took him aside at our big Man-Boy party in Oklahoma and gave Al access to my address books with the understanding that nobody, not his boyfriend Greg, or especially my sweet love Cory, was to know that the books even existed.
    Cory knows that they exist, he was with me when I went into the cave to recover them, then he held on to them after I fell and during my rescue, but the boy is so honest that he never even opened them to see what was so important that I risked my very life to hide them and then to recover them. He would freak out if he knew that after Al broke the code I slipped away to go up the mountain and back down into its depths to return the books to the safe that is hidden there.
    Al met each and every man present at the party; he didn't fuck all of them, but he visited with them and learned their particular perversion. Armed with that information he made encrypted notes and compared the symbols in the books until he knew what every symbol means. After the two of us went over his findings I entered his findings into a glossary of terms in the back of book twenty two. Then we burned all of his notes and sealed our bargain with a hot fuck in soft grass next to the quickly flowing river while a full moon shone over head. What a fucking night that was, for both of us. Greg is more the top so Al doesn't get to top out very often, but I made him slip into the saddle five times that night; he didn't always get off, but the half dose of sildenafil kept his five and a half inch cock up and ready for the entire evening

    Armed with my new information I began to lay out a profile of the most hideous man that I had ever encountered. The man preys on innocent little boys, not for his own use, but for money and greed. That is just plain wrong to my way of thinking and I want to see him dead. Dead was not going to be good enough when I put the pen to each symbol in his code. ÇÚ¤ÆÄÔæÿ§¿‡€ was the longest code in the books, by far, and the only one to contain the string—Ôæÿ— Andy and I had been correct when we deciphered that string to refer to cannibalism, but it was more than that. It meant butt, thighs, and sex organs. The ¿symbol after the string meant young boys preferred. means bad toys and Æ means Aryan or blonde hair, blue eyes.
    Ä was his race, Charley missed that one because the symbol means Caucasian. I have only seen the man disguised as an Arab sheik, but my information showed his mother to be Romanian so I guess Ä was alright, but he is also half occidental through his father's blood. The Ú denotes his financial worth while the shows how much Charley charged this man to attend his parties. Seigy paid the highest fees of anyone listed in the books. ¤ surprised me, it meant eager bottom. The denotes back stabber, not to be trusted. And the Ç meant do not contact.
    With this new information I knew how to contact the men in the books without causing them any embarrassment, I also knew their particular tastes and styles. I can not see myself ever hosting a party like those that Charley had, but then I did gather nearly all of the same men to the reservation, didn't I? One can never tell when those books might be useful again.

Hello, I have met with you before. Chris hired me to compile Traveler Players a few months ago and it is already seriously out of date. Actually I am a bit embarrassed by it, but Chris still loves me and he has asked me to pen his thoughts as we sit and he talks while I listen. He told me that just verbalizing his thoughts helps him to put them in perspective and he does not want to make any mistakes with what he plans to do next.

A chance to summarize and regroup

    I suppose ignorance causes more trouble than anything else in this old world. I am not talking about not being smart. I am talking about jumping into a situation without knowing what's there. It's kind of like jumping off of a cliff into unknown waters. There might be rocks beneath the surface. Or in the case of Chris and Justice Dubois… Chris had no way of knowing how deep the tiger trap was that he stepped into when he tried to help young Branden.
    Chris had located Kyle Simpson while The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß worked disaster relief in Mississippi. Kyle had been brutally raped and beaten. Chris had the boy placed in small hospital near the Bradford Academy in New York where he visited the youngster in his room and met his young roommate, Branden Dubois. Branden too had been sexually injured, but with his consent; teenage eagerness just sort of got out of hand with him.
    Branden feared for the boy that hurt him, a boy by the name of Frank Rothsfeld. Chris had a history with Frank's father so he interceded on the boy's behalf. An encounter with young Frank and the boy's father piqued his interest so Chris showed up in court for the trial of the senior Rothsfeld. Everett Rothsfeld was being represented by another old acquaintance of Chris's, Howard P. Hildebrand. This grabbed Chris's attention because he knew that Howard and Everett were lovers. They had both enjoyed sex with Chris when he was yet a boy at Charley's parties.
    Chris made the error of judgement when he inquired about the boy of another old friend, Justice Dubois' son, Branden. When Dubois talked to Chrisnurse he knew in his mind that his number one problem had just unveiled itself. He and his associates thought that the Bradford Academy for Gay Boys was their competition in the boy sex slave market. Dubois and his associates knew that they had millions of dollars for their pockets as long as they could supply the world's bountiful supply of perverts with young tender flesh for their sexual pleasures.
    Most of those involved with the slave market thought that Justice Dubois was the head boss man, when in fact it was Wilson Weller on the next rung higher up in the echelon. Only a select few knew that he was on the top rung, a place he shared equally with one other, Chris's enemy, the Sheik. Wilson had been telling his associates that the Academy was the source of the homosexual youth that were being used at large parties for men bent on sex with under age children.
    Wilson had placed his own son, Jason, in the school trying to get information. Dubois called Weller at once to tell him of his suspicions of Chris, whom he thought to be the owner of the school. Weller was quick to realize the significance of that thought. Dubois and Weller reasoned that if Chris wanted to help Dubois' son then it must be for illicit sex with the boy.
    Weller told Dubois that he had been approached by Chris. He said that Chris was trying to get permission to take his own son, Jace, on an extended trip out of the country. Both men were sure that that meant a big sex party with rich faggots from around the world.
    With boy sex parties occurring more often there was no need for perverts to buy a child and then have to dispose of his body. As Weller saw it, their clientele could simply go to a party, use several boys, take some of them home for a few days, then walk away with clean hands. Overall it was cheaper and much safer for the pervert, but he saw it as a loss of revenue for himself.

    Everett Rothsfeld was in jail for hurting his son, Franklin. The boy had disappeared from the radar after his release from a local hospital. The men were certain that Frankie was now under Chris's control. It was decided that the key to locating Frankie's whereabouts, and the now missing Jace Weller, was Branden Dubois. A friend on staff at the hospital had reported Chris's visits to Branden and another boy that were patients sharing the same hospital room.
    Wilson set up a plan to kidnap Branden and this other unknown boy from the hospital; he had the entire group of child slavers convinced that the school was cutting into their profits from the sale of young boys overseas. At that particular time Weller had a short supply of muscle who could pull off a quick snatch of his friend's boy and the boy's roommate so he called on his business partner to supply muscle, Count Seigy Corvin, aka the Sheik to you and me.
    The Sheik sent fifty armed men from his own body guard to capture all of the boys at the academy and end Chris's source of young boys while resupplying their own stock.
    Since no one in their organization can keep their mouths shut the police and the Army National Guard was ready to repel the invasion. Chris has used this incident, and his connections within the State Department and international banking system, to force the government of the country the Sheik likes to call home to allow him to covertly enter their country and rid them of this upstart embarrassment

    For those of you with squeamish stomachs Chris has told me that he is going to temporally suspend the saga of his boys' here. The story that will unfold from this point is going to be very hard to take, for him and for some of his more sensitive readers. He is most concerned about some recent events where an underage reader got in contact with him and identified himself as an older person. For whatever reasons the next few posted versions of this story will be bordered in RED, but still part of the Traveler© series. As I look at what Chris has written in his notes it appears that it will take a good four or five chapters, or more, to tell this part of the story so if you don't like violence you might want to take a reading vacation.
    In the meantime Chris has called in a lot of favors to have his friends take care of his boys and they have written their take on the summer in their own ongoing series. Follow along in Blues, Him, and Mitch and Carroll.

The Sheik exposed

    Born of an Arabic father and a Slavic mother, Murat Abbas al-Hadi grew up in opulence. However, he loathed his desert dwellings. His mother quietly named him Sighisoara (Sig-ees-swara). At his mother's knee he learned of majestic mountains, lush green forests, streams of rushing waters filled with all of the fish a boy could catch. Secretly schooled in the ways of the Catholic church the boy remained a devout son of the faithful as each day he attended classes for all of his father's sons in the way of Allah. He was ever faithful in his prayers as thrice daily he faced Mecca. Of course no one knew of his silent prayers for the death of the man who had taken his mother from her serene home and sired him.
    By the age of twelve the youngster had grown such a hatred of his father, and all that he stood for, that he began to plot amongst those children of the King that would listen to him. His number one ally was the first born son of the first wife and the heir apparent to the throne of the desert dung heap on which he lived

    Sasha, as his father called his mother Natasha, was very weak. She had attained the ripe old age of twenty four, but she knew that her time was soon to end. She had wanted to give her son all of the knowledge of the homeland that she knew.
    When she was eleven years old her mother sent her to purchase vegetables to prepare for the family's evening meal, she was spirited away in the middle of the afternoon. She never again saw her mother or her homeland. The only thing she had was the name of the town where she had lived. She gave her son, Sighisoara, that name. To his father and all of his siblings, and their mothers, the boy was simply known as Siegy

    Siegy loved to read. His mother had provided him with books of history. While many of the books were of the Islamic countries and the struggle of the Muslim people throughout time she managed to secret Siegy's favorite volumes to him. Books about the west fascinated his young mind. Books about his mother's homeland. And the best books of all, books of his imagined great ancestor, Vlad Tepes Dracul and his brutality against the Islamic Turkish armies.

    The old town of Sighisoara, Transylvania is the historic home of a great western author's character commonly known as Count Dracula. Bram Stokerwrote of the historic character Vlad Tepes, in the common tongue;Vlad the impaler. In his book Stoker called his character Draculaafter the old family name, Dracul.
    [The word for dragon in Romanian is "drac" and "ul" is the definitive article. Vlad III's father thus came to be known as "Vlad Dracul," or "Vlad the dragon." In Romanian the ending "ulea" means "the son of". Under this interpretation, Vlad III thus became Vlad Dracula, or "the son of the dragon." (The word "drac" also means "devil" in Romanian.)
    King Sigismund of Hungary, who became the Holy Roman Emperor in 1410, founded a secret fraternal order of knights called the Order of the Dragon to uphold Christianity and defend the Empire against the Ottoman Turks. Its emblem was a dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross. Vlad III's father (Vlad II) was admitted to the Order around 1431 because of his bravery in fighting the Turks. From 1431 onward Vlad II wore the emblem of the order and later, as ruler of Wallachia, his coinage bore the dragon symbol.
    To appreciate the story of Vlad III it is essential to understand the social and political forces of the region during the 15th century. In broad terms this is a story of the struggle to obtain control of Wallachia, a region of the Balkans in southern Romania which lay directly between the two powerful forces of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.
    For nearly one thousand years Constantinople had stood as the protecting outpost of the Byzantine or East Roman Empire, and blocked Islam's access to Europe. The Ottomans nonetheless succeeded in penetrating deep into the Balkans during this time. With the fall of Constantinople in 1453 under Sultan Mohammed the Conqueror, all of Christendom was suddenly threatened by the armed might of the Ottoman Turks. The Hungarian Kingdom to the north and west of Wallachia, which reached its zenith during this same time, assumed the ancient mantle as defender of Christendom.
    The rulers of Wallachia were thus forced to appease these two empires to maintain their survival, often forging alliances with one or the other, depending upon what served their self-interest at the time. Vlad III is best known by the Romanian people for his success in standing up to the encroaching Ottoman Turks and establishing relative independence and sovereignty, albeit for a relatively brief time.
    Another factor influencing political life was the means of succession to the Wallachian throne. The throne was hereditary, but not by the law of primogeniture—
the right of succession by birth order—. The boars—wealthy land-owning nobles—had the right to elect the voivode, prince, from among various eligible members of the royal family. This allowed for succession to the throne through violent means. Assassinations and other violent overthrows of reigning parties were thus rampant. In fact, both Vlad III and his father assassinated competitors to attain the throne of Wallachia.]
Most of this was obtained from a document entitled "The Historical Dracula," by Ray Porter. for more information.
    Vlad had been a vicious and, to our thinking, bloodthirsty ruler of the mountainous regions of his fatherland. The Turkish armies were moving over his lands and people, trying to propagate their heathen religion. Vlad is estimated to have killed some 20,000 to 100,000 men, women, and children. He showed no mercy and often tortured his enemies before killing them.
    His favorite form of execution was the sadistic impaling of humans on a spike. The more fortunate had a fifteen to twenty foot long blunt stake of ten or twelve inches in girth was pushed into a their gut just at the bottom of his rib cage. The hapless, live, victim was then hoisted up to hang suspended above the ground as his own weight slowly caused the stake to move through the internal organs without piercing them. Death was extremely slow and agonizingly painful as the body's organs pressed against the lungs causing slow suffocation that could last for several days.
    Those less fortunate suffered the most as Vlad usually had a horse attached to each of the victim's legs and a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body through the anus. The end of the stake was usually oiled and care was taken that the stake not be too sharp, else the victim might die too rapidly from shock. Normally the stake was inserted into the body through the buttocks and was often forced through the body until it emerged from the mouth. However, there were many instances where victims were impaled through other body orifices or through the abdomen or chest. Infants were sometimes impaled on the stake forced through their mother's chests. The records indicate that victims were sometimes impaled so that they hung upside down on the stake. Vlad was so engrossed by the agony of his dying enemies that he would have a table prepared in front of them where he would sit and enjoy a leisurely supper amid the pitiful sights and sounds of the dying.
    On St. Bartholomew's Day in 1459 Vlad Dracula caused thirty thousand of the merchants and nobles of the Transylvanian city of Brasov to be impaled. In order that he might better enjoy the results of his orders, the prince commanded that his table be set up and that his boyars join him for a feast amongst the forest of impaled corpses. While dining, Vlad noticed that one of his boyars was holding his nose in an effort to alleviate the terrible smell of clotting blood and emptied bowels. Vlad then ordered the sensitive nobleman impaled on a stake higher than all the rest so that he might be above the stench.

Dracula.html Vlad_Tepes vlad.htm
I had several links from which I garnered a history of this man, but over time they have disappeared. I do have most of their content saved in one 45.5kb TEXT file that I will share with those that request it.
This brief history garnered from various sources, direct quotes unintentional.

    Thus a model and later a lifestyle was molded in the young mind of the developing Siegy.
    One afternoon an outraged King, Siegy's father, walked through his harem swinging two kilij—a Turkish sword similar to the Arabian scimitar, but with a long, thin blade—He slaughtered many of his wives and children. It is unknown what set the man off, but the end results are widely known. With his first few blows he managed to kill Siegy's mother, as well as his number one wife, along with many infants and toddlers near them.
    Siegy and his half brother, the heir apparent, were nearby. Siegy grabbed a wooden rod used to hang massive drapery and ran at his father with full speed. Using the rod as a pike the boy caught his father directly at the perfect target area, right below the rib cage. Though unplanned Siegy looked on it as his destiny. He used all of the strength in his young developing body to lift the very large form of his father upright. He slipped the base of the pole into a hole between the stones of the floor and let it drop. With a resounding thud the rod hit solid bottom some six to eight inches below the floor's level. The rod was slightly tapered, almost blunt on the end, not sharpened. It was only about six inches around which was perfect for the scene that began to play out before his eager young eyes.
    Siegy and his half brother took seats on cushions in front of their father. They poured Turkish coffee for themselves and helped themselves to the assorted fruits set about for the wives to eat. They watched and joked back and forth at the many faces of their agonized father as the curtain rod became a wooden stake in the man's heart. Siegy was killing his vampire

    With that single act of bravado Siegy and his brother were free. The brother, sixteen and a half year old Khaldun al-Hadi, assumed the throne and the tens of billions of dollars that the throne controlled. The oil fields and all of the people of their great desert nation were his and his alone. Of course he could not and would not forget that Siegy was the catalyst for his ascension to the throne at only sixteen years of age.
    (Remember way back there in chapter 100 when the tribal leaders of Cory's family gave this king a new name? When spoken correctly in it's native language King Khaldun al-Hadi's name sounds similar to the Cherokee word Kalona, which means Raven. Khaldun is an Egyptian name meaning immortal, al means son of, but the old tribal leaders heard the Egyptian pronunciation of Khaldun al and began to call him Kalona. Cory told him that the name meant Raven and the chiefs said that with his thick raven colored hair and hooked nose that is what they would name him and adopted him as a tribal member.)
    Khaldun buried his Egyptian mother in the traditional method as Seigy had last rites said for his mother with the aid of a Catholic priest, taken from his church in the middle of the night. The poor man thought that he was being persecuted for his faith and was praising God for making him a martyr. He was disappointed, but the humiliation he suffered from the laughter of the dead king's children was more than he could handle; he left the country the next day.
    Siegy wanted to see his mother's homeland. The smallish sixteen year old boy took his mother's body back to the land of her birth. He was welcomed into the home of her parents and educated in the finest schools Europe had to offer. He learned that his family laid claim as descendants of the Corvin family, more internationally known as the Hunyadi family. Siegy adopted his mother's family name and became Sighisoara "Siegy" Corvin. He knew that he could get ahead faster with a well established western name.
    Siegy had suffered culture shock when he arrived in the Communist Romanian highlands of Transylvania.1 He was young and cute and was constantly hit upon by old men and young seeking his sexual attentions. He observed this decadence of the west with an analytical mind; he knew that somehow this one piece of knowledge would someday make him the most powerful man on the earth. Under the communist regime that ruled his new country homosexuality was a crime punishable by torture and death; Seigy kept his new knowledge to himself, but made note of those men's names for future use.

    In his final years of school at the university in Budapest, Siegy met the lovely Regina. He learned that hers was as tragic a tale as his own. Seigy spent his afternoons at a local café sipping tea or Turkish coffee where he met the young lady that stole his heart. Seigy has been a man who always gets what he wants and he wanted the young Slavic beauty as his wife. He persisted in his endeavor to find out who this beauty was and when he learned her true identity he set out to make a name for himself.
    Christened Anastasia Regina, his young maiden was the love child of King Muneday2, the king of a neighboring country, also under communist control, but she was illegitimate. To protect his throne and his power, still allowed him from the communist overseers, King Muneday secreted his mistress and the girl, he knew as Anna, into Hungry. Regina and her mother never lacked for money or material things. The king provided for his concubine and his progeny very nicely, but still she was fatherless. Even under the yoke of Communism Hungry was a very Catholic nation and would not accept children of unknown parentage. She grew up in seclusion with a mother who was scorned by the village in which she lived. Regina was eighteen years old, Siegy was twenty six and a very good catch for any young girl. Siegy set out to make Regina his bride in true European tradition, he had to win the favor of her father, the king.
    Siegy was welcomed by the king. The Royal was overwhelmed by the tenacity of this quick witted and, obviously very rich, Romanian boy that wanted to marry his daughter. No one knew of the daughter's existence except for himself and his concubine/mistress so this boy must have met Regina herself. He had never spent any time with her, but he had seen her in passing and knew that she was a very comely young thing. He could see no reason why he should not condone their marriage

    Siegy learned that the king also had an older daughter, a beautiful girl she was too, but she had married a commoner. She had gone on holiday to the Rhine River in Germany. While there she met a yank, Chris Dickson's father. The young vacationers were married by a parish priest in the German town of Mainz. The king and his wife wanted the marriage annulled and the daughter to return home. He managed to have the marriage annulled, but the girl escaped into virtual exile where she married a person of interest, her new husband helped her have her baby in secret. Yes the young princess was carrying the child of the American, she had kept her secret well. She raised the young girl in high English society with her father never learning the granddaughter's true identity until Eloise herself became a person of distinction.
    Eloise, the daughter of the Princess, married a Duke, and a member of England's House of Lords. She distinguished herself amongst her countrymen and was appointed GBE. The most prestigious Dame Grand Cross was bestowed on Eloise Muneday for her remarkable work amongst those less fortunate in English society around the world. The revelation that she was in fact the grand daughter of the king turned all eyes to the tiny nation in middle Europe. King Muneday learned that a child had come about from the most unholy of unions. A claimant to his throne and half yank at that. This could never be.
    To strike a blow at her overbearing grandfather Eloise took his name of Muneday as her own. To take the name of her own father would be to court danger for the man she had never met. By taking the name of her mother she saw herself as a symbol of her communist grandfather's tyranny.

    Siegy had not turned his back on his father's roots. He was a Sheik of immense wealth and power in his own right. His brother was the king of their nation, but he had right of secession to that throne, didn't he? His father's first wife only had two other children, one a girl who would now be in her twenties, women can not ascend the throne. Then there was a boy, that boy would be around fifteen and the son of the first wife, he is the next in line to the throne. "He is dead!" Siegy determined, he had to kill that boy off.
    Siegy returned to his desert roots and established himself as was his right. He built himself a massive house and stocked it with young girls from around the world. He found that sex was the most powerful emotion and the most enjoyable way to relax.
    He gained prestige with his half brother as he told of his great education and shared what he had learned in western schools. He told his brother that they could change the face of their nation and build it to a world power, their meager oil fields would attract the interest of the western world. Siegy suggested that their younger brother be sent to school in Europe to be educated. The three brothers would have all of the knowledge of the west. With that knowledge and their wealth they could reshape the world

    Thus it was that Ibrahim was set loose on the world. The fourteen year old boy had a sex drive that was insatiable. He didn't care if it was male or female. If it had a warm hole he had his dick in it. He found that he really preferred boys, but as a Muslim that had to remain his secret. For appearance sake he secreted girls that he had been with back to his homeland to bear his children as he began his own harem at the tender age of fourteen.
    Ibrahim discovered the same decadence in western men that Siegy had seen, but he saw a way of making a name for himself and an endless supply of something that he had truly come to enjoy, virgin boy butt. His passion for young boys had to remain a close secret. The only one in his family to know of his desires was a younger brother that had remained unknown to Siegy, nine year old Hassan.
    Ibrahim was at school in France when word came to him through a class mate whose brother knew Siegy quite well. It was told to Ibrahim that Siegy had designs on the throne of their country. In order to ascend to that throne Ibrahim knew that he and Hassan would both have to be eliminated, he conceived his own plan.
    Both the older brothers were completely unaware of Hassan, because of his age the youngster still lived in the nursery. Ibrahim had assumed the name of his mother's family for himself and Hassan many years earlier so he went to his brother king and told him of Hassan. He convinced him of the danger to their tiny brother from Siegy. Ibrahim knew of a place where he could send the small boy where no one would ever know of his relationship.
    Ibrahim had learned at his mother's knee of his family in Yemen, a fact that either she had never shared with his older brother, or in his power lust the young king had dismissed it from his mind. In any case the king did not object when he was told that henceforth Ibrahim and Hassan would be known by the last name of Daschle.
    The king blessed Ibrahim for his wisdom and love. It proved to him that the boy was not after his throne. By changing their names he thought that they relinquished their birth right, that wasn't entirely true. Ibrahim had studied well at the feet of his tutors and knew the law, but he also knew that if his brother thought that they may be a threat at some time in the future…the two younger heirs could rattle the old boy's cage and would meet an early death

    Ibrahim argued a point of his studies with the master at his new school in Turkey. The man was known to be fair and was willing to let a boy try to prove his point. Ibrahim knew full well that he was wrong, but he had staged this setting with only one goal in mind. He sent for his childhood teacher to come and argue the point with his head master.
    His wise old teacher arrived to learn that his student had become more wily than wise. The old teacher was a boy lover who had used Ibrahim's small body in the years past. In exchange he had shared his knowledge of Ibrahim's family in far away Yemen
    Ibrahim had laid a trap for the old man. Knowing full well the man's lusts lay in the laying of young boys, Ibrahim had two boys waiting to service the man, and be caught doing it. However, the catcher had been well paid to participate in the plans of the youngster.
    Quite willingly the old teacher arranged for Hassan to be secreted from the palace and delivered to his uncle in Yemen. The uncle was nomadic and his lifestyle would be perfect to hide young Hassan from Siegy. He was more than glad to accept as payment for his services to his nephew, three twelve year old virgin girls from the streets of Istanbul. The teacher found himself a home in Greece with an unending supply of young boys more than willing to keep him company.
    Hassan had never been a willing participant in his older brother's lust. Ibrahim had forced himself on the much smaller boy from the age of six. The continuous forced rapes had shaped the young mind of Hassan and by the time he was fifteen his uncle was moving him from city to city, leaving many unsolved rapes of young girls and women in his wake

    Ibrahim had seen how easy it was to get others to do his will by simply supplying what the other person wanted most, an under age sex toy. By eighteen the boy was very sharp and had himself a quickly growing business. He needed help, he needed to involve Siegy. That single deed would not only help to build his business, but also preserve his life.
    A man by the name of Nicholas Pagonis was known to provide youngsters to men with unnatural appetites. Ibrahim had power and connections that made Pagonis notice him, the two struck a deal. Pagonis was used to make the contact with Siegy. Siegy was intrigued by the idea of becoming wealthy from the decadence of the western scum. He saw the benefits at once, the chance to get close to his half brother, the heir and his stumbling block, was a true benefit.
    Ibrahim built an empire for these two men, Pagonis and his half brother Seigy; he was quite happy knowing that it was he who had the power, he could tear the organization down in an instant if he did not feel things were in his best interest. For all intents and purposes he was the dealer in children for the world's sex market

    Over the next twenty five or six years Siegy lived in the lap of absolute luxury. He took to calling himself a Count, no one questioned his title. With the amount of money he threw around people figured he must be a titled heir and were not surprised when he married the fair Regina. He was slowly working a plan to place her on her father's throne as he himself claimed the throne of his father's nation. Between the two of them their power and wealth would be abundant. During this time oil had come to play a very major part in world politic. Siegy learned to use his skills to manipulate politicians, his personality had been honed to the point that he was always at the center of major decisions

    Ibrahim Daschle had started his part of their business by cruising the beaches of Greece. Greece is well known for its love of the male body and there are some spectacular male bodies inhabiting the beaches. With his hirelings he managed to find youngsters that would fill the needs of his customers. If a boy was too much trouble he was simply placed on a fishing boat leaving before dawn, then was never to be seen again.
    It was on one of his excursions that two blond college boys caught Ibrahim's eye. The boys were on a secluded part of a beach on the south shore of Crete. Ibrahim watched as the two made love as only two boys very much in love can do. Ibrahim was enchanted by this couple.
    Later that same evening Ibrahim was approached by the pair. They had been led to believe that Ibrahim might know where they could acquire the company of a youngster just entering puberty. They seemed eager and determined. Ibrahim took a chance on the pair with the stipulation that he could go along as an observer. A practically hairless youth was produced and the young American boys showed Ibrahim decadence as he had never witnessed before.
    The boy had been so sorely used that Ibrahim killed him himself. He was surprised to see the two American youth both smiling and very erect. Over the next three days the pair of visitors fucked three more youngsters to death. A pattern was set and Ibrahim had pictures, if needed, he didn't need.
    Howard P. Hildebrand and his long time lover Everett Rothsfeld were twenty one years old. They had just completed four years of college and were celebrating by seeing the world, at their daddies' expense. Both boys were on the fast track to become attorneys in a prestigious firm operating in Manhattan, New York. Everett's father was the founder and head partner of the firm that dealt mainly with high profile criminal cases concerning certain, so called, crime syndicates.
    Unknown to the fathers of the pair, they had been sexually involved since grade school. They had maintained an image and only a very select few knew of the boys involvement. Chris Dickson knew of their passion for boys when the two attended a party hosted by Charley Weston at his hotel suite a few years later. Young Chris had been a favorite of the duo. Chris had the most amazing body for a youngster of sixteen. The fact that he was blessed with a nine and a half inch, very thick cock did not go unnoticed by the pair either.
    Both boys studied hard and fulfilled their fathers' aspirations for them as they passed the bar and settled down to work. Evie, as young Howie called his lover, became a very wise and proficient international corporate attorney. He became a world traveler serving the legal needs of companies world wide. It was not known but by the very select that those companies were almost entirely the holdings of the unholy trio of child slavers, Pagonis, Corvin, and Daschle

    Nicholas Pagonis found himself on the radar screen of a tenacious Greek cop working closely with Interpol. Adolphus Hadjisimos was investigating the disappearance of dozens of boys from age ten to fourteen. Boys were disappearing from their own homes in the middle of the night. They were disappearing from the streets where many of them had lived as runaways. Even the beaches had a shortage of boys cruising the favors of men for money to survive. Pagonis was the name that seemed to come up time and time again in his investigation.
    An American by the name of Justice Dubois was another name of interest to the old cop. Justice was the older cousin of Everett Rothsfeld. At thirteen he introduced and seduced Evie and Howie to boy sex. He is insatiable when it comes to sex with pre-pubescent boys, or boys just on the cusp of their body change. He convinced Evie to bring him into their business by providing ten youngsters from a local parish priest with whom he had worked for several years.
    The priest was a pedophile who went after the very young and helpless. As his victims grew up they began to threaten him with exposure. Justice had a solution that would rid the priest of his problem children and put money in many pockets at the same time.
    'Dolph, as he was known to his friends and a few bad boys, Hadjisimos was a very good cop. He had been about his work for almost thirty years. He could smell crime on a man and Justice Dubois stank. He was in close company with Pagonis so both of them had to be looked over, closely. He didn't like what he found, he set out to crush the two men. He was sure that they would receive like attention from men in his country's prison system as they had provided to so many missing children.
    Siegy had positioned himself where he was privileged to information such as 'Dolph's investigation. He heard about an impending raid on the home of Pagonis. At that very moment the sister of Everett Rothsfeld was at that house giving birth to a second son fathered by her brother's lover, Howie. Also in the house was Pagonis' mistress, Natasha. That evening she was serving as mid-wife and was to be the courier to deliver the baby, along with his twenty three month old brother, to Ibrahim. Two blonde haired baby boys were on order for a very rich couple in Spain. The boys were not to be sex slaves, but sons to a politician and his wife. They had already seen the older of the boys and had fallen in love with him. 'Dolph could not have conducted his raid a worse time for baby Frank and Branden.
    There was another in that house that Siegy was not aware of and never would be told of. Siegy's number one wife had come to Greece to seek a divorce. Divorce is not easy in the Islamic world so the woman had sought help from Pagonis. She had brought Seigy's first born with her, their twenty month old son; she was not going to give Muti Rayhan up. Her son and the older son of Howie were asleep in one of the adjoining bedrooms. When word of the impending raid came everyone grabbed a baby and ran. No one had time to see who was who so Siegy's son was on his way to America. Natasha grabbed the new born baby and ran from the house. She ran straight into a cop coming in. She told the young officer that she had just had a baby and had to get medical help. She was covered in blood from Rothsfeld's sister, the cop believed Natasha and let her go.
    Natasha ran to a pre-planed meeting spot to join the three Americans who also had the two older baby boys. The unholy group made their way across the country into Albania where they had contacts who provided passports and tickets for all of them as well as Pagonis. Pagonis assumed the name on his passport of Wilson Weller and took up residency in the USA. They quickly realized that they had an extra child. Pagonis/Weller grabbed at the extra insurance and took the boy to raise as his son. He was the only one that knew that the boy was the son of Siegy and not, as the others had been led to believe, Ibrahim.
    Ibrahim had brought the mother to Pagonis, but in fear for her life they led everyone to believe that she was one of Ibrahim's wives. Now they had to rid themselves of her before she informed Siegy that his son had disappeared in the fray. She was willing to keep quiet because she knew that Siegy would kill her as soon as the boy was found. She had no fear of Ibrahim when he took her on a boat over to the island of Crete where he had a large beach villa.
    When the boat arrived at Ibrahim's villa on the south shore of Crete there were only three men onboard. It was almost a year later that Siegy learned of the disappearance of his number one wife and their son. He was told that she was unhappy and was running away. Siegy spent thousands of dollars searching for any signs of her or at least his son. No one ever connected Siegy's missing wife and the wife of Ibrahim that had come to him about the time of the disappearance.
    Ibrahim did tell his henchman, Dimitri, about the disappearance of his son several years later. He told Dimitri to keep an eye on the Weller boy. He was sure that Jason Weller was his son. Dimitri knew of the flight from Greece and had heard the story of Ibrahim's son being taken in the fray. Dimitri bought Ibrahim's story and quietly kept an eye on the lad as he grew up.
    One other piece of the puzzle fell into place. Natasha was mistress to a very high police official, 'Dolph's commander. Natasha was being used as a spy within the Pagonis organization. The commander thought that she was too naïve to know that she was being played. 'Dolph found out that she was a player too late. His boss went into a rage when he learned that she had escaped. He shot 'Dolph and sent his body into the sewers. It was not found for several weeks. By that time the boss himself had been killed by his own wife during a family argument.
    Natasha herself was killed two years later. She was living with Pagonis under his new name of Weller as they raised the boy they had named Jason Weller. There was an argument which Pagonis/Weller settled in his normal fashion. He shot her, in front of the four year old youngster. Jason has some memories of Natasha, but Weller has done his best to drive those memories from the boy's mind

    Weller no longer felt safe traveling in Europe. Dubois had become the main contact between him and his two partners, Siegy and Ibrahim. Rothsfeld was their attorney and he made several trips to the south of France and to their new headquarters in Turkey each year. The actual moving of youngsters had been taken over by hirelings, Weller was pleased to not have to deal with that aspect of the operation. To him these serfs that did his bidding were the scum of the scum.
    Weller is an organizer, he put together a network of people in high places that could help him to locate the multitudes of runaway children. Through this man, Dimitri, he was able to move twenty or more children each year, most of them from America's streets alone. Then the main source of their inventory almost dried up. They had concentrated all too much of their operations on the Eastern seaboard, especially New York and New Jersey.
    An old man had started up a school for homosexual youth just across the lake from his home. The state was sending him homosexual youth from the streets to educate and set into society better equipped than a street education would provide. The community was getting behind the new school and many of the townsfolk were investing their meager savings in hopes of large profits from something that was going to do so much good. Folks in the area were sure that taking these throw away boys from the street and giving them a solid home and educational environment was all good.
    Weller saw it as competition. He did invest in the school so that he would be closer to the operations. He even acquiesced when Jason asked him to be allowed to attend the school. What better luck could he have than to have the boy on the inside to report on everything that was going on back to him? He would feed this information on to his partners now working in the south of France.

    Count Sighisoara, as he now wanted to be known, was given all of the available information on the school. Most all of Count Seigy's evidence consisted of a small handful of pictures and sporadic reports from Pagonis. The man was an organizer, but he couldn't write a report that was worth shit. That and the fact that Pagonis was so paranoid as to suspect household insects of being planted to spy on him. The man could never get a single fact straight. However his information about the new school made sense.
    A simple underling by the name of Oscar was working as an intern in a New York attorney's office. He brought the key piece of evidence needed to the Transylvanian Count. The pictures showed Chris Dickson getting out of a stretch Hummer with Jerrod Bradford as well as pictures of his wife's grand nephew, Prince Cullen Muneday himself. The pictures included shots of Chris and Cullen, and a few other boys taken at a truck stop in upper New York. There was a very clear shot of Chris and Cullen together buying munchies at the truck stop and one of Chris hugging Cullen. There was a shot or two of Chris with Prince Cullen dressed as an old man being helped into a limo. The clincher for the sorely misguided man was a picture of one of the Count's closest friends with his cock deeply implanted between the tiny little butt cheeks of the Crown Prince. He planned a raid to shut the school down and gather all of the homosexual infidels to his dealers throughout the world.
    "So the wannabe king was a take it up the ass she boy," thought the count. His father-in-law had sworn that the boy would never sit on his throne. Siegy wanted his wife on that throne. He had spent a great deal of time and money trying to convince the old reprobate king to write new laws so that the old man's love child, Siegy's sweet little Regina, could sit on that throne and rule the people with dignity and authority. The fact that the tiny eastern European country sat atop some of the richest natural resources in the world had no part in his lustful desires. Of course his European family knew nothing about his alter ego. Under his Arabic name he had massive oil holdings and overstocked harems

    Cullen was, but a babe in arms when his mother had gladly abdicated any claim to the throne. However a search of her national law showed that she could not abdicate for her son. This was something that Cullen would have to do for himself.
    The King was nearing eighty years of age. He knew that there was no way that he would live forever. He had no heirs, save that young upstart in England, the grandson of his ungrateful daughter who had married beneath herself. The King knew that this poorly bred son of the bastard child of his errant daughter could never handle his kingdom. Count Siegy became an absolute hero to the old man when the pictures of his great grandson were laid before his tired old eyes. The King was rejoicing as he sang songs about the queer boy who would sit in his place. He worked with Siegy on a two pronged plan. First of all he would have to dispose of Cullen, he offered a three million dollar reward to whoever could kill that boy. He would also have to legitimize Anastasia Regina as his daughter. Siegy was the man that could handle both problems without bringing the throne into the spotlight, so to speak.

1An interesting side note: Bram Stoker, author of the famed Count Dracula story, never set foot in Transylvania. back
2A Google search of Muneday will call up Traveler chapter 34. WOW!! My head swelleth, don't ask which head. back

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